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   Go PS2, go ... away ! :) Posted by Bobbi at [14:00 EST]  
Well, now that the PS2 is on the market, it's time to compare a bit, but we won't do this since DC.IGN already did that VERY well for us in this article, you should just check that out, it contains MUCH truth and shows that it's still a very good idea to get a DC - Not only because of the price :
    So there you have it. Yeah, it was harsh, and yeah, the PlayStation 2 line-up is so sparse we can't even sing the praises of Samba De Amigo, the upcoming Daytona USA Online or the long-awaited return of the Phantasy Star series, but we did what we could. The truth is, it's not so much that we hate the majority of these PS2 titles, it's just that only a complete idiot would try to tell you that when you compare all of the available games this Christmas, your best interests as a gamer would be served by picking up a PlayStation 2. Well, a complete idiot or a Sony Marketing exec. The bottom line is, before we reach the official start of the holiday season, the Dreamcast will offer you so many more AAA titles that it boggles the mind why anyone would skip out on this opportunity to be entertained.
To see the DC <--> PS2 comparisation of all PS2 launch titles (all 27), go here.

In case you were wondering what a REAL Sega fan does when seeing a PS2, the guys from Dailyrader noticed some "unusual" things one of the writers was doing with his PS2 ... Very funny to watch the movies, I HIGHLY suggest you to check them out by clicking here. Thanks to Sonikku for that great link !

   Bleem and WindowsME Posted by Bobbi at [14:27 EST]  
And yet again, the official bleem! homepage has recived an update. This time, they were checking how bleem performs under WindowsME, since it was originally designed for 95/98. Here're their results :
    Windows Millennium (ME) is the upgrade to Win 95/98. Our in house tests are positive and all the games tried seem to be working the same as 95/98. It seems to us here in the lab (!) that the main problem with bleem! and ME is with drivers. If you have a ME experience or a game you have tested thoroughly please send it to webmaster, if the responses I get are helpful they will be chucked on the ME page.

    Our in-house tests with ME were positive; OMEGA BOOST ran fantastically. At one point the frame rate dropped, but a quick CTRL+ALT+DEL showed a few too many apps running in the background and once they were flushed the game was back up to speed, same as if running on top of 95/98. Anyway, as of now we are happy to state that bleem! seems Windows ME ready.
Hmm, already had the feeling that ME performs the same way Win 95/98 did when I tried bleem! first, but good to hear it from the official site as well. For more bleem! related stuff, you should check out

Thursday, 26 October

   Article about emulation Posted by Bobbi at [11:16 EST]  
Gamer Vision recently made a small article about emulation and if it's really legal. They compare it from the companys point of view as well as from the gamers'.
    The problem with emulators, however, is that they run off the original data sources game cart images and CD-ROMs. These are where the legal issues come into play. There are several issues with which most people contend. Its generally thought that ROMs of games that you own and games that are no longer in print are legal. Nintendo has had a long stance against this practice, brining lawsuits against sites which contain ROM image files of SNES and NES games. To this point, most sites are playing it safe and keeping these ROM copies from their archives as no one wants to battle Nintendo in court, a smart move on the parts of the independent owners of these sites.
This is a pretty good article about emulation, though it mostly handles known topics. You should read it anyway by clicking here.

   Recent gaming news Posted by Bobbi at [11:10 EST]  
Well, like you all most probably know, today is the 26th of October, the day Sony officially releases the PS2 in the US. From friends in the US I heard that people are even camping in front of some stores, still hoping get one of the few shipped PS2's. I'm awaiting my PS2 on monday, so let's see how it performs. Anyway, here're some more gaming news for you :
    Another Top10 of the worst games - After two weeks ago Gamecenter already made a list containing the 10 worst games ever, Sharky games now also made a list with those games. The worst game of the year isn't really a surprise, but hey, go and look for yourself.

    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask review - The PS2 isn't really the only exiting release today, Nintendo also released the second Zelda game for the N64, called Majora's mask. I'll get this game for sure, as IGN gave it a 9.9 rating (out of 10 points). They wrote that an average gamer should need between 30 and 50 hours to finish it (very good !). When you want to order it, you can get it from EBWorld.

    PlayStation plunders Sony profits - According to the linked article by The Register, the PS2 cuts down Sony's profits down by 57 percent. But they still seem to have enough money to sue companys like bleem! or VGS ... But with todays shipping of the PS2, this might change pretty soon !

    Rebirth movie on Cube in realtime - There's been much speculation around this demonstration and if it was running in real time. Well, IGN now confirmed that the second movie, from second 0:22-1:06 is actually running in real time. Pretty amazing when you ask me. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, you can get the movie by clicing at the link above.
Enough gaming news for now. In case you still haven't seen enough of the PS2 or don't belong to the lucky ones who preordered one in time, you can see many pictures, cheats, codes, features and much more about this new console at

   New PSX emulator soon ? Posted by Bobbi at [09:08 EST]  
The guys over at Emusphere have recently moved servers and also posted some new pics of a new emulator which should be released when their server move is finished, what's announced to be this weekend.

From my first impression I'd say the emu isn't taking advantage of 3D cards yet. It already runs commercial games, full credit for the screenshots above go to Emusphere, I just mirrored them locally since Emusphere's posts pretty much news and doesn't have a newsarchive. So far, they posted screenshots of Dragonball Z [1] and Quake 3 [1] [2] and another game, but I missed it's screenshots few days ago.

Anyway, speculation about this is welcome on our message board. Please don't send any E-Mail to the guys over at Emusphere, it's just annoying to recive such mails and they won't be answered anyway.

Wednesday, 25 October

   Several misc news Posted by Bobbi at [16:08 EST]  
Hmm, slow news days right now, so here're some small misc news which don't need a complete post on their own :
    Australian bleem! price - Okay, okay, you guys can really stop to mail me now, after over 50 E-Mails we all know now that 60 austrian$ are about 35 US$ ... Hmm, still a high price when you remember that shipping needs to be added as well ... Anyway, head over to if you still need it ...

    Lower price for Crystal Gamepads - The guys over from Bleemfrance informed me, that the price for the Crystal gamepad will soon decrease to 27 US$, so about 1/4 less than the original price - Very well indeed ! If you don't know this pad yet, check out the review by clicking here.

    New messageboard URL - Well, since that old IP somehow looked stupid for our messageboard, we went out and registered a new domain for it. You can directly access our message boards by going to from now on, or just by clicking "Boards" in the menu to your left.

