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Saturday, March 31, 2020

   New FPSE v0.09 screenshots Posted by RVWinkle at [17:06 EST]  
!+Mr.Fog+! sent the French website Consollection three screenshots of Breath of Fire IV running in FPSE. Unfortunately v0.09 hasn't been released to the public yet, so we'll need to continue waiting for this fantastic looking open-source emulator. But if these shots' appearances are an indicator, I think we're in for a special treat when the new version is finally released. I wish the FPSE team the best of luck.

Thursday, March 29, 2020

   Game Studio for PS2 Posted by RVWinkle at [14:45 EST]  
By the way of this site, I found a press release for a very interesting product. It's called the Game Studio and it's a GameBoy Color emulator for the PS2. The press release along with some pictures can be found here. It's made by Datel, the makers of the Action Replay and several other products that I'm sure some of you peeps own.

Now some of you might question the viability of a product such as this, but at the very least this'll give all of you PS2 owners a way to play those 2 new Zelda GBC games soon to be released. Since I've never owned a Datel product before, I'm wondering if they make quality products. Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Wednesday, March 28, 2020

   Aldo's PSX Game Launcher! Posted by Bgnome at [20:02 EST]  
Having problems keeping those massive libraries of PSX backup images organized on your computer? Don't you wish that you could just double click on a game and have it load up on an emulator automatically? Well, look no further because Aldo Vargas has done it again with his "My Game List - PSX Launcher":
This tool let you create your own list of PSX games with picture and description, organize them by genre and launch with your favorite emulator. Automatically mounts the ISO images with Daemon Tools and let you update the database by reading the ISO files in a directory. This is a must have is you have many games and want to have them well organized and accessible.

You can nab this program here. For more information, check out Aldo's Tools Homepage.

Tuesday, March 27, 2020

   ePSXe looking for help Posted by Bobbi at [16:42 EST]  
Okay, this may be a bit more complex : Calb, one of the authors of ePSXe, asked me to post this request for help : Since ePSXe's compatibility reached a VERY high point as of now, the next step is to look into remaining crashing bugs. Therefor, calb is searching for save states about 1 or 2 seconds before a crash. We are of course aware that this isn't possible in some games where the game crashes randomly, so a savestate immediately after the crash might also help. Calb mentioned he's especially interrested in games like Xenogears or Theard or fate !

So in case there's a game where you're annoyed of crashes and would like to see them fixed and/or if you always wanted to support ePSXe in becoming even better, this is your chance : But please, send the savestates and any further questions to, as I'll go through them and delete double entries ! Please ALWAYS keep an eye at this place as I'll write down here for which games I already recived save states so my inbox doesn't get flooded. If you have further questions or want to submit your savestate, don't hesitate to contact me at !

   4EverPSX running games ! Posted by Bobbi at [15:39 EST]  
Looks like Sephiroth is at it again, after he updated his page with the first screenshots of commercial games few hours ago (like reported by BGNome), he updated the 4EverPSX homepage with screenshots of the commercial game SCARS running in 4EverPSX, among with these infos :
    After a little more tweaking the CD emulation is a little bit better. So another demo worked and this time it's the S.C.A.R.S. demo from demo disk Future42(Playstation Magazine). Sadly the PAD's are not emulated correctly so it kills the controls, but at least progress is made. For the picture gouroud shading is still not implemented ;-). This progress made me think.... it's really time for dynamic recompilation.. but first things first.
Congratulations to Sephiroth for this great progress, it's always nice to see emulators progressing that nicely ! To take a look at the nice screenshots he posted, head over to the 4EverPSX homepage now !

   My first news post Posted by Bgnome at [14:47 EST]  
Hi folks! I am completely ecstatic about being part of this great site. Along with RVWinkle, I hope that we are able to meet the standards of this great PSX emulation site and help make it your #1 news site!
On to the news:
PsYcHoJaK has updated the PSinex homepage with even more shots of commercials running: Tekken 3, Dave Mirra, and Street Fighter EX2 to name a few.. But regarding a release,
I just want to make a small comment here. We're thinking seriously of not posting again screenshots, because there's too much excitement and people misunderstand us. We don't give BETA's away, and we won't accept any begging to make some game work. We work hard to make the emulator better, and the last thing we need to hear is requests. And as to finish this, NO we don't know when the release will be out, maybe never. A release will take place only if the emulator is a nice alternative to other PlayStation emulators.

With these kind of results, PsYcHoJaK may have a formidable emulator pretty soon..

Also, Sephiroth has updated the 4EverPSX homepage.with some news and a shot of a commercial game loading: Formula 1 World Championship. Seems like he's finally getting somewhere with that CD emulation. Go ahead and check out his progress at the 4EverPSX homepage.

Monday, March 26, 2020

   Greetings Earflings Posted by RVWinkle at [20:02 EST]  
As announced by Wildfire the other day, I'm one of the 2 new newsposters for PSXEmu. I'd like to thank everybody for giving me such a warm welcome and helping my transition into this new position flow as smoothly as possible. In addition, I'd like to welcome the wise and effervescent Bgnome onto the team.

Now allow myself to I'm an Emulation addict like most of the rest of you and I have a penchant for the news. Rest assured that no relevant information will pass my watchful eye without mentioning it on this site

My first real newspost won't happen for at least another day while I get situated with my new position here and all of the account stuff gets sorted out. Stay tuned, because I plan on helping this site maintain it's status as the best Playstation emulation news site around.

   PCSX Linux screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [16:48 EST]  
Like announced yesterday, we're of course also going to cover the linux version of PCSX, since it's the (currently) best PSX emu for this fine OS. Starting with this, I went around and asked numerous people for screenshots, and also had success with wierd and linuzappz (big thanks guys !), who gave me quite some nice screenshots, mostly of the nice MDEC engine. But see for yourself :
    Final Fantasy 5 screenshots [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    Final Fantasy Tactics screenshots [1][2][3][4][5][6]
    Suikoden 2 screenshots [1] [2]
I'll take the time tomorrow to update the PCSX section with these screenshots as well with numerous others, so make sure to keep an eye at this place. In case you still don't have it, you can download PCSX linux from our PCSX download page !

   Misc news items Posted by Bobbi at [16:39 EST]  
Hmm, not really a busy news day, so here're some items I'd still like to have mentioned before heading to bed :
    News archive fixed
    I finally around to fix our news archive, where you can find ALL news items ever being posted on this site since our opening 18 months ago. You now are also able to browse through the news from the past two months, thanks to buzz for notifying me about that one.

    Team page updated
    And yet another page update : I noticed that our staff his quite grown during the past months so I took the time to update our 'Who we are' page in the misc section with all the latest additions. So in case you ever wondered who the heck is running all the stuff here, head over to the crew page.

    New board for all bleem!ers
    JohnJohn recently mailed me about a new project he has been starting for all of you who are still interrested in bleem!. I think what he mailed describes it best, so I'll just paste it here :
      As you probably know, the official Bleem! Message Boards were shut down long
      ago, yet some members found their way back in. Then, that forum (Full Users) crashed, yet even some users trickled slowly into the Off Topic Forum. I am one of those users. A new message board for "Bleem! Refugees was then opened by Richard Mi, "Paladin" on the boards.
    So all of you looking for a nice talk or still need infos about bleem!, point your browsers to this page now !

    Short FPSE news
    Ben-J dropped me another message telling me about this message on the FPSE message board, where Mr.Fog gave a short notice about games compatibility and that beta testing may start soon. Those of you who are interrested, may check out the URL above.
Let's hope some bigger news pop up tomorrow. BTW - Thanks to everyone sending in feedback on the newsletter, we really welcome any constructive critic, so feel free to also send in your comment.

   PS2Play v0.3 release Posted by Bobbi at [16:13 EST]  
That one is alredy some days old we wanted to take a look at this neat program before posting it. Sadly enough, every person we asked to test this for us either experienced picture or sound problems. Though a solution for the sound is explained in the readme, we weren't able to get around these picture problem yet. Anyway, a short summary what you need to do before running this program, taken from the translated readme :
    Copy the files into a directory of your choice. Afterwards, use regsvr32 from the command prompt in order to register the files and the Example :

    c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\Progra~2\ps2play\
    c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\Progra~2\ps2play\
Make sure to change the directories to the location you placed these two files in, windows will let you know when you did anything wrong there, belive me :) Anyway, to download PS2Play in a handy re-packed ZIP files, click here. Big thanks to Ben-J for the news.

   Additional page speed Posted by Bobbi at [7:28 EST]  
Just a quick note on that one : During the past weekend, our host upgraded our server software in order to allow faster page loading. This is done by compressing the HTML files on the fly before sending them to the viewer. As an example, the mainpage you're currently reading becomes compressed from ~ 52 KB to only 18 - only about 1/3 of it's former size !

So all of our 56k visitors should notice a massive speed increase when visiting this page as long as they're using a browser since 3.x (which most of you actually should do by now). Big thanks to our host for this great work !

Sunday, March 25, 2020

   New Null2 plugin release Posted by Bobbi at [15:19 EST]  
Great news : It looks as if null2 finally was able to add the new ePSXe feature to his famous plugin, the save states. From this plugin version on, you should finally be able to use this nifty ePSXe feature with null2's plugin ! Here's the full list of changes :
  • supports savestate
  • added VAG cache option(probably not required)
  • some bug fix
Congratulations fly out to null2 for this nice update which can be downloaded from here. All current plugins can be downloaded from our plugins page !

BTW - The PSXEmu newsletter should get out any minute now, so this is really your last chance to sign up - the +2000 people who already signed up should keep an eye on their inbox from now on :)

   1st PSXEmu newsletter coming Posted by Bobbi at [4:41 EST]  
After quite a long time, we here at PSXEmu finally decided that it'd be time to use the newsletter feature we've allowed signing up for over a year now. Therefor, we'll send out the first PSXEmu newsletter this evening.

