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 Tokyo Gameshow
Few gaming news have been around for the good old PSX during the past weeks (about time we move on to NGEmu for that one), and the famous Tokyo game show, where press and public meets for the latest from software, hardware and console sectors, was once again a proove that there won't be many more highlights for the old console - so we'll just focus on the next generation, the playstation 2 in this article about our personal highlights from the show.

Well, what's of course the most interresting a gamer is seeking for at these shows ? New consoles ? Games ? Hardware or pherials for consoles ? Here're some pics from the coolest things to discover :


Hmm, now how did these get here ? :) Well, there was of course much more to see beside these hot girls, I'll basicly focus on the 4 hottest new games for the PS2 here :
    Final Fantasy 10
    With the release date for this great title getting closer and closer (june I heard last ?), Square is publishing more and more infos. On the Tokyo game show, people were able to take a first look at the game and it's amazingly graphics. After amazing impressions were being posted on the web, some even better movies followed which just blasted me away - the graphics quality is simply amazing and is certainly the best I've ever seen running on any console so far ! The square trailer can now also be downloaded, get it from here.

    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Not even released yet but already handled by many as 'best game ever for the PS2' comes Konamis Metal Gear Solid 2. Everyone who played the first part should already await that one for a long time now - the pictures and movies at the tokyo game show should shorten the waiting time a bit more. I doubt words can describe those, you should really check them out here. Lucky people who already have the demo of this kickass game (heheh =P) with our old hero Solid Snake :)

    Gran Tourismo 3 (2000)
    Awaited for ages now and only meant as a small improvement over the last one, it seems as if GT3 finally reaches final stages and should really be in (japanese) stores at the end of this month. The new movies and pictures from the game show seem to proove that this date is finally a realistic one. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Silent Hill 2
    And finally, one of my all time favorite games also got a nice coverage at the TGS. Many new high-res screenshots have been published (take a look at them here among with a really kickass trailer, which you can be found here (beware, it's nearly 60 MB big). Let's hope that one of my all-time favorites gets a worthy follow up - the screenshots and the trailer already look VERY promising !
With all these announcements it becomes hard to stay away from purchasing one of the PS2 consoles, two friends of mine went to the shop after reading the pre-typed article above, some even ordered the console when they saw the first short from FF10 (hey wait, that was me), so what are you still waiting for ? I'll try to post some self-taken screenshots when I was finally able to hook up my TV to my PC properly. Until then :)

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