    Emutech2000 back - Maybe you still remember that cool page called Emutech2000, formal host of AdriPSX and a cool emulation page in general (though we still have that Assassin history in mind ...). And this page has been relaunched with a new design and some cool new ideas now, so make sure you take a look at !
Hmm, some more interresting news should come this weekend ... stay tuned ! :)

   New PSX tool released Posted by Bobbi at [15:35 EST]  
Thierry informed me, that he created a new utility for the PSX, which combines 3 functions : A PSX movie player, a file compare utility and a memory card manager. Though he just released the first version of it, it's already playing movies of games like FF7 - FF9, Legend of Mana and many others. The two biggest problems with this release is, that you need to copy the files to your HD and that you can't pause or stop a started movie, but the author promises to fix this in the next version.
    This is the first public release, a beta-release, version 0.01, with lots of bugs and unimplemented features...
    Why this beta-release ?

    Because today, the 24th October 2000, I managed to play the Final Fantasy 9 movies. I don't know any other movieplayer that can read them, so I'm veeeeeeeeeeeeery happy. I am so happy that I want to share this joy with the whole emulation community. That's why I decided to release this (far from finished) program.
The author asked us to link to his webpage instead of offering it for local download, so we'll follow his with (for now at least, we might add it to the PSX movie section sometimes soon). You can get this utility by clicking here. Certainly another great addition for the emu community !

   DVD Players to Play PSX Games? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:15 EST]  
Sounds a bit weird, but I saw over at Retrogames that The Register had posted an article about Acer, a prominent dvd manufacturer, working on a software and chip solution that would allow it's DVD players to run PC/PS/PS2 games. Here's some snippets of the article for those who are interested:
    Acer's new chip is a Risc processor, designed in partnership with an unnamed developer, and is slated to operate at around 300MHz. It will power an Acer-developed embedded OS which will host game emulation code, also created by Acer.


    Much depends on whether the Acer technology will emulate the PlayStation or the PlayStation 2. Sony has said it is interested in talking to companies who want to licence PS 2 technology, but it seems unlikely that this is what Acer is planning. Sony's licensing plan - such as it is - is primarily about selling more Emotion Engine CPUs, and there's no sign that that chip forms part of Acer's technology.

    If it is PlayStation emulation, Acer is on a pretty sticky wicket, you'd have thought. We assume Acer is smart enough to realise this, which is why it's aiming the technology at Chinese DVD manufacturers. China, we recall, is less than zealous in its protection of intellectual property rights, so Sony is going to have a hard time stopping Acer.
Seems pretty nice to me, if they can actually pull it off. I guess we'll just have to wait and see eh? =)

You can catch the rest of the article from The Register here, if you would like to learn more about Acer's idea. And, for a bit more info on Acer's plan, checkout this article. Thanks to Jules for that link.

Tuesday, 24 October

   Two updates Posted by Bobbi at [12:23 EST]  
Both, James and Matthew dropped me a line that yesterday, the official bleem! homepage has been updated two times (hmm, as often as from april to august together therefor ...).
The first update informes you that bleem! is now also locally shipping from Australia and New Zeeland for 60 austrian $ ... No clue how much that is though, if you know how many US$ those are, please drop me a line.

Then, bleem! is now offering a mailing list for both of their products, bleem! for PC and bleem! for DC ... I'm not really sure what those two are for since the page rarely gets updated with news, so what do they want to write in the mailing list ? :) Anyway, if you're interrested to sign up to them, head over to now.

   Crystal Gamepad review Posted by Bobbi at [12:13 EST]  
Wau, finally after nearly one year, I took the time to do another review. This time, I reviewed the new controller offered by Bleemfrance : The Crystal Gamepad ! This gamepad looks pretty much like the original gamepad and also has some neat additional features :
    You most probably already heard of one of those neat converters, which allow you to plug your original PSX gamepad into your parallel port or USB port and use it like a normal PC joystick afterwards. The disatvantage of these converters always was, that you had to buy a gamepad and that converter as well. Now, Crystal ships a gamepad which looks pretty much like such a PSX joystick, and even comes with more functions !
The suggested retail price should be between 30 and 35 US$. I suggest you to check out the whole review by clicking here.

Monday, 23 October

   Project Mayhem Posted by Bobbi at [15:31 EST]  
Joshua of Emusquared mailed me to let me know about his new project he's working on called "Project Mayhem". This projects wants to get as many coders as possible together in order to code a completly new PSX emulator.
    As you may have read or heard Emusquared is planning a Playstation emulator that we have titled Project Mayhem. This is a project that looks to bring several coders into the process rather than a small few. It is the belief of Emusquared that this will bring another strong and developed emulator into the community. We believe that by working together the best possible emulator can be created. So now, we are looking for volunteers.
Made you interrested ? Then make sure to contact them at You can check out the pre-version of the Mayhem page by clicking here.

Sunday, 22 October

   PSMCONV updated to v0.93 Posted by Wormie at [23:37 EST]  
I saw over at EmuHQ that PSMCONV has been updated to v0.93. Ben-J was nice enough to translate whats new for us. Here is what is new in this version :
    A main function and the movie image are : in non-compression AVI or the bit map file and XA of the conversion Saturn also :conversion and XA audio to the Wave file.;The CD drive with a fast response was made to be able to adjust the change point volume from the version before the necessity so that real-time reproduction (DirectDraw necessary and DirectSound) real time on being able conversion and a full screen might reproduce (0%-400%).
You can download the latest version here.

   Null has updated his SPU plugin Posted by Wormie at [10:21 EST]  
Null has updated his psemu SPU plugin. Not to much info was reveiled about the update. Here is what was posted on Null2's SPU plugin support page.
    + support envelope mode
You can download Null's SPU plugin from his site here.

   Bleemcast! and FF9 Posted by Bobbi at [07:24 EST]  
After it has become silent around bleemcast! during the past few weeks, DravidianHQ now posted a message on our board, that there's been a screenshot of FF9 being compared on the PSX, PS2 and bleemcast!. And now, some days later, ArchangelX was kind enough to post a link to the scanned image of this shot.

You need to click on the thumbnail and take a look at the large image to see the difference. Looks pretty amazing in my opinion, and seems to be another good reason to wait for bleemcast!. And it may create some speculations, as the release date for Final Fantasy 9 US will ship on 11/14/2000 ... Feel free to discuss this on our bleem! message board.

