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Wednesday, January 31, 2020

   Some blabla stuff Posted by Bobbi at [13:45 CET]  
Just two things I'd like to have mentioned. First off, bwb, found and owner of EmuHQ, dedicded to quit the scene. I guess you all already heard from him, he and his sites belong to the best pages in the community for sure. What this has to do with PSXEmu you may ask yourself ... well, a whole lot. Everyone who already took a look at our history page knows, that PSXEmu's idea came from the old bleem! support site I made over at EmuHQ - Inspired and with lots of help from bwb. I'd like to wish him much luck in his future life, it was a nice time working with you.
EmuHQ will be owned by PeterD now, I'd also like to wish him much luck and fun with this big project, keep up the good work.

The other thing I'd like to have mentioned is about the QuickCheck program I gave out some days ago. I wanted to clear up a bit about that one : First off, like I mentioned in the post this program is NOT meant for Win2k users, they don't get any graphic card displayed and I know about this ! Please no more E-Mails !! On the other hand, this isn't a tool I finished and wanted to release, it's a very small part of a program I'm working on for all you ePSXe users, but more details will be published soon, so stay tuned. And keep the results coming, we still need it !

   Daemon hints by Aldo Posted by Bobbi at [8:01 CET]  
Over at his page, Aldo has two posts concerning Daemon Tools, an utility which is able to mount images from your HD so you can use them with emulators like bleem! and VGS (or ePSXe). The first post contains a small hint regarding the following topic :
    I have some ISO images created with EasyCD Creator 95 that Daemon Tools can't mount, so them don't work with VGS but ePSXe mounts them. The best way to start the games by double-clicking the ISO and let DaeMount decide which emulator to use was adding the following code to C:\Windows\DaeMount.ini...
For the code, head over to this page. The other post is another updated tool, this time DaeMount, a frontend for Daemon tools, got updated to v1.4 with those new changes :
    New DaeMount-Script commands (SetRegistry, SendKeys, Chdir, AppActivate), do not check that a valid PSX game is mounted to run the script.
You can download DaeMount v1.4 by clicking here. For more hints, tools and help, make sure to pay a visit to !

   More FPSE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [7:52 CET]  
Hmm, I thought someone posted this yesterday. Ah well, must be imagination during my illness :) Anyway, like the topic says, the FPSE homepage has been updated yet again with some more screenshots, this time from Extreme-G? and another motocross game. Now this wouldn't be something special, but at the bottom is also an announcement that tomorrow (well, that is today already) some more cool news will be published, so let's stay tuned for more nice infos. Anyway, you can take a look at those screens by heading over to the FPSE homepage.

When just talking about FPSE, I saw over at EmuHQ a link to a small article about emulation on linux, which also has a short mention about N64 and PSX emulators, so in case you're interrested you can go and read that one here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2020

   New poll ! Posted by Thorgal at [22:25 CET]  
Ahh, the time has come to see a new text in that blue-ish box on your left: a new poll! :D Over 1270 people voted for our previous poll; let's have a look at the results, as we all like this part so much:
    After all troubles, will you STILL purchase bleemcast! ?

    No, I'm not interrested any more 41.3% - (527 Votes)
    Yes, of course ! 22.5% - (287 Votes)
    I'll think about it when it's out 19.6% - (250 Votes)
    What's bleemcast! ? 16.4% - (210 Votes)
Well, that kinda surprises me; I expected a majority of votes for the third option. For those of you having no idea what "bleemcast!" is, it's a (unofficial) name for bleem! for Dreamcast, of which lots of rumors and news articles have been going on these days. It would enable you to play PSX games on your DC, and, as vague as the whole "announcement" may be, that still sounds like a great concept. But in the end, it's the user who decides, and 527 people dropped the whole idea. Ah well.

Now, on to the new poll. We've been poured over with [pec] news these days, and I wondered how many people actually use it. Instead of the typical boring poll, however, I decided to put it a bit more general: "Are you a cheater?" Don't mind the formulation guys and girls, I am only referring to the gaming part ;-) Several options are available, but I leave that up to you. Well, I suggest you get on voting then!

   Null2's SPU v1.22 Docs (rev 1.22a) Posted by Lordjames at [20:32 CET]  
Another update to my Null2 SPU documentation today, now it's bigger and better than ever! Lots of changes implemented on this go-around...

- Lots of explanations fixed. I found out I was way off on some of them :)
- New section added "Revision History". Simply explains the changes between each version of the plugin.
- Revamped some of the sections, changed the intro, changed the outro.
- Other stuff. (great change, isn't it!) :)

So anyway, if you're looking for a bit of help with the Null2 plugin, or just want to read something to point out where I am wrong (HA!), then grab the new docs here:

Null2 Documentation

As always, feedback is welcome...

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   NeoPocott for the Playstation Posted by dhalamar at [13:28 CET]  
NeoPocott is a Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator that's being ported to almost everything, and now they're talking about a Playstation port of the emulator. They're having legal troubles with a PS2 port, so they decided to go ahead with making it for the original Playstation console, and I think they're going to continue work on the PS2 version of it eventually. Head on over to the NeoPocott website to learn more about this emulator.

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   Dreamcast top set boxes Posted by Bobbi at [8:25 CET]  
Now this looks interresting : MSNBC has a story about those already announced top set boxes which should be able to play dreamcast games. But somehow, this seems to be realized a bit different than we first thought. But read for yourself :
    British set-top box manufacturer Pace Micro Technology and embattled Japanese video game firm Sega announced this morning that they have developed a digital set-top box that will play any and all Sega Dreamcast games. The hitch, though, is that the box won’t actually play game CDs — it will play them off of a hard drive, with the games being downloaded in only three minutes via digital television bandwidth.
Great for those who don't have digital television, ehh ? :) Anyway, you can read the rest of this story by going here.

   The [pec] plugin v1.3 released Posted by Bobbi at [8:21 CET]  
Looks like JNS is at it again : He released a new version of his [pec] plugin. For those of you who don't know, the [pec] plugin is a PSEmu Pro compatible plugin which installs itself between the emulator and the GPU plugin. That way, speed is much higher and execution much faster. Anyway, the new version v1.3 comes with the following changes :
  • Refresh rate support (Allow you to speed up the execution of the emulator, while using the plugin)
  • Configuration interface changed
  • Interface bugs fixed
  • Some code speed up's
  • Support for Pete's new GPU function :
    • GPUdisplayFlags (Supported by ePSXe to show the used controller type.)
  • Support for the C1 codetype (Activate Codes On Delay)
So all you cheaters, point your mouse here to download this tool. For more infos, help and all that stuff, head over to the [pec] homepage, hosted right here at PSXEmu.

Monday, January 29, 2020

   PSXEmu needs your help Posted by Bobbi at [21:38 CET]  
Well, so much for todays news. And now, for something different : I'm currently programming a new utility for ePSXe. And now, I've gotten to a point where I can't continue without external help : I've created a small program which can be downloaded at the end of this post. All it does is to show your operating system and your graphic card - And those are exactly the infos I need from you !

Okay, from the beginning now : Download the tool I created called QuickInfo here and run it. You'll get to a window where your OS, your graphic card and some additional informations are displayed. Please copy & paste all those into an E-Mail and send it over to In case the displayed informations are incorrect, please also include the real ones so I can look into the problem. Thanks in advance for your help. FAQs online Posted by Bobbi at [21:22 CET]  
People who're visiting our messageboard more or less regularly already know about this for longer, so I thought everyone should. Operations, one of our message board admins who're taking care that well of our boards, compiled an amazingly big FAQ for everything which could and has been asked on the boards. Right now, there're 9 FAQs alltogether from those categories :More FAQs should follow soon, like a FAQ for movie players, for cheating utilities or for front ends. You can check out the mainpage, containing an overview and an offline version as well by going here. Thanks a lot to Operations for this great work !

   Null2's *test* plugin v1.22 Posted by Bobbi at [21:03 CET]  
Let's see, what do we have next in my inbox : Even another release by null2, creator of possibly the best PSEmu Pro compatible SPU plugin. This is still a test plugin, so every bug discovered should be sent to his E-Mail. Anyway, there're some nice news again, but see for yourself :
  • Support for mono CD-XA sound added
  • linear interpolation for CD-XA (= non interpolation supports)
  • changed buffer overflow procedure for CD-XA.
Another great release which is surely worth a download for everyone using a PSEmu Pro plugin compatible emulator. Download link ? Here you go : Null2's SPU plugin v1.22.

Oh yeah, there was something else in null2's E-Mail, I'm not 100% sure though if I really understood what he meant, so I'll just quote him here and you can all figure out yourself what he meant : You may notice, VAG stream(FF8,FF9,Chrono Cross) is fake in my current spu. (I would like to know how the ePSXe spu core does this.) So in case you can help him with that problem, also make sure to mail him.

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   linuzappz linux SPU plugin Posted by Bobbi at [20:47 CET]  
And yet again, linuzappz, one of the programmers of FPSE's linux port, mailed me again and let me know about another port he did for one of his plugins. This time, he ported his linux SPU plugin over to the PSEmu Pro compatible format. No clue what this is about ? This is the info text from the readme :
    This is an extension to use with play station emulators as ePSXe, AdriPSX, PCSX or PSEmuPro, but they must support linux. This Spu plugin was formerly part of FPSE, from my spu plugin. The Plugin is free source code.

    As actually no emu supports linux this plugin comes with a test program called 'test'. It will only init the Spu and tell if it worked or not. The test program must be in the same directory of the plugin ''.
Still no clue what it is about ? Then better don't consider downloading this one. Everyone else, follow this link. For more infos about this, mail linuzappz at !

   ePSXe screenshots frenzy Posted by Thorgal at [20:19 CET]  
Woo, ePSXe Fanatics has some nice stuff these days :) Their specialty, screenshots, are being served their traditional way: loads of 'em! :D How about 58 FF IX and 32 GT2 screens? On top of that, I also noticed that Ridge's Game Gallery also has lots of new screens to offer, so any ePSXe fan should have something to look at these days :)

Sunday, January 28, 2020

   PecEdit v1.5 released Posted by Bobbi at [21:22 CET]  
On this rather slow day, Mr. Toolsmaker Aldo released a new version of his editor (well, it has become more than that meanwhile) for the best cheating utility [pec] called PecEdit. The current version, v1.5, comes with the following changes :
  • Merge games of 2 [pec] databases (replace cheats for existing games, add new games)
  • Text editor for game cheats (view/copy/paste/replace all cheats without validation)
  • Get id of current CD from the import window.
And here's your download link : PecEdit v1.5 by Aldo ! For more great VGS utilities, news, patches and much more, make sure to visit Aldos tools page, hosted right here at !

   Segu's D3D Plugin Documentation Posted by Lordjames at [12:04 CET]  
And now for something completely different! Well, not really, but it is something new. Yet another set of documentation has been created by me, but this time for Segu's Direct3D plugins (both 1.1a and 1.3). You can grab the new docs, along with the plugin itself, at this link:

Segu's Direct3D plugin v1.3

This plugin may be a bit old, but I do recommend than everyone go check it out. The compatability isn't the highest (no, it won't play FF9 :) ), but the speed is actually quite nice. For those of you having speed problems with the other plugins, give this one a try. For the games that it does work with, it runs beautifully!

Feel free to leave any comments you may have, and as always, feedback is welcome.

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Saturday, January 27, 2020

   More about bleemcast!'s future Posted by Bobbi at [19:27 CET]  
After Sonikku already contacted Randy Linden, main programmer of bleem, inc., to ask about the future of bleem!, I got an E-Mail from Sean Kauppinen, PR manager of bleem!, which contains detailed informations about the new CD format and what bleem, inc. thought to get through that situation :
    The good news is, there are something like 6 million Dreamcast consoles out there that will be able to play bleemcast! with no problems. The bad news is, (for the time being at least) bleemcast! will only run on those machines, until we can figure something out for the new units.

    However, we anticipated this change when we first heard about the system being cracked and our projections have been based on the installed base of MIL-CD compatible Dreamcasts, so it doesn't affect our product plans in the slightest. And now that the new machines have hit the streets, we're looking to see if there's a way to make bleemcast! work without putting the platform at risk by exposing another backdoor for the pirates to exploit. In the meantime, we'll do what we can to help potential customers determine whether bleemcast! will work with their DC.

    Frankly, we can't blame Sega for killing support for the MIL-CD format, given the explosion in piracy in recent months. It's a pity that the information was put out there so irresponsibly and so much piracy has sprung up so quickly - Sega made a great console at a great price, and offers some of the most creative and innovative content out there. What's sad is that many of the same people who steal Dreamcast games will also be the first to bash Sega if they drop out of the market because they can't make any money.
Much truth in that one. Thanks a lot to Sean for those informations. Well, we also might have some more informations about bleemcast! which haven't been reported anywhere else yet - Stay tuned for more !

   Readme for Kazzuya's plugin Posted by Bobbi at [18:44 CET]  
And yet another readme file made by lordjames : after yesterdays release of the null2 readme, here's another one : The unofficial readme for Kazzuys's software GPU plugin. The readme contains 4 parts : Introduction, Requirements and Installation, Settings and a short FAQ containing the optimal settings for this plugin :

    Q: What settings should I use for maximum quality?
    Start Fullscreen: ON
    Enable VSync: ON
    Enable Frameskip: ON
    Enable FPS Display: OFF
    Disable Hardware Stretch: OFF
    Display Settings: Simple Stretch

    Q: What settings should I use for maximum speed?
    Start Fullscreen: ON
    Enable VSync: OFF
    Enable Frameskip: ON
    Enable FPS Display: OFF
    Disable Hardware Stretch: OFF
    Display Settings: No Stretch: 1x1 Ratio
The readme also contains a detailed describtion of every option and what it exactly does - You can download it, with the .dll for the plugin, by clicking here. Big thanks to lordjames for this great work !

