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Miscellaneous FAQ
Q1: How do I play PSX Movies on my computer?
A1: There are many tools available for watching PSX movies on the PC.  Your best bet would be to use PSmplay or PSXPlay, which you can get from the "Misc. Tools" section at http://www.psxemu.com

Q2: Where can I find save games for my emulator?
A2: The most common save game file you will find on the net is a DexDrive save.  They come with the .gme extension and can be converted to work with most emulators.  Just search the net for DexDrive saves and you'll find them in no time. 

Here are so sites to get you started:


Q3: How can I convert my save games between different formats?
A3: There are several programs to do just that located at http://www.aldostools.com

Q4: How do I make an ISO to speed up emulation?
A4: Here is the easiest way to make an ISO.  You can also use cdrwin, but some people have reported problems after creating it with that program.
  1. Go to http://www.isobuster.com and download IsoBuster. Once you download it, extract the zip to is own folder (something like IsoBuster)
  2. Run isobuster.exe
  3. You may get a screen asking to pick your cd-rom.  Make sure you pick the one you will be putting the PSX cd into.  (If you don't have any drives listed you need to install an ASPI layer.  You can get a program called ForceASPI that will install the latest version from PSXEmu.com.)
  4. Once a cd-rom is selected you should get the main window.
  5. Now insert the PSX cd you want to make an image of and click the refresh button.
  6. You should now see the contents of the cd on the screen.
  7. Right-click on "CD" in the tree on the left.
  8. Select "Extract Image" then "Extract RAW"
  9. You will then be prompted to save the image to the hard drive.  Give it a name with the .bin extension. So if the game was Final Fantasy 9 give it a name like "ff9_disc1.bin" (I would stay away from long file names just to be safe.)
  10. Once you click save the cd will be extracted and you can open it in an emu.  Just remember the .bin extension or it won't show up in the emu.

NOTE:  ISOBuster does not burn cd's!

Q5: How can I tell what version of DirectX I have?
A5: Run C:\Program Files\directx\setup\DXDiag

Q6: Which version of DirectX should I be using?
A6: You should have a least DirectX 7.0a installed for most emulators.  Anything less with most likely cause problems, usually Direct Input errors.

Q7: So, I've heard about overclocking on this board. Where can I get more info?
A7: Okay, we don't necessarily endorse overclocking, but it's your computer, so you can do whatever you want with it. Some good places to find info on overclocking would be:


Q8: What is an ASPI layer, and do I need one?
A8: In quite basic terms, and ASPI layer is kind of like DirectX for CD drives. It's a software layer between your actual hardware CD drive and the software that is trying to use it. Do you need it? Probably yes. You can find it at PSXEmu.com in the ePSXe downloads section under the name ForceASPI. If you are having any problems with CD access in ePSXe, you should grab ForceASPI, install it, and see if the problems go away. Lack of a good ASPI layer is the cause of about 90% of ePSXe CD reading problems.

Q9: My CD-ROM won't read my PSX CD's!  How can I fix this?
A9: If your CD-ROM can't read PSX CD's such as they won't show up in Windows Explorer or work with an emulator, you can try the following things...
  1. Make sure the DISC is clean and scratch free.  (some drives have a very hard time read dirty or scratched DISCs)
  2. Try installing the latest ASPI Layer by using ForceASPI from the ePSXe download section.
  3. Check if there is any firmware updates for you CD-ROM drive.
  4. Get a new CD-ROM drive (you current drive might not be able to read RAW sectors, which is required for PSX CDs)

Q10: Can I listen to CD audio tracks from an ISO file using Daemon Tools?
A10: Yes, you have to go into the properties of the Phantom CD-ROM in your device manager and turn on "Enable digital CD audio for this device"

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