   Small blini! update Posted by Bobbi at [07:14 EST]  
Some of you might still remember this smart utility from JNS, creator of [pec] : blini!. Now, ten months after the last update, he posted an update with small fixes :
  • Now you can search with wildcards (* and ?) for a game from the list.This means, when you're searching for the game 'WWF Smackdown', it's now enough to enter '*Smackdown' into the search field - This should make it easier for you if you aren't sure about the internal name, the bleem!.ini may use.
  • Some old links updated
  • 339 new known DiscID's
  • A new version of UPX is out (v1.02) and this version is compressed with it UPX v1.02 made by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar.
In case you don't know what blini! is, it's a small utility which is able to edit/add entries to your bleem!.ini file (the one for compatibility). You can download blini! 5 by clicking here. Make sure to visit the authors page at

Saturday, 21 October

   VGS Article @ DailyRadar Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:19 EST]  
DailyRadar recently had a feature on Connectix's Virtual Game Station, which many of our visitors regard as one of the best PSX Emulators out there. The article explains what most users of VGS already know: it's high compatibility rate, it's low price, and how the graphics look less than spectacular on a monitor compared to the original PlayStation on a TV. Here's a clip of the article on weighing the pros and cons of purchasing VGS over a PSOne:
    Those considering purchasing a VGS will have to weigh the pros and cons. While it does work as advertised and it actually works quite well (especially considering its whopping 1.03 MB install), it's not 100% compatible, and computer monitors really show some of the quirkiness of the PSOne's graphics. At the same time, it is a portable, playable PSOne and it doesn't require a TV. It's a better alternative than the update void of Bleem!, but nothing will beat the original.
The last sentence is very true IMO, while VGS has a great compat, it's not as good as an original PSX. You can checkout the rest of the Daily Radar Feature here.

   [pec] v1.2 released Posted by Bobbi at [08:02 EST]  
Finally, and only one week late (how was this with support at release date ? =P), JNS uploaded the new [pec] version to his homepage. This update is mostly for adding ePSXe support, but also includes the following changes :
  • Support for ePSXe 1.0.0
  • Big bugfix - Some Quantity Digits weren't used correctly
  • Message pops up now when you have selected more than 350 codes
  • Subscript out of range"-bug in games with many cheats fixed
  • PSX beta button changed to full version 0.5.240
JNS also updated the database again with several cool games like Chrono Cross (JAP), Syphon Filter (US) and many more. Download the new [pec] version 1.2 by clicking here. To get the new database and more infos and help for [pec], check out The ePSXe, VGS, PCSX, bleem! and PSEmu Pro download areas have been updated accordingly as well, so make sure you check them out !

   More ePSXe plugin stuff Posted by Bobbi at [03:43 EST]  
Yesterday, we reported about ePSXe being able to use the plugins from ImpactEmu, and that they're able to produce some very fast results. Well, I only posted the OpenGL renderer here, but "Pokemonweb" (that's his e-mail adress, really =P) was kind enough to mail me the two other plugins as well. But beware : Sacth/Coltrane mentioned on our message board, that :
    The impact renderer files are very fast but have no offscreen drawing so some games notabley the Final Fantasy games won't work properly - They work great in Tekken3 tho!
Some people also say the glide version doesn't work, some say it works great ... I guess you have to find out that for yourself ! Download the three plugins below, they're all already renamed to renderer.dll, so you just need to put them into your epsxe/plugin directory :For those of you who notice that those plugins are running to fast, here's a brief explanation from wanderer on the quick keys you might want to use :
    INSERT - Show FPS
    PAGE UP - Toggle frame skipping on/off (default: off)
    PAGE DN - Toggle FPS limitation on/off (default: off)BR>HOME - Toggles between auto(default)/25/30/50/60 FPS limit
    END - Toggle texture alignment on/off (default: on)
Feel free to discuss your results at our ePSXe messageboard.

Friday, 20 October

   Another tweak for ePSXe Posted by Bobbi at [15:43 EST]  
In this thread on our message board, wanderer pointed out that it's possible to use the plugins from Impact with the new emulator ePSXe, and they're supposted to be pretty fast ! To get this plugin working, just rename the renderer.ipc to renderer.dll and put it into your plugin directory - and ePSXe will recognize it as OGL renderer 1.8 ! People have been reporting that this plugin runs faster than the OpenGL plugin from Pete for example ... Please post your results with this plugin in this thread on our message board !

Since the Impact homepage just displays some nice pics of the Linux version, I thought I might zip up this plugin and put it here (thanks i4get for the help !). You can download it by clicking here. I also added it to the ePSXe download section, where you can also find other useful tools, so make sure to take a look.

   VGS modchip for 1.41 Posted by Bobbi at [15:23 EST]  
Morlac was kind enough to create a patch for Virtual Gamestation 1.41 and send it over to Aldo, who immediately posted it on his page. Finally, all of you will be able to play their "backups" again ... Remember, that this patch should also fix some troubles you may have encountered with VGS simply spying out original CD's instead of starting them. Anyway, to download the new modchip for 1.41, click here.Warning : We haven't tested this modchip yet and can't tell, if it runs ! Please post your results with it here when you tried it out !!

*Update : Aldo reported, that this patch may eventually crash your system after you exit VGS - So make sure to save everything before trying it !!! *End of Update*

And even more great news from Aldo : He saw on another message board, that it's possible to get Chrono Cross running by converting it to PAL. To learn how to do this, just go over to !

   VGS compatibility list updated Posted by Bobbi at [15:12 EST]  
And yet again, Connectix, creator of Virtual Gamestation, updated their list of recommended games with many new entries for all 4 versions out there, for Macintosh as well as for windows. I guess this update is to cover the changes the new version 1.4.1. When going a bit through it and comparing it to my own compatibility list, I noticed that I got quite different results than Connectix did... And many new games aren't covered in their list yet ... but that's none of our business :)

To check out the updated compatibility list, point your mouse here. Thanks to tn from our message board for the news.

   A site suggestion Posted by Bobbi at [05:21 EST]  
Since there're few news right now, I thought I might as well give you a link to a site a friend of mine created. It's about the art of The Gimp and contains several very nice wallpapers (mostly of women =P). So in case you're looking for a nice wallpaper, make sure you take a look (*advert*).

Enough babbling, to check out his pages point your browser to now. And now, let's look for some real news ... :)

Thursday, 19 October

   AdriPSX page updated Posted by Bobbi at [15:42 EST]  
Well, after those great screenshots posted one month ago on the AdriPSX page, Roor now sent over a status update on what's going on :
    Wau, already a month is over now since the last update on this page, and you most probably noticed that there's still no release. Well, this has several reasons, one being that AdriPSX isn't the only project any more I'm working on.
    For some weeks now, I'm working on another project related to PSX emulation (no, not another emulator). This project will see the light of the day very soon and will surely be very useful for many of you. Well, keep your eyes on PSXEmu as it'll be announced there when it's done.

    But that isn't really related to AdriPSX, here's the reason the project still isn't released : Lots of people (a majority) asked me to port AdriPSX to Windows before releasing it ...
Hehe, we'll of course keep you updated on this new project Roor's been working on (pls no mail to either of us). You can check out the complete, longer newspost by going to now !

   Cheating in ePSXe Posted by Bobbi at [14:15 EST]  
After JNS still has problems to get [pec] running with the new emulator ePSXe, there's now another possibility to cheat in ePSXe : Aldo Vargas developed version 1.2 of [pec] edit, which now features an option to convert cheats to the format ePSXe uses.