   Lewpy's GPU plugin v1.28 Posted by Bobbi at [18:33 CET]  
Wau, looks like lots of stuff to post now, so let's get started. First off, some great news : Lewpy, author of the best (and most used) PSEmu Pro plugin, made for glide, joined the PSXEmu network. I'd like to welcome his and his page, which is located at from now on. And, fitting to this, he also decided to release v1.28 of his PSEmu Pro compatible glide plugin, which comes with the following new changes :
    Dynamic Texture Window Caching
    Finally, I've got my dynamic texture caching code stable enough to use :) This will make a _huge_ difference in the speed of some games, that make heavy use of texture windows (Ridge Racer Type 4 is a good example). This is enabled by default, switch it off only if it degrades the performance of other games, or if it causes fatal problems to the plugin :)

    Off-Screen Drawing Improvements
    There were a couple of Off-Screen Drawing problems in the previous release. The first one caused a performance slow-down in certain games (the underwater scene in Chrono Cross intro, and certain arenas in Soul Blade, are two examples). This has been fixed. The second problem was more serious, as it could cause the plugin to crash. This problem most noticeably occurred during certain spell effects in FF IX. Again, this has been fixed. Note: for FF IX, it is now safe to have Off-Screen Drawing and FrameBuffer Writes enabled in this version of the plugin. Make sure you also enable Experimental Flipping for Final Fantasy games, otherwise the battle menu will be incomplete.

    DMAChain Fix Option
    I have allowed user control of the DMA Chain fix, so that you can decide what level of checking is done. Read the configuration option notes to understand the options.

    Programmable Keys
    The keys used by the plugin in-game are now configurable. There is a new panel with the key functions listed, and a pull-down list of keys. Some of the key names are cryptic, as they are taken straight from programming descriptions, and I haven't had the time to tidy them up. I will go through and do this soon. Also, choosing some keys (i.e. Escape) is pretty stupid :) Note: you need to re-select the Enable HotKey setting, if you want it. It is now on the new Key Configuration panel.

    Rendering State Fix
    There was a slight glitch with the internal Rendering State caching, which caused a one primitive lag on certain state changes. This would cause certain primitives at certain points in certain games (i.e. could be anywhere in any game!!) to be rendered incorrectly. This was evident in a certain forest/swamp location in FF IX, where sprites were lit incorrectly, causing flickering dark patches on the screen.

    Miscellaneous Fixes
    There are the usual bunch of miscellaneous fixes, which I loose track of :)

    Configuration Hint
    You can change the configuration of my plugin without having to restart the emulator :) To do this, configure my plugin as normal. As long as you press the OK button on my configuration panel, the settings will be stored. When you return to the emulator configuration panel, click CANCEL. This will make the emulator think that nothing has changed, and it will be happy to allow you to start a game. In fact, the settings have been changed :)
So all you 3Dfx card users, get Lewpy's glide plugin v1.28 by clicking here, and make sure to check out Lewpy's new page at

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   Win2000 Loader v1.5 released Posted by Bobbi at [10:26 CET]  
Omnigear just mailed me to let me know about a new version of a neat utility called Win2000 loader. According to their homepage this tool should speed up applications between 5% and 30% by settings a higher priority. Here're the changes in this version :
  • Option to automatically start the Launcher at windows startup
  • New Interface
  • SMP (multiple processors support), up to 8 CPUS
  • All your program configurations are now accessible when right-clicking the icon in the system tray
  • Listening mode, which provide compatibility with every games or games launcher (like GameSpy and MSN)
  • Auto-launch the Launcher in a low priority mode
  • The main display now indicate the priotity number beside the name of your game
Since Gamers Office doesn't allow direct linking to pages and the server the file is on is horribly slow, you can download this tool directly from PSXEmu by clicking here. Feel free to report your results in the comments box below this post.

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   Some bad Final Fantasy news Posted by Bobbi at [10:11 CET]  
Well, after all those great news during the past few weeks regarding Final Fantasy, news pieces about FF 10 and the remakes keep on being split out by PS2 IGN now. The first article reports about the remakes of Final Fantasy and it looks like we'll have to carry more money to the shops for those three titles, which will be released on DVD's :
    Various Japanese news sources have reported the Square has announced that the upcoming PlayStation 2 remakes of Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX will not be sold in a single collection, but will instead be sold separately. All three games will be released on DVD and will include special extras, plus visual and aural improvements over their PlayStation equivalents.
Ah well, I think I'll still buy them when the new included things are worth it :) The above part comes from this article. The other one talks about Final Fantasy 10 being released in two seperate packages, though it's still unknown what the second disc will contain :
    IGNPS2 has learned from various Japanese news sources that Final Fantasy X will be released in two different packages for PlayStation when it's released in Japan this July. Square will release both a regular and deluxe version of the game with the enhanced package containing two DVDs instead of just one. We don't know what will be featured on this extra DVD at this time, but we'll let you know what's on it as soon as we find out ourselves.
Well, I guess it'll be a soundtrack and maybe some cool artwork, but I guess we'll just have to wait 5 more months to find out about that one. Read the article here and feel free to leave your comments on our message boards.

   Scanned article on Mameworld Posted by Bobbi at [10:02 CET]  
I was over at EmuHQ (hey Peter !) when I read about a scanned article about emulation which has been posted over at Mameworld. The article is written by an UK magazine called PC Utilities. Most of the article talks about classic emulation, only the last page contains some more infos and links about emulators like bleem!, VGS and UltraHLE.

Sadly enough, when that article was published, ePSXe hasn't been released yet, it should've been mentioned otherwise. Anyway, to read the complete article head over to Big thanks again to EmuHQ for the news.

   VGS Patches News Posted by Wormie at [7:42 CET]  
Aldo has updated his VGS Patches news section today. New to this section is more help for Valkyrie Profile that was provided by fei_ . Here is a short description of the section:
    In this section you will find many news on VGS patches for specific games, including Chrono Cross USA, Final Fantasy 9 Jap/USA, Smackdown 2, Valkyrie Profile USA/Jap and Tales of Eternia JAP. Also other games Fixed by Psytek's Patch, KLUG Resource for VGS Generic Patcher, previous 501xx patches.
So head on over to Aldos and check out his VGS Patches News Section.

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Friday, January 26, 2020

   Docs for Null2's SPU plugin Posted by Bobbi at [18:14 CET]  
Well, after the latest great release of Null2's SPU plugin v1.20, which has been confirmed to work greatly with Windows 2000 now, Lordjames (yeah, that crazy message board admin we have) wrote a very nice readme for the latest release, which contains an installation guide as well as questions to the most frequent asked questions. Here's one of them :
    Q: What can I do to fix choppy sound?
    Two things to play with to eliminate choppy sound are "Buffer Length" and "Block" size. Increasing both of these will help smooth out the sound reproduction. When messing with the buffer, increase the value by 10 until you find a good setting. With the block setting, increase the value by 1 until you get accurate sound.
I gotta say that this readme is actually written very well, a huge thanks flys out to LordJames for that one. You can download it in one ZIP with Null2's SPU plugin v1.20 by clicking here.

   Kazzuya's GPU Plugin v1.4b Posted by Bobbi at [18:04 CET]  
Wau, looks like one of those really old plugins which have been created before PSXEmu has even be found recived an update ! I'm talking about Kazzuya's software GPU plugin, maybe one of the fastest software renderer out there. From his webpage comes this short describtion of what's new :
    This new version improves compatibility and.. just improves ok ?? May be a bit slower too. I started this plug-in on a P75 and now I'm on an Athlon 600. No need to speed-up 8) Special Thanks to Pete and Rasky for helping with the painful Texture Window issue.

    I'm only updating this plug-in cause the 1.3 was just too old and rusty and now I have some free time. This is a beta version anyway.. no real testing yet.

It is also mentioned that, before asking any questions, you should check out the Mini FAQ at his webpage, which is located here. Oh yeah, the download : You can get Kazzuya's GPU plugin v1.4b here. Big thanks flys out to Marco Novo for the news !

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Thursday, January 25, 2020

   PSX Emulation status Posted by Bobbi at [21:28 CET]  
Well, after some thinking I came to the decission it'd be about time to give a PSX emulation status update, since none of the official pages really give informations about the status of the projects, release dates and current targets. Though I'm not allowed (I gave my word) to talk about any new features, here're some informations about the currently most important three free emulators :
    ePSXe - Still being improved with lots of cool ideas
    All the time since it's release, this emulator has gotton much public attention, though I personally wonder why none of the big sites have taken it up so far. Anyway, ePSXe has been on hold for some time since the main programmer calb took a long earned break. Since the last public release, several things have already been fixed, like
    • the memory card bug (where you need to press F4 at the moment)
    • the internal SPU with some nice speed ups
    • a fix so older plugins shouldn't crash any more
    • some compatibility increasements
    • a secret feature we can't reveal yet since it's still in development
    Like usually, for more inside informations our ePSXe message board is a good point to go to.

    FPSE - Still under heavy development
    The FPSE team is still working on this GREAT advancing emulator, but I heard from !+Mr.Fog+! today, that due to a HD crash on his PC and a virus on LDChen's, TWO weeks of work have been lost - may the person who caused this die a painful dead. Anyway, the emulator is making nice progress, but the main programmer doesn't want to release it to soon, though I heard that, before it goes public, a nice beta testing stage should start and we'll of course keep you up to date about this. Here's a nice pic of Action Man !+Mr.Fog+! sent me being played on the latest beta/alpha of this emulator :

    Looks amazing, doesn't it ? Well, to sad it'll take some time until we can get our hands on this, but I think such nice pics will shorten the waiting time a lot !

    AdriPSX - Private problems slowing it down
    Well, I guess everyone following the progress of this emu a bit heard about the private problem it's programmer Roor currently has. Because of this, progress has quite slowed down a bit (and because of his job), but it's still being made : Several compatibility improvements, faster netplay option and some other stuff has been done to the emulator. I hope that we'll be able to post some pics of the next version soon, but that's Roors sole decission, so we'll just have to wait. Still an amazing status this emulator is already at !

    So much for the main 3 free emulators. As for the new emulator front, they're still progressing nicely. The Psinex homepage should be updated with some news by Psychojak soon (who went to holidays again - lucky bastard =P). Some 4EverPSX news have just beed posted so scroll down a bit for those !
Phew, now that was a hell lot of text to write and infos to gather. For more news about those top emulators, keep an eye at this place, because we'll surely have some more kickass news about them soon !

   4EverPSX news Posted by Thorgal at [21:12 CET]  
Ugh, what a week... I've been quite busy these days, as you may have noticed (don't hope so ;) . Well, at least there hasn't really been a lack of news today :) This time, it's Sephiroth Angellus, author of 4EverPSX who comes with some good news. He added a rockin' GUI to the emulator (well, actually there's more, but you'll find out in a bit) ! He put up a screenshot of it as well, so you can expect the typical in-development screenie ;) Let's see why you should check it out:
    "Hello again. Today the GUI'ed 4EverPSX shows his first output and the dissassembler mode seems to run fine. This is a great day for the progress of 4EverPSX because now the basic layout for a debugger is laid out. The GUI now contains a R3000 RegisterView, GTE RegisterView , a DisassemblyView and a MemoryView most likely more views will be added but at this point these will suffice. Well here's a ..."
Ha, you know how the story ends: go check it out ! :)

   New Daemon tools version Posted by Bobbi at [20:21 CET]  
This is already some days old, but since I'm in a posting mood right now, I still decided to mention it : A new version of the only CD emulator which works with bleem! and VGS called Daemon Tools has been released, increasing the version number to v2.47a (the a is an update which has been posted yesterday). Here're the new features of this version :
  • Preliminary Safedisc 2.0 support for non-perfect copies - emulation of bad sectors and pregap
  • Laserlock support of non-perfect copies added
  • Enhanced Securom support. Securom crash problem (especially in Diablo2) on some CDROMs fixed
  • Support for last Safedisc 1.0 loader (e.g. used in AoE 2: Conquerors) added.
Not really any changes important for emulation fans, but it's still nice to be up to date with the version, especially because of the latest posted fix. You can download this version by clicking here.

   Fix for Front Mission 3 + ePSXe Posted by Bobbi at [20:02 CET]  
ePSXe Fanatics, most probably the biggest ePSXe fan page out there, mentioned a post on (our message board), where Umbaglo posted a solution to run Front Mission 3 in ePSXe. Here's what you have to do :
    All you have to do is put this in the command line when using the command prompt:
      epsxe -nogui
    If you use ePSXeCutor then all you need to enter is this:

    There was many graphic errors, if anyone knows how to fix these send Wormie an e-mail.
So in case you're a FM3 fan, what are you waiting for ? Get ePSXe v1.0.1, run it like described above and enjoy. Big thanks to Wormie from ePSXe Fanatics again for the hint !

   DirectX 8.0a released Posted by Bobbi at [19:45 CET]  
LordJames informed me, that Microsoft released version 8.0a of their DirectX package. Although I couldn't find it directly on the official DirectX page, I was able to find it using the MS download manager at this page, with the following informations about this release :
    This download contains the DirectX 8.0a redist release. DirectX 8.0a contains updates for issues with international installs on Windows 2000 and issues where input devices could have buttons disabled that were enabled with previous DirectX releases. There are no other changes.
When I surfed over to Voodoo Extremes comment thread about this, I read different opinions about this; while some talk about nice fixes and speed up's, some see it as useless update. As an emu fan, I'd suggest you to download it and try out for yourself.

