Thursday, March 29, 2020

   Game Studio for PS2 Posted by RVWinkle at [20:45 CET]  
By the way of this site, I found a press release for a very interesting product. It's called the Game Studio and it's a GameBoy Color emulator for the PS2. The press release along with some pictures can be found here. It's made by Datel, the makers of the Action Replay and several other products that I'm sure some of you peeps own.

Now some of you might question the viability of a product such as this, but at the very least this'll give all of you PS2 owners a way to play those 2 new Zelda GBC games soon to be released. Since I've never owned a Datel product before, I'm wondering if they make quality products. Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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   Aldo's PSX Game Launcher! Posted by Bgnome at [2:02 CET]  
Having problems keeping those massive libraries of PSX backup images organized on your computer? Don't you wish that you could just double click on a game and have it load up on an emulator automatically? Well, look no further because Aldo Vargas has done it again with his "My Game List - PSX Launcher":
This tool let you create your own list of PSX games with picture and description, organize them by genre and launch with your favorite emulator. Automatically mounts the ISO images with Daemon Tools and let you update the database by reading the ISO files in a directory. This is a must have is you have many games and want to have them well organized and accessible.

You can nab this program here. For more information, check out Aldo's Tools Homepage.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2020

   ePSXe looking for help Posted by Bobbi at [22:42 CET]  
Okay, this may be a bit more complex : Calb, one of the authors of ePSXe, asked me to post this request for help : Since ePSXe's compatibility reached a VERY high point as of now, the next step is to look into remaining crashing bugs. Therefor, calb is searching for save states about 1 or 2 seconds before a crash. We are of course aware that this isn't possible in some games where the game crashes randomly, so a savestate immediately after the crash might also help. Calb mentioned he's especially interrested in games like Xenogears or Theard or fate !

So in case there's a game where you're annoyed of crashes and would like to see them fixed and/or if you always wanted to support ePSXe in becoming even better, this is your chance : But please, send the savestates and any further questions to, as I'll go through them and delete double entries ! Please ALWAYS keep an eye at this place as I'll write down here for which games I already recived save states so my inbox doesn't get flooded. If you have further questions or want to submit your savestate, don't hesitate to contact me at !

   4EverPSX running games ! Posted by Bobbi at [21:39 CET]  
Looks like Sephiroth is at it again, after he updated his page with the first screenshots of commercial games few hours ago (like reported by BGNome), he updated the 4EverPSX homepage with screenshots of the commercial game SCARS running in 4EverPSX, among with these infos :
    After a little more tweaking the CD emulation is a little bit better. So another demo worked and this time it's the S.C.A.R.S. demo from demo disk Future42(Playstation Magazine). Sadly the PAD's are not emulated correctly so it kills the controls, but at least progress is made. For the picture gouroud shading is still not implemented ;-). This progress made me think.... it's really time for dynamic recompilation.. but first things first.
Congratulations to Sephiroth for this great progress, it's always nice to see emulators progressing that nicely ! To take a look at the nice screenshots he posted, head over to the 4EverPSX homepage now !

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   My first news post Posted by Bgnome at [20:47 CET]  
Hi folks! I am completely ecstatic about being part of this great site. Along with RVWinkle, I hope that we are able to meet the standards of this great PSX emulation site and help make it your #1 news site!
On to the news:
PsYcHoJaK has updated the PSinex homepage with even more shots of commercials running: Tekken 3, Dave Mirra, and Street Fighter EX2 to name a few.. But regarding a release,
I just want to make a small comment here. We're thinking seriously of not posting again screenshots, because there's too much excitement and people misunderstand us. We don't give BETA's away, and we won't accept any begging to make some game work. We work hard to make the emulator better, and the last thing we need to hear is requests. And as to finish this, NO we don't know when the release will be out, maybe never. A release will take place only if the emulator is a nice alternative to other PlayStation emulators.

With these kind of results, PsYcHoJaK may have a formidable emulator pretty soon..

Also, Sephiroth has updated the 4EverPSX homepage.with some news and a shot of a commercial game loading: Formula 1 World Championship. Seems like he's finally getting somewhere with that CD emulation. Go ahead and check out his progress at the 4EverPSX homepage.

