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Monday, April 30, 2020

   PSinex screenshots Posted by RVWinkle at [20:15 EDT]  
PsYcHoJaK has returned from his trip to Greece and wasted no time in posting some new screenshots. The pictures in question are from Final Fantasy 9 and they look great. He mentions that the game isn't completely playable yet but they're making great progress. Please note that these shots are from a currently unreleased version of the emulator and that FF9 UK doesn't work. All of this and more can be found here.

   Impressions of AdriPSX Posted by Bobbi at [18:44 EDT]  
Hmm, became a bit late, that happens when you have a nice chat with some people ... Anyway, I suppose you all already noticed the new AdriPSX release from few days ago. Well, Roor actually was able to improove compatibility quite a lot, and many popular games are running now therefor. Below are some cool screenshots from popular 4 well known games : Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Tomb Raider 3 and Xenogears !


Quite amazing shots when you ask me - two thumbs up for Roor and his amazing work on AdriPSX - in case you haven't downloaded AdriPSX or the plugins yet, make sure to take a look at our AdriPSX section !

   FPSE homepage back (again) Posted by Bobbi at [16:18 EDT]  
Yesterday, the FPSE homepage moved once again to the URL after it originally went to Retrogames for hosting, they're now being hosted over at Emuunlim and can from now on be found at, so update your bookmarks again and let's hope it'll stay there for now :)

While those are certainly less interresting news, the screenshots which have been posted on the page, which currently is being re-designed, are certainly more interresting, as they're from the 3 top games Driver, Final Fantasy 9 and Parasite Eve 2 ! Make sure to take a look at the shots below :
    Final Fantasy 9 [1] [2]
    Driver 2 [1] [2]
    Parasite Eve 2 [1] [2]
It also looks as if !+Mr.Fog+! is currently finishing the new homepage layout (v2.0) of the FPSE homepage, a small part of it is already visible - take a look yourself at the FPSE homepage.

Saturday, April 28, 2020

   AdriPSX v01.04.27 released ! Posted by Bobbi at [13:03 EDT]  
Another week and yet another update from Roor, main programmer of AdriPSX, which increases the version number to v01.04.27. Beside the new number, here're the updates Roor added for this version :
  • Fixed Color Interpolation opcodes, now "Final Fantasy VII" and "Soul Edge" colors and light effects are corrected.
  • Fixed Light Source Calculation opcodes, now "Battle Arena Toshinden 3" bugs has been corrected
  • Fixed VSYNC timing on Static Recompiler.
  • Several optimisations on Static Recompiler for speed.
  • Fixed a Dynamic Recompiler bug, and now "Final Fantasy VIII" movies are played faster.
  • Savestates format has been changed again, but this time is definitive.
  • Fixed all strange freezes and hungs in both "Final Fantasy VII and VIII".
  • Fixed GPU IRQ, now "Gauntlet Legends" runs.
  • Fixed lighthing effects on "Tomb Raider III".
Roor also mentioned in his mail, that he's currently mainly working on increasing compatibility (and therefor squashing out the remaining bugs). But enough details, here're the downloads :The installer also already includes the new v1.49 plugins from Pete - more infos, tools and plugins can, like always, be found in PSXEmu's AdriPSX section.

   Pete's GPU 1.49 released! Posted by Bgnome at [12:22 EDT]  
Now here's some new that will make your day. The talented plugin author, Pete Bernert, has updated his GPU plugins to 1.49. Here's a few of the changes implemented in his windows version plugins:
  • OGL/D3D: improved my screen clearing detection, so some garbage borders (like the ones in Legend of Mana) are now history. RIP :)
  • OGL plugin: a wrong ZBuffer init caused troubles with some games, if the mask bit detection was enabled (for example: wrong shadows and missing texts in GT2). Conclusion: never forget to remove debugging code... tststs
  • OGL/D3D: a new 'special game fix' called 'Framebuffer read'.
    What's that? Well, some games are reading back the currently displayed frame to the psx main memory, changing it, and upload the changed frame data again to the gpu. Such effects could only emulated in the past by activating the (slow) "full vram primitives" option (FVP is drawing everything in the emulated gpu memory, so the "read back" is possible). The new 'framebuffer read' (FBR) option can be used as a FVP replacement in most games: it tries to detect, if the game is reading screen data, and if yes, it will convert the needed screen part of the OGL/D3D display into the psx format, giving that data to the emulated cpu.

For more detailed info on the above changes and for the rest of the changes, you should check out the readme.txt included in the zip file available here. For the new versions of the linux versions, check the documents included in the Soft X11 plugin and the MesaGL plugin. Feel free to voice your experiences, opinions, and concerns on our message board. Go ahead and visit Pete's Hompage for more links to older version of his plugins and utilities and some interesting reading if you haven't already.

Friday, April 27, 2020

   Bleemcast! editorial Posted by Bobbi at [17:22 EDT]  
While reading through all the bleemcast! news which appeared this week, I noticed several things I wasn't certain about or wondered a lot about - so I sat down and wrote a small editorial regading the release date which, according to numerous sources, it settled for next week. One example is what many, many people already mailed me about : What the next games will be. Of course, this is all speculation :
    So after I talked with many people who've been excited about bleemcast!, I came to the conclusion that most people would like to see FF9 being released next - but when you take a look at the problems ePSXe already encounters when emulating it, you may easily guess how difficult it is for bleemcast! to run that game - so my guess for the next game goes to Omega Boost, which already ran at last years E3 - we'll have to wait and see though :)
As a reminder, Final Fantasy 9 PAL UK for example is still not working becuase of a nasty copy protection which has been placed in the program. As a result, which doesn't reflect the editorial though, I came to the following decission :
    To come to an end : I personally think bleem! still did an amazing work by getting PSX games running on the dreamcast, and taken that it runs bug free (ever thought how you could update bleemcast! ? =P) it's still a product every hardcore gamer should purchase. My only doubt which I have left is, if bleem! will succeed and will be able to provide us with more of these paks in the future - keep in mind that the DC audience and therefor the customers is becoming smaller and smaller, so not only Sony is playing against bleem! but also the time.

    So, in case you haven't pre-ordered bleemcast! yet, this will be your last chance to get it at the (current) release date next week - you can order your copy from EBWorld by going to here. We already pre-ordered one copy so make sure to check back shortly after the release date (as no test discs have been shipped to most sites yet according to VERY good sources !) for some independent reviews.
To read the whole article with all thoughts and informations, just click here. Thanks to everyone who supplied me with ideas for that one !

   Aldo's Screen Capture updated Posted by Bobbi at [15:00 EDT]  
Aldo from recently updated one of his great VGS tools, Aldo's Screen capture, to v1.0b ! Screen Capture is a very neat tool, which allows you to manage your screenshots taken in any emulator easily. It saves the screenshots from the clipboard and lets you choose, which you actually want to use. The changes in this version are :
    New: Save all images in batch, support for saving in JPG format, use shift-click to open multiple windows, double click for view in full screen, browse with keys and more.
So if you always wanted to take your own screenshots (to send them to friends or post them on our forums), this is certainly a tool you should try - you can download the 27k file by clicking here.

Aldo also mentioned on his homepage that you can support him and his great tools by registering one of his tools - to find out more about this, point your browser here !