The PSXEmu newsletter will, from now on, be sent out every sunday evening. Content wise, it'll feature the top news from the ending week, additional comments and infos which aren't even posted here on the site, a plugins checklist which should quickly allow you to make sure you're using the latest versions as well as some news letter exclusive infos from time to time, which will be posted several days afterwards on the page and some more features we won't publish yet - so it's well worth signing up for it !

In case you aren't suscribed to the newsletter yet, this is your last change to get ahold of the first edition which we're currently finishing. To suscribe, just use the 'Mailing list' box on the right handed side of the latest headlines, downloads and reviews and keep an eye on your mailbox this evening !

   DAEMON Tools v2.60 release Posted by Bobbi at [2:53 EST]  
Kelvin dropped me an E-Mail in order to inform me about a new version of the great and free CD emulator Daemon tools. In case you don't know that one yet, it's a very handy utility which allows you to copy your games onto your HD and use them like a CD in your drive afterwards, which becomes quite handy with emulators like bleem! or VGS (ePSXe's ISO function is a good replacement for that one meanwhile, so there isn't really any use in still using it for that one). Anyway, back to the news, the main thing emulation user will notice about that one are the changes to the GUI and the included installer, which finally allows easy installation and removing of the software. And here's the full list of changes :
  • New setup engine (based on MS Installer)
  • Improved driver installation in Windows 9x (without starting Hardware Wizard)
  • Left-click on tray icon directly opens 'mount menu'
  • Installation directory now user-selectable
  • Tray icons now user-selectable
  • Securom emulation enhanced
  • Support for Windows XP
  • PHANTOM device removal in Windows 2000/XP enhanced (Windows warning message is skipped now)
  • 'Digital signature not found' message during Windows 2000/XP setup is skipped now
  • Workaround for WinOnCD CDROM emulator bug in Windows NT/2000/XP (system crash) included
So lots of compatibility increasements for Windows XP as well, so every Daemon-tools user should download v2.60 by clicking here. Additional informations about this great program can be found on the Daemon tools homepage.

   New PCSX linux version Posted by Bobbi at [2:42 EST]  
Okay, these have been two busy days with few times, so excuse the lack of posts, like wildfire already mentioned (and I'll explain a bit further later), we have hired two new staff members. Anyway, on friday, while celebrating experts birthday, the PCSX homepage has been updated with a new version of the linux version and the following newspost :
    And, apart from all these,the emu related news is that we have a new linux port with very improved MDEC support for all of you! It really helps the compatibility of games. Unfortunately I haven't a linux machine to test it myself, but I'm sure a win9x port will follow soon. And, alongside the linux port there are two new versions of the pad and SPU plugins.
Looks like linuzappz did a great job on that one. Since I don't have linux installed on my home machine, it'd be nice if any linux user could send us some screenshots of the new version, we'd of course post them here on the page. Anyway, you can download PCSX linux v0.6.500 here or from our PCSX download page. In case you're still in need for the plugins, just point your browser to our PCSX linux plugins page, which has just been updated with the latest versions.

Saturday, March 24, 2020

   New Newsposters Posted by Wildfire at [22:46 EST]  
I'll like to personally welcome two new posters here at PSXEmu Bgnome and RVWinkle. Thier accounts and such are still be processed and stuff but I figure I'll give em a welcome anyway, and to prove I'm not COMPLETELY idle ^_^.

Thursday, March 22, 2020

   4EverPSX needs help Posted by Bobbi at [16:35 EST]  
I just saw that the 4EverPSX homepage has recived an update stating that Sephiroth seems to have come across the first problems, CD-Rom emulation problems to be exact. Here's what he posted :
    As in it goes in live, we all encounter setbacks. And mine seems to be the CD emulation. I've restarted several times and every time a little different approach. Alas no effect. I feel though that CD emulation is critical to the further development of the 4EverPSX emulator. Ofcourse i can focus my attention to the SPU and PAD more, but most demo's run fine and sound is of less inportance(to me). So the development of 4EverPSX is reaching an impasse. So therefor i call to you out there. If you have detailed information about the innerworking of the CD please mail that information to me. If you are an emu programmer and you are willing to share knowledge/code of the CD emulation part please mail me. I'm in dying need for HELP.
So in case one of the PSX emu developer out there can help Sephiroth, just mail him at ! To find out more about 4EverPSX, make sure to check out their homepage.

   Kazzuya's Soft GPU Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:32 EST]  
Kazzuya, who recently had a bit of server trouble, just released version 1.6 Alpha of his Software GPU plugin for Emulators using the PSEmu Pro Plugin system. This new version was released because the release of revision 1.5 final had errors in the archive, and was actually version 1.5 beta! Here's a little info about what's new, straight from
    This version has more bugs fixed about translucency. Translucency broke because recently I started supporting the STP bit which is used for some "magic" priority effects.
    I also changed the Gouraud shading routine. The new one does some dithering on the fly.
    Big Gouraud shaded polys are used to render the sky in games like Rage Racer. Dithering gives smoother gradients.
    I did some test with super-sampled rendering but the quality didn't improve much. That's probably because I didn't include edges inthe super-sampling process. Edge anti-aliasing is what would give most improvement to image quality, unfortunately there are several drawbacks to that. I intend to do some more research on viable solution to improve rendering quality.. when I have some free time 8)
For those that downloaded 1.5 Final, or are just interested in Kazzuya's lovely Software GPU, grab yourself a copy below:
    Download Kazzuya's Software GPU 1.6 Alpha here (-44k-)

   FPSE in the rumor mills Posted by Bobbi at [16:13 EST]  
JoseQ posted another edition of his weekly rumor mills, this time featuring some infos and two VERY cool screenshots from FPSE, along with some small infos about them :
    . But almost at the last minute, a report flew in with two screen captures of FPSE 0.09 beta in action! The screenshots were taken using the interpreter mode with Pete's Plug-in. The name of the game is "Fear Effect 2" and here are the screenshots ... We also got word that there's no planned release date for FPSE as of yet.
You can check out the two screenshots by clicking here : Fear Effect [1] [2] ! So no certain release date yet for FPSE yet, we'll of course try to get more infos about that one and keep you updated about it. You can find the complete rumor mill here. back up Posted by Bobbi at [16:03 EST]  
Just a quick note on that one : Alexey Galiulin was kind enough to drop me an E-mail that the official site for the PSX emulator ePSXe, seems to be reachable yet again. In case you didn't notice it, few days after the release their host seems to have disabled their page (once again) because of to much traffic (this emu is just to damn good =P).

Just to inform you, their forums are actually really down, according to Galtor because of a to high CPU usage. The rest of the page is still up though, so to check it out head over to

   Project Mayhem needs help Posted by Bobbi at [15:56 EST]  
Still remember Project Mayhem, that emulator project where lots of good coders wanted to work together in order to create a cool emulator. Well, today I recived an E-mail from wiseman, one of their coders, to inform me about the current progress of their emu and it looks like it certainly progressed nicely during the past weeks, prooven by three posted screenshots on their page. But now, they need more help :
    Proj. Mayhem is alive and kicking!!! And we need some bloody coders, so if you know how to code in C, C++, or assembly and want to help code a great emu, drop me a line at we would love to hear from you. A lot of great things have been happening with the emu, it plays quite a few demos now, and cd implementation is coming soon, that means commercial games can't be too far behind. Just to whet your appetite we have a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Here you go, enjoy:)!
It's always nice to see new emulators progressing nicely, so to assist Project Mayhem, to learn more about this emulator and to view the screenshots from some technical demos, make sure to check out their homepage !

   Null2's SPU plugin v1.34 Posted by Bobbi at [15:44 EST]  
Wau, this was quite a busy week, so excuse the lack of posts yesterday, I simply was to busy and tired. Anyway, let's see what we have here as news items : Yet again, the 5th time within the last 10 days, null2 updated his great SPU plugin, this time increasing the version number to v1.34 ! This version has the following news :
  • ADSR should work quite correct now
  • (no, still no save states)
The bug people mentioned in the comments box below the last version STILL exists though, but null2 is informed about this and probably looking into it. Meanwhile, make sure to update your plugin by getting v1.34 from here. Do I still need to mention where to put results and bug reports ? Of course into the comment box below !

   New poll ! Posted by Thorgal at [10:20 EST]  
Well, I'm sure most of you noticed the current poll became a bit outdated, but since I've been VERY busy this week (my own fault though, blame me ;) , I didn't really get the chance to come up with something, well, not something decent anyway. Until now! :D But let's have a look at the old poll's results first:
    What's your fav part about ePSXe v1.2.0 ?

    These save states rule my world ! 36.4% - (603 Votes)
    Practically nothing changed for me 26% - (431 Votes)
    Speed baby ! 23.3% - (387 Votes)
    I'm ready to rumble! 14.1% - (235 Votes)

    Total Votes: 1656
Hrmm, personally I think those 26% should really give the savestate function a second try :) Gotta check out the DualShock support myself sometime..

Anyways, I'm a bit sleepy right now (don't ask..) so excuse my chit-chat for now :) The new poll: What do you think Sony will do with their recently acquired VGS license? Did Sony simply bought (in)justice? Will they ditch the VGS users and drop any further support, or the exact opposite? Or will they use the VGS source for a PSX emulator for systems other than the PC, the upcoming X-Box perhaps? These are all questions, suddenly popping up.. and YOU can voice your opinion by answering one question which puts all these together. No need to hesitate, it only takes a sec. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2020

   PSinex and more commercials Posted by Bobbi at [16:23 EST]  
Wau, another kickass update from Psychojak over at the PSinex homepage : After it has been announced yesterday that two commercial games are running, it seems Psycho noticed that many more games are working :) He posted a small status update of what he expects for the future :
    OK, no need for words today, just this: 60-70% of the games reach MDEC movies. And MDEC is about to be implemented. Nothing else to say...
The page also has tons of screenshots from games like Survival League, Hexen, Threads of Fate, Batman Forever, Worms, Fluid, Agent Armstrong and Saga Frontier ! So everyone should go and check out the PSinex homepage now to see these great screenshots !

