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Tuesday, February 27, 2020

   More FPSE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [13:25 EST]  
And yet again another post over at the FPSE homepage containing screenshots from the new FPSE v0.09 (when they'll still call it like that) beta ! The screenshots are from the Dino Crisis 2 intro MDEC, and beside them, a status update has also been posted :
    The game (Dino Crisis 2) doesn't work yet, but with the previous beta these mdec weren't showing at all. Also, the Chrono Cross MDECs are awesome now, and fully supported within the latest FPSE0.09 build.
    These improvments are possible after that LDChen discovered a missing cd-rom routine function, so now, most (but not all) MDEC and cd-rom access modes are fully supported. LDChen working on Compiler Mode, that promises to be very fast these days.
Certainly great news, all we could ask for now is a release :) You can check out the Dino Crisis 2 MDEC screenshots by going here. Thanks to Joshua for the news !

Sunday, February 25, 2020

   Null2's SPU Plugin Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:41 EST]  
Null2 has updated his popular SPU plugin (usable in Emulators which support PSEmu Pro Plugins), to version 1.24! Not much else to say about this, so let's just get down to what's new in this revision:
  • SPU IRQ Supported (Must disable the option of SPU IRQ Hack)
  • Force 48kHz VAG (Manual for FF9)
  • Erased the "for Win2K" dialog
  • Fixed some misc. bugs
Hrm, a lot of plugins are getting updated recently, but what about the emulators? =P For those that wish to test out this new version right away, grab yourself a copy below:
    Download Null2's SPU Plugin 1.24 here (-17k-)

   ePSXe compatibility list news Posted by Bobbi at [13:12 EST]  
For several days I kept on forgetting to post TFCs request, but I finally found some time now to do so :) For quite some time, we're hosting the ePSXe compatibility list now, a project dedicated to collecting compatibility infos about as many games as possible and how they run with ePSXe.

The current list, for v1.0.1 of ePSXe, already contains infos for, at the moment, 741 games, and is steady growing. Furthermore, the page features a screenshot sections where you can see how good the games are actually running, which contains over 150 screenshots. In general, they need YOUR help to keep the page running by submitting compatibility infos and screenshots, so to help them head over to their page now.

As for their page, two things have been added/fixes as of late. First off, the page should finally look correct in Netscape now after Katana fixed the problem with some unknown NS CSS commands. And, last but not least, a new poll has been added as well where TFC and Katana would like to know what they should add to the page in the future, so place your votes by going here !

Got interrested ? Fine, then go and check out now !

   v1.31 update for Lewpy's GPU Posted by Bobbi at [13:01 EST]  
Hmm, someone out there doesn't seem to like me but all you emu fans :) Lewpy updated his GPU yet again to v1.31 with two new fixes being added, which are :
    "Stop! .... Carry On" Crash Bug :)
    Woke up this morning to reports of a new crash bug in my lastr elease :( If you stopped emulation (pressing ESC) and then continued, the plugin would crash :( I've traced the problem to an un-initialised pointer (doh!), that was introduced in v1.29 in the Copy Info functions. Should all be fixed now. Thanks to Elvis HUDRY, deryiu3, and clue1ess.
    .s. I guess that title is lost on anyone who doesn't listen to Radio 1 in the afternoons :)

    VRAM Upload in DMAChain
    As Kazzuya and Pete have implemented, so have I: my plugin now supports the uploading of VRAM data in a DMA Chain. This should fix a couple of games. Again, thanks to Taka-san for his in-depth analysis of the problem, and his solution!
So all you PSX emu fans, go and download this plugin by clicking here and update your plugins collection. For additional infos, make sure to pay Lewpys homepage a visit !

   Pete's GPU plugins v1.46 Posted by Bobbi at [4:27 EST]  
Like announced some time ago, Pete released the new revision of his PSEmu Pro compatible plugins today. Pete's GPU plugins consist of a Direct3D (one for DX6, one for the rest), OpenGL and software plugin and are working with all PSEmu Pro plugin compatible emulators like ePSXe, AdriPSX and PCSX. Here're the changes taken from the readme :
    Software plugin : The soft plugin supports now cards which are using a 5-5-5 16 bit desktop color. So, if you had troubles in the past (green/yellow lines or something like that), it should finally work without problems.

    All plugins : Some games seem to have problems with the main emu vsync timing, causing strange speedups/slowdowns even if the FPS is shown as 60/60 (or 50/50)... Well, now you can activate Lewpy's old FPS calculation again, which is based on the PC framerate, not the PSX one. It's a special game fix, mostly for some soccer games, I don't suggest to use it generally, though (it will cause a wrong MDEC timing, and sound can be out of sync). Please note: the PC fps rate is most times just half of the PSX one (30/30 or 25/25), so don't worry, if the fps display is showing less fps by activating the fix.

    All plugins : Yeah, it's possible to transfer image data in the dmachain... pfff... I always thought it's a main emu bug :) My plugins should now handle such transfers without problems... check out "Tombi" :) All credits and a big "thank you" to Kazzuya and especially Taka... really great job! I hope "Dragon Quest 7" will work fine for you :)
To download this great new plugin version, just click here. To learn more about the plugin and the author (ehhm, okay ... =P), make sure to give Pete's homepage a visit !

   More news about PSoE Posted by Bobbi at [4:12 EST]  
And yet again, the PSoE homepage has been updated with news and infos about the first commercial game this emu starts, Winning Eleven 2000 ! Here's the status report D1Y, the programmer of PSoE, made on the homepage :
    Finally I found a bug in the CD-ROM command "ReadN" , WE2000 can now go on running and I got more screenshots from it's beginning.

    But it hangs again somewhere after MDEC DMA,I think it may due to my unimplementation of MDEC. Maybe I will find the answer next week-end . :)
Quite impressive that this emulator already starts a commercial game. You can view the 4 starting screenshots here :
    Winning Eleven 2000 : [1] [2] [3] [4]
A release date ? I personally have no clue, maybe I can get some infos out of D1Y the next time I meet him :) For more infos about this rather new emulator, check out the PSoE homepage, hosted right here at !

   VGS patch news from Aldo Posted by Bobbi at [4:06 EST]  
Hmm, has been some time since the last newsupdate regarding Aldostools, since Aldo is busy with some commercial projects he's programming at the moment. Anyway, he released a new version of the games.txt for VGS. In case you haven't heard about this file yet, it's another possibility to apply patches for certain games to VGS without having to patch the EXE file. Here're the news from the revision :
    Changed FF9 USA code, Added the codes for FF9 PAL (English, French, Italian, Spanish & German?), sorted the games by name, reordered the hack info.txt, added some games fixed by 501xx (Oreno Shikabaneo Koeteyuke Jap, Popologe Jap, Popolocrois 2 Jap).
In order to apply there patches, download the GAMES.TXT from here and copy it into the same directory as the "Connectix VGS.exe". For more cool patches and hints for increasing VGS' compatibility, check out !

Saturday, February 24, 2020

   Lewpy's GPU plugin v1.30 Posted by Bobbi at [12:11 EST]  
Like already announced in the latest status update by Lewpy, he released yet another version of his great PSEmu pro compatible plugin, which works with emulators like ePSXe, PCSX, PSEmu Pro and AdriPSX. Here're the changes from this release :
    Dynamic Texture Window Caching
    I've re-written parts of the code for handling the dynamic texture cache, and approached some things slightly differently. This has increased the robustness of the code, and therefore increased its stability ... a good thing :)

    Texture Bug
    There has been a long-standing texture bug, where the top most row of texels in a texture page has not been uploaded to VRAM correctly. I've finally looked into this, and corrected the fault.
So all you 3Dfx users, go and download the plugin by clicking here and check out Lewpy's homepage for more infos about this cool plugin !

Friday, February 23, 2020

   New Linux GPUs From Pete Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:50 EST]  
JNS informed me on IRC that Pete Bernert has released two new PSEmu Plugins for Linux, which you can use with PCSX Linux, or any other PSX Emulator for Linux that supports PSEmu Plugins. Pete updated his MesaGL GPU to revision 1.46, and released the first version of his Software GPU for Linux. Hmm, 1.46 eh? Where's the Windows version of this core? :D You can check out the features of each new plugin below:
    Pete's MesaGL Linux GPU 1.46
  • just a small change: you can activate the old PC FPS calculation by setting the "special game fix" bit... it will help to get the right speed with some games (it kinda fixes the screwed main emu vsync

    Pete's Software X11 GPU 1.46
  • A soft gpu plugin for the Linux lovers... it needs a 15/16/32 bit desktop color depth to work (and, of course, the X enviroment)...
  • same features and fixes as my Windows Soft plugin V1.46...what's up? it's not released yet? well, it will be soon ;)
Yay! New Win32 plugins from Pete soon! :D For those of you wanting to test out Pete's new GPU Plugins for Linux, take a look below:
    Download Pete's MesaGL Linux GPU Plugin 1.46 here (-93k-)
    Download Pete's Software X11 Linux GPU Plugin 1.46 here (-52k-)

