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Sunday, 13 August

  Bobbi leaving for Spain Posted by Bobbi at [17:09 EST]  
Well, after several months of pure stress, it's now time for me to take another break from my normal life. I'm going to Spain, to La Manga (somewhere close to Alicante and Murcia) to be exact for three weeks from today on. I most propably neither will be able to update the page nor to check my E-Mails. Just some things I'd like to mention before I leave :
  • During my away time, mathew2 will be the webmaster for this page - So when you have any hosting requests, need new accounts/mails for your currently hosted page or just feel you'd need to talk to the side admin, mail him at !
  • For the news update, I really count on the rest of the crew - They already prooved once they're able to do this job, and I'm sure they'll do it again !
  • I know there'll be a TON of work for me when I come back. However, if you need to contact me, I'll answer every mail I recived when I'm back !
  • Much luck to the new hosted pages, watch this space for further announcements on our new hosted projects !
  • Much fun to those of you, who'll be on the Expo - Watch out if you see someone running around with a PSXEMU COM on his badge =P
Enough babbling for now, much fun to you and me - See you all again in 3 weeks !

  Bleemcast! news Posted by Bobbi at [06:59 EST]  
Yesterday in #elitegamer, Sonikku discovered this page (which is in japanese :/), where some magazine did an interview with David Herpolsheimer, CEO of bleem, inc. ! Now this wouldn't be something special since nearly everyone already interviewed someone from bleem!, but the page also published some new movies! from bleemcast! with that interview.

I downloaded those movies (at 3 KB/s ...) and gotta say, they're very impressive ! And there is one movie from a game we didn't saw anywhere yet. I think it's Silent Hunter, but if you think it's something else, Casino en Linea just drop me a mail. Anyway, click the screenshots below to get the movies, which I stored locally on our server so you won't have to pull them from that other server which was kinda slow for me.

Omega Boost
Movie #1

Movie #2

Movie #3

Gran Tourismo 2

Silent Hunter

Remember those aren't our movies, full credit for them goes to ExGame. You'll need Quicktime to view those movies, get it here. When you're japanese and have some time left, it'd be great if you could translate the interview for us, you can find it here.

  Emulation on dreamcast Posted by Bobbi at [05:21 EST]  
I just noticed two rather new dreamcast emulation projects on EmuHQ today, and both are supposed to emulate a console on the dreamcast ! The first one is a NES emulator and the other one a SNES emu.

The NES emu already makes good progress and you can already find pics of Mario brothers and Tennis on their page. They also mentioned some stuff about the progress :
    Anyway here's a pic of a nes emu port ive been working on. This is still running on a pc though. The reason is that the best way to write dc stuff at the moment is to code for both the pc and the dc at the same time. However i have coded the directx stuff and other functions so that they should compile happily and run on the dreamcast when the time comes. I have also coded a shitty debugger which uses directx to display the current status of the registers and other relevant information... the file io routines had to obviously be rewritten aswell.
To take a look at the two screenshots and for more information about this emulator, check out the Dreamcast research and emulator site.

The author of the SNES emulator tries to port SNES9x to run on the DC. He hopes to be done with the porting in 2 months time. The concept is simple :
    The concept is rather simple really. I plan to port a known Super Nintendo emulator to the DC platform. I will program a simple but attractive directory browser for choosing which game you want to play, then you can jump right in. It'll probably include a software reset (you hit a bunch of buttons at the same time) so you don't have to get up.

    The wonderful thing that makes the Super Nintendo a wonderful port to the Dreamcast is that the controllers are nearly identical. I'll probably have to provide the select key by way of hitting both triggers at once or something like that (provided it doesn't interfere with any games). The X+Y and A+B are switched around between the two, so I might have to offer two (or more) key configurations.
You can get more informations (and a lot of technical stuff) about this cool project at their homepage. They also posted a first executeable which is already able to view some text on the dreamcast - Sounds simple but that way the author can already run arbitrary code on slot machine a sous gratuit the DC.