   More null2 updates : v1.33 Posted by Bobbi at [16:19 EST]  
Looks like null2 is at it now to fix the bugs in his plugin : He mailed me the third update in 3 days to his plugin today, so I'll keep this short and immediately come to the changes :
  • Fixed mistake of reading "Sound buffer address", so the sound of PSX start up becomes correct.
  • added linear interpolation of envelope curve.
  • some bug fixes
And no, still no save states yet :) But still nice to see null2 takes so much care of his plugin to fix these bugs, v1.33 can be downloaded from here. I think I already mentioned it often enough during the past days, but I'll just do it again : Bug reports and results please go into the comment box below this post :)

   Japanese ePSXe FAQ Posted by Bobbi at [16:11 EST]  
Trimori, who also translated Pete's readmes to japanese recently mailed me to tell me about the japanese translation he did for the unofficial ePSXe v1.4.0 FAQ which has recently be heavily updated by CDBurnout. His japanese FAQ is an exact copy of our english one with only a small addition to give credit to the translator of this HUGE document (it's a 50 KB textfile, go figure).

Enough babbling for now, you can download his translation with a small japanese readme in one ZIP by clicking here. Big thanks to Trimori for this great work !

   4EverPSX status update Posted by Bobbi at [16:05 EST]  
I have the feeling there're still many news to post (what a news week) so excuse when I keep the posts a bit shorter than usual : Sephiroth just popped up in our channel #psxemu on EFNet to inform us about a nice site update : It seems 4EverPSX is now also starting to use CD-Rom emulation, prooven by a big screenshot of the black PSX Logo (the second one on bootup) of a demo disc ! Here's what the site mentions about the progress :
    Wow, i'm on a winning streak. Look at the picture below it's my first CD boot of a demo disk. Supplied by a PSX gaming magazine. I can't remember which one but atleast 4EverPSX is getting some where. Still it just hangs at this point, but at least some basic CD and DMA stuff is implemented correctly. I'll keep you informed. PSX resistance is futile. You will be emulated ;-).
More great news from an upcoming emulator (and not all for today) ! Congrats to Sephiroth for these great news, make sure to pay a visit to the 4EverPSX website for more cool news and infos about this emulator.

   Easyemu goes ePSXe Posted by Bobbi at [15:16 EST]  
mrv2k dropped me an E-Mail that Easyemu, a site specialising in assisting people to get started in emulation, posted a tutorial on configuring ePSXe perfectly for your needs. When you survived the bad deja-vu after looking at the logo, you're ready to start through a well written tutorial :
    I have only recently started to use ePSXe as I normally use Bleem, however I have found out that ePSXe has alot less glitches and is updated far more regularly so I have switched over completely.

    I thought long and hard over this tutorial as I knew it would be difficult to write as there are alot of options in ePSXe. Because of the amount of options I found that it is sometimes difficult to put the technical jargon into plain english but I think I have. I hope you like the results.
Though the beginning sounds a bit basic (download, install, ready ... no, really ?), it explains most options detailed later and helps newbies to really get involved with this great emulator - certainly a tutorial every newbie should check out - find it at this link and make sure to pay a visit to Easyemu for more cool tutorials about emulation.

Monday, March 19, 2020

   Massive site update Posted by Bobbi at [16:45 EST]  
Yesterday and today have been, yet again, one of these days where I noticed that parts of our pages are simply outdated so it was time to update them again. After todays section updates, I'll start re-working the emulator pages tomorrow and add all these great progressing new emus like PSinex (BTW - congrat Psychojak and team !!) and 4EverPSX. Anyway, here're the quick fixes I did :
  • Updated plugins page with latest releases and all plugins in one ZIP
  • Fixed scroll bars on all pages (the background is black now everywhere)
  • Fixed links on ktalk pages
  • Removed search box which wasn't working anyway
  • Minor fixes here and there to avoid some browser problems
So much for the minor fixes, I also updated two of our main sections :
    The links section has recived a slight design change and I finally got around to start the news pages links ! Though there're only few pages at the moment, any other additions/suggestions are welcome, just mail your site name and URL to me when you'd like to have it added to that page.

    The network page has finally been updated with our recent network additions aka all the pages we're hosting at the moment. Some of the logos still need to be optimized a bit but that's only a question of time :) Anyone being interrested in the PSX Emu network or even in getting hosted here should check out the page here !
So much for the page updates, like announced at the beginning you can expect many more this week, so stay tuned ! And now, last but not least, we also got a request to our visitors :

The PSXEmu network is looking for another one of two staff members to help out on the page. Your job here basicly will be to update the mainpage with news, but anything other you'd like to do additionally is of course welcome. Our requirements to you :
  • A decent knowledge of the english language
  • Enough knowledge about the emulation scene to know where to find the news quickest (though we have a program which assist us pretty well with that)
  • Enough time so that you can do at least 2-3 newsposts a week - remembering the fact that we posted 18 newsitems during the last 3 days that shouldn't be too difficult =P)
  • Previous experience on other sites is appreciated but not required
  • When you think you're more skilled with something different than news posts, you may always suggest it to us and we'll look into it
So this is YOUR chance to join one of the biggest PSX emulation sites on the web. What you have to do ? Just write a bit about yourself and why YOU would be the right addition to the PSXEmu network. (please no 'Hello, I'd like to join. Kthxbye' mails) We'll collect all applications and go through them this weekend - also the deadline for this. So don't hesitate to send your application to !

   [pec] database update Posted by Thorgal at [14:58 EST]  
It's been a while since we last heard something from [pec], and it's even been a little longer since we the last update to [pec]'s database. Well, JNS decided to go for a change, and there ya have it: more codes! :) There's something you should note, however: this database only works with [pec] the plugin ! Now that's all said and done, let's have a look at the changes. Actually, this new version includes fixes for the following games:
  • Breath Of Fire 3 (US)
  • Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped (PAL)
  • Legend Of Dragoon (US)
  • Monsterseed (US)
  • Vagrant Story (German)
It also includes some codes for several popular games:
    Final Fantasy 9 (German)
  • Final Fantasy 9 (US)
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom-Clash Of The Superheroes (US)
  • Vagrant Story (US)
Well, I'm sure the RPG-ers will appreciate this release :D For more info and downloads, there's always the [pec] homepage :)

   Psinex: commercial games! Posted by Thorgal at [14:28 EST]  
Well, another emulator finally sees the (commercial) light: our one and only PSinex! The previous status updates we've had so far were basically about the new dynamic recompiling engine, a configurator, several speed-ups and the bios not being required anymore. Now, PsYcHoJaK reports that PSinex is capable of running 2 commercial games: Vandal Hearts (I guess most of you will know this fine RPG) and, errm..."Pang 3" :) The latter isn't exactly part of my PSX games collection (not that it's something to be proud of, anyway ;) , but let's see what he has to say about these two:
    These games are fully working, by testing the un-debugged source of the CD-ROM that the "Secret Member" has made. The speed of both games is ideal.
He also mentions he added some GTE opcodes, ofcourse resulting in a better compatibility :) Still only demos for now, but the first commercial game is always a good way to really start for an emulator, I guess we all learned that over the past few years. PsYcHoJaK and team, congrats!

Be sure to head over to the PSinex homepage for more info, and ofcourse the unavoidable screenshots :D

   Another Null2 SPU update Posted by Bobbi at [13:19 EST]  
And now to the plugin mentioned in the last post : Since it seems that the old version had some bugs, null2 released yet another version of his great PSEmu Pro compatible plugin. This should fix problems with the recently intruduced ADSR as well as some CD-XA problems. The list of changes :
  • a small delay of CD-XA
  • added exponential DR(ADSR)
  • fixed RR(ADSR)
So all people who reported problems with that one should download v1.32 from here. When this update fixed problems for you or caused new one, just leave a comment in the box below ! In case you need to update your plugin collection again, just pay a visit to one of our plugin pages.

   Updated ePSXe Installer Posted by Bobbi at [13:12 EST]  
Wau, looks like another great newsday so let's start it with that one : I just noticed that our ePSXe Installer became a bit outdated again, so I decided to update it once again with the latest plugins and patches, which are :
  • Pete's GPU v1.47, Lewpy's GPU v1.31
  • Pete's Midas Plugin v1.7 and Null2's SPU Plugin v1.32 (yeah, I'll post it here next =P)
  • ePSXe FAQ v1.4.0
  • Tomb Raider 1 PAL and Rayman 1 PAL cheat
So if you missed these updates or belong to those who still don't have ePSXe (that should exist as well), download the new installer here. More ePSXe downloads can be found on our ePSXe download page !

Sunday, March 18, 2020

   Null2's SPU Plugin v1.31 Posted by Bobbi at [12:44 EST]  
Now that's what I'd call a busy news day : Yet another plugin release, this time a new version of null2's popular SPU plugin. This plugin can be used with every PSEmu Pro plugin compatible emulator like ePSXe, AdriPSX and of course PSEmu Pro itself. This version includes the following changes :
  • fixed SPU irq timing
  • added exponential RR(ADSR)
  • still no save-state support though
Another fine update from null2 which should fix the sound problems some people had in the previous version. You can get this plugin by clicking here. Please leave any bug reports in the comment box below.

   Another patch for ePSXe Posted by Bobbi at [12:30 EST]  
After yesterdays patch release for Rayman 1, calb was kind enough to send me another patch in IRC today, this time one that allows you to play Tomb Raider 1 PAL on ePSXe ! According to calb, these current patches are fixing an endless loop the emulator encouters in these games and he's currently looking into this problem.