   Kazzuya's Software GPU Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [11:53 EST]  
Kazzuya has updated his popular Software GPU plugin for Emulators that include support for PSEmu Pro's Plugin system to version 1.5 Alpha 2! This update mostly has fixes for Dragon Quest VII, but these fixes should also help some other games. Here's the clip concerning the update, straight from Kaz's page:
    Another update. This time to fix a couple of problems in DQ7. One is about the screen shaking up and down in some cases. The other about the menu background, which is now properly semi-transparent. This should fix minor issues on other games.
    I'm not sure about the crash bugs. I don't actually have DQ7. Taka-san made a tool to record and playback pieces of GPU dislay lists. So basically I debugged pieces of display lists that he sent me. Impressive and very helpful !
You can grab Kaz's updated GPU below, or visit him at Thanks to [vEX] and fluffy for the news.
    Download Kazzuya's Software GPU 1.5 Alpha 2 here (-46k-)

Thursday, February 22, 2020

   Lewpy's Glide GPU Status Update! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:45 EST]  
Lewpy recently updated his page with a little status update concerning his popular Glide GPU Plugin for use with Emulators taking advantage of PSEmu Pro's plugin system. The update mostly speaks of an annoying bug that's been bothering Lewpy for ages, but also speaks of improved stability! Here's the post, snipped right off Lewpy's Page:
    I've been doing a lot of debugging of the Dynamic Texture Caching system. Last night, I believe I made significant improvements to its consistency, which in turn improves its stability. What does this mean? Less random crashes :)
    I also managed to track down and nail a texture bug that had been bugging me for _ages_. The top-most texel of a texture page was not being correctly uploaded to the 3dfx card, which caused some weirdness. I noticed this mainly on the first lap of Rage Racer, where there was a strange glitch on the wind-mill near the coast and also the trees at the top of the hill had an extra row of texels at the top.
    I think a new release is in the offing :)
Yay! All you 3dfx card owners should be glad to hear that a new release is not too far off ;) For more info on Lewpy's Glide GPU Plugin, check out his homepage, hosted here @ PSXEmu.

   PSinex update Posted by Thorgal at [15:22 EST]  
Yay, more news from PsYcHoJaK :D He updated the PSinex homepage with a short status update about this steadily progressing emulator. Why don't you take a look:
    The "secret member" made an awesome Configurator, for plugins & emulator settings. CD-ROM implementation is about to begin, in the next few days... That's were our hopes are based. I don't know personally what to expect. I wish for the best! GTE opcodes are fixed a bit, including the Manta Demo. Speed has increased a bit more, by converting C++ to ASM code. =)
Ha, I just love status updates :) If you want to see PSinex in action, be sure to head over to the PSinex site and check out the latest version, v0.052. If you like demos, go for it! ;)

   DirectControl Update Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [2:47 EST]  
Some of you may have heard of an old utility known as DirectControl, a nice little control panel for Microsoft's DirectX from bgr software. Well, DirectControl recently received an update, to revision 5.5 Beta! I could find no changelog for this release, so I've decided to post DirectControl's features below:
  • Supports all DirectX versions, including DirectX 8.0
  • Supports all Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectSound3D, DirectInput and DirectMusic settings. Over 50 total settings
  • Enable / Disable Direct3D, DirectDraw and DirectSound hardware acceleration on-the-fly
  • Supports use of multiple Direct3D accelerator cards in one system at the same time (disabled)
  • Built-in Windows Tuneup options include, DirectCD settings (Cache & Prefetch), VCACHE settings, Fast Reboot & more
  • Quick and easy access to the DirectX Control Panel applet
  • Supports Windows 95 / 98 / ME
For those seeking an easy way to manage/change your DirectX settings, you can pick up DirectControl below, but it requires the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtimes to function, which can be found at it's homepage.
    Download DirectControl 5.5 Beta here (-102k-)

   Bersirc 1.2! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [2:30 EST]  
Bersirc, an up-and-coming IRC client, has just had a pretty large update, bringing it up to version 1.2! Changes in this version include:
  • Colour options extended for theme support
  • Channel options merged into colour options
  • Added ServerID parameter to the following script functions: GetChanModes, GetChanLimit, GetChanKey, Ban, Kick
  • Re-ordered options dialog
  • Added Ping/Pong message option to /options application
  • Added +a support to channel dialog (anonymous ops)
  • Added ability to echo text to active window or status (/options text)
  • Fixed console resizing bug causing freeze up
  • Added docking/undocking to child windows
  • Fixed bug where quit messages had colour codes stripped
  • Fixed bug where setting topic also set limit
  • Echo command now supports Control-K colours and Control-M colours (first parameter is now a string)
  • Added GetBCol and GetBColPref to script to get user configured colours
  • Added mIRC compatibility mode to logging
  • Added ability to toggle timestamp in logs
  • Added logging options - /options log
  • Added ability to modify log folder
  • Fixed bug where 0 second ping reply was blank
  • DCC file request dialog now inserts filename into savedialog
  • Filters have been added for parsing text
  • Fixed /wallops, /locops, and /operwall for easy recognition
  • Removed local echo from /wallops, /locops, and /operwall
  • Oper state is now shown in status window caption
  • Added option to start query minimised
  • Added server password support (hooray for BNC)
  • And more!
Bersirc seems to be coming along nicely since it's initial release, and more and more bugs are being ironed out, which is always a good thing ;) For those interested in trying out Bersirc, or for current users of Bersirc looking to upgrade, grab yourself a copy below:
    Download Bersirc 1.2 here (-1.3MB-)

   PCSX Memcard Support! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [2:11 EST]  
expert- gave me this bit of info (plus the lovely screens :D) on IRC a few days ago, but I've been a bit busy lately, and haven't gotten around to posting it (sorry expert- =P), so here goes. PCSX, both the Win32 and Linux ports, now feature support for PlayStation Memory Cards! Yep, that's right, now you can save in PCSX! ;) Here's a shot from each port, showing a bit of memcard support:
    PCSX Linux - [1]
    PCSX Win32 - [1]
It's always nice to see emulators progressing, and this is just one small step along the road for PCSX, and I for one hope it continues down that road at it's current pace ;)

Wednesday, February 21, 2020

   New poll ! Posted by Thorgal at [16:08 EST]  
Well, it sure became time for a new one. I ususally prefer a poll referring to recent happenings in the scene in some way, but since there hasn't been much of excitement the past few days, it took a while to think of something :)

First, the results of our last poll :
    In the end, was bleem! PC worth your money?

    No 81.3% - (1629 Votes)
    Yes 18.6% - (373 Votes)

    Total Votes: 2003
The results actually didn't surprise me, but in case you still want to let out some comments regarding this topic, I included a comments page so here's your chance.

Now, on to the new poll. It was PnesX (a NES emulator which runs on the PSX) which made me thinking: Have you ever used an emulator on a console? To keep it simple, I excluded any sort of arcade system here ;) The possible options are self-explaining, which brings us to the point where it's time to stop reading and vote :)

   Aldo's VGS Patches News Posted by Wormie at [11:16 EST]  
Aldo has updated his VGS Patches News section. Here is what is updated this time around: Updated GAMES.TXT file with all known KLUG codes fixes. Now including FF9 pal, Exceed My Corpse and many japanese codes by Shin. If you want to know what this section is, then here is a short description:
    In this section you will find many news on VGS patches for specific games, including Chrono Cross USA, Final Fantasy 9 Jap/USA, Smackdown 2, Valkyrie Profile USA/Jap and Tales of Eternia JAP. Also other games Fixed by Psytek's Patch, KLUG Resource for VGS Generic Patcher, previous 501xx patches.
So head on over to for the latest patches, tools, and cool little gadgets :).

Tuesday, February 20, 2020

   PnesX compatibilty list 1.3 Posted by Bobbi at [17:05 EST]  
I just noticed I missed those news for like one week now : MWMDRAGON sent me an updated version of his PnesX compatibility list, which now includes all numbers and letters from A until G, which includes more than 300 tested roms. As a small reminder, PnesX is a NES emulator running on your playstation. In case you don't have PnesX yet, go and download it here.

And for the updated PnesX compatibility list, just point your mouse at here. Thanks to MWMDragon for his great work again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this before : We just topped 2.8 million visitors and we're looking forward to a 3 million visitor contest now, so stay tuned !

   Some misc stuff Posted by Bobbi at [15:18 EST]  
Hey, it's me again :) I'm neither dead nor did I leave this site, it's just that our staff either already covered the news or there are none - either way, great how everything runs right now.

So why the heck am I posting now though there aren't no real news ? Well, for a few days now JNS keeps on messaging me a "reminder" that I wanted to post about his page, so I thought it'd be about time now : Our team member JNS, creater of neat utilties such as [pec] and blini! and EmuManiac have created a new german site about emulation : Emukult. Since EmuManiac left Emunews to work on that page, this can be called the biggest german news site about emulation. So all you german emulation lovers, head over to now !

And another thing ... I keep getting mails asking for the ePSXe beta or infos about the next release - belive me, when we're allowed to give out any, you'll find them here. Hmm, wait, there is a thing I can tell you :) !
    Did you know that the 7th march 2001 is the first birthday of ePSXe ? :)
Hey, I haven't said anything else, okay ? Feel free to post your comments on our board though :)

   EmuSaves Needs a Person Posted by dhalamar at [10:20 EST]  
The site dedicated to Bleem, VGS, ePSXe, and Dexdrive saves called EmuSaves, is needing a new member with a fast connection and big E-Mail box. :) So if you fit those requirements and think you can help out, by all means, send them an E-Mail.