   Back to work / updates Posted by Bobbi at [14:42 EDT]  
Well, looks like I managed to repair my PC successfully (actually, it took me 20 minutes until it ran again, but like I mentioned I took a small break) and I should be back to normal work now, just have to re-install most of the software on my PC first. , Bgnome and RVWinkle certainly did a great job on keeping you updated in the meantime no matter how slow this news week was. Anyway, enough babling, back to the news :

First off, I just upgraded our forum software to the latest RC. No major changes in this version, just some misc stuff like speed ups and bug fixes. I also uploaded the colored smilies again as they look nicer than the yellow ones. I also thought about changing the boards logo, so if you have some time left and an image program, feel free to create a logo and upload it to our general discussion board. If you haven't seen our boards yet, make sure to take a look by pointing your browser to !

On the other hand, I'd like to quickly mention that the FPSE homepage, which is currently closed, has choosen Retrogames as their new host. The page currently is closed displaying the notice Please Wait. Work in progress . You can update your bookmarks to already anyway.

Thursday, April 26, 2020

   Updates on Lewpy's GPU plugin Posted by RVWinkle at [21:30 EDT]  
Lewpy updated his website today. He has some information on a new bug he found as well as workarounds for some common problems. Of course the Lewpster also mentions that he's working on some new features for this top plugin. Furthermore, he asks for a donation on what I consider a most worthy cause. All of this can be found here.

Keep up the great work Lewpy! His plugin has always been my favorite and most frequently used up until today. I finally received my Radeon LE and threw out my old Voodoo 2 (actually, I donated it a less fortunate friend). So far I have nothing but positive things to say about this new card. For any of you guys looking to upgrade your video card to the GeForce MX, you might want to consider a Radeon LE instead. You can find it for around the same price as a GF MX and it performs considerably faster in 32-bit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2020

   More Bleem! for Dreamcast info Posted by RVWinkle at [3:17 EDT]  
[Update 4/26/01: I fixed some inaccuracies and misstatements in this post. I want to thank everybody for their comments, especially LanGaidin for his clarification and insight in this forum thread.]

A press release for bleem! for Dreamcast came out today. You can find it at SwirlVision. Thanks to Wormie, I found a bit of additional information concerning Bleem! for Dreamcast straight from the programmer's mouth...errr...ummm...keyboard on the Bleem Forums:
    All regional versions of GT2 work on any Dreamcast machine.
    PAL versions automatically support PAL Extended resolutions (640x560).
    NTSC versions on a PAL machine run in PAL60Hz mode automatically.
    PAL versions on an NTSC machine run at 50Hz automatically.
    VGA boxes are supported.
    JumpPaks are supported.
    Steering wheels are supported.
    VMU saves are supported.
    bleemPod / bleemPad is *NOT* required, although they are both supported.
    Load Times, etc. etc. are fast.
    I'm sure that there will be a bunch of independent reviews out shortly.
Well there you have it, we should see some reviews soon. Unless some bugs are found, I expect the reviews to be pretty boring. Also noted by Rand (lead programmer for Bleem! for Dreamcast) is that Bleempods and Bleempads are compatible with Bleem! for Dreamcast. Now Bleem! Inc. recently announced that these products will not be released. To make this even more confusing, they are still available for preorder at many places including electronics boutique. According to electronics boutique, the release date is 7/26/2001 (don't hold your breath).

Another key issue is something I noticed on who hosts an unofficial Bleem! for Dreamcast FAQ.
    Does bleem! for Dreamcast work with VMUs?
    Yes, you will be able to save your bleem! games on a new or freshly formatted VMU
Now I've never heard of this site before and I don't know how reliable their info is, but apparently you'll need a separate VMU dedicated to one game. All of a sudden the low price of $5.95 goes up an additional $20 just to save games! Don't forget that saving games is extremely important in GT2 for the sake of unlocking the many secret cars. In addition, they note that this emulator will play backup copies of Gran Turismo 2. [Edit: This information has been confirmed thanks to LanGaidin.]

Personally I'm interested in all sorts of emulation so I'm still excited about Bleem! for Dreamcast. I'm concerned though that the target audience for this product is severely limited. The Dreamcast died because sales were poor. Bleem! is attempting to appeal to Dreamcast owners who already own, or are willing to buy Gran Turismo 2. Statistically speaking, I'd say this isn't a very sound investment. Even with all of that bad news, I still wish Bleem! the best of luck in their attempt at presenting emulation to the mainstream. Oh, and don't bother going to bleem!'s website for more information, as of this writing it's horribly out of date.

Tuesday, April 24, 2020

   Bersirc 1.30 released! Posted by Bgnome at [21:02 EDT]  
For those of you that like to use IRC but hate java clients, boy have I got some news for you. One of the greatest clients ever, Bersirc, has been updated to 1.30! This new version has tons of fixes and updates. Here's a few:
  • New "DCC Send" button on toolbar
  • Added "Friendly Text" mode for nicer text options
  • Added /aaway (global away) and /aback (global back)
  • Added swear-filters to block bad words
Get the full list of the whopping 64 changes here. We are also mirroring the download of Bersirc 1.30 full version. For more info on this fabulous IRC client, go check out Thanks again to our good ol' buddy CDBuRnOuT for the news.

   VGS screenshot tool Posted by Bgnome at [15:08 EDT]  
*Update: I just got an email from Aldo saying that the version we had yesterday didn't compress the images into JPEGs. This has been fixed and the download has been updated.

Well Bobbi, have fun on your vacation! We will try to keep the site running in tip-top condition. On to some news:

I've just spotted that Aldo, over at Aldo's Tools, has just cranked out a new tool for VGS for Windows. It's called Aldo's Screen Capture and is very useful in capturing screenshots from VGS. You only need to press "printscreen" and your shots are saved from the clipboard in JPEG format.

Seems like a very useful tool, and may even apply to other emulators that lack a "screenshot capture" function. You can download it here. Check out Aldo's Tools for more info.

   Away for a bit Posted by Bobbi at [12:00 EDT]  
Well, it looks as if my home PC broke recently, and since I had like no chance to enjoy my easter holidays, I decided to take this week off instead of fixing it right away. That means that I'll be back online friday or saturday this week - feel free to mail me though, I'll reply to the mails again this weekend as well as update the news again.

The reason for my broken PC is a small cousine which couldn't resist to pull some cables ... well, I guess you can guess the rest of the story :) - most important is that she's still fine. So have a nice week, news and site related stuff go to Bgnome and RVWinkle meanwhile please !

Sunday, April 22, 2020

   More PSXEmu site updates Posted by Bobbi at [16:32 EDT]  
I suppose while you're reading these lines, you've already noticed the changes : The left sidebar of the mainpage has been changed a bit, and two new sections have been added : Articles and newsletter.

In the articles section, we'll collect all these nice exclusive articles which are posted on the mainpage. I'm still browsing through our news archive to locate older ones, so keep checking back on that page for more old articles to be added.

On the newsletter page, you'll from now on be able to read the newsletters which are already older than 4 weeks. In case you're interrested in the latest ones, you'll have to sign up for our newsletter - suscribing and unsuscribing can also be done on the new newsletter page ! The last one just went out few hours ago with some cool news on the top emulators, comments, updates and much more !

I also just noticed the new button which appeared on the top of several hosted pages. Please excuse for that one, it's placed there by our host and we can't change it - I contacted our host though, and I hope it'll be gone within the next few hours.

