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What is bleemcast?

Bleemcast is a new product from bleem!, inc. which gives game-hungry Sega Dreamcast owners the ability to play hundreds of titles originally written for the Sony PlayStation as they've never been seen before, with Dreamcast-enhanced graphics resolution and effects.

Why is bleemcast so good? I mean, couldn't I just play my PSX games on my PSX or bleem! PC?

Of course you could, but you'd be missing out on tons of features like:
  • Playing in a resolution of 640x480 (2x that of the PSX)
  • full-screen anti-aliasing
  • bi-linear filtering
  • 100% compatiblity in every supported game
  • And more!

How much will bleemcast cost?

Well, on it's initial release, bleemcast will come in four different "paks", each supporting 100 different PlayStation games. The "paks" are going to retail for around $19.99 US each. You can already pre-order it at EB World.

What games will be on each "pak"?

Bleem!, inc. hasn't released this information yet, but as soon as they do, we'll be sure to post it on PSXEmu! And although there're screenshots of the different boxes; those games listed on those AREN'T the ones that will be available in the final version.

Will the games which each pak support be perfect, or will they have some bugs like bleem! PC?

Bleem!, inc. has already stated that each game on the bleempaks will be perfectly emulated, otherwise they wouldn't be on the paks. This means : Absolutly NO graphic or sound flaws in any game with exactly the same speed as on the real PSX !

Isn't bleemcast! illegal or at least sued by Sony like bleem! for PC already was ?

At least at this years E3 bleem! had an injunction against Sony to keep them away. On another note, bleem! on the Dreamcast is in fact not a Sega-licensed product, and bleem! has received no official support from Sega, so Sega should be protected from Sony lawsuits.

Is bleemcast just for NTSC U/C users, or is there "paks" for NTSC J and PAL users as well?

bleem!, inc. has announced that they will follow the release of the four standard bleempaks with a pair of import bleempaks, each supporting 100 games, one for Japanese (NTSC J) games, and one for European (PAL) games. These should also make it out by the end of the year, but as they are a niche item, will only be available for order online.

Will bleemcast play my PSX CD-R backups?

Yes, it will, bleem!, inc. already confirmed this in an interview. David Herpolsheimer, CEO of bleem!, inc. said this in that interview - "...they have entirely given up on trying to replicate Sony’s copy protection in bleem!, and one of the deciding factors was when Sony made it apparent during the trial that any attempt by bleem! to implement the PlayStation copy protection and prevent CDRs from being playable, would actually be a direct violation of a Sony patent on their protection scheme..."

The Dreamcast's controller doesn't seem like it will work well with bleemcast, what is bleem!, inc. doing about this?

Well, bleem!, inc. has come up with two ways to rectify this situation. Bleem! is releasing a bleem! pad, which has all the buttons of a PSX controller, and will retail for around $19.99 US. The other solution is the bleem! pod, an adapter which lets you use your PSX controller and memory cards with a Dreamcast. The bleem! pod will also retail for around $19.99 US.

Well, the bleem!pod sounds cool, but what if I want to use my Dreamcast controller? Will I be able to?

Although this has yet to be confirmed, I'm sure there will be some sort of way to use the Dreamcast controller. Such as being able to map certain buttons to the controller, making it more configurable and easier to use.

How does bleem! decide what games will be on which paks?

Available PlayStation games are divided by genre and rated based on quality and sales figures, and the top 400 are being divided among the four paks, with as even a distribution of different genres (and qualities) between the different paks as possible.

Will other PSX peripherals, like a lightgun or steering wheel, be supported?

Not much has been confirmed by bleem!, inc. on this matter. But, what we know so far about the bleem!pod is that lightguns, steering wheels, and those Dance Dance Revolution dance pads will be supported.

What about Dual Shock, will bleemcast have support for the vibration in certain games?

According to an interview with some employees of bleem!, Vibration functions are going to be supported.

Will I be able to save to my Dreamcast VMU (Visual Memory Unit)?

Yes, you will be able to save to your VMU. Here's a quote that basically explains how: "...Basically...I don't know exactly how it's going to be perceived to the user, but it'll be something along the lines of when you start Bleem! It'll take a certain number of blocks off the Sega VMU, it'll format them to what RAM it needs to use so it can use them, and then, as far as gameplay, they'll be just like the PlayStation memory cards. They won't even see a difference. Basically, that's the way the PC version works as well. You just set up a 'virtual' memory card and then it just saves like normal. It should be the same thing..."

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