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Bleem! - Availability

So, you looked around a bit and we got ya interested? Oh, you're planning to buy bleem!? Well, have you ever wondered where your nearest bleem! reseller is? Probably not. Don't panic, however; you will not have to look any further :D

Whether you live in the US of A or in the Absolute-middle-of-nowhere, you'll be able to check where bleem! is available in your country/ hamlet right here! Well, that's our goal ;) If you suspect we've missed a bleem! reseller for any country (or international, for that matter), please do not hesitate to drop me a note! Of course, if you are a bleem! reseller yourself, we'll be happy to add you to the list also; just be sure to include info about your company (website, international/local shipping, etc.).

To view a list of all bleem! resellers in your region, just click a region on the map below, then select your country. A list of international resellers is also available (see below).

Feel free to mail any additions/opinions/suggestions to !

South America Central America North America Africa Asia Australia Europe

Worldwide Shipping :

Here you will find the list of all bleem! resellers who also ship internationally. As I said before: if you live in the Absolute-middle-of-nowhere, then don't panic, as the list below is all you need ;-) Be sure to carefully read the shipping information when available, as it may greatly affect the total price.

Again, I'm sure I've missed a number of (worldwide-shipping) bleem resellers; if you're one of them, just drop me a note and I'll add your company to the list, free of charge :D

Shop online
Local store
Software Plus USD $23.99 info  
CD World USD $24.13 info Helpdesk here
USD $24.95
USD $24.95
info USD $24.95 info USD $24.95 N/A  
The CD-ROM Shop USD $27.68 info (with Digital River) USD $29.95 N/A  
CD-ROM Access USD $29.95 info USD $29.99 info  
Action CD USD $39.95 info  
Free Record Shop NLG F99,95 / 45,36 N/A  
Gamina UK GBP 24.99 N/A  

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