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Thursday, March 22, 2020

   Kazzuya's Soft GPU Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:32 CET]  
Kazzuya, who recently had a bit of server trouble, just released version 1.6 Alpha of his Software GPU plugin for Emulators using the PSEmu Pro Plugin system. This new version was released because the release of revision 1.5 final had errors in the archive, and was actually version 1.5 beta! Here's a little info about what's new, straight from
    This version has more bugs fixed about translucency. Translucency broke because recently I started supporting the STP bit which is used for some "magic" priority effects.
    I also changed the Gouraud shading routine. The new one does some dithering on the fly.
    Big Gouraud shaded polys are used to render the sky in games like Rage Racer. Dithering gives smoother gradients.
    I did some test with super-sampled rendering but the quality didn't improve much. That's probably because I didn't include edges inthe super-sampling process. Edge anti-aliasing is what would give most improvement to image quality, unfortunately there are several drawbacks to that. I intend to do some more research on viable solution to improve rendering quality.. when I have some free time 8)
For those that downloaded 1.5 Final, or are just interested in Kazzuya's lovely Software GPU, grab yourself a copy below:
    Download Kazzuya's Software GPU 1.6 Alpha here (-44k-)

Comments :

   Comment #10, posted by Pucheta CAPO   Thursday, March 29, 2020
Todos los emuladores de esta pagina excepto el BLEEM y el VIRTUAL GAME STATION, son todos una poronga.


   Comment #9, posted by Aaron   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
I wish FF9 worked.

Fortunately, I'm trying as hard as I can to help Kaz solve the problems b/c he doesn't have the game.


   Comment #8, posted by OverScan   Sunday, March 25, 2020
The brain.. ohh yes (programming engineer) time.. of course NOT!!!


   Comment #7, posted by 3x3cUt0r   Saturday, March 24, 2020
jejejeje....i dont have the brain because i only 13 years old but im sure you dont have the brain....jajajajajajaja


   Comment #6, posted by OverScan   Saturday, March 24, 2020
Go to the hell if u can't say more better than that... if you don't like this plugin just grab one of the others or write your own... if u have enough brain to do this.


   Comment #5, posted by 3x3cUt0r   Saturday, March 24, 2020
this plugin is only SHIT...problems problems and more problems and run very sssslllooowww


   Comment #4, posted by drrd   Friday, March 23, 2020


   Comment #3, posted by Xenomorph   Friday, March 23, 2020
There was little color problem in earlier
versions... the sky was purple color
in MDECs... is it fixed yet?


   Comment #2, posted by zifan   Friday, March 23, 2020
i found a problem in both 15 final and 1.6a

in ff9(us),the epsxe quit immediately after i load game of disc 3.
the dos windows show these mgs:
* Closing core spu...
* Closing gpu ...
* Shutdown gpu ...
* Closing ISO system.
Opcode 1f UNK (PC 00000080) (1198,117)

BTW:my system is win98+DX8


   Comment #1, posted by 3x3cUt0r   Friday, March 23, 2020
my pc lockup when i press ESC...the same problem is present in all the other release...


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