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November 2000

Thursday, November 30, 2020

   FPSE SPU plugin wrappers Posted by Thorgal at [20:53 CET]  
Another update at the FPSE homepage today. They've posted 2 "wrappers" for FPSE (Windows only), which let you use the well-known PSEmu-system plugins, in this case the SPU (Sound processing Unit) plugins. These are quite advanced, and should work quite nicely :-) There are 2 versions of the wrapper; instead of trying to explain the difference myself, I'll refer to the following quote of LDChen's message:
    As you can see in our download section, there are 2 DLLs to download:


    BOTH these plugins are for PsEmuPro, but for different plugins.
    Spupsemu accepts all SPU plugins with PSEMUPRO 1.x interface.
    SpupsemuPRO accepts only SPU plugins with the next interface (can I call it PSEMUPRO 2.0?).
    As I know, the only plugin with the new interface is SpuMidas coded by Pete Bernert.
    So, the only plugin that works with the PRO version is this one.
    SpupsemuPRO should be better, because in theory some special functions like ADSR are implemented with the new interface.

    ATTENTION: Don't use SPUSeal 0.8 coded by Duddie with these wrappers.
    Don't worry, it doesn't format your harddrive, simply it doesn't work.

    Another important and last thing: I'm NOT the author of these plugins.
    If they works, it's not me you must thank.
Well, that should clear things up. In case you're interested, be sure to explore our plugin section ! Now, last but not least, the downloads:

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   Do you like quizzes ? Posted by Bobbi at [11:28 CET]  
Well, let me state this first : I myself have NO clue what this is all about and I'm not sure if my guess is right, I just thought (and was informed) that this might be interresting for the public.

Well, our longtime fans still remember a page called Elitegamer, which is owned and run by a guy called DragonYen, quality assurence tester (aka beta tester =P) for bleem, inc. ! Okay, so far for the required knowledge. Now, DY updated Elitegamer with a cryptic message. I don't have any clue what it's all about, but it includes a sign which means "Dragon" (the big thing on the left) and some numbers which say :
    Nov 30th, 2000
    30... [13], [11], [9], [7], [5], [3], [1]

    Nov 29th, 2000
    31... [13], [11], [9], [7], [5], [3], [1]
So in case you have any clue what's this all about, feel free to discuss it on our message board or in our comments box below this post. BTW - I didn't said this has to be about bleem/cast, I'm just guessing, like you all do :)

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   Misc PSXEmu stuff Posted by Bobbi at [11:16 CET]  
Okay, after my request for some more people to work on PSXEmu, I got an amazing amount of mails from people who'd be interrested to join ! Since I didn't expect so many people who'd like to join us, it'll take me until this weekend to sort out the mails and choose the right ones. Though, after reading through the first 30 of them, I think I need to mention one thing again : We're doing this page for fun, we don't earn anything through it, and we're therefor NOT able to pay you for the work you're doing here. In case anyone of the people who submitted didn't knew that, feel free to drop me a second mail so I can remove you again from the list. All others, keep your eyes on your inbox this weekend :) And now, to some other misc things I wanted to mention :
  • VGS mac download area - I finally got around to update our VGS mac download area with some utilities, so our mac fans (are there any here ?) don't feel left out. In case you are a macintosh user : We're still in need of screenshots from the programs in our section, we'd be very thankful if you could supply us with some.

  • Topped 1.800.000 visitors - We had our visitor number 1.800.000 yesterday, and now we're hoping to reach the two million mark before X-Mas. Maybe we'll come up with a nice contest then, so stay tuned. Oh yeah, and thanks to all of your for your great support ! (BTW - The counter is at the bottom of the page above the disclaimer)

  • FF9 savegame for VGS -Due to public demand, Jason made a savegame which contains saves at all savepoints at the beginning of the first CD for FF9. You can download it by clicking here. Thanks Jason for the file !

  • ePSXe compatibility list - The ePSXe compatibility list, hosted here at PSXEmu, is coming along nicely. So far, they recived screenshots for over 50 games and the list already includes more than 380 games, so keep them coming ... until it'll restart with the next version !
Oh yeah, last but not least : In case you're looking for another virtual CD-Rom program and you're able to read japanese, head over to Aldos tools page ! And SaD, programmer of Sope, should take a look at the FPSE homepage ! :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2020

   Cryptic FPSE message Posted by Ryos at [17:02 CET]  
I noticed a particularly odd post at the FPSE site earlier today. The following is what !+Mr.Fog+! posted:

    mp3, wav, au, mod, snd, aiff and so on.. do you need to listen sound with FPSE? :o)

    It can be true tomorrow

It seems like sound will be added to FPSE, but the mention of the various types of sound makes me wonder if there is some hidden meaning in !+Mr.Fog+!'s message beyond that. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out tomorrow!

Comments (6) site cleanup Posted by Bobbi at [15:02 CET]  
Looks like the official bleem! homepage has been cleaned up a bit (yes, again) and sections have been moved around. There're now two splitted sections for bleem! DC and bleem! PC. They also added a webmaster section, for all webmasters having a bleem!/emu site, where you can (soon) get some banners and images to link back to the homepage.
In case you're a good graphic artist, why not submit a banner/logo for them, you might be able to get a T-Shirt or some stickers (hey, don't blame me, that's a quote !!!) from bleem!. For more infos, check

When just talking about bleem! : When looking through the messageboards and E-Mails I recive (and those are still plenty for bleem, inc.) I can understand the public somehow ... it's not really a good deal to hype up a product and then, let it fall like a stone again and not mention anything about it for over a year ...

But I think people should also try and think about bleem!'s situation : Launching a product and trying to earn some money through this, improving it further, but then, getting sued by a multimillion $$$ company, having such a piracy rate (I guess out of 5 bleem! users only 1 bought it), then bashing the product ... this all cuts down motivation to continue a product. On the dreamcast, this might all of a sudden change ... bashing should cut down since the product promises a compatibility rate of 100% for the listed games, there's only one system so issues can be found very quicky and so on ... I guess you get the picture.

BTW, to cut down all those things people say - Bleem never said they dropped the PC version of bleem! ... though it's future is still unknown (yes, to me as well !) Discussions are welcome on our message board !

Still nice to see at least some parts of the company are trying to update their areas ! I suggest you to take a look at the page by going here.

   VGS Video Patch CENTERED!!!! Posted by Wormie at [5:25 CET]  
Aldo has updated his VGS Video Patch so when you change the resolution the screen stays center rather then the top left corner. Here is a quick description of this tool:
    This new version of the VGS Video Patch display the graphics centered (on the top) of the screen. Note: This patch is *not* a D3D enhancer, it changes the screen resolution to 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 maintaining the game graphics at 640x480, resulting in a visually less pixelated graphics.
You can grab this and many other cool tools over at Aldo's Tools

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Tuesday, November 28, 2020

   Bleemcast! release date Posted by Bobbi at [22:22 CET]  
*Update* : I just recived a message from DY, that FGN Online posted another news bit after talking to a spokesman of bleem, inc. (we guess that should be Sean) :
    Contrary to rumors that bleemcast would make its way to stores next week, a bleem! spokesman has revealed that there isn't even a solid release set.

    The emulation software was due out a few months ago, amidst a fanfare of advertisements, but failed to materialize. The spokesman reflected that this time, there hasn't even been any hype to justify the rumor of a release next week.

    The spokesman couldn't comment on speculation that the bleem! team may be working on a PS2 emulator, but if anything more comes of this, we'll keep you posted.
Interresting what some people are speculating on ... Anyway, hope this clears some things up and lowers the speculation. You can read that post by clicking here ! *End Update*

After posted some informations that bleemcast! should be out next week, we mailed them asking them about their sources. Here's what they replied :
    The truth behind the story
    The forthcoming question on everybody's mind is "where did you get this info?" Well, no, Bleem!© did not come right out and tell us. One of our sources that works at a Babbage's© (Software Etc.©) retailer told us that they have begun putting the UPC code into their computers. This obviously meant that the product was coming out soon, so we asked the obvious question of, "when are you suppose to get Bleemcast in?"
Though we couldn't get any confirmation about this from bleem, inc., there seems to be something happening right now ... maybe we'll have some more news for you at the end of this week, stay tuned !

   Open positions on PSXEmu Posted by Bobbi at [21:52 CET]  
Okay, since my private life is also pretty important and our site grows more and more, I decided that we should take some more people into our team. The following job positions are currently open :
  • Messageboard moderators - We'd need one or two people who can keep an eye on our board, delete posts containing illegal content and answering those questions that're asked several times. The rest of the staff will, of course, still assist you, but I personally can't check more than once every or every second day.

    Requirements : A halfway good knowledge of the english language and some knowledge about the topics on the board are useful. Best would be when you're already a registered member and prooved you're able to help people !

  • Reviewers - We need some people supplying us with game reviews. You don't have to test unreleased or the newest top titles, just some games the public is interrested in.

    Requirements : Good english knowledge and some writing skills. To test the games on emus, you also need VGS, bleem! (no cracked versions !!) and ePSXe running on your system. Other than that, you need some games to review and time. We don't expect huge amounts of reviews from you, 2-3 a month is okay I'd say.
In case you're interrested in one of these jobs or you think you know another reason why you'd be a great addition to the PSXEmu network, don't hesitate to drop me an E-Mail at !

   CDThrottle v1.10 Posted by Thorgal at [18:54 CET]  
One tool we've been using for quite some time now, is CDBremse, or CDThrottle in English. This tool lets you slow down your CD-ROM/DVD drive. This is particularly helpful in combination with several emulators, such as bleem! Emulators with CD drive support, often PSX emulators, tend to let your drive spin up and down, as the emulated system's drive works differently, and can't keep up with your fast PC drive. This slows down the emulation process unneccessarily, and we wouldn't want that to happen, eh? :)

Now, here's where CDBremse comes in action. You can tweak several speed-related options for your CD-ROM/DVD drive, including slowing down your drive. Set it back to 2X (same as PSX) and voila! Try it, you'll like it :) Anyway, v1.10 is now released, so here's what's new:
  • The sliders are now replaced with drop-drown menus.
  • With some DVD drives, you can now set the DVD speed as well.
  • Some old drives now have improved support.
  • And as always, new drives supported! :)
Well, there ya have it! Be sure to check out this page and see if your drive is listed there. If not, don't worry, as the list is only a list of TESTED drives: unlisted drives aren't neccessarily unsupported!

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   FF9 on VGS for mac Posted by Bobbi at [18:25 CET]  
I'm not really sure if this patch really does what I think it should, but you should try this out for yourself (in case you're a macintosh user) :

Some great news for VGS Mac users occoured on Hansi's CVGS page today : Someone called Shin made a patch which should allow VGS mac users to play FF9 (US I guess). Only flaw with this patch is that you aren't able to save, but the movies and battle menues should work.
    The patch from yesterday is awesome and let's you play FF9 with the video's but you CAN'T LOAD saved games:( but hoopefully that will be fixed in the next verison of the patch! The patch also let's you play your legally coppied PSX games
You can download that patch by clicking here. Please post your experiences with that one either in our comments box or on our message board.

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   VGS Generic Patcher Posted by Thorgal at [17:45 CET]  
Aldo came up with something more 'experimental' today. His new tool is a so-called VGS Generic patcher. Based on Psytek's first patch (which fixed the FF9 with VGS problem), Aldo created a simple tool which allows you to edit the tnkXfs.dat created by VGS, as the FF9 patch did. This is, as you may expect, quite *experimental* . You'll have to figure out and tweak several settings, but who knows, we may end up with several new VGS-compatible games! For advanced VGS users out there, try this one!