   New tools released Posted by Bobbi at [16:27 EDT]  
I saw over at that Nihon-jin updated his cool PSX utilities cep (a cheating program like [pec]) and CVGSUtil (an all-in-one tool for VGS). Here're the updates/fixes in this version :
    cep 0.1.2b
    Ignore upper/lower case of the process name.(for Windows2000)

    CVGSUtil 0.3.7c
    I am sorry. Old CVGSUtils have a teriblly bug. They break save-data which size is over 2 blocks. Don't use old version. V0.3.7c fixed this bug.
While non Win2k users can certainly skip the cep update, every CVGSUtil user should certainly download the new version of this cool VGS utility. Enough talking, here're the downloads :Thanks again to Aldo for the news. For more of Nihon-jin's tools, make sure to take a look at his homepage. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention : Both toold are for the windows users of CVGS only !

   Alan's tools page back Posted by Bobbi at [16:18 EDT]  
I just checked the happenings in the scene with our NewsAgent, when I noticed that Alan's page is back up under a new name : Daemon Tools Utility and Fan Page. Alan changed the design of the whole page to green and added more sections. Here's a description about the changes taken from his page :
    This site will now be a Daemon Tools utility and Fan Page. It will hold many other things that the Daemon Tools Home Page lacks. As you can see from the navigation bar it will contain many things; Daemon GUI downloads, Icon Library for changing the icons of Daemon Tools, more manuals for different laguages, utilities for use with Daemon Tools and a FAQ page for all those frequent questions that the Daemon Team are asked. Credit goes to PalmGear H.Q for the design of the page, I like the design and feel so I used it less the menu scripts and a few other bits and pieces. Anyway, I hope you like the site and I hope to enjoy reading all the emails that you send me with feedback about the site, tools and what you would like to see of both.
So all you Daemon tools users, head over to Alan's re-designed now !

Saturday, April 21, 2020

   AdriPSX v01.04.20 release Posted by Bobbi at [17:53 EDT]  
I just updated the AdriPSX homepage with the new release v01.04.20 which I recived from Roor ! This version doesn't contain any real new features, it's mainly fixing compatibility and increases the speed some more. Here's the complete list of changes :
  • Fixed a bug in Dynamic Recompiler that was preventing some games from working correctly, like "Syphon Filter II".
  • Fixed interpreter bug, to work fine when HLE functions are on.
  • Fixed DMA timing for the Static Recompiler, now "Mortal Kombat IV" and "SHADOW MADNESS" work fine again.
  • Fixed IRQ ordering for Static Rec, now "Final Fantasy VIII" is working
  • Fixed LOAD STATE option.
  • Speed-Up on all MULT,MULTU,DIV and DIVU CPU opcodes.
  • Slight change on Depth Cueing rutines, actually they still have some major bugs to be fixed.
Looks like a nice new release which makes more games playable - congratulations fly out to Roor for his great work ! I've also taken the time to update the AdriPSX installer and the FAQ to reflect the changes from the latest release, so here're all the downloads for it :Roor also mentioned that the next release should contain a fix for ISOs which haven't been working yet and that he's going to re-write the complete GTE as it is currently too buggy - some great reasons to keep an eye on the AdriPSX homepage I'd say.

   FrozenGame for VGS Mac Posted by Bobbi at [17:44 EDT]  
This tool is already older old but it seems we somehow missed it's release, but today I noticed it while browsing through Hansi's mac PSX page, so here you go :

2510, who already wrote several cool PSX utilities for the mac platform, recently released FrozenGame, an utility which finally allows PSX users to do what ePSXe and AdriPSX users already enjoyed for some time, to freeze their game state. What does this exactly mean now ?
    This means that you can simply save your current state in any game at any time without having to use memory cards or even find save points for them. You just press a key and FrozenGame saves the current state to your HD. When you want to continue playing, you press another key and return to the exactly same point than before. Sounds great, doesn't it ?
Now there's just one problem with this, and that is on the one hand the fact that FrozenGame still contains several bugs and that one savestate has a size of around 7 MB ! Maybe some sort of compression would help here ...

Anyway, in case you have a mac and would like to try out this tool, just click here to download it ! More VGS mac utilities can be found in our VGS mac download section. In case you need help with getting this utility to work, I'd highly suggest you to check out Hansi's PSX emu page, as they're much better informed about mac emulation than we are (and might even port FPSE to that system - check the page for more details).

   PSXEmu site news Posted by Bobbi at [17:25 EDT]  
Wau, became quite late, and as holidays are coming to an end, I gotta sleep a bit more now :/ Anyway, there're two page internal things I'd just like to have informed you about before going on with the normal news :

CDBurnout leaving PSXEmu
A rather sad event first : After CDBurnout was a staff member for nearly one year, Thorgal and me decided to split up the relation between CDBurnout and PSXEmu. While the reasons are internal problems that certainly don't belong here, I'd still like to thank CD for his time he spent into PSXEmu and his many great contributions, and wish him much luck with his new project which he's currently preparing with Wormie, which will be called Emufanatics - make sure to keep an eye on their page. Thanks again to CDBuRnOuT !

PSXEmu topping 3.6 million visitors
As for the other news, I just wanted to announce that the counter at the bottom of the mainpage recently topped the 3.6 million visitors mark and at the same time announce that we're going to hold a contest for the 4th million visitor once we get there. Now I need some suggestions for the present we give out to that person (a 6$ bleemcast! package ? =P), so in case you have any cool ideas make sure to drop me an E-Mail !

Friday, April 20, 2020

   Bleem! for Dreamcast announced Posted by RVWinkle at [23:38 EDT]  
Yes you heard me correctly! The Playstation emulator that nobody expected to appear was finally announced. Once again, when everybody thought Bleem! was down for the count, we are surprised by amazing news. Bleem! for Dreamcast will be released in single game packages at $5.95 a pop. First up to be released is Gran Turismo 2. And as expected, the graphics will be enhanced with the Dreamcast's filtering and anti-aliasing capabilities. What wasn't expected is that it looks significantly better than what can be rendered by the Playstation 2. All the information as well as some stunning screenshots can be found over at IGN.

Here's a quote:
    As you can see, the difference is quite dramatic and I'm sure you're wondering how much it's going to be and what PS games you'll be able to play. That is where we think many of you will wonder why Bleem for Dreamcast is coming out as single game versions for $5.95. Yup, instead of having one Bleem disc compatible with a number of PlayStation games, the first Bleemcast product will only feature Gran Turismo 2.
Exciting news eh? I just can't wait to see how Sony reacts to being outdone by the small guy once again. Looks like we have another reason to buy a Dreamcast, so much for it being a dead console. Don't forget to check out the article we posted in March 18, most of the peeps didn't believe us back then. Looks like we were right after all.

I learned of this news by way of CDBuRnOuT, co-founder of the coming-soon website Emu Fanatics. Thanks for the info CD!

