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December 2000

Sunday, December 31, 2020

   Last bit of misc news Posted by Bobbi at [22:59 CET]  
Well, it looks like the millenium is nearly over now (and this time for sure. Yeah, many people don't realize that the second millenium ends now and not last year. Why you might ask yourself ? Well, thinking a bit, Jesus wasn't born on the 1st January 00 but on the first january 01, letting the second millenium therefor end on the 31th december 2000 - Today :)

Anyway, when going a bit through my mails before re-installing windows today, I noticed an E-mail informing me about two nice utilities for those of you who already own a PS2 : A movie player and a decoder. Both utilities neither include a documentation nor a help file with any more details, it's therefor difficult to tell anything about them, I'll simply give you the links and you can try them for yourself :Well, not much more to say for this millenium, the complete PSXEmu team appreciated your support during the past year and we all hope, we were able to satisfy your need for PSX related news (and other misc things we post from time to time). This was the last year for PSXEmu though, a bigger project is coming up called NGEmu next year, stay tuned for more infos soon !

The whole PSXEmu team wishes their visitors a happy and successful new year 2001 !!

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   Bersirc 1.0 Released! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:08 CET]  
Looking for a nice alternative to the popular Windows IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client mIRC? Well, other alternatives have been around for a while, namely XiRCON (discontinued) and PIRCH98 (discontinued?). But finally, users have yet another choice of clients, and this new one seems quit promising.

Bersirc [br-sūrk'] is a new 100% freeware irc client coded in Delphi 5. The current version is it's first release, and while some features are unfinished/disabled, it has loads of potential. Here's a list of some of bersirc's features:
  • User Profiles
  • Multiple Server support
  • Finger client support
  • DCC File Transfers and Chat
  • Smart Paste in all windows (prevents flooding and buffer overflow)
  • Object Pascal Scripting
  • Coordinated Universal Time Support
  • Channel List Support
  • Favorite Channels list
  • SmartHints™ in channel Windows
  • Ident Server
  • AutoJoin on Invite
  • AutoRejoin on Kick
  • Fully configurable date formats
  • ICQ-like notify list
  • Intelligent away system
  • URL Catcher
  • Support for 16 million colors
  • Ignore list
  • Advanced Filtering System (exclusive to Bersirc)
  • Highly configurable user interface
  • Configurable Script Editor
If you're looking for something new to try besides your regular irc client, bersirc is worth a go IMO, although it has a few bugs/missing features, for a first release, it is quite a good client. has been down lately, and while most people can get to it again, just in case you can't, try this alternative link. Download bersirc below.

    Bersirc v1.0.0.270 Full Install (-1,260k-) - here
    Bersirc Script Editor v1.0.0.255 (-198k-) - here

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   Sega to ditch console biz? Posted by Bobbi at [12:04 CET]  
After the rumors about Nintendo possibly going to buy Sega and after both companies denied those rumors, The Register posted an article that Sega might leave the console business and concentrate on other sections :
    Investors have rallied around Sega following rumours that it may ditch its console business. According to a report in the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Japanese video game company will not pull its Dreamcast consoles off the shelves immediately, but is considering a "slow silent retreat with honour".

    In October, Sega warned investors to expect losses of 22.1 billion yen ($190 million) for the year ending March 31 - its fourth consecutive year in the red,. The company wants to push its technology into areas such as mobile phones. It is also sticking to its plan, announced in November, to concentrate on three business areas: game software, network services, and amusement arcades. But there is no commitment within the plan to make a next-generation successor to the Dreamcast video machine.
There've also been rumors about microsoft being interrested ... though I personally can't imagine that since they're busy enough with their X-box. You can read the complete article here.

Saturday, December 30, 2020

   Popup is added Posted by Bobbi at [16:26 CET]  
Well, I think when you're here and reading those lines, you already noticed the popup you just saw and hopefully didn't close it directly. This is the thing we asked the users for some days ago (thx CD for his post), and got a great response from you.

All we can say about that response is wau ... we expected some negative responses, but in our post from two days ago, we got NO negative response to this at all. I think it's great to see how our users support us and that they appreciate the work we put into this page. After CDBurnout's great explanation, I wanted to explain this a bit and tell you a bit about the things we're planing in our future :

Like I already mentioned, PSXEmu will be closed in about 3 months and will recive a fellow up, called NGEmu, which stands for next generation emulation. While the design itself is already done by the "master of webdesigns", Zico, the content will take quite some more time, since it's an amazing amount of data we need to add. We think you can get news everywhere, but many people are looking for a real emulation ressource, containing all the infos and downloads you might need to enjoy your emulator the most.

Anyway, you can imagine that this causes an immensive amount of traffic, and since our current host, ZTNet doesn't even seem to be able to handle the current one, we decided that we need a dedicated server for this project. While we should be able to pay the monthly fees with the earnings from a normal banner on the top, the setup fees exceed the amount we can spend by far - that's why we're displaying this popup in order to earn the money for the new server. It's promised that as soon as we got enough money to pay for the server, which should take about 30-50 days according to some (bad) calculations we made. So this popup will be gone again in a bit more than a month, it all depends on the impressions we get on it. And thanks again to all of you for your great support, this is it what keeps us motivated to continue our work here !

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   4EverPSX release soon ? Posted by Bobbi at [11:31 CET]  
When, like usually, going through all the emulator pages, I noticed the 4EverPSX homepage has been erased and replaced with a small announcement, which reads as the following :Not sure if the name should tell me anything, but it looks as if the announced release for the beginning of 2001 is very close now. 4EverPSX is a rather new PSX emulation project which hasn't seen a release yet and only runs technical demos (at least to the last infos which have been posted). We'll of course keep you updated once it's released here at PSXEmu !

Friday, December 29, 2020

   2 new reviews online Posted by Bobbi at [22:45 CET]  
When thinking about news and going a bit through my long E-Mail archive, I noticed I completly forgot about the reviewer positions we had open some weeks ago, and noticed two people actually replied to my request for reviews (actually 3, but I still need to convert the other one, look forward to it tomorrow), and here're the reviews made by Nya-Su and Paul, beginning with the first one, Legend of Mana :
    There are lots of charactors to meet and lots of places to explore, you have to get the artifacts first though. At the start of the game you get to select a map layout, then you get to place the artifacts you get on the map. The artifacts then become the cities and other areas you can explore. Each location on the map can have between 0-3 mana level in each of the 8 mana types. Neighboring locations share their mana levels, the mana sword has level 3 in all 8 mana types.
The complete great review can be read by clicking here. The second one, by Paul, is a Ridge Racer 4 review, a rather old game :
    The in-game graphics in RR4 is really nice. Trees has shadows, cars of your opponents are displayed using motion blur, e.t.c. Surroundings are not so detailed, like in Need for Speed, but this is compensated by some special effects. I mean, that in RR4 outer world is alive, unlike NFS' one. Planes, helicopters and birds are flying in the sky, people are working in ports. In the final root, you can even see a fireworks in a night sky of Los Angeles, and it looks so beautifull, that I lost the race, when I saw it for first time! But enough words, let's just have some screenshots ...
To read that great review, move your mouse here. Like always, all reviews ever made can be viewed in our review section. Oh yeah, could Paul and Nya-Su please mail me, I forgot your E-Mail adresses and would like to welcome you to the team !

   PSXEmu needs YOUR opinion Posted by Bobbi at [22:26 CET]  
During yesterdays server downtime (well, not really downtime, CGI scripts just slowed down a hell lot, making it nearly impossible to use the message board and the news script. I won't explain it in my own words now what the problem is, I'll just copy and paste the post :
    As some of you may have noticed, our current host ZTNet, has been performing poorly lately, and the PSXEmu team as a whole has decided that our current host will not be enough to support PSXEmu in it's current state, or our upcoming project, NGEmu. Now, we have looked into getting a dedicated server, and have found a deal with favorable terms, but we need money to cover the setup fees.

    Bobbi and I have thought about putting a pop-up on the main page TEMPORARILY until we raise enough money to get our dedicated server, so PSXEmu and the upcoming NGEmu can serve you, our users, better. Instead of just putting a pop-up on the mainpage without any notice, we thought it would be a good idea to ask your opinion on the matter. So what will it be, our loyal fans, stay on the current server? Or, put a pop-up on the page TEMPORARILY to raise enough money for a dedicated server?
Well, I think this describes it best. Please voice your opinion in this thread on our messageboard since we're trying to get as many user opinion as possible.

   VGS savestate support ? Posted by Bobbi at [22:20 CET]  
I was over at Hansi's CVGS mac page when I read about the translated version of 2510's page, who's a keen tool developer for VGS mac. When looking a bit through his page, I noticed a new utility which he developed and is currently in testing called FrozenGame, which is a very interresting idea :
    FrozenGame is an utility allowing you to freeze the current memory adresses at any point in the game by freezing the complete set of used memory adresses. So far, compatibility hasn't been tested with all games and it looks as if certain games aren't working with this method, but overall the program seems to advance greatly, a release might be expected soon.
You can learn more about this great project at 2510's new english homepage, where you can also find the latest version of VGSCheat US, a great cheating program for all VGS mac users !

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Thursday, December 28, 2020

   FPSE v0.09 status update Posted by Bobbi at [19:16 CET]  
!+Mr.Fog+! posted some more news about the long awaited new v0.09 of FPSE (though I wonder if you can still call that version v0.09 with that many changes). He mentioned the following things about the status of FPSE :
  • LDChen has rewritten the GTE routines (again).
  • SaPu has made an major upgrade in the memcard section section in the new FPSE configurator.
  • Karma is debugging the Dual Shock routines.
  • I begin to redesign the site... and the year 2001 it's coming...
So to put together, the next version will, according to this newspost include those new features : Dual Shock support, FPSE configurator including memory card manager and re-written GTE part, which should increase graphics as well as compatibility. They also posted some new screenshots of 2 games :
    Destrega [1] [2] [3]
    Fighting Force 2 [1] [2] [3] [4]
Looks like the next FPSE version will come along with MANY new goodies !! For more infos and news, make sure to give the FPSE homepage a visit !

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   Lewpy's Glide plugin v1.26 Posted by Bobbi at [18:57 CET]  
Master Lewpy is at it again, and I just found a new version of his great PSEmu Pro compatible glide plugin, useable with emulators like ePSXe, PSEmu Pro and AdriPSX in my inbox, so here you are. Lewpy was kind enough to purchase Final Fantasy 9 from the USA and found the bug causing the problems. Here's the complete list of changes :
    Final Fantasy IX Crash Fix
    I received Final Fantasy IX USA through the post today, and debugged what was going wrong. Hopefully, that is all sorted now, so you can re-enable FrameBuffer Writes in this game. Any more problems with this game, let me know.
    Again, this is a generic fix, so it may well help other games that were crashing before this version.

    FrontBuffer Rendering Fix
    There is now a new configuration called FrontBuffer Rendering Fix. This is designed primarily for the NFS games, where the menus were not visible up until now, but may work for other games. It is by no means perfect, and will cause display flickering as the menus are drawn, but something is better than nothing :)

    Screen-Shot Fix
    There was a bug when taking screen-shots on Voodoo4/5 cards, which I've now fixed.

