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Game Title
Ver. Comments
?  N20
 Access to all 30 levels and the 5th ship is selectable
?  Nascar 99
 All Classic drivers unlocked
?  NBA In The Zone 99
 Updated rosters
?  NBA Live 99 (save 1)
 This is the official updated rosters from EA
?  NBA Live 99 (save 2)
 Updated rosters (unofficial)
?  NBA Live 99 (save 3) 
 Includes a crop of the best rookies in the 1999 class.
?  NBA Live 2000
 All the legends unlocked
?  Ncaa Final Four 99
 Championship Game, Kansas v. North Carolina.
?  Ncaa Football 99 (save1)
 Most of Purdue names added in
?  Ncaa Football 99 (save2)
 The complete 99 K-State roster
?  NCAA 2000 (save 1)
 Players - Kato, CodeBoy, Timmy, and others
?  NCAA 2000 (save 2)
 Named players for all 12 SEC Teams
?  NCAA 2000 (save 3)
 Has all the PAC-10 teams rosters
?  Ncaa GameBreaker 99
 Nearly everyone is a GameBreaker
?  Need For Speed II
 Includes extra car (Ford Indigo) and extra tracks
?  Need For Speed III
 All cars/tracks unlocked
?  Need For Speed 4
 Gold and all tracks & cars available
?  N.J. Pro Wrestling 3 (1)
 Has all hidden characters, extra costumes
?  N.J. Pro Wrestling 3 (2)
 Creations for New Japan Pro Wrestling 3
?  NFL Blitz
 Denver Broncos...season mode....10-2 record
?  NFL Gameday 99 (1)
 Updated rosters for Gameday 99 as of 2/2/99
?  NFL Gameday 99 (2)
 Denver Broncos: a perfect 16-0 in the regular season
?  NFL Gameday 99 (3)
 Dallas Cowboys (14-2) vs. New England Pats
?  NFL Gameday 99 (4)
 Ultimate roster with Green Bay week 1
?  NFL Gameday 99
 Updated rosters for Gameday '99 (as of 4-30)
?  NFL Xtreme
 All players having 114 overall ratings
?  NHL 99
 Updated rosters (4/19/99)
?  NHL 2000 (save 1)
 Rosters updates as of 10-25-99
?  NHL 2000 (save 2)
 Roster updated to 11-5-99
?  NHL 2000 (save 3)
 Full updated rosters as of November 13,2020
?  NHL Faceoff 99
 Updated rosters as of 2/5/99
?  Nightmare Creatures
 All levels and special features
?  Ninja
 Stage 2, Silver Key, Gold Key, max Power-Up...
?  Nuclear Stike
 Last level of the game
?  Oddworld : A. Odyssey
 Final ending of Abe's Oddysee
?  Ogre Battle
 Have all hidden items and visited all hidden towns
?  Omega Boost
 All zones and levels unlocked in Zone Play mode
?  PacMan World
 All galleries
?  Parappa The Rapper
 Bonus stage unlocked
?  Parasite Eve
 All days opened
?  Philosoma
 Allows you to view all the cinema scenes
?  Pitfall 3d
 Takes you to the last boss
?  Point Blank
 All levels available
?  Pool Hustler
 Story mode and trick shot mode complete
?  Pong
 Everything unlocked
?  Porsche Challenge
 All tracks, test drivers available
?  Poy Poy
 Lots of money and high-powered gloves
?  Poy Poy
 Have lots of gloves
?  Project Horned Owl
 Extra modes such as a picture and cinema gallery
?  Psychic Force
 Story mode completed for all characters
?  Punky Skunk
 Final level. 5 1/4 Green Orbs
?  Q Boat
 Most boats unlocked
?  Q*bert
 All levels unlocked in Adventure Mode
?  R Type Delta
 Everything unlocked including POW Armor, Stage Select and Free Play
?  RC Stunt Copter
 All modes and ace choppers
?  Rage Racer
 All Cars, all classes, infinite credits
?  Rainbow Six
 All missions unlocked
?  Rally Cross
 All cars, and tracks for rally cross 1
?  Rally Cross 2
 All cars, tracks, and secrets included
?  Rampage 2
 Day 118. All monsters saved. Final save point
?  Rat Attack
 All characters and levels
?  Raystorm
 All the modes unlocked and extra options
?  Resident Evil D.C. (1)
 Unlimited colt python when playing as Chris
?  Resident Evil D.C. (2)
 Unlimited rocket launcher when playing as Jill
?  Resident Evil D.C. (3)
 Unlimited rocket launcher when playing as Chris
?  Resident Evil D.C. D.S.