Sunday, February 18, 2020

   Pete's Playstation MIDAS SPU v1.7 Posted by dhalamar at [5:53 EST]  
Our good friend Pete has updated his awesome Playstation MIDAS SPU to version 1.7, bringing with it the following changes: *Update by Bobbi : There's actually a longer list of changes, I copied it here in case you wondered :
  • fixed a issue which could cause a crash on emu exit
  • faster sample decoding
  • better psx spu irq support
  • all kind of changes related to sample loops
Furthermore, there's a important note for all ePSXe users in the readme :
    be sure to disable the "SPU IRQ" option, when you are using my plugin with epsxe (maybe some games will still need it, but most will work better without)
And since Dhalamar couldn't find the right location on our server (hard enough), here's a download link : Pete's Midas SPU v1.07. *END OF UPDATE*

Alright, forgive me for this, I don't know the structure for the plugins, or even where to put them being that I haven't added files to the archive yet. :) I guess I'll have to bug someone into helping me out when it isn't 5:00 in the morning. You can download this from Pete's homepage for the time being. :)

   All Your Endings Are Belong To Us Posted by Sonikku at [5:41 EST]  
Just a quickie to let our readers know the videogame museum has been updated with some new game endings, inlcuding 5 PSX game endings (Tekken 2, Tekken 3, GT2, Raystorm and MegaMan 8) so if your too lazy to beat the game, head on over to see what you missed! ;)

Saturday, February 17, 2020

   PSOE Runs a Commercial Game!! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [11:59 EST]  
PSoneEmu's homepage has been updated with a bit of a status update, and a screenshot of PSOE showing an intro screen to Winning Eleven 2000! This means that PSOE should soon be running some commercial games fully in the future, once some bugs to the CD-ROM Routines are fixed. Here's the clip from the homepage:
    Today I get a game picture from PSoneEmu the very first time. :)
    It comes from the very beginning of KONAMI's Winning Eleven 2000 (U23), you can check it out here. But PSoneEmu down after this picture has shown.
    This means PSoneEmu can run commercial games soon but still have bugs in CD routine. It is really a encouraging news. :)
You can check out the screenshot in the afformentioned link. Congratulations to D1Y on this great accomplishment with PSOE!

Thanks to EmuKult for the news. back! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [11:18 EST]  
ePSXe's official website,, seems to be working again.

As you may know from Wormie's previous post, their account was suspended by their host, CubeSoft Communications. Please excuse the small post, but there's really not much else to say about something like this ;)

Friday, February 16, 2020

   FPSE screenshots Posted by Thorgal at [14:26 EST]  
Well, it's time for some more screenshots of the upcoming FPSE v0.09 release. This time, the FPSE homepage has been updated with 3 new Resident Evil 2 screens. I must say they look pretty good :) And to give you an impression of the speed: these screenshots were made with a P200 MMX and Kazzuya's latest s/w plugin, at 9FPS ...

Anyways, they also put a small status update online, so in case you've been following this one for a while, be sure to head over to the FPSE homepage. Thanks to Joshua Kaldor from Emu Outpost for the news! is Back .. maybe not Posted by Wormie at [3:41 EST] the official site for ePSXe is back online. The site was down for a for awhile because of it's account being suspended. Since the site is back online they must have taken care of this problem. Sorry for the small post but wanted to keep people updated. :)

Update: - Seems to be down again .. but was working this morning for me. Hopefully I will get a chance to talk to calb, or Galtor today to get some info. So it seems to be down again .. sorry to get your hopes up :P

   PCSX For Linux Screens! Posted by Wormie at [3:32 EST]  
JNS just informed me on IRC that the PCSX has been updated with new screenshots for the Linux port of PCSX. Some great screens of Need for Speed V-Rally that were submitted by Aaron Rogers. Hopefully we will get some more screens of this port running more games. This is shaping up to be great news for Linux users, keep up the great work!

Head on over to PCSX Compatibility page to see the new screens. Thanks again JNS for the news! :)

Thursday, February 15, 2020

   Ehhm .... (misc news) Posted by Bobbi at [9:04 EST]  
I was just checking the other news sites when I saw a rather interresting article posted over at Retrogames about Microsoft adding a system to prevent music piracy into Windows XP. Rather unrealistic, but read for yourself :
    A new digital media security solution developed by Microsoft provides protection for content owners while excluding other digital rights management systems.

    The Secure Audio Path (SAP) adds "static" interference to media files that require video and audio cards to authenticate themselves with Windows software before they can be played. The company would be able to verify that a media player isn't playing an "unsecured" file, which according to Microsoft would eliminate much of the threat of piracy.
I really wonder how the heck M$ wants to have success with that and if they really belive, there won't be a way around this or anyone interrested in that stuff will use their OS before there is one :) Anyway, you can read the full article over here.

   Kazzuya's soft plugin v1.5a Posted by Bobbi at [8:45 EST]  
Today, yet another update for Kazzuya PSEmu Pro compatible software GPU plugin has been published, increasing the version count to v1.5 alpha (so better keep the old one on your HD in case it doesn't work yet, alphas are usually spiffy). The changes for this version :
  • Fixed 24bit mode for some movies playback
  • Added option to avoid 24/16 bit full-screen switch. Useful for games that use movies a lot (FF 8).
  • Better support for on-display draw (FF8 Battle menu)
  • Workaround on odd full-screen/window crash bug (Callign ShowWindow( _hwnd, SW_HIDE ) kills DDraw4 pointer ?!)
  • HW stretch blit now is properly centered
Pretty many changes to this nice software plugin. You can download it by clicking (okay, new plugins directory structure, let's hope I don't mess up this link) here. For troubleshooting and more infos about this plugin, check out !

Wednesday, February 14, 2020

   ePSXe homepage down Posted by Bobbi at [16:30 EST]  
Well, I didn't wanted to post about that one, but since I recived more than 50 E-Mails about this so far, I'll quickly mention it : Yes, the homepage of the PSX emulator ePSXe is down and currently displaying the following message :
    Account epsxecom was suspended
Since that isn't the first time someone from the emulation community has problems with their host Csoft, I suppose they noticed that their account either created to much traffic or caused a to high CPU usage (message board usually do that pretty well) - either way, I'll contact the ePSXe team and update here with any news regarding this.

   FAQ section added Posted by Bobbi at [16:18 EST]  
Not many news today, so I did something page internal I wanted to do for a long time : Since our Emus4PSX section wasn't working anyway, we replaced it with a link to PSXEmu's big FAQ section, which features answers for the most commenly asked questions about nearly everything you could imagine, and operations is improving it more and more, so make sure to take a look by using the FAQs button in our menu at the top. And congratulation to Operations for his great work !

That section now also features an AdriPSX part, which has been created by Roor himself and also contains answers to the questions you all already wanted to ask :) So in case you want to shorten the waiting time until the next release of AdriPSX a bit, check out the FAQ here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2020

   Site Updates Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:26 EST]  
I did some misc. updates to PSXEmu tonight, and I'd though I'd inform all of you of the changes, so here goes:
  • Re-did the directory structure of the PSEmu Pro plugins, to allow for Linux plugins without confusion. (Fixed most links to point to the new locations of the files, e-mail me if you find any plugin related link problems.)
  • Split the PCSX Plugins page up, one for Win32 PSEmu Plugins and Linux PSEmu Plugins.
  • Misc updates/additions to the standard plugins pages.
  • Misc. updates to some emulator's sections.
  • Added a plugins page for AdriPSX (Noticed we didn't have one, oops :D)
  • Other misc. updates either too insignifigant to mention, or I just forgot I did them ;)
Well, I know the changes weren't drastic, but I hope they will allow for a better PSXEmu experience ;)

   PSinex Status Update Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:23 EST]  
PsYcHoJaK updated the PSinex homepage with a small status update on the new PSX Emulation project he is working on. From the looks of the post, it seems like the new project is improving rather nicely, here's a clip for you, the loyal visitor ;)
    I fixed the Rootcounters, so now ALL homebrew demos have superb sound! The other person, added reverb and improved sound quality, and is about to add 2 players support using the PSEmuPro plugin system! Stay tuned!
For more info on PSinex, check out it's homepage.

   PCSX Linux Port Released!! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [20:12 EST]  
expert- just informed me on irc that the Linux port of PCSX, developed by Linuzappz, has been released! The port is more advanced than the current Win32 release of PCSX, and it has it's own library of plugins written by Linuzappz! It also supports Pete's recent release of his MesaGL Linux GPU plugin, version 1.45! Here's a clip of the news from the PCSX homepage:
    Well, we promised it and Linuzappz delivered even sooner than I imagined so here comes the Linux port, a little more advenced than the Windows one, and with all the necessary plugins from Linuzappz himself! The first ever PSemuPro compatible psx emulator for Linux!

    Special thanks to Pete for releasing his fixed Linux GPU plugin so fast, version 1.45, which is on par with all of his other excellent gpu plugins.
This sure is good news for Linux enthusiasts who are also PSX Emulation fans ;) You can grab PCSX Linux and plugins below ;)
    Download PCSX Linux 0.6.300 here
    Download Linuzappz' Linux CDR Plugin 1.2 here
    Download Pete's MesaGL Linux GPU Plugin 1.45 here
    Download Linuzappz' Linux Pad Plugin 1.0 here
    Download Linuzappz' Linux SPU Plugin 1.4 here
    Download Linuzappz' Linux SPU Null Plugin 1.0 here

   Updated GPU from Knack Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [17:41 EST]  
I was updating the plugins page, when I saw the link to Knack's page, and something just made me check it out. Well, to my surprise, there was an update to his Software GPU plugin! His Software GPU plugin was updated to version 0.82, and it features a new FPS limiter and more! Here's what's new, straight from Knack's page:
    Updates v0.82
  • Added FPS-limiter. (But, I'd like not to use.)
  • Added palette-caching, to improve average running speed.
  • Fixed shading bugs.
This recently discovered plugin seems to be progressing nicely. You can snag the updated plugin below if you're interested:
    Download Knack's Software GPU 0.82 here.

