For the benefit of those out there who don't know you, why don't we start off with you telling us a bit about yourself, including real name, what you do in Real Life, family, pets, interests, and whever other details you think will help to fill folks in on who you are.
Well, my Real name is Matthew Elzer. Currently I do nothing in real life, I used to run a cybercafe, but it closed, and I am currently jobless. I have an ASS in Computer Science (Programming : Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal - RPG400, CL, COBOL) My family consists of my wife, and 2 year old son. No pets, and no real interests. I am of course big into Video Games and Computers. My favorite color is green, and I am a “cancer” - astrological sign ;>

Like myself, you have started to make a name for yourself by doing Interviews. Tell us a little about your site, EliteGamer.Com and give us a quick list of some of the folks you have interviewed.
Well “elitegamer” was actually registered by one of my real life friends, “ZeroT”. We originally intended for it to be an overall gaming site, but he grew tired of working on it, and it laid dormant for a couple months. I was into emulation at that time, and started working on a NeoRage FAQ. I was going to post it on the site, but as I worked on it, I realized the FAQ sucked - So I started working on an actual site. I posted a couple chat captures with people like chemical and apollo69. Well when I noticed people really liked that, I decided I wanted to interview people… So I started looking for who people found exciting… everyone said people like NAZ, DRAC (Gekko), NeoRage Team, Sardu… well 3 down, 1 to go… I am looking for Sardu, I doubt I will find him, but it is fun to try :>

I see that your site recently underwent a major face lift. Care to tell us about the person who did it?
VNG… hangs out in #NeoGeo on EFNet a lot… Really good guy… We posted a place for people to “APPLY” to elitegamer… we need people for GFX, etc… and he “applied” and sent some work. I was so impressed, I found him in chat and told him we wanted him to help out! There’s a couple other people out there still doing some site renovation stuff for us, hopefully some of it will come in soon, and we may use their stuff too.

Let's get into some interesting stuff here which you may or may not know about. In refrence to your Interview with Anders of the NeoRage team, I have a few questions. First off, you make mention of the NeoRage hack. Can you explain briefly what the NeoRage hack is?
Basically the hack was the removal of CRC-checking… making it possible to test brand new dumped games… personally I see this as an error in NeoRage’s part… obviously if you have something like that, it is going to cause someone to “hack” it, to remove it… just as bleem will not support CDR’s.. but someone will hack it to do so. (I obviously agree with bleem’s decision to not support CDR’s - because of legality - just using it as an example.) NeoRage had their reasons of course, and the most important was they didn’t want people to be trading games without giving them to the public.

And who, if you know, made the NeoRage hack?
Heh Heh, I think I better leave this one alone.

Why, Do you fear retribution from whomever it might have been?
Well technically more than one person hacked NeoRage… Some people/person did it for a good reason (and I don’t feel they should be made a fool of)…. The distributed “hack” was more than likely made by someone OTHER than the people/person mentioned first… and I don’t know who they are… the person/people I do know, didn’t distribute their hacked version.

What is your opinion on the NeoRage hack situation?
Ehh.. I would be pissed if my program was hacked too… but as Anders said… it wasn’t so much that it WAS hacked.. but WHO hacked it.

Has anything new happened in regards to that situation?
Nah, CRC-Check has been removed (in NeoBeta) and now it’s a thing of that past.

In that same interview with Anders, he makes mention of the fact that the next release of NeoRage will be the last ever. Are you aware if this is still the situation?
To my knowledge it is, I don’t talk with the Rage Team… I never see em But I haven’t heard any different!

Moving on, what is your evaluation of the Emulation scene in regards to NeoGeo, Psx, and Arcade Games?
Hah Hah! Babies…. The scene (as far as I am concerned) is degraded by the fact that the majority of the people are leeching weasles… of course there are people out there that aren’t that way. But you know the saying, One bad apple ruins the bunch. I for one will be happy when the final NeoRage comes out, and CD Support, and Sound are available, and KOF98 is dumped… I have a feeling that a lot of people will then “drop out of the scene”… I just hope people like Apollo69, Chemical, Naz, Org, and AraCorn keep dumping the remaining “unwanted” neogeo games. This jerk accused me of stating I had the mame beta 6 (note: mame b6 doesn’t exist yet… there is a mame.exe that has b6 as it’s version number, but since it hasn’t “been released” it doesn’t “exist”) and he said some pretty crappy thing about me… Personally I don’t care… but I never told him I had b6. I’m not much in to Arcade Emulation, I played a lot of the games as I was growing up, but there are just to many games to pick from Lastly, PSX, I am excited about it, I have used PSEmu Pro a couple times, runs pretty slow for me. I am a beta tester for bleem, and should be getting my copy of the beta on Monday the 26th, very excited about that!

