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Disclaimer : calb, Galtor and _Demo_ hold no warranties of any kind for this product. You're using ePSXe at your own risk. The authors can't be held liable or responsible for any damage which results from using the emulator, its plugins or anything described in this documentation in any way.

This FAQ may only be provided "as is". You're not allowed to remove this disclaimer and put your own name there. You are, of course, allowed to put a COMPLETE copy of this file on your webpage and offer it for reading/download. Please respect our hard work and don't rip us off ! You can download an offline version of this FAQ by clicking here.

General questions

Q : Who are the developers of this great application ?
A : The programmers aren't new to the scene. The one you all probably already heard of is _Demo_, one of the authors of the best SNES emulator out there : zsnes ! The other two are calb, experienced programmer from emulators like ESNes, and Galtor, who is new to the emu scene, but still is a skilled programmer.

Q : Game XY doesn't run. What can I do to get it running ?
A : There are certain things to do before giving up on a non-working game. First off, you could use another plugin, since not all plugins work with every game. We suggest you to use Pete's plugins for GPU (OpenGL, D3D or soft), since they provide the best compatibility ... see the plugins section for more plugin troubleshooting. Then, you could try to disable MDECs, since some games crash when they try to show the opening movie. In case you're running the game from an ISO file, try Daemon Tools, since some games only work properly with that tool. Some people also informed us that using a different BIOS version has helped them getting the emu working. Now, check if your CD-ROM drive at least TRIES to read the game CD ... when it does nothing on start, try another plugin (see plugins section for more help). If this isn't the problem, you can try to load the game patches using the "Cheat" option in ePSXe. That way you can get games like Resident Evil 3 PAL, Dino Crisis PAL, and Silent Hill PAL working.
For certain Square games like, for example, Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9, you need to start ePSXe with the command -mdectiming or just enable the MDEC timing option in the MDEC configuration screen. And last but not least, you should try to start the emulator with the option -cdtiming or activate the "Enable Accurate cdrom timing" option in the CDRom configuration screen.
If all this didn't help, you just need to wait for the next version, but hey, this emulator is free so please don't send any E-Mails to the authors asking for game XY to work in the next release.

Q : Which BIOS files are the best to use with ePSXe and which aren't running ?
A : After the testing stage, we found out that the SCPH1000, SCPH5000 and SCPH5005 don't seem to work with ePSXe. We suggest you to use the SCPH1001 and SCPH7502 Bios, since they've worked great during our tests !

Q : Can I use those PAL patches for the NTSC versions of the games as well ?
A : Nope, sorry ... Since most patches are PAL, you won't be able to play those games ... yet !

Q : How can I show the frames per second (FPS) ?
A : Just press the "Del" key, this should work with most (not all) GPU plugins.

Q : Can you actually play audio CDs in the run bios option ?
A : Nope, that isn't supported.

Q : For VGS, I used Daemon Tools. What should I use for ePSXe ?
A : Nothing like that. ePSXe comes with a built in "Run ISO" function, which easily allows you to run a .bin (CDRWin format), or .iso file from your HDD ! But, Daemon Tools has a higher compatibility rate (see 2 questions below).

Q : Can I play backups with ePSXe ?
A : Well, it has been proved several times now : It's nearly impossible to provide 100% protection of backup's ! And since Sony isn't even able to prevent the PSX console from being used to play backups themselves, why should emulators be any different? And, since ePSXe uses the PSEmu Pro plugin system, you're even able to play ISO's directly from your hard disc !

Q : During certain games (for example Driver, Ridge Racer, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter etc.), I can press whatever I want to, the emulator doesn't react. Can this be fixed ?
A : Yes, to get the controller working again, you just need to enable "SIO IRC always on" in the misc menu or simply press F4 during emulation !

Plugin problems

Q : What's the best plugin to use for graphics (GPU)?
A : Use Pete's OpenGL plugin for best graphics, if your card supports OpenGL, and use Pete's Software GPU plugin for highest compatibility. You can get both from our ePSXe plugins page.

Q : I'm using Tratax's ASPI 1.2 plugin. When I start a game from CD-ROM, my computer just sits there and does nothing. What's wrong ?
A : Just wait around 30-60 seconds and let it load, the CD-ROM should boot aferwards.

