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Monday, 25 September

  New Aldo Tools! Posted by Wormie at [22:13 EST]  
Looks like Aldo is at it again. Aldo has created a new experimental tool called PSX Sound Recorder:
    This time the experimental tool is a PlayStation emulator sound recorder. It records the sound of your games using your microphone, then save it as WAV. It may be used for recording your voice too. I personally don't recommend it as a real tool for recording games, but it's great for playing with your mic :)
Aldo Also has updated DaeMount for Daemon Tools 2.21 to 1.0g:
    DaeMount is a "shell" front end for the newest Daemon Tools 2.21. It let you decide in which drive you want to mount an image by double clicking on the icon of the CUE/BIN, ISO or CCD image. Also it shows the drive letters of the devices and let you open them in Explorer without have to go to "My Computer". Check the README.TXT for additional information.
You can get these tools plus many more great tools over at Aldo's Page.

  Like promised : SHOTS Posted by Bobbi at [15:47 EST]  
Like I promised some hours ago, here're some shots from new games running in ePSXe. Much thanks to JNS for those, they're really nice this time, that's why I decided to post 9 shots from 3 games this time instead of the usal 6 out of 2 ! The shots are from Resident Evil 3, Shadow Man and 5th Element taken on a V2 3000 ! Enjoy :

Well, look forward to more screenshots sometimes soon ... and take a look at the ePSXe homepage here.

  Tools4Emu updated Posted by Bobbi at [13:46 EST]  
Maybe you still remember Alan Martin and those nice sweet utilities he created ? Well, now he dropped me a mail that he wrote a new tool and also moved to a new adress : The tool he made is called Cue writes and has the following use :
    I have created a tool which will create the cue sheets for the psx images that require them to run in Daemon Tools...Also, after creating them it has an option to mount the newly created cue sheet in Daemon tools...

    This is for people who have deleted the cue sheets or downloaded the images from website that do not have the cue sheets.
Nice idea in my opinion. You can get this utility and see the new designed homepage at Alan Martin's new page.

  ePSXe shots @ EmuHelp Posted by Bobbi at [13:25 EST]  
The guys over at EmuHelp today posted some new shots from the upcoming PSX emulator called ePSXe. Those shots have been made by JNS and are taken from Need for Speed 4 and Tomb Raider.

What you might want to know and what hasn't been really mentioned there : The purpose of these shots is to show, that some GPU bugs have been fixed by one of the great coders assisting the three known coders (it's a bit difficult to see this on those small shots).

Anyway, you can check out these shots over at and expect some more screenshots from our side this evening, too !

And one last message : Thanks to a very nice femal person (and another male person you'd define as a crazyfire(2) =P) without whom you'd just see a black page here instead of these news posts !

Sunday, 24 September

  Going retro on your PSX Posted by Thorgal at [09:03 EST]  
You'll probably know what I'm talking about :) Anthony Ball, leader of the RetroCoder Emulators projects, just let me know that there's a new version of Invaders available, which makes it v1.07 this time. As Anthony has some things to share, I'll just copy and paste 'em here:
    "Lots of new features added to V1.07, including some major bug fixes!!! As usual full screen emulation at full speed still works. :)

    Added "io" files, the way ".io" files works can be found on the web site. They just allow more "non standard" invaders boards to run without problems.

    Games tested to work (batch files included) are:Seawolf, Laguna racer, Amazing maze, Checkmate. These games were picked because the input & output ports are different to each other. But, lots others should work by manipulating the batch files and making new "io" files.

    If anyone has samples for "invaders" games other than "invaders" and "boot-hill", could they contact me please?"
It seems the project is progressing quite well these days :) As there are some things you should know before trying it out, I'll redirect you to the RetroCoder project homepage for more information. You can download Invaders Invaders 1.06 (no keycard required!) there as well. For v1.07, you'll need to be a "Retrocoder Discussion Member", ie. you'll have to sign up with eGroups and access their files section in order to get it. No biggie though, it won't take long.

Aside from that, the Phoenix project has been updated as well! This makes it v2.10 this time. I quote:
    "Phoenix has been updated to V2.10, this is to take care of bugs in the old z80 emulator core. But you may not notice any difference!"
Again, I'll point to Anthony's site for the complete scoop.

  Null2's SPU plugin v1.05 Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [08:20 EST]  
Satch was kind enough to send in a translation of Null2's comments on his latest plugin revision. Here's the translation, in full:

    An undefined function was added to the new interface part.

    [It] referred to spu.txt open to the public in when SPU was mounted.
    When the plug-in for PSEmu Pro was made, Mr. Segu made the model of the plug-in.
    Information on the operation of a new interface and SPU was offered to Mr. Pete.
    Thank you on this occasion.
Thanks again to Satch for that translation.

*ORIGINAL Post by Thorgal*
At the same time, Null2 decided to join Pete's PSEmu plugin party by releasing v1.05 of his great SPU plugin :) Now what's new... :
  • modified the new interface.
Short, but simple :D It seems Null2 does in fact have some comments 'bout this one, however it's in Japanese. Aside from some names, we wouldn't dare to guess what he's trying to say, so it'd be great if someone who is able to translate Japanese to (basic) English could help us out from time to time! Interested? Drop us a mail!

Enough brabbling, I didn't even give you a download link yet :)

* Download Null2's SPU plugin 1.05 (-25k-)

  Pete's Plugin Party :) Posted by Thorgal at [07:46 EST]  
Well, it seems Pete has been working on his kickass PSEmu plugins this weekend, as I was overwhelmed when I saw that he updated _all_ 5 plugins :-) Check this out :
    Pete's Soft PSX GPU 1.37
    Don't have an all too fancy videocard yet? Try this one, you'll like it :D New in this version:
    "Fixed a bug with 4 bit palettized sprites, causing glitches with 2D scrolling. 'Special game fixes' are also available."
    * Download (-75k-)

    Pete's OpenGL PSX GPU 1.37
    For those of you with a decent OpenGL-compatible videocard (fortunately, most 3d accellerators are these days), you'll want to get this one :-) Here's what's new:
    "Fixed primitive position wrap and 4 bit palettized sprites (offscreen drawing); also done: a new 'special game fixes' option"
    * Download (-126k-)

    Pete's D3D PSX GPUs 1.37
    Aside from OpenGL, we shouldn't forget M$'s D3D ofcourse. Pete has this one in two flavors : DX7-compatible (standard) and DX6-compatible (for those who have problems with the DX7 version; Matrox G200/G400 users for example). What's new in v1.37, you might ask? Here ya go:
    "Same stuff as OpenGL and (again) support for V2 addon cards (that was screwed with V1.35)"
    * Download DX7 version (-106k-) - DX6 version (-101k-)

    Pete's MIDAS PSX SPU 1.37
    Last but not least, Pete's SPU plugin! Obviously, this one is based on the Midas Sound Library. As it's a good alternative to Null2's SPU plugin, I suggest you check what's new in this version:
    "Corrected a small bug causing big problems with the new spu interface. Thanx to Null2 for lending me an helping ear :)"
    * Download (-116k-)
That was quite a list, wasn't it? :-) Great job, Pete! For more information, I suggest you check out Pete's homepage sometime.