As for the downloads, Microsofts site seems to be very busy at the moment, I was getting errors all the time. You can still try and download the 25 MB package containing files for all 3 operating systems (2000/ME/9x) from this page. Feel free to post your results in the comments box or on our message board.

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   Null2's SPU plugin v1.20 Posted by Bobbi at [19:13 CET]  
Well, after a small discussion with null2, I found out about his new SPU plugin v1.20 which he silentely developed and gave to some people as a test version. After I asked nicely, he agreed to post it on PSXEmu, so here you go with the list of changes :
  • Chrono Cross's VAG (that's a special type of sound, thx JNS)
  • The plugin *should* work win Win2k now !!
  • switch linear interpolation
Remember this is a test version, so every feedback is welcome in our comments box below this post, especially about the Win2k compatibility. You can download this new version of the plugin here.

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   SpeedUp Processes 1.0 Posted by Wormie at [2:14 CET]  
NESboy just imformed me that Aldo has updated Aldo's Tools with a new tool. This time Aldo has created a great utility to help speed up those low end computers out there. Here is a Short Description with some features:
    This utility let you manage the priority of Windows processes. It sets the priority of process of your favorite emulator to use more time of your processor and let you kill processes not shown in the Task Manager to gain more memory and CPU time. This is great for low end computers. Also you may use it from the command line or batch files.

    Features in 1.0?
    • Use it from the command line or batch files this way:
      SpeedUp.exe C:\MyEmus\Connectix VGS.exe

    • Use the interactive GUI to set processes priority: NORMAL, HIGH, REAL TIME (higher) or IDLE.

    • Kill hidden process not listed in the Task Manager to free up additional memory and processor time.

    • Filter list of processes by priority. A custom filter list running processes of popular emulators.
Grab this tool and many other cool ones from

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Tuesday, January 23, 2020

   Connectix looking for help Posted by Bobbi at [19:26 CET]  
On our message board appeared a post from Gabe Ramsey, who's working for Connectix in their long lawsuit fight against Sony. Right now, he's looking for help from the community regarding information about reverse engeneering for PSX emulators. But read for yourself :
    At any rate, for the last several years Sony has brought a lawsuit against Connectix in an attempt to shut down the Virtual Game Station (you might be aware of that too). Sony’s position is basically that reverse engineering using publicly available information and exercising perfectly legal creative skills should be unlawful. Most of Sony’s claims have been kicked out by various courts over the last several years, but Sony has a lot of money to make this litigation go on and on. The trial on the remaining issues is this March.

    I’m basically attempting to get in touch with folks in the emulation/programming community who are concerned about what Sony’s position means for free programming. I’m looking for information about the resources that are publicly available for reverse engineering the PlayStation and creating PlayStation emulators. This is also potentially an opportunity to be a witness for Connectix. I really would appreciate your help and I am certain that this is an extremely worthy cause.
For more informations and to post your opinion, pay a visit to this thread on our messageboard and submit informations you might have about this to

   More infos on Final Fantasy Posted by Bobbi at [19:25 CET]  
Hey, those seem to be busy days for Final Fantasy fans (like me) ! After the first screenshots from Final Fantasy 10 for the PS2 have been published some days ago (and they REALLY look amazing) and the sad announcement about FFX being pushed back to this summer, this article has been published from PS2.IGN today containing even some infos about Final Fantasy 12! (yikes) :
    Square is tapping into its massive pool of talent for the development of these games. Final Fantasy X, as previously mentioned, is being worked on by Yoshinori Kitase (FFVII, FFVIII) and Toshiro Tsuchida (Front Mission). Final Fantasy XI, a game which arguably represents the biggest step in the Final Fantasy series since Final Fantasy VII merged CG and realtime graphics, is being worked on by Hiromichi Tanaka (Chrono Cross) and Kouichi Ishi (Legend of Mana). Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XII's development is being lead by Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy Tactics) and Hiroyuki Ito (Final Fantasy IX).

    Additionally, Square announced numerous remake projects for the PS2. The company plans PS2 releases of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX. No details have been revealed as of late, but seeing as how these games can already be played on the PS2 with minor graphical tweaking through the system's enhanced mode, we presume Square will be taking more advantage of the system for these retail versions.
Hmm, some of my favorite designers working on my favorite serie ... this will become a great year :) Read the whole article at IGN here.

   VGS Video Patch R8 Posted by Bobbi at [19:10 CET]  
School sucks, but oh well, that's another topic : Aldo updated his page with an update for his great program VGS Video Patch, which is able to increase the resolution, apply fixes and works with most versions. Here's what's new :
    Added modchip patch for VGS 1.41 demo and VGS 1.41 French, added support to VGS 1.4 and VGS 1.41 Italian. For more info on other features check VGS Video Patch section.
Keep in mind that the resolution isn't really changed, it just appears smaller. You can download the vode patch R8 by clicking here. For more infos on this smart utility visit this page.

Monday, January 22, 2020

   Advanced FPSE informations Posted by Bobbi at [19:05 CET]  
The FPSE homepage has been updated with another link to their message board, especially to this post (scroll down a bit) from LDChen, where he cleared up the stuff with the 100 FPS which has been posted (and seen as unrealistic from many people who also mailed us). Here's a snipset from his post :
    Well, FPSE compiler is under development, so it's not possible (yet) to run it in compiler mode. The interpreter is now as fast as a good compiler, but speed will decrease a little during clocked events. Example: loading data from CDROM. This will run 2-3 times slower than other emulators. Unfortunally I don't have a solution for that, because an interpreter is always an interpreter.

    So, how is it possible to get this speed?
    Here you are the explanation: I took the old compiler of FPSE 0.08 and I have done some tests. I have done many speed improvements into the main core of FPSE, simply using good algorithms. All optimizations I have done for the interpreter, are also valid for a compiler, so I simply wanted to test how good are these changes. And I have found that speed is really increased very much. Because the stupid way I have used for removing compiled blocks in the old dynarec, speed will decrease greatly during XA read, but this problem won't be present into the new compiler I'm doing.
Sounds like the next FPSE version will come along with a tons of cool new features and improvements. For the full head up, check out LDChen's in this thread !

   Misc Final Fantasy news Posted by Bobbi at [18:52 CET]  
Well, like you might have already noticed, I'm a really big fan of the final fantasy serie (heck, I think beside MGS2, this is the only reason I ever bought my PS2), so I was shocked today by the notice, that Square actually made a loss this year and they pushed back the release date for Final Fantasy 10 in japan to this jule. Quoted from this article :
    A financial statement released by Square today makes mention of a new release period for Final Fantasy X. The game, which was originally planned for a Spring release (with specific mention having been given to March), is now planned for release in July. The delay will be used for improving the game, according to Square president Hisashi Suzuki.

    Square's financial statements will take a slight beating this term as a result. The company is expecting to record 71.5 billion YEN in sales by March of this year, down by 11.8 billion YEN from the original expectation of 83.3 billion YEN. Square expects a loss of 4.4 billion YEN instead of an initial forecast of 6.6 billion YEN in profits. This is the first time the company will have posted a loss since going public.
So people, go out and buy Final Fantasy 9 NOW to support Square :) Ah well, and I already hoped to be able to test my modchip for import compatibility this march ...

On another sidenote, HamX from #epsxe took 54 pics from Final Fantasy 9 running in ePSXe, which really look pretty amazing. You can check them out (all on one page) at this link, which is really worth while a visit when you have some time left (the page loaded LONG for me).

   Tools news from Aldo Posted by Bobbi at [18:30 CET]  
Ah well, looks like I'll get some more time since one of our main teachers became ill this week. So I, like usually, checked my favorite sites and saw the following piece over at Aldos tools page : He was able to hack the latest PSEmu Pro version, so you're able to use that one in the same directory as your ePSXe is stored in, so you don't have to store your plugins twice on your HD. Here's what Aldo wrote about that one :
    People that use both PSEmu Pro and ePSXe have noticed that you need your plugins duplicated, in ePSXe\Plugins and in PSEmuPro\Plugin directories. I hacked PSEmu Pro so now you place it in ePSXe directory and share the Plugins (and BIOS too), saving disk space (about 8MB in my case) and do not require to always update both plugins directories.
To download this hacked version he named PSEmu Pro v1.93, head over to Aldos tools page !

Sunday, January 21, 2020

   PSXEmu misc site stuff Posted by Bobbi at [21:14 CET]  
Well, well, the weekend seems to end soon and the last important week of school for this half year begins, meaning I'll have no time next week to take care of the page, so I hope that Thorgal/Ryos/Sonikku/dhalamar keep up the good work they made and that CD returns soon with his new PC working okay. Anyway, after that week, I'll have some exclusive news and surprises for you, so make sure to check back next weekend (and of course daily for the latest news ! =P). Anyway, I got some things finished right before I'm leaving, so here you go :

First off, the poll has been changed again since the last one was going a bit slow. The new one focuses on bleemcast!. After the rumors about the technical problems with publishing it, the verification that it'll still come out and all the other stuff, I started to wonder : After all troubles, will you STILL purchase bleemcast! ? This poll will especially be interresting when comparing its final results to the one we took some months ago.

Anyway, a new poll means we have results for the old one, where we asked you which SPU plugin you're mostly using overall. Here're the results from 1154 votes alltogether :
    Overall, which SPU plugin do you use most?

    ePSXe internal SPU - 53.7% - (620 Votes)
    Null2's SPU Plugin - 28.5% - (329 Votes)
    Pete's MIDAS SPU Plugin - 17.6% - (204 Votes)
I gotta admit that I'm a bit surprised about those results, since I thought null2's plugin would be the best all the time (well, until I came in touch with the ePSXe's 1.0.2 SPU core, but that's another history). In case you want to see the results graphically displayed, head over to this page. To vote in the new poll, point your eyes to the left of this post :)

Well, on the other side I noticed some sections of our site became outdated, so I took some time and fixed several of them, like our plugins section, which now contains the latest GPU and SPU releases, the ePSXe download section with the new [pec] and memory card stuff (more coming soon), the screenshot of the week, the top downloads and a bug in our newsscript which caused it to remove all posts at the beginning of the month. I'll get the other download sections updated next week as well as the sections for Psinex and 4EverPSX so stay tuned.

And last but not least, I finally came to a decission what we should do with the current Emus4PSX section. Since it's mostly a section sending hits to right now, I came to the decission we should replace it, so as soon as the team agreed to the new idea and Thorgal made the tab, you'll find a newbie/tutorial section there. The idea of this section is, to store things like special game fixes, certain files and guides for beginners in there so that they're always available for viewing, even when they're not on the mainpage any more.

Ideas, suggestions, additions or comments about anything mentioned above ? You can always drop me an E-Mail when you'd like to help with something or disagree with certain ideas, we're always open for suggestions. Phew, lot of stuff written, I'm off now :)

   [pec] plugin v1.2 released Posted by Bobbi at [18:45 CET]  
Well, why announce news when they happen minutes afterwards ? :) (read the last post when you don't understand) : JNS updated the [pec] homepage yet again, this time with a new release of his cheating plugin, which comes with the following changes :
  • Code sequence bugs fixed for the code types : D0, D1, D2, D3, E0, E1, E2, E3. (These opcodes haven't worked before)
  • Different code optimizations for more speed
  • Support for Pete's new GPU function :
    • GPUreadDataMem (This is required for games with GPU->RAM transfer, like FF9 ... without this function, these games would crash in ePSXe)
Looks like another fine release of the best cheating utility out there. To get the new version, pay a visit to the [pec] homepage, hosted right here at PSXEmu !

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   [pec] runtime installer Posted by Bobbi at [16:28 CET]  
JNS just updated the [pec] homepage with a runtime installer. In case you're not much into that stuff, JNS used a combination of VB6 and ASM to program [pec]. Visual Basic requires some files to run on your system. Now why a installer ? Here's the explanation copied from the [pec] homepage :
    Several people reported vaerious problems with installing the Visual Basic runtime which've been offered in the download section. Older versions of the files [pec] requires are often already installed and in use, so you can't overwrite them. Since [pec] takes advantage of some newer features, the new versions are necessary.

    To solve this, Bobbi has created a kickass installer for these people. This runtime is REQUIRED for [pec] !
So in case you'd like to use [pec] or the [pec] plugin but haven't been able to do that yet, head over to the [pec] homepage and download the VB runtimes there as well as the [pec] plugin.

When just talking about [pec], a bug popped up today with FF9 using the plugin : After winning a battle, you'll get kicked out of ePSXe. There's currently no way to fix this, but calb and JNS already worked out the error (it was a problem in ePSXe), which could already have caused some older plugins to crash (whoever still uses those =P). The next [pec] version, which could already be released soon, as well as the next ePSXe version will contain a fix for this, so stay tuned.

   Memory Card manager v1.2 Posted by Bobbi at [13:14 CET]  
I was just over at Aldos tools page when I saw that a new version of my favorite memory card manager has been released, increasing the version number up to v1.2 ! Here's a short describtion and what's new :
    Manage the slots of your memory cards with this super easy to use Memory Card Manager. New: Added support for SmartLink (*.psm) files, drag and drop, minor bug fixes.
So in case you also want to use the same memory card with multiple emus, you should really download it here. For more great news, tools and more, make sure to visit !