   Lewpy's Glide plugin v1.32 Posted by Bobbi at [17:54 EDT]  
After several announcements on our boards and some more waiting time, Lewpy finally took a chance to actually release his GREAT progressing PSEmu Pro compatible glide GPU plugin to the public. The list of changes, fixes and additions is very long, but see for yourself :
  • Removed 3 Options, Added 2 More : ... One new option is called Alpha Testing. Read the description in the readme for more info, but it was mainly introduced to help with Silent Hill, which uses alpha blending and MASK bit a lot. If you play the game with this version of the plugin, you will see the difference :) It will also have an effect on other games when bilinear filtering is enabled, so see whether you prefer it :) The other new option is called Experimental Screen Sizing, which fixes the CODEC screen in Metal Gear: Solid. But it may mess up other games, so use with caution at the moment :)
  • Crashing Bug nailed : There was a nasty bug that caused the plugin to crash, which was mainly evident in FF9 (an evil little game for exposing GPU Bugs!!). This has been tracked down and squashed (with extreme prejudice!).
  • MDECs + 3D Action improved : Mainly for FF8, scenes with MDEC backgrounds and 3D rendering in the foreground should now display correctly.
  • Fixed FF8 Intro : I've fixed up the intro of FF8, so the horizontal lines are gone.
  • Fix to Hybrid FrameCap Option : I noticed that the HYBRID setting could cause MDECs to play at the wrong speed, so I've tweaked it to prevent this from happening (hopefully!).
  • BOF4 Spell Effects : These were not working properly, due to off-screen line drawing not working in my plugin. I've implemented this now, so the spell effects appear in their full glory :)
  • OnScreen Display Enhancement : If the OnScreen display is set to OFF, you get a 2 second message appear on-screen whenever you change the Save State slot or change the controller type.
  • Front/Back Buffer Copying : I investigated this, to help fix some flickering during transitions in FF8, but the speed penalty was prohibitive to its effectiveness :( I will carry on doing investigations, to see if something can be done that works reasonably well.
  • Dino Crisis 2 : I managed to get hold of this game, so investigated the transparent people bug. The game makes use of MASK bits and also texturing from a previous framebuffer. Although I don't support the latter operation, I have managed to tweak my plugin so an acceptable compromise is reached: the characters are non-transparent, but the motion blur effect is not done.
  • Fixed STP bit in 16bit Textures : I have been inverting the STP bit for _ages_ in 16bit textures, as a result of investigating alpha-blending problems. The problem I was investigating appears to have been fixed when I fixed the problems in the blending mode caching a few versions ago, so I've now corrected 16bit textures.
  • Improved MASK bit emulation : I've implemented the changes that Pete made recently. Silent Hill looks a lot better, but remember to play with the Alpha Testing option for that game. Thanks Pete :)
  • Fixed Hall Of Mirrors bug in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 : I noticed a Hall Of Mirrors clearing bug in THPS2, which I've resolved.
  • Fixed Splash-Screens in Spiderman : Some splash-screens, and the comic covers section, were not working, so I've fixed them up.
  • Fixed Crash when Configuring for non-3dfx owners : Well, they can't use my plugin anyway, but it doesn't crash now :)
  • Fixed Bugs in 8Bit and 16Bit Texture Windows : Found a couple of bugs in the creation of 8bit and 16bit texture windows, so that may fix up some graphics problems.
  • Implemented true PSX PolyLines : I've finally implemented proper polyline support in to my plugin, which should help out those games which use it.
  • Miscellaneous Fixes : There's no doubt a few fixes which I've lost track of :)
Wau, what a long list of changes, luckily Lewpy hasn't forgotten to release the plugin as well one day :) Get the new version here :For support and help regarding this plugin and more infos about it, make sure to give Lewpy's homepage a visit ! All current plugin versions can be downloaded from our plugins page !

   PCSX status update Posted by Bobbi at [17:31 EDT]  
Wau, I actually missed for two days to post about that one ! Excuse me please, here you go : linuzappz, one of the PCSX authors, sent over yet another E-Mail containing some MDEC amazing screenshots, this time from one of the best SquareSoft RPG's, Chrono Cross :


These shots are all from the intro MDEC as the game itself is still unplayable because of pad problems, but this can certainly be fixed :) For more PCSX news, make sure to take a look at the PCSX homepage or at our PCSX section !

   Emusphere closing it's doors Posted by Bobbi at [17:22 EDT]  
Sad news happened the day before yesterday : Adrox and Skates, owners of Emusphere decided to close down the site after over 2 1/2 years. As main reasons, they named EFront, who recently ripped of lots of site owners and now don't even want to give them back their original domain. It's certainly sad to see one of my favorite emulation sites closing down and I'd like to wish their staff much fun and more luck with their future projects !

This sad event also inspired me for my next poll, but let's take a look at the old poll results first. Thorgal asked you the following question : What do you use to play a PSX game with: an emulator, or a PSX console? Over 1900 people voted with the following results :
    An emulator, I don't own a PSX so I have no choice.. - 42.9% - (826 Votes)
    An emulator if I can get the game fully working, otherwise I'll use the real thing. - 29.1% - (560 Votes)
    An emulator, ofcourse! I can't live without 3D accel. support, savestates etc. .. - 21.3% - (410 Votes)
    Emulation is not my thing, ... A good ol' PSX for me. - 6.5% - (125 Votes)
Interresting to see that most people who use an emulator actually don't own the real console (like several emu authors - calb from ePSXe for example :)) and use an emulator therefor.

Anyway, in the new poll we'd like to know your opinion regarding the following question : What's the current status of the emulation scene ? Just place your vote in the poll to your left and let us know what our loyal visitors think about the emulation scene status.

Thursday, April 19, 2020

   Aldo updates 2 of his VGS tools Posted by RVWinkle at [17:27 EDT]  
The ever diligent Aldo has updated his neat VGS patch and his editor for Games.txt on this slow newsweek. Even though the future of VGS is unknown and Connectix hasn't updated it for quite some time, Aldo continues to add more games and increase compatibility. First up, we have the Games.txt v1.18 patch, here's a quote from the page:
    New in this version: Z-Gundam becomes playable, Wild Arms II can use battle menu, Grandia now works (thanks to Joe), and X-Men: Mutant Academy JAP.
Next we have a new version of G-Maker:
    G-Maker is an editor of games.txt files for people trying to fix games on VGS, not already fixed in the latest games.txt v1.18. Includes Games.txt v1.18.
All of you VGS users can get these great VGS patches as well as find additional information here. Here are some direct links to the files, you can download Games.txt here and G-Maker here.

   CT and FF IV US confirmed Posted by Bobbi at [3:55 EDT]  
Finally some cool news about games for our favorite (?) console again, this time coming from SquareSoft : They announced to release Final Fantasy IV together with Chrono Trigger in a bundle this summer, with some nice changes :
    The Final Fantasy Chronicles set includes new opening and closing cinematic sequences for Chrono Trigger as well as several re-creations of key sequences during the game, which add to the game's emotional impact, answers lingering questions, and offers insight into the game's successor, Chrono Cross.

    Final Fantasy IV will feature a new dash feature for players to quickly move through dungeons and towns, plus a new two-player mode that enables two players to participate in the battles together. And in a move that should please fans of the original who weren't too thrilled with the mediocre writing found in the Super NES version, Square has opted to use a completely new and improved localization of the original unedited storyline. Final Fantasy IV also will feature new cinematic sequences and some original monsters, abilities, items and scenes that were not seen in the Super NES version.
So all RPG fans should mark this july to get this nice package for around 40$ - the whole article about it can be read by clicking here.