Friday, 22 September

  More ePSXe shots Posted by Bobbi at [16:22 EST]  
Well, since the other shots are nearly gone from the mainpage now, I thought it'd be time to post up shots from 2 more games. This time, the shots are from Jacky Chun Stunt master and from V-Rally, two other nice games. The shots are, like all previous, taken using a V3 2000 in 800x600.


Well, enjoy ... And look out on for a release soon ... They're working hard for you, remember that. BTW - Thanks to JNS for the screenshots.

  New PSX cheating tool Posted by Bobbi at [13:45 EST]  
I just surfed around on my favorite emu sites when I saw over at EmuHQ that a new cheating tool has been released. Now much is known about this tool yet since the complete homepage is in chinese as well as the tool. But when I downloaded and started it, I noticed that it has buttons for bleem!, VGS and PSEmu Pro. Though it's codelist isn't as big as [pec]'s and it seems to be more buggy, it's nice to see another cheating utility coming up !

You can download this new utility by clicking here. Take a look at the chinese homepage at

  Daemon' tools v2.21 Posted by Bobbi at [13:35 EST]  
And yet another update of this nice CD emulator for PSX emulators. Although this release was only meant to fix a problem with Adaptec's Easy CD and Win2k. But since the support for PSX videos on emulators was just finished as well, they also included this kickass feature in the release :
    As we had to release quickly anyway we also included the support for PSX videos that was just finished. There was a problem causing PSX videos to 'hang' when run from PHANTOM CDROM in a PSX emulator like VGS or bleem!Now DAEMON Tools is REALLY the only virtual CDROM drive FULLY SUPPORTING PSX games!!
Wau, I'd call that a kickass new feature from the Daemon team. You can get the new version of Daemon tools at their homepage. Thanks to Aldo again for those news.

  NoComp speak about PCSX Posted by Bobbi at [13:32 EST]  
NoComp, formal programmer of the great PSX emulator PCSX now also told his opinion about that "We're the best" post from the FPSE team some time ago. Reminder : FPSE claimed that 4 emus, one of them PCSX, used their sources to develop their own emus. NoComp's post is written VERY well and just answers to the made insults :
    I was concentrating more on speed and compatibility with demos and wasn't very interested in CD for a while but I remember when PCSX was running almost all demos that didn't need CD support and I thought it would be nice to see how well Trex and Manta run but they need some simple CD support and I knew nothing about CD. At that time I took the FPSE CD source file I had from December 1999 and added it to PCSX almost completely unchanged. It turned out to be more of a hindrance to PCSX and I had to do lots of fixes to it to make Trex work. Just a few days later Roor (of Adri PSX) completely replaced any trace of FPSE code with some new CD code he wrote (Thanks a lot Roor). Had any trace of that FPSE code been left you can be sure that I would have credited its writer but Roor did a much better job.
And yet another emu author who didn't used the FPSE sources ... Well, let's hope this thing is done now. You can read the (long!) complete post at the PCSX homepage.

  VGS compatibility list updated Posted by Bobbi at [13:28 EST]  
Aldo dropped us an E-Mail that the official compatibility list for the PSX emulator Virtual Gamestation from Connectix has been updated as of 9/19/2000 ! The list now features 100s of tested games for both versions for PC and macintosh; certainly worth a look for existing VGS users as well as people thinking about buying it anytime soon.

You can view the official compatibility list for Virtual Gamestation by clicking here.

  Blah time Posted by Bobbi at [13:23 EST]  
Hmm, looks like everybody is a bit to lazy right now to update the newspage - Including myself. This might come from the time our new project requires and the stress it produced to us - that much that some people even left the project .. Well, now we slowed down a bit and are collecting forces to continue soon. But we need help now :

For our new project NGEmu (Next-Gen Emulation) we need help for the following two sections :
  • N64 emulation
  • Saturn emulation
Some previous skills are an advantage but not badly required when you can put some regular time into the page. In case you're interrested in any of the jobs (or have anything else useful for the page), just drop me an E-Mail.

Wednesday, 20 September

  More FPSE screenshots Posted by Thorgal at [17:12 EST]  
Nothing too shocking, but screenshots are always welcome imho :-) Over at the FPSE homepage, you will find some screenshots of FPSE for BeOS and Linux ! This proves yet again that emulator ports like these seem perfect to have a little game of Tekken (or Space Invaders for that matter ;) on one of the Linux machines of the network you're webmaster of :-)

And ofcourse, there are several other screenshots of FPSE running demos, commercial games like Chrono Cross and even MDECS, so if you missed these earlier, I suggest you go take a look at the FPSE homepage !

  AdriPSX screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [17:05 EST]  
Well, after Roor yesterday announced that a new version is close, he today sent over a ZIP containing 30 screenshots which I, of course, immediately converted and posted on the AdriPSX page. The following screenshots have been added :
    All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship, All Robots Final Attack, Battle Arena Toshinden III, Brave Fencer Musashiden, Breath of Fire III, Deathtrap Dungeon, Digimon World, Dragon Ball Final Bout, Echo Night, Hellnight, Herc's Adventure, Intelligent Qube, J League Soccer Survival League, Macross Digital Mission VFX II, Magic The Gathering - Battlemage, Marvel Super Heroes vrs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, Mickey's Wild Adventure, Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack, Mobile Suit Gundam Z, Nightmare Creatures, Rally Cross, RockMan X4, Romance of The Three Kingdoms VI, Saga Frontier, Sailor Moon SS, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus, Strikers 1945 II, Suikoden II and last but not least Tomb Raider 3 !
To check out those great screenshots, head over to now !

