You have seen reports of BLEEM, you may even have seen pictured, and you may have very well visited the BLEEM Home Page and filled out the form to be a beta tester. One thing that I'm sure you haven't done, is play with it. I may be talking too loud, or maybe too much, but BLEEM is fake. And here is my detailed report. But first, if you don't know what BLEEM is, here's an introduction.

A few days ago, some few Emulation Site Owners (not including yours trule) were sent an e-mail note about this "secret" Playstation emulator. Like its CapXtra friend, it did everything no other emulator did. It has sound, it plays well on a P166, it has movie decoding, and of course, it plays ALL your favorite Playstation games. One EmuSite went out of its way and "accidentally" posted all the details from this "secret" mailnote. The author, who wanted to keep this all a secret, also managed to send this site some pictures, and continue to send them pictures of the emulator showing its true potential. The Golden Award goes to Emulation Unlimited for going out of its way and posting all this information (as given to them) about BLEEM. You might go there and check the news section.

Now, why do I call this a fake? Ok, first rule of thumb. When something seems too good to be true, most of the time it is. They have been claiming that this is the best thing out there, and some extra bla bla bla. Thats the first strike right there.

Second, by doing some investigative work, I found myself talking on the phone with the owner of Whats the second rule of thumb? When a person doesn't know what they're talking about, they certainly can't code an emulator. When asked if they had any sort of inside documentation about the emulator to be able to emulate it to perfection, they completely denied that. No documentation was made available. Then I asked "Then you did all the hard work yourself, and did a good job at reverse engineering huh?", to which I got the reply of "No, none of that either". So I guess they just read the CD-ROM data and decided the best way to play those games. Second strike.

Third strike was even more obvious. The person on the phone babbled about BLEEM's praise for quality, and quality only. He complained about downloading HUGE emulators (like Psyke, which is a minute and a half download on a 33.6 modem), and then they "don't work". "BLEEM works, and it's not like those other emulators coded in C" and bla bla bla. To which I replied "Oh, you did all this work in ASM then to get speed and all?" to which again he said "No, none of that". I thought that maybe they were using Qbasic, so I had to ask "What is it then?". After a very confident pause, he said "It's machine code". Lucky for me I spent 5 years getting a Computer Engineering degree and I obviously know to differentiate between ASM and machine code. They're so good they actually programmed in binary form. Damn it's gotta be fast! Strike Three, at least this guy on the phone has struck out.

Why would someone go through all this trouble then? Hmm, everyone wants to be famous every once in a while. And to be honest, there's a certain emulation site who wants to get a lot of attention all of the time, and this certainly worked. I can't see the connection since the page and guy on the phone are in California, and Emulation Unlimited is based in the UK, but it all seems weird how this site keeps getting shots from the emu. Next question is, yeah but pay a Domain Name? Well you can signup for a domain name and get billed 30 days after it's been working, so that's a possibility.

Bottom line is that I advise you not to get happy about this, as even the guy on the phone said they were planning on selling this emulator. I wouldn't hold my breath on that. In my opinion this emulator is very fake. As all of you, I wish this guy would shut me up, and send me a working PSX emu with sound. Which of course I wouldn't try cause I don't like getting my HD erased, and either way I have no PSX CDs. So good luck BLEEM, you're in my history album right next to CapXtra, another very famous Emulator.