But beware : ePSXe's cheat editor doesn't include features like extended codes or jokers codes, so you won't be able to use some of them. When you need those, wait for the next [pec] release ! You can download [pec] edit 1.2 with ePSXe cheat convertion function by clicking here. Of course, the ePSXe tools section has been updated accordingly as well !

   Capcom goes emulation ? Posted by Bobbi at [14:05 EST]  
I saw over at Gaming age a quite interresting article about Capcom developing emulators from today on to cut down development costs for porting games to most major systems :
    Starting next fall Capcom will allow users of personal computers, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Xbox and GameCube to enjoy online matches with other players regardless of the machines they use. The goal is to eliminate the risk involved in developing products for one specific machine. The new games will help Capcom stabilize its revenue by making it less susceptible to the fluctuations in popularity of particular game consoles. The company intends to keep adding new titles to existing series of video games for individual machines, while releasing new games capable of overcoming operating system differences simultaneously for all major consoles.
Wau ... that'll hopefully show some other companies that emulation can be quiet useful ... Saving 25% of the development costs can't be to bad :) Check out the whole article by clicking here.

Wednesday, 18 October

   DCs without CDr function ? Posted by Bobbi at [14:28 EST]  
May it be possible that the new dreamcast consoles won't include a function to play backuped games on CDr's ? Well, according to Boob, the dreamcast research site, this might be possible very soon.
    Rumors about this have been floating around for a while now, but I did not want to post anything until I had some sort of confirmation. Today I received confirmation from two seperate reliable sources that new Dreamcasts will soon be released that do not allow CDRs to be bootable -- including the Utopia Boot Disc and self-booting apps.
Well, time to get one of the current dreamcast's before they're really going to do that .... (if you don't have one yet). You can check out boob! - the dreamcast research site by clicking here. updated Posted by Bobbi at [14:16 EST]  
Calb just updated the official homepage with some troubleshooting hints for those of you, who weren't able to get the emulator running yet. They added an in-deep step by step describtion for the best plugins and configurations :
    Only four days after the emus first release, we are already getting reports from many people who've problems getting the emu running, so we decided to release the following informations which should help you to get the emu working.

    Right now, we accept donations of demo CD-Roms from those PSX magazines when you don't need them any more. Those CD-Roms are interresting for us since we can easily test several games at once.
Well, after the page got updated, we also updated our FAQ we made with a "Getting started" section. You can download our ePSXe FAQ v1.1 by clicking here. I also added this FAQ to our ePSXe Installshield, when you still need it get it here. For more ePSXe news, make sure you visit !

   1.5 million visitors ! Posted by Bobbi at [14:00 EST]  
Wau, we just topped another magical number : We reached 1.500.000 million hits on our mainage today (the counter is at the bottom of the page). Surely an amazing number when remembering that were're only online for one year and 12 days now and we're mainly focusing on PSXEmu emulation (for now at least).

Well, like you know I like talking about our past, but since this is just a mid-number, I won't do that now :) When you're interrested in PSXEmu's history, you should really check out our history page, it contains everything we experienced so far. Feel free to send comments to our message board.

   [pec] database update Posted by Bobbi at [13:20 EST]  
Well, not the update we were all waiting for which adds support for ePSXe, but still a very cool update got posted on the [pec] homepage today. JNS said due to some technical problems he wasn't able to get [pec] working with ePSXe, but he's working hard on getting support added. Anyway, he released a nice database update with the following games added :
  • Chrono Cross (US)
  • Dino Crisis 1 & 2 (US)
  • Gran Turismo (US)
  • Legend Of Dragoon (US)
  • and many more ...
Wau, many cool cheats I've personally been looking forward to. You can download the database update by clicking here (-494k-). Make sure you visit the [pec] homepage for more cheating news and downloads !

Tuesday, 17 October

   Misc emu news Posted by Bobbi at [17:01 EST]  
Well, here're just some short news bits of things that happened today and which aren't really worth a complete post : banner - Well, many of you mailed me telling me about that banner we had on our page this morning. Well, this has been fixed meanwhile and shouldn't happen again, but belive me, we'll take consequences out of this ...

    Suggestions for VGS 1.41 - Aldo posted some hints for those of you who're still waiting for a modchip for 1.41 because the old one doesn't work with that version ... he explains when you should use which version and also, how to configure tools like Virtual Damon correctly. I suggest you to check out these hints at his page.

    New messageboard forum - Well, after several requests and a post of Ryos (thanks mate), I decided it's about time to create a complete forum for ePSXe on our boards, since it was hardly possible to find other emu questions in the free emulator board. So from now on, please post all questions / comments into this board.

    Program to check BIOS files - The webmaster of PSXBios mailed me today, that he created a new ASM tool which allows you easily to find out your BIOS version. You can download it by clicking here.
Hmm, still no word from [pec], let's hope we'll see the new version soon. And no real news in the past few days, let's hope there'll be something worth while mentioning tomorrow (*hint* =P)

   No 3D for VGS ? Posted by Bobbi at [16:49 EST]  
One of our messageboard members called Yazakazi informed us in this thread about some bad news he got from Connectix after mailing them the following letter :
    I tried out your demo and I was quite impressed but I was wondering if you are planning on adding 3d hardware support in the future as it is one of the features that I am looking for in a playstation emulator.
Well, Connectix replied with the following mail :
    ..."the Sony Playstation are not written to take advantage of 3D video cards. Therefore creating support for these cards would not benefit any game."
Is it just me or did either the support guy get the question wrong or aren't they going to relase any version supporting D3D ? Well, we've contacted Connectix and are hoping for a real statement soon.

Monday, 16 October

   ePSXe memory card tools Posted by Bobbi at [14:36 EST]  
Aldo just dropped me a note that he now also released memory card converters for ePSXe, which allow you to convert both, bleem! and VGS memory cards to the format ePSXe uses (and PSEmu Pro does as well). We'll update our savegame archive according to this soon so you'll be able to download hundreds of saves for ePSXe soon !

You can get the four converters in one zip file by clicking here, and our ePSXe download section has been updated accordingly !

When just talking about ePSXe, there've been many shots posted at our screenshots forum, so if you're looking for some nice game shots, just take a look there or post your own. And tomorrow, we'll add a compatibility list to this page, so please all post all your results into this post !

Sunday, 15 October

   Many new ePSXe features ! Posted by Bobbi at [17:43 EST]  
Well, after the release of the great emulator ePSXe, we couldn't of course just sit around here and wait for something to happen, we wanted to give you more help and infos for this emulator, so I sat down for over 6 hours today (so much to : the free weekend) and worked on the following cool features for you :

First off, I created a long FAQ, with nearly every question you could possibly have, especially when you have troubles getting ePSXe working properly. You can download the FAQ by clicking here. You can view it as HTML version in our ePSXe section ! Thanks for their help with this FAQ flys out to CDBuRnOuT and calb who greatly assisted me creating it !

