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  Bobbi : Who are you and where are you from ?
  Roor : Iīm Roor, Iīm from Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  Bobbi : How did you get involved with emulation ?
  Roor : I get involved at the same time I found that there where lots of japanese games that I like a lot (mostly RPG), that were outthere, and I surely will never be able to get for my PC. Emulation was the solution... As a coder, it was when I downloaded an old attempt for a Playstation emulator, named PSXEMU (by Nick Plourde), and wasnīt able to run it no matter how hard I tried... So, I though about making my own attempt with PS emulation coding.
  Bobbi : What do you think of the current status of the emulation scene ?
  Roor : I do not really believe that it could grow more than it has grown during the past three years. As new systems are becoming difficultier to emulate, mostly because from time to time they are advantaging PC... like DreamCast or PS2. Look at the case of Playstation, three years ago, even using the actual emulators, PC with enough firepower to emulate a PS in a one-on-one basis werenīt too many. (for 3rd).
  Bobbi : How do you see the emulation scene now, and how do you think it will progress in the current months ?
  Roor : The scene now... thereīs a lot of sides of seeing emulation... For users, nowadays thereīs alot of people who knows about emulators existence, and that they can enjoy their favourite games with them, at home. The same goes for guys who devoted themselves to Rom Translations... I donīt think that emulation may get lots of new followers within a near future, like it has been during the last years. For new emulators... surely coders will give us some nice surprises during the year, but anyway we will surely have to wait for our PCs to evolve a little from our actual Celerons 350mhz... For now, we always can count with emulators for N64, PS, NeoGeo and Saturn... for this year... there is where emulation scene will mostly rely
  Bobbi : What do you think of the recent law suites against Connectix and bleem, LLC, and how do you think they will affect the emulation scene ?
  Roor : If you ask me... I donīt like when anybody sucks the blood out of someone else... even from a giant like Sony. The same goes for anything, if I create something, hoping that it will give me some profit in the future, I will not like that anyone else will get profit and credit from my hardwork. Thatīs why emulators should be always free.
  Bobbi : How did your current project got started ?
  Roor : It started long ago, as a hobby, while trying to hack, little by little, secrets from PS and even from other emu (original PSEMU for DOS). Then... three months ago, I found a very nice guy from the emulation scene who convinced me that it would be great to make public a first release of my work on emulation... then, I began working hard every weekend on the emu, making constant improvements on it.
  Bobbi : What's the status of your current project ?
  Roor : Well.. we have a working PS emulator that runs several commercial games... we are still a lot behind the gods... (PSemuPRO and Bleem), but we continue improving it everyday. Actually we have a Dynamic Recompiler Core (R3000A) (we, TEAM, although for now Iīm the only one working on it :P) that is pretty unoptimized but runs at a respetable speed. Also a reliable Software Renderer based GPU, and a working GTE (Graphics Transfer Engine). For the near future, we plan to improve Core Speed a lot, as well as completing GTE to attain perfect compatibility for 3D games.
  Bobbi : What do you see as the underlining factors for successful emulators or emulation projects ?
  Roor : For an user to like an emu... first of all speed and compatibility (people hate it when they canīt play their favourite games for PSX, in a PSX emu...). Also a friendly GUI is always welcomed. For last... one important underlining factor... is the support from general emulation sites.
  Bobbi : Any final words to the 1000s of readers awaiting every new release of your emulator ?
  Roor : Expect lots of surprises from us for this new year.

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