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Tuesday, March 27, 2020

   4EverPSX running games ! Posted by Bobbi at [21:39 CET]  
Looks like Sephiroth is at it again, after he updated his page with the first screenshots of commercial games few hours ago (like reported by BGNome), he updated the 4EverPSX homepage with screenshots of the commercial game SCARS running in 4EverPSX, among with these infos :
    After a little more tweaking the CD emulation is a little bit better. So another demo worked and this time it's the S.C.A.R.S. demo from demo disk Future42(Playstation Magazine). Sadly the PAD's are not emulated correctly so it kills the controls, but at least progress is made. For the picture gouroud shading is still not implemented ;-). This progress made me think.... it's really time for dynamic recompilation.. but first things first.
Congratulations to Sephiroth for this great progress, it's always nice to see emulators progressing that nicely ! To take a look at the nice screenshots he posted, head over to the 4EverPSX homepage now !

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