   Forum software updated Posted by Bobbi at [3:44 EDT]  
Wau, those have been slow news days, and it doesn't look either as if that'd change too soon. Anyway, I've upgraded our forums software yesterday to the latest version, which has quite some nice changes :
  • NS users now finally can use the board as well without having errors everywhere, there was a table error before which prevented them from viewing the whole board.
  • Bug fixes - There've been lots of bugs fixed, especially in the poll and private message systems.
  • More speed - A lot of useless functions got removed and the code got cleaned up a lot - this means even more speed for the users !
  • Admins : Make sure to check out the new CP, it's a lot cleaner than before !
So in case you haven't taken a look at our board yet, make sure to do so by pointing your browser to !

Tuesday, April 17, 2020

   PSinex: Threads of Fate news Posted by Bgnome at [14:23 EDT]  
For those of you anxiously awaiting the next release of PSinex, here's a bit of info that Neomax, a co-coder, has posted on our boards.
    Hi, I'm one of the coders of PSinex. I just want to clear up some questions people have on Threads of Fate playability in PSinex.

    TOF is playable past the intro, where Rue walks out of his house. You can see from the screenshots on or the PSinex section at PSXEmu. The shots show Rue (boy) at the docks and in the town, this is both after the intro and in the game. Mint (girl) does not get stuck when jumping on stumps/logs either.

    Unfortunately, we do not yet have memcards/save states properly emulated yet, so we have not tested beyond the first few areas (Dock, Town and Forest).

Well, lets hope that there aren't any problems further into the game. Check out Neomax's post here and feel free to leave a comment.

Sunday, April 15, 2020

   A Windows emulator for...Windows? Posted by Ryos at [15:23 EDT]  
Apparently Connectix has made the next great stride in emulation. Virtual PC, a popular Windows emulator for Macs, will be ported to Windows. This new version of Virtual PC can be used on Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows ME. Uh...yeah. I particularly like the logic used for Windows ME users - you can use an already unstable OS to emulate basically the same (if not worse) unstable OS. Maybe Microsoft will buy the technology to use?

In case you were wondering, this is indeed an actual article. Check here if you don't believe me.

Oh, for what it's worth, I came upon this news while perusing the Snakeyes Gaming Corp. for completely unrelated information.

Saturday, April 14, 2020

   PSXEmu site news/updates Posted by Bobbi at [19:32 EDT]  
Like already mentioned in my first post, I've worked quite a lot this week in order to get new features done for PSXEmu ! First off I'd like to mention our new emulators section frontpage, where we added quite a nice feature : First off, that really old text about PSX emulation (bleem! a new emulator, ehh ?) has been removed and replaced with another one. More interresting, especially for beginners, should be our emulators quick check list, which lists important details about the 5 best (in our opinion) emus like OS, 3D enhancements and if they're commercial, so if you have never been into PSX emulation and didn't knew which emu to choose, this is the right page to go.

Furthermore, RVWinkle was kind enough and created the emulator section for the fastly advancing emulator PSinex, which you should certainly check out, as he did a really nice work there - of course it'll be updated as soon as the emulator sees it's next (certainly great!) release. BTW, in case you're wondering, Psychojak is currently on holidays, that's why there've been nearly no news about PSinex as of late.

Big thanks to CDBuRnOuT for some great suggestions and help with creating the new emulator main page, and thanks again to RVWinkle for his great work. Tomorrow, I'll add another feature to the different sections, where you can write your own reviews and rank the emulators - so stay tuned.

At this point, I'd also like to appology for the recent downtime we had today where the server was hardly or not at all reachable for over 7 hours. I have no clue what caused this and contacted the admins about it so let's hope it won't happen again :/

Next thing that has been updated is once again our forum. After we opened it 3 days ago, there's been a GREAT response to it, as speed seems to be great and the people like the navigation and the design. This of course motivated me to work more on it, so I changed plenty of the navigation images, applied some more speed hacks and also the following :Just click the link to get further informations on the updates as it guides you to the board - but in order to post there, you need to register if you haven't already. In general, our new message board can be accessed at from now on. And now, I'm off to bed, more updates and our newsletter coming tomorrow !

   AdriPSX news Posted by Bobbi at [17:50 EDT]  
So let's move on with the news : Like Bgnome already posted earlier, an AdriPSX compatibility list is currently being prepared, I'm currently programming that one and hope to have something up to use by monday - nothing promised though as I, like most of you, will celebrate easter with family tomorrow, but I'll try my best anyway.

Now on to the AdriPSX news - I already updated the AdriPSX installer several days ago to include the latest version as well as one updated plugin. You can download the 2.2 big AdriPSX v01.04.10 installer by clicking here.

Then, as Roor already mentioned on the board, the compatibility list will also include a screenshot from the game itself - and Roor submitted several to me today of working games, so I thought I'd just share some with you :


This is of course only a small part of the screenshots which will be included in the compatibility list - so stay tuned for more cool AdriPSX news here at Oh yeah, the next newsletter will feature some more cool screenshots and infos, so if you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, it's time now to do that by entering your mail into the blue box in the upper right handed corner of the page !

   New PCSX SPU plugin Posted by Bobbi at [16:50 EDT]  
First off, I once again appologize that I haven't posted these news earlier, I was either busy with working on new features or enjoying my holidays, more about this later - here're some news first :

linuzappz, author of the linux port of PCSX (who is currently also assisting in programming the win port I heard) has mailed me the new version of his SPU plugin, which also publishes one of the next features being added into PCSX linux - CDXA playback. Here're the two changes from the readme :
  • Cd-Xa support (SPUplayADPCMchannel)
  • Fixed bug within threads creation
Remember this plugin is free source, it's everything included in the package. To use it, just place the` in the plugin directory of the emulator and run it. Anyway, enough talking, here's the download :Big thanks to linuzappz for the mail - in case you're looking for other linux plugins, make sure to pay a visit to our PCSX linux plugins page !

   Some AdriPSX news Posted by Bgnome at [16:02 EDT]  
Well, it's finally nice to have something to report about again. I've just spotted this thread on our brand spakin' new boards where Roor says he has gotten Final Fantasy 8 working, along with other games such as Shadow Madness. He is also busy compiling a compatibility list and needs the help of all you great PSXEmu visitors:
    For all "compatibility list entries" the following fields will be needed:
  • PRODUCT CODE (from the game... like SLUS-00184)
  • ADRIPSX VERSION (the one used for testing)
  • SHOT (an screen shot taken from that game, in JPG format, no bigger than 45K)
  • SUBMITTED BY (your name)

So if you can help out, be sure to mail Roor at with all that useful info.

Wednesday, April 11, 2020

   New emuforums opened Posted by Bobbi at [17:26 EDT]  
After over 10 hours of work today, I'm finally done setting up the new message board, which will replace the heavy and slow UB board we used until today. The new board has been created in an effort to shorten the loading times for visitors and to lower the traffic on the server for us. But don't worry, no features from the last board are missing, there're even more - more features which we still need to test out completly and we decided to do that with YOUR help.

In case you'd like to still browse through the old forums, they're still accessable through the URL ! Posting privileges have been removed though as the discussion should run through the new board from now on !

So in order to start participating on the new board, to post your questions, thoughts, comments, screenshots and what not else, point your browser to !

