AdriPSX Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from people who want to help:

Q: Can I help you code it?
A: Yes, of course, any kind of help will be gladly accepted.

Q: How can I help you?
A: Well... having some kind of software developement hardware will be of great help, I actually have a PSX and an Action Replay, but I'm unable to get an CommsLink nor AR Cable here. If you think you help me in other ways (suggestions, expertise, coding help), contact me.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Just by mail to Your questions are always welcome.

Q: Would you like to work for me as programmer?
A: Yes, of course, if you know about a job offer from anyone, just tell.

Disturbing questions :

Q: Why doesn't my favourite game work with AdriPSX?
A: AdriPSX is still a work-in-progress emulator, and is far from finished (the same could be say for ALL Playstation emulators nowadays). AdriPSx is constantlt improving in a general context, so with time all games will work at the end, just that some games will be working before others.

Q: How come it's taking you so long to write AdriPSX?
A: Well... Actually, development is carried by only one person, and I must say that PS Hardware info do not grow in three. Hacking PS tech info to be implemented into the emulator is a long and tedious work. Also, as everyone else we, emulator coders, have a personal life as well as an inate needing for money so to keep our extravagant way of life.

Q: Can you give me the rom image? Can you give me some game images?
A: No, and no.

Q: What are you going to charge for AdriPSX?
A: Nothing. Although, donations would gladly be accepted.

General questions:

Q: What platforms will AdriPSX run on?
A: Right now we are working on both a DOS and a Windows version. Although development is always done first on DOS version, as the Windows version is just a port.

Q: What are AdriPSX's requirements?
A: Right now, just a PC 80486 or better, with a GFX adapter that supports VESA 2.0. Pentium, MSCDEX CD-ROM and at least 32Mbs of RAM are preferable.

Q: I have an XYZ video card with an ABC 3d-set on it. Will AdriPSX suppport it?
A:Well, actually only on Win version Video Acceleration is planned, although it is very possible that DOS version will have Voodoo 3DFX support in a near future.

Q: Why are you making AdriPSX?
A: Right now, because it is a challenge.

Q: Are you going to release the AdriPSX source?
A: No, I think I'll never do it. Although I can help any coder requesting for help.

Technical questions :

Q: What are you writing AdriPSX in?
A: C and x86 assembly.

Q: What are compilers/tools are you using?
A: DJGPP 2.0.1 and GNU Assembler. DOS 7.0

Q: What's your basic strategy for emulating the PSX hardware?
A: The R3000A is implemented as both a Dynamic Recompiler and an Interpreter. GPU is being emulated by a software renderer engine of my design. The CDROM Decoder is emulated using MSCDEX interruption calls. The GTE is being emulated using both Fixed Point Math and FPU, although MMX implementation is near to begin. The SPU is being emulated by a sound streaming library of my creation. The MDEC, is stoped for now. Allegro coding library is used for setting the display modes in PC and for Keyboard and Gamepad input.

Q: What are you developing AdriPSX on?
A: Till two weeks ago (March 1st, 2000) my dev machine was a 80486DX4 100mhz, with 8Mb of RAM, SVGA Trident 1Mb, and a SoundBlaster 1.5, MS-DOS 7.0

Nowadays, it is a K6-II 400Mhz, 32Mbs of RAM, Viper Ultra GFX, SoundBlaster 16 clone, MS-Windows 98.

Q: How do you find out stuff about the Playstation?
A: Mostly by analizing disassembled PSX binaries, and seeing how do they run.

Q: What's the performance like?
A: It heavyly depends on the game you are running. Some demos runs at 150Mhz, while others slow down even till 12Mhz. It depends on GPU usage (semitransparency slows down emulation, as well as the use of heavy lighted polygons), also the use of GTE (GTE operations are a bit slow), and also depends on the structure of the code, because Branch Opcodes are slower to emulate than others.


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