   Kazzuya's Soft GPU Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:44 EST]  
I was just informed by a user in #psxemu@EFnet that Kazzuya has updated his Software GPU plugin for Emulators utilizing PSEmu Pro's plugin system to version 1.4 Final! This new revision mostly fixes bugs which were introduced in 1.4 beta, and should be considered a must get for those who use this particular GPU plugin. For more info on what's new, check this clip from Kaz's homepage:
    Today I dedicated some time to the GPU plug-in. To my surprise it quickly hung while playing Rage Racer. This suprised me because I recently used almost always that game to test (uses texture window and it's fun to play 8). The problem was on the line clipping routine. I think before releasing 1.4 beta I added a bunch of line routines and I only tested briefly with Armored Core.
    In any case the plug-in shouldn't lock anymore ! At least not for line drawing.
    Some other bug fixes are in. Special thanks to Taka for finding a bug with Dragon Quest VII and suggesting a fix.
    This is the final release of 1.4. I wanted to spend more time on it, but I was already thinking of adding some exotic features so I decided I should release something before breaking everything.
You can get more info on Kaz's plugin and some of his other projects at his homepage. For those interested in checking this new revision of Kaz's GPU out, download it below:
    Download Kazzuya's Software GPU 1.4 Final here.

Monday, February 12, 2020

   PSXFanatics is BACK! Posted by Thorgal at [17:02 EST]  
First of all, point your browser to this page. Continue to go to ePSXeFanatics, have a quick look, then come back. Nice, isn't it? :) That's right, ePSXeFanatics is back, and it sure looks promising! I personally really like the result of Wormie's redesign efforts, but that's not the only thing which has been changed. You can expect a fine and improved collection of screenshots (thank NESboy for that :), a compatibility list, a refined message board so you can communicate with fellow ePSXe fanatics, and more!

.. well, enough nice words, I'm off to bed :D Just be sure to pay PSXFanatics a visit !

   Some bad 4EverPSX news Posted by Bobbi at [16:06 EST]  
Sephiroth Angellus, author of the nicely advancing new PSX emulator 4EverPSX came into our official channel #psxemu on EFNet today and announced some bad news :
    Hi all, sad news. I deleted all my sources. Backwards compatibility sucks bigtime. So i'll start from scratch again ;-)
    Just a delay - time is also short, have to plan my wedding and bought a house recently. So lot's of stuff is happening at this moment.
Let's hope Sephiroth doesn't loose motivation to work on his great emulator, even though of this big loss. For more infos on 4EverPSX, you can check out the official homepage !

   Promised FPSE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [12:47 EST]  
Looks like busy days right now, great to see the staff keeps up with all this stuff ! I myself think I should be able to spend some more times into the sections, which badly need updating, this week as well since my school exams are over and my girlfriends holidays ended today as well. But enough private stuff, back to the news : The FPSE homepage has been updated yet again with the promised screenshots of EA Sports's Fifa 2001 running in the v0.09 beta of FPSE - 13 different shots to be exact. You can check out these screenshots by going here.

Comment : Although FPSE still only runs in interpreter mode (which is slower than the dynrec core most other emus like ePSXe and AdriPSX use), the FPSE team seems to make some nice progress. During a chat with !+Mr.Fog+! I was able to learn that Fifa 2001 for example runs at about 13 FPS on his P200 MMX - though this is stuttering a lot, you should be able to get nice results on a faster machine then ! So let's hope the FPSE team will release this new version after hyping us up with all those cool screenshots. Of course, we'll keep you informed about this when more news become available !

   Pete's Linux GPU plugin updated Posted by Thorgal at [10:57 EST]  
Wow, third update from Pete in three days :) I just saw that he updated his "MesaGL Linux GPU plugin" to v1.45 ! That's right, v1.45, that means it should be right on par with Pete's other GPU plugins (see our plugins page for more info) :D For the list of changes, I'll refer to the v1.45 readme.

There's one problem though: there isn't any (decent) Linux PSX emulator to use this one with :P So, in case you're about to port one to Linux, why don't you download this one! And Pete also wrote a test utility so you should have something to start with :D

*Extra comment* Ahh, how could I forget PCSX for Linux! :) This plugin by Pete could come in very handy by the time it's actually released...

Sunday, February 11, 2020

   New Impact Glide Renderer Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:51 EST]  
I saw over at EmuHQ that Impact, a discontinued Arcade emu capable of running Capcom ZN-1/ZN-2 games, has had an update to it's Glide Renderer. As some of you may know, Impact Renderers are compatible with emulators using PSEmu Pro's plugin system, so it seems logical to report this update. Here's a clip from the Impact Homepage, which tells a tiny bit about what's new:
    The glide renderer has been updated. This release is totally untested and even the author couldn't specify what is fixed but it should take care of the crashing bug which occurs with some cpu's among many other things.
For those that know of Impact's Renderers working with PSEmu Plugin-based emus, you must know that the renderers must be renamed from renderer.ipc to yourdesiredfilename.dll. For inexperienced users, I've taken the liberty to rename the file myself, and repackage the archive. You can download it below:
    Download Impact's Glide Renderer 1.3 here (-101k-)

   Lewpy's Glide GPU Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:32 EST]  
Lewpy informed me on IRC of a new release of his popular Glide GPU Plugin for Emulators using PSEmu Pro's Plugin System. This new release brings the revision number up to 1.29! Here's the lengthy list of what's new:
  • Dynamic Texture Window Caching
    There were some nasty bugs in the initialisation of the Dynamic Cache memory pool in the previous version, which could cause corrupt graphics and random crashes :( It's all fixed now [hopefully!!] :)
  • FrameCap Method Option
    You can now control the method by which my plugin tries to limit the speed of a game. Read the Menu System descriptions in the readme file for full info.
  • More Chrono Cross fixes
    1) Save game screen is no longer corrupt and flickering
    2) Status screen works and doesn't freeze the game (thanks Pete!)
    3) Last frame of MDEC doesn't jitter :) subtle, but hey :)
  • Texture Window improvements
    General improvements to the creation of texture window textures. Should help reduce corrupt graphics.
  • Palette Bug fixed
    There was a palette bug in previous versions which would cause primitives to be 100% transparent. This has been fixed. This problem was most noticeable in certain XMen vs. Street Fighter scenes.
  • Text File free with each Screen-Shot!
    Bargain of the century, roll-up roll-up :) The configuration of the plugin is written to a .txt file, with the same name as the screen-shot. Err, just like Pete's plugins do :) Useful for posting with screen-shots on web-sites, so people can see exactly what hardware it was taken on, and also how the plugin was configured. It's the same style as the COPY INFO button.
  • DMAChain fix
    A small fix to the DMAChain handling routine, that should make it handle corrupt DMA Chains better. Thanks for the tip, Pete ;)
  • Miscellaneous Fixes
    There are the usual bunch of miscellaneous fixes, which I loose track of :)
Whew! Lewpy's GPU seems to be getting better all the time ;) For those faithful followers of it already, or for those with a 3dfx card looking for a bit more speed out of ePSXe, download Lewpy's Glide GPU below!
    Download Lewpy's Glide GPU 1.29 here (-147k-)

   Psinex status update Posted by Bobbi at [15:34 EST]  
Finally, after over a month of silence (how unusal for Psychojak =P), the Psinex homepage has been updated yet again with a status update and a great announcement :
    I must apologize for the lack of updates, but instead I'll get to the point. PSinex isn't dead. It just became the base start of a new PlayStation Emulator that I'm working on with another person. I'm as well, learning Dynamic Recompilation techniques in order to implement one, to the new emulator (not immediately). CD-ROM implementation will find its way as well (finally). I can assure you from now, that the new emulator won't be dissapointing as the previous one! It won't be late!
Whatever this means :) (speculations are welcome on our message board) - for more infos about the Psinex (and the new) project, keep an eye on the Psinex homepage, hosted right here at PSXEmu.

   Daemon tools review Posted by Bobbi at [15:29 EST]  
With all the new ideas today to attract visitors, how about this one : Jayce from Mytech just sent me an E-Mil informing me that he's done a review for the CD-Rom emulator Daemon tools. A short snipset :
    Have you ever want a 80X CDROM Drive? Your dream come true went you read this article. Continue reading and you will find out what I mean.

    It is more than a virtual CDROM drive. It is also an advanced application for multiprotection emulation because it runs backup copies of SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom and Laserlok protected games. It support lot of format such as CUE, ISO, CCD and BWT image files. All you have to do is dump an exact image of your original CD and mount it with DAEMON Tools. By doing so, you can also check the image that you dump is perfect or not.
The article talks about the speed increasement you'll get, has some benchmarks and nice tips, so in case you've always tried to get the max performcance out of everything or you're using many ISOs and wanted to play them without burning (for whatever reason), I'd highly suggest you to check out this article by going here.

   More about PSXTulz v0.03 Posted by Bobbi at [15:16 EST]  
Well, I've just been playing around a bit with the latest PSXTulz release and noticed how much fun it can be to play those videos from long finished games again. Actually, the current version of PSXTulz plays a lot more of those, on the other hand, it is a step back for those games which already worked in the last version.