   Pete's GPU plugins v1.44 ! Posted by Bobbi at [12:21 CET]  
And yet another update for those fabulous PSEmu Pro plugins, this time from the main OGL/D3D/software plugins maker, Pete Bernert. After Ben-J dropped me an E-Mail that the new version has been released, I immediately went over to Pete's site and saw the amazingly good changes :
  • SOFT plugin: fixed a small issue with the FF9 'pause' screen. It is working without problems in version 1.44
  • All plugins: new ODDLINE bit handling. More games (like XMen) should be working (fingers crossed :)
  • OGL/D3D: If you are using a filtering mode w/o sprites,
    the new version will not only ignore sprites, but also textured windows (most times used as background pattern in text boxes). Less glitches will happen in such text boxes... try it with FF9 :)
  • OGL/D3D: You have noticed a small vertical line in the right area of MDEC movies? Well, that's fixed, too... Unfiltered MDECs should be fine now in OGL, nVidia cards will still show some small line with unfiltered MDECs in D3D, though (because of the stupid 'auto-blurring' nVidia is doing on stretched blits in D3D).
  • OGL/D3D: Biggest improvement: a speed boost in games
    which are using textured windows as main texture type (like Spiderman). Enjoy :)
Like usually, all plugins are merged into one ZIP now, which can be downloaded by clicking here. Also make sure to give Pete's homepage a visit for more plugin informations. Thanks again to Ben-J for the news.

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   bleemcast back? Posted by Sonikku at [11:28 CET]  
With all the news floating around of the demise of bleemcast, I went right to the source and talked to its coder - Randy Linden and asked directly if bleem for Dreamcast was still coming out and recieved the following response:

"Of course it's still coming out...

...and, don't forget, months before there was ever a "Utopia boot CD" or a "GameShark CDX", bleem! for Dreamcast was running on a MILCD at E3...

Infact, it was months beforehand that we already had it running on a MILCD, at a time when the machine "only supported GDROMs."

Besides which, out of the 10million units out there, only a couple hundred don't work with MILCDs -- at the moment -- I'm curious what happens when peoples' machines break down and need repairs..."
Certainly good news for Dreamcast owners if it spans out, only time will tell... :)

Saturday, January 20, 2020

   Playstation 3 information unveiled Posted by dhalamar at [14:38 CET]  
Well, Sony is already talking about the Playstation 3 apparently. :) Gamepot had a rather interesting article about a system that probably won't see the light of day for quite a while = the Playstation 3. Here are a few little snippets of the article

    ...Shinichi Okomoto, senior vice president of R&D; at SCEI, said that the company has already begun research on the PlayStation 3, with hopes of making the next PlayStation 1,000 times as powerful as the PlayStation 2....

    ...Additionally, Sony's plans for the PS3 include online shopping functions, online banking, and other interactive Internet services. Naturally, some of these functions could be introduced to the mass market with the PlayStation 2, but Sony's digital convergence plans for the PS3 seem to be on a larger scale....

    You can read the article in it's entireity right here.Hmmm..... PS3 1000x more powerful than the PS2. That oughta be interesting to say the least. Let's hope they can pull it off. ;)

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Friday, January 19, 2020

   Webmaster blabla ... Posted by Bobbi at [23:08 CET]  
Well, since I'm already around and posting news I thought I could talk a bit about the happenings during the period while I was away, starting with the most important things :

First off, like you all noticed, some changes in our team have been going on. While Wormie sadly enough left us but still helped out a bit in the previous days (thanks a lot again for this mate !). I'd like to send out a huge thanks to him for all the things he did for us and wish him much luck with his great ePSXe fanpage, which still can be found at
As a replacement for Wormie, we hired Dhalamar, who should already be known to you meanwhile since he already did some great posts. I'd like to welcome him in our team and wish him much fun in here :)

On our message board, which can be found at, there've also many changes going on. As for the members, we'd like to welcome Operations and sxamiga in the moderator team, both are already doing a kickass job on the boards.
Furthermore, a new forum called Rules and Announcements has been created, which will be used for public announcements and rules from now on, so all messageboard members should take a look.

Well, that's about what happened internally on PSXEmu during the past weeks, I'd still like to mention that I'm very happy to see what a great job the crew did over the past days. I'm officially not back yet, and the next week will be pure stress for me so don't except more newsposts from me during that time, my real comeback will be the next weekend and you can expect some great surprises by then - stay tuned !

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   Unofficial PSEmu Pro FAQ Posted by Bobbi at [22:48 CET]  
I was over at Retrogames when I saw the news that Kazzuya uploaded a small FAQ to his webpage. Since I neither was able to find a newspost about this on his page nor a timestamp anywhere, I'll simply belive atila that this FAQ is new. It doesn't really give any new informations about PSEmu Pro and problems but some parts are still nice to read, like this one :
    Help PSEmu tells me "ERROR GTE OPCODE #%@%#$!%@ email" !!!

    Does it also tell you "Signed: DevilDuddie ?". It doesn't but it should 8)
    Last official PSEmu release included a suprise from Duddie to me. Basically a way for him to get me tons of beta testing from the users. The idea sounded like a pain but not so bad.. if only I knew that users wouldn't be getting any new release since that, then I would have tried to avoid it at every cost ! I'm not sure, but I think the unofficial pre-release of PSEmu 2000 (or whatever is called) should have that removed. In any case please just understand that the warning explains about a missing feature and for now there is nothing I can do about it.
Hehe, interresting to know :) When just talking about PSEmu Pro, I'd like to mention something about this leaked beta floating around the net : I know it exists and I don't need people to send it to me (what STILL happens about 1 - 2 times a week.) Unless the PSEmu Pro teams allows us to put this version up on our page you won't be able to find it here.
Anyway, back to the topic. In case you still don't know enough about this great emulator, check out Kazzuyas FAQ here. Those who need additional details and more help about PSEmu should also take a look at PSXEmu's PSEmu Pro FAQ, which can be found on this page. Cheers again to Retrogames for the link.

   New [pec] plugin v1.1 Posted by Bobbi at [22:36 CET]  
JNS just updated the official [pec] homepage with a new release of his lately created plugin, which supplies [pec] users with an amzingly new speed, a much better compatibility but also with some problems, so JNS created a new version with the following changes :
  • Serveral bugs fixed
  • Different code optimizations
  • Support for Pete's new GPU functions :
    • GPUwriteDataMem (Speed up the data transfer to the plugin extremly)
    • GPUdisplayText (Only interesting for emu-coders)
JNS also mentioned that he needs as many informations as possible about the problems some user experienced with the plugin, such as codes not working or crashes when trying to configure the plugin itself, so in case you're still having problem with this version, make sure you drop him an e-mail. You can download the [pec] plugin v1.1 by clicking here. For additional downloads and informations make sure to pay the [pec] homepage a visit.

   CDr plugin from linuzappz Posted by Bobbi at [22:30 CET]  
Hmm, looks who's back to work. Well, since Wormie already was kind enough to do some newsposts, I thought it might be about time for me to help out a bit as well, though I'm still in my official break ... well, I'll write some more words about this later, here're some news first from today :

linuzappz dropped me an E-Mail that he converted his FPSE linux cdr plugin to the PSEmu Pro compatible format. Since I'm not a developer myself, I'm just gonna copy and paste his short e-mail :
    hi, I recently converted my cdr plugin for fpse for linux to psemu cdr style plugins, so now any emulator that wants to be ported to linux can test the cdrom.
So I suppose this file is mainly meant for developers. In case you belong to this group or just want to have a look at his code, you can download the file by clicking here. In case you need more informations, I'd highly suggest you to contact linuzappz directly at !

   FPSE Homepage Updated Posted by Wormie at [15:19 CET]  
!+Mr.Fog+! from FPSE Team has updated the FPSE Homepage with some interesting news. He gave a link to their message board that had the following post:
    Hi to everyone :-))

    Some news about FPSE 0.09.

    LDCHEN has released a VERY PRIVATE BETA (hey this means that only he has this beta!!) with Compiler Mode support and he tells me that FPSE run near at 100FPS!!!!!!!!!
    (hey he has a pentium 2 at 200Mz)

    Also, he fixed finally all the GTE opcode..
    as you can see here and on FPSE site. ^_^
Also included a few screenshots of MediEvil 2 running.
Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3

And no I am not back ... just helping out my friends while they are short handed.

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   Nintendo is sueing Imagine Media Posted by dhalamar at [14:15 CET]  
I'll bet you're wondering, "Why in the heck post about Nintendo on a Playstation emulation site?". Well, the truth is, the Big N, in my opinion, are being money hungry little toads, not to mention acting like a child who, instead of sharing, whines and cries and kicks(I can't really say what's on my mind about this because I really don't want Bobbi to track me down and kill me for saying unappropriate things on his site), and this is more proof of them throwing a hissy fit over something they shouldn't even worry about.

Anyway, over at the Daily Radar, they have this real interesting news peice about Nintendo sueing Imagine Media because they put out a "100% Unofficial Pokemon Trainer's Guide". The guide has a full walkthrough and strategy guide for Pokemon Gold and Silver, as well as a full PokeDex from the game. Nintendo is trying to sue Imagine Media for "copyright infringement", otherwise known as using the word "Pokemon" and putting out screenshots in the guide. You can read the full article about the Big N throwing another hissy fit(remember a while back when they were chasing down websites with the word "Pokemon" on them?) right here. Be sure to send them an E-Mail if you think what they're doing is bull.

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Thursday, January 18, 2020

   Final Fantasy X preview ! Posted by Thorgal at [21:52 CET]  
Ok, this may be a bit off-topic, but we have some seriously cool stuff here. posted a preview of Final Fantasy X for PS2 ! Being the typical preview you'd expect, it talks about several new features etc., and summarizes the FF Series' background as well. Ofcourse, there are several screenshots available as well, and if you're only slightly interested in games like these, I strongly suggest you check 'em out! :) To give you an impression, I've put some thumbnails below (click to enlarge) :


In case you didn't notice, the right image is in-game :) To check out IGN's preview, and more screenshots, go here !

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   bleemcast in trouble ? Posted by Sonikku at [11:03 CET]  
According to this article at, Sega plans to kill the Mil-CD format (which was cd based)
and to ship all future DC's without the ability to boot CDR's and /or Data CD's.

From IGN:

"Apparently, this decision was a conscious one by Sega. The company
does not want game data that's stored on a CD to be played by the Dreamcast,
as this is the primary means through which Dreamcast software is pirated."

This could potentially be a fatal blow to bleemcast since, as an unnoficial product, it would have been pressed to CD and not Sega's proprietary GD-ROM format. So unless bleem Inc. can get Sega to press GD's for them (VERY unlikely) we may never see bleemcast on store shelves.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2020

   [pec] - Now a PSEmu Style Plugin Posted by Wormie at [0:50 CET]  
I know I am no longer part of the team .. but I thought I would help out my friends on this great news, since no one was around to post it.

JNS creator of the great Playstation cheating utility called [pec], has created a PSEmu style plugin version of [pec]. Since it is a PSEmu style plugin now it will work will all the PSX emulators that use this style of plugin system, such as PSEmu Pro, ePSXe, AdriPSX, PCSX, FPSE, PSinex. Also JNS mentioned it is 200 times faster. Here is a short description from [pec] Hompage:
    In the last days i developed ... maybe the future of psx emulation cheating ...
    the first PSEmu Pro Plugin - Cheating Plugin.

    That means a plugin, which is compatible to all psx emu's with PSEmu Pro Plugin
    support, like PSEmu Pro itself, ePSXe, AdriPSX, PCSX, FPSE, PSinex.

    It works with every version of the emu's and don't need to be updated if a new
    version of the emu's will be released. It's works ~ 200 times faster than [pec]
    since it don't need to access the emu memory via API's anymore.

    This plugin is complete written in assembler and works damn fast :P

    Here is a list of all improvments and futures :

    • The first cheat plugin for psx emu's
    • Should work ~ 100-200 times faster than [pec]
    • Works with all PSEmu Pro Plugin compatible PSX emulators
    • Works with any PSEmu Pro compatible GPU plugin
    • No more updates of [pec] required when an emulator gets updated
    • No need to search the emus PSX memory before the codes can be activated
    • Access to the same code database that [pec] uses including over 1500 games
    • Should work more "GameShark-like"
    • No more stupid DLL errors (hopefully :P )
    • The same advances as [pec]
      like :
      • User-Database
      • Correct CD-Check
      • Support for the code types :
        80, 30, 10, 11, 20, 21, 50, D0, D1, D2, D3, E0, E1, E2, E3, C0, C2
      • Support for additional game informations
      • Jumps to the codes for the game which is in the CD drive

      and many more ...
    • Fast plugin-data-pipe, because the Cheat Plugin itself uses pure assembler
    • Easy to use database, because the database-interface is coded in Visual
      Basic 6.
    • Compressed with the new UPX v1.02 made by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer &
      Laszlo Molnar. A big thanks to the programmers for this useful tool.

    JNS also set up a step by step guide Here. So head on over to [pec] Homepage, and grab this great plugin.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2020

   Review stuff Posted by Thorgal at [20:46 CET]  
Slow day today, but there are several things about our review section which need to be mentioned. First off, I just added a new review of MediEvil 2 by Nicotine. As with all our reviews, this one is written for the typical emulation gamer: rent-a-game, check it out with several emulators and see if it's fun enough to find out wether you should buy the game or not. Great work Nico!

Now, the 2nd thing I wanted to mention: although our review section grows slow but steady, we'd much rather not notice the "slow" part anymore ;-) Therefore, any user submissions are welcome! In fact, I'm sure many of you are wasting lots of hours with ePSXe these days, it'd be great if you could write down your experiences afterwards :) We prefer reviews in our usual review style (again, you might want to check our review section ) , but there's no need to waste your time to let it look exactly like the others. Some pictures are also welcome (you can simply use a keyboard shortcut for that; to find out which one, check the GPU readme) .

You will get full credit ofcourse; also, no HTML knowledge or anything is needed, a simple .txt file will do :D Done? Send it over ! Thanks for your effort !

   Happy Birthday CDBuRnOuT Posted by mathew2 at [20:17 CET]  
This is a big shout to CDBuRnOuT who celebrates his birthday today.

