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Game Title
Ver. Comments
?  Tail Of The Sun
 End of game. View all endings from here
?  Tales of Destiny
 At the end, with many specials
?  Tarzan
 Have all levels/movies complete
?  Tekken
 All hidden characters unlocked
?  Tekken 2
 All characters unlocked
?  Tekken 3 
 All characters, bonuses and modes unlocked
?  Tekken 3
 All characters, bonuses, and modes unlocked
?  Tempest X
 All of the extra modes of Tempest X modes unlocked
?  Tenchu
 "Grand Master" for every level, with both characters.
?  Tenchu
 Start game with all scenes open and all items
?  Test Drive 4
 All the cars and the tracks unlocked
?  Test Drive 6
 Lots of money
?  Test Drive Off-road
 All cars and tracks unlocked
?  Test Drive Off Road 2
 All tracks & reverse tracks open. All classes open
?  Tetris Plus
 All levels selectable
?  Thrill Kill (save 1)
 All levels, all costumes, all characters
?  Thrill Kill (save 2)
 All levels, all costumes, all characters
?  Tobal No.1
 All hidden characters are selectable
?  Tobal No.2
 200 extra characters unlocked in fighting mode
?  Toca Championship R.
 All tracks unlocked and the tank to drive
?  TOCA T.C. Challenge
 All cars and tracks unlocked
?  Tokyo Highway Battle
 Save with nearly all courses
?  Tomb Raider
 All the weapons and you can start at any board
?  Tomb Raider 2
 All levels unlocked, all weapons and infinite ammo
?  Tomb Raider 3 (save1)
 Access into any level, all weapons, much ammo
?  Tomb Raider 3 (save2)
 Lara's house with access to the race track
?  Tomb Raider 4
 1st level with many extras
?  Tomba (save 1)
 Ready for last battle with the evil boss
?  Tomba (save 2)
 All weapons and all possible objectives completed
?  Tomorrow Never Dies
 All levels complete, all movies viewable on 007 skill
?  Toy Story 2
 All levels and movies unlocked
?  Trap Gunner
 All characters and levels unlocked
?  Treasures Of The Deep
 MANY special things
?  Triple Play 2000
 Lots of good stuff
?  Twisted Metal 3
 God mode, unlimited specials and ammo and all guns
?  Twisted Metal4(save1)
 Tournament Mode, Neon City with 99 lives
?  Twisted Metal4(save2)
 Everything unlocked
?  Unholy War
 Both extra characters & levels unlocked
?  Um Jammer Lammy
 Both extra characters & levels unlocked
?  Vigilate 8
 Levels and cars including flying saucers
?  Vigilatne 8 - 2
 All characters and endings unlocked
?  Vs
 Several bonus characters
?  Warpath Jurassic Park
 Tournament Mode, start at Neon City, 99 lives
?  WCW Nitro
 All the characters unlocked
?  WCW / NWO Thunder
 All rings & characters unlocked
?  Wild Arms
 Everything done, characters on level 50
?  Wipeout
 Allows access to Rapier mode and bonus track
?  Wipeout Xl
 Has first place cups on all tracks at all challenge levels
?  World Cup 98
 Classic Mode unlocked
?  Wu Tang: Shaolin Style (save 1)
 All characters, modes and stages unlocked. All characters have 36 chambers
?  Wu Tang: Shaolin Style (save 2)
 Have all characters
?  WWF Attitude (save 1)
 Has all of the secret characters unlocked
?  WWF Attitude (save 2)
 23 WWF superstars and 4 WCW superstars from Create A Wrestler
?  WWF Attitude (save 3)
 WWF Attitude Psx Videogame People: (Tekken3: Paul) (StreetFighter: Ken, Zangief, Cammy, and Guile) (Metal Gear Solid: Solid, Liquid, and Meryl) (FF7: Barret) (Resident Evil: Chris R.)
?  WWF Attitude (save 4)
 A created Big Show, and a finished career with Stone Cold as champ
?  WWF Attitude (save 5)
 Includes Biohazard, Spaz, Ice Master, Two Ton, and many more
?  Wwf Warzone (save 1)
 Have all secrets including the GameShark exclusive ones
?  Wwf Warzone (save 2)
 Includes entire WWF Roster and all of the hidden secrets
?  Wwf Warzone (save 3)
 30 of some of the best real WWF, ECW and WCW wrestlers are included
?  Xena: Warrior Princess
 All levels unlocked
?  X-men Vs Streefighter
 Apocalypse unlocked
?  Xenogears (save 1)
 Final save point before the boss
?  Xenogears (save 2)
 Begin at first town with Fei at Level 70, and most of his stats maxed
?  Xenogears (save 3)
 Many various points throughout the game

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