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AdriPSX FAQ v1.1
last updated April 22, 2020
written by Bobbi of PSXEmu.com

The author will in no way endorse the use of Playstation software other than ORIGINAL Playstation CDROMS. The use of "pirated" or "Imaged" CDROMS is strictly prohibited. The author will not be answerable to any legal claim make by Software vendors against an "AdriPSX" user.

This FAQ may only be provided "as is". You're not allowed to remove this disclaimer and put your own name there. You are, of course, allowed to put a COMPLETE copy of this file on your web page and offer it for reading / download. Please respect our hard work and don't rip us off! The latest version of this FAQ can always be found on http://www.psxemu.com/adripsx.shtml, along with several other informations, tools, screenshots and downloads for AdriPSX!

If you prefer a text version of this FAQ please click here.
AdriPSX FAQ v1.1 (4/22/2001)
  • Two new releases, time to update the FAQ!
  • Added 2 annoying questions
  • Added 3 technical questions
  • Added emulator changes to the "What's New" section

AdriPSX FAQ v1.0 (4/9/2020)

  • Looks like another big FAQ by PSXEmu - first release

Since AdriPSX should be updated more often according to Roor, the main programmer, we'll just display the changes from the last two versions below in order to keep this section halfway readable :

AdriPSX v01.04.20

  • Fixed a bug in Dynamic Recompiler that was preventing some games from working correctly, like "Syphon Filter II".
  • Fixed interpreter bug, to work fine when HLE functions are on.
  • Fixed DMA timing for the Static Recompiler, now "Mortal Kombat IV" and "SHADOW MADNESS" work fine again.
  • Fixed IRQ ordering for Static Rec, now "Final Fantasy VIII" is working
  • Fixed LOAD STATE option.
  • Speed-Up on all MULT,MULTU,DIV and DIVU CPU opcodes.
  • Slight change on Depth Cueing rutines, actually they still have some major bugs to be fixed.

AdriPSX 01.04.10

  • Version number, now again means the date of compilation (01.04.10)
  • Fixed Savestates, now they also save sound buffer and graphics.
  • Added Dialogs for Savestates. --> Added LOAD STATE option in menu.
  • Added protections to DMA_01, now games like "Sidewinder" will not hung during movies.
  • New slightly faster seeking method for reading ISO files.
  • Fixing the disturbing "update bug" that messes up setup.
  • SYSTEM HUNGER MODE" option in CPU SETUP, now also turn off sound, but by enabling this, there's a general speed up, and some extra FPS in most cases.

Many of you sent us mails wondering how they can get the emu configured correctly. So, in order to help you configuring it for the first time, we added this section to the FAQ.
  1. Getting all necessary files
    First off, you need the emulator, all plugins you want to use and the BIOS itself. You can get the first two combined in a nice Installer from PSXEmu.com (browse to http://www.psxemu.com/adripsx-download.shtml). We won't supply you with URL's for the BIOS as it is copyrighted by Sony. But you should find it easily by browsing the web. Now you need to get the plugins configured properly.
  2. Getting rid of old settings
    AdriPSX can't be configured before you haven't removed your old registry settings (in case you already used AdriPSX before). To delete them, execute 'Regedit' and head to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AdriPSX. Delete that key and continue with step 3.
  3. Choosing the best GPU plugin
    When going after compatibility, you should use Pete's Soft GPU plugin, it's the one with the highest compatibility. When that one doesn't work with a game others have gotten working, you've probably made a configuration error. You should also use this plugin when you've got troubles getting certain game situations to display properly (for example the FF8 battle menus).
    Now here's a list for the best plugins for the most popular graphic cards:

    3dfx Voodoo 2 --> Lewpy's Glide plugin (could crash with certain drivers)
    3dfx Voodoo 3 --> Pete's D3D (DirectX 7) or Lewpy's Glide plugin
    3dfx Voodoo 4/5 --> Pete's D3D (DirectX 7) or Lewpy's Glide plugin
    ATI Radeon --> Pete's OpenGL plugin
    ATI Rage 128/Expert --> Pete's D3D (DirectX 7) plugin
    nVidia GeForce 1/2 --> Pete's OpenGL plugin
    nVidia TNT/TNT2 --> Pete's OpenGL plugin
    Matrox G200/G400 --> Pete's D3D (DirectX 6) plugin
    ... the rest --> Pete's D3D (DirectX 7) plugin


  4. Choosing and configuring the CD-ROM plugin
    Basically you can try every CD plugin, as most should work. The two listed above are just those we had the best results with during our testing, but like already mentioned, compatibility changes depending on the used hardware.

