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Wednesday, May 30, 2020

   PSXEmu/NGEmu news Posted by Bobbi at [15:33 EDT]  
Looks like we're in a slow period again with news - not bad, as this is giving us the possibility to work more on our next project, NGEmu (next-gen emulation). In case you haven't heard about it yet, it's our next project which will cover more consoles than PSXEmu does with lots of content and much stuff you haven't seen anywhere else yet.

Why am I telling you this now ? Well, while we've been working on the different sections, we noticed that it's a time consuming thing to create the screenshots for all different emulators/games/sections. Since our time is also limited but we don't want to leave out some of the cool features we've planned, we are asking YOU for your assistance now. That's right, you can participate in one of the biggest emulation site projects by submitting your screenshots. Currently, we're mostly looking for screenshots from various N64 emulators - so in case you have some of those nice shots, please send them to In case you'd like to contribute but don't know how, you can mail me as well, I'll send you a description on how to take the shots then.
Oh yeah, in case you plan to send more than ... let's say 2 MB of screenshots, please split them among several mails. Thanks a lot for your help in advance !

On PSXEmu related news, we recently topped the 4 million visitor mark - only 3 months after we reached 3 million ! Thanks a lot for all your support, and excuse us that we weren't able to make a contest this time, we just had no time on our hands to prepare one - but we'll have a bigger one for the 5th million visitor for sure (when PSXEmu still exists by then ...).

   Miscellaneous Debris Posted by RVWinkle at [0:03 EDT]  
I have several spicy news nuggets for today. They were all pretty small so I decided to condense them into one post. Don't mistake brevity for quality, this is some pretty tasty stuff.
    Pete's CDR plugin v1.4 Pete updated his ASPI CDR plugin today. This is a great CD-Rom plugin for PSEmu plugin compliant PSX emulators. You can download it here. There's only one new feature in this version but it sounds like a good idea:
      - New asynchronous caching mode (sometimes faster MDECs/XA), "Don't wait until drive is ready" option
    Bleem! Wants You There's a new update on Bleem's website. They say that no more Bleem! for Dreamcast packs will be released unless they can get shelfspace from the retailers. They want Bleem fans to call and/or send email to the retailers in hopes that Bleem! products will be sold by them. This link has a flash movie hinting that Metal Gear Solid is to be the next Playstation game that Bleem! is planning on emulating on the Dreamcast but mean old Sony is preventing them. You can read Bleem! Inc.'s side of the story here.
    FPSE Update I noticed another update on the FPSE site today. This one is partially in English so at least I can read some of it. The important news is that apparently Gran Turismo 2 pal is now working in FPSE 0.09. I translated the rest with help from Babel Fish. From what I can gather, the SDK is for plugin authors so they can port their standardized plugins to FPSE's proprietary system.
    Bersirc version 1.34 This new version was recently released and has a host of fixes that you can read about here. This isn't Playstation emulation related but many of my friends use this IRC client so I thought I'd mention it. The last time I tried it I discovered some serious crashing so I personally stay away from it. Bersirc does have some neat features for all the IRC kiddies out there. You can get all the information about it as well as download the binary here.
Well there you go, all kinds of emulator stuff, and even some non PSXemu related stuff for the strange folk. On a side note, I also updated the plugins section of our site because I had forgotten to update it when I posted news about Pete's GPU plugins version 1.50. It's not a big deal but I'll try to remember to do that in the future so you can always have an updated source for PSXemu related files after it disappears from the main page. Concerning the news, I guess everybody is keeping quiet this week because of the impending FPSE release on Friday. Regardless if the new version is good or not, I'm sure it'll give us plenty to talk about this weekend. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 28, 2020

   PSinex MDEC shots Posted by Bobbi at [3:46 EDT]  
The PSinex homepage has just been updated by PsYcHoJaK with a nice status update and again, lots of screenshots. Here's what he mentioned on the page :
    Neomax recently made changes on the CD-ROM decoder part of PSinex, and MDEC movies began to play one after the other. Congratulations to Neomax !
    Several games have problems on the GTE part (3D Graphics). So I plan to start a serious debugging on that part. Neomax's plans are a New Recompiler full of optimizations to gain as much speed as possible. Wish us luck! (as luck has nothing to do with...)
Looks like PSinex is still making great progress ! Let's hope for a release in the close future - in the meantime, make sure to take a look at the neat screenshots by visiting

Sunday, May 27, 2020

   FPSE news Posted by RVWinkle at [17:17 EDT]  
In anticipation of FPSE's release on Friday, !+Mr.Fog+! updated the FPSE homepage with some additional details of the release. The post is in Italian so it's a little hard to read. Thanks to lu_zero who translated the info for us.

  • FPSE will be out as promised (June 1st)

  • Almost all the games we have work

  • Sad part: some games just stop at some point

  • The games are: Final Fantasy 9 pal and Gran Turismo 2 pal

  • More news will follow in the next few days (news, SDK, sections)

Saturday, May 26, 2020

   AdriPSX v01.05.25 released Posted by Bobbi at [14:31 EDT]  
And yet again, Roor decided to release a new version of his great PSX emulator - this time a relesae for Windows ! Let's take a look at the nice list of changes for v01.05.25 :
  • All Controller/SIO functions redone with HLE (higher compatibility).
  • Controller Pad "Flickering" corrected.
  • Changes in DJGPP+RSXNTDJ configuration, to avoid internal compiler errors.
  • Lots of fixes on SPU IRQ.
  • A lot more of "general" HLE functions for better speed up.
  • Added support for PEC GPU wrapper and CyberPad.
  • In general: "A big improvement on compatibility!!!".
Roor mentioned, that more than 100 games which didn't work before run now in AdriPSX !! You can download the new version by clicking here. I also updated the official AdriPSX screenshots section, so make sure to also give that one a visit ! And last but not least, more stuff from AdriPSX can be downloaded in our AdriPSX section !

   Games.txt v1.21 released Posted by Bobbi at [13:40 EDT]  
And more news coming from : Aldo updated his games.txt to version 1.21 ! The games.txt is another way to increase the compatibility with Connectix's Virtual Gamestation. This version comes with lots of changes for english gamers (finally!) :
    Vagrant Story UK (code created by JonesVision), Breath of Fire IV US, Resident Evil 2 Leon Disc USA, Resident Evil 2 Claire Disc USA, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis USA (codes by Domingo Moros).
    Note: This file should work on VGS 1.41 Mac and Windows, some games may require the use of PSytek's FF9 fix5 or VGS Patch Limited Edition by 501xx.
You can download the latest games.txt by clicking here. For more infos and patches for VGS, make sure to give Aldos patch corner a visit.

   Daemon Tools 2.70 Posted by Bobbi at [10:03 EDT]  
Daemon Tools has recently been updated again, increasing the version number to v2.70 ! In case you haven't heard about that one yet, it's an utility which allows you to emulate a CD drive using an ISO image from your HD - which is of course much faster ! This version comes with the following changes :
  • Safedisc 2 emulation enhanced
  • Laserlock emulation enhanced
  • Video CD issue fixed
  • Standby/Hibernation in Windows ME supported
  • Novell Netware Client 32 for Win 9x supported
  • Local images and network located images (Windows 9x) remounted after reboot even before manager starts
  • Bugfix for BWT images with DCP flag set
  • Automatic refresh when number of PHANTOM CDROM drives is changed in Windows 95/98/ME
This utility is mostly meant for bleem! and VGS - you can download the v2.7 by clicking here. Thanks to Aldo and CD for the news.

