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PSXEmu.com Messageboard FAQ
General Questions

The following FAQ applies to the PSXEmu message board located at http://www.emuforums.com

Q1: What are the board rules?
A1: The following rules apply to all boards/threads located at http://www.emuforums.com . Failure to follow these rules can/will result in being permanently banned from this board.

General Rule
Any post discussing illegal material will not be tolerated. This includes direct links to illegal material and/or links to other websites containing such illegal material. Examples include but are not limited to, direct links to BIOS images, ISO download sites, and anything to do with Kalisto. Anyone seeking help with an illegal copy of any game will be turned away as such a copy is most likely the problem to begin with.

Detailed Offences

If you canít use the above general rule to figure out what is right and wrong on this board, here is a detailed list of offences that can get you banned from this board.

  1. Questions about Kalisto's versions of any game will not be answer here. This includes any other types of illegal games out there.
  2. Links to sites with pirated PlayStation games (ISO, BIN, etc.) , or pirated commercial emulators are not allowed here.
  3. Links to sites containing warez of any sort is also not allowed. This includes promoting piracy by asking people to contact you via e-mail.
  4. Harassment of any kind to other users or board members will not be tolerated. This includes using the boardís private message feature to send hate messages to others.
  5. No excessive disorderly conduct or fighting. If a fight breaks out, end it quickly like adults in a civilized manner.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in three warnings. If the offence continues appropriate actions will be taken against you.

Other Rules

The following rules wonít necessarily get you banned from the board, but will make it easier for everyone on the board and make it a better place for everyone.

  1. Before asking questions on this board please read all the documentation or the FAQís provided, since most of the time your answers can be found there. A good place to start would be the PSXEmu FAQ.
  2. Read through the previous threads for your answers first, since it was probably answered already.
  3. Donít cross post. Ask your question once under the subject it belongs.
  4. Donít post the same thing multiple times. This can be very annoying to visitors. Give some time for your question to be answered.
  5. Try to post your system configuration, emulator settings, etc. if asking a question. This way people will be more helpful and less time is spent asking questions and you get your answer quicker.
  6. Please try to post in English only, since this is the language used by the majority of visitors here. Of course if you canít read English you canít read this rule and will probably break it :)

If you find someone in violation of any of these rules please let one of the board moderators/administrators know immediately.

Q2: Who are the board Moderators and Admins?
A2: The current Moderators and Administrators are:
Bobbi (Admin/Owner), Thorgal (Admin), Operations (Admin),
Ryos (Mod), sxamiga (Mod), Bgnome (Mod), CDBuRnOuT (??)

Q3: How do I post images for the screenshot section or in any message?
A3: Read the board help accessible by clicking "help" at the top of the page for information about the "img" tag.  Use this tag if your image is on your own server.  If you donít have a server you can use the attachment feature to upload an image.

If you're posting messages to the board, please post them in the "Screenshots Section"

Q4: How to I put animated gifs in my signature?
A4: Read the answer above except put it in your signature.  But also remember that any picture you put in you signature especially animated ones are very annoying to board visitors, so please donít use them.

Q5: So should I register on the PSXEmu Message Boards?
A5: Yup, you definitely should :) It's a good place to be, and when you are registered people can get to know you better. Plus, you gain access to a nifty private message system!

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If you find an error or think something should be changed or added, please e-mail operations@psxemu.com

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FAQ's last updated Monday, April 09, 2020

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