Anyway, in order to play the PAL version (the NTSC DOESN'T work with this patch !!!) of Tomb Raider 1, just copy the following code into a file (best would be 'tomb_raider_1_pal.cht') in your ePSXe's /cheats directory and load it into the emulator :
    # Tomb Raider 1 - PAL
    59874 0
Like usual, you can also download the file by clicking here. Thanks a lot to calb for this file.

   More 4EverPSX Posted by Thorgal at [12:18 EST]  
Hrmm, I wonder if Sephiroth has been adding GTE codes all night :P Over at the 4EverPSX page, there's another status update. It's quite interesting actually, certainly worth the read:
    Today i can claim that 4EverPSX no longer uses any code from other projects. Everything is now my own code and all's very well engineered ;-). Not optimised only engineered. So this is what i wanted. GTE is now mostly running for all the demo's. Functions that are missing will be implemented along the way. Now i have to make a choice of what to do next. And the decision is ...... CD emulation. This undoubtly take a lot of time but he time is all we have NOT. Well I ported the old GPU to do some rendering and this is what came out. MANTA. Keep in mind that gouroud shading is not implemented yet.
I didn't expect this so soon... it's good to see another emulator is really progressing :) For more information and screenshots (both should give you an idea of 4EverPSX's current state), be sure to head over to 4EverPSX homepage !

   Kazzuya's s/w GPU 1.5 Final Posted by Thorgal at [11:49 EST]  
After 3 releases, v1.5 of Kazzuya's software GPU is finally done! It seems that more and more people are using this one, so for those of you who do, check out these changes in the final 1.5 version:
  • Added Save State support for ePSXe (Thanks Pete)
  • Fixed translucency issues
Save state support! Right now, there's 35.4% of 1330 people (see the poll :) who love ePSXe's savestate feature, and an acceptable % of those use Kazzuya's software GPU, go ahead and try to make a figure ;)

Anyway, the download: Kazzuya's Software Rendering Plug-in 1.5 Final. Any comments about this release? Head over to the comments page (link below) and give your opinion !

   Sony Plans XBox Emulation Posted by Bobbi at [4:09 EST]  
After Sony recently bought VGS, people started to wonder what they might do with it. With it just an action to remove VGS from the market or did Sony finally understand that there's no use in fighting against an emulator so they'll start one as well ? Well, 'The X' sent me an E-Mail today recarding an article in the Core Magazine, which mentions another nice possibility :
    According to a printed report out of Tokyo this morning, Sony is said to be evaluating the possibility of adopting Connectix's PlayStation emulation software 'Virtual Game Station' to Microsoft's XBox. Thereby, making the PlayStation software library available on Microsoft's forthcoming console. This comes on the heels of Sony's announcement yesterday to end their long standing legal dispute with Connectix, and work together on 'advanced emulation programs.' Sony representatives have yet to respond to the report, we'll keep you posted.
Hard to imagine for me somehow though this would certainly kickass and boost Sonys software sales yet again. Feel free to discuss this in the comment box, the article can be found here.

Saturday, March 17, 2020

   Play Rayman 1 on ePSXe Posted by Bobbi at [18:32 EST]  
Today, calb messaged me in IRC to inform me about a new patch he created. This one allows you, once loaded, to play the PAL version of Rayman 1 in ePSXe ! In order to get it working, just put the following code into a .cht file, save it into ePSXe's /cheats directory and load it through the 'Cheats' menu :
    #Rayman 1 - PAL
    0001a45f8 0
Of course you can also simply download our pre-made .cht file. Furthermore, calb also gave me a file which should be mostly interresting for developers, it explains the possibility to boot up ePSXe with certain profiles and a cheat database - so in case you want to take a look, download the cheat.txt by clicking here !

   More news from Pete Posted by Bobbi at [18:21 EST]  
After todays release of Pete's plugins (which supposedly fixes several graphic problems in games like Silent Hill and Syphoon Filter 1/2 !), Pete just updated his page with more news. First off, he posted a japanese translation of his plugin readmes. What's more interresting for most users out there are his updates to his PSSwitch / ePSXeCutor config section.

As for the changes, a big config collection submitted by Simon Mallion has been posted containing many images and configs for use with ePSXeCutor. Certainly great for all these of you who still aren't sure which config they should use.

To download these two and to get more infos about Pete's popular OpenGL/D3D/Software plugins and development, head over to Pete's homepage !

   4EverPSX status update Posted by Bobbi at [18:09 EST]  
Today, the 4EverPSX webpage got updated twice with some great news about the previously announced new version. The compatibility with technical demos (no, these aren't real games) has been heavily increased and over 90% of all demos are now running ! There's just one downside :
    There's only one downside it still contains the GTE-code from FPSE. And that's whats going to change the coming weeks. Well there is another downside i only have implemented a wireframe GPU plugin so graphics output is limited but fast for testing.

    I already implemented some of the GTE functions and that's a beginning. It resulted in something interesting. The FPSE GTE code still has some bugs in it. (Don't know about next release though). I fixed atleast some of that. Look at the next pictures of the Mario and Fuzzion's first demo.
Some hours later, Sephiroth updated the page again that he was able to add some more opcodes which got the T-Rex demo working ! To see the posted pictures and get more infos about 4EverPSX, head over to their official homepage !

Now what does this exactly mean ? Well, 4EverPSX is still using a large code part from the open source project FPSE, the programmer is now going to replace that step-by-step. Though the number of over 190 running demos sounds impressive, commercial games are still far away. The next step should be to get the graphic output working properly and to re-write the GTE part. Then it shouldn't be far away any more from running commercial games. Much luck and congratulation to Sephiroth for this this great progress !

   Pete's Win GPUs v1.47 Posted by Thorgal at [10:08 EST]  
Yay, it's one of these GPU days again ;) Pete managed to update his favorable Windows GPUs yet again! All of his plugins have been updated to v1.47: the OpenGL, D3D DX7, D3D DX6 and the Software version. Let's see what's new in this release:
  • Some small bug fixes
  • new (old :) 'Line only' mode
  • improved screen centering and mask bit detection
Well, one our older polls showed that Pete's plugins are really the most popular ones, so I'm sure you don't want to miss this one :D As usual, all plugins are in one single .zip package, which you can find here.

Well, I'm sure we can expect an update to the Linux department soon :)

   Big Lewpy status update Posted by Bobbi at [9:56 EST]  
Lewpy, creator of the famous glide compatible PSEmu Pro plugin, just posted two long status updates on his page regarding the status of his plugins and what he did over the last couple of weeks. Some of them are :
  1. I've fixed alpha-blending of 16bit textures. I have been inverting the STP bit for _ages_ in 16bit textures, as a result of investigating alpha-blending problems. The problem I was investigating appears to have been fixed when I fixed the problems in the blending mode caching a few versions ago, so I've now corrected 16bit textures.
  2. Investigated the problems with FF8, where scenes with action on top of MDECs was not working. This is a problem with Experimental Flipping, so you need to switch that off to get those scenes to work properly. You need to enable it again though to get the battle menu to work. This is now fixed, so in the next version you can leave Experimental Flipping enabled.
Furthermore, Lewpy also decided to clear up the menues a bit (finally =P) and is now asking if anyone still needs any of the options he wants to remove. So to get the full status update of his plugin and submit your opinion, head over to Lewpy's homepage hosted here at PSXEmu ! Oh yeah, there are more plugin news ... :)

   New GPU plugins ! Posted by Bobbi at [6:31 EST]  
FastGPU mailed me that he is currently creating a new GPU plugin, compatible with the PSEmu Pro standart like Pete's and Lewpys are. His plugin is still in early stage but is already able to run things, though texturing is completly missing so far. He still decided to release a first version of his plugin to the public and mailed me the file. Some infos about it taken from the included readme :
    The main point of this release is to test gpu D3D compatibility, so feel free to send me your results. GPU has been only tested on my computer with Tekken 3, so I'm not sure that other games would run, but they could. By now there is no texturing at all.
Gorxon was also kind enough to test out this plugin so you can imagine how games without texturing look like. The first two shots are from Tekken 3 in game, the third one is an MDEC shot, which currently has some graphic errors :
    FastGPU v0.1 screenshots [1] [2] [3]
So in case you like to try out stuff, make sure to download this plugin here. You can mail your results to It's always nice to see these new plugins being started, this one already looks very promising to me !

   VGS improvements page Posted by Bobbi at [6:25 EST]  
Looks like my inbox is a good source for news today :) Joshua Koo mailed me about a new page he created, which is a collection of hints on how to improve VGS' graphics (which, in his opinion, is also a nice lost of proposals for tools to be created for VGS). The page is quite long and contains informations on tweaking VGS, selecting the best video drivers, using the right external software and also a quite nice lost of proposals.

So in case you're one of these VGS fanatics, head over to Joshua's page now to read all these hints.

   News on the Burutter Posted by Bobbi at [6:08 EST]  
Still remember that Burutter adapter supported by the latest ePSXe version ? Well, Duc Hoang mailed is to let us know that their homepage has been updated with an english part where some informations about world-wide availability have been posted :
    We plan to market BURUTTER in Japan first in April 2001. Batech Trading Corporation,which is a subsidiary of NEW STAR Co.,Ltd is in change of the BURUTTER export business.The international marketing is currently in the development phase because it involves setting up worldwide distributors, production scheduling and promotion planning.
Bad news for all international customers as they'll have to wait a bit longer. PSXEmu therefor is currently working on a special where we'll list and compare all available adapters so you don't have to wait that long :) Stay tuned for this nice feature ! The english version of the Burutter page can be found by clicking here. Thanks again to Duc for the mail.