    Improved Copy Info
    The Copy Info button now includes more information about the Operating
    System you are using, the amount of RAM you have, and the details of your processor (make/model/speed/number). Please use this function when making bug reports, as it really helps to see your system configuration.
You can download Lewpy's glide plugin v1.26 with the above changes by clicking here. Make sure to give a thanks (or to submit bug reports) to Lewpy in our comments box or on our message board !

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   FPSE DC infos Posted by Bobbi at [14:11 CET]  
Vivek over at Emusphere posted some more infos about the previously in an interview mentioned dreamcast port of FPSE. He contacted tha author and here's what he learned :
    I got in contact with the author last week and he said he does not know the progress, if it started, or even who the person really is that is trying to make the port. He has talked with LDChen and said LDChen might be able to do a DC port himself! Cool news eh?
Pretty great news, maybe now FPSE's high portability is also useful for other consoles. For more news and infos check out the FPSE homepage.

Oh yeah, sorry for yesterdays lack of updates, but there was really nothing happening and I was way to busy with two other projects for the whole day to make some myself. Let's hope some more things will happen today ...

Tuesday, December 26, 2020

   Rockem Sockem Cheat Posted by Wormie at [15:02 CET]  
Not sure how many people play Rock em Sock em Robots Arena ... but if you do, you will see it doesn't load in ePSXe. Well after talking with calb, and sending him a fakefile so he can see what was wrong with it. He sent me a cheat code to get it working. So I have created a .cht file to pass on to those of you who do, or want to play this game. I am currently helping calb get many more games working that do not load or stop after a few logo screens. If you know of any games that fit this description then feel free to let me know. Here is a few screenshots of Rock em Sock em Robots Arena.


Download the .cht file here

ePSXe Fanatics Note: The site is coming along very well. I keep adding to it (which is delaying it's reopening). It should be back soon. In the mean time check out the Support Forums I made for ePSXe Fanatics. ePSXe Fanatics Support Forums

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   Lewpy gone crazy ? Posted by Bobbi at [13:26 CET]  
Looks like Lewpy, author of the 3dfx glide plugin using PSEmu Pro's plugin system, has gone crazy, so he released yet another update. Alltogether, he seemed to have released more versions this month than during the whole year alltogether :) Anyway, here's what's new in v1.25 :
    Blending Stage Caching
    There was a bug in the way blending stages were cached within the plugin. This was first brought to my attention by Pete Bernert, as there was a problem in one of the menu screens in BOF4. With Pete's help, I managed to remotely debug what was going wrong (DCC'ing back and forth between UK and Germany :). What I discovered was a bug which could be affecting all games, it just had surfaced in BOF4. All fixed now, so if something seemed strange before, it may well be fixed now ... fingers crossed :) Also fixes transparent characters in SmackDown 2, but enable Banshee Code in that game to avoid crashes in the cutscenes, although the graphics may get corrupted in those scenes: better than crashing though :) (thanks to BromanX for testing that for me).

    This plugin is not designed to work with Impact! I get enough emails about this that I thought I would add this statement.
You can download Lewpy's GPU plugin v1.25 by clicking here. In case you have questions, make sure to read the included .html file !

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Monday, December 25, 2020

   DCPSX ... cancelled ? Posted by Bobbi at [22:54 CET]  
Not really PSX but Next-Gen related : The dreamcast emulator for PC called DCPSX has been "cancelled". What's even worse than that is the reason given :
    Well guess what the folks over in #dc-iso on undernet don't want you to get the emulator. DCPSX has been canned why you may ask. well the *$&^%*$ in dc-iso have made it impossible for me to get at the source, or any compiled versions. Sorry to the people who followed this emu and for those who sent in logos. Just don't blame me get on irc and go to the dc-iso channel and yell at them. :) bye
Well, like we already mentioned above, a port of "Jackal", a PSX emulator which really running anything but 2 or 3 demos, to the dreamcast would be VERY unrealistic. You can see the useless homepage at ... no more dicussion or comments about this one, another sad thing in the emu history.

   More misc ePSXe stuff Posted by Bobbi at [20:23 CET]  
Like promised earlier, I tested a bit around on my PC and Pete's latest plugins, and made some nice screenshots of Final Fantasy 9 (yes, this is my favorite one =P), NBA 2001 and Chrono Cross, which can be viewed below. Those were taken on an Athlon 800 with a Geoforce 2 card :


In addition, while preparing this post, I recived a very important request (at least for those of you who want better sound in the next release) from calb, who asked me for the following (I have no clue what this is about so I'll just quote him) :
    _demo_ needs useable infos about the PSX spu adrs. we need adsr value tables !
So in case you're able to help them with those, don't hesitate to contact calb by mailing to now ! More great new infos from the ePSXe team are coming soon ! :)

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   Pete's plugins v1.42 Posted by Bobbi at [13:40 CET]  
Looks like the plugins authors have lot of free time over christmas, Pete just informed me in IRC that he released v1.42 of his great plugins, with the following changes :
  • The Windows gpu plugins are now delivered in one zip archive... that way I have to write only one version info, giving me time to do more useful things :)
  • Scanline option in all gpus... well, I've got many mails concerning scanlines, and I finally decided to satisfy your hearts desire ;) Not much to say about that option, turn it on, if you like it, turn it off otherwise. Scanlines will NOT give you more speed, but if you are lucky, it will not get slower, too. The soft gpu contains two different scanline modes, enable the second mode only, if you are getting a very blured display (nVidia cards mostly).
    Oh, btw, any mails begging for a 25% or 50% scanline option will be ignored :)
  • OGL plugin: the snapshot function (F8 key) is fixed with mdecs (older versions didn't capture mdec frames).
  • SOFT plugin: fixed a bug which caused flickering sprites on the left side of the screen (mainly with scrolling background graphics, thanx to GreenImp for tests). Also a small issue with the Analog/Mouse display in the soft gpu menu has been repaired.
  • OGL/D3D: Small changes in the dynamic caching mode. I don't pull in coords of filtered textures in that caching mode anymore, giving you a less blocky display with filtering (NOT a perfect filtered display!). Still gaps/garbage can happen if you are enabling filtering (it seems that OGL is a little bit better with that, though).
  • OGL/D3D: I've added a new "special game fix" called "Black framebuffer texture". If you activate the option, garbage in games like BOF4 (before entering a battle) or Vagrant Stories (motion blur) will disappear. That doesn't mean, that the special psx effect will be repaired and shown perfectly... if you really want to see such framebuffer tricks, you still have to use "extended offscreen drawing" and "full vram primitives"(very slow), and you have to deactivate the new "black framebuffer texture" option. Well, but the new option gives you a fast alternative to get rid off disturbing glitches without using the slow "full vram primitives", making certain games more playable :)
  • Ah, and like in Lewpy's 1.23 Glide plugin, there is a great new surprise hidden within all plugins... but you will have to wait, it's not up to me to tell you more about it :)
I get the impression those emu authors like to write a lot right now ... :) Oh yeah, though we know about this new feature, we won't tell you, but speculations as well as bug reports are always welcome on our message board ! Oh yeah, the download, which is now in only one ZIP file :Those plugins include some nice new features, screenshots will be coming up soon :) For more infos and plugins, make sure to give Pete's homepage a visit ! Oh yeah, the download is a small repack, since Pete added a directory structure which could ... confuse several people :)

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   Fix for Lewpy's plugin Posted by Bobbi at [12:47 CET]  
Lewpy just fired over another E-Mail to me containing v1.24 of his great glide plugin, so here you already go ! The version we posted yesterday contained a bug which made one of the main fixes of v1.23 useless. Here's what Lewpy wrote in the included html page :
    Quick note to you all, to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    FrameBuffer Write fix - Again!!!

    I introduced a simple, but nasty bug on last release, meaning that a lot of FrameBuffer Writes would not work :( Resolved it :)
Like Lewpy told me in IRC, a "school-boy error" :) So all 3Dfx users, download the updated v1.24 version of this plugin by clicking here ! Thanks a lot to Lewpy for his great work (comments please go on the board or in the comments box from yesterday !).

   Bleem explodes into pennies... Posted by Ryos at [4:22 CET]  
As I perused the message board, I came across a particular thread that caught my attention. LanGaidin wrote that the full users forum at (really the only forum that has had a semblance of traffic on bleem, inc.'s messageboard since the company inexplicably shut the board down several months ago) had a peculiar bug crop up December 13. Since then, people can write new posts, but they don't appear correctly and can't be read. In fact, the only thing you can find if you open a thread, as I astutely observed, is the lovely 404 error explaining the thread I was looking for no longer existed.

DragonYen is trying to find out what is causing the problem, but he doesn't know what is wrong. LockeOne, the intrepid poster with thousands more posts than I could ever hope to obtain even if I posted random nonsense, observed the database may have gone corrupt, or the hard drive the message board was on might have run out of its allocated disk space. The dozen or so board regulars have attempted to remain calm, but mayhem may be just a moment away. It appears that a few have even grabbed their trusty blenders! At this time we urge PSXEmu readers not to take any hasty actions. It could be just a trick by board gremlins to lure you outside for the holidays. Don't forget what hideous beasts lurk out there! So why not stay inside for the holidays and snuggle up next to your favorite emulator? After all, it's not like this incident with the bleem's messageboard will lead you to feeling like you were being tortured.

Note: This story is true, as you can see for yourselves at the full users forum (except for maybe the dinosaurs part). What could it mean? I don't know for sure. Perhaps it's divine wrath. Or maybe the server used wasn't right for the part. Then again, maybe it was just one of those weird flukes. The world may never know.

   PSXEmu fixes and...? Posted by Ryos at [1:40 CET]  
After spending the better part of the last three days combing through the site, I believe I've fixed all of the errors in impersonal articles (I'm very much aware that Bobbi's history and the reviews have errors still) in each and every part of PSXEmu. I'm only human, though, so if there are any remaining problems (spelling or grammar or whatever), I hope you will e-mail me about them.

On an unrelated note, since I'm expecting a decent amount of loot for Christmas, I will probably be missing in action for the next week or so. But when I return, I'll have a late Christmas present (and no, it's not money or anything else you'd probably want. I can be such a bastard sometimes...).

Sunday, December 24, 2020

   Lewpy's GPU Plugin 1.23 Posted by Bobbi at [23:29 CET]  
Wau, christmas eve is over, all presents are handed out (well, at least in our time area and according to our christmas system) so it's time to look at news. Nothing really big happened when Lewpy sent me a new version of his plugin. Two updates in one week, that's already more than amazing =P Anyway, this is a minor christmas release, with the following changes :
  • Support for Custom Refresh Rates
    I've added support for selecting the refresh rate of the display. It doesn't seem to work with my Voodoo5, but maybe it will work on other cards. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE REFRESH RATE YOU SELECT!!!