Not with us today after his pc died a few days ago, good luck with the new one! look forward to see you back ;)

Everyone here wishing you the best...Good luck for now and into the future wishing that you fulfill all your desires!

shouts from everyone who was around :

    Phuzzi: 'Happy b-day cd, we lUb j00 :)'

    mathew2: what can i say.. i love that guy, hehe

    Bobbi: "Welcome in the teenager life, glad you're still with us, keep up the good work"

    wierd: day happybirth cd

    Cerlyn: Burn CD a coaster for a present :)

    Thorgal: I've been trying to be original too much these days: happy birthday! :P

feel free to leave your comment for CD in the comment thread.

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   4EverPSX Postponed Posted by dhalamar at [2:58 CET]  
The homepage for the new emulator 4EverPSX has been updated with the news that the author is postponting the GTE and recompiler becuase he wants to increase the number playable demos. He has also tested a number of BIOS images with the emulator and has some screenshots up. Head on over to the 4EverPSX homepage for more info, screenshots, and downloads. Thanks to bwb for the news.

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Monday, January 15, 2020

   ePSXe Fanatics: screenshots! Posted by Thorgal at [22:21 CET]  
Well, I know this isn't the first time ePSXe Fanatics receives an update, but this is a special one :) Their screenshots section now includes over 400 (!) screenshots from a total of 40 games. The latter may not seem much, but if your favorite game is in it, prepare for a LOAD of great pics. "FF8: 40 screenshots." :)

ePSXe fans, you don't want to miss this or any other section at ePSXe Fanatics :)

   FPSE screenshots Posted by Thorgal at [18:05 CET]  
A small update, but still pretty cool. Over at the FPSE homepage, you'll find 14 screenshots of FPSE running "Galaga Destination Earth". They look pretty slick I must say, especially the MDECs whereas previous FPSE versions still had many problems. The pics are of excellent quality, so it'll take a while before all "thumbnails" are loaded. Interested, or just bored? Check it out ! :)

   New poll ! Posted by Thorgal at [14:27 CET]  
Ahh, finally, a new poll ! :) But let's take a look at the previous poll's results first, as tradition goes. A total of 2065 votes we have here, the results (which can also be found here) actually surprised me for a bit :
    Overall, which GPU plugin do you use most?

    Lewpy's Glide plugin 29.2% - (603 Votes)
    Pete's Direct3D plugin 27.7% - (573 Votes)
    Pete's OpenGL plugin 26.7% - (553 Votes)
    Impact! Direct3D plugin 4.7% - (98 Votes)
    Pete's SOFT plugin 4.5% - (94 Votes)
    Segu's Direct3D plugin 3.1% - (65 Votes)
    Impact! OpenGL plugin 2.5% - (53 Votes)
    Impact! Glide plugin 1.2% - (26 Votes)
Well, we all knew Pete's plugins kick ass, but I never thought there were that many Glide users left, obviously using Lewpy's plugin :D

Now, on to the new poll. Here goes: Overall, which SPU plugin do you use most? This time, there are three options to choose from: Null2's SPU Plugin, Pete's MIDAS SPU Plugin, and the ePSXe internal SPU. The first two are (or were, now that the ePSXe internal SPU turns out to work pretty well) like the IE and Netscape of the SPU world (they dominate), however I decided to add the ePSXe one as well, as many people seem to use it these days. As was the case with the last poll, it doesn't matter which emulator you use these plugins with. I honestly have no idea which is the most widely used, so I'm looking forward to the results :) What are you waiting for, vote! :D

Sunday, January 14, 2020

   BoF4 + ePSXe fix Posted by Thorgal at [22:12 CET]  
Over at ePSXe Fanatics, there's something that you may find interesting: a fix for Breath of Fire 4 when played with ePSXe. To make it easy for you, here's the fix they managed to find out and tested:
    "I keep seeing people having problems with the sand dragon crash in Breath of Fire 4. So I decided to let everyone know how to get around this and also the opcode error people keep getting. Well one solution to the sand dragon crash is to use Pete's Latest Software plugin, Or use the better fix. From the command prompt type:

      epsxe -nocdstatus

    This will also fix the sand dragon crash, but will also fix the opcode error. Thanks to calb for the information, and thanks to wierd for testing it out on the opcode error."
Although I'm sure this fix won't be of interest to all of us, it IS interesting to see that there is a possibility to fix similar problems with other games via a simple command line trick :) Again, full credit for this one goes to the people mentioned above, and ofcourse ePSXe Fanatics. ePSXe "fanatics", be sure to pay them a visit sometime! :)

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   Lewpy's Glide GPU v1.0.27 ! Posted by Thorgal at [15:43 CET]  
Yay! One of my personal favorite plugins, Lewpy's Glide GPU, has received an update again! And according to the poll (yes, there will be a new one shortly ;) , it's not only my personal favorite :D There's quite a big list of changes actually, and I couldn't help listing all of 'em here :
  • Final Fantasy IX Improvements
    I've made some improvements to Final Fantasy IX, namely
    • fixed spell special effects (although they may not look 100% right)
    • fixed highlight of character name in battle menu (very subtle! ;)
    The first fix is generic, so may improve other games too, because off-screen drawing has been vastly extended to include all primitives, with all blending modes, by using Pete's software routines.

  • Chrono Cross Improvements
    Having finally gotten hold of Chrono Cross, I've fixed some problems exhibited by this game, namely
    • fixed underwater wave effect and character dialogue boxes (8bit/16bit texture windows were badly bugged ... badly un-implemented actually!!)
    • fixed black screen display at character name screen (some internal GPU status reporting was incorrect)
    Both of these fixes are generic, so may improve other games too. The texture window fix helps BOF4.

  • Final Fantasy VII Fix
    I have implemented Pete's Final Fantasy VII Texture Window fix :) Enable this for Final Fantasy VII only. It messes up Final Fantasy IX.

  • Bilinear Filtering Option
    I have implemented an option which disables bilinear filtering of sprites. This should improve games that use sprites for backgrounds (Final Fantasy,
    BOF, Chrono Cross, etc.) and for character text. It's a personal choice as to which you prefer. NOTE: due to this change, your current selection for bilinear filtering will be reversed (off for on, on for off), so reset your selection.

  • Texture Window Option
    I have implemented an option which fakes texture windows. They are not drawn textured, but are drawn without the texture entirely (just the lighting is used to control the colour). This helps out games which run too slowly with texture windows enabled, but look awful with texture windows disabled (such as RRT4). This doesn't look brilliant, but at least it draws a solid object useful for the road in RRT4!!!). This is a temporary measure until texture window support is implemented with no slowdown.

  • New HotKeys Function
    You can now toggle between the 4 stored configurations at the touch of a button, on-the-fly (i.e. in game!!!). All you need to do is tick the Enable HotKeys box in the configuration panel, and then keys 1-4 on the keyboard will switch between configurations, even switching resolutions on-the-fly.

  • New Set Default Button
    There is now a Set Default button on the configuration panel, which will set the current configuration to the default settings. Useful if you have been playing with settings and can't remember what the defaults are.

  • Improved Windows Compatibility
    If you press ALT-TAB, or use another method to take the focus away from the emulator, the Glide screen will be closed and the desktop will become visible. Just ALT-TAB back to the emulator display window, and the Glide window will be re-opened. NOTE: emulation is NOT paused when you do this!!!

  • Improved Copy Info
    The Copy Info button now includes even more information about the Operating System you are using, the amount of RAM you have, and the details of your processor (make / model / speed / number). Please use this function when making bug reports, as it really helps to see your system configuration.

  • Improved Documentation
    I've gone through the options detailed in the readme document, and added descriptions and recommended settings against each option. Useful for both the newbie and the inquisitive ;)

RPG fans can be satisfied :) Though I must say the new hotkey function looks very promising. Have a certain best-configuration for MDECs, and another for in-game? Smash your hotkey! :D

Well, "that's all". Glide users, be sure to get Lewpy's Glide GPU v1.0.27 here !

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   CDThrottle v1.11 Posted by Thorgal at [15:10 CET]  
Well, I guess most of you will know this one by now. CDThrottle, the tool which allows you to slow down the speed of your CD/DVD-drive, has now been updated to v1.11 ! I translated the "what's new" list of this release, explained things where neccessary :
  • faster detection of unknown [unsupported] drives.
  • better memory management, resulting in less memory needed.
  • the drive-info routine has been further expanded. This function gets all sorts of information about your drive, and puts it in a log file. In case your drive isn't supported yet, send this log to the author, and there's a good chance it WILL be supported by v1.12 :)
  • And, as always, many more drives are now supported.
Well, it looks like an update just as any other; however, you could really help the author out by sending a log of your (unsupported) drive's info! If your German skills are better than *none*, be sure to head over to the CDThrottle homepage, I'm sure you can make something out of it :)

Oh, almost forgot the download :D You can download CDThrottle v1.11 here !

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Saturday, January 13, 2020

   PSinex site updated again Posted by dhalamar at [21:36 CET]  
The homepage for PSinex has been updated again with more progress on the emulator. Here's the post:

    Small update for PSinex. I made some progress in Cpu Core. I fixed some buggy Load/Store opcodes, so now PSinex can run the awesome demo "The Roots" by Hitmen. This demo is full of GTE opcodes, so that shows some nice progress.

This emulator is showing a lot of progress, go check out the PSinex homepage (hosted right here I might add =P) for a cool screenshot from the Hitmen demo,"The Roots" and to learn more about this emulator.

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   PSinex Homepage updated Posted by dhalamar at [8:14 CET]  
The homepage for PSinex has been updated. Up until now this emulator could only run a handful of demos, that looks like it's about to change. :) Here's the post:

    Happy New Millenium! A bit late isn't it? Anyhow, I'm back from Greece (wonderful vacations, thanks to bobbi's wish). In the time being I have some important exams at Uni, so people just bare with me (I always wanted to say that) for the next version of PSinex. If everything goes OK, implementation of CD will show some good results (yes, games as well). As for now I managed to get some screenshots from commercial games (not within the game). Next release will not take long.

Head on over to the PSinex homepage for more information on this emulator, and screenshots of the WarCraft II loading screen and 2 screenshots from the opening screens of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Hopefully we'll see a new release for this emulator soon.

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Friday, January 12, 2020

   New Impact! plugins Posted by Thorgal at [23:44 CET]  
Just recently, a "new" version of the well-known arcade emulator The Impact!. Actually, it's a beta which was never released until now; The Impact! fansite released it today, quite months after the original release :) Now, this isn't completely off-topic, really. Why, you might ask? Well, according to our current poll, about 7% of us still use the GPU plugins for PSX emulation, the ones which came with the original Impact! release. And these are, together with the emulator itself, also updated.

They come in three flavors: Direct3D, OpenGL and Glide. Let's check what's new in these v1.11 releases:
    • Improved sprite mirroring
    • Corrected fps display on new GeForce 5.xx drivers
    • Improved sprite mirroring
      ... I have no idea; a history log isn't included in the Glide plugin release.
The ususal minor bugfixes, I'd say. Nevertheless, every fix is welcome :) In case you use these regularly, you might want to check them out; comments are welcome at the comments page :D Oh, the downloads ofcourse:

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   PSX translation doc v0.7 Posted by Thorgal at [23:17 CET]  
Well, slow day today. There's something some of you might find interesting though: Cless, of Phantasian Productions released the PSX translation documentation he composed. In case you're a ROM hacker, and would like to go more into translating PSX games, be sure to check it out! It is aimed at more experienced ROM hackers though, so be warned :D Thanks to Zophar's for the scoop!

   PS2 - A victim of its own hype Posted by dhalamar at [21:14 CET]  
Hello all. You've probably seen my rampant posting habits at Zophar's Domain. Bobbi was kind enough to give me a chance and be a part of the PSXEmu Team. For my very first post, there is an interesting article on The Register. Remember when the Playstation 2 first came out, there were a lot of people complaining about faulty systems? Well, Sony is now admitting that they rushed the system to get it out by Christmas to meet it's demand. Here's a little snippet of the article to intice you.

    Before Christmas, we heard of problems with the PlayStation 2's video connections and numerous tales of faulty fans. Since then a number of console owners have complained that the machine scratches DVDs and game discs if they're left inside when the Off button is pressed. To that, says the Sun, add issues with disc tray failures, power problems, discs not being read correctly and dodgy game controllers.

Makes me kind of glad I'm waiting for the Playstation 2 to drop in price. :) You can read the rest of the article right here.

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Thursday, January 11, 2020

   Plagiarism…... Posted by mathew2 at [22:34 CET]  
Just a few words, please understand :).

You look left, you look right, what do you see? plagiarism.

Maybe you noticed a pattern developing around emu sites where one has a story then all the others report on it, or maybe you didn't because you only visit here. Whichever it doesn't matter.

I think above all of course its important to keep readers updated with the latest news releases, but what really bugs me (and everyone else here) is plagiarism. Of course it also shows that whoever is the victim is doing a good job.

Perhaps your wondering what im getting at...

Well, here is PSXemu, if you followed us for some time i hope you noticed something.. everything within these walls is original stuff. Maybe some things aren't as good as others, maybe our design didn't cost $1,000,000 but these things aren't important. What counts is that within the constraints of real lives and such one does his/her best at what they love.

Content counts, Fast news counts, Concise and error free news counts, Thought counts.

Having a hobby which could make you $millions would be cool, but it doesnt always happen, and is not what is wanted allot of the time, pride is a better thing to have.

So this is to those few web/masters/posters who keep ripping our news word for word, please at least take the time to re-word it.

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   [pec] for Win2K Posted by Thorgal at [22:01 CET]  
Ah, even more [pec] news :) This time, JNS added support for Win2K to [pec] ! Are you using ePSXe in Win2k? Are you a sneaky cheater ? Then be sure to head over to the [pec] homepage, where you will find a new .DLL file at the downloads section.