   Memory card manager v1.3 Posted by Bobbi at [5:56 EST]  
Finally this busy week is over and we're enjoying the weekend, the past days have been very busy. I'd also like to welcome back Ryos into the team who's doing a nice job again. Anyway, it's time now to catch up with the news. First off, Aldo updated his page with a new version of his cool memory card manager, an utility which allows you to convert and edit memory cards through an easy interface. The headup from Aldos page :
    Manage the slots of your memory cards with this super easy to use Memory Card Manager. New: Improved support exporting memory cards to DexDrive format for use in a real PlayStation.
This tool certainly counts to one of my favorite ones, so I highly suggest you to download it here. For more cool news and also an updated games.txt for VGS, make sure to check out Aldos toolsbox !

Friday, March 16, 2020

   New linuzappz CD plugin Posted by Bobbi at [0:28 EST]  
Just a quick update since I doubt I'll find the time later today : linuappz dropped me a new version of his great PSEmu Pro compatible plugin for linux (currently mostly used by PCSX users) with the following changes to v1.3 :
  • Added CDRplay and CDRstop
  • Fixed CDRgetTD
  • Now if no cd is in the cdrom device it will as a null cdrom plugin
Download the plugin by clicking here and don't forget to mail linuzappz with any problems or comments or leave him a note on our messageboard !

Thursday, March 15, 2020

   Connectix Settlement Terms Posted by Ryos at [2:06 EST]  
As CDBuRnOuT posted yesterday, Connectix settled with Sony outside of court. Now, thanks to IGN, we now know exactly what the terms of the agreement are. According to IGN's story, it appears that Connectix and Sony will now be working together to have "advanced emulation solutions." What that means could be either good or bad, depending on your perspective. Either their progress will be furthered or Connectix may drop support of VGS. Here's the IGN article about it, so decide for yourself:
    Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Connectix Corporation announced a joint technology agreement today that will have the companies proceed to define a series of development initiatives in the area of advanced emulation solutions.
    "We look forward to significant advances in emulation technology as a result of our cooperation with Connectix, who owns excellent technology in this field," stated Shinichi Okamoto, Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    "Our new agreement with SCE gives us the resources to move rapidly into a wide range of exciting new applications for our core emulation and virtual machine technologies," said Roy McDonald, President of Connectix. "We believe that this collaboration can lead to improved development tools, innovative consumer products and productive enterprise solutions."

    The agreement ends the legal dispute between the two companies over the Connectix Virtual Game Station (CVGS), SCE will acquire from Connectix all assets related to the VGS emulation technology as part of the deal. Connectix will continue to offer the current version of the CVGS for Macintosh and Windows until June 30, 2020 and will provide continuing support to existing users of the software. All further emulation development for PlayStation after this date will proceed under the auspices of the joint agreement.
Interestingly, the limited $30 price for VGS through ends at 6/30/01...which corresponds with the date the current version of VGS can be bought until. Hmm. I guess the old cliche applies in this case - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

Wednesday, March 14, 2020

   Helping Project Mayhem Posted by Ryos at [1:53 EST]  
Are you familiar with how a PlayStation works? Then you might be able to help Project Mayhem. Hairybudda, who is coding the CD-Rom portion of the PSX emulator, recently posted a request for assistance on the messageboard. He has two problems in particular that he does not believe he can currently solve: how to get a TOC from a PSX CD-Rom, and what the sync command is.

If you can help Hairybudda, feel free to e-mail him at As an additional bonus, you can be a beta tester in exchange for helping Hairybudda. Of course I'm sure you'll just be aiding his efforts for the purely selfless reason of supporting emulation, but you won't complain about the compensation, hmm?

Tuesday, March 13, 2020

   Unofficial ePSXe FAQ 1.4.0 Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:08 EST]  
Well, ever since the day ePSXe 1.2.0 released, I've been putting a lot of my spare time into revising, editing, and adding lots of improvements to the Unofficial ePSXe FAQ that Bobbi and myself maintain. Changes in this new release were done entirely by myself, so if you have any complaints/comments/etc, please mail me. This new version has more changes/additions to it than all the other revisions combined, so I'm pretty proud of my work, and I hope you appreciate it :) Anyway, enough useless chit-chat, Here's what's new in version 1.4.0:
  • Re-worked FAQ version numbering scheme.
  • Created new section, 'Table of Contents'.
  • Added ePSXe 1.2.0 release info to 'What's New'.
  • Updated 'Getting Started' to cover new options in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Updated most Q&As; with info concerning ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added General Q&A;: Save States in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added General Q&A;: Force Feedback in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added General Q&A;: Command-line switches in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added General Q&A;: DirectInput problems with upgrading ePSXe.
  • Added General Q&A;: DirectInput problems with ePSXe.
  • Added General Q&A;: Problems with ePSXe being too 'fast'.
  • Added General Q&A;: Troubles using Memory Cards and Save States in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added General Q&A;: Confusion concerning ePSXe's 'Cheat' option.
  • Added General Q&A;: [pec] compatibility with ePSXe 1.2.0
  • Added General Q&A;: Save States with Multi-Disc games in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added General Q&A;: Troubling saving with a few games in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added Plugin Q&A;: Null2's SPU not showing up in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: FF9 PAL in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Legend of Legaia in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Saga Frontier 2 PAL in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: FF7 in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Soul Reaver in ePSXe 1.2.0.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Cool Boarders 2001 in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Front Mission 3 in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Breath of Fire 3 PAL in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Gran Turismo 2 in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Dino Crisis in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Dino Crisis 2 in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Chrono Cross hangs when a character joins in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Breath of Fire 4 'Town of Kyria' crash.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Megaman X4/Rockman X4 BGM Troubles in ePSXe.
  • Added Game Specific Q&A;: Megaman X5/Rockman X5 BGM Troubles in ePSXe.
  • Removed Game Specific Q&A;: Slowdowns in THPS1/2 and Spiderman.
  • Created new section, 'Legacy Support'.
  • Moved questions/info related to revision 1.0.1/1.0.0 only to 'Legacy Support'.
  • Created new section, 'Credits'.
  • Created new section, 'Thanks'.
  • Misc. fixes here and there.
I hope those who are having troubles with ePSXe find this document useful, and I urge EVERYONE who has trouble with ePSXe to consult this document! It saves both our time and yours ;) If you think anything that is really important is missing from this FAQ, please contact me, I'm always looking for ways to improve it :D
    You can check out the Unofficial ePSXe FAQ here

   Exclusive Connectix Trial Info! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:31 EST]  
I just received word concerning Connectix's ever-so-popular Trial against the big, bad, Sony, the trial was supposedly settled out of court! This news comes from a 'would-be' witness to the trial, who submitted some documents to me as proof, but he asked me kindly not to post them, and I will respect his wishes. BUT, He did say I could summarize the info in the docs, so you, our loyal visitors can know what the information that I've received. Here goes:
    The said witness was asked by a lawyer representing Connectix, Gabe Ramsey, for more information concerning a popular PlayStation document on the web (The 'would-be' witness is the author of the document), and even asking if he could be a witness, if it was needed. The author replied, giving the info needed, and was willing to testify if needed. If called upon to testify, the author would probably destroy Sony's whole 'trade secrets' argument, since the author of this document knows the ins and outs of the PlayStation console, and has published them to the web for all to learn from. As weeks went on, the said author was preparing for trial, when he recieved word that the case was resolved without the need for a trial. He did not receive any specifics, but he did receive permission to tell others the news. And here it is ;)
This could be great news for the entire emulation community! And I'm sure we're all wondering what the terms of the settlement were :D

The author/witness I've been speaking throughout this entire post is a man named Joshua Walker, author of the great (IMHO, at least) doc, "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About the PlayStation but Were Afraid to Ask". Joshua's doc is a useful tool to anyone wanting to start in PSX development/emulation, and he even told me he was going to begin work on a new version of the doc soon!

   Aldo's SpeedUp Processes v1.4 Posted by Thorgal at [15:21 EST]  
Although this week hasn't particularly been an interesting one so far, here's a new release by Aldo :) I'm sure most of you will remember his SpeedUp Processes Utility, which has received an update today. It's actually quite a simple yet efficient tool: it allows you to set the priority of the tasks you're running, which is especially helpful when you're on a low-end system. Setting the priority of your favorite PSX emulator to "high", for example, will give you extra free memory and CPU power, resulting in extra performance :) Now, let's have a look at what's new:
    New: New command line switches /h and /k for high priority (instead of REAL TIME) and kill a list of processes before run. Now you can automatically shutdown the antivirus, instant messengers, email, agents, etc. before run your game and gain even more memory and processor time.
W00t, that sounds nice :D Do you have 6 IE windows, mIRC, your favorite music player *cough*[biased]Sonique! You KNOW you want to use it, oh yes...;) [/biased]*cough*, firewall, email client, and the oh-so-evil Napster, all in your windows taskbar? Then why don't you download this tool over at Aldo's place, relax, have a drink, shutdown everything with one simple click, launch ePSXe and play some FF9? ;-)

Thanks to PSXFanatics for the news!

Sunday, March 11, 2020

   Null2's SPU Plugin v1.30 Posted by Bobbi at [16:12 EST]  
Null2 dropped me an E-Mail today that he updated his popular PSEmu Pro compatible plugin once again today, increasing the version number to v1.30 ! Now much new in this plugin though, just this change :
  • fixed only ADSR by analyzing the real PSX.
  • Savestate support hasn't been added yet
I talked with numerous developers today to find out that ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) are standart effects ... pretty complex stuff which could cause new bugs but shouldn't when programmed properly.

Enough talking, you can download this new plugin version by clicking here ! Feel free to report bug reports on our message board !