  • Custom Frame-Cap Option
    I've changed the Unlimited FrameCap option to a custom one. Select the frame rate limit you want to set in the configuration panel, and select the CUSTOM option under FrameRate Limit configuration menu item. You can set the old Unlimited option by simply setting this to 200Hz :)

  • FrameBuffer Write fix
    There was a bug in the frame-buffer write code, that meant some splash-screens were not shown in the last release. I've fixed this, so all should be back to normal.
    There is still a bug that seems to crash Final Fantasy IX, so please disable FrameBuffer Writes in that game for now :(

  • Display of Analogue/Digital Pad mode
    I forgot to mention this last release, but if you set the OnScreen Display option to at least FPS, then you will see notification of what mode the Pad is in. An "A" will be shown for Analogue mode, and an "M" will be shown for "Mouse" mode. Nothing therefore means normal Digital mode :)

  • Removed VSA-100 Draw Method
    I've disabled this, as it is not usable with current Voodoo4/5 drivers, and when it is usable, I need to spend some time tweaking it. It shouldn't really of been enabled in the last couple of releases :) We'll have to wait and see if the bug in the drivers is ever fixed :(

  • Improved CopyInfo function
    This function now supports ePSXe better :)
In case you don't know, Lewpy's plugin is the best one for all 3Dfx users since it's based on glide. It's much faster for those and should be used for best speed. You can download Lewpy's Glide plugin v1.23 by clicking here ! Feel free to report problems and your results on our message board !

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   Christmas greetings Posted by Bobbi at [17:45 CET]  
Well, it's christmas day and in germany, it's already about time for celebrating, but since we have a huge amount of people in this house (well, compared to normal days) everything takes a bit longer, so I thought I might as well post some christmas greetings. Because of this special day there seems to be very few news, but I think no one would be interrested in them anyway.

Enough useless talking, I want to wish you and your families and friends a merry christmas, good luck and all that stuff, much fun with the presents you give away and those you recive and a nice evening with those people you celebrate it with. I'm off to family and gf as well now, so have fun and enjoy !

Saturday, December 23, 2020

   FPSE christmas greetings Posted by Bobbi at [22:19 CET]  
We're gettings close to christmas, and the first christmas greetings to the emulation community comes from the FPSE team, who posted some nice screenshots from Final Fantasy 9 among with the greetings :


Well, it looks as if MDEC's aren't working yet though (in case you don't know : Square used a special MDEC decoding system which requires some optimization to the emulalator in order to see the movies running), since the screens show that the game has been started with another CD than the first one. Still a very good work from the FPSE team, I'm really looking forward to this release. For more infos, check out the FPSE homepage !

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   PSXEmu stuff Posted by Bobbi at [13:08 CET]  
We're close to christmas now which also means holidays and a lot of time for me to work on the page. But in this case I'm not talking about the PSXEmu, but our new project, Next-Gen Emulation, which is going to cover a lot more of emulation than PSXEmu currently does (though we won't stop reporting about PSX emulation news of course !).

Anyway, what I want to tell you with that is that we'll stop working majorly on and it's sub sections, since our new page isn't very far away any more. But we still took the time to fix some things, I re-wrote the body part of the mainpage for example so all crashing bugs should finally be gone now !! Ryos is also currently going through the page and is fixing spelling errors (we know there're plenty) ! But in general, we won't update/fix major things any more, so please don't mail us any more about ! :)

   4everPSX status update Posted by Bobbi at [12:52 CET]  
And yet another status update has been posted on the 4EverPSX homepage, a fairly new emulator which hasn't seen a release yet and runs several demos so far. Here's what the author, beside several new screenshots, posted :
    So vacation time starts. Now I can work a little bit more on 4EverPSX. I've tested a lot more demo's and am suprised how many actually works (more ore less). The collection exceeds 200 but some valuable demo's like Manta and T-Rex are missing, due to the fact that they have copyright protection. But one of the demo's that is also great is Mother Preview from Hitmen.

    It becomes obvious that the GTE needs more time and that's where i'll put my focus on. Anyone of the other PSX emulators whom whish to give any pointers, please do so and mail me. 3-D really isn't my best area and i could use all the help a person can get.
Those of you who're just interrested in running commercial games don't need to get excited yet, though this difficult demo is running major parts like for example CD rom emulation still seems missing. For those of you (and me =P) who're following development of every PSX emulator, those are certainly good news you should completly check out at the 4EverPSX homepage !

Friday, December 22, 2020

   Aldos tools page news Posted by Bobbi at [9:08 CET]  
*UPDATE* by Thorgal
Well, there's another tool Aldo released today :) I'm talking about PecEdit v1.4; here's what's new:
    Fixed a bug importing cheats with same name but for different character, like FF9 In-Battle Codes, imported cheats are inserted in the right order.
Only a small bugfix, but in case you don't have this one yet, be sure to pay Aldo's page a visit!

Another proove that this is a slow week : Few updates on Aldos tools page. Now, he's posted two updates. The first one is about his great memory manage/converting tool "Memory card Manager", which has been updated to v1.0e :
    Manage the slots of your memory cards with this super easy to use Memory Card Manager. New: Better support for multi-slot saves, fixed some keyboard shortcuts.
This is still one of my favorite tools, to download it go here. Then, Hansi's VGS fanpage, one of the best out there, has been updated with a patch that allows you to view the menues in WWF Smackdown PAL using VGS mac ! Not much more to say about that one, you can download it by visiting Hansi's VGS mac page. For more tools and patches for VGS, make sure to give a visit !

   Small piece of FPSE news Posted by Bobbi at [8:31 CET]  
!+Mr.Fog+! updated the FPSE homepage with an interview section yesterday. First, I thought it wouldn't be worth while mentioning it, but when reading a bit through an interview a russian page called Romov made with them, I saw an interresting piece :
    3) How many people work on the project now?

    Win32 : 3 coders for the main core of FPSE.
    BeOS : 2 Coder + 1 Betatester
    Linux : 5 Coders + 1 contributor
    Amiga : 1 Coder (less interresting, but :)

    BERO :
    Since anyone can modify/port FPSE, so I don't grasp as project.
    I got in contact with someone who works on porting it to DreamCast, like bleemcast!.
Due to FPSE's high portability, those are certainly great news. To read the complete interview, check out the new interview section at the FPSE homepage !

Thursday, December 21, 2020

   End of quiz Posted by Bobbi at [12:49 CET]  
No really PSX emulation related, but since we started posting about it I think we owe you the solution of the quiz posted on Simon was kind enough to mail me the final text, which was encrypted "using a Vigenere Cypher system with the following keyword : 'klmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghij' ! Here's the final text :

A very nice idea in my opinion. To read everything about this and to .... ... see DY's wall, head over to !

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   Some misc news Posted by Bobbi at [12:38 CET]  
Rather slow day, somehow like the complete week, although I have the feeling we might have some great christmas news for you soon ... :) Anyway, here're some quick news :
    Cid informed me that Square officially released a christmas version of an Final Fantasy song (I'm not 100% sure which it is), which can be legally downloaded from their website. Since the english version of Playonline doesn't seem to contain that song, I downloaded it from the link Cid gave me and uploaded it to our server. You can download this MP3 legally by clicking here, it's a pretty nice song.

    The FPSE homepage has been updated with some blabla stuff about drivers !+Mr.Fog+! was searching and found (how interresting =P) and also a spanish text which, translated, talks about a secret addition to FPSE which still should be revalved this year. Reminds me that LDChen said in an interview that FPSE should still see an update this year. We'll see ...

    It seems Lewpy's new plugin caused problems for some people while it's working at full speed for others. Since there doesn't seem to be a logic behind this yet, we ask everyone (no matter if you have problems or not) to post his results including system specs on our ePSXe forum.
Hmm, did I mention my holidays finally started today ? :) Finally christmas holidays which should give me plenty of time to work on the page and improove it more. Have you already finished your christmas shopping meanwhile ?

   Small DCPSX update Posted by Bobbi at [12:26 CET]  
I just saw over at EmuHQ that the DCPSX homepage has recived a small update regarding the currently running logo contest.
    Progress has shifted for the better so I've decided the contest will end on Christmas Eve. Sorry for short notice. We will then choose an image through voting on the polls setup here soon and then It will be released on Dec 31 at midnight! After that we'll setup an area to talk about compatibility ...
In case you don't know yet, DCPSX is a new project trying to emulate PSX games on the dreamcast. Currently, few (technical) demos are running but the emulator is progressing more and more. To submit logos and learn more about this emulator, make sure to check out !

   Messageboard back online Posted by Bobbi at [6:26 CET]  
It seems our server is still slow in executing CGI scripts, though this morning it's a bit faster than yesterday, so I'll try and take the board back online, we'll temporary close it again in case this won't work out. Sadly enough, we've once again lost all data (this backup function in UB2k sucks, combined with a server crash a complete loose of the data), so I ask all members who're still interrested in discussing to re-register. Sorry for the problems this caused.

Beside, we resetted the poll since the server crash somehow caused it to stop, so make sure you cast your vote again in the poll to your left, where Thorgal asked : Have you ever played a netplay game with an emulator? Make sure to vote so we get a picture how much you like AdriPSX's new feature.

Oh yeah, the link. You can access the forums again by using ! A first topic to discuss would be the question if the snowflakes at the top are causing you bad performance problems and if we should remove them. Feel free to post your comment on that on our messageboard.

Wednesday, December 20, 2020

   More 4EverPSX news Posted by Bobbi at [19:04 CET]  
Wau, though we have server problems it's really great to see the other members are posting news ! Thx a lot to everyone who posted during the past few days, great job guys ! Anyway, here're some more news : After yesterday's status update on the 4EverPSX homepage, a rather young PSX emulation project, some more news have been posted today about the progress :
    As I told yesterday i've put my focus on emulation of the PAD's. Well this succeeded. Though it is very crude programming it works for 1 PAD, which is more than enough for me. Now it's possible to play more demo's and test my GPU plugin better. I already found out that texture mapping is not to great near the left and right side of the display window :-(. Don't worry i know how to fix this, it's only a matter of time. At least i can play arkanoid and Mahjongg now..

    I've moved my implementation platform form Win98SE to Win2K because this made a difference of 6 FPS per second and i force them to activate twice as fast thus effectively 3 FPS. But the interpreter runs at 10 FPS a second thus 30% increase in speed was reason enough, and the fact that Win98SE crashed alot during development.
Beside that, the author is looking for a nice logo. To participate in the "contest" and for more news and infos about this new emulator, check out the 4EverPSX homepage !

   Lewpy's GPU Plugin v1.0.22 Posted by Wormie at [17:50 CET]  
Lewpy just e-mailed me his latest PSEMU Pro Style Plugin called Lewpy's 3dfx/Glide³ Renderer v1.0.22. Here are a few improvements and changes since the last version.
  • Startup crash bug squashed!! :) - The plugin no longer crashes with fast processors :) There was a bug in the MMX detection code I was using, so I re-wrote it using C++ structured exception-handling. Much cleaner, and above all it doesn't crash :)
  • MASK Bit Optional - Emulation of the MASK bit is now optional. This should return some speed, as the ZBuffer is no longer being used. It will also return any display resolutions that were lost with the previous release. This option can only be selected BEFORE running a game: it can't be changed "in-game".
  • Integration of Pete's Improvements - Hats off to Pete Bernert :)
    Integrated in the new co-ordinate wrapping code that Pete devised, and also the revised frame-limiting code. The frame-rate should always hover around the full-rate speed. I strongly advise setting the Frame-Rate option to AUTO to get the full benefits of the new code.
  • Experimental Flipping code - For all you Final Fantasy lovers out there ;) This option should fix missing display items (mainly battle menus) in the Final Fantasy series of games. Just in case it causes problems with other games, it's an option so you can just turn it off :)
Download Lewpy's 3dfx/Glide³ Renderer v1.0.22 here.