This may be the slower IDE mode which works flawless on an Athlon 900 but has quite some slow downs on a 500 Mhz machine - and sadly enough, the original modus crashes on both PC's - the only way to get it running is to start the movie, press space to pause it, select the original CD-Rom mode from the general settings and continue the movie. Anyway, I also took some pics for your viewing pleasure, don't ask me why they're that small, it's the way PSXTulz saves them (maybe bigger ones in the next version ?). They're from Final Fantasy 9, V-Rally 2, Dead or Alive and Tomorrow never dies :


Still some way to go until it gets to the reference program for movies (PSmplay), but already a big step in that direction :) In case you don't have this program yet, go and download it here.

   PsxTulz v0.03 Released Posted by Wormie at [8:44 EST]  
t_chan has updated his cool playstation utility called PsxTulz to version 0.03. PsxTulz is a great utility that includes a Playstation Movie Player, Playstation Memory Card Manager, and a File Manager. Here is a list of many changes to this version:
  • (finally !) Added 2352-bytes/sector read functions:
    - IDE functions (still too slow to run on certain PCs !)
    - SCSI functions
    Added 'CD-ROM access mode' to the general options (stored in .ini file) Now all the movies should play correctly, even from PSX CD'(the 'standard' 2048 bytes/sector mode is still available)

  • Added a quite complete 'CD Info' function

  • Added 18900 khz .STR Movie files support

  • Added Mono .STR Movie files support

  • Added .XA Audio files support (still buggy)

  • Added .DA Audio files support (some Wave file formats, not the CD-Audio format... some PSX cds have a CDDA dir with wave files, e.g. Ridge Racer Revolution, Rage Racer, Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix, ...) (I like features that are easy to implement, like this one... ^_^)

  • Added .PSM files support (PSmplay analyse Data file - I hope Segu doesn't mind... )

  • Better video image quality: Added movie option '15-bit mode' and '24-bit mode' (previously always in 15-bit mode) Also added a check in DirectDraw to see if the resolution change was successful (it tries the specified mode, if that fails 32 -> 24 -> 16 -> 8 -> 4-bit mode... one of these resolutions should be available... no?)

  • Added a menu option 'windowed mode'(was already implemented when you unchecked 'fullscreen', but this is specially for Bobby ^_^)

  • DirectDraw and DirectSound changes:
    * should be safer (always cleaning the variables before running... this sometimes makes the difference after a crash)
    * Windowed mode doesn't use DirectDraw anymore.
    * DD & DS are now linked dynamically... you don't need DirectX to run the program anymore(no fullscreen/sound without directX though)
    * Multimonitor support is OK in windowed && fullscreen mode now.
    * should work with previous versions of DirectX (version 3 ?)
    * fullscreen mode now has its own window (not using the windowed movie window anymore for this)

  • corrected the FF9 movie format sound (speed & quality)... should be the correct speed now... still have sound distortions with some files though...

  • corrected a bug in the listview (after changing x times from directory, the files would display slower and slower, until nothing was shown anymore) -> result: displays the directory contents faster

  • Added a font selection box for the memcard (japanese) display (-> MS Mincho is no longer required)

  • Added an edit box for the screenshot directory in the general options dialog (you had to edit the .ini file to change this dir in the previous release)

  • Cursor is only hidden for fullscreen mode now

  • Added a 'mail to the author'- function ^_^

  • disabled the GT2 movie video part, so that PsxTulz doesn't crash, but plays the music...
Whoa .. lot's of changes :). Also t_chan is looking for your help. t_chan would like you to test version 0.03 on IDE CD-ROM drives, with the IDE access functions enabled in the General Options, and send me your comments to t_chan. Please include the CPU and CDRom Drive you use and comments on the results. Ok I think I went a little long on this post but hey anything for great people like t_chan that make cool tools and stuff :). So head on over to and grab version 0.03 of PsxTulz.

Saturday, February 10, 2020

   PEC Database Editor 1.6 Posted by Wormie at [19:38 EST]  
Ok ... I have come to the conclusion that Aldo never sleeps :). He has yet again updated on of his many cool tools. This time PEC Database to version 1.6. Let's see what is new in this version. Ok now you can edit the game name and code ID, update button changes to green whenever a change is made to a cheat. Cool :). Here is a description of this tool:
    This is a database editor for the freeware [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station. Much more additional features than the "so-basic" cheat editor included in the latest release of [pec].

    This tool let you import directly into [PEC] database the cheats from the Game Shark Code Creators Club and GameBuster's Paradise which are two the most complete online databases of Game Shark codes in the world, with thousands of PlayStation cheats listed. Now you can add hundreds of new cheats not included on [PEC] yet.

    One important feature on PEC Edit is the addition of FAVORITES, which is an alternate [PEC] database that you can build containing only the games that you own.
I also noticed Aldo gave a great tip for PSEmu Pro. Here is the tip he gave:
    If PSEmu Pro is crashing when trying to configure the emulator, remove Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.45 and Kazzuya's Soft Driver 1.4beta from the Plugins directory and you should be able to configure PSEmu Pro again.
Thanks for keeping me busy Aldo :). You know the routine ... head on over to to get the latest in PSX Emulation Tools!

   New fairy-tales from Pete Posted by Bobbi at [16:48 EST]  
I just checked news for the last time for today, and saw that Pete Bernert, author of the famous Pete plugins, posted another one of his funny "fairy tales", which refelct his point of view on the latest happenings in the scene. This one focuses on the bleem! article we published yesterday, I nearly flew from my chair while reading it. A small part from it :
    |Rantee| ah, yeah... well, we can't do that "100 games each pak" thing... but hey, I have an idea: we will do "1 game each pak"!
    |Davdle| ONE????
    |Rantee| yeah... think about it: instead of selling just one pak with 100 games, we can sell 100 paks that way !
    |Rantee| of course we don't have 100 games up and running right now... but still, we can sell, mmm... 6 different paks, hey, that's much better than just one!
    |Davdle| good idea! what will be in the first pak?
    |Rantee| I thought about MG Solid... it's very popular, and there are just a few glitches
    |Davdle| mmm... there are still glitches? I don't know if that's a good idea then... there is a PC port of that game, and ppl will notice that our gfx is not as good as the PC version
I HIGHLY suggest you to read the rest of that by going here, it's really worth your time :)

   New poll Posted by Thorgal at [16:15 EST]  
Well, it became time for a new poll again. Let's have a look at the results of our previous poll first:
    Are you a cheater?

    Not really, but some cheats are just too cool to leave alone :) - 38.2% (632 Votes)
    Only when I'm stuck in a game. - 28.2% (467 Votes)
    No, I've never been; cheaty weenies! - 19.1% (317 Votes)
    Yes, I've always been. Call me a loser, I don't care. - 14.2% (236 Votes)

    Total Votes: 1652
Wow, 236 losers voted... ;)

Ahum, on to the new poll. I'm sure most of you have read our recent bleem! article, so I decided to ask a question lots of people seem to be talking about: In the end, was bleem! PC worth your money? I have to ask you to carefully think about the past first and to please vote only once (in case you're on dialup, that is). We wouldn't want to have misleading results, would we? :D

   EA FPSE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [15:39 EST]  
Now that's what I call a busy newsday : Yet again, the FPSE homepage has been updated with yet another screenshot, this time, like promised sometimes ago, from an EA title : Fifa 2001. Sadly enough, it only displays the start screen, but !+Mr.Fog+! posted this along with the screenshot :
    yep.. and here are the pix from Fifa game. eheh I have also naturally the in-game screenshots.. but I post next monday. ^_^
So let's wait for those in-game shots of Fifa 2001 until next monday. Until then, check out the first screenshots at the FPSE homepage !

   Aldo's VGS Patches News Upated Posted by Wormie at [15:17 EST]  
This Always seems to happen .. after I post some Aldo's Tools news ... he updates again. Does Aldo ever sleep :P. This time around Aldo has updated his VGS Patches news. Updated this time is to the GAMES.TXT file with all known KLUG codes fixes. Now including BRAVE FENCER Musashiden and fixed klug code for Final Fantasy 9 Japanese. As always here is a short description of this section to update your memories :)
    In this section you will find many news on VGS patches for specific games, including Chrono Cross USA, Final Fantasy 9 Jap/USA, Smackdown 2, Valkyrie Profile USA/Jap and Tales of Eternia JAP. Also other games Fixed by Psytek's Patch, KLUG Resource for VGS Generic Patcher, previous 501xx patches.
So head on over to and get these fixes and many other cool things!

   Demo Screens for PSoneEmu Posted by Wormie at [14:51 EST]  
D1Y has updated his site with some demos running in his PSX emulator PSoneEmu. A total of 18 screenshots from 11 demos. This is great news D1Y keep up the great work, and everyone keep and eye on the development of this emulator!

Head on over to to check out these screens.