  Playsaver 1.07 released! Posted by Thorgal at [16:57 EST]  
Some of you will probably remember Playsaver. What's it all about, you might ask? I quote:
    "Playsaver is a device that you can make, that will copy Sony brand Playstation memory cards saves to and from your IBM computer."
Sounds cool? It is :-) In combination with PSXGameEdit, the most popular memory card saves manager/editor/hacker, it's the best PSX-memcard-to-PC solution :) Imagine you copy your memory card saves to your PC (and thus have a backup), "undelete" any saves you may have accidentally deleted, with your Playsaver; then edit, hack and convert them to another region with PSXGE! Nice ;-) Keep in mind however, that you will need to build the Playsaver first, as this is the cable which lets you connect your memcard to your PC! If you like fiddling with little pins, a soldering iron, and schematics (yes, schematics! they're all available at the Playsaver homepage!) , grab your chance :D Ofcourse, cables like these need software (remember DirectPadPro?), which puts me at the point where I can stop brabbling and tell you what's new/improved with the Playsaver 1.07 programs :
    This update fixes some timing problems. All full card saves should take about 60 seconds. I found that when I upgraded my mother board to a better board and faster cpu the programs timing slowed down. It should now be more consistant on more computers.(60 seconds is about how long it should take to copy a full memory card to you computer.)Playrd.exe and Playwr.exe for PsxGameEdit have also been updated to 1.07 versions.
    Also change the extention of the saves back to mc rather then mcd. I've included a couple of simple bat files to convert.
Sounds nice, don't you think? :) Remember, building and using the Playsaver is completely own risk! Agree? Ofcourse you do, you most likely have a strong soldering hand ;-) Okay then, download the Playsaver 1.07 software (-242k-) and start tweaking!

Tuesday, 19 September

  AdriPSX release soon Posted by Bobbi at [16:38 EST]  
Roor just sent out word on the AdriPSX page that he's going to leave for mexico soon and wants to release a version before that :
    Well, what'll be new in this release ? First off, AdriPSX now is much more advanced and much faster than the version you know about so far. Although it's not as advanced as for example the yet unreleased ePSXe, AdriPSX is growing more and more. The current version also features sound, MDEC playback and a higher compatibility, and some more new things ... be surprised !

    Well, and now even more good news : Like the topic already says, Roor wants to release a new version before he leaves. So look forward to some screenshots this week and a release closely afterwards.
Wau, sounds great, another promising emu to get released soon. You can visit the AdriPSX page here.

  More Emus4PSX Posted by Bobbi at [16:21 EST]  
Shit, somehow missed that update yesterday ... Hmm, sorry for that, here you go :

Anthony Ball updated his great Emus for the PSX (yes, you play them ON your PSX) yet again. After he released v2.08 of his Phoenix emulator, he found a small bug which caused some problems with certain PSX's - Fixed in the new version 2.09. To take a look at this project and some screenshots go to this page.

Anthony also added some new sections to his page. Looks like we might see his emulators ported to the dreamcast soon as well - Great news for all you Retro lovers out there who own a dreamcast ! To take a look at his new projects (and at all of his great projects) go to

  Warning for [pec] users Posted by Bobbi at [16:10 EST]  
JNS just updated his page with a warning for all users using [pec] : An utility for [pec] called e-pec is making it's round through the net. Well, there's a problem with this tool ...
    Today I received an E-Mail from telling me about a program called [pec-e], which supposedly is another [pec] database editor with many nice features like a database downloader, a code comparisation function and other functions. But sadly enough, when I tried to download and unpacked this utility, my AVP virus scanner popped up and found a backdoor in the unpacked executable.

    So for now, please don't download this utility, it'd give other people access to your complete PC. It actually sucks that such tools are making their round through the net by using other popular programs ...
Though JNS isn't sure if this couldn't be a unlucky mistake made by the programmer. So if you created this tool and the virus came in there by accident, feel free to contact JNS. Go and check out [pec]'s page here.

  Small FPSE news Posted by Bobbi at [16:06 EST]  
Just two quick news updates on the FPSE homepage, one from Mr.Fog and one notice from LDChen :
  • The message from LDChen talks about the problems they've encountered due to their mistakes they made in their newsposts - That's why they won't answer english E-Mails any more.
    Hey guys, I'd say it's useless to bash their mistakes - They're all from italian, and hey, we still understand the content, don't we ? Sad when authors have to make such decissions ...
  • The second update is from today : They now also added, additional to the windows compatibility list, a Linux compatibility list to their page. It's still small, but hey, why don't you go there and submit some results you've been getting ?
Like always, you can find all the news and infos at their page.

Sunday, 17 September

  More ePSXe shots Posted by Bobbi at [14:11 EST]  
Well, like promised yesterday, here're some more screenshots from the new, yet unreleased PSX emulator ePSXe. After the amazing response to our last screenshots, I chose two other VERY popular games this time : Metal Gear Solid and Need for Speed 4 ! Enough words, enjoy :


Like the last time, those shots are taken with the following specs : Intel P2 333 Mhz, 128 MB Ram and Voodoo 3 2000 with 16 MB ! And if you didn't already noticed : Those shots are taken in 800x600, even a higher resolution than those posted on the official page ! Enjoy and look forward to more good shots tomorrow :) Thanks again to JNS for the shots and the ePSXe team for their permission and this GREAT emulator !

  More Pete plugins (SPU) Posted by Bobbi at [13:48 EST]  
Paul, webmaster of a great emulation news page called WWEmu just dropped me a line informing me that Pete Bernert also updated his SPU plugin today to version 1.5, with the following news :
  • Changed the loop detection... now those tunes in the intro of FF7 are right
  • Well, I've also noticed that the 'dynamic pitch changing' is sometimes handled real badly by the Midas library... dunno if I can do something about it, we'll see :( You can disable 'Pitch changes while...' if the glitches are unbearable, though
  • Some changes with the new spu dll interface.. if you are coding a psx emu (or a spu plugin, of course, hi NULL2 :), feel free to send me a mail :) There seems to be a bug with Gran Turismo and the new spu interface, though, dunno if it's because of the spu or because of the psx emu... tsts
You can download Pete's SPU plugin here.

  Null's SPU plugin for FPSE Posted by Bobbi at [13:11 EST]  
Yet another update from Null2 : This time, he released a SPU plugin update for usage with FPSE 0.08 build1. Features in this version :
    After configuration, overwrite this (not plugin folder).

  • not (now ?) supports CD-XA
  • supports new interface:)
To download null's new plugin, click here. You can get more infos about this (if you're able to read japanese =P) at Null2's page.

This reminds me - We're searching for someone who's able to translate japanese texts to english - It doesn't have to be prefect, just so we understand what it's all about - When you're able to fit those requirements, please drop me a mail !