   New ePSXe Installer Posted by Bobbi at [9:30 EDT]  
I used some of my free time today to create a new and updated version of the ePSXe Installer, which so far, more than 200.000 people have downloaded from PSXEmu - more often than they downloaded the original ZIP file from here !

Anyway, this new version comes with some changes. First off, a new version of the install creation program was being used, which should come with a bit more speed and which also removed that problem some people experienced with an incorrect directory being set. Of course, it also includes the latest plugin updates, like Lewpy's and Pete's new GPU versions and the new, highly compatible CD plugin Pete recently released.

Furthermore, I also decided to add the latest version of the popular cheating utility [pec] to the installer, so you don't have to download that one. In case you experience problems using it, make sure to read the pec-readme.txt in the /docs directory coming with the installer. Anyway, enough of that, you can download the latest installer by clicking here - or get that one and many more tools from our ePSXe download section !

   Pete's plugins easteregg Posted by Bobbi at [8:43 EDT]  
Woah, and yet again a day where I simply didn't had the time to post news updates :/ Ah well, holidays just started so I should have plenty more of time now for updates, so let's start right away :

Like RVWinkle already mentioned in his post about Pete's new GPU plugins, there is an "easteregg" hidden in the latest version. Now Asz from our forums was able to find it while browsing through the OpenGL FAQ included in the ZIP.
    I think I know, there a part in the OGL/D3D readmes that say "SHIFT+PAGE UP - Dunno.... But it's slow" I think thats the "easter egg" what it does is blur the game! I think Pete listend to all those wanted some kind of Bluring effect. It's kinda like an FSAA or somthing, but it does run really slow
Well, and when pressing "Shift+Page Up" you'll actually get a pretty slow but nicely filtered gameplay :) Here's the explanation Pete gave later down in the post :
    Eheh, well, there were some users who asked over and over again for a fullscreen blur, and right, the easteregg is doing it. As a matter of fact I am doing a _very_ fast blur effect... if I would do 2SaI or Eagle or some advanced Box Blur, the FPS would drop even more

    What makes things soooo slow: to change the image, it has to be read
    back from the gfx card memory into system memory, changed there, and uploaded again. Maybe you can imagine the bus traffic for one frame. A hw/accel. psx gpu is not acting like ZSNES or something, where all drawings are done in software (in the system memory, so you can make all kind of effects before doing the real output).
Well, congratulations to Asz for finding out about it. In case you haven't gotten the new plugin version yet, download it by clicking here.

Thursday, May 24, 2020

   Pete's Plugins 1.50 Posted by RVWinkle at [15:53 EDT]  
Pete is at it again with new versions of his 3 GPU plugins (Soft, Direct3d, and OpenGL). Now he's up to version 1.50 and these top notch plugins are looking as good as ever. The list of changes is pretty long so I suggest you download the zip and see for yourself. Here's a short rundown:
  • D3D plugins: sometimes there were disturbing lines in unfiltered mdecs on Matrox cards. Fixed.
  • SOFT plugin: a new stretch option: "scale to window, keep aspect ratio".
  • OGL/D3D: a new special game fix for FF9: "G4 polygon cache".
  • OGL/D3D: a workaround for horizontal wrapping display positions.
  • OGL/D3D: fixed a wrong clipping area which was caused by toggling between fullscreen/window mode.
  • All plugins: I've changed the gpu config dialogs, so now there is a better description for most options.
He also fixed some problems with Ridge Racer Type 4 and added his "save state pic" feature that looks very cool but won't be supported until the new version of ePSXe is released. Finally, he's hidden an easter egg somewhere within the plugins. Well that's my short synopsis, you'll find much more detail within the readme so be sure to download the plugin here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2020

   Bleem, Inc. files against SCEA Posted by Ryos at [11:15 EDT]  
I suspected it was going to happen sometime, and yesterday it did. Bleem, Inc. filed a motion against SCEA for anticompetitive actions that would make Bill Gates proud. After using its muscle to force several companies, including Babbages, to not sell any copies of the Gran Turismo 2 pack for Dreamcast, SCEA, David Herpolsheimer claimed, used its "huge market power to force retailers into giving them what the courts won’t."

An interesting move indeed. You can read this and more about the motion in IGN DC's article.

Tuesday, May 22, 2020

   New AdriPSX DOS release Posted by Thorgal at [17:55 EDT]  
Ah, another AdriPSX DOS release by Roor. This one goes under version number 01.02.01, and you'll be surprised about what developers can still do with DOS when you try out this new version. Just check the "what's new" list:
  • Added more StaticRec features ported from Win Version.
  • Implemented a new GPU cache system,
    giving a HUGE SPEED-UP.
  • Frame Rate is now displayed in FPS instead of percentage.
  • MDEC colors corrected.
  • Several corrections on CDROM decoder.
  • Sound routine re-added, but not tested yet.
Yay, another good ol' speed improvement! Over the years, speed improvements have become classics in every emulator's "what's new" docs ;)

Anyway, there's more; compatibility has improved as well, and games such as Final Fantasy VIII (US), "Gundam Battle Assault and Legend of Dragoon (US) work fine now :D There are also several screenshots of this release at the AdriPSX homepage.

Speaking of which, why don't you download the release there; there's also a list of system requirements at the main page, and I wouldn't want you to miss that one ;) Got feedback? The AdriPSX Forum is the place to be.

   Features for ePSXe v1.4.0 Posted by Bobbi at [16:17 EDT]  
People who suscribed to our newsletter already heard about some features of the following ePSXe version (yeah, I know we skipped the newsletter during the past 2 weeks, it'll be back to normal this weekend - Thorgal and me are just at the end of a busy school part), but now two of the next versions' main features seem to have occured in the latest version.

First off, Pete Bernert developed a new, unique feature ePSXe will use, developed for people who always had troubles finding out where they actually saved what into which savestate. Well, with this feature you'll actually be able to see at which place you saved the game in a small window in the upper right corner. Take a look at this screenshot for further details :

Looks like a pretty cool feature, which will require a new plugin version from Pete (and hopefully, other authors will also include this code) and the new ePSXe version.
The other feature is the (currently not yet working) attemp to add the possibility for netplay through CyberPad into ePSXe - that means when everything runs smooth, users will be able to enjoy 2 players game over the net with the next ePSXe version, only requiring a slow ISDN line (of course faster lines will perform a bit better).

In case you've already started your mail client to mail me about the wrong version number (after 1.2.0, normally 1.3.0 should follow), better don't - the next version WILL actually carry the version number v1.4.0 :) More about this and other cool features will be featured in the next newsletter !

   Forum software updated Posted by Bobbi at [15:51 EDT]  
Well, once again we upgraded the forum software, this time to the final and stable release of vB 2.0 ! This version now should run stable and *hopefully*, all bugs should be cleared out.