   New ePSXe Installer for v1.0.1 Posted by Bobbi at [6:30 EST]  
Since it's saturday and that busy week is finally over, I decided that it's about time to finally update our well known (and over 100.000 times downloaded) ePSXe Installer so it finally features all the updated plugins. Remember this package doesn't feature all plugins (get them from our ePSXe plugins page instead), but just those 99,9% of you will most probably use. :) Anyway, a short list what the ePSXe Installer includes :
  • ePSXe v1.0.1
  • ePSXeCutor v1.0.1
  • GPU plugins : Pete's OpenGL 1.45, Pete's D3D 1.45, Pete's soft 1.45, Lewpy's glide 1.28 and Segu's D3D plugin.
  • SPU plugins : ePSXe Internal SPU v1.0.1, Null2's SPU v1.23 and Pete's SPU Midas v1.06
  • CD plugins : The two internal ones for Win9x/Win2k, ASPI Driver 1.2, Duddie's ASPI Driver 0.8 and the TSG MSCDEX Driver 1.2
  • Documentation : The original readme's and the latest version of PSXEmu's detailed, unofficial FAQ
So in case you're still not owning ePSXe v1.0.1 and the main plugins or want to quickly get them up to date, download the ePSXe Installer for v1.0.1 by clicking here. More tools and downloads for ePSXe can be found at our ePSXe downloads page.

   Updates From Aldo Posted by Wormie at [6:05 EST]  
What would a day in PSX Emulation be without an update from Aldo's Tools. This time around Aldos has updated his VGS AutoMem to version 1.0c. New to this version is that it starts minimized in the system tray, so you don't have to close it everytime windows starts up (if you enabled it in the startup). To refresh everyones memory on what this tool does ... here is a short description:
    VGS AutoMem automatically selects the memory card in your VGS every time you insert a PSX game in your CD-ROM. Also useful to keep an inventory of your Memory Cards collection. Forget having several games mixtured in a single memory card, VGSAutoMem keeps your memory cards clean and organized!
I also noticed Aldo updated his Plugins Pack. Aldo updated the Plugins Pack with Pete's drivers 1.45 and Knack's Soft Driver 0.81. The Plugin Pack includes 48 plugins that can be used with ePSXe, PSEmu Pro, AdriPSX, FPSE, PCSX, and other emulators that use the PSEmu Style Plugins.

So head on over to and check out these and many more cool tools!

   NEO 2 PS2 modchips released Posted by Bobbi at [4:07 EST]  
Finally some great modchip news for PS2 owners over from : A new chip has been released, which finally contains all those cool features gamers have been waiting for. Here's a snipset from the official describtion :
    This is the chip that the gaming world has been talking about. The NEO2 modchip is the worlds first working solution for US & PAL machines. The NEO2 is compatible with every model PS2 (EUR/US/JAP), You can now play all your PS2 backups including EA SPORTS games and also PSX backups and requires only 8 wires ...

    Also note that the NEO1 codes was released as a FREE BETA. It does not have the features of the NEO2 and any site that tries to sell this is basically ripping you off). Action Replay 2 (PAL) or Game Shark 2 (US) is needed to play PS2 backups.
Only harsh thing about this is it's current price, which is around 49$, so let's hope they'll get affordable soon. To get more infos and order it, head over to this site. Thanks Nicotine for the news.

   PCSX on Linux shots ! Posted by Bobbi at [3:58 EST]  
I'm currently having some internet connection troubles since my flatfee ISP disabled my login for some reason, but it's great to see that the rest of the crew did such a nice job. Anyway, I just saw in our channel topic from #psxemu that the PCSX homepage has finally recived an update.

The page posted a screenshot from the Linux port of PCSX which is currently being done by linuzappz. The screenshots currently shows the PSX bios booting, and there's no info yet about any further status of the port. Furthermore, some infos about the windows version has been posted :
    The main emu has got much work too,like working pad plugins,and other fixes here and there along with the GTE rewrite Nik3D did a while back,another new member on the team. Welcome him too!
    Hopefully that proves to all of you we aren't gone!
For more infos about PCSX, for the screenshot and much more, head over to the PCSX homepage !

Friday, February 9, 2020

   Pete's GPU Plugins v1.45 Posted by Wormie at [14:10 EST]  
Pete just let us know on IRC that he has released a new version of his great PSEmu Style GPU plugins. I just love trying out Pete's new plugins ... but first things first ... let me tell you what's new in this version. Work .. then play :). Ok here is a list of the changes:
  • SOFT plugin - a new option called "unstretched display". The display will be shown in the original psx resolution, centered into the plugin window.

  • OGL/D3D - the old "Texture alignment" option has been removed... the plugin will now correct the texture alignment automatically, without any option. The new func works similar to the "Texture correction" option in Lewpy's Glide plugin :)

  • OGL/D3D - new "special game fix" for Legend of Dragoon. That game needs an incredible high pixel accuracy, only my soft plugin can display it without blue pixel trash... Well, the new fix will turn the blue glitches into (much harder to see) black ones :)

  • OGL/D3D - and another new special game fix, called "short DMAChain check". You can use it to repair the pause in Tekken3 after a fight, but you should disable that fix in other games. It works like Lewpy's "short dmachain" option.

  • All plugins - biggest change in version 1.45: a new optimized dmachain handler... it was a lotta work, and there will be not much speed increase (if any), but I like the new function... and it will handle corrupt dma chains even better.
Man a lot of cool changes! Ok grab this these GPU Plugins right here: Pete's GPU Plugins v1.45. Now that work is done ... I am off to play :P

   PSXEmu FAQ 2.0 Posted by Operations at [3:58 EST]  
Here we go again, another update of the PSXEmu FAQ. This is version 2.0, which adds many new sections and fixes some bugs with Netscape/Mozilla. It's defiantly worth checking out!

The FAQ now includes a preliminary "Definitions of Terms" page, which contains commonly used terms to help newbies out. Currently there’s a lot missing, so I need some help to add to it. If you think of something that should be added, send me an email.

In case you don't know, the PSXEmu FAQ is a collection of FAQ's for different PSX emulators, tools, and various other things. If you have a question about an emulator, plugin, tools, etc. check this thing out!

View the PSXEmu FAQ here.

Thursday, February 8, 2020

   FPSE News! Posted by Wormie at [17:18 EST]  
I have two updates from FPSE to inform you about. First is the latest release of the BeOS Port of FPSE made by lu_zero. There is two versions to choose from depending on if you use a pad or not. Pad3 version contains the PCjoypad and Pad2 version is for keyboard pad. Here is what's new:
    This two buils are intended as alphatesting the fixed cd plugin made by marcus and contains the new pad plugin made by me,
    the pad3 is just a PCjoypad plugin and the pad2 is just the keyboard plugin.
    You won't see speed increase or graphic fix
Now for the second piece of news from FPSE. Some very nice screenshots of Chrono Cross running in the latest build of the yet unreleased FPSE0.09. Looking pretty good! Hopefully we will see a release soon.

With FPSE coming out with a new build, ePSXe always improving, AdriPSX with Netplay (and getting better also), and all the other emulators in development ... year 2001 for the PSX Emulation scene is shaping up pretty nice :)

   Bleem, inc. - Past, present, future Posted by Thorgal at [16:23 EST]  
Well, if this one didn't caught your eye, I don't know what does. Anyways, it's time for an old-fashioned PSXEmu-exclusive again :) We have a long but worthwile article for you, entitled "Bleem! - The truth". Sounds ambitious? Let me quote the introduction first:
    I suppose you already heard about bleem!, bleemcast! and the company creating it, bleem, inc. when you found this page. Maybe you also started to wonder what is going on with this company and why no infos are actually being published for the public and what's going on with the product you paid for. Well, we also knew few infos about this. But now, an ex-employee of the company, decided to make up his mind and tell the public about the current events. He mailed us a long explanation, but you should read it for yourself : [...]
To be continued.. well, not really ;) Thousands of people are wondering what's really going on with bleem!, inc. and its (future) products, and since there's a good chance you're one of them, I suggest you check out the article by clicking here. It's about as close to the truth as you can get. Believe me, you won't get bored :D

Link: Article: "Bleem! - The truth"

Wednesday, February 7, 2020

   PSXEmu FAQ 1.9A Posted by Operations at [23:56 EST]  
Here it is again, another update of the PSXEmu FAQ. This is a quick update before 2.0 which contains some things I should have put in at the beginning, such as an acknowledgements page to thank all the contributors. It also contains a preview of things to come, like some new sections that aren't finish yet. I hope to have the completed 2.0 finished in a few days along with the new sections.

In case you don't know, the PSXEmu FAQ is a collection of FAQ's for different PSX emulators, tools, and various other things. If you have a question about an emulator, plugin, etc. check this thing out!

View the PSXEmu FAQ here.

   Article on Reverse Engineering Posted by Wildfire at [6:32 EST]  
Up and about at 6:25am (EST) and noticed on Retrogames
of an article on the legalities of reverse engineering. Makes a few references on the bleem! vs Sony and Connetix (VGS fame) vs Sony cases. Special thanks to Retrogames for the news. You can check this article out here.

   New FPSE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [1:27 EST]  
Yet again, the FPSE homepage has been updated with some more cool screenshots, this time showing Gex enter the Gecko - In 3D. As far as I can remember, those are the first 3D screenshots ever posted on the mainpage, and I gotta admit they look pretty amazing, you can check them out by clicking here.

Furthermore, there's a comment below the post pointing everyone to their board in order to get some screenshots and infos on dual shock - though I wasn't able to find anything we wouldn't have mentioned yet. Maybe you have more luck, find their boards by going here.

Tuesday, February 6, 2020

   PSXEmu FAQ v1.9 Posted by Operations at [12:01 EST]  
Well here it is, my new and improved PSXEmu FAQ. Well there’s not much new right now, but there might be a few things of interest to some of you. I’m still working on the “Tools FAQ” and should have it up sometime in the near future. As always, any comments or suggestions are welcome.

And btw, it’s been moved again so better update those bookmarks.

View the PSXEmu FAQ here.

