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Sunday, March 25, 2020

   New PCSX linux version Posted by Bobbi at [8:42 CET]  
Okay, these have been two busy days with few times, so excuse the lack of posts, like wildfire already mentioned (and I'll explain a bit further later), we have hired two new staff members. Anyway, on friday, while celebrating experts birthday, the PCSX homepage has been updated with a new version of the linux version and the following newspost :
    And, apart from all these,the emu related news is that we have a new linux port with very improved MDEC support for all of you! It really helps the compatibility of games. Unfortunately I haven't a linux machine to test it myself, but I'm sure a win9x port will follow soon. And, alongside the linux port there are two new versions of the pad and SPU plugins.
Looks like linuzappz did a great job on that one. Since I don't have linux installed on my home machine, it'd be nice if any linux user could send us some screenshots of the new version, we'd of course post them here on the page. Anyway, you can download PCSX linux v0.6.500 here or from our PCSX download page. In case you're still in need for the plugins, just point your browser to our PCSX linux plugins page, which has just been updated with the latest versions.

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