On the other side, I decided to update most of our templates to those which came with this release, which changed the look of some pages - when you come across any errors, please report them in this thread. On the other hand, there're some style changes ... the buttons at the top have been changed a bit, those below every post as well, they look much better now.

So in case you haven't had the change yet, make sure to give our forum a visit !

Saturday, May 19, 2020

   Pete's win PSX ASPI CDR Posted by Bobbi at [17:20 EDT]  
David just dropped me a note to let me know about the new CDR plugin Pete Bernert released today, which gets the version up to v1.3 ! In case you haven't heard of that one yet, it's one of the most compatible CDR plugins out there and in case you want to get some more speed or still encounter problems with your current plugin, you should really give this one a try. Here're the changes in this version :
  • My cdr plugin did report the track start address in a wrong way to the main emus (it reported the start of track 2, when it got asked about track 1, and so on...). That's fixed.
  • Support functions for PCSX cdda audio playing. No other emu is using that functions right now.
You can download the new plugin version by clicking here. All the latest plugins can of course be downloaded from our plugins section !

   Some PSinex news Posted by Bobbi at [17:10 EDT]  
After quite some time of silence, Psychojak updated the PSinex page once again with a status update on what's currently going on :
    I quickly wanted to inform all the people, that we all are very busy with our University Studies. So not a lot of development is being done on PSinex.

    Besides that, I was experimenting a bit with WinCE programming, and I succeeded in porting a tiny portion of the PSinex Emulator on Pocket PC Emulators, distributed by Microsoft. This means that the software can be run on 'Real' Pocket PC's, if downloaded succesfully. Note that I only got the BIOS file to boot-up, and NOT displaying its output in ANY WAY.
Psychojak also reminded everyone who didn't knew that WinCE also works on the dreamcast ... to see some shots from the emulation in action, make sure to check out the PSinex page.

   Emugaming bc! review Posted by Bobbi at [17:07 EDT]  
And yet another review to add into the row of bleemcast! reviews comes from the recently redesigned page Emugaming. The review also gives bleemcast! a nice rating with 8 out of 10 points. Here's a snipset :
    Bleemcast runs GT2 on the Dreamcast with minimal effort from the user - its fast loading, better looking and emulated, from what I have seen, flawlessly. I’m more than happy with my copy of Bleemcast, which should be purchased by emulation fans with GT2 and a Dreamcast, if only just to see it work. It does workout cheaper to buy Bleemcast and GT2 that to buy some new Dreamcast games. This is no mistake by the bleem! Team; GT2 is the best driving game around, bar GT3. After playing GT2 on my Dreamcast I play it back on the PSX. This is the only time you realise how well Bleemcast meets its objectives. I have no intention of playing GT2 back on PlayStation.

    It has been along time coming, and it does only run one game, but what a game to pick. Now that they have main PlayStation core lets hope it will not take too much time to produce more Bleemcast Paks. Such a commercial product is bound to get new fans into the world of emulation, and that is no bad thing.
To read the whole review, point your browser here. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

Thursday, May 17, 2020

   More bleemcast! reviews Posted by Bobbi at [16:25 EDT]  
I guess you all already noticed the new bleem! website which went online yesterday. While looking a bit through it's sections, I noticed that there're two links to reviews about bleemcast! we haven't had mentioned yet, so here you go :

The first review is written by and it seems that it's author Justin is very happy with his bleemcast!, as this small extract shows :
    Consequently, if you have never played GT2 before, run to the store and buy Bleem! and GT2 today. For less than the price of a regular DC game, Bleem! allows gamers to play 32-bit classics on a 128-bit class act. While Bleems’s efforts are not without fault, this is a must-have for all racing and DC fans alike. I can’t wait to see what the company releases in the future, bring it on Bleem!
However the author mentions that he wouldn't suggest bleemcast! to someone who's already fully finished the game on his original PSX, but he gave it 8.5 points out of 10 nonetheless. You can read the whole review by clicking here. The other review is done by Cloudchaser Media, which also has a pretty fine opinion about it, but read for yourself :
    Although the game isn't as enjoyable a racing experience as, say, Test Drive Le Mans or Sega GT (it just doesn't have the smoothness and the fact it has to hog its own VMU may bug a few of you), it is still one heck of a racing game with a lot to do and earn throughout, and Bleem! has done well in bringing it to the Dreamcast. If you can forgive the lack of 60 frames per second speed and just deal with the fact that it's meant to be a 32-bit thrill ride, you'll have no problem climbing into the driver's seat.
Bleemcast! even recived a 9/10 points rating here - you can read that review here. So in case you still haven't gotten your copy, you can order it from EBWorld for 6$ now !

   CyberPad status updates Posted by Bobbi at [16:13 EDT]  
The day before yesterday, we first mentioned a new plugin called CyberPad which, once it's released, will give you the possibility to play 2 player games over the net - and that already at a decent framerate with a 64k connection (ISDN).

Today, JNS made several updates to the homepage (and the plugin itself) and posted more screenshots from tests he made. The games tested this time are Tekken 3, which runs at a very solid framerate, and Gran Turismo, a split screen game which seems to run a bit slower, but I'm sure more optimizations will be done before the plugin gets released to the public. Both games are also running 100% sync, looks like the plugin does a fine job here.

Anyway, to learn more about CyberPad, make sure to give the homepage a visit, which can be found at !

   More cool PCSX news Posted by Bobbi at [16:05 EDT]  
linuzappz was kind enough to mail me some more screenshots from the next version of PCSX, which will certainly come with a much higher compatibility compared to the last one. The shots are, like the last ones we posted were, from Vagrant Story, but this time they're in-game shots. Take a look for yourself :


Certainly impressive shots, looks like PCSX is finally progressing nicely again. linuzappz mentioned that the increased compatibility is related to the numerous bugs he found in the GTE part. For more infos about PCSX, just take a look at our PCSX section or visit the official PCSX homepage !

   FPSE beta testers found Posted by Bobbi at [15:54 EDT]  
And yet again the FPSE homepage has been updated with some news regarding the beta test stage which should start soon. After the request yesterday for submissions, they decided for testers now and posted the following progress update for them on the page :
    Thanx very much to all the people that response to our request. Tomorrow I send to the "winner" the FPSE 0.09 beta with all the instructions.
    Please note that this is a PRIVATE BETA. You can't submit or give to any other people.
So a beta will already go out tomorrow and be tested. Before you ask, no we haven't submitted but we'll of course post any available infos here about it.

In case you're interrested what that italian text means, it's a notice for italian users to send mails in that language is this is easier for both sides. For the whole lineup of news, make sure to take a look at the FPSE homepage.

Wednesday, May 16, 2020

   A taste of things to come? Posted by mathew2 at [7:18 EDT]  
As you know, has a new look.

Well, head to the Bleem! for Dreamcast screenshot section on the new site, and you'll see a shot from FF9 on Dreamcast included.

Maybe it's a sneak look on what the next pack will be, or maybe not.

Click Below for the screenshot (taken directly from VRAM).