   VGS Autorun update to v1.2 Posted by Bobbi at [3:25 EST]  
Another day, another fine update from Aldo : He published version 1.2 of his VGS Autorun utility. This tool allows you to assign CDs and their SLUS codes (which makes each game unique compared to others) an emulator and let it automaticly boot up once the game is inserted. This version comes with the following changes :
    New in this version: Added support for ePSXe and let you configure which is your default emulator. It's recommended that you use -nogui -f when using ePSXe, but also you may want to start ePSXecutor instead of directly run ePSXe (or even better start it with C:\ePSXe120\SpeedUp.exe /q /m ePSXe.exe -nogui -f)
Quick reminder, SpeedUp.exe is a nice utility which sets priority on certain programs and allows faster execution therefor, you can get that and VGS Autorun v1.2 at Aldos tools archive now !

Saturday, March 10, 2020

   Daemon Tools v2.47b Posted by dhalamar at [19:16 EST]  
The cool utility Daemon's Tools has had a slight bugfix which brings the version number up to 2.47b. Some people reported some installation problems with version 2.47, such as "Out of Resources" errors and such. So they changed the 'daemon.inf' to combat those problems. If you had problems installing it, you should download this one, if not, then don't bother. There's nothing new with this, just that little bug fix. :)

This can be used with ePSXe, for instance, if you have problems running games just opening the ISO, you can download this, install it, mount the ISO, and set up ePSXe to run it just like a normal CD. For some reason the compatibility is a little higher this way. And it has it's other uses, I'm gonna download it as soon as I finish this post. :)

You can download it right here, and it's the very convinient size of 153k. Have at it, and have a good day/night/evening/whatever. :)

   FPSE and PPT GUI Posted by Bobbi at [16:21 EST]  
After all these busy news days as of late, finally a bit more silent one today, but here're two more news item I didn't want to miss : First off, the FPSE homepage has been updated yet again with even more screenshots (hey, how unusual !) - this time from the simple game Darkstone, but the shots look 3D enhanced to me, though I start to wonder why all shots are taken in window mode. Maybe I can get some infos from !+Mr.Fog+!, we'll of course keep you up to date on the latest happenings.

For now, head over to in order to check out these neat screenshots. The second bits of news concerns an utility I found on a page I'd like to let unmentioned for legal reasons now, while I was doing my daily round to check for the FF9 PAL UK patch (which isn't out yet !) : This one is a neat frontend called Power PSX Tools GUI. Basicly, this tool allows you to use popular DOS converting tools through an easy to navigate interface. Here's a short describtion from the author :
    This program is a graphical user interface for the famous DOS utilities CDXA + CDXAFIND + CDFIND + XA2WAV + TIP2BMP + TIM2TGA which are copyrighted by the specific owners (see help file for info). This GUI is extremelly helpfull to users that copy music, image and movie files from their playstation games (personal use).
I personally like that program very much since it saves me lots of time - in case you're regularly ripping stuff from PSX CDs as well are you're looking into that, download v1.0 of this utility here - For more cool tools, make sure to give the authors page a visit.

   Time for a new poll Posted by Bobbi at [16:02 EST]  
'Can over 50.000 downloads within 48 hours be wrong ?' ... ePSXe's success is certainly amazing, so amazing that the official ePSXe homepage is yet again unreachable, I suppose their host pulled the plug again.

Anyway, this surely doesn't prevent us from creating a new poll about the latest release. Now, that you had your 3 days to test out v1.2.0 we would really like to know from you : What's your fav part about ePSXe v1.2.0 ? Can't you stop using your save states any more, is your dual shock controller already running hot ? Are you more than happy about the new speed or did actually nothing really change for you with this release ? Please voice your opinion in the poll to your left now !

In our previous poll, Thorgal asked you : Have you ever used a memcard file from the net? and here's how over 1000 people votes :
    No, that's just cheating, and I'm not a loser - 32.6% (329 Votes)
    Yes, but I don't use them very often. - 32.5% - (328 Votes)
    No, memcard files are just useless to me. - 20.2% - (204 Votes)
    Yes, I use them occasionally. - 10.6% - (107 Votes)
    Yes, I use them all the time, in fact. - 4% - (41 Votes)
Interresting to see that people who don't use such stuff see it as cheating :) When you ask me, it's nothing more fun to finish a difficult game on your own ! We'll of course take this as a reason to lower the priority of our planned savestate section a bit compared to other projects we have going on - stay tuned for more soon !

   More �PSinex news Posted by Bobbi at [7:22 EST]  
And yet again, the PSinex homepage has been updated with a status update regarding the previously announced dynamic recompiler engine. Here's what Psychojak said about what NeoMaximus, the new team member, achieved so far :

    Congratulations to NeoMaximus, for achieving a nice result, in only less than 1 week of work. Nice speedup, about 300% from my first estimation, 100% compatibility and 100% unoptimized yet. stay tuned - more to follow
Wau, sounds like PSinex is REALLY nice progressing and let's all hope that it'll reach the status to play commercial games soon ! Congratulations to Psycho and his team - to learn more about them and the emu itself, head over to the PSinex homepage, hosted right here at PSXEmu !

   Happy Birthday Wormie! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [3:47 EST]  
My good buddy, fellow PSXEmu staff member, and owner of, Wormie a.k.a. Keith, celebrates his 25th birthday today!! Even though I already gave him a crappy homemade card, I'd just thought it'd be appropriate to do this:
Have a good one man, enjoy :D

BTW- version 1.4.0 of the Unofficial ePSXe FAQ is nearly done, I've just got some minor adjustments left to make ;)

Friday, March 9, 2020

   Undocumented ePSXe commands Posted by Bobbi at [17:28 EST]  
Looks like the new ePSXe version keeps us busy right now. Aldo from updated his page with a link to this thread on our messageboard he created, where he made a list of all undocumented command line parameters. There're options for like everything, here're some of the more complex ones :
  • dmairqclear - Clear DMA irq always
  • noseekinxa - No seek while playing xa.
  • cddmairq3 - Trigger a cd irq3 in dma.
  • adsrtrick - Return random adrs value.
  • nocdcmd11 - Disable cdrom command 11.
  • nocdstatus - Not return cdstatus.
  • nocdrtstatus - Disable cdrom RT status
  • noauto - Disable autoconf/patch.
Keep in mind that you shouldn't use these patches until you know for sure what you're doing otherwise you could damage stuff ! For the complete list of commands, go here. Thanks to Aldo for his nice work.

   Knack's GPU v0.84 beta Posted by Bobbi at [17:13 EST]  
Like mentioned in the post about ePSXe v1.2.0, the plugins you're using need to support the savestate function. So, after the release, Knack now also updated his plugin with the abbility to use savestates with it, among with these other changes :
  • EFixed alpha blending (1.0xB+0.25xF).
  • Fixed MoveImage function
  • Added save-state interface, and other new interfaces
  • Restored to DirectX7 (for NT users).
As a quick reminder, Knack's GPU plugin is a rather new PSEmu Pro compatible plugin which is using software mode for these of you who don't want to use 3D cards. You can download this new version by clicking here. Cheers to Paolo for the mail !

   ePSXe v1.2.0 compatibility list Posted by Bobbi at [15:33 EST]  
Right after the release of the new ePSXe version, lots of problems and questions popped up, CD is currently working hard on getting the FAQ done which already answers most of these. But of course we can't answer all compatibility questions, that's what one of our hosted sites is for, the ePSXe compatibility list. TFC dropped me an E-Mail that now, right after the release, they archived the old list and started a complete new one. Like usually, they're in need of your help to let the list grow.

Furthermore, Katana added a search function to their list so from now on, it's possible to search for configurations with certain GPU/SPU plugins, for specific titles and more. I also learned from TFC that they're currently adding some more features to their page, so make sure to keep an eye on it. Anyway, head over to in order to submit to the list !

   FPSE Homepage Updated Posted by Sonikku at [5:49 EST]  
Saw over at EmuHQ that the FPSE homepage has been updated with pictures of the emulator running 'Crash
Bash 2'.

Head on over to see the shots, things appear to be progressing nicely, hopefully a new release isn't too far off :)

Thursday, March 8, 2020

   More on the new ePSXe Posted by Bobbi at [8:31 EST]  
After I quickly went to bed yesterday after the release and had no time to check my e-mails this morning, I just found an amazing amount of E-Mails in my inbox concerning the new release. So I'll go in the order of the amount of letters I recived :

Final Fantasy 9 PAL problems
Like Wormie already mentioned some posts down, Final Fantasy 9 needs to apply a patch before it works. Most E-Mails were from angry people from the UK who weren't able to locate one - simply because there isn't one yet ! So far, there're only patches for the german, the french and the spanish versions out there. To make it easier for our visitors, I mirrored them locally. All need a PPF engine to apply the patch :So much about the patches. We'll post an UK patch as soon as it's out, according to calb, no further modifications are required for ePSXe to get it working when there's a patch. Many people also wrote me to point out to small bugs in the installer we posted yesterday : The un-install program didn't work and the start menu entries were still labeled with v1.0.1 instead of v1.2.0 ! These bugs have been fixed, you can download the new installer here. In case you already got the old one, there's no need to re-download this one, nothing major changed.

And now, what I already promised friends in the chat rooms for 2 days, here're more informations about that one. Many thanks to KoolSmoky who sent in the complete translation ! Here you go :
    Here are some info on the PSX to USB adapter for ePSXe v1.2.0, "Burutter". The info was taken from the company's site.

    The thing is retail priced at 6800yen (aprox. us$56), scheduled to be released at the begining of april, 2001. Advance order is taken by e-mail (
    The good thing about this bad boy is that you can optionally plug in external power (AC adapter with DC7.5V) to get stronger force feedback. External power adapter is not a requirement and is not included in the package.