In addition to adding Win2K support, this DLL should also be the solution for people who are constantly getting DLL error messages in Win9X. And yes, this file works with both ePSXe 1.0 and ePSXe 1.0.1. In case you use the latter (which is most likely), be sure to use the MODIFIED [pec] version which was released yesterday.

Well, that's about it. Head over to JNS' [pec] homepage for all downloads you need :)

   FPSE news ! Posted by Thorgal at [20:54 CET]  
Yay, finally a FPSE update again ! I must say I'm surprised with the amount of good news posted at the FPSE homepage :) Because of this, I'd like to quote the most part of it (corrected here and there) :
  • SaPu has fixed the CTRLIO plugin, which means that CD access under WinNT/2000 works now
  • FPSE has received a major compatibility increase (hey, that doesn't mean that all games work though !)
  • LDChen (hey, the guy's a genius ^_^) has AGAIN improved the Interpreter Mode (+6 Fps!)
  • There is a new screenshot of Dino Crisis 2 (but unfortunately the game doesn't work)
  • The new FPSE Configurator is AWESOME!
  • Last but not least, there's a new FPSE forum over at The Rant (at EmuSphere ) !
Wow, that's quite a list ! Let's hope FPSE will be released soon, including a FPSE Configurator which doesn't give as much problems as with the previous FPSE release :)

   Aldo's Memcard Manager 1.1 Posted by Thorgal at [18:45 CET]  
Hrmm. Today is quite a... "unusual" day I must say, I guess we all know why. For now though, I'd like to continue as normal.

You'll probably remember this tool: Aldo's Memory Card Manager! Yes, that kickass tool which allowed you to manage your memcard files (and its slots) with a few simple clicks :) Well, it has received an update this time, making it v1.1 . Let's find out what's new:
  • Edit the region ID and game ID of save game slots
  • support for PSM (*.psx) and WinPSM (*.ps) formats.
Perhaps that doesn't like much, it sure looks like a _useful_ update to me :D To download this goodie and more, be sure to visit Aldo's Tools Page sometime!

Oh, almost forgot this. In case you've been wondering what CDBuRnOuT has been up to these days, there's one simple reason for his absence: his motherboard got crashed, and he'll have to wait for a bit before he can afford a new one (well, a whole new PC actually ;) . Ouch. Anyway, let's hope he'll return soon :)

   linuzappz plugin updated Posted by Ryos at [18:29 CET]  
linuzappz released version 0.4 of his DX 7 GPU plugin earlier today, which mostly seems to have fixed a number of bugs. Here is a list of what's new in this latest version:

  • Fixed GetCache function
  • Now if you select a mode smaller then 640x480 it will force stretching
  • Fixed Prim Pointers (now used memcpy)
  • Now the Direct3D devices are enumerated, so it gets the supported devices
  • Implemented DirectDraw Device selection (enumerated as D3D devices).
  • Fixed bug in makeSnapShot (0xf1 -> 0xf8)
  • Implemented Textures for Polygons, still buggy and slow
  • Implemented Shift-F9 for snapshot to all vram
  • Now Close works better, so continue (in ePSXe) works fine
  • CacheChanged added, so now LoadImage will call it to clear the chache if needed
You can get the plugin by going to the plugins section or by downloading the plugin here. You can download the source for the linuzappz plugin here.

   Wormie - Last Post Posted by Wormie at [2:21 CET]  
Well after many internal problems with the team that seem to never get worked out. I have decided that it would be better for the team if I just walked away. Give them one less person to complain about. I would like to thank a few of my friends that I have met while being part of PSXEmu:
  • CDBuRnOuT - Thanks for being such a great friend. Thanks for always supporting me no matter what. I do appreciate it more then you know.

  • Ryos - Another great teamate and friend. keep up the great work on PSXEmu.

  • Mathew2 - Thanks for being a cool guy and helping me out with many unrelated things, that don't have to do with PSXEmu.

  • Bobbi - Thanks for giving me a chance, Sorry if I didn't live up to some of your expectations. I wish the best for you and the team on your next project NGEmu.

  • Galtor, and calb Thanks for being such cool guys! Two of the funniest guys I have met. I hope we can continue our freindship with my site.

  • All My IRC Buddies - I could go on forever here .. but I will keep it short. Here is a small list of friends from #PSXEmu, and a few other channels - Phuzzi, WildFire, HamStar, LordJames, ur (Jonk), DragonYen, Skull_One, PyScHoJaK, NESboy (my partner from PSX Fanatics), progzMAD, BonezMakJ, wierd, YoD, Sepirot, nine12, Sonikku, and probably a ton more I am missing .. if I did I am sorry :).
Well it is time for me to move on. You can still find me working on my site PSX Fanatics.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2020

   [pec] for ePSXe 1.0.1 Posted by Thorgal at [23:12 CET]  
The die-hard ePSXe fans under you will know about the fact that the latest [pec] (Playstation Emulation Cheater made by JNS, just to refresh your memory) didn't work with ePSXe v1.0.1. Cheaters, check this! Although JNS wasn't able to release a complete new version of [pec] just jet, he DID release a modified version for the ePSXe 1.0.1 users. In case you're still using the original ePSXe 1.0 release, you must use the original [pec] version rather than downloading this one (although I HIGHLY recommend to head over to the ePSXe homepage and get the latest version, NOW) .

Nothing more to say really, head over to the [pec] homepage to get your copy of this modified version !

   AdriPSX status update! Posted by Thorgal at [23:03 CET]  
Finally, a word about this great emulator! We're all eagerly waiting for this one to be released, we all want to check out its supposedly kickass network support we've heard so much about, and what do we get: a screenshot to "tease" us :D Showing the config screen and the ICQ-like system, you'll want to check it out in case you're curious like I was :)

Well, it seems like AdriPSX is progressing nicely! We'll keep you up-to-date on this one ofcourse.

   DC Broadband Adaptor Available Posted by Sonikku at [22:07 CET]  
After a 1 day delay, is now selling the Dreamcast broadband adaptor! From Sega:
"PRICE: $59.95


Take your Dreamcast where no game console has gone before! Play select Dreamcast online titles at blistering speeds.

Easy and quick installation - swaps with your current Dreamcast Modem.

Currently supported by Quake III Arena, Pod 2 and Unreal Tournament, with more titles to come.

Works with most existing high speed Internet Service Providers - including support for Static IP, DHCP, and PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE).

Please note that the Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter does not support all online games. Please check the software package or manual to determine if a specific game supports the adapter. "
Hope they don't sell out before I get paid on Friday! Click here for more info or to order. The adaptor is available exclusivly from

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   VGSwin compat. list update Posted by Thorgal at [20:26 CET]  
Well, this speaks pretty much for itself I guess. Connectix was kind enough to update the VGSwin 1.4 part of their "CVGS Recommended Games List". Always nice to see more games to be "Tested and judged playable" ;-) In case you're considering to buy VGSwin, be sure to check for your favorite games.

I always wondered why every game is EITHER judged playable, or not tested yet. I miss a "Doesn't work", combined with a red X-shaped icon. Interesting marketing strategy :)

Blah, I'm wandering from the point a bit :P Just check it out , those of you using VGS will like it.

   Playstation DesktopPager Posted by Thorgal at [19:58 CET]  
Now here's something interesting. I present you: the DesktopPager series! There are several flavors available, but first, let me quote the description Melvin Poi, the author, gives of his "Playstation DesktopPager" :
    "Playstation DesktopPager is a desktop application that delivers the latest PSX news, previews, releases, patches, cheats and updates. Playstation DesktopPager is a virtual pager which delivers up-to-the-minute content to all PSX gamers. You click on the headline to go to the full story or use the pager buttons to scroll the headlines."
Sounds like a great idea to me :) In addition to the PSX version, there are versions for the PC and DC gamers available as well. Interesting is also the existence of a PSX&PC; and a DC&PC; version.

Okay, here's the deal: it's cool, it's free, it's ad-free, and it's still in beta shape. Interested? Then head over to the DesktopPager homepage !

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   PS2 PAL modchip: details ! Posted by Thorgal at [19:03 CET]  
Ah, here we have some details regarding the PS2 PAL swap-modchip announced earlier ! A bit late, but interesting nevertheless. There's quite an amount of info/status updates available at their site, so I thought I'd summarize it a bit. Don't worry, I'll spare you the technical savvy :D Some people misunderstand my last post a bit, so some clearity is coming up. The most important facts as of this moment:
  • We're really talking about the PAL PS2 here, folks, not the US one as some mailed me about. is indeed a UK-based company, so PAL gamers are lucky this time ;-) US modchips, AND The DVD mod will follow after the European release(s).
  • There is already a modchip which works quite nicely, however it still requires you to use the notorious swap-trick. This one will be released first.
  • After that, a non-swap mod will be released. It's not completely finished however, as not all games work yet. Well, it's nice to see they actually wait and develop it further before releasing any crappy stuff :)
  • Last but not least, there are some nice technical pictures you might want to check out. Just thought I'd mention it :)
Well, that's about it. Once again, be sure to pay a visit if you're into this stuff !

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Tuesday, January 9, 2020

   VGS : make your wishlist Posted by Thorgal at [21:15 CET]  
Before I tell you what the headline you see above is all about, I'd like to point to the fact that this isn't at all something new; however, I'm not sure when or if we actually posted about this, and I'm sure it won't hurt mentioning it again :)

I'm talking about a CVGS User Survey, which you can find right here. Everyone would like to see updates of his favorite product ofcourse, preferrably some new features they've always wanted to use. Now, this survey includes mostly the typical questions you'll find in every other survey, but question #5 is particularly interesting: "Please rank, in order of preference, which of the following features you would like to see in future versions of CVGS.". I'm sure many of you are eagerly waiting for some new features to be added for VGS, so here's you chance to cast your opinion :D

The reason you might haven't discovered this survey before, I because it's a bit awkwardly "hidden" behind the "update!" link. You'll have to submit your name and email, but that shouldn't form a problem. Thanks for PsYcHoJaK for the hint.

   4EverPSX WIP Posted by Ryos at [18:37 CET]  
One of Emupound's latest posts revealed that the 4EverPSX site has been updated yet again. It would appear that Sephiroth has solved a few bugs in the emulator...but still has a few remaining unresolved. The following is what is new in the next version of the emulator:
    Maybe some of you remembered how the 'Play' demo was at first. Well the sides of the car were not displayed correctly, to be more precise they were completely missing. After lots of debuggin' i found out that it was not a GTE bug but a GPU bug. The BlockFill was filling one vertical line to much and thus erasing the CLUT for the sides. A well at least it is now working correctly. The left screenshot shows the more correct output of the 'Play' demo.

    One issue that remains is the lighting model as you can see in the picture below. It seems that somewhere in the lighting model the wrong values are calculated. I'll hope to fix this in the next release. Againn the emulator got a little bit better.

    Some other news: I've added another LOGO which i really like and the maker of the LOGO didn't want any credits for it. I still am amazed by that but everybody got his/her reasons i guess. The recompiler ran it's first 32 instructions ;-). The framework is now at least working and the MIPS instruction can now be recompiled more. Just wait.. someday it'll be working nicely.
4EverPSX may be in its early stages, but it's nice to see all of these updates concerning the emulator's progress. As soon as something else pops up, PSXEmu will be sure to post it.

   Speeding up ePSXe Posted by Ryos at [17:18 CET]  
Several people have mentioned obtaining less than spectacular speeds for the emulator ePSXe on the PSXEmu forums. A new program just might be the answer to your problems, assuming you're using Windows 2000. LordJames posted that a utility called Windows 2000 Launcher made his playing experience with ePSXe much nicer - both his FPS and the quality of the sound were improved by using Windows 2000 Launcher.

Windows 2000 Launcher was created with the intent of improving the speed of games in general in Windows 2000, since the nature of the OS's stability causes games to be slower. Most programs are typically given a normal priority, but Windows 2000 Launcher allows you to set higher priorities for any program (or programs) that you choose. This in turn makes the program(s) - ePSXe, for example - run much more efficiently. There is a catch, however; you must set the higher priority for ePSXe, not ePSXeCutor. If ePSXeCutor has a higher priority, ePSXe actually runs slower. So make sure not to do that.:P

If you're using Windows 2000 and would like better speed on ePSXe or any other program, be sure to visit the Windows 2000 Launcher site to download the program, read several tips on the best configurations for several popular programs, and more.

Wierd was quick to point out there are a number of Windows 2000 speed increasing programs in #PSXEmu. Another program of interest, called Hack-It, has a number of functions, including automatically setting the highest priority for whatever programs you are currently using. If you don't want to bother with manually adding in programs, perhaps you might want to check out Hack-It instead at the Hack-It site. However, Hack-It is shareware that costs $15 to register, and it is quite a bit more complex than Windows 2000 Launcher. Windows 2000 Launcher is freeware. In the end, this last paragraph just proves there are a number of options out there, so if Windows 2000 Launcher doesn't give you the performance you want, look around for some other program.

   Off topic, but appropriate Posted by Sonikku at [10:18 CET]  
Slow news day (week?) but this strip at penny arcade seemed appropriate.
Click here to laugh.