Well, I certainly like this idea :) Let's hope this will lead to something good. Not much more to say really, I suggest you pay a visit to Aldo's site for more information! Downloads can be found there as well :D

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Monday, November 27, 2020

   FPSE BeOS compatability Posted by Thorgal at [20:36 CET]  
When you check out the FPSE homepage, you'll notice they've updated the FPSE BeOS compatability list. Not exactly news to be hyped alot, but worth a post nevertheless :) The list includes a grand total of 4 (! ...) games, however, BeOS users may want to check it out. The FPSE BeOS port, ported by lu_zero, is quite nice already. To end with a short tip: more FPSE for BeOS-specific screenshots can be found at the Download=>BeOS version section of their site, not the screenshots section as you would expect :)

Blah, I brabbled enough for now, head over to the FPSE homepage for more info :)

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   VGS+FF9 MDEC on CD2 Posted by Bobbi at [19:34 CET]  
Okay, please excuse any typos or errors below, I'm sick as hell (ate something bad yesterday evening), I'm just here because my mailbox is flooded with questions why it isn't possible any more to play FF9 on the second disc - The MDEC's are crashing the same way they did before. Well, after some discussion with YoD (thanks mate !), I found out that something most probably went wrong while the third patch has been created !


Those are shots from the first movie on CD2 ... to get this working, I simply used the second patch we published (the one including two files, in case you don't have it any more you can still get it here.) This patch has been tested and confirmed by several people now, so it should work ... Maybe the author will publish a 4th fix, but for now, just use a combination of both ... And now, back to bed !

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   Aldo updates! Posted by Thorgal at [19:09 CET]  
Looks like Aldo is back to almost daily updates at :-) A couple of things has been updated since yesterday, I'll sum them up right here:
    VGSNet 1.0 beta 9
    This is, as you may know, Aldo's attempt to enable netplay on VGS, and practically every other emulator. New in this version: updated links, and a better, colourful GUI! Typically Aldo :)

    VGS Video Patch - FF9 Edition fix 3
    Aldo posted an updated version of his utility which solves the FF9+VGS problem. You should know about this by now :) With this one, however, there's no need to apply the steps described by Bobbi earlier. It almost went wrong though, as Aldo uploaded the wrong file earlier. This subject must be cursed :D

    Memory Card Manager 1.0b
    Aldo released the first version of this handy memory card tool recently, now we already have an update. New in this version: Compare slots, Undelete slots, Recognize lin1ked blocks. Nice :)
Well, that's all for now. Be sure to pay Aldo's tools page a visit for more info, more tools, and more downloads ;)

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   Bleemcast out this week?! Posted by Thorgal at [18:42 CET]  
Now what do we have here? According to PSEra, Bleemcast should be out this week! I quote:
    Its been a long time since we first heard about Bleemcast. For those of you that don't know, Bleemcast! is an emulator that allows you to play PlayStation games on Dreamcast, with noticeable enhanced graphics. After being delayed several times, Bleemcast is now due out next week! Get your Dreamcast fired up and the PSX games out because Bleemcast is coming much sooner than you think.
Before getting your hopes up, don't forget this isn't neccessarily true. PSEra doesn't have much to say it seems, and makes no attempt to come up with some sort of 'evidence'. And we've had a lot of false Bleemcast release dates now, folks (most of them based on the date set by EBWorld, which they most likely did in order to get more pre-orders) .
Also, according to our sources, we'll be lucky when we see those shiny new yellow boxes in stores by Christmas.

We'll just have to wait and see, it seems. Check out meanwhile !

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Sunday, November 26, 2020

   ePSXe misc stuff Posted by Bobbi at [18:11 CET]  
Okay, there's some misc stuff about the cool emulator ePSXe (whose homepage is still down) I'd like to have mentioned here. First off, we tested some of the newer games and made screenshots of it, which are all posted on our messageboard, as there are :
  • Crash Bash (a party game like Mario Party, lots of fun) which runs close to perfect !
  • Harvest Moon (the port from the SNES game, a farming game), the graphics look a bit to good, so they don't really fit 100% any more into the backgrounds
  • WWF Smackdown - Guess you all know this game, it's a VERY good wrestling game and runs amazingly good !
  • ISS Pro 2000 - A nice soccer game, many people claim it isn't working, Wormie of PSXFanatics prooves that it actually does !
So much to the screenshots news. Then, in this interresting thread, which discusses about wishes for the next ePSXe release, Lewpy had an interresting idea and told what he's already working on :
    my latest plugin, I am working on having 4 sets of configuration settings that you can switch between on-the-fly. Not quite automatic, but a step in the right direction. I want it to also be able to switch between multiple 3dfx cards, on-the-fly, even if they require different Glide DLLs.
    The problem with having settings per game is the amount of storage required to keep all those settings. It would be a nightmare to manage that storage in a sensible way.
Let's hope Lewpy succeeds with this plugin, that would certainly be a great idea ! I also heard another famous plugin programmer is working on such an idea as well ... :) Feel free to add your ideas to this thread !

And last but not least, a message to all those idiots mailing and sending me ICQ messages daily : No one of the ePSXe beta testers nor the programmers will give YOU a demo, no matter what you offer, promise etc. ! When you don't stop begging, beta infos and screenshots simply won't be published any more - So you have the same situation like for bleem! - Is that what you want to ? No ? Then stop it or take consequences !

BTW - The ePSXe homepage is hopefully back up within the next week !

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   AdriPSX 00.11.24 released Posted by Bobbi at [11:07 CET]  
Roor just sent over a mail containing the latest AdriPSX release which has already been announced after the last release. This version mainly fixes bugs from the last release but also has some interresting news in it :
  • Added two players support
  • Implemented support for PSEmuPro's pad plugins
  • Big improvements on Root Counters' interupts
  • Better music and sound support
  • Slightly speed up in GTE
  • Correction in Boot Sequence, now SYSTEM.CNF loads first
It has also been mentioned that a compatibility list and another release with a new GUI to select the plugins will be available soon. You can download the new release with the installer, which includes all necessary plugins by clicking here. To get the ZIP only and for more infos and news, visit

   Savegame for FF9 Posted by Bobbi at [9:16 CET]  
Okay, in case you still weren't able to get VGS working with Final Fantasy 9 (and about 90% were able to now, so you must be doing something wrong ...), I quickly sat down, started ePSXe and made a new savegame which is pretty close after the theater scene. There're two saves on the card : The first one is at the first available save point, the other one is the one described above.

Download the savegame file here and now finally go and enjoy !! :)

   Memory Card Manager 1.0 Posted by Bobbi at [8:11 CET]  
Aldo did it again and released a new and very nice to use memory card manager, which includes support for all emulator savegame formats out there. This tool includes the following features :
  • Load from and convert to any important memory card format out there
  • Copy single slots from one card to another
  • Delete single slots so you can easily clean up your cards
  • Easy to use GUI, all included in one program; no need for several small utilities any more.
You can get this smart utility from, I highly suggest you to get it since it solves many problems playing a game on different emulators !

   3rd FF9+VGS Fix ... Posted by Bobbi at [7:52 CET]  
Okay, it looks that the patch published yesterday caused VGS to crash after you're fighting with Zidane against black (that theatre scene), so now, there's a (hopefully) final patch, which has the 20x size of the first one (it's about 600 KB) and should resolve ALL those problems. There're still many people having problems applying those patches, please DON'T mail us about it, we tested it on multiple machines and it worked, so it's 99% sure YOU did something wrong. Anyway, here's the explanation for using this patch :
  • Rename Connectix VGS.exe -> CVGS.exe
  • Place ff9fix3.exe in your VGS folder
  • Run ff9fix3.exe
  • Your VGS should now be patched. Simply run CVGS.exe and enjoy.
Simple, isn't it ? :) Download this version of the patch here (and now, hopefully for the last time ...) ! Reports about the results please go into the comments box below this post or on our Message board - Please don't write any E-Mails to me or the author, I guess we already got plenty of them.

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Saturday, November 25, 2020

   ePSXe comp. list Posted by Bobbi at [22:12 CET]  
Okay, looks like people don't want me to go to bed yet. TFC, from our ePSXe fanpage just told me about some of the site updates that have been added recently. The site has quite grown and now features several new additions and things, like :
  • The compatibility list has been changed, now you can either list all the games on one page or list them sorted by letters and numbers, so you can easily find the one you're looking for
  • New icons and a legend in case you didn't understand the meaning of the symbols in the compatibility list yet
  • Over 240 entries for different games in the list - More coming daily !
  • Screenshots for over 10 games have been added to this screenshots page - When you want to help the site, feel free to submit more !
To check out all those cool features and for more stuff, make sure you pay a visit to now !

Speaking of ePSXe, we'll have a nice feature with some new working games ready for you by tomorrow, so make sure to check back here by then. And now, log off for me :)

   More tools from Aldo Posted by Bobbi at [22:00 CET]  
Seems to be a very news intensive day (although I'd prefer going to bed now, it was a long week ...) Anyway, Aldo just dropped me a note that he updated and created new tools like usal. Anyway, to the news :

His first update concerns the Final Fantasy 9 fix for VGS we posted earlier today. Since some people still're having resolution problems, he added the fix we posted into an executeable, combined it with his resolution changer and ready was his VGS Video Patch - FF9 Edition.
    I just updated the video patch for applying in an easier way the FF9 USA patch from Psytek. Now you don't have to do manually all the steps provided by Bobbi. Big thanks for Bobbi and Mikhail Hastur.
You can download this neat utility by clicking here. Reports about this one please go to Aldo directly. The second update from Aldo is for the database editor [pec] edit, which allows you to easily add cheats to the database of the great playstation cheating utility [pec]. Here's what's new in v1.3 :
    New release of PecEdit 1.3. New in this version: Games are sorted in alphabetical order, Game ID button read ID from a mounted PSX game, updated URLs in Help.
To download this update, point your mouse here. Like always, I suggest you to check out Aldos Tools for more tools and informations !

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   VGSCheat (mac) in english Posted by Bobbi at [20:28 CET]  
I was just over at, when I saw a link to another PSX emulation site, which reports about VGS for Mac and also covers some tools for it. It's called Hansi's Website and can be found at - All VGS Mac users should go and give this site a visit.

Anyway, the owner of this site has mailed the author of VGSCheat, and got a version of VGSCheat for the Macintosh, which is partial translated to english. After trying it a bit, Hansi came to the following result :
    Well I have been testing both X-PAR and VGScheat but they don't seem to work to good but I'm e-mailing the authors about it and see if they can help me out and then I'll post a FAQ for both programs and Pandora's Box.
So in case you have better results with this program or want to learn more about it, I suggest you to check out his page. There're two versions of the downloadable : One is the replacement for the japanese executeable, the other one is the complete downloadable including all files. Those utilities and some others will be added to our VGS Mac download area later, so stay tuned mac users :)

   New solution for FF9+VGS Posted by Bobbi at [18:34 CET]  
Well, you all read it before here, there're some problems with the patch we published here, so I was working nearly all the day to find the problem ... although it was that easy ... So a new archiv has been created, containing an additional EXE file, and the intructions have been updated. But first off, here's what this is all about :

This morning, I recived a file from Mikhail Hastur, which fixes the problems VGS 1.41 still has with the mega seller Final Fantasy 9 : The game can't play the MDEC movies and the battle menues don't appear. Well, this file says it should fix it all and actually does this pretty well ! To get it running, follow those UPDATED instructions :
    Extract this ZIP File into your windows/temp directory
  • You must have already run VGS, check this by looking for a file called tnkXfs.dat in your windows/temp directory
  • Execute the FF9-Fix-1st.EXE !
  • Execute the FF9-US-Fix.EXE !
  • Copy the tnkXfs.dat into your original VGS directory (where your Connectix VGS.EXE is located)
  • Rename tnkXfs.dat to VGS-FF9.EXE (or any other name you like, just make sure it's an EXE file)
  • Run and enjoy !
The updated ZIP file containing the FF9-Fix-1st.EXE can be downloaded by clicking here (of course includes all other necessary files as well). Credit for this goes out to Mikhail Hastur for this amazing piece of work ! Don't belive this works now ? Okay, you can simply ignore those shots then :) :


This patch also enables Aldo's resolution patch and increases the resolution to 800x600. When you want to change this again, just download the resolution changer from and change it to your favorite resolution !