    Windows 9x/ME users         -->  Barrett-Kazzuya CDR Driver 1.1 
    Windows 2000 users           -->  ASPI Driver 1.2

    Remember that you need an ASPI layer to get AdriPSX reading CDs with OTHER plugins using Windows 2000. You can get more infos on this further on in this FAQ!

    When those settings aren't working for you, one thing you can do is to create an ISO from the original CD using a burning app like CDRWin or WinOnCD or with the internal 'Build ISO' function from AdriPSX. Keep in mind that you should get better performance using an ISO, compared to running a game from a CD.
  5. Selecting the best sound plugin

    Pete's MIDAS SPU 1.7       -->  A good sound plugin which uses the latest SPU API.
    Null2's SPU 1.3                 -->  Slowly became one of the best SPU plugins, recommended.

    People with slower PCs often disable sound to get a great performance boost, so in case a game runs way to slow for you, just give it a shot and disable the sound.
  6. Selecting the correct PAD plugin
    With PAD plugins, you're basically on your own. There're so many which are just designed for so many needs that it'd be useless to list them all here. Just check what input device you want to use (keyboard, adapter, joypad etc.) and which DX version you've installed (DX6 or DX7 and above). Then look for a plugin carrying all of these in it's name and you should be settled.
  7. Choosing the correct BIOS
    AdriPSX has been optimized and is only running with the SCPH1001 BIOS ! All other BIOS files will most probably crash the emulator so use them at your own risk!

General Questions
Q1: Who developed this application?
A1: The author of AdriPSX is a guy from Argentina named Roor. He has been working on this emulator for more than a year now and continuously improves it.

Q2: Is AdriPSX free or do I need to purchase it?
A2: AdriPSX is, unlike some other PSX emus these day, free and you don't need to pay a cent for it. You can always download the latest version from the official homepage, located at http://adripsx.psxemu.com!

Q3: Under which OS can I actually use AdriPSX?
A3: AdriPSX has been tested and approved to be working under Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and WinNT with at least service pack 3 being installed.

Q4: What are the minimum requirements to play AdriPSX?
A4: This is a bit more difficult as results will vary heavily, so I'll just quote the AdriPSX readme here :
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows 2000
  • PC 80486, Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III, Celeron, or any compatible processor.
    (400 MHz at least are highly recommended).
  • 16 MB of RAM at least.(32 MB are recommended)
  • 10 MB of hard drive space
  • 16-bit video card (24-bit or higher recommended)
  • Video card that supports High Color (16-bit color)
  • 8x or faster CD-ROM or desktop DVD-ROM drive

Q5: For VGS and bleem!, I used Daemon Tools to play ISOs from my HD. What should I use for AdriPSX?
A5: AdriPSX has a built in ISO function and is even able to build ISOs without an external program. To use these functions, just take a look at the 'ISO' menu in AdriPSX, it's self explaining.

Q6: Can I play backups with AdriPSX?
A6: Well, it has been proved several times now: It's nearly impossible to provide 100% protection of backup's! And since Sony isn't even able to prevent the PSX console from being used to play backups themselves, why should emulators be any different?  And, since AdriPSX uses the PSEmu Pro plugin system, you're even able to play ISO's directly from your hard disc!

Q7: How can I show the frames per second (FPS)?
A7: Just press the "Del" key, this should work with most (not all) GPU plugins.
Q8: Does [pec] work with AdriPSX?
A8: As of this writing, the external version of [pec] (version 1.2) DOES NOT work with AdriPSX. If you want to use GameShark codes in AdriPSX, you should use JNS's new creation, [pec] The Plugin. [pec] the plugin uses the PSEmu Pro Plugin interface, which allows for extended compatibility, faster execution, and more!  The latest version can always be downloaded from http://pec.emucheater.com.  In case you're having problems with that one, make sure to read the [pec] docs or contact the author using the emucheater.com message board.

Q9: How can a take a screenshot in AdriPSX so I can show it to others?
A9: Snapshots taking depends on each GPU Plugin, with most of them just press F8 to save a .bmp to the snap subfolder under your AdriPSX folder.  After that use your favorite graphics program to convert in to a .jpg to save space.

Q10: When does AdriPSX actually save the memcard to my hard drive?
A10: AdriPSX reads/writes Memcard files to your hard drive in real time during game playing.

Q11: Why are the version numbers of AdriPSX so weird?
A11: That's because it isn't a version number, but a date, the date on which the main executable was generated. For example, the version 00.11.27 means that the executable has been credit on November 27th 2000.