Then, we created a GREAT installshield for those of you, who don't have the emu yet or want to get it with the best plugins, so you don't need to download every single one ! It also features a nice un-install program and much more, I highly suggest you to check it out by clicking here.

And last but not least, we updated the ePSXe download section so you can get all tools and files there ! Of course, new ones will be added when they come out, so keep an eye on those sections as for example Aldo should create a memory converter soon and [pec] also should add support for ePSXe soon !

Wau, quite a lot of news, ehh ? When you want to see more screenshots taken from the users for the users, you should check out our screenshots forum, there're plenty of great screenshots ! Feel free to post your results there as well as we'll compile a compatibility list soon here on PSXEmu !

   First Linux PSX GPU Plugin! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [16:43 EST]  
Pete has released the first Linux GPU plugin, Pete's MesaGL Linux PSX GPU! It's on the same level as his Windows-based plugins. Here's a snip of what Pete had to say about his new GPU:
    Ah, yeah :) Finally I've done a Linux psx gpu library, too. It will be running fine at least on nVidias xfree4 glx, but all other cards with hw acceleration could also work. Of course, right now there is no linux psx emu (ehe, funny, to have a plugin but no emu ;) so I've coded a small test application for the plugin. You can get the full source of the test app from my plugin development page.
You can grab Pete's MesaGL Linux PSX GPU v1.38 here (-83k-). Pete also made a PSEmu Pro Plugin Development page today, which you can check out here. It includes Plugin interfaces for GPU, SPU, and CDR, Duddie's Soft GPU source, and the source for Pete's test application he used for Linux. If you're interested in making a PSEmu Pro Plugin, I recommend you give Pete's page a look.

   GF-PSX 0.30 english version Posted by Bobbi at [08:08 EST]  
After the release of the japanese version of GF-PSX, the author now decided to release an english version since most users didn't had any use for the japanese one. This version still only runs with VGS and has the following changes :
  • only support VGS now, bleem! and PSEmu are not been support any more
  • add code_adding engine,you can add the Gold finger code directly
  • have not add search engine yet...:(
  • can translate the date and address into gold finger code!!
To use the english update, you need to download the japanese version first and then install the english update above it. Big thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

Saturday, 14 October

   ePSXe 1.0 released ! Posted by Bobbi at [13:47 EST]  
Like announced two hours ago, here is the first, official release of ePSXe, which carries the version number 1.0 ! This emulator will surely help the PSX emulation scene to advance more and more now ! Here's the official post from the page :
    Well, the wait its over :). I just uploaded the first public release of ePSXe in the download section. Its only the exe an docs, there are no plugins in the package, so you need to download your favorite plugins too. Please, *PLEASE*, read carefully all documentation (plugins docs too), and, if you still having problems go to new help forum to post your questions.
    There is a surprise with the emulator, courtesy of Pete Bernert, called ePSXeCutor, an awesome front-end for ePSXe.
Okay, I'm sure you don't want me to talk long about this, you can download the files right away : We made a slightly modified version of the original release, which already includes the best plugins for you to start right away, get that one here. You can download the original ZIP (in case you need it) here, the frontend from Pete here.

Remember : You need a BIOS file (called SCPH1001.BIN for example), we DON'T provide you with this file, neither do the authors of ePSXe - Search the web, there're plenty of downloads for it ! And now, enjoy one of the best PSX emulators out there ! And remember to discuss this on our Free emus discussion board as well as posting your screenshots in our screenshots forum !

   Misc bits of news Posted by Bobbi at [12:14 EST]  
Seems to be a slow day, but this will surely change soon ... (see first news bit). So here're just some things I wanted to mention before the big event this evening :
    ePSXe release within the next 3 hours : Weeks have passed and you're all waiting for it, now the time is close : After the german readme has just been finished, the emulator release is VERY close now. Just keep an eye at the mainpage, we'll post it as soon as it's released. If you want to wait with us and the authors, join #epsxe in EfNET NOW !

    New poll : You most probably already noticed it, but we have a new poll asking you : Which of the following emus did you bought ? To see the results from our last poll, which asked if we should cover the complete range of next-gen emulation, click here.

    RCP is fine : Mrs. RCP informed bwb of, that RCP, programmer of Kiame and TR64, is going good after he has gone to hospital. Hope you're feeling good again soon RCP !
BTW - You noticed that is back with a ... let's call it funny flash intro ? Anyway, keep an eye on the page for the ePSXe release within a few hours !

   Gaming news Posted by Bobbi at [04:27 EST]  
Well, after the re-launch I thought a bit what we might still add to PSXEmu now ... And I thought, you might be interrested in game and hardware news of the most popular games from time to time, so you should see this topic more often (maybe 2-3 times a week) from now on. Here're you are with the first bit :
    Sega europe celebrates : After selling over 1 million DC systems and over 2.5 million games, Sega looks back to a very successful year - and may also take advantage of the shortage of PS2 systems.

    FF9 movies from the first disc : released all movies from the first disc of the japanese mega seller FF9, which will be released in the US in about 20 days. But warning : Since I already finished the japanese version, I can tell you the movies are extreme spoilers and you won't have to much fun any more when you watched them before.

    FF9 Question and answers : And Final Fantasy 9 the second : This Q/A discussion answers everything you always wanted to know about how Square developed this fantastic game, how the music was written and much more. Worth reading when you're a fan of this game (like me). BTW - The subtitel of the official Final Fantasy movie was leaked : It's The spirits within. Read more here.

    The 10 worst games of all time : Gamecenter compiled a list of the 10 worst games of all time at their page. They seem to have fun trashing the PC game, but I'm not sure if Frogger 3D is really the worst game of all time (you ever played Adidas Street soccer ? =P) Anyway, still nice to read.

    PS2 - The porn console ? Vivid Interactive, a company well known for adult movies, plans on releasing several titles for the new console, taking advantage of the PS2's built in DVD playback function. I can't imagine that Sony will be to pleased with this, but who knows, the creators of the VHS standart most properly also didn't aim mostly on such movies to be published.
That's all for now, I'll add more when more news become available :) Feel free to send me a comment about those new postings here or leave a note on the General discussion board. Now let's see if we can find some emulation news ...

Friday, 13 October

   ePSXe delayed a bit Posted by Bobbi at [12:44 EST]  
Well, you already read the topic so I guess you know what the situation is : The announced PSX emulator ePSXe has been delayed a bit more. The official topic of the #epsxe channel reads as the following :
    Release soon, SPU rewrite
If you don't know yet, the SPU is the sound part of ePSXe, and it has been one of the factors we criticized in our preview (well, it wasn't real critic, we just noticed it, we don't like to crizicize free emus). But the birth a wispering that a release date is still very close ... (and they're wispering a lot of other stuff, ehh Galtor ? =P).