[ FF9 ON PSX ][ FF9 ON DC ] updates Posted by Ryos at [6:41 EDT]  
File this under the surprise of the day. After a good year and a half of the same old layout, has started to change to a brand new layout that shares pretty much no similarities to the old one. Although it isn't completely finished yet, what do I think about it right now? It's orange. Yep, definitely orange.

One of the interesting ideas on this new site is the "magic 5-ball tech support." Some of the answers in there include "stop using pirated games," "it's your hardware," and "pray." Cute. There's a lot of humor throughout the site, so you might want to check it out, regardless of your stance on the company.

I wish I could say I discovered this with my stealthy ninja-like espionage or my incredible psychic powers, but that would be incorrect. Actually, PM5K pointed it out on the forums.

   FPSE is looking for a Betatester Posted by RVWinkle at [0:49 EDT]  
I noticed a post on the FPSE website that says they're searching for a betatester for FPSE. !+Mr.FOg+! is asking anybody who's interested to email their computer specs and a list of owned games to his address. This could be pretty fun considering the broad compatibility that the new version supposedly has. Visit the FPSE page for more info, and be sure to read all of the requirements before emailing.

   pec plugin 1.4 Posted by RVWinkle at [0:14 EDT]  
The Playstation Emulation Cheater plugin, or pec for short was recently updated. This is currently the best way to execute cheats on all of psemu plugin compatible emulators, it's very similar to the Gameshark for the PSX console. I haven't tried the new version yet but it looks like they've significantly improved several things. Here's a list of new features:
  • Interface now is written in Delphi
  • No need for the annoying Visual Basic Runtime anymore
  • Should be up to 4-20 times faster than the Visual Basic version of the Interface
  • Environment-Settings : Change the GUI like you like it
  • Support for saving last selected games and cheats.
  • Now you can initialize (assign) quantity digits and modifiers at runtime.
  • Just doubleclick the cheat with ? sign, and you can assign the modifier value. And of course, all unassigned modifiers will be prompted to assign during cheat activation
  • Added support for Max Normal and Max Reversed Joker commands.
  • Many things i forgot to menition. Just see it yourself.
You can download the file here and be sure to visit the pec website for more information.

Tuesday, May 15, 2020

   Next step in PSX emulation Posted by Bobbi at [18:04 EDT]  
While it's a bit silent in the PSX emulation scene at the moment because of no new releases, two programmers started a project which is about to introduce a totally new feature into PSX emulation : Netplay.

One of those programmers isn't new to the PSX emulation world, it's JNS, programmer of the cool PSX emulation tools [pec] and blini!. The other programmer is Iczelion and mainly responsible for the lightning fast net code. The first attemp basicly was to run this feature through the popular netplay software Kaillera which is already the base for netplay in several other emulators. But after much testing, we came to the result that it just isn't possible to keep the game running sync - so a new platform had to be created.

And with that knowledge, the two programmers created a completly new program (actually, it's a plugin, more about that below) and decided to call it CyberPad. And after some testing with JNS, all I can say is that it's really amazing what they created : Running between 30 and 50 FPS on our ISDN-64k lines, we were able to play Tekken against each other without any problems. Now here're some screenshots we took : The first one from the server selection screen within CyberPad and the last two are screenshots taken after 40 seconds of gameplay on both PCs (no, it's not an error that they look the same, that's what the goal was) :


Like already mentioned above, this program is a plugin - it's using the PSEmu Pro PAD plugin standard to get all the necessary informations from the emulator - and exactly this is the disadvantage : While AdriPSX, PSEmu Pro and FPSE support the PAD plugin standard, our favorite emulator ePSXe isn't supporting that one yet, and since this is the most compatible and fastest emulator, we're certainly missing something - so in case you'd also like to use netplay in ePSXe, make sure to leave a comment about this on our message board (please don't mail the authors directly, they're busy enough as it is with reading mails), maybe they'll add it when enough people ask for it :)

So, to get to an end: there're no plans for a release date of this neat utility yet, a homepage with more informations will be online soon at, and we'll of course keep you up to date about the development status.

   'The Best is yet to come' Posted by Sonikku at [17:01 EDT]  
While browsing the defeunct UBB today, I noticed bleem!'s programmer Randy Linden dropping some odd tid bits of info here and there. To quote: " ... something wonderful is about to happen ;-)" and " ... but the best is yet to come. ". Who knows what this could mean, but certainly will make for some wild guesses ;)

Also, many people will be glad to hear that EBWorld is again selling bleem! for DC :)

*UPDATE* Anyone woried about bleem! DC's future should be interested in this quote from an email I just recieved from rand: "We are absolutely not cancelling bleem! for Dreamcast! We're about to launch our new website and announce the next pack! Does that sound like we're cancelling to you?". Good news indeed ^_^

Monday, May 14, 2020

   New [pec] team member Posted by Bobbi at [15:57 EDT]  
JNS, programmer of the famous PSX cheating utility [pec] updated the official page today with a nice announcement. Danil Galimov, a keen delphi coder recently joined him and is creating a new GUI with some nice new features for [pec] at the moment. Here's a snipset from the post :
    Danil Galimov, a Delphi coder from russia works on a Delphi-version of the [pec] interface for several months now.
    His interface has many cool features which aren't possible with my current Visual Basic version, it's damn fast and it doesn't require the Visual Basic runtime.
    The interface for the plugin-version of [pec] is very close to a release and the external version will follow some days afterwards.
Sounds like cool news, so make sure to keep an eye on the [pec] homepage in the following days ! I'd also like to welcome Danil to the PSXEmu network, keep up the great work guys.

   Misc tool releases Posted by Bobbi at [15:43 EDT]  
Not really PSX related tools but still interresting ones have been updated today. First off, CDBuRnOuT has dropped me a mail to let me know about the v1.32 release of the great IRC chat client Bersirc.

This version comes with tons of changes, you can view the whole changelog here. So all you IRC freaks, make sure to upgrade to v1.32 by going here. Another non-PSX related tool has been released today by Aldo called Aldo's Web Service. Here's a quick description from the page :
    This is a compact but yet powerful Web Service daemon that I programmed. I wish to start a file sharing service like Napster, but using the Web standards for download. Current features: On-line users list, ping user, easy to use interface, share a list of folders, support publishing of most popular MIME types, support resume protocol, kill any open connection, support for default file index.html. NO BACKHOLES and no need of 40MB of sh*t from IIS or PWS!!!
Though this utility doesn't work on my machine yet, you should certainly give it a try - you can download it at !

   How the mighty have fallen... Posted by Sonikku at [13:24 EDT]  
It seems as though even has abided by Sony's "request" (read: threats)  and has pulled bleem! for DC from store shelves. While it was being sold it was ebworld's 'Top Seller'. Are there any major online retailers left for bleem! DC ?

Addition by Bobbi : Actually, the dealers carrying bleemcast! are getting rare. At the moment, I'd suggest you to get it from the following adresses :
  • - England
  • - Australia and New Zeeland
In case you know of any other online shops, make sure to drop me an E-Mail !

Sunday, May 13, 2020

   AdriPSX DOS shots Posted by Bobbi at [16:45 EDT]  
After Roor released a new version of AdriPSX for DOS, he recently also mailed me some nice screenshots from the DOS version. Those, along with some other updates, will go up on the AdriPSX page sometimes this week, here're already three of them for your viewing pleasure. The three games, FF7, BOF3 and KOF97 (let's talk about shortcuts) all seem to run fine on that release :


In case you haven't tried out the new AdriPSX DOS release, make sure to get it from the AdriPSX homepage !