   AdriPSX 01.04.10 released Posted by Bobbi at [17:14 EDT]  
Wau, only 3 days after the last release, Roor fired over an E-Mail containing a new AdriPSX version. This version is mostly meant for bug fixing, but also contains some cool new features like savestate support based on the changes done to the PSEmu Pro plugins lately by ePSXe ! Here's the full list of changes :

  • Version number, now again means the date of compilation (01.04.10)
  • Fixed Savestates, now they also save sound buffer and graphics.
  • Added Dialogs for Savestates.
  • Added LOAD STATE option in menu.
  • Added protections to DMA_01, now games like "Sidewinder" will not hung during movies.
  • New slightly faster seeking method for reading ISO files.
  • Fixing the disturbing "update bug" that messes up setup.
  • SYSTEM HUNGER MODE" option in CPU SETUP, now also turn off sound, but by enabling this, there's a general speed up, and some extra FPS in most cases.
On the AdriPSX homepage, there've also been some shortkeys posted and further infos regarding this release. You can download the new 01.04.10 release (with correct date this time) by clicking here.

Monday, April 9, 2020

   More FPSE Screenshots Posted by RVWinkle at [16:30 EDT]  
!+Mr.Fog+! posted some new screens today of Dino Crisis 2 running on FPSE over at the Official FPSE website (temporarily located over here). I'm sure you'll agree, FPSE is looking spectacular.



Aldo, of AldosTools also updated his plugin zip file a couple of days ago. It contains the most recent versions of all psemu compatible (this includes AdriPSX and ePSXe) plugins. Although it doesn't include Adrenaline's new GPU plugin yet. You can find the zip on Aldo's site here, or mirrored by us at psxemu.

Update: Aldo added Adrenaline's GPU and our mirror was updated to correspond.

   New AdriPSX additions Posted by Bobbi at [14:50 EDT]  
After yesterdays release of AdriPSX after nearly 5 months of silence, PSXEmu won't of course miss it to supply you with all necessary informations and files around this cool emulator. We're currently looking for more screenshots of this cool emulator, so in case you got some time left please post them on our board or mail them to me. Anyway, on to the additions :

First off, I took the time today to update our AdriPSX section to match with the latest release details, so for the downloads, infos, screenshots, an interview and more head over to it by clicking here. Furthermore, I started to create a FAQ containing all the questions and answers people have been asking since the release. It also contains an answer Alexey sent in regarding the common configuration problem :
    Q: As soon as I try to enter any config menu, AdriPSX crashes with an error in AdriGUI.dll. How can this be fixed ?
    A: This error occours when you already used an older version of AdriPSX on the same PC. In order to fix this, you'll have to delete the old registry settings. To do this, just execute 'Regedit' and head to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AdriPSX. Delete that key and re-configure AdriPSX.
For further troubleshooting, a setup guide and many general infos about AdriPSX/PSX emulation, make sure to take a look at the FAQ by clicking here. Big thanks flies out to all the contributors who made this FAQ possible.

Last but not least, I also decided to create one of these neat installers which ePSXe users liked so much for AdriPSX, containing all the necessary plugins, the FAQ and a memory card manager, all in one file. To download the 2.2 MB large installer, point your mouse here. More AdriPSX features to come tomorrow, so keep an eye at this place.

   New software GPU plugin Posted by Bobbi at [5:12 EDT]  
Adrenaline recently mailed me to inform me about a new PSEmu Pro compatible software GPU he has programmed. This is version 0.1 of the plugin and therefor in early stages but it already seems to work with some games. Here're some infos from the included readme :
    This is my first build so there are A LOT of bugs, so just email me and I will do my best to find where the errors are and fix them. I have tested it with all of the games I own and it works with little errors in gfx and playability.

    Final Fantasy 4&6 - Plays Fine - Near Perfect
    Final Fantasy 9 - Tons Of Gfx Glitches and then crashes on exit
    Grand Turisomo 2 - Working On It
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Works Perfectly
I asked Wormie to test this plugin for me and he encountered heavy problems with Final Fantasy 6 as you can see on this screenshot, though that may be related to some incompatibility with his card (TNT2). To download v0.1 of this plugin, just click here and make sure to submit your bug reports to Adrenaline or on our message board. Big thanks also to Wormie for testing this one for us.

Sunday, April 8, 2020

   New poll ! Posted by Thorgal at [18:06 EDT]  
Well, it's been a while eh? The current poll's been running long enough now, so here's a nice refreshment. The new poll is already up, but let's take a look at the results of the previous one first:
    What do you think Sony will do with their recently acquired VGS license?

    Nothing, they just bought it to 'solve' legal issues with Connectix. 51.9% - (1008 Votes)
    They will focus on the VGS source, and develop a PSX emulator for future 3rd-party consoles. 25.4% - (495 Votes)
    They will continue the VGS project and release a new version, this time under Sony's name. 22.6% - (439 Votes)

    Total Votes: 1942
I must say this was the first time I wasn't sure what option to vote for, and it seems I'm not the only one. In the end, though, more and more went for the fairly straightforward idea that Sony simply used their power and money to let it all disappear. Well, I guess we can only wait :D

Now, the new poll is a more generic one, but interesting nevertheless: What do you use to play a PSX game with: an emulator, or a PSX console? I'm sure there's an option which suits your situation, so be sure to vote! :)

   AdriPSX 01.01.25 released ! Posted by Bobbi at [7:04 EDT]  
Finally, after months of silent, Roor decided to release a new version of his great PSX emulator AdriPSX to the public. Sadly enough, this version is still missing the long awaited netplay, but comes with several other cool features like :
  • New Kind of Static Recompiler, quite unoptimised, so its full capacity isn't showed yet. Anyway, speed increase is noticeable, very noticeable in certain games (see GUNDAM BATTLE ASSAULT, BUBBLE BOBBLE, SEXY PARODIUS, and others).
  • Some HLE rutines for BIOS, mostly for MEMORY CARD SUPPORT (!)
  • Memory Card support. It is not full yet, and work only for a few games, but as it is done through HLE... it doesn't work like an standart Memory Card. As it saves each savefile separately, and not in PSX format, because of HLE, it is possible to have a MEMORY CARD with an infinite blocks capacity (depending on you HD, of course).
  • ISO Image Files support, so now you can boot games from BIN, ISO and NRG files.
  • ISO Building, this means... you can use the AdriPSX for building your ISO files without using other software. It has shown problems with some CDROM readers, but it worked all time fine with my CREATIVE CDR and my old BTC CDROM READER.
  • SaveStates support. It is a tool I deviced some months ago, but only for developements purposes. So, it doesn't support "plugins"... this means, GFXs and sounds are not saved in savestate file. Of course, this will be fixed more our very next release ;)
  • Lots of fixes on bugs from previous releases.
So all PSX fans should give this emulator a try and download it from here. Please submit bug reports and comments to or on our message board.

   Two URL changes Posted by Bobbi at [5:53 EDT]  
While browsing through our board I noticed that the domain doesn't seem to resolve correctly any more. While trying to find out more about this, I recived an ICQ notice from lu_zero informing me that the whole emusphere network moved to ! Therefor, PSX emulation fans should update the following two URL's :
    FPSE moved to
    Emus4PSX moved to
And of course, Emusphere itself can be accessed using from now on. Thanks lu_zero for the info.

Saturday, April 7, 2020

   DarkMan's Tools Posted by Bgnome at [21:26 EDT]  
I just got an email from Darko Matesic about his tools website. It has a couple psx related tools and a few other miscellaneous ones.
  • CVGS Configuration Selector: With this program your can manage multiple configurations in VGS You don't have to change your key settings and memory card every time you inset a new game. Use this program to create your configuration and later, when you want to play the same game again, you can load your old configuration.