To shorten the meantime a bit, I posted some more screenshots of Gran Tourismo 2 which've been made by JNS. But instead of posting them here on the mainpage, I'll post them in our message board from now on, since this doesn't slow down the mainpage. You can see them by clicking here. Feel free to discuss this in our Free emulators forum.

   GF-PSX 0.30 released Posted by Bobbi at [12:34 EST]  
Yet another version of the new cheating utility called GF-PSX popped up today. This version removes support for bleem! and PSEmu Pro and only supports VGS from now on. Here's the complete list of what's new :
  • only support VGS now, bleem! and PSEmu are not been support any more
  • add code_adding engine,you can add the Gold finger code directly
  • have not add search engine yet...:(
  • can translate the date and address into gold finger code!!
Looks like this new cheating utility is progressing nicely, just wonder why it doesn't support the other programs any more. Anyway, you can download v0.3 by clicking here (-254k-). Thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

Thursday, 12 October

   Message board back up ! Posted by Bobbi at [15:44 EST]  
Well, after several days, I finally got a response from our new message board host and immediately started to upload all files again ... Wau, does UB2k's backup function suck ... well, it was worth the effort, all old members and messages have been ported as well and I gave the board a new look so it doesn't look like the one EmuHQ uses any more :) Looks pretty much like the site now !

Well, enough talking, use our new message boards by clicking on "Boards" in the menu to your left or by clicking directly here.

   PS2 : Close to launch Posted by Bobbi at [08:10 EST]  
If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few months, you certainly know that the release date for the PS2 is getting closer and closer (14 days left, yay !). But before the final launch will be possible, there're still some problems. The first one mostly concerns the retailers. It seems Sony uses some unfair ways to get their software sold :
    Today we received word from the owner of chain of gaming related stores in the north-east regarding the practices of some distributors amidst the impending PlayStation2 launch. From what we've been told, smaller retailers are being forced to purchase 10-20 pieces of PlayStation2 software per hardware unit, in order to be guaranteed systems at all.
Who has to pay these additional costs is easy to guess : The customers. Great move Sony. Aynway, read the article over at the Core magazin.

Ah well, anyway, the second concerns the publicity and people, who want to get a PS2 and didn't had the chance to pre-order yet (I ordered mine *strike*) but still want to get one this year :
    The straight facts are these -- if you haven't already pre-ordered one, you're #!*% out of luck, pal. Just in case you didn't hear that, without a pre-order you almost assuredly won't get a system at launch. IGNPS2 has done research into the matter of acquiring a system, and not one store is optimistic about launch units right now. But while getting a system is almost impossible at launch, there are a few alternatives and stealthy tactics with which we can certainly help.

    First, don't give up all hope, just give up most of it. While there are 500,000 units shipping to stores for launch, Sony said it is supplying more than 100,000 units across North America each week until the end of the year, for a total of 1.3 million by the end of the calendar year. Actually, if you add up the weeks after launch, there are 9.4 weeks left. If you do the math that means Sony will ship at least 1.4 million by the end of the calendar year, about 100,000 more than it said it would ship. Whichever way you cut it, there will be units to buy, but they'll come in small amounts and quickly be bought up.
To get some more hints on how to get one of the hot PS2 consoles, head over to this article by PS2IGN.

Wednesday, 11 October

   VGS 1.4.1 Released! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:44 EST]  
As most of you may have noticed, and as Bobbi stated below, the demo of Virtual Game Station had the version number 1.4.1, and included some bugfixes. Final Fantasy 9 and Legend of Mana work perfectly in the demo, and the cropping bug of 1.4 was fixed. This left people wondering, will the full version of VGS be updated to included these changes? Well, your questions have been answered! Bobbi was checking, when he saw that the full version of VGS had been updated to 1.4.1!

So far, it seems that the full version has the same changes as the demo, but I'm not quite sure, so mail me if you find anything else is new. Enough rambling, I'm sure you're itching to grab the binaries for the windows or macintosh version =)

Download the VGS 1.4.1 Win Updater here (-1.96MB-)
Download the VGS Mac Updater here (-975k-)

   About the next VGS Posted by Bobbi at [11:06 EST]  
You all most properly heard about the VGS demo which has been released by Connectix some days ago. Well, one thing you maybe didn't noticed yet, is that the demo version isn't based on v1.4 but on v1.4.1 - An advanced version which also shows us what the next version will feature. Two of the games which'll run in the next version are already found :
    Final Fantasy 9 In Efnet, calb informed me that Final Fantasy 9 runs with the demo but not with the full version. Certainly one of the games most people will look forward to play it after the release of the US version in one month.

    Legend of Mana - In this post on Aldo's board, Mu0n said that Legend of Mana also doesn't crash any more in the new demo !!
Well, certainly good news, but before you run and get those games now to play them with the demo, keep in mind that the demo doesn't have savestate support. Anyway, if you want to take a look, you can find the demo at our VGS win download page.

   More Emus4PSX Posted by Bobbi at [10:54 EST]  
More retro emulators for the PSX have been added to Double Dutch designs. This time, it's an emulator called "The Galaxian Project" which runs Galaxians and Scramble (and several others) at full speed on full screen and even sound !
    Like the Invaders & Phoenix emulators you can make your own batch files, this extends the number of games that the emulator will run. As with Invaders, a ".io" file can be used to select the input & output memory maps, and change various operating parameters. The ".io" file is 4 bytes long (no more, no less)!!!
You can get those new emulators here. For more retro emulators, visit Double Dutch designs now !

   Import Player 2.0 Posted by Bobbi at [10:42 EST]  
A nice utility for all you people importing games out there has been released : Import Player 2.0 ! This utility allows you to run import games on your playstation without any need to modify the game. Further explanation from the homepage :
    ImportPlayer is an application that allows you to play Playstation games from all regions, even protected games or games in a different video mode than the one your TV uses.

    ImportPlayer CD does not bypass the primary copy protection of the PSX. The CD version requires a modchip or "GameEnhancer" type device in order to boot it.

    The ROM version can be used to boot backups/imports. Simply start the PSX with any original(black bottom) CD from your region and the ROM will automaticly stop the CD for you(And will tell you when it's done stopping the CD). At that point you can take out that CD and put in the CD you want to play. You MUST keep the little button under the CD cover pressed down during the CD swap for this to work. I suggest a spring or a tack or something.
Certainly a great utility for all you import players out there ! You can download the CD version here and the (better) ROM version here. Remember you use this utility at your own risk, we didn't test that one yet. You can find the official homepage here.