On a sidenote, Neojag, one of our board members, has recently posted some VERY nice wallpapers he made. His latest one is from Final Fantasy 8, and you should certainly take a look in this thread. Keep up the cool work Neojag !

   Forum software updated Posted by Bobbi at [16:27 EDT]  
And yet again, the software behind, PSXEmu's message board system, has been updated. Upgrading went smooth once again, and no data has been lost. In case you're interrested, here're the most important changes :
  • Fix for a major security issue (phew!)
  • The FAQ has been completly re-written, so make sure to check that one when you still have questions left about the board
  • Several fixes and additions in the private messaging system
  • Many misc bug fixes
So in case you haven't been to the board yet, make sure to give it a try at

   Sony lays down the law? Posted by Sonikku at [3:14 EDT]  
Apperently Sony is none to happy about the recent release of bleem! for DC and has told Software Etc. and Babages to discontinue sales of the product. The following is an email which was sent out to store managers:
"Bleemcast Gran Turismo 2

Please note that additional shipments of this product will not be
sent out to stores. This is due to a request that Sony has made. Stores
that have already recieved this product can sell the quantities recieved,
but additional quantities will not be shipped."

I'm not sure what possible legal standing Sony has in doing this. I urge our readers to call not only the above stores, but Sony as well and let them know that it should be YOUR choice, not thiers, on wheather or not you buy bleem! for DC. Thanks to RetroGames for the news.

*Update by Thorgal* I'd just like to thank Tom Kidd and David Bias, who both mailed me earlier and can confirm this story after the neccessary research. Thanks guys!

Friday, May 11, 2020

   New "FAST renderer" version Posted by Bobbi at [17:34 EDT]  
Maybe some of you still remember that first release of the "Fast GPU" renderer, which has been published on PSXEmu several weeks ago. At that time, we weren't able to produce any really working results with that plugin yet. Well, the author recently contacted me again and included a new release, v0.4, of his plugin. This version comes with the following changes :
  • no 16bit textures
  • no semi-transparency
  • the only tested game is Tekken 3
  • set your desktop to 16bpp before running
  • there are problems with flipping in MDECs, they could be better with frameskipping turned on
  • press ` to open console
      commands: 1- enable, 0- disable (like- showfps 1)
As it is already pretty late here I didn't had a chance yet to test this one, be sure to check back tomorrow for some more infos about this version. Until then, you can download the new plugin version from here. You can send bug reports about that one to the author, whose E-Mail is !

   New AdriPSX DOS release Posted by Bobbi at [17:27 EDT]  
I just updated the official AdriPSX homepage with another release Roor recently sent to me : This time, he hasn't updated the win but the DOS version, after he recived many mails asking for an update on that one. Here's what he said in the readme :
    This DOS version compatibility is a lot lower than WIN version. This version has been "on hold" for several months. This release has been done because of several people that have mailed me asking for it... it seems to be that there are still DOS lovers outhere (like me), and that AdriPSX for DOS does run very fine with OS/2 WARP.

    For this release, I have just implemented some code done for Windows version. GPU hasn't been touched at all, and SPU has been completely disabled. This release is faster than the last one, as well as more compatible. Several games like Final Fantasy VII and Parasite Eve do
    run very fine, except for some graphic glitches.
So all you DOS and OS/2 users out there, get the new release by clicking here. On a sidenote, the AdriPSX just topped 600.000 visitors, so another milestone is reached :) Make sure to take a look at the page here when you need more infos and help !

Wednesday, May 9, 2020

   New poll Posted by Thorgal at [15:14 EDT]  
Well, it sure became time for a new poll don't you think? Let's check the results of the previous poll first, then I'll announce the new one as usual.
    What's the current status of the emulation scene ?

    Becomes better all the time 50.4% - (939 Votes)
    Not really changing 27.4% - (512 Votes)
    Becomes worse and worse 14.1% - (263 Votes)
    It really sucks 5.6% - (105 Votes)
    It's perfect ! 2.3% - (43 Votes)

    Total Votes: 1862
Hrmm, still lots of optimists :D

On to the new poll. Being a more news-specific poll this time, we ask you: Seeing how the b!dc GT2 pak is selling, how do you expect bc!'s future to be? I think it's always quite interesting to think how bleem! inc.'s future will look like, and right now it looks like in order to answer that question, we'll have to predict the future of bleem! for Dreamcast (b!dc for short) first.
CDBuRnOuT of Emu Fanatics (still coming soon! ;) also pointed out to me that b!dc for Gran Turismo 2 is currently the #1 bestseller on, and has been in the top 5 almost all the time ever since it's in stores. Just a reminder that it actually sells better than you may have thought :D

So, what's it gonna be? You have three options to choose from. Check the reviews, the sales, and your common sense, and I'm sure you will have formed your opinion. Don't hesitate and vote! :)

   Bleemcast! Review Posted by RVWinkle at [14:27 EDT]  
I just posted a review of Bleem! for Dreamcast. It was written by Sonikku and the html formatting was done by yours truly. Here's a quote:
    So why use bleem! instead of playing in on your aging PSX? Like its PC counterpart, bleem! for Dreamcast enhances the graphics of the original game. Using the DC, bleem! bumps GT2 up to 640x480 (PSX is at 320x240) and also uses bi-linear filtering to remove the pixelation found on the PSX. The result is a game that at a glance could be mistaken for a standard DC or even PS2 title.
It's a great review with some interesting information so be sure to check it out. In other news, I have temporarily lost access to my PSXemu email account. So if anybody needs to contact me you can send emails here.

Monday, May 7, 2020

   FPSE status report Posted by Ryos at [15:08 EDT]  
As mentioned on FPSE's site this weekend, LDChen posted a large update about the upcoming release of FPSE, as well as some of the differences in strategy the team will now employ (mostly with regards to the open source policy that the emulator had). Here is the long update LDChen posted (I'd cut it down, but it's really all important):
    Hi to all, this is LDChen.
    It's long time I don't write a post, so here you are.
    To tell you the truth, I didn't know that FPSE will be released on
    july, my hope is to release it earlier.
    Simply because the core is already finished.
    Let's give to you a real date: 1 june, OK?
    Now I'm doing some optimizations into the sources for less memory usage.

    Some words about compatibility: I haven't found a game that doesn't
    But there are at lest 2 problems:
    1) the GTE: ufortunally, even if gameplay is perfect and super-fast,
    some wrong graphics could appear.
    Look this shot for example:

    It's APOCALYPSE, it's fully playable, but graphic output is a real
    *shit* (ehm... sorry).
    This is the only game with a so bad rendering, but keep in mind to not
    worry if some triangles will disappear.
    Of course, I don't know the reason of these glitches, I hope to find
    the cause soon.

    2) The XA sound. Not a real problem, but it could happen something
    Because I haven't got 50 fps on my awesome 486 (even with GPUNULL
    plugin), I don't know if sound will be perfectly sync with graphics.
    I hope that calculations I have done will be correct.

