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General Questions
Q1: What is PSEmu Pro and what system is it for?
A1: PSEmu Pro is a Sony PlayStation Emulator for the PC, using a Windows9x or Windows NT Operating System. It is being written by Duddie and Tratax, and at the moment the emulator is up to Version 1.21, and can run many Games and Demos! PSEmu Pro currently uses DirectDraw, glide, OpenGL and Direct3D for emulation. Unlike other PlayStation Emulators, PSEmu Pro supports Plugins! This way, other people can create Plugins for the emulator such as one for IDE Support!

Q2: I Get the error "PSEmu requires at least SCPH1000.BIN bios image in BIOS directory" when I launch PSEmu Pro, what should I do?
A2: To run PSEmu Pro, you need a copy of the so called "PSX Bios". This file is included in the real PSX, and is also available from several sources on the net. Since this file is copyrighted by Sony, we aren't allowed to offer it for download here, because you're only allowed to own a copy of this file when you also own a real PlayStation. When you're interested in creating your own copy of the PSX bios, read the BIOS section of this FAQ for more info.

Q3: Can I play backup's of PlayStation games or ISOs directly from my HD on PSEmu Pro?
A3: Yes, both things are possible. To play backup's, you don't need to do anything special, just load up PSEmu Pro like usual and run the game. Only problem you may experience is a slower gameplay / MDEC playback, because original CD's normally have better access times. To play ISOs from your HD, you need a special plugin, which can be found in our plugins section (see links at the top of this page)!

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Problems running PSEmu Pro / Games
Q4: While running PSEmu Pro, I get the error "cannot open specific binaries", what do I do now?
A4: This error message appears when you don't have the MFC debud dll's (Microsoft foundation class dll's) installed. You most properly downloaded PSEmu Pro from somewhere else on the web, head over to our download area and download the "full PSEmu Pro" file, which includes all necessary files (except the BIOS itself)!

Q5: In PSEmu Pro, I click on Run CD, and click OK, my 3DFX logo comes up and disappears (in case you're using a 3Dfx card and a glide plugin), my CD-ROM drive "whurls" and then nothing happens. What's wrong?
A5: It looks like PSEmuPro has crashed, but it hasn't! Keep on pressing F1 until the game shows (this may or may not work). If after some time, nothing shows, it may be the fact that the game is not supported or that you don't have the required hardware (such as a SCSI CD). Now you have two options, to press "Escape", which may kill the Emu, or if that fails you have to press control-alt-delete and force PSEmu Pro to quit.

Q6: How do I run technical demos in PSEmu Pro?
A6: To run demo's in PSEmu Pro, you must first go to the Debugger interface, to do this click on the button called "Run Devkit". Once you have clicked this button, all buttons on the left should now go gray (so you cannot click on them) do not worry about this, as you can re-use them after you have restarted PSEmuPro. Click on "Run" and select the demo, which is an .exe. The demo should now load up!

Q7: Whatever happened to PSEmu Pro?
A7: There are many rumors circulating about what exactly happened to this emu, but in the end it just boils down to this... They stopped working on it. So in effect, it's a dead emu.

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