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   What was that .... ? Posted by Bobbi at [6:22 CET]  
Well, maybe you noticed that something was wrong within the last 48 hours. The server had many problems during that period which caused several things to get broken or simply stopped them from working, like the counter at the bottom, the poll and especially our board.

The server crashed in the middle of the data transfer from the old version of the board to the latest one. Because of that, many files got corrupted, crashed or even lost. I'm doing a fresh install of the board right now and I hope that the backup will still have some of the most necessary files, but I can't promise anything :/ I'll of course keep you updated about the progress.

Between - The news script was also unfunctional, that's why there have been no news posts during that period of time, please excuse for this, we'll get back to normal soon.

Tuesday, December 19, 2020

   4EverPSX news Posted by Thorgal at [7:31 CET]  
Well, it's still early in the morning here, but it's a good time to start off today's news :) The 4EverPSX homepage has been updated with a "status update" about the emulator itself. It seems the progress is running nicely, as you can see several new screenshots after the author added more GPU routines etc. :D Pad emulation is also in the works.

Oh, almost forgot: he also mentions that the release is scheduled for January 15 , which should be reachable :) Nice work! Rather than copying all his words 'n screenshots right here, i suggest you pay the 4EverPSX homepage a visit sometime!

Monday, December 18, 2020

   History of Final Fantasy: Updated Posted by Wormie at [13:30 CET] (GameSpot) has updated the History of Final Fantasy. It is a total history of FF from the first game to present day. Tells about how a small company named SquareSoft LTD. was desperate for a hit so it could survive ... so Final Fantasy was born. It also tells about related games to the Final Fantasy series, and related games in general. Plus a page with some cool Final Fantasy links to check out. Also don't forget to check out GameSpot's other great stories such as "History of Video Games", History of Console RPG's", "History of Zelda", and many more that can be found here.

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   ePSXe Troubleshooting Posted by Wormie at [1:48 CET]  
Ok there seems to be people still having problems with ePSXe. So I decided to list the known problems with ePSXe and some ways around them.
  • Memory Cards Don't Work - With most of the memory card issues the fix is easy. By pressing F4 (enabling SIO irq) you will have the ability to save and load games. Also another known problem with memory card problems is caused by improper shutdown. The best way to shutdown ePSXe is by hitting the esc button. Then either selecting file and choosing exit, or by clicking the x to close the window. Also calb posted this on the ePSXe site: We recommend to backup your memory cards before using them with ePSXe. Some NTSC games have problems with the current NTSC timing which can result in deleted memcards. If you have problems try enabling PAL timing by setting the timing to PAL with Options->Country->PAL.
  • I keep getting a Black screen - This to can be an easy fix if this is the cause of the problem. In the Controller setup in ePSXe make sure it is setup as Digital. Digital/analog seems to give people a black screen when starting the games. One game I know that does this is Luner SSSC. Also if you want to enable Analog for your controller hit F5 after the game has started.
  • I keep getting random freezes in ePSXe - It has been suggested that if you overclock your bus speeds this may be the cause of your freeze ups. Also just like bleem, it is better to run ePSXe without other programs running in the background.
  • My Controller won't work - This can be fixed sometimes by hitting F5. Also if you can't get your buttons configured in the controller setup then try this. Ok I know this was a known problem in 1.0.0 and today I helped out somebody with this same problem in 1.0.1. This is what you need to do. First go into the controller setup. Then exit the controller setup. then go back into the controller setup again and you should be able to setup your buttons. Why this does this, I have no clue ... all I know is that it works.
  • For Nvidia Card users - Want to get the most out using OpenGL? Then use these tips I recieved from Pete: OpenGL is generally faster on GeForce cards than D3D... prolly you have enabled VSync with OpenGL (check that in your
    nVidia advanced display properties, select "Vsync off by default" or "Always off"). Also you should enable "Block transfer" as Buffer flipping mode.
    Should help you gain some speeds when using OpenGL.
Well that about somes up most of the common problems still conflicting users of ePSXe. I hope this helps out some of you.

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Sunday, December 17, 2020

   Poll stuff Posted by Thorgal at [22:28 CET]  
Wow! You guys have been voting like crazy! Over 2100 votes... keep up the good work :) Anyway, we all want to know the results, so here they are:
    Now that ePSXe v1.0.1 is released, which PSX emu do you use most?

    ePSXe v1.0.1 54% - (1155 Votes)
    VGS 36.9% - (790 Votes)
    bleem! 8.9% - (192 Votes)
It seems that most people go for the free and _great_ emulator that is ePSXe :-) Still 36.9% voting for VGS though, and although it doesn't offer any graphical enhancement (aside from several patches now available) , its great compatability also counts. Only 8.9% of you seem to use bleem!, and I don't need to tell you why...

Well then, the new poll. To stay on track with the recent news, I decided to have a somewhat AdriPSX-related poll: Have you ever played a netplay game with an emulator? As netplay - KICKASS netplay to be exact ;) - is a new feature to be included in the next AdriPSX release, I thought it'd be nice to see how many people in the community have every played a network game with an emulator - and I mean ANY emulator, not just PSX. Netplay always seems like a great idea, but it's hard to code in reality. Well, it's hard to make it playable on both sides without too much crap, that is. As Roor promised us netplay playability we have never experienced before, let's see what we HAVE experienced so far :) Well, you should know where the poll is by now :P Why don't you cast your vote for a sec. !

   New linuzappz plugins Posted by Bobbi at [10:22 CET]  
linuzappz has yet again updated his new PSEmu Pro compatible GPU plugins, this time to v0.3 ! His plugins are still in an early stage and are still missing some functions, but he's progressing very nice, and added the following features to this version :
  • Vertical Display implemented
  • 24 bit snapshots implemented
  • Tested ok with AdriPSX
  • Non-FullScreen Mode implemented, still missing F8 quick key
  • Implemented Display Enable
  • Rewritten display selection, added bpp and now it searchs for available modes
  • Added dderr.h
  • Fixed DDInitFail
  • FpsCounter displays better now
  • 24 bit mode (mdec videos) implemented, still buggy
Let's hope Direct3D HAL will be added soon, as those plugins are looking very promising to me (and they're open source so programmers can team up with linuzappz or take a look to create their own). You can download the plugin here and the source here. Congrat to linuzappz for his great progress.

   Misc ePSXe news Posted by Bobbi at [10:09 CET]  
3rd advent, only 7 days left until christmas. I hope you already got your christmas shopping done. I thought I finished mine early december, but somehow I couldn't resist those things I saw in the shopping center yesterday ... sometimes I love it that you get extra money before christmas. Anyway, it's news time, there're some new ePSXe things I'd like to have mentioned :

First off, we finally have the ePSXe homepage back, but the domain isn't redirecting correctly right now, looks like their old host even deleted the forwarder now. The downtime can be explained with the installation message that was visible there yesterday : Their host seems to have upgraded the servers OS. I suggest you to change your bookmarks to for now !

Then, I had some time yesterday left since lordjames and the other mods on the board are doing a great job there, what gives me plenty more time, so I created a new Installer for the current ePSXe release v1.0.1 ! This one features a nicer looking Installation GUI, more possibilities to select the files you want to install and some other stuff. I've also added the updated FAQ to the installer, so in case you haven't downloaded the other installer yet, make sure to give it a try by downloading it here.

And last but not least, we got a confirmation from Mwarhead that ePSXe is running on the new OS from Microsoft called Whistler, which should be released someone in the middle of 2001. Here's what he posted about that one :
    Epsxe works on Windows Whistler, but The win2k plugin does not and Whistler does not yet have it's own aspi layer nor does force aspi work. I had to install the force aspi drivers manually then use the epsxe aspi driver. Oh and what ever the minimum requirements are double them.
Good to see we're prepared for the future. Feel free to discuss everything on our message boards !

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Saturday, December 16, 2020

   AdriPSX's little secret is ... Posted by Bobbi at [20:47 CET]  
Wau, what a news day. And the best is still coming : Like announced last weekend, Roor sent over the final news on AdriPSX's great new feature : And the secret is .... NetPlay ! But in a way no other emulator did this again. Read further for more details :
    This new feature is basically full-netplay. It is a way that allows to play any PSX game through the net, for two players gameplaying. This new method is so effective, that it even allows to play games like TEKKEN 3 or STREET FIGHTER ZERO 3 only having ONE PSX CD, as one AdriPSX runs as SERVER and another runs as CLIENT. You just have to write the IP adress of the guy you want to contact (the one playing a game with AdriPSX), and automatically the request for NetPlaying (with all data about user request, etc) will appear on his screen while he is playing to allow (or denegate) you for joining him as second-player.
Beside that, Roor also sent infos what else has been fixed since the last release, and the last is VERY long. Beside many screenshots posted on the AdriPSX page, there's also this list with many cool features. Here're the most important :
  • All sound glitches have been corrected, it was all because of a very silly mistake in SPU DMA functions
  • Faster XA-ADPCM and MDEC Decoding
  • Added ISO CDROM IMAGE support
  • Improved and better looking GUI
Since I don't want this post to become any longer, I'll stop here now, but there's a TON more to read about the next release, which hopefully will be out against the end of january. I highly suggest you therefor to check out now !

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   © PSinex release 0.052 Posted by Wormie at [19:45 CET]  
PsYcHoJaK has released a new version of his PSX Emulator © PSinex. PsYcHoJaK's latest release version 0.052 features NEW fixed threads for easy execution. Here is what PsYcHoJaK posted on the © PSinex page.
    update before I leave to Greece for vacations, is... a release! hehe, how unusual from me. Anyway Release 0.052 features NEW fixed threads for easy execution. Just load one demo after another, or if u want just press continue BIOS - whenever - to bootup BIOS image. I added as well DCPL opcode of GTE. CD-ROM Support is basic still, though I got some screenshots from CD execution. Enjoy this release, and, only try to execute games, if you're a looser and u have AGES ahead of you. haha =)

    oh yeah: F11 - F12 to switch between screen refresh modes.
PsYcHoJaK also posted 4 new screenshots of demos running in © PSinex.

Screenshot1 - Screenshot2 - Screenshot3 - Screenshot4

Get the latest release over at

   Seasons greetings Posted by mathew2 at [17:18 CET]  
Well its soon that time of year, if it isnt already... that you get to party every day, get permanent liver damage, get lots of cool stuff and celebrate your overdraft. You noticed something? , well hope so, enjoy the decorations, and dont forget to erect yours also! Everyone here [cdburnout, bobbi, thorgal, ryos, wormie, me] hopes all our readers have a great christmas and new year. Keep checking back as we will keep you updated with the latest news throughout the festive season, enjoy.

   4EverPSX page fully online Posted by Bobbi at [16:45 CET]  
Phew, finally work's over ... When I just surfed over to the 4EverPSX homepage, I noticed a menu has been added and the page now has something like a structur. On the newspage, a "How did you make the emulator" section has been added with some more interresting infos about the emu :
    Well i looked at other emulators (Yes LDChen, also FPSE ;-D). But I generally disliked their source codes. Nothing personal, but i'm a software engineer who likes very tiny code. So I wrote the emulator from scratch )as we software engineers do so well ;-) ) using some sources but mostly documents and common sense to build everything. It's made in MSVC60 and has no assembly in it yet. The speed is acceptable for a interpreter but i'll try to make it faster.
The author also tells that he thinks he might release a first version early january 2001 ! Certainly great news. For a ton more of new screenshots and more infos, check out the 4EverPSX homepage !