    Minimum requirements:
    Pentium 90MHz, Windows98, Windows98SE, WindowsME, Windows2000, DirectX5.0(DirectX8.0 is included in Burutter installation CD), USB (version 1.1)

    Package includes:
    burutter (the adapter), USB cable (2 meters), Driver installation CD, Instructions
Pretty expensive when you ask me ... though we'll see if we can get one to review it so we can find out if it's worth the money - stay tuned here at PSXEmu for more !

Three more quick things : First off, I finally got around to change the style of the comments pages, they look much nicer than before now. Furthermore, the unofficial ePSXe FAQ is currently being updated with the latest news and problems around the emulator, we hope to have this one done within the next one or two days. When you have suggestions what should be added, just drop me an E-Mail !

And what shouldn't be unmentioned : PSXEmu will finally reach 3 million visitors sometime today or early tomorrow - the counter is visible at the bottom of the page, right next to the legal disclaimer. When you're that special visitor, make sure to take a screenshot and send it in !

   Aldo's Tools Update Posted by Wormie at [6:54 EST]  
Whoa Aldo has been busy :P. A ton .. and I mean a ton of updates. Ok here is a list of all the good stuff. :)
  • VGS Patches News - Here is what is updated: G-MAKER, How to FF9 PAL on VGS, use GAMES.TXT v1.9 instead of VGS Generic Patcher, Harvest Moon on VGS.

  • SpeedUp Processes 1.2a - Here is what is updated: New: Unveil ALL the hidden windows in your computer, hide/show windows, set windows as top most so they are not overlapped by other windows, new find task option. Revision 1.2a has command line switches /q and /m for quiet mode (do not show the message box) and free memory before run, respectively.

  • VGS on Pentium 4 - Aldo has a tip on how to get VGS v1.41 (demo I beleive) working on a P4 system.

  • CVGSUtil 0.3.4 and cep 0.1.1 - Aldo also mentioned two tools for VGS: These are 2 interesting japanese tools for VGS, bleem! and ePSXe. CVGSUtil is a sort of an all-in-one utility that includes memory card conversion, GAMES.TXT editor, keyboard setup for 2 controllers in CVGS Demo and Retail, GameShark/Action Replay emulator (like [pec] but the GUI is a harder to use). cep (which stand for Connectix Virtual Game Station's and ePSXe's Pro Action Replay) is the GameShark/Action Replay emulator only.. interesting name!!! do you see something in common with [pec] here?? :)
A bunch of cool news from Aldo! Ok you know the routine ... head on over to and check out all those cool and wacky tools from Aldo!

   �PSinex Progress Posted by Wormie at [6:40 EST]  
PsYcHoJaK has updated the �PSinex homepage with some news on the progress of his new project. He also introduced a new member to his team, Neo Maximus. Well sounds like a bunch of great progress is getting done on this project and hopefully a release soon. Here is what PsYcHoJaK had to say:
    I would like to take this opportunity, and welcome a new member to the PSinex team. Neo Maximus is now working on the Dynamic Recompiler of PSinex. From what I've already seen on the source, he's doing a good job, and no doubt, he likes working on it. So welcome to the Team, NeoMax!

    I personally am doing some speed optimizes to the Interpreter, and I can already say, that its speed is no more - no less, 40% faster than the old PSinex. Another breakthrough, is that i've managed to code the emulator in a specific way, so that it doesnt need an external BIOS image to run... No more BIOS file distributions for us... hehe. But of course for full compatibility it will support the good old way as well.

    And as for the "Secret" member, which has a good knowledge of PSX hardware, is working to the last details of the Configurator, before he starts the CD-ROM routines.

    No apologize here for the delay, just that, we're taking our time in order to produce something good!
Well sounds good to me .. I love to see people making new emulators .. keep up the great work. Head on over to for the latest �PSinex news.

Wednesday, March 7, 2020

   ePSXe Problems Posted by Wormie at [21:23 EST]  
*Update #2*
Ok calb just informed me that you need to patch FF9 PAL versions before using it with ePSXe and it will work. Right now the only patches we know of so far are spanish, germany and french. calb thought there was a patch for every version out, but was in error and we are sorry for the confusion. ePSXe version 1.2.0 is setup to run all of the PAL versions of FF9 once they have been patched. So keep an eye out on your favorite Patching sites for the patch you need. Again sorry for the confusion.

Also don't forget, we are addressing many of the ePSXe problems on our message board so head on over to find out some of the latest fixes and work arounds. EmuForums

calb has informed us you need enter this into the command line when using the Legend of Legaia fix.
    -cdtiming -legaia
I am sure if you enable cdtiming in the cdrom setup it will do the same, but I can't say for sure. Best just to use the above code. Thanks calb for the update. :)

Well your local ePSXe Fanatic here :). I have read many of the users problems, concerns, and complaints. So I am going to address a majority of them here the best that I can.
  • FF9 PAL - Ok from what I have read, FF9 PAL version for Germany and Spain work fine. I also know (and everyone and their mother knows) that FF9 PAL UK version doesn't seem to work (as well as a few others have been mentioned). I have no clue why it doesn't work and I am sure the coders will try to figure out these problems. What we need from you guys is some patients. I personally can't say if this problem will be fixed since I have no clue at this time.

  • Dual Shock Feature - I have seen some people having troubles getting it to work for them. I don't think it was ever mentioned before, but as I was beta testing this feature it only seems to work when the controller is set as analog/digital in the controller setup for ePSXe. Also when setting up the analog controlls, I personally didn't mess with the options at the very bottom of the controller ... I just setup the 4 way directional pad area (or what ever it's called) with the analog stick instead of the directional pad. If I lost you here then reply to this post and I will try to help you :).

  • Complaints - Ok I can understand some peoples dissapointment and frustration with the FF9 PAL not working for some regions. I can also undertsand some people not getting some improvements with some games. What I CAN NOT tolerate is people being all out rude and bitching about how these coders owe them something. [Note: this is my personal opinion and may not reflect the way PSXEmu views this as a whole]. These coders make this emulator as a hobbie for the experience, and to further their knowledge of coding ... not to make us happy. Sure they love to succeed and see that we are happy with what they built. We being able to use their Hobbie is a bonus to us and we should be happy just for that simple reason. Please all I ask is for some of you guys to show some patients and respect to calb, Galtor, and _Demo_. A little maturity can go a long way!
Well that's all for now. Also if some of you didn't notice ... you no longer need to hit F4 or force PAL to save and load games :).

   ePSXe v1.2.0 released Posted by Bobbi at [17:49 EST]  
Like all loyal PSXEmu visitors expected, today, exactly one year after coding ePSXe started, another version of this great emulator is done. And like we already announced yesterday, there's some fantastic new features, and here's finally the full list of changes :
  • Added better analogic pad emulation and force feedback. It is now possible to configure the analogic axis and the effect of the force feedback motors. (Many thanks to Alex7 and to, for donating a very nice psx to usb pad converter and giving help on adding support for it).
  • Now ePSXe includes savestates support. F1 = save state, F2 = increase slot (max = 5), F3 = load state. The savestates are compressed and saved to the sstates directory, with an average size of 1.5Mb. (WARNING!!! In release date it is supported only in the following plugins: Lewpy Gpu, Pete Gpu, Pete Spu and ePSXe Spu, support will be included in more plugins soon by the plugins authors)
  • Partially re-writen the internal spu, it should be faster, have less sound glitches and better sound quality.
  • Optimizations added in gte, mdec and core which makes some games work some fps faster than before.
  • Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core, which make some more games playable like for example Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, Ape Escape, Kingley Adventure, Legend of Legaia (use the "-legaia" command line), Final Fantasy IX PAL and so on ;-)
Shorter list than the last time, but more big features on the other hand. Before I tell you some more stuff about things you need to take care of, here're the downloads first :Enjoy your downloads and make sure to leave a nice comment to calb, galtor and demo for their hard work in our comments box below this post ! Oh yeah, and remember that save states aren't working with all plugins, PLEASE read the included documentation before asking questions. And now, enjoy this fine release ! :) The FAQ will be updated as questions pop up.

   BOF4 Kyria Town fix Posted by Wormie at [8:24 EST]  
As I was reading PSXEmu's EmuForms I came across a post by calb. In his post he gave the code for a .cht file to fix the Kyria Town crash. So I have created a .cht file to share with the rest of you and posted it on PSX Fanatics. I haven't tested it yet to see if it works .. if it does please let me know by responding to this news post.
  • BOF4 Kyria Town Fix Cheat File - Should fix the Kyria Town crash problem with ePSXe. Grab this cheat file here:

  • Rockem Sockem Cheat File - Also I posted this one awhile back and decided to bring it back up incase some of you missed it. With this .cht file you will be able to play Rockem Sockem. Grab this cheat file here:
Thank you very much for the cheat code calb! Well let me know if this fixes your problem, and stay tuned to PSX Fanatics for more fixes, tips, and screenshots for ePSXe.

Tuesday, March 6, 2020

   Exclusive ePSXe v1.2.0 infos !! Posted by Bobbi at [14:39 EST]  
The last week was really a slow one for news ... no emulator releases, nearly no new screenshots or status updates, not even rumors to post about. So let's start this week with a really cool one :)

After weeks and months of development, calb was kind enough to allow me to post about the new features of the upcoming ePSXe version, which carries the version number 1.2.0 (don't ask me why the first one had 1.0.1 ... I don't get it either). Anyway, this new version contains some features the psx emulation community hasn't seen yet, so sit back, get your popcorn and enjoy :
    First off, let's see what was added to the menues. Not many new items are there, but the run menu hides a new feature we already know pretty well from SNES emulators for example, the so called save states. A short explanation about it : Save states are basicly an addition to memory cards with one basic difference : instead of having to wait until the game allows you to save, you can just hit a key and the emulator creates a 'freezed' savegame, that means it saves current state of the CPU/GPU/SPU into a file on the HD and reloads them when hitting another key.
    ePSXe's savestates are also compressed before being written, so instead of getting files of a size around 3 MB, you'll be able to exchange files which're in a handy 1 MB size. BTW - In case you're still wondering about that secret feature Lewpy/Pete and some other plugin authors added but haven't announced : It's support for this function which needs to be added to the plugins first in order to work.