You mention KOF 98, as you have also done in some of your own interviews. What side of the fence do you stand on as to the viewpoint that some people have that this game is "too new" and should be considered warez?
Anything that causes a software company to lose money from pirated games, IS warez… If I download kof98, it isn’t warez… I’m not going to buy the game, therefore they don’t lose money. If some dude makes 300 copies of KOF98 and sells them, that IS warez. So my official position is “none” I would rather not see the dumpers dump KOF98, because I don’t think the majority of the people in the scene deserve it…

If you are anything like myself and a lot of other folks, you spend a good deal of time on IRC. Where on IRC do you hang out regularly?
My “normal” chan’s are : #neogeo, #bleem, #cps2 (locked chan) and sometimes in #psxdev or #psemu It depends where my friends are hanging out, but I am almost ALWAYS in the first three chan’s.

Have you met most of the people that you have interviewed via IRC? If not, where have you met them?
Most all in IRC. bleem was the first e-mail interview.

What type of preparation routine do you go through when you are conducting an Interview?
I spend several days asking people in the chan what they want to know, but don’t want to ask… that’s where I get 90% of my questions. Then I come up with the rest by thinking of things that didn’t come up, and I wand to know. Lastly I add extra questions in as the interview goes. I try to group the questions in categories, that way if the interviewee says something related to another topic, I can ask a question from that, without looking like I am jumping all around That’s about it…

If you would, can you discuss in particular how it is you came to be aquatinted with the Author of BLEEM?
Basically, I looked at the validity of a PSX emu, and decided that bleem had a damn good shot at being real… so I asked around to see if anyone had gotten an email from them, someone game me the email address, and I mailed them. “bleem” was very happy to fulfill my request for an interview. After that, I applied for best tester, got on, sent several emails back and forth, until he trusted me enough to talk to me.

(Ahem) (cough)(cough) I, uhhhh.....don't suppose you'd care to give me a world exclusive, and tell me the identity of the Bleem Author?
Heh Heh.. I wish I could… basically all anyone will probably ever know is the company “bleem” makes the ‘bleem” emulator…. I don’t think he will ever tell people who he is, because he is just the programmer, not the whole company, and he probably doesn’t want to answer questions all day.

You mentioned that the company "Bleem" makes the "Bleem" emulator. Is this a public or private company? What information can you share with us about this company?
The only info I have on “bleem” that I can share is… “bleem llc” makes “bleem” emulator (PSX emulator) and they are in California. There is one programmer, and several other (no telling how many) people helping (Marketing/Sales who knows what else). This is my current “undestanding” of bleem llc, if it is wrong, it’s wrong, but that’s what I “know to be true”…

Let's discuss BLEEM for a bit. You are pretty much on the record as believing that it is a REAL emulator. Discuss with me, if you would, the things which have led you to form your opinion as it currently stands.
If I am not yet, we can go on record, Yes I do believe bleem is 100% real. It would take me a couple days to tell you everything that allows me to believe it is real, and some I can’t say but some of the main reasons… Screen Shots : to good to be faked, especially those with the purple lines on them. The bleem author seems to know what he is talking about… he answers questions in email VERY quickly. Why would anyone go through SO MUCH trouble to prove something is real, and to fake an emu of this type, with absolutely NO personal gain. As I said, this could go on for days… I’ll stop there...

With respect to the issue of Beta testing, I'm sure a lot of folks are asking themselves this question, which is: "I wonder if his having interviewed the author or possibly even knowing him is what got him onto the Beta test team or if he had to go through the application process just like any of the rest of us?" Care to address that one?
I had to fill out the same form everyone else did… but I am sure the trust I built with an interview made it easier to get on as a beta tester.