   VGS Patches corner Posted by Bobbi at [10:44 CET]  
Hmm, looks like I missed that one somehow yesterday : Aldo created a new corner containing all the latest news about patches and fixes for games in VGS (there're plenty since that FF9 patch). Here's what Aldo mentioned about this section :
    I created a new section where you will find many news on VGS patches for specific games, including Chrono Cross USA, Final Fantasy 9 Jap/USA, Smackdown 2. New additions: Valkyrie Profile USA/Jap and Tales of Eternia JAP.
So in case you'd like to play one of those games on VGS, make sure to check out Aldo's new section here. And now, time to go to work ... (yeah, there're people working on saturdays :/)

   nVidia to acquire 3dfx ... Posted by Bobbi at [10:41 CET]  
Well, I just came online this morning (after a looooong night =P) and saw in our channel topic on #psxemu that 3Dfx has been acquired by nVidia - Certainly one of the most surprising events in the graphic card market. Surfing over to Voodoo Extreme, I found this press release giving further informations :
    SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 15 -- In an effort to protect its creditors and maximize shareholder value, 3dfx Interactive, Inc. (Nasdaq: TDFX - news) announced today that it will substantially reduce all of its workforce as part of an initiative to significantly reduce expenses. In addition, the company said its Board of Directors will recommend to its shareholders that they approve the sale of most of the company's assets to NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA - news) as outlined in a definitive agreement between the companies that was signed today, and also approve a plan to dissolve the company following completion of the asset sale.
Well, well, not really good news in my opinion. Though I replaced my Voodoo 5 with a Geoforce 2 Ultra as of late, I always loved the competition between those companies, since it lowered prices with increasing technology a lot. To learn more about that one, make sure to read the official press release !

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   ePSXe tip! Posted by Wormie at [8:34 CET]  
I was reading the PSXEmu board when I cam across a post by Gaenya. Gaenya posted that when he/she used Digital/Anolog option in the pad setup that games such as Luner SSSC and MetalGear Solid didn't work, but if he/she used just Digital it worked fine. So I tested this theory out and it is true. For some reason if I use Digital/anolog it just gives me a black screen, and Digital works fine. So if you are having a similiar problem this might help. Thanks to Gaenya for bringing this to our attention.

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Friday, December 15, 2020

   Visitor No. 2000000 reached Posted by Bobbi at [21:37 CET]  
Wau, that number has DAMN many digits, and we're happy we reached it in such a short period of time : We just topped the 2 million visitors mark in just about 1 year and 2 months time ... somehow amazing and I'd like to thank all people who directly supported us, listed above in no specific order :
  • Thorgal, CDBurnout, mathew2, Wormie and Ryos - For being such a nice crew to work (well, most of the time =P)
  • PJ, DragonYen, Jesse and PJV - For being such a great help on startup
  • bwb, Zach (and PeterD later on) - Hosting the old bleem! support page and helping PSXEmu out a lot through their great page
  • Randy Linden, David Herpolsheimer - For making a great emulator and defeating big evil Sony more than once - And supplying the idea which got PSXEmu started :)
  • Roor, calb, Galtor, Pete, expert and all other emu programmers - Those guys is what we report about, so a big thanks flys out to all of them who supply us with the top news you can read here daily.
I'm sure there're hundreds more which were important for us which I just forgot ... excuse me for that :) And now, let's go for 3 million visitors !

   New PSX to PC adapter Posted by Bobbi at [20:46 CET]  
In case you missed it, the 2.000.000 contest is nearly over (we're at 1996000 visitors as of now), so make sure you keep refreshing until the 2.000.000 mark, which will be reached soon. Anyway, news time :

I got a notice from iVilDeD a few days ago and then the offer for one of those nifty tools from Billy Jr about a new adapter called Ultra Impact, which introduces a new system to the already big row of PSX to PC adapters :
    Well you might think it's something like "Directpad", right? Not only that, the "Ultra Impact" will make your PS gampad act like a "Microsoft Sidewinder Game Pad", and you can connect up to 4 PS gamepads which will act like 4 sidewinders. I've tested this connecter for over a year now, the compatiblity is almost 100% now compared to the real sidewinder and it just works fine with all emulator and PC games.
A review of this nice looking adapter will follow soon. To get more infos about this one, you should check out the official hompeage (in english) !

   FPSE news Posted by Thorgal at [18:19 CET]  
Well, more FPSE plugins again :D New versions of Cdpsemu and Cdnull have been released. Well, actually the new Cdpsemu plugin was already released Wednesday, but at least we now know what's new :) Let's take a look at the changes:

  • Configuration dialog will show the latest plugin you have selected.
  • Fixed init function.
  • Removed all GNUC-specific code.

  • Cdnull

  • Cdnull is recompiled with the right SDK.
    Some users couldn't run the configuration tool because of it (FPSECfg crashed as soon as you have executed it).
Speaking of crashes, LDChen also mentions a work-around which may or may not work for you. This should be fixed soon; until then, check out the workaround at the FPSE homepage, and be sure to have the latest FPSECfg file.

Well then, it's time to grab these two plugins:

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   mIRC 5.82 released Posted by mathew2 at [8:59 CET]  
This popular chat client for windows was updated from 5.81 to 5.82. Head to the mIRC homepage to download your copy. 50 plus changes and/or bugfixes included in this release with a few little susrprises on the way. mIRC allows you to join #psxemu chat if you got fed up with the slightly more restricting java chat applet we have on the left bar. Having used this version through the night i can say without much hesitation its worth your while to change to the new version. The best inclusions are the mouse wheel scrolling of channels and the different coloured highlights on the channel name status to be indicitive of different actions within that channel.

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Thursday, December 14, 2020

   4EverPSX emu announced Posted by Bobbi at [14:51 CET]  
The guys over at EmuHQ announced a new emulator they're hosting, which is called 4EverPSX. It's still a very early emulator which isn't playing any games yet, just some technical demos like the intros from Napalm, Hitmen and Static, but it seems to play those pretty well. When looking at the screenshots it's visible that this emu isn't increasing the resolution of the (technical!) demos yet, it displays them at the standard PSX resolution of 320x240 !

Still nice to see how the PSX scene is progressing as of late and that more and more emus are joining the existing group of emulators. This is also a reason for us to start an emulator compatibility chart, which rates the emulators and gives exact details about them - great for newbies who don't know yet which emu to use. I guess we should finish that one shortly before X-Mas.

For now, visit the 4EverPSX homepage for some more screenshots from this emulator running the BIOS or technical demos (there're no more infos or downloads yet).

   2 million visitors ... Posted by Bobbi at [6:29 CET]  
Like I already mentioned in a quick post some days ago, we're pretty close to the 2 million visitor mark now (the counter can be found at the bottom of the page in case you're wondering, beside that disclaimer stuff), and we can't let this great event pass without celebrating it a bit, so we decided to give out a cool price to the person being that special visitor, for example a bleem! box, maybe a VGS box ... maybe both. Some people also suggested a PSX game or a nice controller - We'll decide about that when we found that special visitor.

So in case you're scrolling down to the bottom and see the "2.000.000" up there, make a screenshot, write down the EXACT system time and mail it to ! No fakes please, we have our systems to track down those loosers and we'll post your names and E-Mails here when you try to send in a fake pic !

   ePSXe FAQ updated Posted by Bobbi at [6:23 CET]  
CDBurnout and me updated the ePSXe FAQ a bit more so we got it up to v1.30 ! The ePSXe FAQ answers most questions people are asking on our boards or problems they're mailing us about. In v1.30, the following changes have been made :
  • Fixed the width of many answers so they're viewable in other res. (Bobbi)
  • Added more questions and answers for many common problems (Bobbi)
  • Fixed some spelling errors and grammar. (CD)
  • Tiny fixes to formatting. (CD)
  • Added some fixes to/info about problems experienced with ePSXe v1.0.1 (CD)
The FAQ also contains some troubleshooting tips (don't HAVE to work but they solved that problem for many people) on how to get past those crashing bugs (thx lordjames!). In case you still have problems with the latest ePSXe release, I highly suggest you to check out the FAQ here !

On a sidenote, [pec] doesn't work with the latest release yet. But JNS is already working on an update which should add support for ePSXe v1.0.1, maybe even for AdriPSX and Windows 2000 users, so stay tuned !

   Psx MultiConverter updated Posted by Bobbi at [6:01 CET]  
Also saw over at Aldos tools that PSX MultiConverter is now finally available in english as well (well, most things are translated, some things are still missing). PsxMC is a great utility to play and extract sound and movies from your favorite PSX games. While the japanese version is already up to 2.34T, the english users still have to use 2.33T, which has been translated by MaxHunter. Well, not much more to say about those, here're the downloads :

Download PsxMC v2.34T (japanese) by clicking here.
Download PsxMC v2.33T (english) by clicking here.

In case you're looking for another fine movie player, make sure to give Segu's toolbox a visit !

   Aldos Tools updated Posted by Bobbi at [5:56 CET]  
Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, but I didn't felt too good and felt asleep early. So here's a quick update :

Aldo came up with another great idea on his page : He released a new program called VGSBrowser, which allows you to do some jobs for VGS without even leaving the emulator. Here's what this program can do :
    New plugin that integrates MSIE 5.5 with VGS, bringing a new and easy to use interface. Now you can browse your disk, mount Daemount ISO images, search the internet for tips, news and more without leaving your favorite emulator. Just small changes :)
The program looks very promising, make sure to take a look. You can get this plugin by clicking going here. For more great tools, visit !

Wednesday, December 13, 2020

   FPSE CD plugin wrapper Posted by Thorgal at [17:50 CET]  
Hrmm, the day's starting off slowly it seems. But then, there's the FPSE homepage with a new plugin :D This time, it's Cdpsemu, a "wrapper plugin" which allows you to use the PSEmu CD plugins with FPSE! For a list of all available CD plugins, be sure to check out our plugins page.

... ok, I admit, I have nothing else to say :P I'll just give you the link then:

Tuesday, December 12, 2020

   New poll ! Posted by Thorgal at [19:53 CET]  
After more than 1200 votes, it's time for new poll. Ofcourse, I'll put the results of the previous poll right here:
    How often do you play PSX on your PC?

    1-2 hours a day : 26%
    I am a Microsoft Engineer and do not have time to use bug-free software : 23.5%
    18 hours a day, I just bought FF9 : 20.1%
    ~ 3 times a week : 15.5%
    Only once a week : 14.7%
... you guys are freaks.

Okay, time to announce the new poll :-) Here it is: "Now that ePSXe v1.0.1 is released, which PSX emu do you use most?". You can choose between bleem!, VGS and ofcourse the new ePSXe v1.01 . As these are by far the best PSX emulators out there at the moment, I decided to add only these as eventually it's the public who uses 'em, and it's the public who votes.

Well then, take a peak on the left side of your screen and cast your vote!