    Now let's look into the controller menu. The screen became a bit larger and some new boxes have been added, which control the second yet unseen feature : ePSXe now takes advantage of the dual shock function some USB and parallel port converters use ! ePSXe has support built in for a special USB adapter, the so called 'Burutter'. We'd really like to tell you more about this adapter, but the page is written in japanese so we don't really know how expensive it is, but in case you understand that stuff, go over to and let us know what it's about :)
    ePSXe's emulation of this effect is, in my opinion, very close to perfect now and all real emulator freaks should quickly get their dual shock gamepads/adapters prepared to enjoy this cool new feature. Compatible should be every joypad supporting the dual shock feature, since the emulation is also possible through DirectX !

    So what else is new ... game compatibility has only lightly increased, I suppose Wormie from PSXFanatics will name some examples including screenshots later today on his page. The only game that comes into my mind directly which is running now is the PAL version of Final Fantasy 9 :)
    Furthermore, there has been a nice speed increase of about 10-30% depending on the game on my second testing machine, an AMD K6-2/500 with a Geforce 2, so I suppose you can lower the minimum requirements a bit now. When just talking about optimized code, this annoying bug from the last version where you need to hit F4 in order to save/load from the memory cards has been fixed by now, the memory card timing has been tested and aprooved to be about perfect now, so no more problems with that one either.
I think these are about the main features of the new version. We can't and won't give out any release date yet for this one yet, though every loyal PSXEmu visitors knows about it already anyway :) Questions, additions, comments, suggestions and praise are more than welcome on our ePSXe message board !

   PSXEmu FAQ v2.7 Posted by Operations at [3:34 EST]  
Just a reminder, if you're looking for help with your PSX emulator or related tools, why not check out the PSXEmu FAQ. You'll find answers to all the questions you've been having, and might even learn something. So check them out now by clicking the little FAQ tab at the top of the page.

Also, in case you don't already know, all of LordJames' docs and guides can now be found on the main FAQ page. So check those out too, while you're there, cause they can be exceptionally helpful, especially if you're having problems with FF9 ;)

As always, any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Monday, March 5, 2020

   Linux SPU plugin v1.5 Posted by Bobbi at [16:48 EST]  
I just discovered an E-Mail from linuzappz in my inbox, containing another plugin release : v1.5 of his PSEmu Pro compatible sound plugin ! Keep in mind that this plugin is made for linux, so you can only mostly use it with PCSX and FPSE right now. Here're the changes in this version :
  • Fixed bug that crashes emu
  • Now when nothing is being played is just does nothing, before it continued playing silence
  • Added SPUwriteDMAMem and SPUreadDMAMem (speed up)
  • Stereo now can be used
  • Volume mix internally
  • Added Gui
So all you linux browser, download v1.5 of linuzappz SPU plugin by clicking here. For comments, bug reports and suggestions, feel free to drop linuzappz an E-Mail.

   More PSoE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [16:44 EST]  
After JNS already posted several starting screens of games running in PSoE yesterday, he recived another beta of this emulator which actually plays games now, so you'll get further than the starting screen. As for the progress, the following was posted :
    I just posted the PSoneEmu shots yesterday, when D1Y, author of PSoE appeared and sent me another beta. You most probably already noticed that there're some in-game screenshots of PSoE running KoF99, which is playable in PSoE now.
    But since it's me, I'm going to add one more and present you the first running 3D racing game which, expect some GTE (graphic) errors, is 100% playable : Road Rage !
To see these nice screenshots of PSoE's progress, make sure to point your browser to now (you need to scroll down a bit). Thanks to JNS for the news.

   Aldo's G-Maker Posted by Thorgal at [15:41 EST]  
Ahh, another fine tool by Aldo today. This time, he came up with an editor for VGS' GAMES.TXT file, named G-Maker. In case you didn't know yet, this file is like the bleem!.ini or nemu64.ini for VGS; they are all default files required by the emulator, and they have all been edited (hacked) by users in order to increase the emulator's compatibility :D

The editor actually looks quite handy to me, and I'm sure this tool will help to crank GAMES.TXT's current version number (v1.9) up even more. Oh, you won't actually need the latest GAMES.TXT file in order to use G-maker, as the latest version is already built-in and ready to be saved, after the necessary editing ofcourse :)

Download Aldo's G-Maker here !

Sunday, March 4, 2020

   New poll Posted by Thorgal at [16:00 EST]  
As you may have noticed, it's time for a new poll again. As tradition goes, let's have a look at the results of the previous poll first:
    Have you ever used an emulator on a console?

    31.1% - No, I only have my PC and I can live with that.
    24.2% - Ofcourse I have, the whole idea rocks!
    18.5% - No, it doesn't interest me at all, although I do posses a console.
    13.3% - Huh? That's even possible?
    12.6% - Yeah, but it didn't turn out very good.

    Total Votes: 1554
As you can see, the results varied pretty much. Oh, and for those 200+ of you who voted "Huh? That's even possible?": yes, that's possible. There are several emulators such as PnesX available. Basically, you have to put the emulator on CD and let it load by your PSX, but be sure to read the additional documentation first!

Now, on to the new poll. The use of memory card files (saves) has recently been "discussed", so here's a clear poll to finish it off: Have you ever used a memcard file from the net? There are also options available for those who aren't interested in this stuff, so there's no excuse to sneak away.. vote! :)

Oh, if you have any comments regarding this or the previous poll, feel free to speak out at the comments page.

   PSoneEmu meets commercial game! Posted by Thorgal at [15:20 EST]  
Well, another status update from D1Y regarding the relatively new but already progressing PSoneEmu. This comes with a nice addition however: the first commercial game is running! :) Here are D1Y's exact words:
    With more CD-ROM commands be emulated,I finally found a playable game(The King of Fighters 99) .
    Yep !! I means playable !! you can control your character in this game . :)

    But you can not expect much.there still have many problems in PSoneEmu.
    I found the game controller code can not work in some games and still I can not skip the MDEC.
About a month has passed since the entry of PSoneEmu in the scene, and it already shows images of commercial games. That's quite a pleasant surprise I must say :D I suggest you check out this page, where you'll find screenshots of the game stated above, King of Fighters 99. Great work! Let's hope it'll keep progressing like this :)

Cheers to BonezMkJonez from EmuPound for the heads up!

Saturday, March 3, 2020

   Knack's Software GPU Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [14:02 EST]  
Knack has updated his Software GPU plugin to version 0.83 Beta! As most may know, Knack's Software GPU is meant for those who wish not to utilize the 3D Enhancements of the other plugins, or for those without a 3D Accelerator. As most other PSEmu Pro plugins, it is designed to work in any Emulator that includes support for PSEmu Pro's plugin standard. Enough boring stuff, let's have a look at what's new in this revision:
  • Added FPS Adjustment Function. (Frame Skip is under construction, but works a little.)
  • Added TV Adjustment Function. (Sorry, NTSC only.)
  • Fixed freeze and crash bugs with some games.
You can grab Knack's updated plugin below or at his homepage. Thanks to Paolo Borelli for the news.
    Download Knack's Software GPU 0.83 Beta here (-40k-)

   VGS patch news from Aldo Posted by Bobbi at [13:15 EST]  
This seems to be a horribly slow news week (like you can see when scrolling down the page), but at least Aldo is updating his page as usual, this time with some more additions to the games.txt ! This file allows you, to add support for several games to Connectix's Virtual Gamestation by simply copying it into the same directory os the 'Connectix VGS.EXE'. Here're the additions for v1.9 :
    GAMES.TXT v1.9 which includes Megaman Legends 2 USA and Rage Racer USA patched by Buddha, I added other codes like Vagrant Story PAL, Final Fantasy 7 and 8 PAL for many countries, Rockman Dash 2 JAP and Rage Racer JAP & PAL. Note: Only FF9 JAP, USA, Spanish and French seems to work.
You can download the latest games.txt from Aldos patches corner. You can also find a patch, which edits the Connectix VGS.EXE and creates the 'VGS limited edition' out of it. This one comes with all previously released patches and some GUI changes, so all VGS fanatics should check it out by clicking here. Like usual, for more tools, patches and hints for VGS, don't forget to visit, hosted right here at PSXEmu !

   Some PSoE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [13:03 EST]  
JNS over at updated the site with some news, that he got ahold of a PSoE alpha version, which already starts some commercial games. Nearly all tested games are crashing shortly after the beginning, but you gotta keep in mind that this is still an early version of this emulator and 2 months ago, it just started to run the BIOS so this is certainly a great progress. Furthermore, JNS posted 6 screenshots he took with this alpha, three of them below for your viewing pleasure :


To see the big versions of these shots and the others and for the best german emulation page on the net, make sure to head over to !

Thursday, March 1, 2020

   Kazzuya's Software GPU 1.5 Beta Posted by Thorgal at [11:39 EST]  
February just ended, and we'll start the new month off with news from Kazzuya. Ghim let me know about Kazzuya's latest release of his software rendering plug-in, v1.5b. Let's have a look at the changes since 1.5a2...
  • Fixed crash bug with DQ7 and ePSXe (had to implement GPUwriteDataMem() and GPUreadDataMem())
  • Fixed crash bug with Tails of Destiny
  • Fixed crash bug with Tobal No.1
It's good to see Kazzuya's plugin is becoming more and more stable these days :) If you had any problems with the games mentioned above, be sure to download this one by clicking here!

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