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   New PSinex version Posted by Bobbi at [15:47 CET]  
Psychojak just informed me, that he released a new version of his new PSX emulator PSinex, which he already announced several days ago. This version is the first one to add some basic GTE instructions. Here's what Psychojak had to say :
    New release, version 0.034 is out! Most of you will think, it's nothing special, but believe me... GTE implementation is HARD. I would like to inform all people out there, who like this project that, I want to be sure first, that a sufficient number of demos are running, before I start further programming. Don't expect to play any games soon! Speed is slow, demos compatibility is average. So be patient. Logging off!
Sounds like very cool news to me, comapatibility with demos seems to increase greatly now. You should take a look at the PSinex homepage for more details about this emulator and the download !

   Memory converter updated Posted by Bobbi at [11:36 CET]  
Aldo posted an updated version of his memory card converter which he made some days ago. This program is able to convert every savegame to another format, so you don't need to download all those small utilities for converting. Here is what's new in this release :
    New in this version: Added support for Mad Katz's Data Deck memory card format.
    Related Link: 120 Saved Games Pack - in Data Deck Format (1.1MB)
Great addition in my opinion. You can download this utility by clicking here. For more of those tools, visit

Thursday, November 23, 2020

   Pete's GPU Plugins 1.40 Posted by Wormie at [21:42 CET]  
Pete has just updated his GPU plugins to v1.40. Here is a few things that have been updated or added.

Pete's OpenGL 1.40
    - Fixed an issue with ePSXe which was causing a crash if you stopped a game by hitting ESC and continued it again.
    - Small speed improvement with unfiltered MDECs
    - New info in the in-game menu
    - Biggest change with the version 1.40 gpu core New way to calculate the FPS. Previous versions were only calculating the really drawn frames, so games were running 'right' at different FPS speeds.
Pete's D3D 1.40
    - You can change the brightness (gamma value) in fullscreen modes, using the scrollbar in the 'Select device' window.
    - New info sign in the gpu in-game menu.
    - Small optimization with unfiltered MDECs, that one is givingyou a few more frames per second in 16 bit color modes.
    - Tweaked the texture coords a little bit, the results are now nearly as fine as the OpenGL plugin, less pixel flickering will happen in some games.
    - Talking about FPS: the FPS calculation is done completely different with the 1.40 versions, if you are having 50 FPS (PAL) or 60 FPS (NTSC) now, the game is running at full speed. Of course you can't compare the FPS results with my previous plugins anymore, or the ones done by Lewpy, Segu or Kazz.
Pete's D3D DX6 1.40
    -Same as D3D 1.40
Pete's Software 1.40
    - Gamma (brightness) control in fullscreen modes (see the D3D version.txt)
    - Analog pad display (see the D3D version.txt)
    - New way to do FPS calculation/limitation/skipping (see the D3D version.txt)
Also don't forget to check out Pete's page.

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   Happy Thanksgiving!!! Posted by Wormie at [20:45 CET]  
I would like to wish my fellow Americans a happy thanksgiving! I hope everyone has the chance to to get together with loved ones, and of course have a nice big juicy turkey (or whatever you enjoy on thanksgiving).

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   New FPSE MDEC engine Posted by Bobbi at [20:20 CET]  
It looks as if LDChen, one of the FPSE programmers, was finally able to write a very good MDEC engine, which, according to his post, produces very amazing results :
    FINALLY I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What? A perfect MDEC decoder, of course!

    Finally, I have resolved all bugs and now PSX movies are incredible! I have never seen a quality like that, even better than Bleem! (about VGS I don't know, since it crashes on my machine). But you can see that with your eyes, with the shots I have done. Wow, it's finally time to start a new portable compiler for FPSE.
Like mentioned, he also posted some new screenshots from Final Fantasy 7 as well as Final Fantasy 8 MDECs, which look quite impressive (though I have the feeling PSMPlay still looks nicer ... ah well =P). To take a look at the shots and learn more about FPSE, make sure you give the FPSE homepage a visit.

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   Alan's updated design Posted by Bobbi at [16:31 CET]  
Alan, one of our latest page additions to our growing network, updated his page during the past few days with a changed design, which make the page a lot easier to view. The tools sections are also updated meanwhile and navigating through the page should be a lot easier.

Alan also added a new message board which fits into his page, so if you've problems with one of his nice tools or have a suggestion for a new one, you should go there and post a message. Here's what Alan had to say :
    Finally, I have finished the rest of the tools pages to match the new design that Bobbi (from came up with (CHEERS BOBBI!)...There are still a few problems I have encountered during the changing of design in some of the tools pages which will be fixed very soon.

    Also, I think it's coming to the time for a new tool!!(Maybe??)
To check out his tools and all of those nice new features, take a look at

   Aldo news ! :) Posted by Bobbi at [14:48 CET]  
Like usally, Aldo Vargas released more great utilities for your PSX emulator fans out there. This time, he combined his big amount of memory card converters to form one tool, which is able to handle them all. He simply called this tool Memory Converter :
    *new* Memory Converter - All in one!!
    This new tool is a compilation of all my PSX memory converters in a single program so it should be easier to use.
You can get this nice new utility at And maybe there'll be another nice converter utility soon ... we'll see !

Aldo also mentioned, that Psx MultiConverter got updated to 2.32T ! In case you don't know, this utility is able to extract audio and video files from PSX CD's, even when they're hidden on the CD. In case you're interrested in these files, make sure you give Aldos page a visit.

Wednesday, November 22, 2020

   More FPSE shots Posted by Thorgal at [21:54 CET]  
Ahh, more teasers! The FPSE homepage has been updated again, showing us 2 new screenshots of FPSE v0.09 Beta 1, running Revolt 2 and NFL Extreme! These will please your eyes for a bit :) For your convenience, I've mirrored them at our server. Take a look at these:
    FPSE 0.09 Beta 1 (Win32 version)

    Revolt 2 - [1]
    NFL Extreme - [1]

Also, !+Mr.Fog+! announced that there will be some important news tomorrow, and ofcourse we wouldn't want to miss that eh? :-) Be sure to keep an eye on the FPSE homepage!

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   Time for a new poll Posted by Bobbi at [13:29 CET]  
Okay, looks like either no one is voting any more or the last poll got messed up, but somehow, nothing changed any more so here're the results about the question : Will you purchase Final Fantasy 9 ?. Here're the results :
    Yes, of course 41.4% - (435 Votes)
    Only when ePSXe runs it 40.8% - (429 Votes)
    Not sure yet 8.8% - (93 Votes)
    No, don't like it 8.7% - (92 Votes)

    Total Votes: 1049
Looks like over 80% of our visitors will actually buy Final Fantasy 9, since it's working in ePSXe's next release.

Anyway, in our new poll we wanted to know from you, what you think about PSXEmu in general, that means if the sections are updated often enough, if our pages are well done, news posts fit your exceptions and so on. Please vote in the poll to your left.

   New ePSXe fanpage @ PSXEmu Posted by Bobbi at [10:43 CET]  
TFC3000 and Katana today opened their new fanpage for the great PSX emulator ePSXe here at ! Their site is mostly meant as a compatibility collection point, where everyone can submit his results with certain games and they'll immediately get added to the list. So far, they recived a great feedback :
    We're only since yesterday and so many games where added by you (we're counting 40 games at the moment). Thank you very much for supporting the page, us and YOURSELF by submitting those informations.
    And, (as TFC said) if you have screenshots (please at 640x480), please send 'em to TFC or to me with informations about wich plugin you used! ;)
To help increasing the compatibility list and for more goodies for this great emulator, you should really check out their page at now !

Tuesday, November 21, 2020

   New PSMplay version ... Posted by Bobbi at [22:15 CET]  
Well, I recived an E-Mail from Segu today, telling me why he hasn't updated his page for months, and those aren't really good news. But read for yourself what Segu wrote me :
    Long time no see. I am in a bad condition so that I can't work. This is because a warning has been made by my doctor. There is no change though I rested quietly for the time being (comment : let's hope this isn't meant like it could be understood !). Time is still necessary.
Well, and although Segu is that ill, he took the time to release a new version of his movie player PSMplay :
    But even with this illness, Segu took the time to read his E-Mails and noticed that there were plenty of requests for the Final Fantasy 9 movies to work properly. So he sat down and added some things to PSMPlay in order to get FF9 working, and fired over an E-Mail to me containing the file. Other than that, this version doesn't bring anything new with it, but remembering the fact of Segu's status, I think it's more than amazing that he worked on this project at all ! So I suggest you to all send a nice E-Mail to him at, I'm sure he'll be happy read them all.
Well, you can get the new release with support for the FF9 movies here. And make sure you drop Segu a note ! You can check out the complete post I made and three nice movie screenshots at Segu's toolbox.

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   FPSE Screenshots! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [21:19 CET]  
I saw over at EmuHQ that !+Mr.Fog+! has posted 4 screenshots of FPSE v0.09 Beta 1 running NFL Blitz 2001 in interpreter mode at the FPSE homepage. The shots look pretty nice, IMO, and I've taken the liberty of mirroring them below:
    FPSE 0.09 Beta 1

    NFL Blitz 2001 - [1] [2] [3] [4]
There you have it, enjoy! Hopefully we'll see a release of FPSE 0.09 sometime soon, until then, why don't you checkout the official homepage.

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   ePSXe CD fix for Win2k Posted by Bobbi at [20:15 CET]  
Okay, news just came from Galtor, one of the ePSXe programmers, that there's a workaround for the CD problems many Windows 2000 users experienced. Here's his guide to fix this :
  • Install an ASPI layer first - You can find one on our ePSXe download page
  • Use tratax plugin (ASPI 1.2) - You can find that one on our ePSXe plugins page
  • Disable CDDA sound in sound options !
According to Wormie, this works great and fixes several games that haven't been starting from CD before. He also mentioned that with his 32x CD-Rom, the playback was nearly as fast as using an ISO.

Surely great news for all Windows 2000 users, feel free to discuss your experiences with this hint in our comments box or on our message board.

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   Quick PSinex update Posted by Bobbi at [7:52 CET]  
Psychojak updated the PSinex homepage here at PSXEmu with a quick status update and a small request for infos :
    Just a quick site update. I wanted to say, that I'm currently working on GTE implementation on PSinex. Seems pretty good for a beggining. Still though, I have major problems with speed. I would like to receive some help, on how to speed-up emulation. I started converting all opcodes to ASM. Please for any info you can give, contact me. Expect a release with basic GTE, soon. Byez!
Sounds like Psychojak is making good progress. In case you can help, write PSychojak an E-Mail and take a look at his homepage for further infos.

   FPSE compatibility lists Posted by Bobbi at [7:42 CET]  
The offficial FPSE homepage has been updated with two new lists after Fireman, their compatibility guy, finally returned. He updated the page with compatibility lists for the recent released ports to Linux and FPSE. Now let's hope the next version of FPSE for us windows users will see the light of the day soon :)

Anyway, you can take a look at the new compatibility lists at (which is misteriously not reachable for me, anyone else has these problems ? Thanks to hobbes for giving me those news !)

   New tools from Alan Posted by Bobbi at [7:35 CET]  
Alan, who recently moved to PSXEmu, updated his great tools page with two new updates mostly concerning the new released AdriPSX version (from which we'll post a compatibility list and screenshots this evening, you'll be surprised how much this emu actually runs !). Anyway, here's what Alan had to say :
    AdriPSX File Extension Converters
    This is to inform you that you can use the Psemu Pro file extension converter!! These convert the file extension from/to your bleem! memory card files...

    AdriPSX CountDown
    This small tool lets you specify a desired time to stop gameplay in AdriPSX. Set yourself a task in a game with a set time and AdriPSX CountDown will stop gameplay when time completes.
Sounds like a nice idea, and a new possibility to convert AdriPSX memory cards (though AdriPSX's memory card support is still pretty buggy). Anyway, to get those two new tools, head over to now !