   New ePSXe compatibility list Posted by Bobbi at [16:30 CET]  
The ePSXe compatibility list, hosted right here at PSXEmu, has been updated, so the list now reflects the games for the new version, and the old ones have been archived. Here's what Katana, their webmaster, posted on their page :
    Ok guys and girls!!!
    A new version of ePSXe has been release v1.0.1 !!
    So, also our compatibility list will be restarted... New release, new luck ;) So please post again!
To submit your results and let this list quickly grow, head over to now ! BTW - We'll also post an updated version of our FAQ this evening, so make sure you keep an eye at this place !

   ePSXe page updated Posted by Bobbi at [13:27 CET]  
The official ePSXe homepage has been updated with some informations about the recently released v1.0.1 and it's memory card problems :
    We recommend to backup your memory cards before using them with ePSXe. Some NTSC games have problems with the current NTSC timing which can result in deleted memcards. If you have problems try enabling PAL timing by setting the timing to PAL with Options->Country->PAL.
So you can also use this way instead of the one we described yesterday, since the other one COULD crash your memory cards. For more news and infos, visit the ePSXe homepage.

Monday, December 11, 2020

   Did you know that ... Posted by Bobbi at [19:43 CET]  
After yesterdays release of ePSXe, it seems there're still many questions left, which I'm quickly trying to answer below. For example, did you know that ...
  • you need to use Pete's plugins to play FF9 and enable offscreen drawing to see the battle menues ?
  • enabling SIO IRQ can fix memory card problems (hit F4 before and after saving) ?
  • many graphic crashing problems with 3Dfx cards can already be solved by simply using the correct drivers ? Sadly enough, the newest ones aren't always the best ones, so make sure to try two different versions
  • the sound problems in the internal SPU plugin are known and can't be fixed (for example at the beginning of fights in FF9) ?
  • the ePSXe Installer is made by PSXEmu, and not by the ePSXe team ? (*hint* to some other emu sites reporting that incorrectly)
  • you badly need Pete's LATEST plugins to play Tony Hawk 1+2, Spiderman and many other games ?
Well, in case I missed anything the public should know, feel free to drop me a mail. And now, back to playing :)

   FPSE page updated Posted by Bobbi at [19:12 CET]  
Wau, that was a buzy day yesterday with that ePSXe release and the tons of E-Mails I've already been getting, all of them should be answered by now. Anyway, here's another bit of news :

The FPSE homepage has been updated with a newspost that they were able to get a controller problem fixed, which results in more games running :
    We fixed the Input Plug-in: now games that ask for the controller dual shock, works on FPSE0.09. Below you can find some pix. (yes, they're a bit dark, but that's a GTE error and we already know how to fix that one, just give us some more time).
There're also screenshots from Dino Crisis and Medievel2 posted on the page, they're well worth a look. For the full news, go and check out !

   KONemuPSX v1.10 Posted by Thorgal at [17:46 CET]  
Well, here's something interesting Aldo pointed to. I don't believe we've introduced this one before, so here goes: meet KON emu, another patch for VGS. However, this one is a bit different. Check out the features of the latest version, v1.10 :
  • New graphic user interface (GUI), much more friendly and useful.
  • Quick acces to options.
  • New PSX-PAD graphic.
  • New sound in the volume adjustment (more precise)=D
  • "EDIT" menu removed (totally useless).
  • All new graphics.
  • Resolution: 800x600.
  • FF9 support (Final Fantasy 9).
  • With the FF9 support more games can be playable.
Now THAT'S a patch :-) As for the "what's new" part, there's one thing you should know: KONemuPSX v1.1 (aka K-PSX aka KONemu ;) is now a _patch_ instead of a standalone program. This means you'll need the ORIGINAL VGS v1.41 (Windows) version, no other! Now that's been cleared up, time for the download :)For more information, I'll point you to the official KONemuPSX homepage.

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   MultiDaesk by Alan Posted by Thorgal at [17:14 CET]  
I guess the new ePSXe kept us pretty busy yesterday, as I found that Alan just released a new tool yesterday :-) It's called MultiDaesk and is another handy tool for the Daemon Tools users out there. What IS MultiDaesk exactly? Well, check this out:
    "MultiDaesk is a small utility that will let you change disks in VGS using the F5, F6, F7 and F8 buttons. It ejects the image, so that VGS recognises it has been ejected, and then mounts the next disk or previous disk."
I believe this one is really worth the download for most of the DT users out there, especially with multi-disc games like the Final Fantasy series and such. Ofcourse, you could do all this manually in DT itself, but why bother if you can do it with one push of a button? :) Great work, Alan! If you were planning to grab this one, be sure to head over to Alan's site, there's some important info you'll want to know as well!

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   VGSJoy v1.9 for DX7 Posted by Thorgal at [14:52 CET]  
Ahh, another update of Aldo's VGSJoy utility. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll quote:
    "VGSJoy adds joystick support to virtually any application not using DirectInput."
Well, there ya have it. Obviously, this one works with DirectX7. Enough chit-chat, you should already know what I'm talking about anyway ;-) Here's what's new:
  • VGSJoy task is now in real-time, improving its response when user press buttons.
  • Added an Auto-config button for easier configuration of buttons.
Interested? Then head over to Aldo's page to grab this tool, and many more goodies! :)

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Sunday, December 10, 2020

   ePSXe v1.0.1 released !! Posted by Bobbi at [19:52 CET]  
calb, Galtor and _demo_ have done it again, the great PSX emulator ePSXe has been updated to v1.0.1 ! And when you haven't been living under a stone for the past few weeks you'll certainly know that this version brings a TON of changes with it. All pages here at PSXEmu have already been updated to reflect the new version, here's an extract from the updated unofficial FAQ, which has been updated to v1.2 and contains lot of new infos about this release :
  • The MDEC engine has been completly re-written and a new CD-Rom plugin has been added,for Win9x as well as Win2k users. This increases the quality of the MDEC's nicely as well as giving some more speed. Fast machines should have absolutly smooth playback now. To get this, you should always enable the Mdec timing in the options. Additionally, the XA playback in the internal SPU plugin became better, so especially Squaresoft games are playing movie sounds better now.
  • The memory card manager has been improved : You can select which card you want to place in which slot now, and you can even convert the cards from other formats like Dexdrive, VGS, bleem! and PSEmu Pro. The memory cards are also saved now automaticly when pausing gameplay, so people shouldn't have problems with them any more.
  • Fixes for Win2k users, so most of them should be able to play games from CDs from now on, and don't have to use ISOs with ePSXe. To take advantage of those, it's highly recommend to use ePSXe's CD-Rom plugin (included in the 1.0.1 executeable).
  • Support for even more great (also many new !) games, like :
    • Final Fantasy 9 US
    • Grandia US
    • Driver 2 US
    • Crash Bash US
    • Harvest Moon - Back to Nature US
    • Fear Effect US
    • Castlevania SOTN US
    • Chrono Cross (the crashing bug, you can get around it by pressing F3)
    • and many more games since you're able to swap discs now (File -> Change discs)
  • Misc stuff, like support for PSX mouse and analog controllers (and even both together !), a better NTSC/PAL (or a manual if appreciated) detection and more.
There's much more new in this version, for a detailed listing you should check out the readme as well (which is located in the /docs directory). Of course the official site has also been updated, here's what demo had to say :
    The site is finally back online after some hosting problems. To celebrate the event, we released a new version of ePSXe (along with a new epsxecutor). We also added new sections to the site, a compatibility list and a frequently asked questions section.
Okay, guess that was enough babbling, here're the downloads : In case you don't want the (highly recommended) installer, you should get all the latest plugins from our ePSXe plugins page. And now, enjoy this fine release and make sure to post your experiences/comments etc. on our ePSXe messageboard. And now, enjoy ! :)

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   Misc blabla stuff Posted by Bobbi at [12:43 CET]  
Another rainy sunday morning, so there're some misc things I'd like to have mentioned here. Oh between - It's coming ! :)
  • 1.900.000 visitors : Well, we're already close to it again, we topped the 1.900k visitor mark yesterday evening and now we're going fastly against the 2 million visitor mark. Since this event will be pretty close to christmas, we couldn't let it pass without giving something out to the lucky person who'll be that visitor ... I'm just not sure what to give out ... maybe a bleem!/VGS package (both in one ?) or a game or something like that ... I'll keep you informed on what we decided for :)
  • Plugin pages updated - I took the time to give our plugin pages a cleaner and nicer look, so it's a lot easier to browse now. I also added the latest plugins we might've missed to add earlier. You can get to our plugins page here.
  • Oh yeah, congrats to my good friend Martin, webmaster of Emulation64, who turned 21 yesterday. Keep up the good work !
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also updated the archive section so you can finally browse through our older news again ! So much for todays blabla's ... Could something really great happen today ? Ah well, we'll see ... Oh yeah, did I mention that it's coming ? :)

Saturday, December 9, 2020

   1.41 and their compatibility Posted by Bobbi at [22:14 CET]  
After playing around with Pete's latest plugins (see post below), we noticed the heavily increased compatibility they provide, so me and CDBurnout made some pics from games which are looking better now in ePSXe. Since we're both using a beta, we can't guarantee you'll get the same results, but since the next release is pretty close you shouldn't have to wait so much longer. Anyway, here're the pics from Tony Hawk 2 (by Galtor, already posted before), Spiderman (by CDBurnout) and Final Fantasy 8 (by Bobbi) :


When you want to try out those plugins, download them from the post below. Congratulation to Pete for those great improvements in the 1.41 version of his plugins. Feel free to discuss your results in the comments box or on our message board.

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   New GPU plugins by Pete Posted by Thorgal at [17:07 CET]  
Somehow, Pete always manages to surprises me by updating his PSEmu plugins on a regular basis, which he has done for quite some time now. Today, he released new versions of his great GPU plugins, which now makes it v1.41 for all of 'em. Here's the scoop:
    Pete's Soft PSX GPU
    New in this version: window/fullscreen mode switching, new polygon coord check.
    * Download (-77k-)

    Pete's OpenGL PSX GPU
    New in this version: window/fullscreen mode switching, changed OD detection, new polygon coord check.
    * Download (-130k-)

    Pete's D3D PSX GPU
    New in this version: window/fullscreen mode switching, changed OD detection, new polygon coord check, snapshot support.
    * Dowload (-114k-)

    Pete's DX6 D3D PSX GPU
    New in this version: again the same as DX7...
    * Download (-107k-)
Nice! Be sure to grab the plugin which is best for your system. For more information, head over to Pete's homepage! And in case you need more PSEmu plugins, you might want to check out our plugins section.

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   Misc tools news Posted by Bobbi at [12:19 CET]  
Yet again Aldo updated his page with some more tools news. First off, he updated his great memory card manager yet again to version 1.0d, which adds the following function :
    Now you can manage the slots of your memory cards with my brand new and super easy to use Memory Card Manager. Thanks Bobbi for the GUI design. New: Double-click the memory card file to open it from Windows Explorer.
This tool quickly became one of my favorites, I highly suggest it to anyone using several emus at once. You can get it by pointing your mouse here. Furthermore, Aldo posted that 501xx updated his page with two nice reg patches for VGS :Big thanks flys out to Aldo for those two links, for more great VGS/emulation tools, go and check out his site at !