   Cool AdriPSX news Posted by Bobbi at [11:29 EST]  
Now that was a long news post ... :) Anyway, like I promised yesterday, I just updated the AdriPSX homepage with some new infos Roor mailed me yesterday and a bunch of screenshots from games now working in AdriPSX. Here's a snipset from the news Roor mailed me :
    Also, some new cool features have been implemented, such as ISO/BIN/NRG CDROM Image Files support, better Memory Card support and also a new option that allow you to build your own ISO images with the emu.

    As for NetPlay, I've done lots of works on cache, and also tried some new packet compression algorithms. Through Internet, I already tested "Metal Slug" and "Puzzle Bubble 3", which ran nearly perfect. But some games like "Tekken 3" show a HIGH frame skip (only 1/5 frames are displayed :( ). On the other hand, I also tested it on several Intranets, and games so "hard" as "Dragon Ball Final Bout" run very well.
To get more infos on the release date, the reasons and MANY cool screenshots, make sure to check out the AdriPSX homepage, hosted right here at PSXEmu !

   Another kickass savegames site Posted by Bobbi at [10:58 EST]  
I just recived an E-Mail from Manny Dimatulac, who informed me about another great savegame site for emulators. Well, it looks like the authors of this site already contacted us some times, but their E-Mails got blocked from our system somehow, I'm currently looking into that. Anyway, back to the main topic : Nitestash and his crew are running a savegame homepage which is also called Nitestash and can be found at

But unlike the last one we posted about, this one already features a huge database of bleem! and VGS savegames (hey, what's about ePSXe savegames ? =P), which have been converted over from the other formats the site features. Additionally, they also cover a large database of cheats you can use with [pec] and every PSEmu Pro plugin compatible PSX emulator. Great, ehh ? :)

Got interrested ? Surely you did. So don't hesitate to check out this great savegame site at

Oh yeah, Nitestash, in case you read this, contact me again now, I think we found the problem in the mail system. And in case you (the visitor) have mailed me and never recived an answer, and you're sure your question ISN'T already answered on our page, send the mails again as well since I usually answer every single E-Mail I get.

   SpeedUp Processes 1.1 Posted by Bobbi at [10:49 EST]  
Wau, nice update from CD today, ehh ? :) Thanks a lot to him for those. Anyway, looks like I've a bit of time before I gotta go to dancing lesssons, so here's the latest news headup :

Aldo updated with another cool tools update : He released SpeedUp Processes v1.1, a nice utility for Win2k users which makes it easier to set priority on progresses in Win2k (windows 2000 is already able to do this but it's a pain in the ass, thx Phuzzi for the explanation). Here're a short intro and the changes for this version :
    This utility sets the process priority of your favorite emulator to use more time of your CPU processor and let you kill processes not shown in the Task Manager to gain more memory and CPU time. This is great for low-end computers. New: Added a tool for monitoring and freeing RAM, launch applications with priority, auto-refresh list, improvements in command line startup.
So all you Win2k users who're happy ePSXe users, download SpeedUp Processes v1.1 by clicking here. For more news and tools, check out Aldos tools page.

Monday, February 5, 2020

   4EverPSX News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [20:40 EST]  
The 4EverPSX author found a nice bug today while implementing the new GUI'd 4EverPSX. The bug had been in with the BGEZAL & BLTZAL opcodes, in the interpreter. With it's fixing, most demos now only hang, instead of crashing, the Manta demo no longer crashed, and the T-Rex demo showed something nice, which you can checkout in the screenshot link below. Here's the full story of the bug:
    Yep, rewriting has it's advantages. With implementing the new GUI'ed 4EverPSX i found a bug in the interpreter. The bug had slipped in by the BGEZAL & BLTZAL opcodes. I didn't set the RA register all the time. Doh.. So i tested all the demo's that seem to crash & guess what now thay only hang. ;-) but don't crash. This means that compatibilty has increased a lot. Sadly you won't see it for a while because i'm still busy writting the new 4EverPSX which has a compatibility of zero at this point. At least i know how the system works better now.

    So what got better. Well manta didn't crash anymore but also didn't generate any output. T-Rex on the other hands resulted in somethin' pretty interesting. Check it out. Comments, remarks? Mail me.
Congrats to Sephiroth on his great work on 4EverPSX! You can checkout the sweet T-Rex screenie below:
    T-Rex Demo: [1]
Thanks to BonezMakJ for the news!

   New PSEmu Plugin! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [20:21 EST]  
I had an acquaintance on IRC, AnEvilYak, take a look at the page, and it turns out that it's pretty much thing that's said in the readme (which is in english). It just speaks of system requirements, etc. Thanks again to AEY for the translation help!

Also, a visitor of PSXEmu, Abszero, mailed me some info that he translated from the page. Here's a copy and paste from the mail:
    Here's what I can tell you:
    As of the newest version he's removed all traces of DirectX from the plugin and it's entirely in software (I suppose the old wasn't?).� The change was made because when a non-VGA compatible board tried to change texture palettes it gave problems. This was resolved by using some MMX functions but the newest GPU by Pete still works better.� He's also having
    trouble with the line drawing algorithm and (partial/half) transparency bit for textures.
Thanks again to Abszero for that tidbit of info.
Bobbi informed me of a new GPU plugin for Emus using PSEmu Pro's popular plugin system, Knack's Software GPU. The current version of the plugin is 0.81, and the homepage can be found here. Since I have no clue what new, (it's all in japanese, except for the docs, which tell me nothing =P) I'm hoping one of our loyal visitors can help me out with a little translation.

If you can, drop me a mail.

For those interested, you can grab the plugin below:
    Download Knack's Software GPU 0.81 here (-38k-)

   Aldo Updates Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [19:48 EST]  
Aldo Vargas posted two updates to his popular tools site today, and as usual, we here at PSXEmu are here to keep you, the visitor, informed of these happenings. Enough chit-chat, let's get down to the news:
    New VGS Patches
    Aldo's popular VGS Patches Page has been updated with the following:
    • Updated the games info, hack.txt, in VGS Generic Patcher 1.1 with a better description of the 14 KLUG codes, and included a list of all the KLUG code fixes I could find (including the ones from the latest patch from 501xx).
    • 501xx has released a new VGS patch that fixes many Japanese games, including Legend of Mana, Ghiren's Greed, Final Fantasy 7 disc 1, Vagrant Story (it seems have a bug in the internal code), and games with the following codes: SLPS_019.21, SLPS_019.22, SLPS_021.00 and SLPS_028.25
    You can check out all these updates and more at Aldo's VGS Patches Page.

    Aldo's Plugin Pack Updated
    Aldo has updated his PSEmu Plugin pack to reflect the following changes:
    • Updated Null2's SPU to the current revision of 1.23
    • Updated Lewpy's Glide GPU to the current revision of 1.28
    • Updated the [pec] plugin to the current revision of 1.3 (requires the [pec] plugin exe)
    • Fixed some duplicated DLLs in the pack.
    • Added the old Kazzuya OpenGL GPU, version 0.5
    • Didn't include Kazzuya's Software GPU 1.4 beta, because I had problems configuring PSEmu when this plugin was present.
    You can grab Aldo's plugin pack here.
Well, that's all for Aldo's news today, be sure to visit his site at hosted right here at PSXEmu.

   Quick post before bed Posted by Bobbi at [17:25 EST]  
I just thought I couldn't let our loyal visitors stay with that one newspost, but since I had a homepage presentation today and no other member is around to post, I'm not going to post the full amount of news, here's just a short snipset of what I should post tomorrow when I find time (hey, how about one or two more qualified newsposters ? Mail me) :


Those shots are from Syphon Filter 2, Breath of Fire 4 and Parasite Eve running on the latest AdriPSX version (beta). A full page update with more cool shots should follow soon, so stay tuned.

Sunday, February 4, 2020

   Fix for Ghiren's Greed (Gundam) Posted by Bobbi at [13:16 EST]  
Phew, looks like I caught up on news now, just one last item : Aldo posted a new fix for Ghiren's Greed (aka Gundam) at his page, which allows VGS users to play this game. A brief describtion :
    Chungus posted in a way around to fix Ghiren's Greed (gundam): I was messing around with Aldo's Generic Patcher and guess what? I was very lucky, all I did was adding the CD: SLPS_025.70 (EFSF) and SLPS_025.71 (Zion) and change the first value from 0 to 1. I think the 1st of the 14 value in the patcher is something related to the CDrom coz the game used to hang with a CD "jerk".
So in order to get his fix working, download Aldos generic patcher and then the fix. For more VGS patches, make sure to give Aldos VGS patches corner a visit.

   New savegame site started Posted by Bobbi at [13:11 EST]  
I just looked through our forums when I saw a post from Buzz, informing the public that he started a new savegame site for PSX savegames. At the moment, the site is still empty but every submission will be quickly added to the page. A few words of introduction from the webmaster :
    Send the save games to along with a description of the save ( WHich game , WHich point of the game etc.etc.etc.) I organised every folder @ so I can directly upload the savegames As soon as I get then. Oh, in case U did'nt know, if the PSX Emu save game site started by me the crew is : Buzz, Operations, Nite, Ice2hot and Smallion
So let's make this a great savegame site (I'm already getting some cards together) and submit savegames. The page can be found at from today on !