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   Greetings Earflings Posted by RVWinkle at [2:02 CET]  
As announced by Wildfire the other day, I'm one of the 2 new newsposters for PSXEmu. I'd like to thank everybody for giving me such a warm welcome and helping my transition into this new position flow as smoothly as possible. In addition, I'd like to welcome the wise and effervescent Bgnome onto the team.

Now allow myself to I'm an Emulation addict like most of the rest of you and I have a penchant for the news. Rest assured that no relevant information will pass my watchful eye without mentioning it on this site

My first real newspost won't happen for at least another day while I get situated with my new position here and all of the account stuff gets sorted out. Stay tuned, because I plan on helping this site maintain it's status as the best Playstation emulation news site around.

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Monday, March 26, 2020

   PCSX Linux screenshots Posted by Bobbi at [22:48 CET]  
Like announced yesterday, we're of course also going to cover the linux version of PCSX, since it's the (currently) best PSX emu for this fine OS. Starting with this, I went around and asked numerous people for screenshots, and also had success with wierd and linuzappz (big thanks guys !), who gave me quite some nice screenshots, mostly of the nice MDEC engine. But see for yourself :
    Final Fantasy 5 screenshots [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    Final Fantasy Tactics screenshots [1][2][3][4][5][6]
    Suikoden 2 screenshots [1] [2]
I'll take the time tomorrow to update the PCSX section with these screenshots as well with numerous others, so make sure to keep an eye at this place. In case you still don't have it, you can download PCSX linux from our PCSX download page !

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   Misc news items Posted by Bobbi at [22:39 CET]  
Hmm, not really a busy news day, so here're some items I'd still like to have mentioned before heading to bed :
    News archive fixed
    I finally around to fix our news archive, where you can find ALL news items ever being posted on this site since our opening 18 months ago. You now are also able to browse through the news from the past two months, thanks to buzz for notifying me about that one.

    Team page updated
    And yet another page update : I noticed that our staff his quite grown during the past months so I took the time to update our 'Who we are' page in the misc section with all the latest additions. So in case you ever wondered who the heck is running all the stuff here, head over to the crew page.

    New board for all bleem!ers
    JohnJohn recently mailed me about a new project he has been starting for all of you who are still interrested in bleem!. I think what he mailed describes it best, so I'll just paste it here :
      As you probably know, the official Bleem! Message Boards were shut down long
      ago, yet some members found their way back in. Then, that forum (Full Users) crashed, yet even some users trickled slowly into the Off Topic Forum. I am one of those users. A new message board for "Bleem! Refugees was then opened by Richard Mi, "Paladin" on the boards.
    So all of you looking for a nice talk or still need infos about bleem!, point your browsers to this page now !

    Short FPSE news
    Ben-J dropped me another message telling me about this message on the FPSE message board, where Mr.Fog gave a short notice about games compatibility and that beta testing may start soon. Those of you who are interrested, may check out the URL above.
Let's hope some bigger news pop up tomorrow. BTW - Thanks to everyone sending in feedback on the newsletter, we really welcome any constructive critic, so feel free to also send in your comment.

   PS2Play v0.3 release Posted by Bobbi at [22:13 CET]  
That one is alredy some days old we wanted to take a look at this neat program before posting it. Sadly enough, every person we asked to test this for us either experienced picture or sound problems. Though a solution for the sound is explained in the readme, we weren't able to get around these picture problem yet. Anyway, a short summary what you need to do before running this program, taken from the translated readme :
    Copy the files into a directory of your choice. Afterwards, use regsvr32 from the command prompt in order to register the files and the Example :

    c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\Progra~2\ps2play\
    c:\windows\system\regsvr32 c:\Progra~2\ps2play\
Make sure to change the directories to the location you placed these two files in, windows will let you know when you did anything wrong there, belive me :) Anyway, to download PS2Play in a handy re-packed ZIP files, click here. Big thanks to Ben-J for the news.

