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  Bobbi : Who are you and where're you from ?
  Galtor : Im Galtor from Madrid, Spain

  Bobbi : How did you get involved with emulation ?
  Galtor : I met calb at university, he wrote a SNES emulator and i was very curious how he did that.

  Bobbi : And how did ePSXe get started ?
  Galtor : One day, calb & I were very bored at work.. so we decide program something. We did some mame drivers, but it was pretty boring so I told calb "Hey dude, why don't we make an emulator?". I wanted to do a N64 emulator, but calb say "bahhh". The next day, calb programmed ePSXe 0.001 .. only a few lines of c code :)

  Bobbi : How do you see the emulation scene now, and how will it advance in the following months ?
  Galtor : It's the same way it's with everything in life, Like all in this life, there are good & bad things... There are some good emulators out there, but the new systems are very very hard to emulate, so i think the emu scene is going down (sadly).

  Bobbi : What's your job in the ePSXe team ?
  Galtor : I'm the programer of the GTE coprocesor and the new MDEC decoder engine. Im the webmaster and the "artist" (the logo, the icon, etc) :) When we started the emu I was the GPU programmer, but Pete fired me, hehehe :)

  Bobbi : Did you encounter any legal problems with ePSXe and, for example Sony, so far ?
  Galtor : None so far (crossing fingers :P)

  Bobbi : How was the response on the v1.0 release ? Any negative things ?
  Galtor : The response from the public was awesome! :)) There are negative things, of course, but less than we expected ;)
  Bobbi : Like ?
  "Your emu sucks! I cant play thps!!" and "It'ss very dificult to configure!!! i want a big button -press to play-"!!

  Bobbi : What can we expect from your project in the future ?
  Galtor : Mmm a commercial version? (hey i am poor! hehehe) Just kidding :). You can expect some compatibility & speed up's (I think), but this is only a hobby, like you know.
  Bobbi : So ePSXe won't hopefully end like PSEmu Pro did ?
  Galtor : I dont think so... if some day we are too bored of the emu scene to continue ePSXe we'd surely release the sources.

  Bobbi : How do you see your project compared to the two commercial emulators bleem! and VGS ?
  Galtor : Our project is only a hobby :PP. Bleem & VGS are very good emulators (made by very professional programmers). We can become better than bleem when bleen won't update their emulator any more. but vgs its awesome!! I dont know if we can do any better than it is.

  Bobbi : Any final words to the 1000s of readers awaiting every new release of your emulator ?
  Galtor : 1000s? oh! thats a lot of people :PP Ok, stay tuned! Don't ask the poor bobbi for betas ! And write on the messageboard forums, we read all the messages there :) j/k ... A few last words: be patient, we have many ideas and are working on them to add them for the next release ...

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