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Thursday, March 29, 2020

   GameStation for PS2 Posted by RVWinkle at [20:45 CET]  
By the way of this site, I found a press release for a very interesting product. It's called the GameStation and it's a GameBoy Color emulator for the PS2. The press release along with some pictures can be found here. It's made by Datel, the makers of the Action Replay and several other products that I'm sure some of you peeps own.

Now some of you might question the viability of a product such as this, but at the very least this'll give all of you PS2 owners a way to play those 2 new Zelda GBC games soon to be released. Since I've never owned a Datel product before, I'm wondering if they make quality products. Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Comments :

   Comment #19, posted by Dunbar   Sunday, April 1, 2020
Moocoow: WTF, seek psychiatric help.

Dustin: Its hardware, you have to buy it.


   Comment #18, posted by moocow   Sunday, April 1, 2020
I would just like to apoligize for all my childish behavior this past week. I think PSXEmu is a great site .. and well .. the truth is I get made fun of a lot at school and it makes me cry a lot .. that is the main reason I take it out on you guys. I am actually very fond of RVWinkle ... and I am wondering if you are single :)


   Comment #17, posted by Dustin   Saturday, March 31, 2020
Where can you download this emulator? E-mail me if you know?


   Comment #16, posted by Mwarhead   Saturday, March 31, 2020
Moocow, shut UP! We don't want some one that acts like a total butt here.


   Comment #15, posted by Nookadum   Saturday, March 31, 2020
Dude, moocow is gay.


   Comment #14, posted by moocow   Friday, March 30, 2020
What the fuck kind of piece of crap is this. Who the hell would want to play gameboy on a tv. RVWinkle... what a waste of time posting this on your piece of shit site... by the way you suck... yours truly



   Comment #13, posted by Gohank   Friday, March 30, 2020
If it wont work out for Datel, then why did it sell so well for Nintendo (Super Gameboy on the SNES)


   Comment #12, posted by doruu   Friday, March 30, 2020
it sounds like a bad idea to me, the point of emulation is NOT to emulate a console on a console, not much room for ENHANCEMENT, which is the second reason for emulation. AND, WHY THE PS2, NINTENDO WOULD BE MORE COMPATIBLE WITH NINTENDO DUE TO STYLE differences. if anything, get a super-pricy, super-powerful PC and go emu crazy on it, youll need but buy the games if its cd or n64 and use either cdr or backup to get a rom or iso out of it. DUH


   Comment #11, posted by Wormie   Friday, March 30, 2020
MWarhead this is a bit different .. it let's you copy games onto the designated cartridge so you can play it either in their PS2 emulator thing .... or the bad thing, in a Gameboy. This might cause Nintendo to react because it can promote Piracy, but then again .. maybe they won't even care. I guess we will have to watch and see what happens.

Emu Fanatics


   Comment #10, posted by RVWinkle   Friday, March 30, 2020
My apologies, I printed the name wrong. The product is acually called Game Studio. It's been corrected on the front page but I don't think it'll be corrected on this comments page.


   Comment #9, posted by Mwarhead   Friday, March 30, 2020
I've seen a emulator for PSX that lets you run gameboy games. Nintendo did not do anything to them.


   Comment #8, posted by JNS   Friday, March 30, 2020
Who the hell want to play GameBoy games on the TV ? :P
I think a Genesis, Master System, NES or SNES "Emu" would be a better idea :P



   Comment #7, posted by GLITCH   Friday, March 30, 2020
it's not, as if i give a damn, but is that legal? isn't it probable that datel will get sued?


   Comment #6, posted by Wormie   Friday, March 30, 2020
Heh .. html doesn't work in KTalk .. oops :)


   Comment #5, posted by Wormie   Friday, March 30, 2020
It's called Game Studio right? Is there a Gamestation too? Also with the Game Studio you can download games and play them on the reprogrammable cartrigde that comes with it. This could be a bad thing for this product ... we know how much Nintendo loves to kill all signs of pirating and anything that has to do with emulation. This is from the press release "With Game Studio's "Games To Go" feature, you can download any of your free games onto a special cartridge we've provided, at the click of a button. Simply clip the cartridge into your Game Boy Color and play your Game Studio games wherever you go!

The "Games To Go" cartridge is fully re-programmable, so you can re-use it thousands of times!". Otherwise this thing looks cool. Looks to be pretty spendy .. but hey it will give you something to do with all those old GameBoy games while you wait for a better handheld system ... GameBoy Advance. :)

<a href="">Emu Fanatics</a> Coming Soon!


   Comment #4, posted by Firestarter   Friday, March 30, 2020
I dunno, but they're trying to pull something....something big...could it be the next Infogrames or Microsoft?


   Comment #3, posted by Mwarhead   Friday, March 30, 2020
YES! Me like Zelda!


   Comment #2, posted by Mark Casey   Thursday, March 29, 2020
Datel make damn fine hardware, i've been buying Datel stuff since the amiga days of the Action Replay mk3 for the A500.

Personally i have no use for a Gameboy colour emulator for the ps2 since:

a. i already have a Gameboy Colour and a Gameboy Exchanger *evil grin* b. I haven't yet bought a ps2.


   Comment #1, posted by tfc   Thursday, March 29, 2020
kewl! datel are good! ive got there Action Replay 2


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