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PSX emulation is finally starting to grow more and more, the same way N64 emulation did last year. UltraHLE had to proove that good N64 emulation is possible, 4 months later bleem! followed and showed, that it's quite possible to emulate many PSX games at a good speed on todays PC's. Although PSEmu Pro already showed this some months before, bleem! was the first PSX emulator with such a wide compatibilty.

Today, there's already a bigger range of PSX emulators out there. The biggest two are, no doubt, bleem! and Virtual Gamestation. But new emulators are already on their way, such as AdriPSX, PCSX and even an open source emulator is progressing quite nicely : FPSE. There've been many discussions about commercial emulators, and the PSX section is the only area at all where you can find them. But the quality of bleem!'s 3D graphics and the high competibility of Virtual Gamestation are surely worth the money. Both emus are available through the internet and bleem! is also in many shops, costs are around 30-50$ !

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