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03-04-2020 : I took a little time, and added a simple message output box for user mode.

02-04-2020 : Corrected two optimizations done to the AND and OR opcodes' recompilers.

01-04-2020 : Today I got Seal Libraries, so to implement a more compatible way to implement sound rutines.
Also, I've fixed some ugly bugs that appeared during last release.

27-03-2020 : Implemented Debbuger Output Setup, to be used by developers and so. For the moment output for RTCs and CDROM registers is implemented. Also added controls to use DynaRec or Interpreter as you wish. CDROM Decoder speeded up.

26-03-2020 : Some new fixes to CDROM Decoder.
Interpreter Core has been updated, to be used for debugging.

25-03-2020 : Fixed 320x256 display mode.
Added DPCL and DPCS GTE opcodes.

23-03-2020 : Fixed a very old bug in GTE.

22-03-2020 : Today I finished with CDXA sound. It works and sounds. Although still very buggy and delayed, I don't think I'll implement it in a public release yet, just for privates for now. Also, MSB was implemented in semitransparency, so they look great now. VRAM2VRAM GPU primitive has been speeded up a lot.

19-03-2020 : SWL, LWL, SWR and LWR R3000A opcodes redone for better performance.
Some GTE opcodes fixed.
Little speed up for all Textured Polygons.
Found some bugs produced during latest release's coding, all them corrected now. 17-03-2020 : Added semitransparency to Sprite 16x16 and 8x8 primtives.

14-03-2020 : Now "User mode" will run using Fullscreen as default, this way, games run a lot faster.
Required BIOS image file has changed, SCPH1000.BIN is not needed anymore, instead of it, SCPH1001.BIN must be used (this one is most standart). Also the uncomplete revese engineered BIOS has been included into main binary executable, so now when the emulator is unable to find BIOS image file (SCPH1001.BIN), it will try to run anyway. This has been tested with some games and show no bugs, but it's still uncomplete. (note that with this, PSX intro is not included because it has a copyright from Sony)

12-03-2020 : Awesome speed up for all GPU SPRITE primitives.

11-03-2020 : Some new HLEs for BIOS.

08-03-2020 : CDROM sector reading rutine completely redone for best compatibility.

07-03-2020 : Speeded up some GTE opcodes.

04-03-2020 : Lots of enhancements to "User Mode".
New features in "User Mode", such as VideoMode selection, CDROM Drive letter selection and a new, still not fully tested FullScreen Mode, which is much faster than the old Windowed Display.

02-03-2020 : Nice brand-new speed ups on Textures' processing algorithms.

29-02-2020 : Added Semitransparency to all Textured Polygon Primitives. Games look cooler, but some times funny because of not having Lited Polygons implemented yet.

28-02-2020 : Added Semitransparency to some GPU primitives. Some corrections to Keyboard handler rutine.

27-02-2020 : All Memory Access rutines redonde for DynaRec.

25-02-2020 : All Branch Opcodes completed in DynaRec.

24-02-2020 : Some buggy, but working, GTE opcodes added: INTPL, SQR, GPF and GPL.
Keyboard handler completely redone, now it's faster and can detect multiple keys pressed at the same time.

23-02-2020 : Very little speed up in GPU CLUTs managing.

22-02-2020 : Added more DynaRec Instructions, now, there's a noticeable speed up in the microprocessor core emulation.
Corrected DynaRec XOR instruction.

16-02-2020 : Some little speed ups on DynaRec.

13-02-2020 : Added instructions J and JAL to the compiler.
More improvements on MDEC skipping.

12-02-2020 : Some improvement in Remmiters calculations for GTE.
Added all semitransparency modes to GOURAUD SHADED QUADRANGLE and TRIANGLE GPU primitives.
A bug on RAM2VRAM rutine corrected.
Also improved OT handling, so now it will not try to acknowledge as primitives the parameters of missing GPU primitives.

11-02-2020 : Added support for lighthing in some GPU primitives.
Some improvement in GPU Ordering Tables processing rutines.
GPU and OTC DMA channels should be even more stable now.
Added some new features for debugging, in the Show VRAM option.

10-02-2020 : Added all semitransparency modes to FLAT SHADED QUADRANGLE and TRIANGLE GPU primitives.
Some speed up in RECTFILL primitive.

09-02-2020 : Corrected SQR GTE instruction.
Some enhancements on CDROM Decoder interrupts generation.

08-02-2020 : "User Mode" now fixed to work in 16bit color video modes. Because of this, and others, "User Mode" runs in one half the speed of "Developer Mode". But "Developer Mode" works only on PCs with GFX cards that support VESA 2.0, 15bit videomodes.
GFX files "CURSOR.TGA" and "PSXLOGO.TGA" are no longer necesary.
One more DynaRec intruction added.

07-02-2020 : More Dynarec instructions added, 10 in total.
Found bugs in NCCS and NCCT GTE instructions.
Some little speed up in the handling of Interrupts.

06-02-2020 : Added some more DynaRec instructions, 6 in total.
Also corrected some bugs on RTCs as well as a little speed up.

04-02-2020 : I create a reliable CDXA tracks detector, so it will be much faster and easier to skip them.
Also added the first DynaRec instructions, 14 in total.

03-02-2020 : Just today I begin and ended working in a new Fake-Compiler for CPU. Now CPU is some 50% faster, and DynaRec Skeleton is fully complete and working. For now, Compiler is "fake" as it do not generate correct code, but generates code that calls the interpreter rutines. Great improvements on speed are expected in the following days.

02-02-2020 : GTE handling converted now done using tables, as FPU sugested some long time ago.
Added "limits" to AVSZ3 and AVSZ4 instructions.
Some general speed up for all GTE intructions.
FPS counter now converted to a PERFORMANCE COUNTER, telling the current performance of emulation in a percentile basis.

01-02-2020 : While testing "Legend of Legaia" found a bug in GPU primmitive "Gouraud Shaded Quadrangle", it was taking 14 parameters while it only needs 13.
CD-ROM command "STOP" has been added.
GTE command NCLIP has been corrected, and now works perfectly.
Fixed VERY BIG BUG in GTE, in some MVMVA instructions, translation vector were added to matrix multiplication operation when it wasn't supposed to do that.
Now "Breat of Fire III" works completely with full 3D graphics.


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