Q : I own a Voodoo 3, and I'm using Pete's GPU plugins. I configured the plugin,and selected "Nice" in order to get nice graphics. But then emulator crashes. Why ?
A : It's simple : Pete's plugin activated 32-bit color when you press "Nice", and the Voodoo 3 doesn't support anything more than 16-bit color. You need to lower the color depth in order to fix this problem !

Q : I'm using Lewpy's Glide plugin for my 3dfx card. But every time I try to run a game, the emulator crashes.
A : This happens with Lewpy's plugin and the newer drivers for certain 3dfx cards (doesn't happen with all 3dfx cards though !). This happens because of a bug in the plugin which should be fixed by Lewpy (*hint*, *hint*) ... In the meantime, just use Pete's plugin, which are a bit slower for 3dfx cards, but provide a much higher compatibility.

Q : I'm using Win2k and can't get the CD-ROM working, no matter which plugin I try.
A : For CD-ROMs in Win2k, you need to take the following steps. In case you're using an EIDE CD-ROM, use Tratax's ASPI 1.2 CD plugin (get it from our plugins page), for SCSI CD-ROM's, you need Duddie's ASPI 0.8 plugin. If this still doesn't help, you need to download and install an ASPI layer, preferably Adaptec's (get it from our download page), since Win2k doesn't come with one preinstalled like Win9x does. This *should* solve your problems, but it's not guaranteed.

Technical questions

Q : Which 3D API's does ePSXe take advantage of ?
A : Since ePSXe uses the PSEmu Pro plugin system, it provides support for all important API's : OpenGL, Direct3D, 3Dfx's glide and pure software mode. For more infos about the plugins and downloads, refer to our ePSXe plugins page !

Q : Does EPSX support hardware anti-aliasing ?
A : (Answer from Lewpy, PSEmu Pro plugin developer) Since ePSX uses PSEmu Pro GPU plugins, then you have full access to the hardware anti-aliasing that your hardware/drivers combo provides, as long as you use a hardware accelerated GPU plugin. Smoothing (ie. bilinear filtering) is possible, but not without glitches, since the PSX games were not designed to allow for filtering. Increased screen resolution is also possible, but it doesn't allow for increased model accuracy within the PSX game. You can notice this within racing games as distant cars draw closer, there resolution is still very low. Only some kind of HLE could improve that (abstracting the game data away from the actual PSX hardware .... funky stuff!).

Q : The ISO function doesn't run some games my friend can play from his CDs ... Why ?
A : Well, this is pretty complex. ePSXe includes an INTERNAL database with patches for certain games (one you can't see !) ... This database identifies a game by checking the name of the executeable. These patches are required to get the game running ! Now, when you run an ISO, the BIOS starts the game and this check gets skipped, so the game doesn't run. To fix this, we recommened you use Daemon Tools, a CD-ROM emulator (get it from the ePSXe download page), it has a better compatibility rate than the "Run ISO" function ... for now.

Q : How do I dump a Playstation Bios ?
A : To dump a Playstation Bios, you need a GameShark or Action replay and a PC comms link. To start, you need either a real Caetla module or go to altavista and search for "Caetla" (it's a BIOS replacement for your module, so read the included documentation properly before installing it !!). Now upload "Caetla", and use use the caetla commands for downloading a binary memory image from the region 0x0bfc00000 - 0x0bfc7ffff ! Now save the image as SCPHxxxx.bin, where xxxx is your PSX's model number, and ePSXe will recognise it and use it from now on.

Q : How do I find out what version of the Playstation Bios I have ?
A : Open the Playstation Bios file in WordPad or any other text editor, go down to the bottom and you will see System ROM Version X.X YY/YY/YY (Z).
X is the number of the Bios, e.g. 2.2 Y is the date of the Bios, e.g. 12/04/95
Z is what region the Bios is from, e.g. J for Japan

Annoying questions

Q : Why doesn't my favorite game XY run with ePSXe ?
A : Well, this emulator is done in the authors FREE time, so they don't have to get any game running just for you. Certain emu authors like to have poll's on their page to see which game you'd like to work the most. If they do not, please don't mail them, they'll probably just ignore you. Same goes with us, we didn't code the emu, we can't change anything about that.

Q : Can you get game XY working in the next version ? And when will you release it ?
A : See answer above !

Q : Where can I find the PSX BIOS ? The emu asks me for it all the time.
A : Please neither ask us nor the emu authors for the PSX BIOS file, we simply won't give it to you since we're legally not allowed to. Search the web (I recommend, and you should find it quite easil

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