Saturday, 12 August

  [pec] 1.1 Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:08 EST]  
JNS released version 1.1 of his popular PSX Emulation Cheater, or [pec], today. This new version adds more features, some bugfixes, and even support for another (yet unreleased) emulator. For those that don't know, [pec] is sort of like a gameshark for your favorite PSX emu. It supports bleem!, VGS, PSEmu Pro, and more. Ah well, enough rambling, here's what's new straight from [pec]'s homepage:
  • Big bugfix - Nearly 20% of all codes didn't worked in the previous versions
  • Support for P©SX beta's (0.5.111 and above)
  • Speed improvments, more routines are written in assembler now
  • [pec] now reactivates the codes faster after you changed them
  • Now you can search with wildcards (* and ?) for a game from the list.
    This means, when you're searching for the game 'WWF Smackdown', it's now enough to enter '*Smackdown' into the search field - This should make it easier for you if you aren't sure about the internal name [pec] may use.
  • DLL-errormessage-bug fixed (The message couldn't be closed)
  • Bugfix - Some codes appeared under the wrong game
  • Added "Show the "First-Start"-Messagebox" to the advanced settings
  • "Activate Codes" and "Deactivate Codes" can be accessed over the "File"-Menu now
  • Assembler code compiled with the new version of Microsoft Macro Assember 6.15.8803
JNS also mentioned that he is still working on a search option to find your own codes internally, but he needs more time to develope it properly. He also mentioned he didn't include FPSE support because no one he knows could get it to work properly, so he didn't bother.

You can grab [pec] version 1.1 here, or pay a visit to hosted by PSXEmu.

Friday, 11 August

  Happy birthday's Posted by Bobbi at [11:12 EST]  
Well, no real new today, so I thought I might just send out a "congrat" to two people that're celebrating their 18th birthday today.
  • The first one is Darkmazda, owner of, another great ressource for emulation news !
  • And the second is Ham-Star, regular visitor to our own EfNet channel #psxemu - Not much to say about him, just one thing : GO OUT AND ENJOY IT ! =P
Hmm, that contest winner should really check his mails, I'm leaving for holidays soon ...

  Contest update Posted by Bobbi at [06:26 EST]  
The winner has been choosen, check the E-Mail you submitted if you're the winner and mail me back ASAP :)


  Another Emu4PSX Posted by Bobbi at [04:13 EST]  
Looks like coders like to start such projects now, here's another emulator which can be started and played on your PSX (though there're some restrictions about the type) : This time, it's about an Colecovision emu, which already runs at about 50% speed. The author also said, we can expect another emu from him soon :
    Colecovision Emulator for PSX version 0.1a (preview version). You'll need some PSX dev stuff like Xplorer or AR and psexe etc to use this. Runs at about 50% casino pŚ nštet speed. Look out for my Asteroids emu for PSX soon...
You can get this emu from the authors homepage. Looking for other Emus4PSX and infos how to install and use them ? Then make sure you visit this page. Big thanks to the guys over at EmuHQ for the news.

  FPSE page updated Posted by Bobbi at [04:09 EST]  
"Don't expect feedback from me until the 11 August" ... This was what people could read 10 days ago at the FPSE homepage. Well, it's exactly the 11th of August and !+Mr.Fog+! already updated the FPSE homepage with a bit of news that we might see a release soon ...
    I have great news 4 U ^_^.
    We will released a new FPSE build, named FPSE Build Two (ahhaha) maybe before the 15 September..
    Also we have another big news... but..
Well, another release of FPSE, build 2. What might we expect for that one ? Since two coders took some free time and went to holidays, we won't see to much new, most propably some GPU / GTE fixes and several minor bugfixes (let's hope they finally fix this configuration error ... =P). You can take a look at the FPSE homepage here

Thursday, 10 August

  Contest update Posted by Bobbi at [16:41 EST]  
Well, our contest is going very good ... I created the internal shitlist today of people trying to kid me (I warned you - People trying to sign up several times are already blacklisted spelautomater pŚ nštet and can't be winner any more). Many people already thought they could kid us by using several, pretty similar E-Mail adresses ... I'm going through ALL of them and people trying to fool us that way will be banned from the contest as well.

On the good news, many people also kept to the rules and participated normally. It's your last chance now, tomorrow morning when I stand up I'll send an E-Mail to the winner and he'll be announced at this page, so make sure you participate (if you didn't already) by using the form above. Good luck !

  Bleem! and PowerVR Posted by Bobbi at [16:12 EST]  
Hmm, looks like no one noticed this press release 4 months ago, so I'll just post it now after William Rodriguez sent me this E-Mail (thanks mate !) :

It looks like now even PowerVR technologies takes advantage about bleem for dreamcast! (aka bleemcast!)'s amazing technology. In a press release, they talked about the power the PowerVR chip supplies for bleemcast! and what advantage gamers will get from this :
    bleem! for Dreamcast takes advantage of the PowerVR graphics hardware in the Dreamcast console to improve the graphic appeal of PlayStation games, rendering game graphics at 640x480 pixels - twice the resolution of most PlayStation games. bleem! uses the Dreamcastís PowerVR graphics processing power to make even older games look brand-new with enhancements like full-screen anti-aliasing and bi-linear filtering. According to bleem, inc. this gives PlayStation games improvements even the PlayStation2 canít touch. Support for over 400 PlayStation titles is planned for initial release.