  • ePSXe Save State Tool: This is a program for exporting and importing memcards into a ePSXe savestate.

That second one may be useful for those of you who still can't figure out why your memcards aren't working after you've used savestates (hint: read the FAQs). You can download the VGS tool here and the savestate tool here. You need the Visual Basic 5.0 runtimes and the Active X Common Dialog control, which can be obtained at DarkMan's Tools Homepage if you don't already have them.
Note: I haven't tried these tools out yet so you guys might want to post your comments on the PSXEmu Boards.

   Pete's GPU 1.48 released! Posted by Bgnome at [14:49 EDT]  
Here's a bit of interesting news. Pete has just released version 1.48 of his GPU plugins for Windows. There are quite a few fixes in this release, some of which are for Silent Hill and Final Fantasy 8. Here's a couple others mentioned in the readme:
  • OGL/D3D: improved the mask bit detection, should be now handled exactly like the SoftGPU.
  • All plugins: I've tried to make mdecs less skippy if frame limitation and frame skipping are turned on at the same time. But if your cdrom is a bit slow reading psx cds, the skipping will be still there (well, frame skipping can cause all kinds of problems, so I don't recommend it anyway).

His linux drivers, MesaGL and Soft X11, are also updated. You can download the new Windows plugins here, or for linux, the new MesaGL plugin, and the new Soft X11 plugin. You can also visit Pete's Homepage by clicking here.

Friday, April 6, 2020

   Farewell from Wildfire Posted by RVWinkle at [17:14 EDT]  
I just received a message from Wildfire that he asked me to post. Here is the message in it's unedited entirety:

    Wildfire here, because of newspro crashed and accounts were lost, I've asked RVWinkle to post this for me. I've decided to part PSXEmu for good this time after an interesting "meeting" in #PSXEmu. It seems that the webmaster of PSXEmu doesn't believe the members of PSXEmu are dedicated, which I am not, so I'm wasting space. If I was a dedicated member of PSXEmu, I wouldn't be appreciated anyway. Since there is a new order in PSXEmu, all members (but two King and Queen) are peons and that I do not agree with this order, I'm leaving. I wish the new crew of PSXEmu much luck and hope that they have a memorable time working for the king.

Well I'm sorry to see Wildfire leave, but I think he's making the decision that he feels is best. I wish you luck on future endeavors!

Thursday, April 5, 2020

   PCSX status update Posted by Bobbi at [17:39 EDT]  
Linuzappz was kind enough to send me some new screenshots containing infos about his latest additions to PCSX (remember : he's originally working on the linux port) among with some very nice screenshots. It looks like the emulator is finally progressing again and the linux features are added into it as of now. Here're the infos he sent me :
    I'm sending you some screenshots from pcsx, running Monster Rancher 2 and Vagrat Story, we could fix some bugs and a lot of games should be working now, they may not be fully playable but they at last work. And we are working on xa support, mdec movies have sound, but for now it's buggy.

Looks to me like linuzappz progressed quite nicely, congrats from our side for his fabulous work ! The current release can still be downloaded from our PCSX download page. Another reason we should really update our emulator screenshots section soon :)

   Gaming news : Tokyo GS Posted by Bobbi at [17:04 EDT]  
Few gaming news have been around for the good old PSX during the past weeks (about time we move on to NGEmu for that one), and the famous Tokyo game show, where press and public meets for the latest from software, hardware and console sectors, was once again a proove that there won't be many more highlights for the old console - so we'll just focus on the next generation, the playstation 2 in this article about our personal highlights from the show.

Well, what's of course the most interresting a gamer is seeking for at these shows ? New consoles ? Games ? Hardware or pherials for consoles ? Here're some pics from the coolest things to discover :


Hmm, now how did these get here ? :) Well, there was of course much more to see beside these hot girls, I'll basicly focus on the 4 hottest new games for the PS2 here :
    Final Fantasy 10
    With the release date for this great title getting closer and closer (june I heard last ?), Square is publishing more and more infos. On the Tokyo game show, people were able to take a first look at the game and it's amazingly graphics. After amazing impressions were being posted on the web, some even better movies followed which just blasted me away - the graphics quality is simply amazing and is certainly the best I've ever seen running on any console so far ! The square trailer can now also be downloaded, get it from here.

    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Not even released yet but already handled by many as 'best game ever for the PS2' comes Konamis Metal Gear Solid 2. Everyone who played the first part should already await that one for a long time now - the pictures and movies at the tokyo game show should shorten the waiting time a bit more. I doubt words can describe those, you should really check them out here. Lucky people who already have the demo of this kickass game (heheh =P) with our old hero Solid Snake :)

    Gran Tourismo 3 (2000)
    Awaited for ages now and only meant as a small improvement over the last one, it seems as if GT3 finally reaches final stages and should really be in (japanese) stores at the end of this month. The new movies and pictures from the game show seem to proove that this date is finally a realistic one. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Silent Hill 2
    And finally, one of my all time favorite games also got a nice coverage at the TGS. Many new high-res screenshots have been published (take a look at them here among with a really kickass trailer, which you can be found here (beware, it's nearly 60 MB big). Let's hope that one of my all-time favorites gets a worthy follow up - the screenshots and the trailer already look VERY promising !
With all these announcements it becomes hard to stay away from purchasing one of the PS2 consoles, two friends of mine went to the shop after reading the pre-typed article above, some even ordered the console when they saw the first short from FF10 (hey wait, that was me), so what are you still waiting for ? I'll try to post some self-taken screenshots when I was finally able to hook up my TV to my PC properly. Until then :)

   Even more FPSE shots Posted by Bobbi at [15:28 EDT]  
Back from driving lessons and ready for more updates, so let's see : Even more FPSE screenshots have been posted on different webpages : First off, I heard over at EmuHQ that EmuM@nia posted screenshots from Army Men - Air Attack 2, which seems to be playable as the screenshots are also from past the main menu. These screenshots can be found at this page.

On the other hand, JoseQ could once again count on his inside source from the FPSE team and therefor supply us with some more nice screenshots in his weekly rumor mill, this time from the relatively new game 'The Simpsons Wrestling' (BTW - pretty funny game =P). The 3 screenshots' ratio looks a bit incorrect, otherwise they're also very nice - you can find them at this page.

Hmm, I think we should really start to collect these shots in our FPSE screenshots section ... maybe something for the easter holidays which start tomorrow !

   �PSinex does it again Posted by Bobbi at [12:47 EDT]  
Looks like PSinex is currently progressing faster than any other PSX emulator out there : Psychojak updated the homepage yet again with more cool screenshots which show the emulator playing Forsaken, Side By Side, Smash Court 3 and, with some bugs, Tony Hawk Skating. The title of his newspost is 'Time to leave', I'm not really sure what he meant with that one, I'll guess we will just have to ask. Furthermore, he posted these general and status infos :
    � PSinex is advancing quickly, we add everyday more features to it so we can present at the end a complete PlayStation Emulator. Respect the fact that we don't want to release nothing less than a competitive piece of software. =) .......