Q1: Emulation stops while playing an MDEC movie. Why that?
A1: MDEC timing is still not perfect, related to problems with the CD-ROM Decoder. Try setting AdriPSX to skip MDECs, so the games should continue normal.

Q2: As soon as I try to enter any config menu, AdriPSX crashes with an error in AdriGUI.dll. How can this be fixed?
A2: **This problem is fixed in newest version**
This error occurs when you already used an older version of AdriPSX on the same PC. In order to fix this, you'll have to delete the old registry settings. To do this, just execute 'Regedit' and head to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AdriPSX.  Delete that key and re-configure AdriPSX.

Q3: Some sounds in the game are missing. How can I get all sounds to play?
A3: Sometimes this happens because the SPU plugin is configured to play sound MONO, other times because the missing sound is CDDA, or skipped CDXA. AdriPSX doesn't support old style SPU plugins like SEAL or Kazuya's SPU. Also, when using some old versions of NULL'S SPU all CDXA MONO Sounds are missing. So make sure to use the recent plugins, which can all be downloaded from our AdriPSX plugins page.

Q4: When I load a SAVESTATE, graphics and sound are played wrong... full of bugs...
A4: ** This problem is fixed in newest version**
The SAVESTATE option was developed several months ago as a helping tool for emu development... some time before the time when plugins offer "support" for savestates. For development, there was used a "special" rutine that worked only with LEWPY'S GPU... but as this is a "public" and "experimental" beta release, it has been striped out. For the very next release, full savestate support will be added.

Q5: Everytime I try to run a game, the emulator display an error message saying "Couldn't load X plugin." What's wrong?
A5: This is most likely to happen when you have not yet configured all Plugins. Just make sure you configured all plugins at least once.  Also, if you had installed a previous version of AdriPSX sometime in the past, it may be possible that an "old" configuration stored in Windows Registry may be causing trouble. This is fixed just configuring ALL plugins (including CPU setup) at in this new version, at least one time. Another option is that you can erase the ADRIPSX entry in the windows registry using REGEDIT or any other tool.  Another reason for this problem could be that the file ADRIPSX.INI is write-protected or corrupted. In this case, just erase it and configure the emu again.

Q6: How come every time I try and save the game AdriPSX says that my memcard is corrupted even though I configured everything properly?
A6: Memory card emulation in AdriPSX is done through HLE functions, so if a game uses a non-standard way for reading/writing Memory cards, it is possible that it will be unable to access it. This problem will be solved as soon as possible for one of the following releases.

Q7: You said that AdriPSX runs under WIN2K. But why doesn't it work for me then?
A7: WIN2K compatibility problems are mostly caused by plugins. For fixing this, it is recommended to read each plugin documentation, and be sure that it had support for WIN2K. For better compatibility, you can try disabling sound (so no SPU plugin will be used).

Q8: I can't hear CDXA music with your emu! (usually background music)
A8: For enabling CDXA playing, you must enable the CDROM EXTRA DECODER on (located in CDROM SETUP). Keep in mind though that by enabling it, compatibility may change.

Plugin Problems
Q1: What's the best plugin to use for graphics (GPU)?
A1: Use Pete's OpenGL plugin for best graphics, if your card supports OpenGL, and use Pete's Software GPU plugin for highest compatibility. You can get both from our AdriPSX plugins page.

Q2: I'm using Tratax's ASPI 1.2 plugin. When I start a game from CD-ROM, my computer just sits there and does nothing. What's wrong?
A2: Just wait around 30-60 seconds and let it load, the CD-ROM should boot afterwards.

Q3: I own a Voodoo 3, and I'm using Pete's GPU plugins. I configured the plugin, and selected "Nice" in order to get nice graphics. But then emulator crashes. Why?
A3: It's simple: Pete's plugin activated 32-bit color when you press "Nice", and the Voodoo 3 doesn't support anything more than 16-bit color. You need to lower the color depth in order to fix this problem!

Q4: I'm using Lewpy's Glide plugin for my 3dfx card. But every time I try to run a game, the emulator crashes.
A4: Download the latest version of Lewpy's plugin from our plugins section, it should be fixed in the latest version now!