    About speed, as I have said FPSE doesn't run at full speed on my PC.
    There are many optimizations to do, but I won't finish for the release
    date if I will continue.
    With a Pentium 200MHz you can reach the full speed with many games.
    BTW, the shots done by !+MrFog+! has been done with frame skip turned off.

    FPSE will be released with these plugins:
    GPUNULL: dummy graphic renderer.
    GPUPSEMU: Wrapper for GPU PsEmuPro plugins. Supports newer extensions.
    SPUNULL: dummy sound renderer.
    SPUPSEMU: Wrapper for GPU PsEmuPro plugins. Supports newer extensions.
    JOYNULL: Emulates an empty gameport.
    JOYKEY: Emulates a gamepad on the keyboard. Dualshock protocol
    DMOUSE: Emulates a PSX mouse.
    PARNULL: Emulates an empty parallel port.
    CDNULL: dummy CDROM reader.
    CDPSEMU: Wrapper for CDR PsEmuPro plugins.
    CDCTRL: Native FPSE CDR plugin for Windows NT 4.0 and NT2000.

    There are 2 WIP plugins:
    DIRECTPAD: Allows to use a genuine PSX pad connected to parallel port
    with the DirectPad interface.
    CDRIMAGE: Native FPSE CDR plugin for using ISO images.

    As you can see, the only choice is to use PsEmuPro plugins.
    Unfortunally, I didn't got enought time for doing plugins too.
    This is surely a problem for porting, sorry for that.
    A little note for CDCTRL plugins: I know it doesn't work with some CDR
    units (like the SCSI Plextor owned by LU_Zero), because their Windows
    drivers are not fully compliant to SCSI standard.
    There is a solution for that, but it needs some work for the fixing.

    Some final words about the sources: without using many words, I don't
    think I will release the sources again, at least not immediately.
    I have done other open-source projects, but with FPSE I got only
    Then, I haven't appreciated some comments I have received.
    People said to me that I didn't want to share my knowledge, but I
    really don't know to do, if releasing the sources doesn't means that.
    I don't know other open-source projects beside FPSE, SOPE and xPSX
    (another emulator for Linux), for the PSX emu scene.
    So, without offence to other projects, I don't think they are sharing
    their knowledge with other emucoders like open-source things, even if
    they are good programs.
    It's almost an year from 0.08 release, but this time could be really
    shorter if the spirit of opensource was respected.
    Even if I will release the sources, I think it will happen the same
    past events, so let's they will stay closed.
    Short time ago I have (finally!!!) meet a guy that said "YES, I REALLY
    Some things were done thanks to his suggestions, so I have sent to him
    the latest FPSE version, but NOT the sources, because the license (see
    Close-Source may change back to open-source, but in both the cases I
    won't release a source without a license.
    It's not bad doing mistakes, but it's important to never do the same
    All suggestions for license selection are welcome.
    It would be good to talk about that into the forum here, instead of
    sending emails to me, so everyone can read and write his opinions.
    However, if you are a gamer, don't worry: this final text isn't for you.
    Binaries will be always released.
As I said, that is a lot of interesting stuff. Hopefully the next version of FPSE is actually released on June 1, because otherwise they'll most likely get flamed as certain other PSX emulators failing to arrive on promised dates have been. Keep your calendar cleared, because it looks like FPSE will deliver.

Special thanks for this post go to liaqatali from the PSXEmu forums, who pointed out the update really happened.

Sunday, May 6, 2020

   Lewpy's Glide GPU v1.0.33 ! Posted by Thorgal at [17:43 EDT]  
It's been a little bit more than 2 weeks since Lewpy's last release now, and today he decided to release v1.0.33 to change this :D Still my personal favorite, this one. Let's have a look at the changes since the previous version:
  • FrameBuffer Access Improvements
  • Off-Screen Drawing Improvements
  • 16Bit Texture ChromaKey bug fixed
  • OnScreen Display Enhancement
  • New Explain Setting Button
  • Improved Copy Info Output
  • Miscellaneous Fixes
Now I know this list isn't very self-explanatory, but it should give you a quick overview of what's new. I do suggest you check out Lewpy's site here at PSXEmu so you can read all of his words to get optimal results with his plugin ;) Ofcourse, you can also check the readme that comes with the plugin. Well then, I strongly advise all 3dfx-card owners to download this one and check it out! I know I will :)

   Pete's CDR plugin v1.2 Posted by Thorgal at [6:51 EDT]  
"..don't expect a 1.1 version anytime soon". That's what Pete mentioned when he released the first version of his CDR plugin. A day after that, he came up with a v1.1 and even a v1.2 :D Well, let's have a look at what's new since v1.0 :
  • Should work with all epsxe versions now.
  • Improved "read ahead" caching, should be a bit faster now.
  • The plugin is now waiting until the drive is reporting everything is ready. That will prevent crashes which could happen in the past on game startup (mostly after changing a game cd).
  • "Cd drive speed limit" option. Maybe your drive will doing the reads smoother and less noisy if you limit its speed (no differences on my drives, though). Not all drives will support this option.
Ah, another fine release from Pete! I suggest you give it a shot and download it by clicking here! Other plugins by Pete can be found on his homepage, or check our plugins page for an overview of all plugins available.

   Then again, maybe not... Posted by Ryos at [3:26 EDT]  
Surprisingly (pardon me while I stifle this laugh), Sky Way Gamer is nothing more than a poorly done Virtual Game Station hack. CDBuRnOuT of the upcoming Emu Fanatics sent me a zip file with a number of images, all of which point out the obvious - SWG is nothing more original than throwing on some minor cosmetic changes. That is such a truly ingenious marketing strategy. Since Connectix couldn't care less about VGS now, it's very likely no action will be taken towards the shoddy product.

But wait, you may ask, what is my evidence? As I mentioned, the zip file CDBuRnOuT sent me has a number of images. The following two I selected are perhaps the best comparison shots, since they are exactly the same bytes. Take a look below.

Virtual Game Station   Sky Way Gamer...or is it?

Obviously I will not be watching the progress of the "new" emulator, considering it is nothing more than sticking a new label on an existing product and calling it its own. Sky Way Gamer would have been more appropriately named Sky Way Lamer.

   More info on Sky Way Gamer? Posted by Ryos at [1:03 EDT]  
Some new details about Sky Way Gamer, the commercial emulator reported just recently by Bobbi, surfaced a couple minutes ago. Daren, a reseller of SWG, emailed me about a few of the things I wondered about this new emulator, particularly the price point. The price of the new emulator is $55 (ahem), but that price is undoubtedly inflated by the high shipping costs from Taiwan to the United States and the inclusion of a USB gamepad that "looks similar to a clone Sony� Playstation controller." Also, as I suspected, some information not on the English page could be found on the Chinese page. On the latter page, takwu's translation noted Softlink would be releasing an updated version of the emulator at the end of February with a more advanced UI and even better compatibility than the approximate eighty percent of PSX games it is at now (February has already passed, so it would appear the company has yet to finish this promised update). Takwu posted some other interesting stuff on PSXEmu's forums. Some Chinese site conducted a review of the emulator that stated "SWG is a VGS with modified UI."

