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Thursday, March 29, 2020

   Aldo's "My Game List - PSX Launcher" Updated! Posted by Bgnome at [2:02 CET]  
Having problems keeping those massive libraries of PSX backup images organized on your computer? Don't you wish that you could just double click on a game and have it load up on an emulator automatically? Well, look no further because Aldo Vargas has done it again with this nifty little program:
This tool let you create your own list of PSX games with picture and description, organize them by genre and launch with your favorite emulator. Automatically mounts the ISO images with Daemon Tools and let you update the database by reading the ISO files in a directory. This is a must have is you have many games and want to have them well organized and accessible.

You can nab this program here. For more information, check out Aldo's Tools Homepage.

Comments :

   Comment #3, posted by Samor   Friday, March 30, 2020
nice one :)


   Comment #2, posted by 3x3cUt0r   Thursday, March 29, 2020
this is a great utility
good work


   Comment #1, posted by Rimmer66   Thursday, March 29, 2020
Great work Aldo!!!!


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