Welcome to the AdriPSX homepage. AdriPSX is an emulator which runs Sony PlayStation games on a PC (x86 based computers). Actually being worked on for two operative systems, DOS and Win32 (Windows 95/98/NT) Latest release : 00.06.03.      Released on : 3rd June 2000
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  Good news...  
I've been working for a while in the new release of AdriPSX. Of course it is still a little far from completion.
Several very innovative technologies have been used while coding this new release (register mirroring, MMX, full asm, PC timers, etc)... latest tests shows that new CPU works more than 6 times faster than previous one. Also GPU (software renderer) is being done in full asm. With all this, next release promises to be a big one.
Also, I must not forget to say that this time, AdriPSX will be done for DOS, LINUX and WINDOWS... simultaneously released if possible (this depends mostly on the coders we get to help us).
Well... that why, again, AdriPSX team begin the search for people (coders and artists) to help this time. For coders we are looking for people with PSX coding knowledge and/or ASM coding knowledge. Also, this time we need artists for the design of new GUI, logos and others.

That's all for now... and... stay tunned.

  Posted by Roor on Wednesday, 14th June at 17:57 EST  

  Bad news...  
Well... this will be tha last update to AdriPSX page for at least one month, as today my younger brother (who has been already punished, and later murdered by myself) formatted my HardDisk, destroying all my AdriPSX sourcecodes as well as most of my PSX related technical documentation.
A great luck for me, that I have a copy of "not so updated" source code at my officeŽs PC, the one I use for "genetic experiments" with code. With that scratches I made up a last release that is quite more updated than the last one, although it doesnŽt include my latest works on it (such as new GUI, better compatibility, some works on DynaRec and some major fixes on GTE). Well.. this last release, have ADPCM and CDDA Sound support and is something faster than the previous release.
I try to look at this as a fresh start... IŽll code AdriPSX from zero now, basing myself on the previous version scratches... now itŽs time to code AdriPSX Pro... or something :P
Wish me good luck, dudes!

For downloading this last (at least for now) release, visit our download page.

  Posted by Roor on Saturday, 3th June at 22:01 EST  

  Hint for AdriPSX DOS  
Like you can see in the poll on the right, there've been many problems with AdriPSX - Now Roor told me, what a possible reason for this problem might be : AdriPSX crashes after that fire logo, when it can't find the correct BIOS file in the directory you run it from.

Important : AdriPSX requires the SCPH1001 BIOS to run at all.

But remember : Neither Roor and me nor the PSXEmu team will supply you with this file - If you need it, go and search in Altavista for it - You should find plenty of sites with it - And remember : You can own the bios legally, when you also own a real PSX !

I also restarted the Poll to your left so we can see if this hint solved the problem for you or not. Thanks for voting in advance.

  Posted by Bobbi on Tuesday, 2th May at 07:53 EST  

  Great announcement  
Well, today FPU and me (Roor) come to an accord, and AdriPSX begins a new line of developement only to be implemented in the Windows version. So, I suppose that the following release of DOS version will be the last one for some time. IŽll surely upload it this weekend.

As for our next release of Windows version, you will not have to wait more than a week or two (I hope).

  Posted by Roor on Sunday, 30th April at 12:06 EST  

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