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Tuesday, March 27, 2020

   Greetings Earflings Posted by RVWinkle at [2:02 CET]  
As announced by Wildfire the other day, I'm one of the 2 new newsposters for PSXEmu. I'd like to thank everybody for giving me such a warm welcome and helping my transition into this new position flow as smoothly as possible. In addition, I'd like to welcome the wise and effervescent Bgnome onto the team.

Now allow myself to I'm an Emulation addict like most of the rest of you and I have a penchant for the news. Rest assured that no relevant information will pass my watchful eye without mentioning it on this site

My first real newspost won't happen for at least another day while I get situated with my new position here and all of the account stuff gets sorted out. Stay tuned, because I plan on helping this site maintain it's status as the best Playstation emulation news site around.

Comments :

   Comment #11, posted by Buzz   Wednesday, March 28, 2020
Erm....DO U still remember that news I told U on IRC?


   Comment #10, posted by moocow   Wednesday, March 28, 2020
I can't believe this... you people actually think this site is worth going to... hahah i've seen better shit come out of my toilet... so the next time you try to cut me down think about it.... really think and you'll see that this site is a waste of fucking time hahahah


   Comment #9, posted by SenQuack   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
Lemme tell ya, when everyone else is playing frigging Deus Ex this guy is loading up his ancient emulators and playing Vagrant Hearts so don't be a playah hatah and give RVWinkle a hand-clap.


   Comment #8, posted by tfc   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
good luck RVWinkle!


   Comment #7, posted by master   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
moocow, come on irc or paste your ip.. i'll "personally fuck you up"

shut up moocow and show some god damn respect for rvwinkle hes cool


   Comment #6, posted by DJW   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
don't pay much attention to moocow... he's obviously ill mannered and ignorant..


   Comment #5, posted by moocow   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
your a fag.... whats up with you... you better make this piece of shit site better or i will personally fuck you up


   Comment #4, posted by Bgnome   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
are you saying i'm bubbly?
am i here for your alka-seltzer enjoyment?
why i oughtta..


   Comment #3, posted by [vEX]   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
hope ya do some good stuff for the site :)


   Comment #2, posted by Sandie   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
He he he


   Comment #1, posted by PsYcHoJaK   Tuesday, March 27, 2020
good luck


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