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Bleem! FAQ
General Questions
Q1: What is Bleem!?
A1: Bleem! is a commercially available emulator, which emulates the PlayStation in software rendering mode and 3d acceleration for improved graphics.  If your systems can handle it the games can look better then the real PSX.

Q2: Is Bleem! free and where can I download it?
A2: Bleem! is NOT free.  You actually have to pay for this one (however I donít recommend it), so check your local video game retail store or online to buy it if you still want it.

The "Full" version of Bleem! available on PSXEmu.com requires the Bleem! cd to run.  This means that you must have already purchased a copy of Bleem! legally.  To use Bleem! without the cd key you should download the Bleem! demo.

Q3: Does Bleem! Work under Windows 2000?
A3: No, currently Bleem! doesnít work with Windows 2000.

Q4: Does Bleem! work with Windows ME?
A4: According the http://www.bleem.com is does, but the results are very sketchy.  It might work and it might not, you have to try and see.

Q5: Is Bleem! dead?
A5: It would appear that way, but there could be an update anytime.

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