  Great news from [pec] Posted by Bobbi at [11:51 EST]  
JNS just published some nice news on the official [pec] homepage about support for various emus. No need to tell you, here's what JNS posted :
    Ok, maybe you saw it, PCSX was released some days ago, and maybe you saw in the [pec] this "PCSX beta" button, you can use this button with the full version of PCSX now and it should work great, since there aren't many differents between the beta and the full version of PCSX. ;)

    And a good news, maybe you heard about this new psx emu called ePSXe. That kick ass new emu will be out soon, and as soon as it is out, you will have [pec] support for it ;)
So you PCSX and [pec] fans , go over to Emucheater and get your copy of [pec] and to read the rest of the newspost !

  New version of Petes plugins Posted by Bobbi at [11:45 EST]  
Pete Bernert just informed me on IRC that he updated his famous GPU plugins for PSEmu Pro, FPSE, PCSX and (soon) ePSXe to version 1.36 ! Changes and infos taken from the readme :
    My holidays are over, so today is a big plugin release...
    The new gpu core contains a lotta fixes for several games... some intro screens are now working better, certain games will not crash if something stupid is happening with the dma chain, some primitive position-wrappings are handled right. Mmm... I just can hope I screwed none of the already perfectly working games with this new core ;)

  • All of the gpus are having a few new dll interface functions, for getting higher speed at data reading/writing. If you are coding a psx emu and want some details about the new funcs, just sent me a mail :)
  • Ah, yes, I've also applied the latest cpu patch on my MSVC6 before compiling the plugin dlls. Let us pray... :)
Some of the games he talks about in this readme are : Vagrant stories shows the title screen, Revolt flag visible, Timeshock Pinball finally starts and more. He updated all 4 version of his GPU plugins. The v1.36 downloads : For more informations about this plugin and the "Fairy Tales" about that FPSE history (very well written, you should really check it out !), go and take a look at Pete's page at

Saturday, 16 September

  ePSXe screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [16:50 EST]  
After those amazing news about ePSXe during the past two days, we've decided this cool emu needs it's own section. It's already in preperation and should be online during the next week, but for your enjoyment, I've already upped some new screenshots JNS made for us. Well, I don't think there's much I need to say, except that the first ones are from Syphoon Filter and the second from Ridge Racer 4.

Those shots are taken from JNS using a Voodoo 3 2000 on 800x600 ! Bit thanks to him for his effort and to the ePSXe team for allowing us to post some shots. More to come tomorrow !

  More FPSE stuff Posted by Bobbi at [16:32 EST]  
Yet another update at the FPSE homepage, this time from LDChen. But before this, congrats to the FPSE team for their 100.000th visitor, which visited their page sometimes today. The update itself is a bit weired, it basally talks about that messed up situation regarding Mr.Fog (see yesterday) ... "What we have talked about isn't in your affairs, so I ORDER YOU to stop your unuseful emails. Like the author of ePSXe said, PSX emulation doesn't need stories like that."

Looks like that story came to an end now, so let's forget it and move it to our archive. Anyway, there's also a small notice about the BeOS version of FPSE and a surprise :
    You asked me about the BeOS porting.
    Here you are. As you can see, it's not a fake, but it needs more work before a release.
    There is also an hidden surprise somewhere.
    Want to know more? I said it's a surprise...
Aha ... okay :) You can check out the FPSE page here for more infos and the ports of this advancing emu.

  DaeMount 1.0 for Daemon Tools Posted by Bobbi at [16:24 EST]  
Aldo Vargas dropped me a note that DaeMount 1.0 for the well known Daemon tools has been released. Since Aldo already gave a very good explanaition of it's function, I'm just going to copy and paste it here :
    DaeMount is a "shell" front end for the newest Daemon Tools 2.2. It let you decide in which drive you want to mount an image by double clicking on the icon of the CUE/BIN, ISO or CCD image. Also it shows the drive letters of the devices and let you open them in Explorer without have to go to "My Computer". It was tested only in Win9x. Check the README.TXT for additional information.
Quick reminder : Daemon tools is the only working CD-Rom emulator that works with Connectix's Virual Gamestation. You can get this neat utility here. Enjoy !

  PS2 US with hardware DVD Posted by Bobbi at [04:23 EST]  
The japanese version of the PS2 has recived much critic for it's DVD playback which was lousy compared to dedicated units, and it looked as if Sony wouldn't change this for the US release for a long time. But now, an UK company called Wharfedale got the oder to modify it's DVD player called "DVD750", so it works with a new DVD chipset. A snipset from the article over at The Register :
    The company's move was forced upon it by Sony, which has apparently spent the last few months buying up the world's supply of LSI Logic chips - the same silicon previously used in the Wharfedale box.

    The implication is clear: Sony wants the chips for the PlayStation 2, which will be promoted as a DVD player as well as a games machines. The timing of the move is the key - even as we speak, Sony is ramping up PS2 production for next month's US launch and the European roll-out a month down the line.
Looks like another thumb for the PS2 - Now if just the european price wouldn't be that high. You can read the complete article by clicking here. Thanks to James for the mail.

Friday, 15 September

  PCSX Will Continue! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [23:20 EST]  
Expert- informed me before he went to bed that the PCSX page had been updated, and that PCSX will continue, but I didn't notice it until an hour later :P Enough chit chat, here's what the post said, in full:
    I think that I owe a APOLOGY to pcsx users for my yesterdays post. The truth is that i was upset with the post of the fpse team that was against all WIP psx emus (I still wonder why adri-psx was out of list hhmmm).
    As pcsx-epsxe had the support of all the emu-sites and many people i start again my work on pcsx. Epsxe is very great emu and you will all see that is 1000times better than fpse. So pcsx will be continue after all. Sorry if i get many people in trouble these days but i think many of you consider my decision.

    P.S : I still waiting an explaination-apology from fpse authors(not Mr-Fog) about this event
    P.S2: YOU should read neccesary PETES TALES :)
    P.S3: watch out pcsx site. Something big might announment is some days.
    P.S4: Hmm where is my food.I wanna eat something...
Glad to know that PCSX will continue it would be a shame to see it go, and I hope all the emu authors concerned in this event will move on, and continue their great work ;)

  The end ... happy end ? Posted by Bobbi at [13:29 EST]  
Well, I guess you all read that post on the FPSE page by now ... Now it's time to look what happened ... The FPSE page has been updated with a pretty angry post, listing all hate E-Mails they got since that post ... And now, it's gone. Just leaving the news that the Linux version is released and a BeOS port will follow soon ! Should this be the happy end we hoped for ?
Well, by now we talked to nearly every author concerning this post, and it pretty much looks like all this mess is based on some missunderstanding. Best example : ePSXe.

May it be possible that someone said to FPSE's authors that "FPSE was a help for epsxe at the beginning" and they got it like "ePSXe is based upon FPSE" (hey, I'm not kidding, this seems to be true !).

