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Our history

NGEmu and PSXEmu aren't by far our first emulation project. Several members also had homepages before they joined our current crew or had otherwise experience with emulation. On this page, I'll describe my (Bobbi's) way until, in summer 2000, I decided to start NGEmu. The whole story goes back until late 1998 ...

The first time I ever heard about bleem! was in a discussion with a friend called Dan, back in late 1998. I uploaded some things to his FTP server and, just for fun, left my ICQ number. He contacted me and we chatted a bit and became friends afterwards. He pointed me to bleem.com where, for the first time, I heard about bleem!, and I was immediately amazed by those things I read about it there.

I already had a homepage at this time, where I immediately added a small bleem! section with some screenshots and infos I gathered. It wasn't much I had there but it was a beginning. I also started to visit the channel #bleem on EfNet which, at this point of time, was still pretty empty. I met someone called DragonYen for the first time, who was head beta tester of the yet unreleased bleem! version.
Time passed, and the biggest part of the emulation community was waiting for the first release, which already has been announced several times (remember : Randy never does anything in time !), but the release date was pushed back and back again.

As time past, there were more and more news on the page. Then, I heard from Dan that he's joining a group which ran the unofficial UltraHLE page and would like to form a new page called EmuHQ. I was immediately interrested to join a bigger page to increase hits and to reach more people with the news I updated daily (my old page had 2-3 visitors a day =P).

After about 2 weeks I joined Dan, and we both ran the "Unofficial bleem! support page" at EmuHQ. At the beginning, all we had were 4 pages with like no content. And as time passed, Dan devided himself more and more from that page, so it was up to me. After two redesigns and about 3 months of work, I had the page you can see on the pic to your right, with some simple sections like screenshots, downloads, support and more. I guess most of the motivation that was required came from bwb (webmaster of EmuHQ), who helped my page to become a bit bigger every day. At the beginning of Mai 2000, we had about 700-800 visitors daily.
And then came the 15th may, the day that should change everything. It was the day bleem! 1.0 was finally released, and the bleem! support page started to grow with an amazing speed. Soon, we became (at that point of time) the biggest support page on the whole web and hits went to ~ 1200 hits a day. And this success gave me a good reason to expand again, to cover more of those sweet emus. After in July 1999 Randy made a beta tester out of me, I made the decission to build a new page : PSXEmu.com was born.

Sadly enough, I don't have PSXEmu.com's first design and more, but it sucked anyway. But it was a new idea, the idea to add more and more other emulators than bleem! to our page. At this time, there weren't any other emulators of real interrest for the public, that's why we still mainly covered bleem! ... But our page grew and grew. When we opened, we had about 1000 visitors a day and at christmas, we already reached 3000 ! An amazing success that should continue ...

Early 2000, we started to work on a new page design, which should be more colorful and easier to navigate (and of course look better). Thorgal did the design itself while I suggested improvements to it and made the content itself. But in march 2000, something we didn't expected happened ...

First off, I myself got into financial troubles and had bills to pay and had to send a piece of hardware to a friend, but couldn't afford it (I already sent it one time, but that packet got fucking lost ...) ! High telephone bills already made me over reacting. And then, team internal troubles made it more and more difficult every day. One day, it was enough to me and I closed down the page with a small notice that I had enough of everything.

When I checked my E-Mails two days later, I got amazed by an amazing amount of letters, all asking me what happened, why and hoping that troubles would be solved soon so the page should come back. Real good friends like EmuManiac, DragonYen and Jesse helped me to get my motivation back, and two weeks later, PSXEmu was back with the finished design and complete content. Hits increased to about 5000 pageviews daily.

And then, in summer 2000, the idea of the next big step came up, and we wanted to make something new, make another successful page covering the whole bandwidth of next generation emulation : Playstation 1 & 2, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64. If we succeed with this, is yet unknown ... We'll see that pretty soon, and I'll of course write it down here :)

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