   Servers back working Posted by Bobbi at [7:27 CET]  
Well, it looks like our page wasn't really accessable yesterday, due to some problems out host has. In case you're interrested, here's the reason why this happened :
    In short, there was a power outage. This shouldn't have affected us, however, the folks at level3 screwed up, and didn't have us connected to the UPS (Battery) circuit. Therefore, the 4 main webservers, got nuked royally when they tried to power back on again. We did 3 things: Got all of our servers hooked into the UPS circuit. Adjusted the 4 main servers so they would not experience this problem on power-outage/power-up again. Called and raised HELL at level3 as to why they fucked up in the first place.
So yeah, Level3 fucked what (what the heck is level3 ??) Anyway, all services are back to normal and should remain there. Time for some real newsposting now !

Monday, November 20, 2020

   VGSCheat v0.61 for Mac! Posted by Bobbi at [8:35 CET]  
When checking Aldos page today, I noticed a post about an utility which allows you, to cheat in your PSX games using the commercial emulator Virtual Gamestation. Here's a rough translation (the homepage is in japanese) of what this tool is able to do :
  • Execution of cord/code - Can execute nearly every code
  • Search function - Find your own cheats. Includes wild card function, filters and much more.
  • Management of cord/code - Add notes to the codes in the list or anything else you want to do
  • Control of application - Many shortkeys are available, plugins for other utilities are also possible
  • Technical - Decimal /16 Shin conversion functions, Hexadecimal reversal function, Decimal /16 Shin pad functions and Hexadecimal pad reversal function are possible
  • Additionally - Undo function, sleep function, Retaining and reading the value which you remember, Offset computer and simple memo for address calculation and much more.
This nice utility is supposed to work with VGS 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.4.1 ! You can download it by clicking here. In case you're able to read japanese, you might want to take a look at the homepage.

Aldo also posted about two more utilities I didn't knew about, X-PAR-VGS 1.1 and VGS OS Check disabler. Translations of what they do and downloads will be available this evening, so stay tuned ! Thanks again to Aldo for all of the above links.

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   GU's bleem! feature 3 Posted by Bobbi at [8:11 CET]  
Today, Gamers Uplink posted the third part of their storyline bleem! Troubled Past... Bright Future?. This time, it talks about bleemcast! and has many interresting infos seen from another perspective :
    August has come and gone, and yet no bleemcast. Bleemcast had been planned for released sometime in August however it has been delayed, and then delayed again. Why must we wait you ask? Well, bleem! Inc. simply wants to have the emulator run every Playstation title they can perfectly. They are trying to make sure they don’t disappoint gamers again like they have with bleem! for the PC. Not willing to rush bleemcast out the door is admirable and I really commend them on this as it seems like more and more companies are willing to put out a inferior product in order to meet holidays or a publishers deadline. Thanks to Bleem!’s commitment to excellence, bleemcast should prove to be an excellent product that will vastly expand the number of games capable of being played on a Dreamcast and the amount of gaming hours, and fun, that are to be had on a Dreamcast. Some of you gamers out there might be turned away from bleemcast because you feel burned by no bleem! 1.6, think of bleemcast as that new version, they have spent the past year working on this which is the reason there has been no new release or upgrade to 1.5b. Watch for bleemcast in the near future, you won’t want to miss out on it!
Very well written article, you can check out the complete one by going here. In the next part, gamers and webmasters will be able to voice their opinion, so if you're interrested, follow the link above and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Sunday, November 19, 2020

   Interview with Galtor Posted by Bobbi at [20:16 CET]  
Like I already announced in the previous post, here's even another bit of news around ePSXe. I just performed an interview with Galtor, one of the three programmers behind the free PSX emulator ePSXe, which was released three weeks ago and already caused much attention. Here's a part from the interview :
    Bobbi : What can we expect from your project in the future ?
    Galtor : Mmm a commercial version? (hey i am poor! hehehe) Just kidding :). You can expect some compatibility & speed up's (I think), but this is only a hobby, like you know.
    Bobbi : So ePSXe won't hopefully end like PSEmu Pro did ?
    Galtor : I dont think so... if some day we are too bored of the emu scene to continue ePSXe we'd surely release the sources.
So in case you're one of those ePSXe fanatics or just want to read some of the authors opinions about the emulation scene and much more, go and read the interview here. Thanks a lot to Galtor for allowing us to interview him :)

   ePSXe save problems Posted by Bobbi at [18:53 CET]  
Hmm, looks like there're plenty of ePSXe news today, after that one we have another one coming up.

Well, today I'm focusing on a problem many people of you already had and I also had today, but already found the solution for : You're saving in ePSXe, quit the emulator but your savegame isn't there any more the next time you run the emu. Hours of work can be lost. Well, today I also discovered this problem and discussed it with calb (programmer of ePSXe), and we were able to find two reasons and also solutions :
  • You're using the .98 version of Lewpy's glide plugin. When you exit the emulator, you still see that DOS window and it doesn't want to go away, so you close it. And exactly THAT is the mistake : ePSXe saves the memory cards when you quit the emulator (during shutdown). But since that window crashed, your infos aren't saved to HD and get lost.
    Solution : Use the latest plugin version from Lewpy (can be downloaded by clicking here) or any other plugins for ePSXe. They can be downloaded from our ePSXe plugins page.
  • Second reason : You're playing in window mode. You aren't exiting the emulator by pressing escape, file-> close but by pressing the "X" in the upper right corner of the emulation window. Bingo, wrong !
    Solution : Just quit the emulator by pressing escape and closing the main window then, not by pressing Alt+F4 during emulation. Your memory card infos will be saved !
Okay, I hope this helps some people, this info will be added to the unofficial FAQ we made soon as well. Please discuss this on our message board when it helped you !

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   The end .... (ff9 shots) Posted by Bobbi at [13:22 CET]  
Warning : Possible spoiler below

Warning : Below are some screenshots from FF9 ... they don't show the last boss or something important, just some eidolons you can summit. When you want to reach EVERYTHING of this game yourself and don't want to see them (you get those in the middle of CD3), skip this post please !!!

Since I got a (nearly) perfect response to the last shots I posted, I thought I might publish some more ... and now, that I just finished the game, I thought it might be the best time. I can only tell you, this game rocks and is one of the best I've ever played - seen from graphics and gameplay. Well, I guess enough talking, here're screenshots from the two last eidlons (or however you write that) of the game I found :


Well, the game certainly has a great ending (heck, the whole game is great), and like always, the quality of the shots above isn't amazing because ePSXe plays the game nearly real-time with those settings.

Now I'll wait for the official WT to arrive so I can finish the game a second time, this time with perfect levels and all. In case you're interrested in the WT as well, you can either order the full, printed one here for only 12.99$ or read a small part of it online for free at PlayOnline. Now I need to find something to play until my WT arrives ...

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   ePSXe progress Posted by Ryos at [7:56 CET]  
There are a few new things to tell about the upcoming version of ePSXe, and, surprisingly enough, they don't have anything to do with Final Fantasy 9. Galtor posted an update on the boards about the next ePSXe. The most noticeable improvement is the quality and speed of MDECs, with the rest of the emulator's speed and compatibility remaining "basically the same." Note that this does not mean that some games will not work better or remain unplayable.

Over at Wormie's ePSXe fan site, ePSXe Fanatics, Wormie opened a new section with a number of different screenshots of ePSXe in action. One of these games is none other than Grandia, which gamers have probably noticed does not work in ePSXe 1.0.0. The voices have a few problems now and then, but otherwise, this RPG looks quite nice in a recent beta of ePSXe, as the following screenshots show:


Check out Wormie's site for more screenshots of Grandia - there are eight in all - or other games. Another title to work for the first time is RPG Maker, ASCII's RPG creation engine for the PlayStation. What other titles will receive a similar boost in compatibility? We'll have to wait and see...

Saturday, November 18, 2020

   How to play FF9 on VGS... Posted by Ryos at [23:50 CET]  
Aldo released a patch that enables people to save in Final Fantasy 9 on VGS. If you think there's probably a catch, there is; the patch only supports the Japanese version of the latest Fantasy. Here's what Aldo wrote about the release:
    This patch is the convertion of the Chineese patch created by whitehair for use with the VGS 1.41 Full English. The patch is supposed to allow save in FF9 JAP *NOT USA*. I haven't tested it myself, so please try it and send me your feedback. Side effect: The patched VGS should be terminated through the Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Del.
If you happen to have the Japanese version of FF 9, you can go to Aldo's site or download it directly from PSXEmu. If you can confirm that the patch does indeed work (or doesn't, as the case may be), go ahead and send Aldo an e-mail.

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   Finally : AdriPSX release Posted by Bobbi at [23:47 CET]  
Wau, it became about time after we promised the release several times already :) So it's finally done, here's the first AdriPSX version after the complete re-start Roor has done 4 months ago. Here's what he had to say about this version :
    The Windows port is still far away from being complete, even for a beta, since it lacks some of the most important GUI features (that's why I added support for an INI file, this will be gone in the next update). You may also notice that some things work quite better in the DOS version than they do in the WIN port; that's because while porting the emu to Windows, I found that LOTS of ASM optimisations I did for the DOS version cause Windows'98 to crash and die in a horrible way. So I had to write several new routines for sections like GTE (some MVMVA functions, RTPS, RTPR, NCLIP and some other opcodes) and MDEC decoder (YUV2RGB function and others). I hope to get more things done for the Windows version soon so it's status should become highter than the DOS version.

    This release has mostly been done because lots of time passed since the last one, and I didn't wanted to let more pass without releasing something. There's still a lot of silly work that needs to be done (like finishing the GUI), this will be implemented in an update which will be released within the following weeks.
To get the emu, it's ready-to-use installer and to see the news post, head over to now and get your version. Discuss this release on our AdriPSX message board. Roor would particularly like any help you can offer him to improve AdriPSX, including bug reports, compatibility lists, or other suggestions/comments. Since he has the next twelve days off for vacation, he'd like to address as many issues as possible during that time.

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   PSinex moves to PSXEmu Posted by Bobbi at [21:48 CET]  
Like announced yesterday, here's another page to join the network : It's the new emulator PSinex, which already saw it's second release some days ago. We'd like to give Psychojak and his page a warm welcome on our network. Here's what he had to says on his page :
    Hi people! The Official PSinex Site has finally opened. Just a quick site tour for you. Above there is the "Screenshots" section where you can view the current progress of the emulator with your own eyes. I plan to add about 20 screenshots of Demos running, in the next week. The other sections on your left are pretty much known. Check the technical emulator progress through the "Progress Status" section, download the emulator on the "Download" section (there's no need to, but again if u insist to...hehe). Also check the "PSx Links" section for some, PlayStation related (emulation or not) sites. And again, if u insist to mail me, DO IT on the "Credits" section.
So make sure you update your bookmarks so they point to from now on.

   Messageboard back Posted by Bobbi at [21:39 CET]  
Wau, that was fucking much work, but it's finally back : Our messageboard over at Since this caused my mailbox to be flooded during the past few days, here's a brief explanation what happened :
    We had our messageboard on another server since UltraBoard is really a ressource hogger (it can slow down bad configured servers completly !) This worked pretty well for some time like you noticed, but one day, it was gone all of a sudden. After mailing many requests to CSoft what happened, I got the explanation that this happened due to a mistake, they thought we attacked the server, the account should be back within 24 hours.

    Well, after 5 days and more than 10 other E-Mails, the account still wasn't re-activated, so I got my stuff together today and moved the board to our main server.
So enough about the past now, you can use our boards again using two ways : and

Friday, November 17, 2020

   FPSE 0.08 BeOS Released! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:48 CET]  
I saw over at the FPSE Homepage that lu_zero has finally release his port of FPSE to BeOS. This port, labeled as BeFPSE 0.8.0 Alpha 2, is based on the FPSE 0.08 core, and uses an ISO reading function to play games. Here's what done and not done, from beos.txt:

    - BeOS-specific #includes for the main code compilation in "include/fpse.h".
    STATUS: Complete.
    - Screen open / redraw routines in "system/beos/plugin/gpu/wingpu.c"
    STATUS: Working (taken almost unchanged from linux)
    - Bare-bones plugins and their Makefiles
    STATUS: Redone almost completely due the linux makefile were wrong for BeOS
    - Plugins can compile alone
    STATUS: Done (taken almost unchanged from linux)
    - ISO image routines in "system/beos/plugin/cdiso/"
    STATUS: Working (again the work is from the Linux guys)
    - Joystick (keyboard) routines in "system/linux/plugin/joy/"
    STATUS: Expanded but get worser for speed in my opinion...