    The last game is a pre-release of Tony Hawks Skateboarding. It's not difficult to make it work ok, but unfortunately I didn't have any time to do it. =)
Let's hope that headline doesn't mean anything bad. To check out these amazingly cool screenshots, make sure to give the PSinex homepage a visit.

More cool news coming up in a bit, I'm just off to driving lessons now, so please be a bit more patient.

Monday, April 2, 2020

   "New" Review Posted by Ryos at [21:11 EDT]  
I reviewed Beyond the Beyond, the oldest RPG on the Playstation. Why? I don't know, read the review to find out for yourself.

   PSXEmu mailing No 2 Posted by Bobbi at [14:35 EDT]  
Just wanted to inform you all that I just sent out the 2nd PSXEmu newsletter - sorry that it went out one day later than it should, but yesterday just wasn't the day for serious PSX emulation news :)

Anyway, I really hope you already signed up for the newsletter ... otherwise you just missed the latest FPSE, ePSXe and PSinex news, our site of the week recommendation, comments on the top news from the last week with yet unpublished informations and much more.

And in case you missed that one ? Then it's really time for you to finally sign up for our newsletter ! It's really easy, just enter your mail into the mailing list box in the upper right corner of the page and you'll get all additional informations you'll need - so you won't miss the great exclusive news we'll publish next weekend !

   Lewpy's FF9 workaround Posted by Bgnome at [12:47 EDT]  
Lewpy has updated his website with information on getting around the random crashing in FF9 when using his glide plugin.
    Until the next release of my plugin, the work-around is to disable Dynamic Texture Caching in FF9. The DTC code is passed a bad parameter, which causes the crash :( If you still suffer crashes, a more "sledgehammer" approach would be to disable OffScreen Drawing, but this would mean a lot of spell effects would disappear.
So if you are one of those folks stuck with a voodoo card and need some help with FF9, give that a shot. Apparently, Lewpy thinks he has gotten down to the source of the bug and will fix it in the next release of his GPU plugin. Check out Lewpy's homepage for more info.

   New CVGS utilities Posted by Bobbi at [12:37 EDT]  
And more news coming : I was over at Aldostools when I saw a post from Aldo about a new japanese tools prgroammer whose homepage can be accessed here. There're already these nice utilities at the homepage :

cep 0.1.2a (reminds me of another program =P)
cep is another cheating utility which currently supports ePSXe, VGS and bleem!. It supports most code types but doesn't come with a database with pre-entered codes. Still worth a look though, you can download cep by clicking here.

CVGSUtil 0.3.7
(taken from the page :) Because it seems most stable and does not need high-end clock speed cpu like ePSXe. But CVGS do not have enough functions(ex. memory card image file manager). CVGSUtil is the all-in-one utility which supports CVGS. (And, it will be useful for another emulators.) It is the Delphi2 application, stand-alone and smaller than 300 kbytes. And Drag & Drop is supported. You can download this all-in-one utility by clicking here.

It's always nice to see new programmers releasing these neat utilities. For more infos about those two, make sure to give the authors page a visit !

   PSinex with new screenshots! Posted by Bgnome at [12:34 EDT]  
PsYcHoJaK has updated the PSinex homepage with some sweet screenshots of a few games. The games are Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Star Ocean: Second Story, and last but definately not least, Threads of Fate. On a surprising note, PsYcHoJaK mentions that these last 2 games are "almost fully working." However, no emulator available can play Threads of Fate past the beginning.

Check out the rest of the shots at PSinex homepage.

   More FPSE WIP screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [12:27 EDT]  
Looks like more and more screenshots from the windows version of FPSE are currently being published, so we'll just add some more into that row : I got some cool screenshots from lu_zero yesterday (the one who is working on the BeOS port of FPSE) and he sent over some pretty impressive screenshots of Vagrant Story, which you can view below :
    Vagrant Story screenshots [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Big thanks to lu_zero for these nice shots. Now let's hope the promises about a soon starting beta test come finally true and we'll be able to take a look at these changes on our own soon. Oh yeah, a small status update from !+Mr.Fog+! on their messageboard can be found here, while the official FPSE homepage can be accessed here.

   ZX Spectrum on PS2 Posted by Bobbi at [12:17 EDT]  
After RVWinkle's post about the Gameboy emulation on the PS2 last week, Simon Mallion was kind enough to send us a scan from the official UK PS2 magazine, in which he found an interresting article about an emulator for the ZX Spectrum currently being developed for the PS2. View the scan by clicking the thumbnail below :

The article mentions that the emulator is being done by Jester Interactive. No prize is being mentioned yet, guess we'll just have to wait. Big thanks again to Simon for the scan !

   April jokes and other stuff Posted by Bobbi at [12:07 EDT]  
Well, looked like our staff members had great ideas for April 1st and many, many people fall for it - over 5000 downloads of SVGS (big thanks to JNS for the small program you all downloaded =P) and many mails why our site suddently became PokeEmu showed us that our jokes were a great success :) Oh yeah, don't worry about the SVGS file, it wasn't a virus, just a small program displaying a messagebox and having some cool config options :)

Furthermore, excuse me for my lack of news updates as of late, but school, work and private life, which runs better than ever, just kept me busy and I suppose will continue to do. But the easter holidays aren't far away now, expect some great news from our site during that period. And now, back to the news, there're some to post.

Sunday, April 1, 2020

   PSXEmu exclusive: Sony VGS beta! Posted by Thorgal at [14:06 EDT]  
Ahum, enough Pokemon stuff for now :P Onto some serious news now, and with that I mean just that. Because, believe it or not, the 20.7% of you who believe that Sony will release a new version of VGS under their own name (see the poll) are actually right! Yesterday, we received a sneak preview beta of Sony's work-in-progress, which we'll call SVGS (Sony Virtual Game Station) for now. We tested this one thoroughly, and there's a lot of stuff you'll find interesting :) Several new features have been implemented (although most of them still in early stages, ofcourse), here's a list of what we know:
  • High-resolution support for MDECs:we tested the beta with several games, and in nearly every game the MDECs looked simply great and razor-sharp. Greatly improved since the last VGS release :)
  • Netplay support: you read that right! With Sony's official docs about multiplayer support on the helping hand, their first attempt to implement netplay in VGS is certainly not bad at all. It still seems to be a bit buggy though, but I hope netplay support in the final version will be able to cope up with AdriPSX's netplay support (which is still WIP) :D
  • Direct3D support: the most important reason why some people don't use VGS is now being worked on :) Sony decided to fully focus on 3D-accellerator support, as they believe this is the key to success. Sounds logical :D We noticed some bugs and gfx glitches, and although ePSXe's 3D-accel. support is still the best, this is coming VERY close to it.
  • Controller stuff: new kickass features such as DualShock support and other things (still unknown) also seem to be implemented; unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to test it yet, but be sure to keep an eye on the main page!
  • GameShark support: cheaters paradise! :D This feature is supported by the [pec] plugin, and frankly, we didn't notice ANY bugs while testing this. Also courtesy of JNS ofcourse :)
What a list.. I actually missed ISO support, but don't expect Sony to implement this for now. Ah well.

Now, as mentioned earlier, we indeed received a beta of SVGS, and no note whatsoever claimed that we weren't allowed to show it to the public. So who are we to keep it to ourselves? :) Have fun with this one, but remember it's still an early beta: this beta isn't supported in any way by Sony or PSXEmu. Now that's been said, be sure to grab this one by clicking here !

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