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Sunday, March 25, 2020

   New Null2 plugin release Posted by Bobbi at [21:19 CET]  
Great news : It looks as if null2 finally was able to add the new ePSXe feature to his famous plugin, the save states. From this plugin version on, you should finally be able to use this nifty ePSXe feature with null2's plugin ! Here's the full list of changes :
  • supports savestate
  • added VAG cache option(probably not required)
  • some bug fix
Congratulations fly out to null2 for this nice update which can be downloaded from here. All current plugins can be downloaded from our plugins page !

BTW - The PSXEmu newsletter should get out any minute now, so this is really your last chance to sign up - the +2000 people who already signed up should keep an eye on their inbox from now on :)

Comments :

   Comment #33, posted by OverScan   Thursday, March 29, 2020
Well... i have seen on diferents Pc in my work the performance of ePSXe with all the plugins and just i can say this: The Choppy sound is produced depending (probably) of the gpu pluin that you use (and the speed of your pc, of course!). With Pete's plugins i can see differents results:

- OpenGL: Perfect Sound
- d3d: some chaping sound
- software rendering: VERY cheapy sound.
- Kazzuya 1.5 final: almost perfect sound.
- segu d3d: perfect sound

Since i don't code any plugin and i don't know the source code of ePSXe. i can't tell for sure what's happenin' Bu i think that there's some improvement to do IN THE EMULATOR rather than THE PLUGIN. The plugin sounds very good on my celeron 466 with an ati rage 128GL and 192 mb of ram and in the most of the pc here at work. (Chrono Cross is a example of a game that's very hard to emulate.. since i'ts non-standard way to keep the data on the psx.)

Greetings at all and Keep up the great work null2!!!


   Comment #32, posted by GunBlade   Thursday, March 29, 2020
But WHY is the sound in MDECs choppy while 1.34 runs smoothly??


   Comment #31, posted by Laguna Fortress   Wednesday, March 28, 2020
If Null could add a README file to his plugin I think it will definitely pre-empty all these silly complaints about the MDECs being slow and choppy


   Comment #30, posted by Laguna Fortress   Wednesday, March 28, 2020
If Null could add a README file to his plugin I think it will definitely pre-empty all these silly complaints about the MDECs being slow and choppy


   Comment #29, posted by wierd   Wednesday, March 28, 2020
It's fun to have the plugin being updated so much.
But it doesnt bother me when its not updated, I'm very happy with the release rate of ePSXe.
Also, I have found Null2's SPU works exactly the same in Legend of Legaia as the internal SPU does =)
(Just gotta get Hyper Art sounds and spell sounds working and its basically perfect)

But most importantly, Legend of Legaia works now, I'm so glad I get to play it. Thanks Null2 for a great plugin and thanks ePSXe authors for a great emulator.

-- Begin Rant -- (ignore this part if you want)
Mimic: I hate people who think everyone has the option to "get this" or "get that"
(like people telling me "get cable" or "get adsl" when i dont have the option because of my location.
If you will buy everyone an up to date computer, then you can say that, but until then, leave your ego at the door and post useful info.
-- End Rant --


   Comment #28, posted by Mimic   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
To people who think something is too slow
or choppy.............



   Comment #27, posted by Mimic   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
Can u believe how fast Null's plugin is updating!?!? it's incredible!!! Thanks Null!!! It's very exciting that the save/load states option is now working with this new plugin......but i just found out a couple new problems with Null2's new plugin in ff9:

1. When summoning Shiva, ePSXe crashes. It displays somethng like "Null2's plugin has encountered an error, ePSXe will be shut down".

2. Some Sound effects are missing after loading a state.

Does anyone else have the same problem??


   Comment #26, posted by Frosty   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
F*CK YOU ALL, to the people who are pissed
about how long it takes for certain plugins
or emulators to be updated. These authors
work hard on these plugins, and if you don't
like how long it takes for plugins to be
updated, MAKE ONE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!
You kick ass Null, keep up the good work.



   Comment #25, posted by Rargh   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
What s this mess?????????
What have u done to it???
Gay story, fools problems!!!!

FF9 pal is working great (save states and all
but not the mdecs, slow...)
this is the best of all plugins tough..
but I don t what that VAG cache stuff is doing...Can someone explain to me please???
When I saved in Vagrant story, I was able to
load with the good sound...
but when I returned to epsxe (after having light off this one of course....)
There was no sound in the save game (W/ f1)
mmm too bad

just ignore those fools with their gays story.......