    - CD-ROM routines in "system/BeOS/plugin/cd/"
    STATUS: to be implement
    - OpenGL plugin and Native bwindow plugin
    STATUS: just thinking about them
    - Audio
    STATUS: Missing
    - Configurator
    STATUS: Missing, but not needed yet
    - Real Beapp behaviour.....
    STATUS: I've already make a icon but the executable as compiled now segfaults when launched by tracker
    - Bewine wrapper plugin
    STATUS: just a wierd theory
Well, congrats to lu_zero on his first release of this promising port. You can grab the binary and source files from FPSE for BeOS below:

Download the BeFPSE 0.8.0 Alpha 2 Binary here (-109k-)
Download the BeFPSE 0.8.0 Alpha 2 Source here (-466k-)

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   Alan moves to PSXEmu Posted by Bobbi at [23:09 CET]  
I'm happy to announce yet another great addition to the PSXEmu network today. This time, Alan moved over to our network with his nice page containing self made PSX tools. With this move, he also updated several of his tools and released some new ones. Here're the updates from his page :
    Changes in One-Click Mount
    **NEW FEATURE: You can now set Daemon Tools path via emulator settings screen...This only needs to be set once as it is remembered!!**

    Daesktop CP
    A Daemon Tools creates BATCH files in Daesktop CP installation path and then creates a shortcut on your desktop (use your own icons for different games).

    ePSXe CountDown
    This small tool lets you specify a desired time to stop gameplay in ePSXe. Set yourself a task in a game with a set time and ePSXe CountDown will stop gameplay when time completes.

    ePSXe File Extension Converters
    This is to inform you that you can use the Psemu Pro file extension converter!! These convert the file extension from/to your bleem! memory card files...
Sounds like quite an amount of nice tools. To get all of them, take a look at the new design and get a chance to update your bookmarks, point your browser to Alan's new URL

   FF Movie Trailer Posted by Bobbi at [23:03 CET]  
Well, this isn't really related to PSX emulation but to one of the most successful game series for this console : I'm talking about the Final Fantasy movie, which should start in cinemas in summer 2001. Now, a trailer has been released and it already shows, which amazing quality we can expect from the graphics :


There're three versions of this trailer available, but no matter how slow your line is, you should at least get the medium quality trailer ! You can download them by going here. Thanks to Jeff for the notice.

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   FPSE and ePSXe news Posted by Bobbi at [16:54 CET]  
Small news updates about the emulators ePSXe and FPSE have been posted on their hompeages. The FPSE homepage has been updated with this bit of news about the BeOS port :
    Download Completed.
    FPSE BeOS Porting: Released tomorrow!!!
    Emulare Humanum Est
So we might see the first release of a PSX emulator for the OS known as BeOS tomorrow when everything runs smooth. The ePSXe homepage has been updated with a small bit of news that they'll be back online soon : will be back up soon, sorry for the inconvenience.
Looks like there might be some more news about those emulators later this week, so keep checking PSXEmu and the pages for more.

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   The news of a day ... Posted by Bobbi at [16:38 CET]  
Okay, we're now done with switching things up, down, around, moving stuff and getting things fixed, except the message board, which will be back later this evening hopefully. This took much longer than we wanted to, but I guess that's life ...

Anyway, in case you thought there're few PSX emulation news or we're to lazy to post them, you were wrong, we just weren't able to, so expect the complete status update within the next hour ... gotta get something to eat first though...

Thursday, November 16, 2020

   Winamp 2.7 Out! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [3:12 CET]  
After being in the release candidate stage for around a week or so, Winamp v2.7 has finally gone final! Winamp is one of the most (if not the most) popular mp3 players for Windows. Version 2.7 includes fixes to the new Fraunhofer mp3 decoding engine (very nice, IMO), and much more! Here's a complete list of changes from the readme:
  • mp3 decoder: better tag editor, bugfixes
    • mod decoder: too much to list. much revised. for more info.
  • much improved CDDA (Faster, less crashy)
  • waveout output plug-in bug fixes
  • new directsound output plug-in (very charming)
  • many optimizations and bugfixes to AVS - this version is quite fast.
  • faster playlist loading, faster playlist editting on large lists
  • windowshade visualization now has spectrum analyzer instead of (crappy) VU meter.
  • improved that old issue of what happens when you delete the playing file in the playlist.
  • made credits less problematic (and more time based, less frame based, no more crashing)
  • made multiple-instance handling handle running with different command lines better
  • return of classic demo.mp3many other small fixes and refinements
  • nsis 1.0 installer ( for more info)
You can grab Winamp 2.7 here (-2.04MB-)

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Wednesday, November 15, 2020

   FF9 finally shipping Posted by Bobbi at [17:19 CET]  
Well, it's finally here : Today is the first day for Final Fantasy 9 shipping. IGN already reviewed it and gave it 9.2 out of 10 points (can't understand that, I'd give it at least 11 =P). But it's still one of the best parts of the serie :
    Final Fantasy IX is here, and all that is old is new again. Square's developers have once again outdone themselves as far as technical execution and visual artistry, building a fantasy world that I could be content to simply stare at, remembering years past when all these things struck an internal chord for the first time and wondering how a game console could hold images this beautiful.
You can check out the complete review here. In case you don't have ordered your copy yet, I suggest you to do so now by going here, they also do international shipping (I ordered it from germany for example) ... Worth importing it since the US version is much faster than the PAL one. Anyway, back to playing ... :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2020

   Hmm ... (FF9 screenshots) Posted by Bobbi at [20:16 CET]  
Sorry for the lack of news from me during the past few days, but there's a game that keeps me fascinated for hours now ... You already guessed it, it's FF9. Though I'd be able to play it on ePSXe, I'm currently enjoying it on my real PSX. But to keep you up to date on how it runs in ePSXe, I switched back to my PC using my dexdrive and took some screenshots from the third CD, where I'm finally able to summon some more powerful things :) :


Don't even think about asking for the beta, I'll simply ignore your E-Mail as I already did with the hundreds of others I have recived - Feel free to discuss this at our message board. And now, back to playing !

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   PCSX Homepage Updated Posted by Wormie at [16:40 CET]  
The homepage for the PSX Emulator PCSX has been updated. Looks like they have been working on the MDEC and GTE mostly. Also it seems they haven't been able to update the site because they lost the cgi address. Here is what they had to say:
    People asking... Where is pcsx?? Is still alive? Well answer is yes just i had lost the cgi address and i couldn't update the site shame on me :P
Head on over to their homepage to read the whole post and find out the latest on PCSX.

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Monday, November 13, 2020

   DirectControl Updated Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:04 CET]  
Some of you may remember a small little DirectX tweaking utility from bgr software called DirectControl. Well, after a long time without any updates, DirectControl has been updated to version 5.0.0! The homepage made no mention of what's new (besides the obvious support for the recently released DirectX 8.0), so I decided to just list DirectControl's features, for those who may be interested in trying this nifty tool:
  • Supports all DirectX versions, including DirectX 8.0
  • Supports all Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectSound3D, DirectInput and DirectMusic settings. Over 50 total settings
  • Enable/Disable Direct3D, DirectDraw and DirectSound hardware acceleration on-the-fly
  • Displays information about installed drivers (i.e. file size, date, version and type)
  • Supports use of multiple Direct3D accelerator cards in one system at the same time
  • Built-in Windows Tuneup options include, DirectCD settings (Cache & Prefetch), VCACHE settings, Fast Reboot & more
  • Quick and easy access to the DirectX Control Panel applet
  • Supports Windows 95/98/ME
As mentioned before, you can checkout DirectControl's homepage at bgr software. You can grab DirectControl from the link below.

Download DirectControl 5.0.0 here.

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   Part 2 of the Bleem Article Posted by Wormie at [18:04 CET]  
Gamers Uplink has posted the second part of their article on bleem! The artlicle title "bleem! Troubled Past... Bright Future? Part II", goes into detail about almost every aspect of bleem! The article gives details about graphics, sound, compatibility ... etc. Here is a small part from the article:
    If I had to sum up Bleem with one word, it would be “capable” Its a fully working Playstation emulator with good compatibility, sound and graphics, but on a lower spec machine like mine, this isn’t the speediest way to play Playstation games. That’s not to say I don’t recommend it, I do, it’s actually quite a technical achievement and does genuinely breathe new life into tired old games.
You can read the rest of this article here, and keep an eye out for part III where they analyze bleem! for Dreamcast.

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   New tools/updates from Aldo Posted by Bobbi at [0:51 CET]  
Aldo just dropped me a note that he released a new utility for all you PSX emulation gamers out there : This time he came up with an idea for a program called PSX Launcher. Here's what this utility does :
    This tool let you create your own list of PSX games with picture and description, organize them by genre and launch with your favorite emulator. Automatically mounts the ISO images with Daemon Tools and let you update the database by reading the ISO files in a directory. This is a must have is you have many games and want to have them well organized and accessible.
I tried this tool and can proove that it's quite useable for people with many games.

The second thing on Aldo's page is an updated version of his VGS resolution changer, which increases the version number to v3a. This is just a minor update and adds support for VGS full v1.41 - French version. To get those two neat utilities, head over to Aldo's new adress

Sunday, November 12, 2020

   ePSXe homepage down Posted by Bobbi at [18:58 CET]  
Since so many people asked on the board and mailed me about this, I thought I'd mention it here : The official ePSXe page is currently down, and no, this isn't a temporary host problem : After the first release, which amazed thousands of people, they caused a bit to much bandwidth so their host took the site down. Although they back up temporarly, they're switching to a new host right now.

We don't know for sure when the page will be back, I'd personally say sometimes within the next week. In the meantime, feel free to use our message board for discussion about it, the ePSXe programmers are taking a look there from timt to time as well. In case you were living under a stone for the last month, you can still get the ePSXe ZIP file or complete installer from our ePSXe download area.