Tuesday, 10 October

   Miscellaneous things Posted by Bobbi at [12:15 EST]  
Just some misc. things I wanted to mention here before going back to work. Nothing major but, ah well :
  • Page fixes :Three sections on the page had errors due to our server move : First off, the Chat room is working again now, something went wrong when it was uploaded.
  • The bleem! savegame section as well as the VGS savegame section both contained incorrect links (still used the old folder structure), this has been fixed as well, thanks to Todd Paciorek for the mail.
  • And last but not least : Kryso mailed me that another savegame patcher for Legend of Mana (see post from yesterday) has been released, you can download the one by clicking here (if you already got the old one, nothing you need to download though).
Hmm, think I mentioned everything necessary. Oh yeah, some nice infos : I heard the first release of ePSXe has come VERY close now - stay tuned for more here on PSXEmu !

   Daemon Tools 2.3 Posted by Bobbi at [07:20 EST]  
I just saw over at Aldo's page, that a new version of the CD-Rom emulator for bleem! and VGS called Damon tools has been released, pushing up the version number to 2.3 ! This release is especially interresting for those of you who still encountered crashing problems while playing PSX games from your HD. The full list of changes :
  • Blindwrite BWT image format added (multisession with sub info)
  • Some additional problems with PSX CDs fixed (XA Audio MODE2 sectors
  • Automount option added
  • Green taskbar icon turns red if all emulations are disabled
So time for all of you ISO users to give this program another try when you encountered problems before. You can download the v2.3 from our VGS download page or by clicking directly here.

   Bleem! available in europe Posted by Bobbi at [07:05 EST]  
Well, today the official bleem! homepage has been updated with some news about bleem! now being available from europe as well. Here's what they have to say :
    Are you a European bleem!er who can't get his (or her!) groove on because the shipping cost on bleem! was just way too much? Well we have done something about it! Now we can offer bleem! to people in Europe with LOCAL shipping prices! So if you have been waiting, now you don't really have an excuse do ya?
Well, now let's see ... going to that online store and clicking on purchase. The price for bleem! lies at 24.99, that's (for you german out there) like 75 DM aka 37 US$. Though it's a bit cheaper than getting bleem! directly from the US, our local shop already carries it for about 60-70 DM (30-35$) - without any waiting time.

When your country doesn't carry bleem! yet, you can still use this nice possibility by going to the bleem! online shop here.

Monday, 9 October

   Message board down again Posted by Bobbi at [14:43 EST]  
Well, well, just yesterday we celebrated that fantastic new message board with all it's functions, and now, it's already down again. We got mailed by our previous host that we caused "too much traffic for their servers" ... Well, guess it was a bad decission to put this board on free servers, that's why we just registered to a new host, which seems to have some amazing features like a SQL database, very fast servers etc. ...

We'll run our message board on that server soon, and maybe also move some other nice functions over to that host (like our new compatibility database). But until the registration progress is over, we need to disable to message board - Sorry for that, it'll be up in 2-3 days again !

   LOM savegame patch Posted by Bobbi at [14:23 EST]  
Remember that workaround Jeff sent us some days ago for Legend of Mana (if you don't know : Legend of mana works in bleem!, but when you save and want to load it again, you get a corrupted savegame message) ? Well, now he wrote a small utility which does that job on it's own without you needing to download PSXGameEdit or to hex the savegame on your own - So much easier to use for all LOM fans.

Enough talking, you can download the savegame patch by clicking here. Make sure to visit Jeff's page as well here.

Sunday, 8 October

   New message boards up ! Posted by Bobbi at [17:08 EST]  
Well, since our own server doesn't seem to be able to carry the message boards we bought (crashes during installation, even programmer has no clue), I decided to move it to another, temporary server in the meantime. The new messageboards are based on UltraBoard 2000, a very nice message board script with tons of functions. You don't have to register on them, but it's much easier for you if you do.

The temporary URL for the message board is until the new domain we just requested is finished. And once the server move is done, we'll also remove that ugly advert banner from the message board. But for now, feel free to check the boards by going here.

   ePSXe page updated ! Posted by Bobbi at [12:23 EST]  
Just learned in #psxemu from Galtor (webmaster of ePSXe), that the official ePSXe page has been updated yet again. This time, they followed a request from many users and posted screenshots from the following EA games :Fifa 2000, Knockout Kings 2000, NBA 2000, Superbike 2000 and Tiger Woods 2000.

Certainly an update you should check out. And don't forget to read our ePSXe preview by clicking here.

   Pete's new GPU plugins Posted by Thorgal at [09:39 EST]  
That's right, Pete Bernert has updated all of his GPU plugins for PSEmu Pro (and other emulators using the PSEmu plugin system, such as FPSE and the upcoming ePSXe) ! This time, they're all on par at v1.38. Here's a brief summary:
    Pete's Soft PSX GPU 1.38
    For those of you with a good ol' 4MB videocard, software mode is most likely your best option. Try this one sometime! New in this version:
    "Some fixes and a much better way to detect screen updates... no more slow 'FRONTBUFFER' stuff :)"
    * Download (-73k-)

    Pete's OpenGL PSX GPU 1.38
    Pete's OpenGL-based GPU plugin. This one will work with any OpenGL-compatible videocard. Here's what's new:
    "less clipping problems, containing the latest improvements of the soft gpu plugin used for offscreen drawing"
    * Download (-125k-)

    Pete's D3D PSX GPUs 1.38
    Aside from OpenGL, Pete has a D3D-based plugin as well. In fact, there are to versions: DX7 and DX6-compatible. For those of you having problems with the standard DX7 version, try the latter instead. This D3D version includes the same fixes as Pete's OpenGL plugin.
    * Download DX7 version (-105k-) - DX6 version (-100k-)
It's great to see the plugin system is still alive, and even inspired other PSX emulators ! For more information 'bout Pete's kickass plugins, check out his homepage sometime. For more plugins, check out our plugins page, the only plugin resource you'll ever need :)

   ePSXe preview Posted by Bobbi at [06:41 EST]  
You all most properly already heard about ePSXe, that great PSX emulator which is currently in development, made by calb, Galtor and _Demo_. Well, we've recived the permission from them to make a small preview of this emulator yesterday, so I sat down and wrote this nice preview :
    The great thing is : Right before this preview has been written, the ePSXe team sent out another beta version, which played a game many of you have been looking forward to : Gran Tourismo 2 ! Before you get into to much of an hurry yet, you need a fairly FAST PC to play it at a descent speed (a PII 350 plays the game at about 10 FPS, double the amount is necessary). It also seems, as if only the PAL version of GT2 is playable, but I can't verify this yet ... we'll have to see.
The preview also features several yet unreleased screenshots, so I suggest you to check it out now. You can find it by clicking on the review tab, under software, or simply by clicking here.