But ePSXe authors, which have been into the scene for quite a long time and belong to the best coders out there, seemed to be pretty unimpressed and even posted some more impressive screenshots today. An emu that seemed to react worse is PCSX :

I honestly don't know much about that case, but I actually trust shadow a lot since he's a very good friend of mine, but I also trust !+Mr.Fog+!, with whom I had some nice discussions. So I can't tell for real which side tells the truth, although I more tend to PCSX right now - Though it might change soon.

I think we shouldn't look for someone who made the mistake now. I thin k we all should send shadow an E-Mail to show that we like his work and would like him to continue - And forget about this shit that happened. Signoff :)

  New ePSXe screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [13:03 EST]  
The ePSXe homepage has just been updated with some new screenshots from this very promising emulator. The pics are from Chrono Cross, Collin McRae 2.0 and Ridge Racer Type 4.

If you don't know yet, ePSXe is a very promisoing PSX emulator which, as of now, hasn't seen a release yet. The coders are currently working hard on getting the first version to you, and I guess this emu will kick some asses :)

You can take a look at the new screenshots and learn more about ePSXe at their homepage. Oh yeah, and thanks to calb for the notice :)

  FPSE for linux released Posted by Bobbi at [12:56 EST]  
Well, after many hick hack (more comments coming later), there're finally some real news : The linux version for FPSE has been released, including the following features :
  • The same features as the Win32 and AmigaOS version
  • Plugin technology
  • Supports X-Windows, Svgalib, SDL and AAlib.
  • Supports real CDs and ISO images
  • A configuration tool
You can download the FPSE binary here and get the source here.

Even more good news for BeOS users : FPSE will now also be ported to that OS, you can already see a screenshot at the FPSE homepage, which you should also check out for more infos.

Thursday, 14 September

  PCSX Canceled!? Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:09 EST]  
I just recieved this shocking message from expert- on irc, PCSX may be canceled due to some lame actions on the part of another emu team. Here it is, in full:

    I am in the diffucult place to abandon pcsx project since some lamers accuse me of copy their sources (sounds familiar fpse authors?). Pcsx contains 100% clean code that wrote from it's authors (NoComp, Shadow, Roor). If fpse team believes that what we all do is losing our time to seeing their buggy sources perhaps it's time to change their minds. I am suck to here unbased accuses cause by people that are in the psx scene less than me. If someone can claims that we "stole" is PSEMU PRO cause we use it's plugin system for which we had taken the permission to do. So after all that facts i am against to abandon pcsx project. The continuation of the project will be decided in a week or so, when i will see how things go. If the emu scene doesn't do something about this then count pcsx off the list of psx emus. Stupidity of some people is sometimes out of limits.

    Go and wash dishes fpse team cause that is the only thing you can do best!!
    Log off (and maybe for good)
This just shows what the lame actions of others can do, although I never expected it from the source which it came... For more info on PCSX, check out the PCSX homepage.

  FPSE sources and stuff Posted by Bobbi at [15:16 EST]  
Well, just a quick update that today, the FPSE page has been updated with the following statement :
    WOW... we make and all Other copy :-))1) Jackal (I think it's dead)2) Sope 0.4
    3) Pcsx
    4) ePSXe
    And now????
    What emulator do U want to make with our sources today?

    FPSE LinuX version: -1 day.
Well, we're discussing those things right now, expect a full information update when we got responses from all emu authors and Mr.Fog himself (may take a day or two) - We don't want to spread more rumors right now :)

Wednesday, 13 September

  ePSXe page online ! Posted by Bobbi at [16:15 EST]  
JNS just informed me on IRC that the homepage for the announced new PSX emulator ePSXe has just gone online ! The page reveals many new things about the emulator. What you should know about it :
  • The programmers real nicks are calb, Galtor and _Demo, and when you've been into emulation scene for some time those names should tell you something :)
  • The emulator has already been in development for 6 months now, and we're getting close to a release date now
  • As of now, the emulator already has sound, MDEC and memory card support.
Well, those are the most important facts you should know. Looks like we might see a promising emulator very soon !

You can check out the official page at When you can't reach it yet, just refresh some times until your DNS server recognizes it. Sounds promising, doesn't it ? :)

  Misc. news Posted by Bobbi at [13:50 EST]  
Just two things I quickly wanted to mention, they don't really need a complete post :
    Bleemcast! release date pushed forward by EBWorld
    Didn't we said it ? Every release date set so far is just speculation, it's unknown yet when we'll finally see a release. Well, the online shop EBWorld today officially pushed forward the release date from the 10th of october to the 09/19/2000 - And still, I can tell you that this is a speculated release date. Anyway, if you already want to pre-order bleemcast!, you can go here.

    PSXEmu reached 1.3 million visitors
    And yet another nice number we topped - Sometimes yesterday, we topped the 1.300.000 visitors mark ... Time to think of a 1.5 million contest soon, ehh ? :) Anyway, thanks to everyone who's supported us over the previous month, we're currently working hard to satisfy your emulation needs even more - Stay tuned.
Hmm, looks like we might see another emulator release soon. Which ? Stay tuned for more =P

  Several FPSE news Posted by Bobbi at [13:46 EST]  
There've been several updates at the FPSE page during the past 3 days. First off, !+Mr.Fog+! celebrated his 28th birthday, happy birthday from the whole PSXEmu team to him ! Then, they added a new plugin to the page which allows you to play games from your hard disc. The plugins are called CDImage v1.2 and CDImageOL v1.2, you can get both of them from the FPSE FPSE plugin page. And today, there's been a small post about the linux version and a new announcement :
    FPSE LinuX version: -2 days.
    Are U ready?
    Also there is a new Betatester/Game Supply to see in Who we Are section. Welcome TheGio.
You can take a look at the FPSE page here to get the latest news and download the new plugin !

Monday, 11 September

  PSMConv 0.92 released Posted by Bobbi at [16:59 EST]  
Ben-J sent us an E-Mail reporting that PSMConv, a movie / music player for PSX games, has been updated to version 0.92 today. New in this release :
    Changes since previous version :
    When converting from a file name into a full path name the program only internally did it. The kind of the drive was distinguished from the file name along with it. (if you really understand it, pls drop us a note)
You can download the latest version here. Thanks again to Ben-J for news and translation.