   Comment #24, posted by Firehawk   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
I agree, best SPU for ingame sound but choppy sound in MDecs (testet with BOF4) and strange sound with Chrono Cross. Keep up the good work :)


   Comment #23, posted by palik_x   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
MDEC sound still choppy.


   Comment #22, posted by euphoria   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
Great work Null, thought to let you know that Xenogears has quite a funky sounds after the opening MDEC when the text appears on screen.
ePSXe's internal and Pete's SPU's plays them correctly. The tone-cache seems to break the sounds in character selection in Legend Of Mana when starting a new game.
These are minor bugs and i found your plugin the best.



   Comment #21, posted by RostToaster   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
Great SPU, but crashes in ff9 Pal while starting a battle


   Comment #20, posted by invincible wombat   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
gambit, epsxe-ver1.2 is the current version for public use.
BTW how can the graphics for mdecs be "back on fast" with null21.35?....a faster spu=more cpu for graphics?


   Comment #19, posted by GAMBIT   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
gay or not, he did the sound plugin! He is a good guy whatever... but resident evil 3 nemesis there still no voices. For FF9, it is getting better, but i'm still with 1.2 version, can you belive?!


   Comment #18, posted by NiK   Monday, March 26, 2020
unfortunately v1.35 messes up my cd music in GT2 and crashes when i'm trying to load a savestate made with v1.34 (also in GT2). i'm back to 1.34


   Comment #17, posted by Biliswira   Monday, March 26, 2020
good work!but...please fix speech in some game mdec,some game don't have sound during mdec...

Good!!!! :P


   Comment #16, posted by czb182   Monday, March 26, 2020
I consider this the best best sound plugin, but as he comes out with new features comes new bugs which must be ironed out, it just takes time.


   Comment #15, posted by LWSurfer   Monday, March 26, 2020
Kids... ;)


   Comment #14, posted by eer   Monday, March 26, 2020
mark is a gay,he love null's plugin so much so that he wish null is a gay, ...blah blah...


   Comment #13, posted by buzz-emu   Monday, March 26, 2020
WHAT THE #### IS WRONG WITH U MARK!? WHAT DID NULL DO TO U? DID HE STEAL UR DOG (UR WIFE )!? SOmething wrong? keep ur own stupid thoughts to urself or tell it to someone else......we dont like ppl like u in here ( Yeah..I'm out of my mind...this site hates me like HELL...and I'm represetatiing me...Erase this comment please.


   Comment #12, posted by don't care   Monday, March 26, 2020
gay or not he still knows how to do the plugin LOL thanx for a great plug Null2


   Comment #11, posted by Ghuron   Monday, March 26, 2020
It looks like that system always crashing during (or immediatly after) summonig Phoenix in FF9.


   Comment #10, posted by CrazyMan   Monday, March 26, 2020
Dude...Nookadum is gay.


   Comment #9, posted by Nookadum   Monday, March 26, 2020
Dude...Mark Greteman is gay.


   Comment #8, posted by JagoanZ   Monday, March 26, 2020
Null gundul emang yaul!


   Comment #7, posted by Mark Greteman   Monday, March 26, 2020
Dude...null is gay.


   Comment #6, posted by GAMBIT   Monday, March 26, 2020
Since there is support for f1 savestate right now i'm taking apart the 1.2 version. For FF9 the plugin is ok like IT ALWAYS BEEN.
MDECs seems to be on fast again, but i'm talking about graphics. The sound still repeat the same note and config dont help at all. I made an iso of the entire cd but when i run it falls on bios, so i cant say if it would be fine using no cd.
It is a good work! and i think I'm supose to run it full speed on pIII voodoo3 and 64 ram so just need some speed improved, if you all can understand me......


   Comment #5, posted by rsx   Monday, March 26, 2020
super robot war alpha still have sppech and sfx problem..


   Comment #4, posted by 3x3cUt0r   Monday, March 26, 2020
good work null


   Comment #3, posted by Rargh   Sunday, March 25, 2020
Can t wait to play !!!!!!
I ll report the bugs later!!!(If there are some :)

but...what s that VAG cache stuff??

Well done NULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


   Comment #2, posted by czb182   Sunday, March 25, 2020
Whats this tone-change?


   Comment #1, posted by Xemit   Sunday, March 25, 2020
Woohoo! Can't wait to play around with it! Thanks null!


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