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Cheating FAQ
General Questions
Q1: How can I cheat with my PSX emulator?
A1: You can get a great plugin called [pec] from http://pec.emucheater.com

Q2: Does [pec] "The Plugin" works with Bleem! or VGS?
A2: No, this plugin works only with emulators which support the PSEmu Pro plugin system. Bleem! and VGS don't do that.

If you want to cheat in Bleem! or VGS, you need can use the "normal" [pec] version.

Q3: How do I use [pec]?
A3: There is a small step-by-step guide located here. 

Q4: Why do I get an error message when I start [pec]?

"File not Found: PEC.DLL"

Make sure you unzipped all files from the [pec] zip-archiv into the same directory !

"Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered:a file is missing or invalid" or any other DLL file is missing.

Make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest runtime files located on the [pec] download page.

"OLEAUT32.DLL is out of date"

Here are the different ways to fix this:

  • Copy the file directly after the Windows start-up, if that doesn't work start in safe mode and check it there.
  • Write the line :
    COPY SourcePath\oleaut32.dll c:\windows\system\*.* /b
    in your autoexec.bat, reboot, and delete the line then.
  • Boot with a windows-boot-disc and replace the file with the COPY-Command of DOS.

Q5: It seems [pec] activates the codes, but they don't do anything in the game. Why?
A5: This can be caused by several things, this could be the most frequent :
  • In the "Advanced Settings-Menu", you activated the option 'Activate cheats by pressing Ctrl+F12', but you forgot to press those two keys.
  • Some cheats require you to press special key combinations before they'll get activated, they're listed in the Note-Box of the main window.
  • You switched to your selected PlayStation emulator before the windows 'Searching for PSX-Emu' and 'Searching for PSX-CD' closed themselves. Just wait until both windows are closed or, even easier, activate the option 'Auto Activate (Switches to the emulator after searching)' in the advanced settings menu.
  • You started the game after [pec] activated the codes. You always should activate the codes after after the emulator loaded up the game or, after the game has been loaded, take a quick look at [pec] to make sure the two searching windows are closed.
  • You activated the wrong codes, for example US codes for a Japanese game, or or codes of the French PAL-version although you're using the German PAL-version ! The most secure method is to activate 'Correct CD-Check (Checks if the CD in your drive is the same as the game you've selected)' in the advanced settings tab.

Q6: How can I enter my own cheats into [pec]?
A6: There's a file called user-db.txt in your [pec] directory. It includes all required information on how you can add your own codes to [pec]

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