   © PSinex Version 0.047 Posted by Wormie at [11:57 CET]  
PsYcHoJaK has updated his up and coming PSX Emulator © PSinex to version 0.047. Looks like he will be taking a small break for awhile too ... a nice little vacation. Here is a small sample of his update and a few new screenshots from the PSinex homepage
    Thats about the time, I would like to take a small break from coding, because my brain is about to blow, from hex numbers,variables,functions etc. I have exams at the University as well, but who cares. Anyway, I promess I will update this page the sooner(worst case scenario, one week)! I would like to say 'DONT GIVE UP' to everyone who is making an effort, coding an emulator. At the end it pays back! Hmmm... did I mention I released © PSinex PC Emulator Version 0.047? hehe. = )
Here are the screenshots
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

To get the latest version head on over to ! (Note from Bobbi : Congrat to Psychojak for this great release, I just tested it and nearly every demo I tried works now ! And much luck to him for his "vacation project" ! Get her while you can ! =P)

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Friday, December 8, 2020

   AdriPSX's little secret Posted by Bobbi at [21:42 CET]  
The AdriPSX homepage has just been updated with some news about a great feature which will be added to this nice emulator in the following weeks :
    Something really BIG will be added to AdriPSX ... and when we say big, we mean big !

    It's something no other PSX emu has yet and it's something you'll all surely enjoy ... for more infos about this, keep checking this place within the two next week, more details will be revalved once the first beta gets released to the testers.
Feel free to discuss this "secret feature" on the AdriPSX messageboard. For more news, infos and downloads, check out !

   Interview with LDChen (FPSE) Posted by Bobbi at [20:09 CET]  
And even more FPSE related news : I saw over at EmuHQ, that Emuitalia posted an interview with LDChen, main programmer of the nicely progressing PSX emulator FPSE. Here's a part from the interview :
    Doca : Viewing screenshots appeared on the officila web site, it seems you've reached a good level, is the day of the next release out near?

    LDChen : Uh, definitely we got great progresses, especially if you think FPSE 0.08 was released in July and we are now in December... Even if there are still MUCH things to do, I can reasonably say FPSE 0.09 will be released abount on half-December
Wau, another FPSE release this year (hey, mid-december is next week ... pretty cool). To read this interresting interview, point your mouse here.

   New FPSE Gpu plugin Posted by Bobbi at [20:04 CET]  
And yet again, the FPSE homepage has been updated (one day too late, tss =P) with a new plugin release. This time, they're updating their GPU plugin which is called GPUPSEmu (what a name ... :)) to v1.3, which adds/fixes the following things :
  • Configuration dialog will show the latest plugin you have selected.
  • Fixed init function.
  • Removed all GNUC-specific code.
I'll test those new plugins from FPSE this evening and of course tell you about my results. Download the PSEmuGPU plugin v1.3 by clicking here. For more plugins and FPSE news, check out !

   Another PSinex update Posted by Bobbi at [20:00 CET]  
What a day, what a week. Thank god it's finally over and I can relax a bit this weekend ... until stress starts again next week. Anyway, looks like no one update the page (what a wonder ... :/), so here're the news of the day :

It looks like things are advancing quickly now with Psinex, Psychojak posted yet another update that controllers are nearly working perfectly now and this brings quite a compatibility increasement with it :
    Hmmm... Games? YES PLEASE!

    Hi people! Don't get the wrong idea from the phrase above. PSinex finally is able to run some freeware (and not) games. Controls are responding perfectly, except from one game. Also I updated the "Demos Compatibility List", and now the stats are ...
The page mentions that out of 109 demos, 91 are fully working now !!!! Amazing when you ask me, can't wait for Psinex to start playing real games. More screenshots have also been posted and Psychojak announced a release is close. For more news and screenshots, check out !

Thursday, December 7, 2020

   JoseQ's rumor mill Posted by Bobbi at [21:40 CET]  
I guess those of you who are already into emulation for a longer time already heard of the famous "Rumor mills" from JoseQ (Emuviews, where the latest insider news about all type of emulators are being published. They normally don't contain any interresting news for PSX emulation fans, but this time, there's been a small article about FPSE/ePSXe :
    Are you surprised to find a mention of FPSE in the Rumor Mill? Well, my agents are now positioned, and since it seems that the digital connection was good this week, I managed to snag some new and exclusive FPSE screenshots for you as well. They were produced with FPSE 0.09 on interpreter mode:

    [Shot 1] [Shot 2] [Shot 3] [Shot 4] [Shot 5]

    This emulator is another project that we should monitor closely as it seems to be doing quite well in development now, as well as ePSXe. I'm trying to position some agents near that camp as well, but no luck so far.
Like Galtor said, the ePSXe beta testers simply rule =P Just a hint for all those people bugging : look forward to a new ePSXe release very soon ... that's all for now. Read the complete rumor mill by clicking here. Thanks Galtor for the news.

   More PSinex news Posted by Bobbi at [21:29 CET]  
Looks like Psychojak was able to find some help with his controller questions asking expert/shadow, one of the PCSX programmers. Here's what Psychojak posted on the Psinex page today :
    Finally a solution is found for controllers. I would like to say a BIG THANX to shadow/expert- coder of the very good P©SX emulator. He is the supplier of the precious info! So... for the next version, count 1 player controls as a standard (...already working!). Before I go to further release's I would like to take some time, to code GTE, and Sound DMA. So everyone... be patient!!!
Guess this will increase compatibility much more now, I can't wait for the next version :) For more infos and news about this emulator, visit !

Wednesday, December 6, 2020

   DCPSX : Reality or fantasy ? Posted by Bobbi at [17:30 CET]  
There's been an announcement on a new project called DCPSX some days ago. I pretty much ignored it since I saw it as another hoax, but the fact that the author(s) are mentioning that it's still very early made me though a bit about it again. But to the facts first :

DCPSX is a program which is supposed to do the same thing bleemcast! is trying to : Emulating PSX games on your dreamcast console. Now before you get your hopes up, this emulator is in VERY early stages, meaning it's very slow and compatibility is also very low, so don't ask yet when it'll run FF9 :) But still the emulator seems to make some progress, here's what was posted on the (still very lousy made (404 links, errors etc.)) homepage :
    Well if your reading this you came to the right page. Infector's getting some pictures developed of the emu running some what of a game. Though as he syas the crontrols are still unresponsive and it runs at about 1% of the speed of a regular playstation game.
Mentions again that the emulators is still in very early stages, but I think it's still a VERY nice idea of the authors. You can visit their homepage for further infos (just don't click everywhere, not all links are working yet) at !

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   Another FPSE plugin update Posted by Bobbi at [17:18 CET]  
Like announced and prooved yesterday, another updated version of a PSEmu Pro plugin has been posted on the FPSE homepage today. The updated plugin is called SPUPSEmu and SPUPSEmuPro, meaning there's one version for both, the old and the old PSEmu Pro plugin standard. Here's what's new about those plugins :
    SPUPSEmu :
    Now it can be used for both interfaces. If you select a newer plugin, then the new interface will selected for taking advantages of all extensions.

    SPUPSEmuPro : Now only plugin with newer interfaces are enumerated during configuration. This will avoid crashes because a wrong selected plugin. Attention: if when FPSE starts it prints on consolle "can't initialize SPU", it's because you have forced an older interface. It may happen if you switch to the PRO version without configuring it. Simple solution: always configure the plugin before saving.
Download the PSEmu Pro plugin, which is more meant for faster PC's here and the PSEmuPro plugin mainly for slower PC's by clicking here. For more news and infos about them, I suggest you to check out the FPSE homepage.

   Psinex 0.041 released Posted by Bobbi at [17:09 CET]  
Wau, a great day ... some idiot nearly broke me my leg during sports today and after that, it of course had to start to rain here ... just until I got home. Ah well, one of those days, back to the news :

A new version of the PSX emulator PSinex has been released today, which increases the version number of this greatly improving emulator up to v0.041 ! Here's what Psychojak said about this release :
    Great News!!! I released © PSinex Version 0.041, which as main feature has a speed increase, of about... 70% (?!?). Hmmm... Really Dennis? Sometimes I impress myself. Sound DMA fixed a bit, but still needs heavy work. Still I haven't found any good info on controllers, and surely they are a must, in that state. Anyway, get the new version here to test it... and remember is still an interpreter!
I tested this version and gotta admit that the speed improvements are quite impressive. When you can help out Psychojak with the controllers, please contact him. To get the latest version, head over to !

Tuesday, December 5, 2020

   Tony Hawk 2 + ePSXe ? Posted by Bobbi at [23:17 CET]  
Galtor, one of the ePSXe programmers, made a post on our board containing some new infos about the next plugin generatio from Pete (which should carry the version number 1.41 ... meaning revision 1, version 41), and yeah, I guess you already know what comes now after reading the topic. Look and enjoy :


Pretty amazing in my opinion ... another reason to wait patiently for the next version (hey, I gotta wait this time as well ... let's play some FF9 to get over this =P). Thanks a lot to Galtor for the screenshots ... and Pete for this nice piece of work.

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   New FPSE plugin Posted by Thorgal at [20:08 CET]  
Well, here we have the first plugin for FPSE, starting the plugin frenzy announced earlier (reminder: there should be a new plugin released _every_ day! ). This one's a SPU plugin coded by Bero, named SpuWave. Here's some details and technical info for ya:
    It uses Windows Media API for playing sound.
    Since it's a work-in-progress plugin, some feature are missing; on my
    PC (486DX33) I've got a decent sound only at 11025 Hz, but if you have
    a better machine you can use higher frequency.
    Little tip if have more than one wave device and you don't know what is
    the best one: this plugin will add the following lines in FPSE.INI:


    Ok, if you modify by hand device ID number to -1, you will force a
    search of the best wave device (the default WAVE_MAPPER for the coders).
Let's hope this plugin will become a decent SPU choice for the gamers soon :) For your convenience, I mirrored it to the PSXEmu server. The link:LChen also announced that a fixed version of Spupsemu (you know, the "wrapper" which allows you to use PSEmu's SPU plugins with FPSE), so stay tuned!

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Monday, December 4, 2020 quiz solved Posted by Bobbi at [14:42 CET]  
Looks like some of our clever visitors were able to fully resolve the puzzle, like you can view in this discussion ! As a reminder, DragonYen posted a quiz on, which looks like the following :
    ...and for something completely different :
    DEC 1st :
    Dec 2nd:
    Dec 3rd:
Now we were already able to decode the first part on EfNet, which is hex code and means the same as A2Z aka A to Z ! The other two are more interresting, they form the following sentence when being decoded :
    A to Z (explaining the way you need to decode the following lines)
Though we don't know yet which vision the page is talking about, we can all guess it ... the countdown is pointing to december 30th ... My idea was that the number in brackets should be excluded, which would point to December 23th then ... though it's just another idea, like the many existing. Feel free to discuss your idea in our "Comments" thread below this post ! Congrat to lordjames and AYN for finding out !

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   FPSE plugin news Posted by Bobbi at [14:08 CET]  
Today, LDChen made an announcement on the FPSE homepage with an announcement regarding the FPSE plugins :
    Hi to all.
    Starting from tomorrow, new plugins will be released (one plugin per day). So, stay tuned every day of this week.
    That's all.
The FPSE plugins seem to be written very well (already tested the SPU one ?) and are fully compatible to the PSEmu Pro standard. For more news about this visit the FPSE homepage and our plugins page.