   HyperSnap DX-4 beta Posted by Bobbi at [18:55 CET]  
Well, I know this has been out for quite some time now, but after testing the first beta, I thought I wouldn't post about it yet. But when I tested the latest beta (I think 16) of HyperSnap-DX, I was acually very happy about the progress they mde with it ! Here's the LONG list of improvements from v3.0 to v4.0 :
  • Intergraded bitmap editor with multi-level undo/redo, to add changes, comments, annotations to your images
  • Region Capture - you can capture not only rectangular regions, but also can select "rounded rectangle" (with 3 different round sizes, small, medium and large), and ellipse/circle. Just press S key on the keyboard to toggle the shape, or right-click the mouse to select it from the menu.
  • New capture function: "Multi-Region Capture" - you can select either multiple windows (like in Window capture mode) or draw regions (like in Region capture mode) and move/pan them. After selecting several regions, press Enter key on the keyboard or right-click mouse and select "Finish Capture". The space in between selected regions will be filled with solid color that you select under "Capture Settings" menu, white by default. This works great e.g. to capture cascading menus - simply open as many menu levels as you need, press Ctrl+Shift+M to activate Multi-Region capture, and click on each menu to select it, then finish the capture. Much easier than before...
  • New "Quick Paste" feature. Under "Capture/Capture Setting" menu, select "Copy & Print" tab, and enable "Copy each capture to clipboard" (like "Quick Copy" in the old HS-DX). Start another program, where you would like to paste your pictures, e.g. MS Word document. Enable also "Paste each capture to:" box, and select your window from the drop down list (you will see it's title text there). You may also enable "Minimize this window before the capture" if you want. Click OK, minimize HyperSnap-DX window to the task bar. Now in your MS Word (or other selected) window, click where you would like a picture, and start HS-DX capture, e.g. by pressing hot key combination like Ctrl+Shift+R. When you finish the capture, MS Word window will come to front and the picture will automatically appear there.
  • Images can now be displayed at any zoom level, not only 100% (original size) as in ver. 3.
  • Capture functions - a menu will now pop-up when you press right mouse button during Region or Windows capture, offering "Abort", "Finish Capture" and several special options, e.g. change of mode.
  • Print Preview on File menu.
  • Printing of large bitmaps will span multiple pages if necessary, not only downwards, but also across.
  • By default, HS-DX makes now a "camera shutter" sound when making a capture. You can disable this under "Capture Settings..." if you don't like it.
  • New function - "File/Set as Wallpaper..."
  • Many more image processing and color conversion functions under "Image" menu: Shear, Auto Trim, Mosaic, Emboss
  • More color processing functions under "Color" menu: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Count Unique Colors...
This beta version will still work until the end of november (fully, no shitty "made with HyperSnap" boxes), so it's always worth a try - This is the #1 program for taking screenshots for example from ePSXe, bleem! and all other emulators. You can download it from our server here, in case you want to report bugs or get more informations, visit the official homepage at

   FPSE for BeOS shots Posted by Bobbi at [18:44 CET]  
I just got two new screenshots from lu_zero, who is currently porting the open source emulator FPSE to BeOS. The two shots are from Bubble Bobble and KoF (97 ?), and show that he's making quite progress, although he mentioned there's still much space left for optimizations (look at the FPSE counter for example). Anyway, here're the two shots (click to enlarge) :


Looks pretty nice when you ask me, congrats fly out to lu_zero. For more infos on this open source emulator, point your browser to !

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   Poll fix and new title Posted by Bobbi at [9:35 CET]  
After finally getting access to my mailbox again, I noticed a new mail by Brandon, who was kind enough to inform me about a security leak in the previous version of Poll_It (the script you see to your left), which allowed to execute scripts on the server. I, of course, immediately went and updated our script. Thanks for the info mate !

And I also went to create a new poll right away. But first, the old results. Our last poll asked you about your favorite console, and this is how you voted :

Playstation 38.7% - (672 Votes)
Dreamcast 26.3% - (456 Votes)
Playstation 2 21.9% - (381 Votes)
Nintendo 64 8.3% - (145 Votes)
Saturn 4.5% - (79 Votes)

Total Votes: 1733

Our new poll is about the soon to be released PSX game Final Fantasy 9, and we ask you "Will you purchase Final Fantasy 9 ?". Especially interresting could be if you'll purchase it just because ePSXe runs it. Please voice your opinion in the poll on your left.

   Null updates to v1.16 Posted by Bobbi at [9:06 CET]  
Null just dropped me a line that he updated his SPU plugin to version 1.16 ! Not to much new in this version I guess, but he was able to kill this disturbing background noise. Here's what he posted :
    Okay, I already found the bug in v1.15 which caused the plugin to make those background noises during the movies and fixed it, so here is the new and updated version 1.16 ! Nothing else changed so nothing else should be done so far.
You should download the new version 1.16 by clicking here. In case you don't know, null2's plugin belong to the series of PSEmu Pro compatible plugins, and therefor runs with several emulators like ePSXe, PSEmu Pro itself, FPSE and the (yet unreleased) AdriPSX version for Windows.

   Microsoft strikes again Posted by Ryos at [2:40 CET]  
As you may or may not already know, Directx 8.0 was released by Microsoft at the official DirectX site. Before you rush off to download it, however, you might want to be aware that several emulators may very well not work on your computer after installing it.

According to EmuHQ, using the latest NVIDIA DirectX 8 detonator drivers (version 7.17) crashes Virtual Game Station. This is remedied easily enough by reverting to earlier drivers, but there is a worse compatibility problem in ePSXe 1.0.0.

CDBuRnOuT and I noticed that ePSXe no longer accepted input from controllers after installing DirectX 8 (or at least not Sidewinders). This seems to be the case in any and all PlayStation games, effectively elimininating any practical use of ePSXe. *UPDATE* After getting annoyed by the fact I was one of the few to come across a problem, I decided to go reconfigure my Sidewinder in the ePSXe controller screen. It then responded as it was supposed to. This may not work for all of you (CD's Sidewinder still wasn't working in ePSXe), but it's possible this could help your controller work properly in this emulator.

If you happen to use one of these two emulators quite a bit, you might want to wait to download the latest buggy version of DirectX until the problems are fixed...

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Saturday, November 11, 2020

   Site stuff Posted by Bobbi at [22:25 CET]  
Okay, looks like we're slowly getting everything back to where it belongs to after the server move. Several pages on our network have recived new URL's, few are still moving and some aren't back yet. Status report :
    New URL's : The following sites have recived new adresses :
  • Aldo's tools page moved from to !
  • Segu's toolbox moved from to ! (Segu, please contact me about a domain name for your page !)
  • AdriPSX just moved over to, though it's only a forwarder right now - Full domain coming next monday !

    Still moving : The following pages are still moving, so please excuse any downtime they may experience right now, we'll all have them back up early next week !
  • is working right now but is being moved over to another server right now, so it might experience a small downtime (I can't be up 24/7 to wait for the move to be done =P).
  • Blini! is moving over to Emucheater once they're on their new server and will be accesable using sometime during this sunday.

    Beside that, all our E-Mail adresses are back online - You can mail CDBurnout, Thorgal, Ryos, mathew2 and me now like you always did.
Phew, much work - And we also have 3 new hosted pages we'll announce very soon - You should, like always, keep an eye on our page !

   Null2's SPU Plugin 1.15 Posted by Bobbi at [22:13 CET]  
Looks like we're getting things back set up now after the server move (took long enough), so now Null's page with his great SPU plugins is back, and Wormie also made a cool new page layout for it which I just configured a bit and uploaded. With this new page design, Null2 also created a new version of his plugin which is especially interresting for ePSXe users. Here's whats new in this plugin :
  • supported VAG (plays MDEC in FF8/FF99 with sound.)
    Note : Still a bit noisy
You can get the new version of this already pretty advanced plugin by clicking here. Make sure you take a look at null's new page design.

   mIRC v5.81 Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [4:55 CET]  
I know it's not PSX-related news, but some of our visitors frequent us in #psxemu on EFNet, so I thought I'd post the new version of mIRC that released yesterday. mIRC is probably the most popular IRC client for Windows, and is the best choice for beginners. Here's a bit what's new in mIRC 5.81, straight from the homepage:
  • Remember how mIRC now uses it's own internal beep sound for event beeps? By popular request the internal beep is now only played for event beeps. mIRC uses the default windows sound for errors etc. and a "pc speaker" option has been added overriding both of them. Happy?
  • Another looong awaited feature is a built-in uninstaller. I wouldn't know why that is needed but next time you clean up your PC, mIRC is easily removed by the control panel add/remove dialog! It also removes all registry changes btw.
  • An important change has been made to the socket connection routines. mIRC was binding the connect socket, even if it wasn't necessary. This may have prevented mIRC from connecting through a DSL or network environment.
  • The Flood protection has been improved by sending a NOTICE instead of a PRIVMSG to the server every now and then. As you might know mIRC will wait for this notice to get back from the server before it resumes sending any queued lines.
  • A small problem with the .chat files that unloaded all of your remotes has been fixed. More important is the complete integration of .chat file support into the mIRC executable. The mlink helper applications are no longer needed! mIRC will also set up the .cha and .chat associations in the registry.
  • With mIRC 5.81 we're experimenting with support for URL's of the irc:// format. This makes it very easy to add a link to your website leading to your favorite IRC channel! Give it a try? Please note however that this only seems to be working for MS Internet Explorer -not Netscape- we're still working on this :)
  • The new /anick command no longer changes your current nickname, unless the alternate nick is the active one. /nick will try to prevent nick and altnick from becoming identical nicks.
  • By popular request you can now either disable, or ignore all except certain known file types, or ignore only certain known (and often malicious) file types in the DCC Ignore feature.
Whew, and that's not even all of it! You can checkout what else is new in mIRC 5.81 by reading the versions.txt. You can grab mIRC v5.81 from our server here.

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   VGS Hi-Res Patch Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [4:42 CET]  
First off, I'd like to point out that Aldo Varga's page now has a domain name! You can now reach his page, which is still hosted right here at PSXEmu, at

Now, onto the new Hi-Res patch. This new version has support for all VGS Win versions, and more. Here's what Aldo said about the release:
    This video patch for the Connectix Virtual Game Station all versions enables it to run at resolutions of 640x400, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024. NOTE: The graphics area will continue at 640x480, but displaying it at the specified resolution. A black gap will appear at right and bottom sides of the screen. Resolution of 1024x768 or higher may be too slow for low-end computers. Support for all available versions of VGS, auto detect version, remember last used resolution.
To download this new video patch, send some browser lovin' right here.

Also, most of you may already know this, but for those that don't, DirectX 8.0 went final today, and you can check it out over at

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Friday, November 10, 2020

   Addition to FPSE post Posted by Bobbi at [19:43 CET]  
Well, LDChen, programmer of FPSE just added some more comments to the post made by Mr.Fog ! He talks a bit about the optimizations and speed ups he made to FPSE :
    I have done many optimizations to our emu:
    The original compiler has been removed. No compiler is available at the moment in FPSE.EXE Then I have written a dynamic interpreter for more speed, without loosing porting features, because not all systems have an Intel CPU. Now FPSE is fast even when you use the interpreter engine, but it doesn't run at the same speed of the first recompiler; his speed is about 60%-70% of the 0.08 version in compiler mode.
    Luckly, I have many other optimizations to do, so this interpreter may run even faster.
He also mentions some things about the faster GTE. You should take a look at this post by heading over to !

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   PS2 shortfall worldwide Posted by Bobbi at [19:30 CET]  
Oh, oh, looks like bad news for some of you who wanted to see one of those nifty consoles under their christmas tree. According to an article by ZDNet which Aldo just sent me, Sony won't be able to supply as many PS2's as planed on the launch date :
    Sony confirmed Thursday it will not be able to supply the UK with the 200,000 Playstation2 consoles promised in time for Christmas, cutting its forecast to 165,000. A Sony spokesman in London blames the 17 percent shortfall on teething problems in the production process but also says that excessive demand in the US and Japan as well as a shortage of components has had an effect. "It's a knock-on effect from the US," says the spokesman. "The principle reason is demand."

    Overwhelming demand for Sony's new console has apparently been felt everywhere. In the States, Sony originally estimated that it would be able to supply one million Playstation2 consoles in time for Christmas, but cut this figure to 500,000 citing a shortage of crucial components. "We should probably take solace in the fact that it is only a 17 percent cut," says Sony's spokesman.
Hmm, pretty sad in case you don't have yours yet (I mentioned I already have my US PS2 ? =P). Anyway, to read the complete article, point your mouse here. Thanks again Aldo for the news.

   Emulation sites down Posted by Bobbi at [19:12 CET]  
I guess most of our visitors already noticed it, something's down in the emulation community. And I'm not talking about the fact that there're more and more lamers in it, I'm talking about a major number of emulation news pages / projects. This happened due to problems of Climax Media. What exactly happened is unknown, there's just a rumor in the topic of #retrogamers : Swampy (comment : Swampgas is the owner of Climax Media) forgot to pay the Internet bill..

Affected sites include :
  • Our hosted
  • /
  • ... any many more
We couldn't find someone in IRC to tell us when and if they'll be back up, but I guess we should give them a day or two.

In case you're guessing Vintagegaming also belongs to that list, VG is on another server, just has some URL problems; you can find them at BTW - In case you wondered : PSXEmu moved away early this month from CM ... seems it was the right decission ! :)

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   FPSE BeOS: help wanted Posted by Ryos at [0:34 CET]  
lu_zero informed us that he wants some help with his BeOS port of FPSE. While he currently has most of the source ported, he can't "get a direct access for CD." If someone has any references about the BeOS CD API or can help in some other way, send lu_zero an e-mail.

