[Email from bleem (to beta testers) posted with permission.]

A Beta Site sent us this piece of EMail:
"Ok, it is now 10minutes after Oct 31st... Obviously for some reason the release date was pushed back again... and I don't even care about that, however, if something isn't going to happen at a time/date given by yourselves, then I would like to be informed... " "I am not trying to be a "jerk" it's just I stayed up until 2:00am expecting the release, and since I didn't get mail saying otherwise, I expected it.... </rant>"

*WE* stayed up till 0300am working hard to finish this thing and get it out to you. Despite our best efforts, it just didn't happen the way we wanted. We tried our best, we coded around the clock, we're working as fast as we can.

There's still a few bugs left that need to be corrected. You see, it's all pretty damn simple:

The public has expectations that exceed perhaps every other emulator release to date. The fact is that people out there are just champing at the bit to get bleem, spread it to as many people as they possibly can, and then find the few titles that *don't* work properly on it, or that work slower than expected or whatever else is wrong, and then stand up and shout at the top of their lungs and in every irc channel they can get on "SEE!    I TOLD YOU SO!  IT'S A FAKE!"

Even though it runs twice as much software as either PSEmuPro or PSyke. Even though it does it at twice or three-times the speed. Even though it has better looking graphics, and better sound, and all sorts of other stuff. That just won't matter. That one piece of software that doesn't run for us, but does for PSEmuPro or PSyke means EVERYTHING.

Yeah, right. Want another example? There are those out there who will test our software rendering against some hardware card using PSEmuPro's glide plugin and say "Gee, I guess bleem isn't as fast as PSEmuPro". Nevermind the ridiculousness of the comparison. It just won't matter. That's what will be claimed.

So, despite the pressure we're under to bring you bleem as quickly as we can, we have taken a bit MORE time away from answering all of those lame EMails asking us when it'll be released, and if it runs game xxxx, and how fast it is, not to mention all those idiotic demands for proof that bleem is real, and the death threats and all the other crap ...

We've spent that time compiling for YOU, our beta sites, a few of OUR favourite dates and quotes that we've found on the net recently, although we're pretty sure that you'd be able to find a few others that are similar if you take a hard look around for yourselves.

Enjoy the wait.  Anticipation makes the final reward all the more worthwhile. ...And it means few bugs, greater compatibility, and faster speed. So, is it all really worth it? To put up with all the crap that we've had to, and that some of you that run news sites have had to?

We believe so.  You will believe so too...  Very soon now. We thank you for your continued support, and present our new, official corporate stance regarding further information and news:

"It will be ready when it's released and not a moment before." ...And you can quote us on that.

"Official" PSEmu Compatibility pages
Current Version - PSemu Pro 1.04 (08-09-98) ... and the new version???

"Official" PSEmu FAQ:
"New FAQ Version 0.4 due to be released tomorrow! (27th!)" ... still waiting.
"New Webpage layout due to be made public the day after! (28th!)" ... still waiting.

"New SHOW check it out! 10-9-98"  ... new???

The Fox:
"NEXT UPDATE: Monday 19th October 1998"   ... updated on the 29th.
"NEXT UPDATE: Friday 30th October 1998"   ... we're still waiting....

"PSyKe is ufficially suspended for a month."
"Otherwise, I'll let you all know what I'll do at the end of October." ...still waiting.

"_64bit_" editorial:
"All I do know is, that bleem has brought the lamers out of the wood works. There is lamers everywhere. I haven't seen this many lamers since I got permanently banned from #emu by God himself(Unclassic Dave)."

"Lamer: a PSX + a svideo grabber... + a vector drawing tool... could be enough to make screenshots" Our screenshot challenge still stands.