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PlayStation Emulators FAQ
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Miscellaneous FAQ PSX Emulation Tools FAQ


PSXEmu.com Message Board FAQ

  1. What are the board rules?
  2. Who are the board Moderators and Admins?
  3. How do I post images for the screenshot section or in any message?
  4. How do I put animated gifs in my signature?
  5. So should I register on the PSXEmu Message Boards?

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PlayStation Emulator Plugins FAQ

- General Questions

  1. Where can I download the plugins?
  2. What's the best plugin to use for graphics (GPU)?
  3. What's the best plugin to use for sound (SPU)
  4. What's the best plugin to use for my CD-ROM (CDR)

- Pete's Plugins

  1. Where can I get Pete's Plugins?
  2. Why is Pete's OpenGL & D3D plugin so slow?
  3. How do I use anti-aliasing with Pete's Plugins?
  4. What's the differences between the DX6 and DX7 version of Pete's GPU plugin?

- Lewpy's GPU

  1. The emulator crashes when trying to exit, what do I do? (Voodooł/Banshee users)
  2. I get a "Mutual exclusion prohibit this" error message, what's going on?
  3. What's this "VXD Error: expected v1.4 found v1.x" error message?
  4. Does Lewpy's plugin run with Glide Wrappers?

- Kazzuya GPU

  1. What settings should I use for maximum quality?
  2. What settings should I use for maximum speed?

- Null2's SPU

  1. What can I do to fix choppy sound with Null's SPU?
  2. Why isn't the Null2 plugin showing up in the emulator?
  3. Why do some games constantly crash on me?
  4. What is this VAG stream option all about?

- Other Plugins

  1. Where is this internal SPU I keep hearing about?

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PlayStation BIOS Image FAQ
  1. What is a PlayStation BIOS image?
  2. Is using/downloading a PlayStation BIOS legal?
  3. Where can I get a PlayStation BIOS image?
  4. How do I dump a PlayStation BIOS?
  5. How do I find out what version of the PlayStation BIOS I have?
  6. What are all the different BIOS versions?

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Other/Miscellaneous FAQ
  1. How do I play PSX Movies on my computer?
  2. Where can I find save games for my emulator?
  3. How can I convert my save games between different formats?
  4. How do I make an ISO to speed up emulation?
  5. How can I tell what version of DirectX I have?
  6. Which version of DirectX should I be using?
  7. So, I've heard about overclocking on this board. Where can I get more info?
  8. What is an ASPI layer, and do I need one?
  9. My CD-ROM won't read my PSX CD's!  How can I fix this?
  10. Can I listen to CD audio tracks from an ISO file using Daemon Tools?

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  1. What is PSEmu Pro and what system is it for?
  2. I Get the error "PSEmu requires at least SCPH1000.BIN bios image in BIOS directory" when I launch PSEmu Pro, what should I do?
  3. Can I play backup's of PlayStation games or ISOs directly from my HD on PSEmu Pro?
  4. While running PSEmu Pro, I get the error "cannot open specific binaries", what do I do now?
  5. In PSEmu Pro, I click on Run CD, and click OK, my 3DFX logo comes up and disappears (in case you're using a 3Dfx card and a glide plugin), my CD-ROM drive "whurls" and then nothing happens. What's wrong?
  6. How do I run technical demos in PSEmu Pro?
  7. Whatever happened to PSEmu Pro?

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Virtual Game Station FAQ

  1. What is CVGS?
  2. Is CVGS free and where can I download it?
  3. Does CVGS work under Windows 2000?
  4. How do I run in window mode or change the screen resolution in CVGS?
  5. I get a black gap at the bottom of the screen in CVGS 1.4 what's going on?
  6. Is it possible to play ISO games on CVGS?
  7. Why are my "original" PSX CD's ejected on CVGS?
  8. Does CVGS work with backup CDs?
  9. Does CVGS support 3D hardware acceleration?
  10. I receive a VxD error. Now what?
  11. Why do I get "The CONNECTIX VGS.EXE file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6663"?
  12. How do I copy/delete my saved games in the memory cards?
  13. My joypad isn't working with CVGS?
  14. How may I speed up CVGS?
  15. Any other way to speed CVGS?
  16. Why doesn't my Dual-Shock controller vibrate with CVGS?
  17. What is tnkXfs.dat in CVGS?
  18. How can I play FF9 on CVGS?

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Bleem! FAQ
  1. What is Bleem!?
  2. Is Bleem! free and where can I download it?
  3. Does Bleem! work under Windows 2000?
  4. Does Bleem! work under Windows ME?
  5. Is Bleem! dead?

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- Temporarily Off-line

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- General Questions

  1. Who developed this application?
  2. Is AdriPSX free or do I need to purchase it?
  3. Under which OS can I actually use AdriPSX?
  4. What are the minimum requirements to play AdriPSX.
  5. For VGS and bleem!, I used Daemon Tools to play ISOs from my HD. What should I use for AdriPSX?
  6. Can I play backups with AdriPSX?
  7. How can I show the frames per second (FPS)?
  8. Does [pec] work with AdriPSX?
  9. How can a take a screenshot in AdriPSX so I can show it to others?
  10. When does AdriPSX actually save the memcard to my hard drive?
  11. Why are the version numbers of AdriPSX so weird?
- Troubleshooting
  1. Emulation stops while playing an MDEC movie. Why that?
  2. As soon as I try to enter any config menu, AdriPSX crashes with an error in AdriGUI.dll. How can this be fixed?
  3. Some sounds in the game are missing. How can I get all sounds to play?
  4. When I load a SAVESTATE, graphics and sound are played wrong... full of bugs...
  5. Everytime I try to run a game, the emulator display an error message saying "Couldn't load X plugin." What's wrong?
  6. How come every time I try and save the game AdriPSX says that my memcard is corrupted even though I configured everything properly?
  7. You said that AdriPSX runs under WIN2K. But why doesn't it work for me then?
  8. I can't hear CDXA music with your emu! (usually background music)
- Plugin Problems
  1. What's the best plugin to use for graphics (GPU)?
  2. I'm using Tratax's ASPI 1.2 plugin. When I start a game from CD-ROM, my computer just sits there and does nothing.  What's wrong?
  3. I own a Voodoo 3, and I'm using Pete's GPU plugins. I configured the plugin, and selected "Nice" in order to get nice graphics. But then emulator crashes. Why?
  4. I'm using Lewpy's Glide plugin for my 3dfx card. But every time I try to run a game, the emulator crashes.
  5. I've downloaded and extracted Null2's SPU to my Plugins directory, but it's not showing up as a choice under SPU Plugins in AdriPSX, please help!
- Technical Questions
  1. Which 3D API's does AdriPSX take advantage of?
  2. Does AdriPSX support hardware anti-aliasing?
  3. How do I dump a PlayStation BIOS? 
  4. How do I find out what version of the PlayStation BIOS I have?
  5. Which programming languages is AdriPSX coded in ? And which compilers/tools?
  6. What is Roor's basic strategy for emulating the PSX hardware?
- Annoying Questions
  1. Why doesn't my favorite game, X run with AdriPSX?
  2. Can you get game X working in the next version? And when will you release it?
  3. Where can I find the PSX BIOS? The emu asks me for it every time.
  4. How come it's taking you so long to write AdriPSX?
  5. Are you going to release the AdriPSX source?

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