    Says Randy Linden, chief technical officer and creator of the bleem! technology: "Enhanced graphics are what sets bleem! apart. If all we did was play PlayStation games at PlayStation resolutions, there wouldnít be much point - you could just get a PlayStation. Thatís why we concentrated on using the Dreamcast hardware to unlock the true potential in these games. We wanted to deliver the best of both worlds by adding the Dreamcastís superior graphics to the proven game play in these titles, for a seamless, better gaming experience."
You can read the complete press release by clicking here. Thanks again to William for the news.

  FRAPS 1.2B Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [12:21 EST]  
After more than a year without a new release, the author of FRAPS. a FPS counter for D3D games, releases a new version, 1.2B. This release is a recent test version that he decided to release while he finishes the new feature on the current version of FRAPS he is working on. Here's a clip from
    There's been a massive lack of updates, and I must apologise for this. I've been travelling a bit after finishing university, and have just moved to the USA. Since I think it will be a while before I have a chance to finalise the benchmarking features, I am releasing the most recent test version before this. Basically it contains a workaround for a bug in DirectX, that should help anyone who has seen a flickering or missing counter in the games. Rest assured I do want to continue adding features to Fraps as soon as time permits.
Well, it's nice to know FRAPS isn't dead, and I hope we'll see a version with new features soon. Download FRAPS 1.2B below.

Download FRAPS 1.2B here.

Wednesday, 9 August

  BC! in UK magazin Posted by Bobbi at [18:11 EST]  
Mathew2 sent me a scan from a british magazin called DC-UK (or something like that). The article mentions nothing new, it just talks about the system of bleemcast!, how it will works, what controllers will be released and so on ...

The article even mentions some false things I'd like to point out so you don't get confused : bleemcast! neither won't be out June 15th nor will all 4 bleempak's be released at once. And yes, bleem! already mentioned that there'll be a PAL bleemcast! soon, which will have support for the most important PAL games - Although the NTSC bleemcast! could (to which grade is unknown yet) already run PAL games which are supported.

Although of those false facts I think it's nice to see that bleemcast! even made it into the big magazines. You can read/view the whole scan by clicking on the thumbnail to your left.

Tuesday, 8 August

  Win a bleem! for PC Posted by Nick at [21:14 EST] has just updated its site with a little news which says that 3DGFN is holding a contest and giving away some bleem! for PC. Check out the site over @

Monday, 7 August

  DC better than PS2 ? Posted by Bobbi at [03:07 EST]  
I just surfed through some other emulation sites when I found an interresting article at Vintagegaming, talking about the sale problems the PS2 had so far and what we can expect for the US version :
    Bare-bones systems with one game initially ran for about $700, but have been dropping due to poor demand. Import dealers say that sales have dropped off considerably following the initial buying frenzy. VideoGameDepot currently sells the Japanese PlayStation 2 for around $500. "We had a lot of sales at first but when people realized how awful the product was (sales) died off," Depping said. "Our customers are horribly disappointed." ...

    The system just doesn't compare to others, he said. For example, PlayStation 2's version of "Dead or Alive II" isn't as good as the one on Sega Dreamcast, and PlayStation's "Driving Emotion Type S" ranks among the worst driving games Depping said he's ever played on any platform.

    "Although there is some crossover between the Japanese and U.S. content, it's not indicative of the U.S. launch and we hope to provide details at a later date," said Molly Smith, a spokeswoman for Sony Corporation Entertainment America.
Wau, looks like MANY people expected to much of the console. I personally think we should give it some more time (yeah, I already have a PS2 as well) and wait until big studios publish their games. You can check out this nice article here.

  Pete's soft GPU plugin Posted by Bobbi at [02:44 EST]  
JNS just informed me on IRC that Pete Bernert, creator of many plugins for usage with PSEmu Pro, FPSE spielautomaten online or (soon) PCSX. This time, he developed a software GPU, so you can already run this without a supported 3D card, although it should be a bit slower this way. Here's what Pete mentioned on his site :
    This driver is my most compatible psx gpu plugin. Of course it's slower than the hardware accelerated ports but on the other hand you will not need an high-end video card to use it (just an high-end cpu, hehe ;) If you are having glitches with my OpenGL/D3D plugins (or if they simply don't work with your card), try this one.
He also said that the driver should already be completly finished since it already emulates all PSX gpu abilities he knows about. You can download this plugin here and take a look at Pete's homepage here.

$15 for at DirectNIC.

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