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Current version : 1.5B
What's new :
Some graphic card and hanging fixes

Older bleem! versions
Bleem! 1.5a (-925k-) Bleem! 1.5 (-919k-) Bleem! 1.4a (-600k-)
Bleem! 1.4 (-589k-) Bleem! 1.3 (-464k-) Bleem! 1.2b2 (-355k-)
Bleem! 1.2 (-352k-) Bleem! 1.1b2 (-352k-) Bleem! 1.1 (-352k-)
  Bleem! 1.0 (-352k-)  

Additional tools

Cheating utilities / addons


[pec] is a gameshark-like addon for bleem!, Virtual Game Station, and PSEmu Pro. It allows you to enter any gameshark code normally used on your PlayStation and then use it with the listed emulators. The [pec] cheat database, now included in the .zip file, features thousands of pre-entered codes.


Cheet! is a program which allows you to cheat in any game supported by bleem!. It uses the normal Gameshark codes which can be found widely spreaded over the web. Cheet! now also supports Virtual Game Station as well as bleem! The demo version only allows three codes, and the full version costs around $12.


OpenGS is yet another tool which allows to you to enter cheat codes in bleem!. But what makes it different from the others is that it's an open source program, which should help authors to learn more when they want to write their own cheat program. Get the source here.

[pec] to cheet! database converter

This utility by Aldo just converts the [pec] database so it works with cheet!. Advantage: [pec]'s database is much bigger than cheet!'s.

[pec] edit

This is a database editor for the freeware [PEC] cheater for the PlayStation emulators Bleem and Virtual Game Station. This tool imports directly to [PEC] the cheats from the Game Shark Code Creators Club and GameBuster's Paradise, which are the two most complete online databases of Game Shark codes in the world, with hundreds of PlayStation games listed.

Memory card converter

Aldo's converter

Aldo Vargas did memory card converters, which can convert 3 different formats. The last download is a nice to use frontend, which combines all of those into one. Every tool also supports batch converting!

    Dexdrive to bleem!
    Bleem! to Dexdrive
    VGS to bleem!
    Bleem! to VGS
Fronted for Aldo's converters


This supports bleem (*.mcd), vgs(*.vgs), DeckData(*.ddf), DexDrive(*.gme), MemImage File(*.mc) and Memory Library file(*.mlb) extensions. mlb is the author's own format - it has unlimited blocks and can exchange single memory with other type. This program can copy memory cards to a different type, and it can also convert a card to each type. Featuring an easy to use interface, the program was written by Paul Pheonix.

Memcard Tools

This file contains two different DOS programs, bleem2vgs and vgs2bleem. The program searches your hard disk for memory cards files, converts them between VGS and bleem formats, and places them in a directory you choose.

Misc things

Bleem! manual

The bleem! manual, for all of those users who still have some basic questions. Alhough the manual doesn't handle complex things, it's a nice source for beginners, since it discusses startup things like installation, first run and a simple setup description. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it, which you can get for free here.

Blini! - Bleem! ini editor

Blini! is the first (and currently the only) editor that allows you to easily edit the flags for games in the bleem! ini file. It also features an online update function, a clean up function and much more.

Bleem! 1.5B french

For all of the French speaking bleem! users out there, DED and the Top50 released a translated version of bleem! 1.5B. The file also comes with a very nice installer. We suggest you download the latest ini file (from the top of this page) as well to get the release up to date. It still requires the original CD Key.


BleemBoost is an utility which should speed up bleem! by replacing the Windows shell with bleem! itself, meaning you can't steer Windows while using that utility. This utility is especially useful on older PC's with less system power; newer computers won't get noticeable speed increases out of it.

PSX Selector

PSX Selector is a frontend which allows you to start your favorite PSX emu with just the click of a mouse. While the frontend only has buttons for three emus (bleem!, VGS, and PSEmu Pro), you can start any emulator from it.

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