   Null2's SPU plugin v1.23 Posted by Bobbi at [12:48 EST]  
Hmm, looks like my inbox is a great source for news today ! :) Null2 just mailed me that he released another version of his great PSEmu Pro compatible plugin (certainly one of the best out there). This version is mainly for fixing bugs discovered in the old version. Here's what null2 said about it :
    Many bugs have been reported regarding v1.22. I have tried to fix them ...
    As a result I made v1.23, so I need reports about the differences from v1.22.
So all you null2 fans (like me), download the new version here and report your results either per E-Mail or on our message board (whose forwarder was down this morning, sorry about that).

Oh yeah, in case you have problems, you should check out the readme Lordjames made before reporting/posting any problems with this plugin. You can find the latest version of his kickass (unofficial) readme by clicking here.

   News from Lewpy Posted by Bobbi at [12:41 EST]  
Lewpy updated his page with some cool news today regarding the status of his plugin and bugs he discovered. Here's an extract of what he wrote :
    I've spent today looking at the Dynamic Texture code, and I've found a nasty bug that could explain the problems people have been having (bad textures, crashes, etc.). In the end, it was very simple to fix (it was in the code that divided the 3dfx texture memory in to static and dynamic pools), and the next version of my plugin will be a lot more stable.
    1st one was to do with the caching of a particular ambient mode, which would cause primitives in the same object to be drawn at different colour levels (the correct light level, and twice what it should be). The spot-light in the 10th training level of MGS showed this up to me.
For some more news about the next version of his plugin, additions and fixes and more, make sure to pay Lewpy's homepage, hosted right here at PSXEmu, a visit !

   Updated PnesX comp. list Posted by Bobbi at [12:35 EST]  
I just looked through my new E-Mails when I saw one from Mike containing an updated version of his compatibility list. In case you don't know yet what this list is about, scroll down to the day before yesterday's news (sadly enough no one posted while I was away) and take a look at the post there.

Anyway, this list now contains all numbers and a list from A until C, which includes about 150 tested games and rated games. So when you're one of those fanatics who want to play their old games again but want to check if they work before wasting a CD, make sure to check out the list by clicking here. Big thanks to Mike again for his great work.

   New hosted page : PSoE Posted by Bobbi at [12:19 EST]  
And yet again, we'd like to welcome a new page to our growing network of hosted pages : A new emulator project called PSoneEmu (PSoE) has been started by D1Y and moved to PSXEmu. The official page can from now on be accessed using the adress

As for it's status, the emu is yet unreleased but progressing nicely. Here're some status infos from the homepage :
    PSoneEmu now is a PlayStation emulator in early stages. It runs under Windows 9x and uses the very popular plugin system from PSEmu Pro. At this time, it only runs some simple demos. As for supporting commercial games, I think it still has long way to go.

    The passed three weeks are Chinese New Year vacation. So I have plenty of time to program at home. PSoneEmu has improved so much in this period :
      More GTE opcodes implemented
      Basic CD routine set up
      One player pad control supported
For more infos and news about this new emulator, make sure to give the PSoE homepage a visit !

Friday, February 2, 2020

   Remember me? Posted by Wildfire at [17:29 EST]  
Hello peeps. If anyone here has followed PSXEmu's travels through out the year (or has it been almost two years, bah I forgot), I used to be a news poster awhile back, and due to some events at the time, I resigned.

Things change with time, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, but nothing is permanent. When things go bad, doesn't mean it can be good, how it was before.

Never give up and always be willing to forgive, eventually, things get better with time if you let it. Move in life with an open mind with open arms.

Glad to be back.


   FPSE supporting dual shock Posted by Bobbi at [17:13 EST]  
!+Mr.Fog+! just sent me a last message before he goes into weekend that he made a post on the rant (Emusphere's message board system) containing the final confirmation from LDChen he recived : FPSE now officially supports dual shock ! He also psoted this screenshot :

Wau, great news ! Feel free to submit your opinion about this in their messageboard thread. BTW - I know another emulator which also does this ... :) Like I said two posts ago, stay tuned :)

   PnesX compatibility list Posted by Bobbi at [16:44 EST]  
Now that's something I'd call a great submission : MWMDRAGON mailed me to inform me, that he's starting a compatibility list for the NES emulator PnesX. For those of you who don't know about that one yet, it's a NES emulator which is actually running on your real PSX ! In case you'd like to try that one out, make sure to pay Emus4PSX a visit, they've some nice tutorials on how to get that one working.

Anyway, this list is still in early stages, so far he only tested # - B, but since he owns almost 1300 games, those 3 areas already consist of more than 100 games. For rating, he uses the following system :
    MGFX - Major Graphics Problems (Non-Playable Can't Map Any GFX Correctly)
    SGFX - Small Graphics Problems (Non-Playable Maps Some GFX Correctly But Not Enough To Play)
    PGFX - Playable Graphics Problems (Playable Minor GFX Errors)
    Yes - Playable (Emulated Perfectly)
    No - Doesn't Even Start (Black Screen)
    Mapper - Mapper Not Supported (Mapper Error Message)
With this knowledge, you can now go and view the latest version of this list here. Lets hope he'll provide us with more cool updates soon, we'll of course keep you updated about this one.

   Misc news items Posted by Bobbi at [16:18 EST]  
We just reached 2.6 million visitors, looks like we're approaching the 3 million mark pretty fast now. Anyway, here're some quick news :
  • Aldos tools #1 - Aldo released an update to Aldo's Magnifier, a program which can zoom certain areas of your screen you move your mouse above. This version comes with a function to minimize the window to the system tray, a new default window size and minor bug fixes. You can download it here.

  • Aldos tools #2 - Already released yesterday but I forgot about it - A quick update to SpeedUp Processes 1.0 ! This is a program for Win2k which speeds up applications by assigning more CPU time to it. The fix is so priority from commando line is set correctly now. You can download the update here. Before I move on, I thought I'd mention that supposedly Win2K's task manager already has the ability to perform some of (all?) the actions that this tool does, a few sources tell me. But this I cannot confirm, since I do not run Windows 2000.

  • FPSE to run Metal Gear Solid - The FPSE homepage has been updated with a screenshot from MGS running on FPSE (the unpublished beta). No reason to get your hopes up yet, it's only the main screen, and we can't confirm yet if the game itself runs.

  • PSX emulator for the Nuon ? - One of the best german magazines, the "c't" has a nice report in it's current issue about the noun itself. In a small corner they mentioned, that they've heard rumors about a PS1 emulator for it being currently made, though nothing has been confirmed yet. For those of you who don't know, the Nuon (thx for the name CDBuRnOuT) is a DVD player with many extra features like zooming and special previews of scenes. It also features a chip so it can play certain games and uses a controller which looks VERY much like a N64 controller. We'll report more about this as news become available.

  • Hint for Pete's OpenGL plugins and GeForce cards - ePSXe fanatics mentioned it again today, so I thought I should as well until our new section for things like this is done : When you're using a GeForce card and D3D is faster for you than OpenGL is, go and check if V-Sync in the properties are DISABLED and enable Block transfer as buffer flipping mode.Thanks to Pete for that hint and ePSXe fanatics for the news.
So much for todays misc news items, it looks like there're some great news on the horizon, we just can't tell you about it yet, but stay tuned for more VERY soon !

Thursday, February 1, 2020

   USB Smartjoy v4 Posted by Bobbi at [15:28 EST]  
I recived an E-Mail today from CyberNeo, informing me that a new version of the so called SmartJoy, which we reviewed over one year ago, is now available online. This adapter comes with the following features :
  • Converts all PlayStation Controllers to work on your PC.
  • Compatible with Force Back Function with PSX Dual Shock.
  • Compatible with Window 98/2000/ or Mac.
  • Digital and analog all compatible with 16 buttons.
  • Just plug in and play through USB port.
The special thing is, of course, the supported Dual shock function. Since I've never seen an USB adapter to do this, I've of course ordered one of those adapters, you can expect a detailed review within the next two weeks. To order it, head over to this page. Thanks again to CyberNeo for the link.

   Emuforums changes Posted by Bobbi at [15:24 EST]  
Well, it has been a slow news day but a busy working day, so there's not been much to post. Anyway, we experienced a problem with our forums today, it looks as if the complete ePSXe forum crashed. Instead of listing what happened now, I'll just quote from a post I made on the changed boards :
    Many of you noticed, that the errors in the ePSXe forum increased heavily and that it became difficult to find help with your problems. Well, and since the whole stuff crashed anyway some minutes ago, we decided to re-do the ePSXe forums and split them into three categories.
    Please understand that we weren't able to sort the old posts into the new categories, this would have taken ages. Anyway, please put your questions into the right forum from now on se we all have it easier to find solutions and help quicker.
To summon up, we're using 3 different ePSXe boards now, so everyone should find the things he needs much quicker. To use those, point your browser here. Thanks to lordjames and Wormie for their help with setting up those again !

   New FPSE plugin and news Posted by Bobbi at [12:05 EST]  
Yesterday evening already, the FPSE homepage has recived an update, telling people that they could expect that either some beta testers should be choosen soon or that a public beta test could begin.

Anyway, the homepage has been updated again today. First off, Mr.Fog asks all the people to stop sending him E-Mails about beta testers, it'll be announced at their homepage when they're looking for any. On the other side, they released a new plugin for the current FPSE version, made by +=|KaRMa|=+. It's a DirectPad plugin and this version includes the following change :
  • You can setup the pad by editing the file Joy0w32.ini in plugin directory.
(Very user friendly ... ehh, who said that ?). You can download this plugin by clicking here. For more plugins, news etc. head over to the FPSE homepage.

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