   Additional page speed Posted by Bobbi at [13:28 CET]  
Just a quick note on that one : During the past weekend, our host upgraded our server software in order to allow faster page loading. This is done by compressing the HTML files on the fly before sending them to the viewer. As an example, the mainpage you're currently reading becomes compressed from ~ 52 KB to only 18 - only about 1/3 of it's former size !

So all of our 56k visitors should notice a massive speed increase when visiting this page as long as they're using a browser since 3.x (which most of you actually should do by now). Big thanks to our host for this great work !

Sunday, March 25, 2020

   New Null2 plugin release Posted by Bobbi at [21:19 CET]  
Great news : It looks as if null2 finally was able to add the new ePSXe feature to his famous plugin, the save states. From this plugin version on, you should finally be able to use this nifty ePSXe feature with null2's plugin ! Here's the full list of changes :
  • supports savestate
  • added VAG cache option(probably not required)
  • some bug fix
Congratulations fly out to null2 for this nice update which can be downloaded from here. All current plugins can be downloaded from our plugins page !

BTW - The PSXEmu newsletter should get out any minute now, so this is really your last chance to sign up - the +2000 people who already signed up should keep an eye on their inbox from now on :)

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   1st PSXEmu newsletter coming Posted by Bobbi at [10:41 CET]  
After quite a long time, we here at PSXEmu finally decided that it'd be time to use the newsletter feature we've allowed signing up for over a year now. Therefor, we'll send out the first PSXEmu newsletter this evening.

The PSXEmu newsletter will, from now on, be sent out every sunday evening. Content wise, it'll feature the top news from the ending week, additional comments and infos which aren't even posted here on the site, a plugins checklist which should quickly allow you to make sure you're using the latest versions as well as some news letter exclusive infos from time to time, which will be posted several days afterwards on the page and some more features we won't publish yet - so it's well worth signing up for it !

In case you aren't suscribed to the newsletter yet, this is your last change to get ahold of the first edition which we're currently finishing. To suscribe, just use the 'Mailing list' box on the right handed side of the latest headlines, downloads and reviews and keep an eye on your mailbox this evening !

   DAEMON Tools v2.60 release Posted by Bobbi at [8:53 CET]  
Kelvin dropped me an E-Mail in order to inform me about a new version of the great and free CD emulator Daemon tools. In case you don't know that one yet, it's a very handy utility which allows you to copy your games onto your HD and use them like a CD in your drive afterwards, which becomes quite handy with emulators like bleem! or VGS (ePSXe's ISO function is a good replacement for that one meanwhile, so there isn't really any use in still using it for that one). Anyway, back to the news, the main thing emulation user will notice about that one are the changes to the GUI and the included installer, which finally allows easy installation and removing of the software. And here's the full list of changes :
  • New setup engine (based on MS Installer)
  • Improved driver installation in Windows 9x (without starting Hardware Wizard)
  • Left-click on tray icon directly opens 'mount menu'
  • Installation directory now user-selectable
  • Tray icons now user-selectable
  • Securom emulation enhanced
  • Support for Windows XP
  • PHANTOM device removal in Windows 2000/XP enhanced (Windows warning message is skipped now)
  • 'Digital signature not found' message during Windows 2000/XP setup is skipped now
  • Workaround for WinOnCD CDROM emulator bug in Windows NT/2000/XP (system crash) included
So lots of compatibility increasements for Windows XP as well, so every Daemon-tools user should download v2.60 by clicking here. Additional informations about this great program can be found on the Daemon tools homepage.

   New PCSX linux version Posted by Bobbi at [8:42 CET]  
Okay, these have been two busy days with few times, so excuse the lack of posts, like wildfire already mentioned (and I'll explain a bit further later), we have hired two new staff members. Anyway, on friday, while celebrating experts birthday, the PCSX homepage has been updated with a new version of the linux version and the following newspost :
    And, apart from all these,the emu related news is that we have a new linux port with very improved MDEC support for all of you! It really helps the compatibility of games. Unfortunately I haven't a linux machine to test it myself, but I'm sure a win9x port will follow soon. And, alongside the linux port there are two new versions of the pad and SPU plugins.
Looks like linuzappz did a great job on that one. Since I don't have linux installed on my home machine, it'd be nice if any linux user could send us some screenshots of the new version, we'd of course post them here on the page. Anyway, you can download PCSX linux v0.6.500 here or from our PCSX download page. In case you're still in need for the plugins, just point your browser to our PCSX linux plugins page, which has just been updated with the latest versions.

