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General Questions
Q1: What is FPSE?
A1: FPSE is a free multi-platform PSX emulator available for Windows, Linux, BeOS, and AmigaOS. It supports most demos and some commercial games, and has support for the PSEmuPro plugin system.

Q2: Is FPSE free and where can I download it?
A2: Yes, FPSE is free and you can get it at http://fpse.emusphere.com

Q3: What are the minimum system requirements? And how fast will the emu run on my PC?
A3: This is probably the question people ask us most frequently. And it's impossible to answer for many reasons. First, the emulator will never be able to emulate the PSX hardware 100%. Because of that, there'll always be flaws, whether they are graphic errors, sound problems or speed slowdowns. Then, every game has another level of hardware usage. Some games only use like 20% of the PSX's actual power, whereas other games use 80%; some use even more. This makes no difference when the game gets emulated.

Q4: There's also a "Source" to download. What's this about?
A4: FPSE is an open source emulator, which means that its source gets published with the executable once the FPSE team releases a new version. This is, on the one hand, useful for the project itself since other programers can make modifications and send them to the FPSE team. On the other hand, it's good for emu authors who have problems with certain things and want to take a look at how FPSE solved their problem. A very nice action from the FPSE team, so let's hope they'll continue to release their sources in the future.

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