Q5: I've downloaded and extracted Null2's SPU to my Plugins directory, but it's not showing up as a choice under SPU Plugins in AdriPSX, please help!
A5: Null2's popular SPU plugin requires the Visual Basic 6 runtimes in order to function properly, and won't even be listed unless they are installed.  Win2K, WinMe, and Win98SE(?) already come with them, but Win95 and Win98 do not. You can grab yourself a copy of the runtimes at:


Technical Questions
Q1: Which 3D API's does AdriPSX take advantage of?
A1: Since AdriPSX uses the PSEmu Pro plugin system, it provides support for all important APIs: OpenGL, Direct3D, 3Dfx's Glide and pure software mode. For more info about the plugins and downloads, refer to our AdriPSX plugins page!

Q2: Does AdriPSX support hardware anti-aliasing?
A2: (Answer provided by Lewpy, PSEmu Pro plugin developer) "Since AdriPSX (can be said for any PSEmu Pro plugins compatible emulator as well) uses PSEmu Pro GPU plugins, then you have full access to the hardware anti-aliasing that your hardware/drivers combo provides, as long as you use a hardware accelerated GPU plugin. Smoothing (i.e. bilinear filtering) is possible, but not without glitches, since the PSX games were not designed to allow for filtering. Increased screen resolution is also possible, but it doesn't allow for increased model accuracy within the PSX game. You can notice this within racing games as distant cars draw closer, there resolution is still very low. Only some kind of HLE could improve that (extracting the game data away from the actual PSX hardware .... funky stuff!)."

Q3: How do I dump a PlayStation BIOS?
A3: To dump a PlayStation BIOS, you need a GameShark or Action replay and a PC comms link. To start, you need either a real Caetla module or go to altavista and search for "Caetla" (it's a BIOS replacement for your module, so properly read the included documentation before installing it!!). Now upload "Caetla", and use use the caetla commands for downloading a binary memory image from the region 0x0bfc00000 - 0x0bfc7ffff! Now save the image as SCPHxxxx.bin, where xxxx is your PSX's model number, and AdriPSX will recognize it and use it from now on.

Q4: How do I find out what version of the PlayStation BIOS I have?
A4: Open the PlayStation Bios file in WordPad or any other text editor, go down to the bottom and you will see System ROM Version X.X YY/YY/YY (Z).

X is the number of the BIOS, e.g. 2.2
Y is the date of the BIOS, e.g. 12/04/95
Z is what region the BIOS is from, e.g. J for Japan, 

Q5: Which programming languages is AdriPSX coded in ? And which compilers/tools?
A5: AdriPSX is coded in C and x86 assembly, DJGPP 2.0.1 and GNU Assembler are being used for development.

Q6: What is Roor's basic strategy for emulating the PSX hardware?
A6: The R3000A is implemented as both a Dynamic Recompiler and an Interpreter. GPU is being emulated by a software renderer engine of my design. The CDROM Decoder is emulated using MSCDEX interruption calls. The GTE is being emulated using both Fixed Point Math and FPU, although MMX implementation is near to begin. The SPU is being emulated by a sound streaming library of my creation. The MDEC, is stoped for now. Allegro coding library is used for setting the display modes in PC and for Keyboard and Gamepad input.

Annoying Questions
Q1: Why doesn't my favorite game, X run with AdriPSX?
A1: Well, this emulator is done in the authors FREE time, so they don't have to get any game running just for you. Certain emu authors like to have poll's on their page to see which game you'd like to work the most. If they do not, please don't mail them, they'll probably just ignore you. Same goes with us, we didn't code the emu, we can't change anything about that.

Q2: Can you get game X working in the next version? And when will you release it?
A2: See the previous answer above!

Q3: Where can I find the PSX BIOS? The emu asks me for it every time.
A3: Please neither ask us nor the emu authors for the PSX BIOS file, we simply won't give it to you since we're legally not allowed to.  Search the web (I recommend www.metacrawler.com), and you should find it quite easily.

Q4: How come it's taking you so long to write AdriPSX?
A4: Well... Actually, development is carried by only one person, and the PS hardware info do not grow on trees. Hacking PS tech info and implementing them into the emulator is a long and tedious work. Also, as everyone else, emulator coders also have a personal life as well as an inate need for money to keep their extravagant way of life :)

Q5: Are you going to release the AdriPSX source?
A5: No, I think I'll never do it. Although I can help any coder requesting for help.





(If you think you should be on this list, mail me)

My girlfriend
For giving me enough motivation to run this time consuming hobby and for ... yeah, the rest :)

The PSXEmu Crew
For making this all so much fun!

For this really great emulator and all the time  he spent into that one!

Being one of the biggest helpers in PSXEmu's creation!

For compiling the PSXEmu FAQ, from which I took several parts for this one

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