Myself, I have to wonder, what could possibly be gained by someone attempting a fakeout of this size and magnitude. What do you suppose will be the fallout behind this emulator on either side of that coin? I mean if it's a fake, what do you think will be the reprocussions? And if it's real, well...A few people are gonna be having Crow for supper. Your thoughts?
I hope people like crow I don’t see any reason to discuss this, things that have been said to me by “bleem” have been recorded the whole step of the way… through emails and such, for them to turn around, and say it was fake, would surely mean that people would be hassling this guy for quite a long time. That’s not something he wants. I don’t see him seeking “fame” no one even knows who he is… It’s just WAY to much to put into a fake emu.

But surely since he has gone out of his way to maintain his anonymity, should this prove to be fake, he would be pretty much shrouded from any hassle, so in that respect, he stands to lose very little?
He has gone out of his way to stay “unknown”… but I can assure you, if it is fake, I will make sure everyone knows who he is -- however, I don’t need to worry about that, since it’s real.

In regards to the BLEEM Challenge, tell us quickly what it is, and have you had any response so far?
Basically, he asked anyone to make screen shots such as his, in 2 days time, (he did his in 10 minutes)… Everyone said they were fake, and he asked them to duplicate the “fake screenshots”… as far as people trying None, Zilch, Nadda, Zero, etc ;>

Take me through what the logic is behind BLEEM not allowing CDR's to work with it's final release? I mean, if it's allowed to play them in the Beta but not in the Final, what's the diff.?
The beta is for testing, lets say 30 -> 40 get that, it won’t be fully functional, but it will support CDR’s… Main reason to allow CDR’s in this release? So that the testers can test as many games as possible… the reason for blocking it later? If they allow CDR’s to be played on it, basically they could be sued for making it so easy to pirate games, or that they failed to stop something they could have easily avoided.

But don't you think that someone will certainly attempt a hack to remove this CDR protection scheme?
Somebody DEFINITLY will… but that isn’t the point… you can’t expect Sony to sue bleem because some 14 year old kid cracked his CDR routines… As long as bleem stays on the legal side of the tracks, then I believe they will be ok.

Anything else you wanna say in regards to the whole BLEEM deal?
nah, it’s coming soon enough… enjoy the wait! ;>

Now that we got the tough stuff outta the way, let's get down to the real deal. What Emulator do you play with the most and also what games do you play on it?
To tell you the truth, I don’t play Emulators that much :> Currently I have been playing no$gb the most, with neorage coming in second. Pokemon on GB and I was playing Panic Bomber on NeoRage, but I beat it… so I need to find a new puzzle to play (I HATE most Fighters).

In order, list your top 5 favorite games of all time.
I can’t say them in order, and it’s not all “single” games... but my favorites are probably Zelda Series, Mario Series, Final Fantasy Series, Both Tron Arcades, TMek.

Ok, here's one of your own questions right back at ya. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would ya wanna be and why? :)
Heh heh… I dunno.. I just like silly questions and seeing how people re-act… I guess I would be a Pine Tree… cause they aren’t so ugly in the winter :>

As long as we're on the silly stuff, how do you get that crazy Y thingie in the second part of yer nickname?
? Hold the ALT key, and type 157 on the keypad (to the RIGHT, not the row numbers) - let go of alt, and presto!

Well, that's about all I have for now. Any final thoughts you'd like to get out to the public?
I would ask people to read more, and talk less… the interviews people like us do are a GREAT resource for finding good information.. there isn’t one this in the world I hate more, (besides spiders and needles) than a person who comes in to a chan and asks a question I answered in an interview 2 days ago :>

Thanks for yer time D.Y. and keep up those fantastic Interviews! :)
Yup Yup, Hopefully, if people allow me to continue, what really makes the interviews good, is the people that allow me to do it, and answer the questions without saying “I can’t tell” a lot And of course all the great people that help me with the questions! I would like to say a HUGE HI! To all the peeps in #neogeo on EFNet… The're my “internet family” and without most of them, I wouldn’t even have the want/drive to get information out to the public.

Hey, you said "I can't tell" about the BLEEM authors identity! C'mon, what's up with that?! ;)
Heh Heh.. If I could I would, but I would hate to think how much the project would be pushed back if he was being bothered by people all day long… and I wouldn’t get anymore secret info ;>