  Pete's D3D GPU Plugin(s) v1.35 Posted by Thorgal at [12:52 EST]  
As promised, Pete has released his D3D GPU plugin for PSEmu Pro! Well okay, it's not weekend anymore, live with it :P In any case, Pete was kind enough to update his D3D DX6 plugin as well, for people who experience problems with the 'standard' DX7 version. Here's what's new in both versions:
  • Improved auto-detection of framerate limit, new offscreen drawing functions, unfiltered frambuffer updates
You may get the D3D (DX7) GPU plugin v1.35 here.
Got problems with the above? Try the DX6 version instead.

Alltogether, this means all GPU plugins by Pete are now right on par at v1.35 :) Wether it's OpenGL, D3D, or software mode you use, I suggest you go take a look at Pete's homepage :D

Sunday, 10 September

  Null2's SPU Plugin v1.04 Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [17:22 EST]  
Null2 is at it again, he's released another build of his SPU plugin for use with PSEmu Pro, and other emulators which take advantage of PSEmu's Plugin System. Not much new in the release, but here it is anyway:
  • low noise
Hrm, not sure exactly what that is, but it's worth the download anyway ;) you can grab Null2's updated plugin from the link below:

Download Null2's SPU Plugin version 1.04 here.

Saturday, 9 September

  Emumaniac got married ! Posted by Bobbi at [10:57 EST]  
Well, not quite emulation news, but nonetheless worth a post here : Our good old friend EmuManiac, programmer of the jagulator emulator Emujag (which BTW belongs to our network as well) today got married !! The complete PSXEmu team wishes him luck/fun/success/whatever in his marriage and with his new woman Tanja. Both are flying down to Gran Canaria this sunday and will spend a wonderful week there. Again, best wishes fly out to them ! When you also want to congrat EmuManiac, feel free to send him an E-Mail !! :)

  bleem! in Australia Posted by Thorgal at [10:02 EST]  
Martin Eigner recently dropped me a mail to inform me about his company/website,, which has been setup to distribute bleem! in the area of Australia/New Zealand ! In case you're 'stuck' in that area, and were planning to get bleem! soon, look no further :) Not that I'd like to hype this too much for you guys, but $AUD 60 (~$33) including shipping on the other side of the world is quite a nice deal if you ask me :)

Ofcourse, I updated our bleem! availability page as well ! Planning to get bleem! ? That's where this setion is for :) Any comments about this section, or if you'd like to have your company added to it, simply drop me a mail and I'll reply as soon as I can!

  Null2's SPU plugin v1.03 Posted by Thorgal at [09:26 EST]  
Null2 did it again! This time, it's v1.03 of his SPU plugin for PSEmu Pro he releases! Good news for Final Fantasy freaks, as this plugin seems to be working quite well with FF8/9 now. According to Ben-J of Consollection, this new version is even more optimized for these RPG goodies :)

Well, ehmm...there's actually not much more to say, so I suggest you download Null2's SPU plugin v1.03 (-25k-) right away :)

  Bleem! for PC news! Posted by Bobbi at [08:51 EST]  
Aditional infos posted by Bobbi : Well, before you get to excited about those news now, here're some more "infos" to clear up things : I don't know if this wasn't expressed clearly, but bleem! for PC NEVER seemed to be stopped; all rumors around were from angry people who just were sick of waiting for an update. I guess bleem! would have told us when they'd have stopped developing bleem!PC completly.

The press release that is announced in that post is the SAME one we already announced to be published soon in june - Maybe slightly changed, but with about the same informations. Why it hasn't been released yet ? Well, since it's impossible for anyone (yes, for us it is as well) to contact anyone further inside of bleem, inc. we can't tell that ... Though we're pretty sure which person could be responsible for it ... :)

-------------- Original post by Thorgal below --------------

Unfortunately not an updated version, but this bit is interesting nevertheless. Peter from EmuHQ managed to contact the bleem! Support section AND got a reply :) Here's a bit of what they had to say:
    Bottom line: we are NOT abandoning the PC product, nor are we abandoning all of the people who purchased the PC product and who have kept us alive! :)
They even speak of a new press release coming soon! About 90% of all our visitors is probably wondering how this'll end :D We'll keep you up-to-date! Again, thanks to EmuHQ for the news.

  CDThrottle v1.08 released! Posted by Thorgal at [08:38 EST]  
Somewhat related to bleem!-tweaking, here's a classic we've been following for quite some time now. I'm talking about CDBremse, or CDThrottle in English (we used to call it CDBrake, but why not keep the official English name eh? ;) . This 'partially freeware' tool, which allows you to slow down your CD-ROM/DVD drive, has now been updated to v1.08 ! Now why would you want to slow down your drive? Simple: with a tool like this one you got a fair chance to improve bleem! performance, particularly with MDECS :) Anyway, my German is good enough to tell you what's new:
  • New CD-ROM/DVD drives supported.
  • New installationroutine
There are some things I'd like to add here:
  • For the complete list of tested drives, I suggest you check out this page. Keep in mind that if your drive is not listed there, it doesn't mean it's incomatible with CDThrottle as they are only tested. And, if your drive doesn't seem to be compatible, simply drop the author a mail with some log files (there's a simple function in the program to make these) attached to it, and there's a good chance your drive will be supported by the next version :)
  • Second, don't be scared by the German Win2k-like installation setup, as you'll get a fine English version in the end :D
Well, it's time to end this ;) For more information, or other CD-ROM drive goodies, I strongly suggest you take a look at the author's (Joern Fiebelkorn) CDBremse homepage ! And ofcourse, you may download CDThrottle v1.08 right here.

  Bleem! Tweak Guide Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [01:27 EST]  
Punk_guy informed me on IRC that 1derful of The Hardware Pub had recently written a bleem tweak guide that shows you how to get the most out of your bleem! experience. Here's a clip of the intro just to get you hooked:
    Bleem! is a Playstation emulator. It tricks your computer into thinking it is a PSX, and allows you to stick a Playstation CD into your computer and play it! It doesn't work perfectly, some games work better than others, but when it does work, it's beautiful. You can play games at above PSX quality. Bleem! has many many options, and it's sometimes overwhelming. This guide will help you decipher bleem!'s multiple options, and find the perfect balance between graphical quality and performance.
If you're looking to try and improve your bleem!'s performance, I suggest you checkout this tweak guide from The Hardware Pub right here, it may prove helpful.

  FPSE for Linux is Ready Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [00:35 EST]  
I was over at VGN when I saw that FPSE for Linux was finished. No info on it yet, but here's a quote from the FPSE homepage to lengthen this short post ;P :
    "We never lie. Our Linux-men has done a really GREAT work!FPSE 0.08 for Linux is ready. And you, are you ready?"

