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Front-ends FAQ
General Questions
Q1: What is a front-end?
A1: A front-end is a program used as a "loader" which is used in place of a specific program, such as a PSX emulator.

For example, you launch a front-end which usually lets you configure and save various setting and then launch the emulator itself.  This saves time in that you don't have to configure the emulator every time you run it, because the front-end saves that info for you.

Q2: Is a front-end necessary?
A2: In most cases it's not necessary to use one, but I will make it much easier if you change settings a lot for different games.

Q3: Which front-ends are available and where can I get them?
A3: Currently the only front-end available is ePSXeCutor and is meant to be used with the emulator ePSXe.

You can download it from http://www.epsxe.com

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ePSXeCutor Questions
Q1: Where do I get ePSXeCutor?
A1: You can download ePSXeCutor form http://www.epsxe.com

Q2: How do I configure ePSXeCutor?
A2: Once you download the ePSXeCutor zip file, extract it to your ePSXe directory (the directory with epsxe.exe) and then run epsxecutor.exe.

Once running, create a new configuration by selecting "New ePSXe Configuration" from the "Configurations" menu.  Fill in the blanks then from there select "Configure ePSXe" then select then appropriate settings.

Remember that each configuration you create can represent a game, so then you can have a different configuration for each game you have.  This comes in handy if you have multiple games that require different ePSXe settings/plugins.

Q3: How do I configure ePSXeCutor to use ePSXe's internal plugins?
A3: The internal ePSXe plugins don't show up under the "Plugins" tab, but are available as check-boxes in the "Options" tab.  Once checked they override the plugins selected in the "Plugins" tab.

Q4: How do I configure the PSX controller in ePSXeCutor?
A4: Currently there is no way to configure the controller in ePSXeCutor other than switching between Analog and Digital mode.  You have to configure the controller in ePSXe directly before using ePSXeCutor.

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