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   VGS Generic Patcher 1.1 updated Posted by Wormie at [4:58 CET]  
This is just a small update to VGS Generic Patcher from Aldo. Here is what's new:
    New in this version: updated games info hack.txt in VGS Generic Patcher with the meaning of position 2, 3 and 13 on KLUG codes.
Also here is a short description of this tool
    The idea of this new patch was based on Psytek's first patch: If FF9 could work changing some settings values inside the tnkXfs.dat created by VGS, probably other non-working games could work. So I created a small generic patcher for VGS 1.41 ENGLISH to help advanced users to patch VGS by themself and share with others. It requires that you provide the filename for game ID found in the CD and some non-documented settings, so you have to discover them by yourself.
Download the latest update to VGS Generic Patcher from

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   ProHack 0.1 released Posted by Ryos at [3:02 CET]  
Aldo Vargas recently received word that a new program for cheating, ProHack, was released. Darko Matesic, ProHack's author, wrote the program is similar to GameHack, but with the notable exception that ProHack is free. Darko Matesic's site had the following information about ProHack's purpose:
    ProHack is a program is used for searching data through a process memory. Data can be an exact value, range of values, bit or byte pattern and plain text (case sensitive/insensitive). After search is done you can view address locations of memory where given data has been found and continue to search within found addresses or restart and begin a new search.
As this information and the fact ProHack currently only supports searches with exact values show, ProHack should only be used by experienced cheaters who know what they're doing. ProHack can be acquired directly from the ProHack site. Or, if you are as excited by the incredible download speeds of Tripod as I was, you can download ProHack from PSXEmu.

Monday, January 8, 2020

   Null2's SPU plugin v1.17 Posted by Thorgal at [18:42 CET]  
We haven't seen a plugin release from Null2 in a while, but here it is: v1.17 of his well-known SPU plugin ! This time's changes are as follows:
  • added switch to reverse stereo L/R
  • added switch to play VAG for FF8/9
  • fixed ADSR.
You'll want to try this one out, so be sure to grab it right here.

There's something you won't find as pleasant though: this was Null2's last release of his SPU plugin :/ However, in case you're interested in continuing the project, be sure to drop Null a mail, as he's willing to give out the source as well ! And be sure to pay a visit to his homepage as well. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess ...

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   bleem! contest Posted by Thorgal at [17:10 CET]  
What an incredibly boring day. Be warned, this post is pretty much proof it is :D When visiting the bleem! homepage with its incredibly *cough* handy bullet points, I noticed a bit about a contest for those of you living in Europe. Yeehaw.

In fact, when you check out the competition rules (those tiny little lines ;) , you'll see that the contest is only open to UK residents. Now, I doubt many of us are STILL eagerly waiting to get their free bleem! for PC copy, but in case you do (and happen to live in the UK), here's your chance. Oh, the link: contest :D Well well, here we have one of those "hidden link" contests. Ok, I won't spoil the "fun" (as if there could possibly be such a thing in this case). *COUGH* view source *COUGH* :)

Now let's hope there's more news coming for today. Still waiting for some PS2 mod info...

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Sunday, January 7, 2020

   New poll Posted by Thorgal at [19:21 CET]  
Well, after 1055 votes, I figured it's time for a new poll, don't you agree? Now, I actually managed to let PollIT not screw up this time, so we can have a look at the results again. In fact, the results are all nicely formatted into this page, but I prefer putting them here as well, to finish the poll nicely :) Here they come:
    Which feature would you like to see in the next ePSXe release ?

    Higher compatibility 42.4% - (448 Votes)
    Better SPU plugin 30.2% - (319 Votes)
    Savestates 19% - (201 Votes)
    Netplay support 6.6% - (70 Votes)
    Multitap support 1.6% - (17 Votes)
Well, this pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? It seems that the ePSXe team still has alot to do :)

Ok, on to the new poll. Now that Pete yesterday released v1.43 of his well-known GPU plugins, I wondered how many people actually use them. Which is why the new poll asks the following: "Overall, which GPU plugin do you use most?". Note "overall": it doesn't matter which or how many emulators/games you use these GPU plugins for, simply select the one you use most. There are 8 options to choose from, which is in my opinion more than enough. I assume you don't use the original PSEmu software plugins anymore ;-) Well, that's all you need to know, now check the left side of this page and you'll find what you were looking for: the poll! Be sure to cast your vote :)

   VGS MDEC trick - Part II Posted by Thorgal at [14:42 CET]  
Well, I was about to update yesterday's post, but it became a bit lengthy, which is why you'll find it here. Ah, let's get on to it!

After reading several comments and emails about this trick, I thought an update wouldn't be a bad idea. Ok, so it seems mostly Asus 50X owners experienced these problems, and indeed Denny's trick seems to solve their problems pretty well :) If other Asus CD-ROM drives, or _any_ other CD-ROM drive for that matter, have this as well, I wouldn't dare to guess. Still, if you experience similar problems as well while you don't have the Asus 50X drive in this case, this trick is really worth the try.

Not every CD-ROM drive is accompanied by a special speed utility ofcourse, which brings me to another subject: CDThrottle (CDBremse is its original German name) . As I mentioned yesterday, CDThrottle should do the same thing as the Asus speed utility: setting the drive speed to any specific speed you desire (providing the desired speed is the equal or lower to the standard speed setting ofcourse). As the homepage, the setup file and documentation is completely in German, and the utility itself has some untranslated parts as well, you might not know what to do. It's quite simple, actually. First, you'll want to check out this page, which is a list of CDThrottle-supported drives known. That means, if your drive's in the list, you're lucky. If not, it might work anyway. Now, the Win2K-like setup may be completely German, but hitting "Next" several times should to the trick :) Ok, fire up CDThrottle, and you'll see that the part of the interface we're going to use, the "CD-speed" part, is pretty obvious. Select the desired speed, then lock speed. If you can't select any speed, your drive's unfortunately not supported yet. That's it. If you still have problems, don't hesitate to drop me a mail!

So, in case you're ready to try out this trick this time, be sure to post your comments in our comments box :)

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Saturday, January 6, 2020

   VGS MDEC trick ? Posted by Thorgal at [21:31 CET]  
Now here's an interesting mail I received from Denny Suhardi. It's about a workaround he managed to find for the choppy and freezing MDECs he experienced. I must say I haven't tested this myself, though I suspect it could very well depend on your system configuration for this neat little trick to work. Anyway, let me summarize his email a bit, explaining the trick at the same time:
    "Everytime I tried to start a PSX game in VGSwin, all the game's MDECs will be a little bit choppy and freeze several times with half or less video screen will covered with green and other blocky coloured and if you're in
    luck the game will start but it'll sometimes will hold and freeze several times like it was somekind loading your game data from the CD."

    As he suspected that his speed of his ASUS 50X CD-ROM wasn't fast enough, he tried Asus' own CD-ROM speed utility. I turned out the speed dropped to 8X as soon as he was using VGSWin for playing a PSX game. Turning the speed higher, however, didn't help.

    Second attempt, this time he turned down the speed, to 6X. And believe it or not (which is the question here ;) , it worked perfectly for him: normal speed, "corrupted" movies gone, no more freezes.
Well, that's the story. Over at this page, you'll find some screenshots showing the screens before and after the trick. "But I don't have an ASUS CD-ROM player, how can I do this myself?" , you might ask. Well, thinking of it, I believe our good ol' CDThrottle should do the trick as well :)

If you want to give this workaround a try, be sure to download CDThrottle here in case you don't have a similar tool already. Again, I'm not sure if this really works, but it's worth a shot. Be sure to post your results at the comments page (link below) ! :)

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   Pete's GPU plugins: v1.43 ! Posted by Thorgal at [14:03 CET]  
I just love Pete's regular plugin updates, don't you? Here comes his first update of 2001, and I hope many more are still to come :) His all-famous GPU plugins, after several years still used by many of us, have now been updated to v1.43! Let's have a look at what's new:
    All plugins
    • if you are doing a screenshot (F8 key withmost psx emus), there will be created an additionalinfo text file in the sub-directory "snap". The info filecontains all the current plugin configuration settings, so you don't need to write them down anymore, if you want to post/mail your settings.

    SOFT plugin
    • fixed a small bug with wrapped sprites coords. MediEvil intro and Bust-A-Move are fine now.

    OpenGL / D3D plugin
    • lotsa small fixes, should give you a better speed (in some games) and less garbage glitches...
    • added three more menu items in the gpu menu: Dithering (DI), Special game fixes (GF) and Framebuffer textures (FB).
    • A new "Framebuffer textures" option has been added.
    • "dynamic" caching mode improved.
Quite an impressive list, I must say. I suggest you check out the version.txt file (included in the zip file) for more information about these new features. You can download all plugins right here. And be sure to pay a visit to Pete's homepage sometime!

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   Board Modifications Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [3:05 CET]  
Bobbi forgot to post about the modifcations to our forums before he took his temporary leave, so he asked me to point what he changed/added. Here goes:
  • Small image in front of all posts which let the post open in a new window
  • IP's of users are now hidden due to security issues and they are now only viewable by admins
  • Icons now have mouseovers though there's still a bug I still need to fix sometime
  • Post style modified, hits are displayed afterwards and not below the post topic
Hope you enjoy all these additions, why not check them our by visiting our message boards at If you like it, register on our boards by clicking 'Register' near the top of the page!

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   PSXKing screenshot Posted by Thorgal at [1:43 CET]  
Let's start the day early, shall we? I see this is the first time you'll find the name "PSXKing" here. Well, you remember that PSX emulator for Saturn we talked about earlier? That's the one. Now, on to the news: the head programmer of PSXKing sent a screenshot to BonezMakJonez of EmuPound. It's not much, but keep in mind the project is still in an early stage. Take a look at it, it's a screenshot of the game Mass Destruction.

Now, it may be in black in white, it IS proof of a commercial game running, which traditionally goes after the first step of running demos :) Let's hope this project is in fact a serious one (think about it..), and will soon be in a more practical shape.

Friday, January 5, 2020

   More FF9 patches Posted by Thorgal at [21:18 CET]  
It looks like many people are still hooked on FF9 these days. For those of you using the -Kalisto- version of FF9, read on. Aldo found two patches, which fix some FMV problems. To be more specific, the first patch fixes corrupt FMVs of the CD1 ISO; the second patch, by Maruko, should fix the "Dagger walking beside the lake" movie of CD2.

Okay,that was blatantly ripped from Aldo's story, but at least it was useful; in fact, Aldo's site is the perfect place to download these patches, and more. Go there! Now! :)

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   Bobbi temp. stepping back Posted by Bobbi at [20:53 CET]  
Well, after a long discussion with my girlfriend yesterday and some more discussion with the team members, I decided to temprarly step back from the webmaster position of PSXEmu. The reasons of this are numerous, one being financial differences PSXEmu created ... it's a problem to run a webpage without earning money through ads and keeping up with the latest events at the same time ... so PSXEmu took more money from me than I could afford myself. So I'll relax a bit and sit back until february 1st and think about possible solutions for this problem. Fact is, I don't want PSXEmu/NGEmu to turn into a page like some other, unnamed emusites are today, having banners at the top, the bottom, below the navigation menues and even popup's additionally. Have an idea what we should do ? Just drop me an E-Mail, I'll check them from time to time.

Now to the technical part. Submitted news go to Thorgal, Ryos, CD and Wormie from now on, I hope they'll keep the page updated in the meantime. CDBurnout and Thorgal are taking the webmaster position and have full access over everything on the server, so when you need a new account for your hosted page or want to get hosted, they're the people to talk to as they know how to create those.

Well, nothing else to say, I'll post the next time in about 4 weeks and let's see how things turn out until then. Bye for now.

   PS2 PAL modchip ! Posted by Thorgal at [0:23 CET]  
European PS2 owners rejoice! Remember your pile of backup CDs you wanted to use with your PS2, but never could? Well, this will be of interest to you :) From, I quote:
    I can confirm as of this morning that the chip is now working with all PS2 backups and PSX backups with the same simple swap trick as the JAP machine (using Demo Disc). We have always maintained that we would never release anything until it was tested by ourselves - I can confirm it woks a treat.
Well, Europe always seems to be last, but hey, it's here! More specific details should be revealed on Monday, so let's wait and see.

On a side note, Paul Owen from also let me know of a DVD Modchip, including one for the PS2 US ! That can only be good for the "multimedia side" of the PS2 :)

Oh, in case you still didn't notice, I was indeed on vacation for a while. I was a bit in a hurry, which is why I didn't have time to leave a clear message to you all. Ah well, next time I'll bring a laptop with me :) Obviously, I'll take care of all further polls..

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Thursday, January 4, 2020

   2 Emu page updates Posted by Bobbi at [22:48 CET]  
BonezMakJ from Emupound just informed me in IRC about two updates on emu pages. First off, the FPSE homepage has received a small update with the following content :
    Wow ..Happy New Year..
    Point your browser here: ...And get ready for dual shock experiences!!!"
The homepage provides the DirectPad Pro software, which allows you to use PSX controllers with the PC. In case you don't have the software yet, you can download it here.

The other update appeared on the 4EverPSX homepage, where the 3 best logos have been posted on this page. Furthermore, the author has posted a bit about the status :
    As far as the progress goes... I've made a first design of the recompiler. It will be a simple recompiler at first, which is able to detect selfmodifying code. The main reason for the recompiler phase is, that in the interpreter mode feature testing takes a lot of time and that is slowing down my progress. Expect the recompiler to be finished in february, because i have less time on my hands now.
Sounds like great news to me. You can check out the logos and get more infos about this emulator on the 4EverPSX homepage!

   Ultra Impact PSX to PC Adaptor Posted by Sonikku at [18:20 CET]  
At first glance this may seem to be yet another PSX to PC controller adaptor, but it has a number of features that set it apart. First and foremost is the ability to use this one adaptor to connect up to FOUR PSX pads. The controllers are recognised as Sidewinder joysticks so it should work in any game or emulator that supports Sidewinders.

No price is yet mentioned, but the adaptor does ship with a 3rd party PSX controller so its ready for use right out of the box. Click here for more information. Thanks to Retrogames for the news.