Saturday, 7 October

   Page stuff Posted by Thorgal at [17:54 EST]  
Well, I thought I'd put up some sitenotes after our comeback :) First of all, I just finished some new tabs for your viewing pleasure ;-) In case you still see some old crappy ones, be sure to either hit refresh several times, or clean up your cache :D This also counts for several other pages which have been changed since our comeback ...

Secondly, you've all most likely noticed our new kickass logo. Fits nice, doesn't it? :) Full credit for this one goes out to \Slash - thanks mate!

Lastly, there may be some colour problems here and there, especially for 16-bit colour users. This will be fixed ASAP, so there's no need to inform us 'bout it :D

Well, I guess this is the spot where I'm supposed to say "stay tuned for more ..." -_-

   Contest is over Posted by Bobbi at [13:22 EST]  
Phew, that went quick. We thought we'd say every 5000th visitor gets a price because that'd take 2 or 3 days for 25.000 .... and now, you guys get that done within only 18 hours ... ah well, here're the winners :
  • Visitor number 1.405.000 : SamY (hey, where the heck is the screenshot - but the IP is correct !)
  • Visitor number 1.410.000 : Greg Viola
  • Visitor number 1.415.000 : Michael Higdon
  • Visitor number 1.420.000 : Gigatron (from #psxemu !)
  • Visitor number 1.425.000 : El Dadou
Well, congratulation to all winners ! Now it's time for you to send your adresses to us so we can hand them over to bleem! and as soon as the bleem for dreamcast! paks come out, they'll be sent to your way !

And another BIG thanks to Sean from Bleem, inc. for giving us those nice prizes !

   Small update from Aldo Posted by Wormie at [12:19 EST]  
Looks like Aldo updated his DaeMount tool for Daemon Tools to 1.2. Here is a small description of what DaeMount is.
    DaeMount is a "shell" front end for the newest Daemon Tools 2.21. It let you decide in which drive you want to mount an image by double clicking on the icon of the CUE/BIN, ISO or CCD image. Also it shows the drive letters of the devices and let you open them in Explorer without have to go to "My Computer". New in this vesion: Support for BWT extension & scripting. Check the README.TXT for additional information.
You can find DaeMount and many other cool tools over at Aldo's Tool Page.

   PSEmu team gone crazy ? :) Posted by Bobbi at [11:41 EST]  
While just making my regular round over the most important emulator pages, I saw this ... ehmm, well ... let's call it "interresting" update over at the PSEmu Pro page. Well, after a flying cow from a castle, a forwarder link to the Virtual Gamestation page, we now get the message Stroller Killed PSEmu!.

Ehh, you didn't knew that yet ? :) Tss ... Ah well, feel free to discuss this on our message boards, and take a look at two very interresting cows at the PSEmu Pro homepage. (bleeeh)

   Miscellaneous news bits Posted by Bobbi at [05:39 EST]  
Well, during the past hectic days (it's hard to get such a big page done in time !), we missed two small news items, so here is the post for them :
  • After the official VGS demo has been released, JNS updated his page with good news about [pec] and this demo :I've tried it with [pec] version 1.1 and it works great. If you want to use [pec] with this CVGS demo too, just choose the CVGS button in [pec] select your codes and have fun. :) Certainly great news. If you don't have [pec] yet, get it from the official page.
  • Alan Martin mailed us to let us know that he updated his tool One-Click mount (a tool which makes it easier to use Daemon tools with VGS) with some nice new features which make this program much easier to use. You can get the updated version from his page.
Hmm, 3 contest winners have already mailed me, let's see who the last 2 will be ! And let's hope our server move (noticed the new advert banner at the top ?) is done soon as well, so we can announce two new hosted pages.

   New poll Posted by Bobbi at [04:30 EST]  
Hmm, since our poll died again (grr, this script dies too often ...), I thought why not making a new one. In our last poll, we asked you What emu type you prefer. Here're the results :
    VGS' high compatibility - 41.3%
    Bleem!'s 3D graphics - 32.1%
    Free emulators - 23%
    None, PSX emus suck - 3.4%
Wonder what you 3.4% do at this page then ... =P Anyway, our new poll asks you : Would you like PSXEmu to cover the complete range of Next gen emulation the same way we cover PSX emulation right now (means : many emulator infos, screenshots, tools, downloads, hints, reviews, development infos etc.) ? Please voice your opinion in the poll to your left.

Friday, 6 October

   Play LOM with bleem! Posted by Bobbi at [17:25 EST]  
Well, not it's time to get back to normal news posting. Jeff sent us an E-Mail, telling us that he found a way to save in the popular PSX game Legend of Mana. If you don't know yet : When you save LOM with bleem! and restart the emu, you can't load the savegame any more. Using the trick from Jeff, you can do this with some hexing !

For more details on this hint, I suggest you to check out this page. Oh yeah, and thanks to Paul from WWEmu for the reminder :)

   Okay, contest time ! Posted by Bobbi at [17:08 EST]  
Wau, still celebration time. And for out first birthday, the guys over at were kind enough to allow us to give out 5 bleem! for Dreamcast paks as contest prices ! So, here you go for the rules :
    At the bottom of the page, you can see our counter (somewhere after the copyright notice). We're giving out 5 bleem! for dreamcast paks : the first to visitor number 1.405.000, the second to visitor number 1.410.000, the third to visitor number 1.415.000, the forth to visitor number 1.420.000 and the last one, you already guessed it, to visitor number 1.425.000 !
Well, when you're one of the lucky persons to be one of those visitors, just drop me an E-Mail with your IP number (during the time you came to the page) and the exact time and of course a screenshot ! Well, that's all for now, enjoy !

   One long year Posted by Bobbi at [16:40 EST]  
For those of you who've been wondering about our cryptic message from before : It was just an away message while the new file structure / files have been uploaded to our server. New files ? Yes, we're celebrating our FIRST ANNIVERSARY today ! Now it has already been a full year, 365 days since the first newspost appeared on our page which read as the following :
    After many weeks of hard work, we're finally ready to present you, formal the bleem! support page. This page is one of the biggest sources for playstation emulation, and we're working hard to become better. Some sections are still missing, but most parts are already up and running. I'd like to send out a big thanks to all people who helped and supported us in the time we made this page. Special thanks go out to : Randy, David, DragonYen, Jesse, mathew2, Stefan, PJ, faceless and all other people who supplied me with help and cool ideas. Without you, this site would most propably not exist !
And now, after serving 1.400.000 million people through our mainpage (yes, we hit that number about 20 minutes ago !), we're celebrating ! And you should also enjoy this, looks forward to a nice contest in some minutes, here on !

A big thanks flys out to all of those, who supported us during this time (too many to name them here). Now, just surf a bit through our new and updated pages, you'll be able to find lots of new stuff there. Please, send over any comments to !

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