   More tools from Aldo Posted by Bobbi at [13:40 CET]  
The "master of PSX tools", alias Aldo Vargas, has updated his page with three new updates for his great tools. The first one does about the same the posted video patch below for VGS does, but it also allows you to apply many more patches, it's the well known VGS Video Patch Center and is up to R7b now. Here's what this version fixes :
    This new version fixes the CD codes of FF9 disks 2, 3 and 4 on PSytek's patches. The top-center image seems not working on all video cards :o(
You can download it by going here. When just talking about patching VGS, the VGS Generic Patcher has also been updated to v1.1 ! This great utility allows you to apply patches to the VGS executeable yourself. In case you get any new games working using this, make sure you drop me a note. The v1.1 release adds has the following changes :
    New in this version: FF9 patch example is now based on Psytek's Fix 4, added new game IDs that can be changed, included a text file with some additional info that could help patching. I would appreciate help completing this info.
To learn more about this great idea and for downloads, head over to this page. And last but not least, the memory card manager has been updated to v1.0c, which fixes a problem recognizing Chrono Cross saves and probably some others, too ! This tool and much more cool utilities can be downloaded from !

   VGS FF9 Patch v5 Posted by Bobbi at [13:29 CET]  
After the last solution we posted, it seems our FF9 patcher Psytek was able to detect the bug which caused the problems with the last version (reminder : it doesn't work on disc 3 and 4). The problem obvisiously was a simple typo in the CD's SLUS code. For those of you who missed the previous patches, this patch allows you to play Final Fantasy 9 US using VGS. This patch is hopefully the last one and should finally fix all issues. To use it, you need an UNPATCHED version of VGS 1.41 (no other version - Don't even ask !) which has already been started at least once.

This version also comes with a nice graphical GUI which allows you to quickly select the (unmodified) VGS executeable and patch it. Questions about this one please go on the messageboard, there're plenty of people who can help you with further problems there. You can download this patch by clicking here ! Thanks to Psytek for this great piece of work !

One last note : Many people mailed and asked about a crashing problem at the end of CD2. We know that you all didn't bought Final Fantasy 9 but downloaded the illegal warez release from a group called "Kalisto". Since FF9 can be puchased WORLDWIDE now (you have net access when you're reading those lines so you must be able to order online as well !), we won't allow any discussions about this any more. Keep to those rules or you'll get quickly banned from the board. When you played until the end of CD2, this games seems to be worth it.

Sunday, December 3, 2020

   New poll Posted by Thorgal at [23:22 CET]  
Well, our last poll was getting old and tired, so it was time for some changes. I have been given the honour to update the poll from now on, and getting used to the crappy script that is called PollIT. Ah well. Before announcing the new poll, let me unveil the results of the previous poll in question:
    What do you think about PSXEmu in general?

    Great site ! :
    70% (658 votes)
    Needs improvements : 19.5% (183 votes)
    It sucks : 10.5% (99 votes)
For those 70% of you: we're glad we're able to serve you :) Now, 19.5% voted we need improvements. We need to know what. Although I could've made a new poll out of this, I believe user-specific answers are more useful to us. Well then, drop us a mail ! Go on, tell us what needs to be changed! We all want to know :-)

Lastly, there's a 10.5% who either selected the wrong option, have no idea what this page is about, have no interest whatsoever in emulation or were getting bored and decided to vote "It sucks" every time. I wouldn't dare to guess. Whatever it is, what are you doing here? ;) In case it's one thing simply bugging you EXTREMELY, you might want to drop us a mail as well.

I am brabbling too much. The new poll: "How often do you play PSX on your PC?" There are several options available, and I'm sure there's one for you in it. Don't be shy, check out our poll on the left and cast your opinion!

   AdriPSX 00.12.01 released Posted by Bobbi at [20:10 CET]  
And yet another release of AdriPSX, this time with a nice GUI which allows you to easily select the plugins you want to use. Other than that, this new release has the following changes :
  • Corrected RTC2 timing.
  • Little change in Controller IRQ.
  • Added config modal for CPU
  • Corrected a bug in IRQ handling, more games works now.
  • Added config modals for GPU, SPU, CDR and PAD.
  • Added the file AdriGUI.dll to the AdriPSX package.
  • Small speed up on Root Counters IRQs.
You can get the new version by clicking here. Additionally, a compatibility list has been added to the AdriPSX homepage, I highly suggest you to check it out. Stay tuned for some screenshots of this fastly progressing emulator here at !

   VGS CD3 solution ? Posted by Bobbi at [16:07 CET]  
In this thread on our messageboard, Zidane_85 posted a possible solution for the problem with VGS 1.41 (patched), which occour on the third CD :
    Using the patch VGS which makes VGS played ff9(usa), insert disc 1 then load the saved file, then reinsert the selected disc. The FMV should play - cos u played the beginning FMV so the VGS will somehow make the others FMV worked.
In case you encountered this problem, please try this solution and inform other people how you did it. For Daemon Tools user, Aldo also posted a way to perform this trick :
  • 1. Press Alt-Tab and eject the ISO (instead of unmount)
  • 2. Return to VGS so FF9 interpret the disk was ejected
  • 3. Press Alt-Tab again mount the other disk and return to VGS.
    This procedure of changing ISO disks should work with other multi-disks games too.
In case you don't know yet, Daemon Tools allows you emulate a CD-Rom using an ISO on your HD and works with emulators like bleem! and VGS. Big thanks to Aldo for the tutorial, feel free to discuss this on our message board.

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Saturday, December 2, 2020

   Psinex page updated Posted by Bobbi at [18:36 CET]  
Today, Psychojak update the Psinex homepage with some news regarding this early but nicely progressing PSX emulator :
    Hi people! I've added a "Demo Compatibility List" to download, so you can see the current progress. I plan to add controller support in the next week, so I can raise that number, to up to +20 demos working. Since I don't have nearly no info on that, I would like to ask for some help. If anyone is willing to help me on controller implementation, contact me! That's all for now.
You can get the demo compatibility list by clicking here. For more infos about this emulator, visit

   Page fixes and additions Posted by Bobbi at [10:33 CET]  
Hmm, got some more time since girlfriend still needs to prepare herself, so I thought I might go and fix some stuff on the different pages that've been wrong for some time now. Here's what has been fixed :
  • FPSE section - I finally changed the links to point to instead of the old Emuforce adress. I also added the BeOS version to the download page (anyone have a nice BeOS icon ? Please mail me !) Thanks Martin for the notice.
  • VGS Mac downloads - Nick Ardell was kind enough to send me some screenshots of the lately posted tools for VGS mac, so I added them to the page, they should give you a better picture of how the tools look and work.
  • Chat room fixed - After many, many mails I finally got around to update the chat page with the new style and links, so it looks a bit nicer now and you can also navigate around from there. BTW - Feel free to enter and join us in our EfNet channel #psxemu when you have any questions.
In case you notice any other flaws/mistakes on the page, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BTW - Notices went out to the people who've been choosen for the board and reviewer positions, make sure you check your inbox ! I'm outta here.

   VGS Macro and Video updated Posted by Bobbi at [10:21 CET]  
Bah, what an ugly day here in germany, looks like winter is starting ... But anyway, Aldo updated his great collection of PSX tools again, and released VGS Macro v1.1 and an updated version of his video patch. VGS Macro comes along with the following changes :
    New in this version: A macro editor that let you edit, load and save the macros. VGS Macro is a tool that records the keystrokes on your keyboard and replay the keys in the "same" order/time you pressed them. It may be helpful for creating combos for fighting games, activate cheats and perform repetitive tasks found in games.
A pretty well tool for combinations in fighting games for example. Get it from here. The second update concerns the video patch, which is able to apply all known patches for VGS and the video patch, which changes the resolution in VGS using a window mode. Here're the infos about it directly from Aldo's page :
    This new version of the VGS Video Patch not only displays the graphics centered (on the top) of the screen. Also it applies other popular patches, like PSytek's Fix 2 and 3, ModChip patches from Morlac and SunTzu (untested method) and a new patch that I created that allows VGS 1.41 English to display PAL games half screen as in VGS 1.3. Note: This patch is *not* a D3D enhancer, it changes the screen resolution to 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 maintaining the game graphics at 640x480, resulting in a visually less pixelated graphics.

    The FF9 Patch R3 should work again... In the Video Patch R7 I introduced an error by mistake :o(
The patch new features a nicer GUI as well, so it's well worth getting. Download it from here. Again, two very nice updates from Aldo, make sure to check them out. Time for some christmas shopping now (better early than to late :))

   New VGS rebate Posted by Ryos at [10:05 CET]  
Connectix is offering a special $30 rebate for anyone purchasing the PC or Macintosh version of Virtual Game Station between November 1 and December 31. A request for compensation can be made by mailing a list of items specifically mentioned here.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, that's because there are several major limitations in the deal. Rebate forms must be received by Connectix by the end of January, and rebates won't even reach buyers for 8-10 weeks. Worse than that, this deal is only valid for customers in the United States and Canada, and even then only if the purchase was not made at CompUSA or Circuit City. At least I THINK this applies to customers in Canada. The terms and conditions on the same page says the offer's only valid in the U.S.A., but it says both apply three paragraphs above that.

Anyway, if you haven't bought a copy of Virtual Game Station yet and want VGS for 100% off or so depending on where you buy it, be sure to check out the offer.

Friday, December 1, 2020

   More news Posted by Bobbi at [20:15 CET]  
And yet again, has been updated with some more misc things. First off, a translator has been added to the page, which translates to either French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese or chinese. Then, an info about the banners has been added to the webmaster section, stating that anyone submitting a banner they'll use will be "fed with some presents". And last but not least, they added a pretty basic support system. It's style is kept pretty basic but it might be very useful for people having basic problems with bleem!.
    After some trial and error, we have managed to come up with a YES / NO style help section to hopefully determine your problem and suggest a solution. Please try this out before you request TECH SUPPORT.
In case you're still having problems with bleem! or need anything of the mentioned things above, make sure to check out !

   Updated linuzappz plugin Posted by Bobbi at [18:45 CET]  
linuzappz updated his PSEmu Pro compatible plugin which he created as an experiment to v0.2 and sent it to us to put it online. This plugin still is in very early stages and is mainly meant for programmers and testing so far, it's not really useful for use yet since it's still pretty slow and has problems. Anyway, what's new :
  • Quick Keys, F5-F9
  • Fixed GPUmakeSnapshot, created makeSnapShot
  • Fixed rgb -> bgr
  • Fixed LineF2 and LineG2
  • Fixed Sprites (unsigned char u,v)
Oh yeah, forgot to mention, this project is open source, so anyone who wants to can help. Download the plugin here and the source code by clicking here ! You can reach linuzappz at

   VGS all in one patch Posted by Bobbi at [18:08 CET]  
Another great update from Aldo today : He added all small fixes that exist so far and added them to the video patch.
    This new version of the VGS Video Patch not only displays the graphics centered (on the top) of the screen. Also it applies other popular patches, like PSytek's Fix 2 and 3, ModChip patches from Morlac and SunTzu (untested method) and a new patch that I created that allows VGS 1.41 English to display PAL games half screen as in VGS 1.3. Note: This patch is *not* a D3D enhancer, it changes the screen resolution to 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 maintaining the game graphics at 640x480, resulting in a visually less pixelated graphics.
Sounds like this tool might allow us to work with a single VGS executeable again. You can download it by clicking here. For more tools, make sure to check out !

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