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   DC Broadband Un-Delayed Posted by Sonikku at [14:19 CET]  
Seemingly delayed 5 months according to, the Dreamcast broadband adaptor will be sold exclusivly through's online store next Tuesday! The adaptor will retail for $59.95 and allow you to use your CABLE/DSL/Other
connection on your Dreamcast.

What does it have to do with PSX emulation? Nothing! but IMO more interesting
than Bersirc! ;)

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   News from Aldo ! Posted by Bobbi at [1:54 CET]  
Finally, Aldo updated his page again with some cool emulation news (after he published a new version of Agent Reader and Pianito, two VERY nice tools you might check out as well at his page) : Daniel sent in an hint on how to speed up VGS on NVidia cards :
    Daniel G�ransson recomends a freeware tool for nVidia users: "I went in to the option on Directx and i set it on ON and render frames ahead to 20 frames.. No more slow down for me. Don't know if this will work for everyone but i hope so."
You can download this utility by clicking here (-738k-) ! Make sure to report your results in our comments box below this post ! And now, I'll finally hit the hay for today, work is calling again tomorrow ...

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   Playstation on the Saturn ? Posted by Bobbi at [1:13 CET]  
Hardly sounds possible, but the crew running this (french) page are currently trying a project, which should enable you to play playstation games on your Sega Saturn. And to proove this is possible, they already have posted a first alpha version, which runs nothing commercial yet but already plays a few demos. Since the page is in french, I took out my (BAD) french knowledge and translated the site :
    Welcome on the homepage of the group Tazbounce. We're currently working on creating a PSX emulator for the Sega Saturn, and it's based on another well known PSX emulator : PSEmu Pro. Here's the state we currently achieved :
    • The CPU is 30% emulated
    • Memory cards are at 0%
    • Sound 0% as well
    • No 3D graphics are being used yet
    • The graphic niveau is still very low
Like mentioned above, the page also already offers an alpha version for download. Could anyone maybe make some screenshots of this emu and send them in ? You can get your copy by going here !

   Misc X-Box news (pics!) Posted by Bobbi at [0:56 CET]  
Shit, already that late again ... Ah well, there're two interresting things for all you x-box fanatics I'd still like to mention. First off, wildfire pointed me to this URL containing the first pics of the X-Box. I have the feeling it looks a bit spiffy, but see for yourself :


That controller really looks funny. Ah well, who cares about the look as long as it works as good as promised. Then, Microsoft even gives people living in Seattle/Puget Sound the possibility to playtest the X-Box, meaning you're allowed to test the console before anyone else does. Only requirements is that you live in that region and are +13 years old.

And probably that you sign about 1 million NDAs before even seeing the X-Box itself :) But hey, you're allowed to beta test one of the most promising consoles ever. So in case you meet the mentioned criteria, you can sign up on this page !

Wednesday, January 3, 2020 updated Posted by Bobbi at [14:49 CET]  
Galtor just sent out news that has been updated with a new tutorial for beginners (aka people who weren't able to get ePSXe working yet). Here's the post from the page :
    Hi all! :)
    For all newbies out there calb wrote an "step-by-step" guide to get the emulator up & running in 5 minutes ;). Enjoy! Ah!, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
The step-by-step guide contains 8 different sections (which partly also can be found in our unofficial FAQ), which are : Requirements, How to start, Configure the bios, configuring the video options, configuring the sound, configuring the CD-Rom, configuring the memcards and configuring the gamepads.

To check out this nice newbie guide, head over to now ! Oh yeah, and be prepared for a tool with simiular possibilities from PSXEmu soon :)

   Interview with Lewpy ! Posted by Bobbi at [14:31 CET]  
And yet another interview made by Emupound, this time with Lewpy, author of the popular PSEmu Pro compatible glide GPU plugin. The interview seems like mostly a fun project, but contains some interresting informations as well :
    How did you join the team and get to do the 3DFX plugin?
    After playing with that, it got me interested, particularly because there was a Glide plugin. I did some background research on the PSX, and its graphics capabilities, and thought "this could be improved". Having already done some Glide programming, and recently converted over to Glide3, I got talking to Tratax (he was coding the Glide plugin at the time). We discussed various things, and I explained how I thought it could be improved, and he said "Okay, do it"! He wanted to concentrate on other things, and he basically challenged me to put substance to my thoughts :)
This nice (and funny) interview can be read over at Emupounds or directly by clicking here !

   PSXFanatics back online Posted by Bobbi at [1:24 CET]  
Today, Wormie re-opened his site, this time on the PSXEmu server. I'd like to give him, and his crew Sandie and Nesboy a warm welcome.

Wormie also decided to stop the other PSX fanatics project and concentrate on ePSXe fanatics, his most successful site from now on. To celebrate this, he also made a kickass new design for ePSXe fanatics, which you should really check out ! Beside that, he announced some things about the future of his page :
    Well after a lot of downtime for the redesign and the holidays, we are back. I have installed a support forum so we can help you better with your ePSXe questions. We will continue to update the sections within the coming days. I only received a few submissions to compatibility list before we went down. If you guys get a chance to submit a few games that would be great. Ok Time for giving thanks.
A great screenshots section has also been added to the site, which is mostly run by Nesboy ! Make sure to submit your results and check out the many cool features over at PSXFanatics now !

Tuesday, January 2, 2020

   Bersirc Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:49 CET]  
You probably all remember the new IRC client I posted about a few days ago, Bersirc. Well, if some of you were reluctant to try it, I recommend you try out the new version that was just released, 1.1! It has numerous fixes to bugs found in 1.0, and has more options that were lacking in it's first release. Here's a list of what's new/changed in 1.1:
  • All TIRCUsers in scripts work now
  • OnPrivMsg Added
  • Server Notices now echo to status window onlyClicking disconnect button with no active server no longer raises error
  • Added /lastspoke command (shows when nickname last spoke and what he said)
  • Added /minimize, /maximize, and /restore commands
  • Added minimize(), minimiseEx(), maximise(), maximiseEx(), restore(), and restoreEx() script functions
  • Added Cascade(), and Tile() functions
  • Added /cascade, and /tile
  • Notify list menu bug fixed (can no longer select "Edit" on irc server names)
  • Added /cycle to script
  • /Channel dialog now displays correct key and limit
  • Corrected incorrect path with plugin folder
  • Script now loads on first use
  • Profiles no longer allow names including /\| characters
  • Channel folder now lets you join on double click
  • Fixed bug where unselecting one of multiple files in channel folder greyed out buttons
  • Added /say
  • Added GetNick(ServerID: Integer) to plugin methods
  • Removed /cursong from script and put it in winamp plugin
  • Due to popular demand, a new icon is now being used
  • Plugins now load on startup
  • Text and background colours are now configurable (type /options color)
  • Added /clearall to clear contents of all irc windows
  • Added /ame, and /amsg commands
  • Added -r command line parameter - sets root path: bersirc.exe -r c:\temp\bersirc
  • Added amsg(), and ame() script functions
  • Added "Show Message of the Day" option to connection options (type /options connect)
I recommend those too reluctant to try 1.0 take a look at this, because almost every thing I saw wrong with it has been corrected. Or, if you're someone who tried 1.0, I recommend you update to 1.1, for it fixes many bugs that might have caused you some annoyance ;) If you're interested, download the full install below.

   First 4EverPSX release Posted by Bobbi at [14:36 CET]  
Well, like promised by the author the first 4EverPSX release was posted on the homepage today. Quick reminder : 4EverPSX is a new emulation project which doesn't run any commercial games yet but progresses nicely. This is the first release ever. Taken from the readme, here's a bit about it's usage and progress :
    From a DOS-Prompt type 4EverPSX . Make sure that you have the SCPH1001.BIN in the BIOS directory. You must be legally entitled to do so (only if you own a playstation).

    [02012001] - First Release
    MIPS, GPU, GTE and PAD partialy emulated. SPU and CD not at all. All interrupts are forced twice the normal speed for faster demo's.
The author also posted some infos about 4EverPSX's feature and what he'll try to add now for the next version :
    How does 4EverPSX continue from here. A lot of GTE functions are working now but the GTE section will be rewritten because it's a mess. I just wanted to show you that it's possible to do it but now it unmaintainable. Before i'll start with CD emulation, 4EverPSX should be capable of full GPU, PAD and partial GTE and SPU. Furthermore recompilation should work. So one can see that this will be not the case for a long time.
To view some nice screenshots of this emulator and obtain more infos, make sure to give the 4EverPSX homepage a visit ! You can download the first release by clicking here.

   Time for a new poll Posted by Bobbi at [12:11 CET]  
The new year started, so I guess it's time to change the poll topic. I know that Thorgal does that usually, but he's either on vacation or something else we don't know about, when you read this Thorgal please write me an E-Mail ! Anyway, our last poll results got lost due to another bug in PollIt (buggy software :/), so I'll just tell you that most of you are looking forward to netplay in AdriPSX though they haven't tried it with another emulator yet !

The new poll focuses on ePSXe again, and this time we'd like to know which feature you'd like to see added in the next version of ePSXe ! Possible answers are all taken from our message board, where a thread about ePSXe and wishes for the next release has been going on for quite some time. Anyway, the choices are savestates (saving anywhere in the game), netplay support (like AdriPSX's latest beta has), better SPU plugin (faster and better sound), higher compatibility and Multitap support (aka 4 player support). Please voice your opinion in the poll to your left, I'm sure the ePSXe developer will keep an eye on it ! :)

   Interview with Pete and Roor Posted by Bobbi at [10:36 CET]  
I already wanted to mention that yesterday, but somehow that damn CGI stuff for NGEmu kept me that busy so I forgot about it ... Anyway, here you go : BonezMakJonez opened up Emupound, a new emulation page foccusing mainly on next generation consoles (hey, I know that from somewhere ... :)). Yesterday, they also posted an interview with Pete (aka Blackdove), author of the famous PSEmu Pro compatible GPU plugins and Roor, author of AdriPSX, which is very interresting. A snipset from it :
    So how did you get involved in emulation ?
    Well, I've got into PSX emulation in late 1998. There were no good PC RPGs in 1998, so I bought me a PSX and BOF3. But playing in front of my TV only gave me headaches, so I went looking for a PSX emu... and I found PSEmu Pro :) Well, I really liked that PSX emulator, and I was a bit bored around christmas98, so I decided to code a better frontend, "PSSwitch" was born :) Later I started my own gpu plugin, because there were many glitches with BOF3 in the available plugins at this time (hey, even Lewpys Glide one screwed BOF3 ;) I took Duddies public soft gpu sources, and repaired several issues. But because of the speed of the soft gpu, I went over to OpenGL.

    Lewpy was nice enuff to give me some informations... hey, as far as I remember, a month after I've started my ogl plugin, Lewpy released a new Glide one, which played BOF3 very well, without major glitches... but it was too late, I already was knee-deep into gpu coding... damn... if Lewpy would have been a little bit faster, there would be no Pete's plugins at all... sigh ;)
To read the rest of this IRC interview, point your mouse at this link and to take a look at the new emulation site Emupound, head over to

Monday, January 1, 2020

   ePSXe compatibility list Posted by Bobbi at [23:19 CET]  
I promised Katana to post about this as soon as the servers CGI problems are resolved, and since it seems to work fairly well again now, here you go : All you ePSXe fans should know about the ePSXe compatibility list project, hosted here at ! Right now, the page features more than 400 compatibility reports and also over 100 screenshots from various games !

Right now, they're looking for more people to submit screenshots. When you want to help, just take one ingame and one menu screenshot, zip them up and send them to them. For more details on submitting, you should take an in-deep look at the page. For submitting compatibility reports, you don't even need to mail them, you can add your results through an easy to use online script. Well, enough talking, I suggest you to go now and check out !

Talking about ePSXe, Wormie's currently working on getting ePSXe fanatics back up, he already made a nice flash intro which can be seen at ! The complete page should be back and kicking within the next few days, I guess Wormie will keep you informed on his own here, at !

Last but not least, since the usual christmas slowness has started in the emulation community and emu authors take their well earned break, I don't think we should expect any great news within the next few days. Therefor, I decided to create some news on my own and start working on some small utilities, I guess you should keep your eye on this page during the next few days :) Oh yeah, and happy new year !!

   Thrill Kill review Posted by Bobbi at [23:06 CET]  
Nicotine` joined up with the PSXEmu team again in order to provide us with some more cool reviews from the latest and/or best games ! Well, for the beginning, he sent in a review of the game Trill Kill. Never heard of that game before ? No wonder, it was never supposed to be released because of high violence (and no, we won't give it to you). Here's a snipset taken from the review :
    If you liked Wu-Tang, you'll LOVE Thrill Kill. This is the game Wu-Tang was suppost to be (Untill the ESRB killed it due to extreme violence and explicit sexual content). EA and other companies developed this game but it was quickly shot down and edited for content - which became "Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style". If you have some hookups or a good friend that got their hands on it, there is a final version (there is a beta out, but there is no movies) but it's hard to come across. This game is NOT in stores....
Well, in case you feel old enough to learn more about this game and how it runs in bleem! and ePSXe, make sure to take a look at the review by clicking here. Let's hope we'll see more great reviews from our review writers soon ! :)

   bleem!, inc In Court Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [1:37 CET]  
A friend pointed out this link to me on IRC. It's a page with the schedule of the judge who is handling the Sony vs. bleem! court case. If you scroll down to January 5th, you can see this:
    C-99-1590 SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA, INC.-v-BLEEM, INC., et al.] Defendant's Motion to Amend Counterclaims
    Plaintiff's Motion to Modify Protective Order
It looks as if bleem! is due back in court :o
Oh well, that's all for now, just thought I'd let you, our faithful visitors, know about this ;)

Also, as Bobbi mentioned before, all of us here at PSXEmu hope all of you had/have a Happy New Year! See you in 2001! ;)

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