    Yep.. now are available the French Faq translation. (ThanX again Ugoz).
FPSE for Linux should be neat, let's hope for a release very soon ;)

Thursday, 7 September

  PCSX RELEASED! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:27 EST]  
We've all been waiting for it, and finally, the long-awaited PCSX has been released to the public! This first public release has been labeled version 0.5.240, and looks very promising from the looks of it. This current release lacks MDEC, pad, and memcard support, but it runs many demos, and a few commercial games, but don't expect many of your games to work, remember, PCSX is still a work in progress. The authors have also stated that they plan to implement memcard and pad support in the coming weeks.

The zip file (linked below) contains basic plugins to get you started, but you can get more from our PSEmu Plugins page, or from the list of tested plugins on PCSX's Files page.

To run PCSX, you must have a copy of the PlayStation's BIOS, but please, do not ask us for it, we will NOT provide it for you. And, before you send of thousands of e-mails to the authors of PCSX, remember: PCSX will crash if you do not have the file scph1001.bin in the bios directory.

I guess I covered pretty much everything, I guess you wanna download the emu now, huh? :P

Download PCSX version 0.5.240 here

  A Truckload of FPSE News Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [15:15 EST]  
Ok, maybe not a truckload, but it's quite a lot of news ;) First, !+Mr.Fog+! answered some questions about FPSE 0.09, since their e-mail has been overflowing with the same questions over and over. Here's what he said about FPSE 0.09:
  • FPSE will be released for Win32, AmigaOS, Linux (Intel and AlphaRISC), MS-DOS and BeOS. Yeah! Finally I have found a good coder for BeOS, so if you are anuser of this OS, then BE happy!
  • Yes, I'm working with another author for improving our emulators.
  • I don't know when it will be released, we'll make a mega-release when all Operating systems will be ready. Certainly, they won't be released tomorrow.
  • The SDK isn't changed, so if you are writing a plugin, it will work on 0.09 too.
    • BTW, I hope SDK never needs to be changed, even when FPSE 1.0 will be finished.
  • I think FPSE sources will be released again, but remember: it's simple to use our sources in your emulator, but it's simple to close FPSE too.
  • My language is italian, so if I have done some mistakes it's normal.
Phew, and just when you think that's it, there's more ;p LDChen has said that he is working on improving the FPSE site, and there will soon be a mailing list and a forum. He also made a little request, which I've reproduced here on PSXEmu to help him out a bit:
    If you can/want, please send me four screenshots (size 250 x 188) for every game/demo that you can get running on FPSE. Please use this format:
    [t] can be g for games or d for demo
    [games_name] ....the title of game!!
    [x] can be 1, 2, 3, or 4
Well, that's it, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, or just wanna know more about FPSE, why don't you hop on over to the FPSE Homepage.

Wednesday, 6 September

  Connectix VS Sony date Posted by Bobbi at [18:42 EST]  
I just saw over at EmuHQ that finally, a date has been set for the court between Connectix and Sony concerning the commercial PSX emulator Virtual Gamestation. The court set the date to March 2001, so Connectix should have plenty of time to prepare and to develop VGS even more.
    Sony will finally get to challenge PlayStation emulator developer Connectix in court, but it's going to have to wait until March 2001 to do so.

    That's the date set by US District Judge Charles Legge for the jury trial, according to the San Francisco Daily Journal.

    The trial will seek to assess Sony's claims that Connectix violated the Japanese giant's trade secrets and engaged in acts of unfair competition. Allegations that Connectix infringed Sony's copyrights and six other related claims were dismissed by Judge Legge back in May.
You can check out the whole article here.

  PC PSX Dual Shock Adapter Posted by Bobbi at [15:14 EST]  
I just read through the Lik-Sang newsletter and found an interresting piece of hardware for you PSX PC games out there :
    Use your PSX controllers on your PC!! This device is specially design to bring you improved stability and higher compatibility with ALL Playstation controllers, but especially the Dual Shock from Sony. Imagine playing your favorite PC games with this unfair advantage. This device has a printer port connector. For two players.
This things costs US$ 19 and I heard it's well worth the money - A review here on PSXEmu will follow in 2 or 3 weeks !

  Daemon Tools 2.0 Posted by Bobbi at [14:52 EST]  
Some time ago we reported about a utility called Daemon tools, the only available CD-Rom emulator which works with Connectix's Virtual Gamestation. Well, now Aldo informed us that version 2.0 of Damon Tools got released. New in this version :
  • CloneCD image format (.ccd) with full subchannel info supported
  • ISO image formats 2048/2352 added (auto-recognized)
  • All Safedisc/Securom and image settings remembered in registry and restored upon reboot
  • Relative path 'FILE' commands allowed in CUE file
  • Emulation support for latest Safedisc version
    Securom support improved
  • Mount command line switch introduced
  • Windows2000 write protection is not disabled anymore
You can download the new version here. Aldo also released a registry fix, which allows you to mount ISO, CUE and CCD images (not necessarily PSX games) by double-clicking on the image file icon. You can get it from Aldo's page.

  Small FPSE news Posted by Bobbi at [14:17 EST]  
The FPSE homepage has been updated with two new translations of their FAQ, which is now available in Portugese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and of course in english.

If you also want to contribute with a translation, want to read the new translations or just want to learn more about FPSE check out

  DC Emu : News and more Posted by Bobbi at [14:07 EST]  
Well, after the announcement from Emulatronia about the new Dreamcast emulator which is in development, there've been many reactions about it; positive as well as negative ones. For example on pages like Retrogames and Vintagegaming much dislike it, they even fear a a possible devastating earthquake for the emulation community - And although you all know that we're Next-Gen emulation lovers, we partly agree with them. But I think it's also hyped to much - This emu still seems to be VERY slow and in very early stages, very far away from playing commercial games. But anyway, we'll still keep you up to date with news about this emulator. First off, I saw some pics over at the german page Emunews prooving that this emulator actually plays some things.

Well, and when you ever wondered what's the the readme file talking about, PeterD from EmuHQ made a great translation of it. I just took the html file he made and made a nice looking txt file out of it, still full credit for it goes to Peter. You can view it here.

And when you want to try the demos yourself now you can also download the beta itself here. If you want to develop stuff for it or want technical informations about the DC, I suggest you to check out this page called DCDev. Let's see what the future has for us ...