I know that isn't exactly an overwhelming amount of new information, but that's probably all we will know until Daren reviews it tomorrow. When the review is finished, we'll be sure to let you know so you can actually SEE what this emulator is, and whether Sky Way Gamer is some new emulator or is indeed just a "VGS hack."

Saturday, May 5, 2020

   A new commercial PSX emu ? Posted by Bobbi at [4:04 EDT]  
Hyllian recently informed us on IRC about a new PSX emulator, which seems to come from Taiwan, from a company called Softl�nk to be exact. While looking through their english homepage, we weren't able to locate any infos on a release date, but we already contacted the publisher and will make sure to keep you informed about prices and availability. The homepage already contains a FAQ though, which talks a bit about compatibility :
    Q: Does SWG play all PSX� games?
    A: No, not all games play well on SWG, although SWG plays 80% games .... Sky Way Gamer can play over 3,000 compatible PSX� games on PC. The most powerful game station around the world.
In a discussion in #psxemu on EFNet, we somehow got the impression this could be somewhat related to Connectix's recently stopped Virtual Gamestation, as the bugs and descriptions could also fit on that one - but I guess we'll have to wait for a reply from Softlink for that one first. In the meantime, you can make yourself a picture from the emu on the english Softlink homepage. Thanks again to Hyllian for the link.

   News from Aldostools Posted by Bobbi at [3:53 EDT]  
Aldo, well known PSX tools programmer, recently updated his homepage again with some nice news for PSX gaming fans. First off, he mentioned a new release of the DirectX 8.1 beta, which comes with the following changes :
  • Support for new high precision texture formats
  • Fixes Kyro I & II glitch in 3DMark2001
  • New nPatch quadratic interpolation order
Be aware that this is Microsoft beta stuff, be careful if you don't kno wwhat you're doing therefor ! There's a download for Windows 9x/ME users and one for Windows 2000/NT users. Furthermore, Aldo posted two new tools on his page, one on request from one of our message board user, called AutoBackup. A short desciption :
    AutoBackup looks periodically a list of files (allow wildcards) and keep a backup copy. Useful for backup your documents and save states while playing.
So in case you also belong to those people who overwrite their save states by accident from time to time, make sure to give that tool a shot by downloading it here.
The other tool is the new 501xx's VGS Limited Edition 3 patch, which fixes corrupted saves in Final Fantasy 9 and also has support for many more games which normally require the games.txt. To download that tool and many more, make sure to pay a visit to Aldo Vargas homepage.

   New AdriPSX team member Posted by Bobbi at [3:42 EDT]  
Roor just sent over an E-Mail, that another member recently joined the AdriPSX team in order to improove the emulator even more. He's already known in the PSX emulation scene as former programmer of 4EverPSX. Here's a snipset from the post :
    The AdriPSX team would like to welcome another great addition to it's rows today : Sephiroth Angelluz, former coder of 4EverPSX decided to join the AdriPSX team these days ! We'd like to give him a warm welcome and wish him the most of luck and fun in the future.

    Sephiroth's first goal will be to improove the MDEC engine to get it working perfectly and to fix some of the numerous bugs in the GTE part. Please, wish us good luck with this project in the future :)
For some more news, downloads, help about AdriPSX and on the next version, make sure to take a look at the AdriPSX homepage, hosted right here at PSXEmu.

Friday, May 4, 2020

   New Bleemcast! movie Posted by mathew2 at [19:01 EDT]  
Sonikku has just captured a movie from the the new Bleem! for Dreamcast GT2 gamepak.

The movie is encoded in the DivX ;-) codec, if you don't have that codec installed, download it.

The bitrate of the encode is low in order to allow the movie to be of a reasonable length.

   New CDR plugin from Pete Posted by Bobbi at [16:13 EDT]  
Pete Bernert, previously known as PSEmu Pro compatible GPU/SPU programmer, now also released a PSEmu Pro compatible CDR plugin, which works with emulators like AdriPSX, ePSXe, PSEmu Pro and several others. Here're two short infos taken from the included version file :
  • That's the first release, so don't expect much version news :) Please check out the readme for details.
  • Mmm... and don't expect a 1.1 version anytime soon. The plugin is complete and bugfree ;P Well, maybe if some main emu author comes up with a fancy idea for the psx cdr emulation... we will see :)
The special thing about this plugin is that it should basicly support any CD drive as it's able to use 7 different CD modes. Here're some infos about the config, taken from the included readme file :
    Reading mode
    That's the tricky part of my cdr plugin. I've listed all seven modes my plugin is supporting. You have to select the mode your drive can use. To help you with your decision, there is an "autodetect" button. Insert a psx game cd, and push it... the plugin will now fire the different commands up to your drive, and if one mode seems to work, it will select that mode for you.
    When the autodetection fails (or the pc hangs up... yup, that can happen), you have to try all seven modes manually. There are also drives which are supporting more than one mode, so you can also try to select a (faster? slower?) mode even if the detection did work fine. It's up to you... but better be prepared for some reboots ;)
So basicly, this plugin is for those of you who weren't able to get the internal ePSXe plugin working with their drive yet and who get bad performance with others. You can download the new CDR plugin by clicking here. For more cool plugins from Pete, make sure to take a look at his homepage and for more PSEmu Pro compatible plugins, take a look at PSXEmu's plugins page !

   Cryptic FPSE Message Posted by RVWinkle at [13:02 EDT]  
The FPSE site was updated with a strange message today.
    An IMPORTANT ANNOUNCE will be post.. about the FPSE future and release.
WHAT YOU SAY? Okay, okay, I've been making too many Zero Wing jokes recently...I should proably see a doctor about that. !+Mr.Fog+! also posted some new screenshots of Final Fantasy 9. Looks like all the major emus now support this popular game.


That last cap wasn't on their main page, but it was pretty easy to find. ;) Anyway, this time the shots are from Lewpy's GPU. Be sure to notice the fps counter in the pictures. They may look a little slow but !+Mr.Fog+! previously mentioned that he's running on a P200MMX so I assume he's using the same box. I have no evidence but we can also assume that performance will scale well with a more modern system. But as they say, "The proof is in the Pudding".

   Bleemcast compatibility? Posted by RVWinkle at [8:39 EDT]  
Well it seems that Bleem! for Dreamcast is the hot topic in PSX emulation this week. This post is dedicated to some facinating details I recently discovered about this cool looking toy. Be sure to click on the pictures to see a larger version. I circled the parts that I wanted to point out.

First on a lighter note, apparently all of our Base are belong to them.

For those of you who don't know what that means, be sure to read this. Hopefully Sony doesn't set them up the bomb because launching all zig is a costly endever. ;)

Now on to more serious matters. The last item I want to point out is the confusion concerning DC compatibility. Recently their lead programmer, Rand, had stated "All regional versions of GT2 work on any Dreamcast machine." Now look at this picture:

I like how they said that. 'Works on any Dreamcast!...Only works on certain Dreamcasts'. But for now lets ignore the silly wording and focus on the conflicting statements. In this forum thread Rand states, "Our sources tell us that ALL US Dreamcasts should work just fine -- unfortunately, they told us after we had printed the sleeves. Infact, I'm fairly sure that there *weren't* any manufactured in November 2000 for the US." The thread continues with some comments and a picture possibly proving that some units are incompatible.