!+Mr.Fog+! posted basically this same news on the FPSE page in six different languages (Italian, French, English, German, Russian, and Korean). The odds are something will be in a language you know :)

Thursday, November 9, 2020

   PS2 sales top DCs Posted by Bobbi at [19:57 CET]  
Well, I guess this wasn't to hard to figure out, but here's the confirmation anyway : The PS2 sales during the first 24 hours have topped those of the dreamcast's by far. According to an article by PS2.Ign, they actually more than doubled them :
    Records are meant to be broken, as they say. Sony's first-day full category revenue for its newly launched PlayStation 2 has smashed the numbers put up by Sega's Dreamcast. According to a Sony representative, the first day sales of Play Station 2 consoles, software, and peripherals topped $250 million, more than double that of the Dreamcast's first-day total of $97 million. To add a little comparison, Dreamcast retailed for $199, compared with PlayStation 2's $299 price tag.

    With a first-day sell-through of slightly more than 500,000 units, revenues generated by PlayStation 2 console sales were more than $149 million, meaning that software and peripheral sales on October 26 exceeded $100 million. This number is made even more noteworthy when you consider that it is greater than the total revenue generated by Dreamcast consoles, software, and peripherals all totaled on its first day.
Hmm, pretty amazing numbers when seeing that the software Sony only sold tops the complete sales of the DC console + Software. In case you want to learn more about this topic, check out this article. Cheers to Retrogames for the news.

   New FPSE screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [19:50 CET]  
After the FPSE homepage now should be accessable for all users, there've been some news today with new screenshots (and a post in both, english and italian) and the following announcement (I fixed it a bit so it's easier to understand) :
    Another day.. another update with new pics !
    LDChen is working on the interpreter mode, and now this method is as fast as the Compiler Mode!!!!!
    Have a Nice Day.

    Please read :
    I want (if possible) to publish the FPSE news in more than 2 languages. The only thing you need is ICQ, and German, French or Japanese and so on as your foreign language. In case you're interrested, please contact me.
Well, I already submitted as german translator (and have been added, strike ! =P), in case you can help the FPSE team, mail !+Mr.Fog+! at now. To take a look at the new screenshots, taken from some Motocross game, head over to now.

   PSXTulz 0.02 released Posted by Bobbi at [19:38 CET]  
t_chan just announced on our message board that he updated his multi functional utility called PSXTulz to version 0.02, which includes a file manager, a playstation movie player and a memory card manager. The special thing about this tool is that it plays the movies from most Final Fantasy games. The (long) list of changes for this release :
  • added Metal Gear Solid PSX movie format
  • general cleaning & restructuration of movie detection scanning... (did this because some of the FF7 movies weren't detected correctly). Results :
    • all FF7 movies can be played without problems now
    • Ridge Racer Type 4 opening movie doesn't display a green screen when starting anymore
    • movies like Metal Gear Solid can have garbage sectors at the beginning of the file
    • enhanced "lame mode" (sometimes sound will be corrupted, or it won't play, but at least the program tries to play it. Better than nothing...)
    • should support even more files now !
  • Starting to change DirectX version from 7 to 6 for NT users (not finished yet)
  • Starting to implement Multi-Monitor support.
  • Starting to implement a File Manager
  • Starting to implement .ini file
  • Added General options (stored in .ini file)
  • Changed File Compare utility so that it doesn't write a file to the D:\ drive anymore
  • Now you can stop the movie by pressing the spacebar
  • You can also make a screenshot during playback by pressing 's' (.BMP file will be created). You can change the target directory of the screenshots in the options
  • Added a 'go to the WWW page'- function
Wau, pretty long list when you keep in mind it's only the second release ! You can download PSXTulz 0.02 by clicking here. Make sure you pay a visit to T_Chan's homepage for more infos and hints about this cool program. When trying out this program I was neither able to find out the print screen option nor did I see any sense in the Mosaic function (displays 4, 9 or 16 x the same movie) - A window function with only one would be more useful. But on full screen, there's nothing more you could ask for in the FF9 movies - Full speed, perfect sound (US version as well) !

Wednesday, November 8, 2020

   FPSE's back Posted by Ryos at [7:44 CET]  
After a little more than a week, FPSE has finally made the transition from its former host, Emuforce, to Emusphere. For whatever reason, FPSE's new address did not appear throughout the world for several hours after we were first informed by calb that the move had been completed, but the site worked after lu_zero mentioned this news on the message board. Here's part of what !+Mr. Fog+! said on the new site:
    Hello (again)
    As You can see, we are back.
    If You like FPSE, You may stay, yeah, this because in this time that we are out of emulation world, we working hard to improve our child. :-)
    Now there are about 17 people that are working on FPSE and it will be available for winx, dos, beos, unix-linux, and naturally for C64 (but U must have GEOS!! ahahha)

LDChen went on to say that, while the release date for the next version of FPSE is currently unknown, the next release will be out before too long, thanks in part to having more than one programmer now.

Hopefully past events will be put aside, giving the FPSE team the opportunity to make FPSE a great emulator. Again, feel free to check out FPSE's site.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2020

   FF9 review done and up Posted by Bobbi at [23:19 CET]  
Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats please, we're proud to present you the best game of the year 2000 and most probably the best one ever to be released on the PSX : Final Fantasy 9. About 2 hours ago, a new beta of ePSXe arrived. Like promised, calb was able to fix the problems FF9 had. Well, after half an hour configuring the plugins and testing, I was finally able to get everything working, and all I can say is that I'm simply amazed : This game has like no weak point, and ePSXe seems to emulate it close to perfect. With the improved SPU plugin, sounds are playing properly, the MDECs are looking amazing now and, most important : It doesn't crash in battles and more.

Well, so I sat down and wrote this long review for you about this great game, including more than 20 screenshots, all taken directly from ePSXe (Note : a not released version of it !) :
    Well, it's finally here, the long awaited 9th part of the Final Fantasy serie is here. The hardcore fans who already finished the japanese version (although they often don't understand one word of japanese, like me) and couldn't wait to finally understand the story behind this great RPG. But let's start from the complete beginning :

    In Final Fantasy 9, Squaresoft finally found their way back to the original style the FF series was completly made in. While part 7 and 8 more and more had realistic, real-life characters, FF9 is back to full manga graphics, like you can see on the following shots ...
Well, like already mentioned, the most interresting point should be the fixed battles ... take a look at those shots for a small example :


To see more of those great shots and to learn more about the game itself of course, make sure you read the complete review by clicking here. And please, neither mail me nor the ePSXe team about this beta, we won't give it to you. Please wait for the next full release, you'll surely like it (promised ! =P)

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   Bleem! Feature @ Gamers Uplink Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:09 CET]  
I saw over at EmuHQ that Uzplayer had posted part 1 of 7 of Gamers Uplink's bleem! feature. This first part, entitled 'bleem! Troubled Past... Bright Future?', summarizes the history of bleem!, and where it's supposed to be headed in the future. The article is pretty well written, and shows some of the ups and downs of bleem! over the past year or so. Here's a little snippet to get you interested:
    Labeled as the “David vs. Goliath” battle, bleem and Sony has been in court on several occasions for everything from copyright infringement to trade violations. However with all the attempts that Sony has made to de-rail the bleem effort, just like in the tale of David fighting the battle of his life, bleem has succeeded in winning numerous times. To understand what is ahead in the future however, you have to look at what happened in the past...
So far, this bleem! feature at Gamers Uplink seems promising, and as always, when a new article is posted, PSXEmu will be here to report it :D

If you'd like to read the whole article, check it out here at Gamers Uplink.

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Monday, November 6, 2020

   New ePSXe MDEC codec Posted by Bobbi at [21:22 CET]  
I just received the latest beta of the fabulous emulator ePSXe and of course I couldn't resist trying it out. And heck, let's talk about improvements. Since the last version (the official v1.0 release), many things have changed. I especially noticed the MDEC improvements, which caused a speed up of the MDECs to about 95% of the original speed and a perfect sound on my Athlon 800. The image quality also improved quite a lot, but see for yourself on those FF9 MDEC screenshots (you need to enlarge them to see them in their full beauty) :


Well, there're also game fixes and other new features included, but I won't mention them yet. But I'm sure you'll all keep an eye on PSXEmu so you won't miss the announcements and new screenshots of them anyway !

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   AdriPSX screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [19:50 CET]  
Aldo just dropped me an E-Mail informing me that Emulatronia posted some screenshots from the yet unreleased new beta of AdriPSX. Since their server was slow as hell here (took me 10 minutes to get 4 screenshots and they still became a bit corrupted :/), I mirrored them below, full credit still goes to Emulatronia :


Well, the AdriPSX page will be back tomorrow, a release is VERY close now, keep your eyes on PSXEmu for more to come soon.

   FF9 savegame found Posted by Bobbi at [19:36 CET]  
Okay, PLEASE stop mailing me about that Final Fantasy 9 stuff from yesterday please, I got everything only 1 hour after I requested it from Thorsten - Thanks mate ! What it is for ? All I can say for now is that you should be patient, but I think you can already guess it for yourself when you take a closer look at the screenshots from yesterday ... No more questions please.

On the other hand, I have to appologize our hosted sites are still down, I'm trying as much as possible to get them back up soon ... Let's hope this will be fixed soon.

   VGS video patch updated Posted by Ryos at [8:22 CET]  
Aldo released a new version of his high resolution patch for Virtual Game Station. The following is what is new in version 2:
  • Added support for 1280x1024 resolution
  • Crashing errors found on some systems have been resolved
For this patch to work, you must have the retail version of VGS 1.41. Also note that while the resolutions are indeed larger than the 640x480 default, a black gap will appear at the bottom and right sides of the graphic area, since the graphic area remains at 640x480.

Download version 2 of CVGS 1.41 (Full) Video Patch here...or at least that is what I'd like to say. However, apparently Geocities doesn't allow direct linking, so you'll have to go to Aldo's site to get the patch until Bobbi fixes uploading...

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   PSinex 0.019 Released! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [2:00 CET]  
PsYcHoJaK has just released an updated version of his new PSX Emulator, PSinex. This update brings us to version 0.019, and PSinex now displays picture! Using Pete's D3D GPU v1.39 for graphics output, and Pete's MIDAS SPU v1.6 for sound output, PSinex runs demos and the PSX BIOS, and it seems to be progressing nicely. Here's a few links to screenshots of it running some demos and the bios:
    BIOS - [1]
    Demos - [1] [2] [3]
PSinex needs the PlayStation BIOS to run, and the author recommends SCPH1000.BIN, but please, do not mail him, or any of the PSXEmu staff requesting the BIOS, we will not supply it to you. Enough chit chat, you can grab PSinex below.

Download PSinex v0.019 here.

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Sunday, November 5, 2020

   VGS 1.41 and Windows ME Posted by Bobbi at [22:14 CET]  
You're a Windows Millenium user and a fan of the commercial PSX emulator Virtual Gamestation ? Well, with the great assistance of some of our messageboard members (you know who you are - thanks guys !) I was finally able to figure out a way to get around this issue now :
    Every Windows ME user who gets a black screen when using VGS 1.41 although the old 1.4 version worked great should follow the following steps :
  • Get back version VGS 1.4 on your PC
  • Run VGS 1.4, let it load up until you're at the "Please insert a CD" screen
  • Now exit VGS 1.4 again and load up VGS 1.41
This way already worked with many friends and also on my own PC. In case you still have problems though you're following those instructions, feel free to post a message on our message board.