 All items and weapons
?  Resident Evil2 (save1)
 Claire with all special weapons
?  Resident Evil2 (save2)
 Play the "Hunk" scenario
?  Resident Evil2 (save3)
 Play the "Tofu" scenario
?  Resident Evil2 (save4)
 Leon with all special weapons
?  Resident Evil 2 D.S.
 Secret characters unlocked
?  Resident Evil 3 (Save 1)
 At the end, new mode unlocked
?  Resident Evil 3 (Save 2)
 Boutique Key w/ all 5 costumes unlocked
?  Rebel Assault II
 All levels unlocked
?  Reel Fishing
 Unlocks all areas, licenses, and records
?  Re Loaded
 Game ending
?  Return Fire
 All the levels opened
?  Ridge Racer
 All cars & tracks, including Black Angel
?  Ridge Racer Revolution
 All cars & tracks, including White Angel
?  Ridge Racer Type 4
 Mirror Tracks, Galaga Bonus Cars, #13 Car and Bonus #0 Car (White Angel). All in 1:20
?  Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman (save 1)
 Start on 2nd level with extra special ammo and missiles
?  Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman (save 2)
 All rewards and impacts
?  Rival Schools
 All characters and modes unlocked
?  Road Rash
 All levels. Superbikes. Large amount of cash
?  Road Rash 3d
 Has saves throughout big game mode, up through and including level 4. It also has a save for Thrash mode on level 2
?  Robo Pit
 Ranked Champion with all weapons
?  Rogue Trip (save 1)
 Last level versus Big Daddy
?  Rogue Trip (save 2)
 Save at Funtopia and have 99 lives
?  Roll Cage
 Everything unlocked
?  Rug Rats
 All puzzle pieces found
?  Rush Down (save 1)
 All tracks open on Championship Level
?  Rush Down (save 2)
 All tracks open on Championship Level
?  Rush Hour
 Access all vehicles
?  Saga Frontier
 Save for all of the characters
?  Shipwreckers
 Save at level 3
?  Silent Hill (save 1)
 4 Endings, start at beginning with many weapons
?  Silent Hill (save 2)
 Save at all check points in the game
?  Silverload
 85% complete. Start at the final gunfight
?  Sim City 2000
 Large city with tons of money
?  Sled Storm (save 1)
 All characters unlocked
?  Sled Storm (save 2)
 Enable all racing conditions
?  Sled Storm (save 3)
 All mountain tracks unlocked
?  Soukaigi
 Finished game. All players' abilities maxed out
?  Soulblade
 Everything is unlocked
?  S.R.: Legacy of Kain
 All items, all defeated except Kain
 Southpark Rally
 Everything unlocked
?  Soviet Strike
 All levels unlocked
?  Spawn
 Start as Medieval Spawn, Savage Spawn or Hell
?  Speed Racer
 Have access to all cars
?  Spider
 This has all the levels open
?  Spyro The Dragon
 120% completed with all gems found
?  Spyro 2
 47% Completed
?  Starfighter
 First 3 levels completed and all upgrades included
?  Star Gladiator
 All characters and modes unlocked
?  S.O, Second Story (1)
 Claude's scenario at level 90 before the final boss
?  S.O, Second Story (2)
 Most characters at max level, lots of items
?  Star Wars Masters of...
 All Characters Unlocked from Star Wars
?  Streak
 Has tracks 1-8 setup and ready using jade
?  Street Fighter Alpha
 All hidden characters and team mode unlocked
?  Street Fighter Alpha 2
 Save at final battle with Ryu
?  S.F. Alpha 2 Gold
 Play as Cammy in the versus mode
?  S.F. Collection 2
 Versus Deluxe available, all extra art available, remix music available, music test available
?  Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha
 Has all movie endings/secret characters
?  Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha
 All characters/movies are selectable
?  Street Fighter Alpha 3
 Unlocked all gameplay modes and hidden characters
?  Street Fighter Zero 3
 All the secret characters and modes unlocked
?  Street Sk8er
 All players, gates open, all boards, etc.
?  Suikoden (save 1)
 Near the end of the game with you in perfect position to get all 108 Stars of Destiny
?  Suikoden (save 2)
 Level 57, close to the end of the game, many rare items, all 108 characters
?  Suikoden 2
 All 108 stars of destiny gathered
?  Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
 All extras unlocked from Street Puzzle Mode
?  SuperCross 98
 All tracks, bikes and difficulties
?  Supercross 2000
 Start at the last race of the season
?  Syphon Filter
 Start at the last race of the season

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