Let's quickly touch on the cause of this compatibility issue. A while back Sega announced that they would alter the Dreamcast so it couldn't play CD-Roms, only their proprietary GD-Roms. This would thusly make Playstation games unreadable on a Dreamcast. Shortly afterwards, Sega decided to discontinue the manufacture of Dreamcasts. The result is that nobody really knows if any Dreamcasts were ever made that don't have the capability to read CD-Roms.

Basically this issue isn't resolved for Bleem!. As of right now, I would recomend testing your Dreacast for CD-Rom compatibility before you purchase Bleem! for Dreamcast. I'll be sure to update you guys once we have confirmation on way or the other.

   4EverPSX Dead Posted by RVWinkle at [6:31 EDT]  
I found an announcement on the 4EverPSX homepage today. Since it's short, I'll just paste the whole thing here.
    Well it finally happened, i'm putting 4EverPSX in the freezer. I've decided to add my knowledge to another PSX emulator(if they ever contact me again ;-)). The project isn't dead but put on hold. If the other team doesn't fullfill my expectations or i don't fit theirs, i'll startup again. So for now Sephiroth is signing off. beep beep .....
It's sad to see one less emulation project but on a positive note it looks like Sephiroth plans to help with another PSX emulation project. I'm sure I speak for the whole PSXemu team when I with Sephiroth the best of luck in the future.

Thursday, May 3, 2020

   Bleemcast! news/pictures Posted by Bobbi at [17:17 EDT]  
Well, it looks as if the first bleemcast! CDs arrived for those who ordered using over-night shipping, and Sonikku was kind enough to send over some pictures of the bleem! case and the CD :


Make sure to read the background of the CD as it's nicely written :) (for example the disclaimer starts like : bleem! is not licensed by, affliated with, approved of, or even particularly liked by Sony Corporation, it's affliates, ubsidlaries, friends, pets, distand cousins, or even twins. The same goes for Sega, although they're generally nicer about it ...)

Furthermore, Sonikku took 11 screenshots of bleemcast! in action, I added them all to our newly opened bleemcast! section, which contains the official press release, the unofficial PSXEmu bleemcast! FAQ, movies, screenshots and more - so make sure to stop by and take a look by clicking here. More infos, screenshots etc. will follow in the following days when everyone recived his bleemcast! disc, even we here in europe :)

   Bersirc updated to 1.31 Posted by Bgnome at [15:05 EDT]  
For all you IRC folks, here's a bit of useful news: Bersirc has been updated to 1.31. Mostly bugfixes in this one:
  • Fixed bug where default nicklist text colour was not being set
  • Fixed bug where server button didn't change caption when server changed
  • Due to popular demand, uninstall support has been added
  • Can now configure whether double clicked urls open in new window or not
You can view the full list of changes in this version here. We are also mirroring the full version download. If you want to just download the update you can check out the Bersirc Homepage. Thanks to CDBuRnOuT once again for the info.

   bleemcast available Posted by Sonikku at [13:53 EDT]  
There is no doubt now, as I have it in my hands. Look for a review within 24 hours :)

   EmuViews is back, FPSE in July Posted by RVWinkle at [1:59 EDT]  
Well I'm sure many of you will be excited to hear that EmuViews has returned after a short hiatus. In addition they have even more shots of FPSE in action. You can find them in the latest edition of JoseQ's Rumor Mill. The shots are from Medal of Honor: Underground and once again appear to be rendered with a software GPU. JoseQ also states that "current plans have FPSE coming out to the public before the end of July". I wouldn't hold them to this though since you never know when a bug will show up or how long it'll take to fix. Plus if I remember correctly, we're still waiting for their March release. ;)

   PSinex Screens Posted by RVWinkle at [1:10 EDT]  
I just received some screenshots from PsYcHoJaK. They feature an unreleased version of PSinex running Final Fantasy 9. I think they look excellent but you can judge for yourself. He mentioned that the Final Fantasy 9 runs with no problems. Although, at present the game is pretty slow due to it running in interpreter mode. you can learn more about this emu here or on our own PSinex information page here.


   Screens from FPSE Posted by RVWinkle at [0:00 EDT]  
The FPSE page was updated today with a whole mess of screenshots from Parasite Eve 2 running on a unreleased version of their emu. I've included the most interesting one here for your viewing pleasure.

This shot was taken with Kazzuya's GPU plugin v1.6 (software rendering) on a 200mhz Pentium MMX. 13fps is pretty fast for that configuration. It sure looks like things are progressing pretty well for them. I heard a rumor that FPSE currently doesn't work with Pete's GPU plugins but I'm sure they'll have that sorted out soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2020

   bleemcast has shipped! Posted by Sonikku at [14:37 EDT]  
14 days short of a year since seeing it at E3, bleem for dreamcast has shipped! charged my credit card this morning and I ordered for overnight delivery!
Look for a review within a day or 2! * Note that EB still lists it as shipping on 5/5/01 but a little birdie told me it shipped from bleem to EB and Babages yesterday ;)

*UPDATE* EB lists the item as shipped and provided a FedEx tracking #! This is real people! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2020

   Bleemcast! and May the 1st Posted by Bobbi at [18:05 EDT]  
*Update* I just noticed EBWorld changed the date again, so now it's set to the 5th may, 4 days earlier than before ! So better pre-order if you want to get it on that day :)

Well, the day is over here (at least here in germany) and it doesn't look as if something will come out. When checking back at EBWorld, I also noticed that the shipping date has been pushed back 8 days until the 9th may - so let's prepare for another delay. (hey, do you know that the 15th may is bleem! 1.0's second birthday ?).

In case you're interrested in pre-ordering, you can of course still do that at EBWorld (US and Canada) or at (Europe) - though european users have to pay a bit more here :/

In the meantime, I've decided to write up another FAQ, this time to answer all the questions I saw so far being asked about bleemcast!. Keep in mind that this FAQ is of course unofficial and not in any way done by bleem, inc. In case you don't know much about bleemcast! yet, make sure to read the unofficial FAQ by clicking here - the complete, updated bleemcast! section on PSXEmu will be back at the end of this week, right in time for the release - so stay tuned !

   Movement in the PSX mac scene Posted by Bobbi at [17:45 EDT]  
Of course we don't want to forget about our friends from the PSX mac scene either, first off thanks to Aldo for the below news though first.

Anyway, it looks as if 2510 (link goes to his english page) has recently started his own emulator for the mac, after it seems that Connectix won't develop VGS any further. It doesn't seem to have a name yet, but there're already some details on the page. Currently, the emulator doesn't play any demos, it just boots up the PSX Bios. It *seems* to support OpenGL for graphic output and already has a GUI. Three screenshots of it are currently online, you can easily view them by clicking one of the numbers below :
    Flarestorm (codename) screenshots : [1] [2] [3]
Nice to see that after the announcement to port FPSE, another emu is coming up for the mac scene ! For more news and stuff about mac emulation, you should certainly pay a visit to Hansi's Mac PSX Emu site !

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