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   News about Sope Posted by Bobbi at [21:28 CET]  
Well, after you maybe already read the post we had 2 weeks ago about the Sope project being stopped after linuzappz left it. Now I saw over at EmuHQ that the Sope newspage has been updated again from SaD, where he talks about the status and the mess in the community :
    I even considered joining the FPSE team for a while (implementing a dynarec core for Alpha, and fixing portability issues). But, after being on the Linux-port mailing list for a while, I must say that my enthusiasm dropped down, partly because of the burden required to get a core patch accepted (for Alpha portability), but especially because of the now-famous FPSE "scandal". To answer these quite childish accusations, I will say that all the code I developed was never inspired from FPSE, and this means 95% of the code. The remaining code has been developed by Linuzappz and is focused on CD-ROM emulation. Now, it is possible that Linuzappz inspired himself from the FPSE CD code to get himself started, you'll have to ask him that ( Anyway, the reasonable way to have handled that, since Sope's code is GPLed, is to have contacted Linuzappz and to have asked him to remove any code blatantly copied from FPSE, if there were any. Sope is a program under GPL, and can't bear to have any "proprietary" and non-free code in his sourcetree.
SaD would be very interrested in continuing the project but needs some help from another programmer. In case you're interrested, you should contact him at To visit the Sope page and learn more about the project, go here.

   Request for help with FF9 Posted by Bobbi at [20:00 CET]  
Well, it looks like we're in need of YOUR help now. We need a person who owns the following 4 things :
  • A PSX which can play imports
  • A dexdrive or any other device to copy memory cards to PC
  • Final Fantasy 9 JAP
  • A bit of time to help us out
If you fit the above requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible. Why ? Well, guess for yourself ...


Well, like I mentioned, if you have a dexdrive and FF9 JAP, please mail me at, you won't regret it ! :)

   Crashing bug fixed (?) Posted by Bobbi at [14:38 CET]  
Well, I just got around to re-write a major part of the HTML this page uses, so crashing bugs should be lowered. I removed like 5 or 6 tables and replaced it with different type of HTML - Though this messes up our Netscape compatibility a bit, which Thorgal is currently working on.

In case the page crashed for you all the time and you're able to see this page now, please drop me a note. NS users, please be a bit more patient, the page should be back to normal for you as well soon !

   Pete's plugin tale Posted by Thorgal at [13:27 CET]  
Now here's something interesting. Pete added a kickass article to his collection of fairy tales, entitled "Plug me in or pull me out". Most of you will know about the famous PSEmu plugin system, which many PSX emulators now use. Now, I quote:
    Well, I am sure you have noticed that you can find several dynamic link libraries on this page... so called "plugins".

    But what is a plugin? Easy: just a collection of functions an emu (or any kind of main application, mmm... let us call it EMUAPP for short within that tale) can use for special tasks (when used by an emu mostly to emulate special, pc hardware-dependend parts of the emulated system).
As the article continues, Pete explains a bit more about how a plugin system basically works, followed by a list of negative and (many) positive points why the plugin system should actually be used.

To learn more, be sure to head over to Pete's homepage !

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   Time for gaming news Posted by Bobbi at [9:02 CET]  
Finally we're back and running again, so it's time to supply you with some more recent gaming news. Mostly news about games that'll be released soon have been around now, but see for yourself :
    Novembers DC releases - Well, the PS2 is out and sold like Sony wanted it to, but somehow the DC still seems to rock when looking at the titles to be released in november, like Tony Hawk 2, KISS, Shenmue, Dave Mirra BMX, Dino Crisis and many more. To take a look at the 29 titles, use the link above.

    Screenshots of Gran Tourismo 3 - In case you wonder, GT3 is just the new name for the PS2 title GT2000. Though this game won't be released this year any more, IGN already published some screenshots from the game, and I have to admit that those are close to looking completly realistic. The article even features some more amazing movies, you should really go and check those out !

    Looking for a nice gift ? - Though it's not christmas yet, Gamecenter already compiled a nice list of things to give out friends/family/whoever, and also splitted them into categories like budget, gamers and best-sellers. When you're uncertain about what to give away this year, go there and find something (though they presents are all a bit expensive ...)

    More FF9 media - Well, the game is now very close to release and this seems to be the last update about it - More movies and pictures have been shown in this article ! If you belong to those who can hardly wait, go and check it out and keep an eye on PSXEmu as we might have a review about it late this evening !

    AOL 6.0 buggy as well ? - According to an article by our local newspaper, the magazine "Network World" reported that v6.0 of the new AOL software is as buggy as the 5.0 update from 4.0 was ! According to AOL employees, people having problems should better stay with 5.0 so far. Reminds me about this crazy update scenario when the last version update got released (did I mention AOL sucks ?). - WAHAHAHHAHAHA :) Go and check this out !! Thanks Retrogames for the link !
So let's hope we'll have the whole PSXEmu network back up and running within the next few days ! Stay tuned.

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   Bleem! price drop (?) Posted by Ryos at [8:16 CET]  
Did you realize that bleem!'s price dropped to $15? Well, the odds are likely you didn't. Lapean informed me that for a short period of time while was down, the official price of bleem! at Digital River (bleem, inc.'s official online retailer) was lowered to $15. Someone in bleem, inc. decided to lower the price without authorization, so for about twelve hours, astute customers who purchased bleem! then got the emulator for half the standard suggested price. Of course, this was eventually discovered, so the price has reverted to normal.

I'm generally not one to speculate on "accidents" such as these, but could this temporary price drop be a sign of something more permanent in the near future?

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   New PSX emulator Posted by Ryos at [1:39 CET]  
PsYcHoJaK released the first public version of PSinex, a new PlayStation emulator for the PC. PSinex is currently in its early stages - it's only a debugger that may or may not be displaying the correct values for various aspects of PSX executables. PsYcHoJaK mostly released this emulator to find out if there are any errors in the debugger (one suggestion he gave was to compare the values PSinex gives to those found in PSEmu Pro). If you think you can help PsYcHoJaK, you can go to PSinex's site, or you could just download PSinex directly from PSXemu.

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   Secret emu revealed Posted by Bobbi at [0:49 CET]  
Well, looks like we were right with our guess, the secret emu being announced at Emusphere for many days now and from which we've seen several screenshots is nothing other than FPSE, moved over from Emuforce to Emusphere. As soon as the hosting company of Emusphere gets all things done, you should be able to find the FPSE page at !

After this become public, there started a small war between the two sites, since Skates doesn't like it when someone else kills his surprise - But luckily, those things are setteld down now and everything's back to normal.

But now don't get to excited, a release of FPSE is still far away according to Mr.Fog, webmaster of FPSE. But when looking at the shots they posted, it's surely worth the waiting time. And to those who still have a bad opinion about FPSE : No one really forces you to use that emu, and I really hope it's possible for all of us to forget that "legendary post" and enjoy this fine open-source emulator from now on !

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   New PSEmu compatible plugin Posted by Bobbi at [0:33 CET]  
linuzappz, formal programmer of Sope just talked a bit to me in IRC and told me, that he created a new PSEmu Pro compatible plugin which is based on DirectX 7. PSEmu Pro's plugin system is used by many emulators like ePSXe, AdriPSX (the new version, to be released soon), FPSE and several others. This plugin is in VERY early stages and mostly meant for developers. Linuzappz was kind enough to also release the source code for this plugin, we'll create a small page for him soon here at PSXEmu. Here's what he had to say about the plugin :
    This is an dll extension to use with play station emulators as ePSXe or PSEmuPro, it's a gpu plugin that uses DirectX 7.0, if you don't have it get it at

    The Plugin is free source code, if any wants to contribute send me an email. And if the plugin doesn't works on your machine tell it to me and send me the description of the problem, including your machine
Beware that this is an early plugin and still very buggy - And don't report problems with D3D please, the readme states that this isn't working yet. But still very nice to see another PSEmu plugin which might become a very handy one soon. You can download the plugin itself here and the source by clicking here.

Linuzappz is currently looking for help with his plugin, so if you'd be interrested to join him creating a kickass plugin, please drop him a line at

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   Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles review Posted by Bobbi at [0:17 CET]  
I just finished the first game review after nearly one year of silence now, and I was testing the (from Lara Croft fans) long awaited Tomb Raider 5, which is also called Chronicles. Like the subtitle already says, it's about Lara Croft's past and reveals many unknown facts about Lara. A short part from the review :
    Well, I don't think I really need to mention what this game is : It's the 5th part of the Tomb Raider series, and it's called Chronicles. Tomb Raider 5 starts, where The Last Revelation ended : With Lara's (supposed) dead. The player experiences several advantures with Lara before that point of time, where he learns much more things about her - TR5 surely reveals most facts about Mrs. Croft from all 5 parts ! Of course, Lara also features many known outfits
The ending of this game is quite surprising, but I don't want to reveal to much now. Make sure to check out this review by clicking here, it's really worth it.

From now on, we'll also post more game reviews again. In case you're interrested to help us with a review or more, just contact me here and I'll give you further details about how to write that review. Don't worry, no HTML skills are required, you just need a program to take screenshots (go to our tools area if you don't have one yet) and a game we don't have a review for. So when you're interrested, don't hesitate to contact me !

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Saturday, November 4, 2020

   Dreamcast on PC? Posted by Thorgal at [23:40 CET]  
Although not really PSXEmu-related, this is quite interesting for the gamers and DC fans out there :D I just saw over at PC Gamer an interesting article. "Soon you may be able to stuff an ugly Dreamcast inside your beautiful beige PC case." Wow, let's have a look at what we have here:
    Recent reports indicate that Sega is to put Dreamcast technology onto a PCI card that will allow us to play all Dreamcast titles on PC. At a Japanese briefing, Sega revealed a sample of the technology and new VP Hideki Sato claimed that early designs were being demoed to interested second parties. It was indicated that there may be a release by the end of this year.
Well, there you have it. Another (more lengthy) article can be found at .

Wether this is a hoax or not, the whole concept is very interesting indeed :) If Sega will in fact release a DC card for the PC, I do wonder how it'll work out with the GD-ROM format, which the DC uses. A GD-ROM has a capacity of 1GB, a CD-ROM disc 650MB. A CD-ROM drive may be able to read a GD-ROM disc, but understanding and processing all data for a correct output (ie. playing the game without any errors, at a decent speed etc.) ? Or, Sega will simply re-release DC games in a different format, specifically designed for use with this DC @ PC card. Who knows? Time will tell ...

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   VGS games list update! Posted by Thorgal at [23:12 CET]  
Although Virtual Game Station may not be a very successful product for Connectix, they still seem to support their customers nicely. That also includes updating the Recommended Games List for VGS, which is actually one big list of PSX games, which you may consult in case you're not sure if the game you want to play is actually "judged playable" :D Note that only the VGS Windows list is updated; there are certainly more tested games though :)

Well, it seems there's not much more to say. I suggest you check out Connectix' Recommended Games List for VGS if you like, and be sure to explore our VGSWin section some time !

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   Spanish bleem! Posted by Ryos at [22:51 CET] has recently updated with the news that bleem! is now available in Spanish in bleem, inc.'s online store. The new version costs the same as the English version ($29.95). If you live in Australia or New Zealand and desperately want the Spanish version, it appears you can't currently get it with local shipping. I don't believe the new version has any different features than bleem! version 1.5b, but I'm sure this will be news of interest to the many of you who speak Spanish.

Si Ustedes quieren jugar bleem!, el emulador para PlayStation, pero no hablan Ingles, ahora Ustedes pueden obtener bleem! en Espańol! Va a para más información.

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   We're finally back ! Posted by Bobbi at [22:42 CET]  
Well, looks like we finally managed it to get installed on the new server. Since such a server move is a pretty big thing it took me a lot of time to get all the files copied on the new server and everything set up. This server should be able to provide us with more speed and more possibilities for you - And we're finally away from Climax Media, so no more warez banner or something like that :)

Sadly enough, we haven't worked out everything on the new server yet ... Neither the E-Mail accounts for the members nor the hosted pages are working yet, according to our host they should be up early next week. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Sorry to the hosted pages for the problems, but we'll have some nice goodies ready for you when it's finally back up (and of course, we'll also have some nice goodies for the visitors !)

For now, the page is mostly the same like before the server move, I admit it that it wasn't very clever how we did that, but we should be back to normal now - So let the news flood begin (looks like we missed plenty of things during the last 4 days).

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