Tuesday, 5 September

  mIRC 5.8 Released Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [18:34 EST]  
mIRC, the most popular irc client out, has just been updated to version 5.8, and it sports loads of new features such as:
  • mIRC now uses it's own internal beep sound for event beeps. To several users it was very anoying that some setting in windows messed up the most simple beeps in mIRC. This should be solved now.
  • The URL's you can click on in mIRC now have their own right-click popup menu.
  • The "No such nick/channel" message is now immediately shown in query windows. You won't be chatting into empty space anymore if somebody decided to leave without telling you.
  • A new channel central dialog displays the ban, exept and invite lists a lot clearer.
  • Also an Edit button has been added for on the fly editing of an address.
  • mIRC now supports mp3 files through the /splay command. Several related events and identifiers are available. With the $mp3(filename) identifier you can look up all kinds of properties like title, artist, length, bitrate, sample mode, etc..
There's plenty more features and bugfixes, why don't you check out the whatsnew.txt to see all of the new features. Although I prefer XiRCON with kano myself, mIRC is one of the easiest irc clients to use, and I suggest it if your new to irc, and just wanna join us in #psxemu on EFNet ;) And if you're already using mIRC, i suggest ircN, it's not a half bad script, and it makes the mIRC experience more enjoyable to advanced users.

You can download mIRC v5.8 here (1.08MB)

  Null2's SPU plugin v1.02 Posted by Thorgal at [14:14 EST]  
Just three days after the last release, Null2 comes up with a new version :) Although there isn't a complete history.txt or anything, I can tell you it's a fine plugin indeed ;-) Just to remember, here's what his (latest) SPU plugin all about:
  • stable version
  • erase non-significant functions
  • added ADSR's volume for FF8/FF9
  • bug fix
You can grab Null2's SPU plugin for PSEmu Pro here (-25k-) .

  New FPSE configurator Posted by Bobbi at [12:12 EST]  
The official FPSE homepage just got updated with a new version of the FPSE configurator, which should fix several bugs from the old version and has a much cleaner code. I can't tell you yet which bugs it exactly fixes, I might find a chance to check it out later today. You can download the new configurator here.

Beside that, the FPSE team is currently working on a new configurator which is called "FPSE shuttle", and will have a much easier to use interface. You can take a look at the screenshot they posted at their page here.

  I heard that ... Posted by Bobbi at [06:16 EST]  
Well, like I said I just came back from holidays, but while reading through the 100s of E-Mails I got and talking with friends, I heard some interresting things. Please notice, those are all unverified rumors, but I noticed some people like those kind of news, so ... :) Well, I heard that
  • A new free PSX emulator may provide a higher compatibility and speed than PSEmu Pro and in some games even than bleem!
  • A PSX emulator author teamed up with another one to speed up progress of their emus
  • ... another emulator which has seen no update for a while is finally being developed to get updated ASAP.
  • A yet unreleased emu might get released within the next 72 hours.
Reminder, those are rumors (though every rumor has a bit of truth in it =P), feel free to discuss them at our message board !

  DC VMS emulator Posted by Bobbi at [05:38 EST]  
And when just talking about dreamcast emulation, DirectVMS, an emulator for the DC VMS, has been updated to version 00 9 04 ! To download a ROM file, you have to do the following (taken from the readme) :
    Enter the URL of the VMI file you found from the web into the URL text box and click "Download!"
    You should now see the status box change and once it says "Download Complete..." the Game file information can be read.
    If you like what you see, click the "Save" button to save the VMS file, pointed to by the VMI file you entered, to disk.
    If you wish, after you've saved the VMS file, you can run the game you saved to disk by simply clicking on the "Run" button. Emulation should now commence.
You can download the executeable here. To get the source and much more informations, go to the official page.

  Real DC emulator ? Posted by Bobbi at [05:16 EST]  
As of now, no working DC emulator has been released (no, Nightmare isn't a DC emu, it's fake, realize it). But now the guys over at Emulatronia have posted some screenshots of an emulator which attemps to emulate the dreamcast. We can't tell if this is true or not, but no need to get afraid since the emu doesn't run any games yet. Here's a part from the page they set up for the most frequently asked questions :
    Pentium VIII to 100 Ghz... Emmm, good perhaps something less;) At the moment we have tested it on a Pentium II 300 and it gives us pain. (Not to speak of the 266 which they used to take screenshots at Emulatronia. Great patience you have, Pepito). With an Athlon 600 and 128 MB RAM, the speed he gets is acceptable. Let us hope that when we're finished we earn a little more speed out of the dynamic recompilation ...
You can check out the (spanish) page here. To see the screenshots of technical demos, click here : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. Thanks to Aldo for the news !

  Bobbi back from holidays Posted by Bobbi at [04:47 EST]  
Howdy guys ! I'm finally back from my 3 week vacation and more relaxed than ever ... Though I just became ill and don't feel to good right now, so please excuse those errors I make ...

Anyway, Thorgal, CDBurnout and mathew2 did a great job on the page while I was away - And now, let's get back to normal. Our new "project" seems to progress pretty good, but it looks like we still need months to realize all our ideas ... But I guess it's worth the effort. Anyway, back to the news !

Sunday, 3 September

  New PSEmu plugins ! Posted by Thorgal at [11:24 EST]  
"Woah, what's going on these days?" You most likely noticed the "lack" of updates recently. Note the quotes, however.

After a semi-busy week I anxiously wanted to check what happened since Wednesday. Launch IE, visit PSXEmu, yada yada yada.... nothing. ACK! After a long browsing-session in search for any interesting news, I understood that the lack of news wasn't caused by a lazy staff, it was caused by the fact there wasn't any news _at all_. *Sigh*.

Enough rambling, after a busy yet silent week I'm glad to announce some interesting things happened :-) There are three new plugins for PSEmu Pro released just recently :
    Pete's Soft PSX GPU v1.35
    Pete has given us lots of updates and goodies for years, and so far it hasn't ended yet :) This time, he updated his software PSEmu plugin! This one, obviously, doesn't use any 3D accelerated stuff, however it is the most compatible plugin because of this. Here's what's new in v1.35 :

    - Improved auto-detection of framerate limit, fixed fullscreen issues with some psx emus

    You may get this one here!

    Pete's OpenGL PSX GPU v1.35
    Yes, Pete was kind enough to update his OpenGL plugin as well! Here's what's new :

    - Improved auto-detection of framerate limit, new offscreen drawing functions, unfiltered frambuffer updates

    If you have a videocard which is fuly compatible with OpenGL, you'll want this one :D Grab this one here!

    Null2's SPU v1.01
    This one was updated a couple of days ago, as you may remember. I'm not sure what's new; however, if I can believe Ben-J's Consollection (and my French ;) , I could say there are several bugs fixed since the last release. Got any problems with the previous version? Then get v2.01 here!
So far for now; however, JNS informed me about a new version of Pete's D3D driver coming soon, after he spoke to Pete himself :) Stay tuned for more!

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