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   New Newsposters Posted by Wildfire at [4:46 CET]  
I'll like to personally welcome two new posters here at PSXEmu Bgnome and RVWinkle. Thier accounts and such are still be processed and stuff but I figure I'll give em a welcome anyway, and to prove I'm not COMPLETELY idle ^_^.

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Thursday, March 22, 2020

   4EverPSX needs help Posted by Bobbi at [22:35 CET]  
I just saw that the 4EverPSX homepage has recived an update stating that Sephiroth seems to have come across the first problems, CD-Rom emulation problems to be exact. Here's what he posted :
    As in it goes in live, we all encounter setbacks. And mine seems to be the CD emulation. I've restarted several times and every time a little different approach. Alas no effect. I feel though that CD emulation is critical to the further development of the 4EverPSX emulator. Ofcourse i can focus my attention to the SPU and PAD more, but most demo's run fine and sound is of less inportance(to me). So the development of 4EverPSX is reaching an impasse. So therefor i call to you out there. If you have detailed information about the innerworking of the CD please mail that information to me. If you are an emu programmer and you are willing to share knowledge/code of the CD emulation part please mail me. I'm in dying need for HELP.
So in case one of the PSX emu developer out there can help Sephiroth, just mail him at ! To find out more about 4EverPSX, make sure to check out their homepage.

   Kazzuya's Soft GPU Updated! Posted by CDBuRnOuT at [22:32 CET]  
Kazzuya, who recently had a bit of server trouble, just released version 1.6 Alpha of his Software GPU plugin for Emulators using the PSEmu Pro Plugin system. This new version was released because the release of revision 1.5 final had errors in the archive, and was actually version 1.5 beta! Here's a little info about what's new, straight from
    This version has more bugs fixed about translucency. Translucency broke because recently I started supporting the STP bit which is used for some "magic" priority effects.
    I also changed the Gouraud shading routine. The new one does some dithering on the fly.
    Big Gouraud shaded polys are used to render the sky in games like Rage Racer. Dithering gives smoother gradients.
    I did some test with super-sampled rendering but the quality didn't improve much. That's probably because I didn't include edges inthe super-sampling process. Edge anti-aliasing is what would give most improvement to image quality, unfortunately there are several drawbacks to that. I intend to do some more research on viable solution to improve rendering quality.. when I have some free time 8)
For those that downloaded 1.5 Final, or are just interested in Kazzuya's lovely Software GPU, grab yourself a copy below:

   FPSE in the rumor mills Posted by Bobbi at [22:13 CET]  
JoseQ posted another edition of his weekly rumor mills, this time featuring some infos and two VERY cool screenshots from FPSE, along with some small infos about them :
    . But almost at the last minute, a report flew in with two screen captures of FPSE 0.09 beta in action! The screenshots were taken using the interpreter mode with Pete's Plug-in. The name of the game is "Fear Effect 2" and here are the screenshots ... We also got word that there's no planned release date for FPSE as of yet.
You can check out the two screenshots by clicking here : Fear Effect [1] [2] ! So no certain release date yet for FPSE yet, we'll of course try to get more infos about that one and keep you updated about it. You can find the complete rumor mill here. back up Posted by Bobbi at [22:03 CET]  
Just a quick note on that one : Alexey Galiulin was kind enough to drop me an E-mail that the official site for the PSX emulator ePSXe, seems to be reachable yet again. In case you didn't notice it, few days after the release their host seems to have disabled their page (once again) because of to much traffic (this emu is just to damn good =P).

Just to inform you, their forums are actually really down, according to Galtor because of a to high CPU usage. The rest of the page is still up though, so to check it out head over to

   Project Mayhem needs help Posted by Bobbi at [21:56 CET]  
Still remember Project Mayhem, that emulator project where lots of good coders wanted to work together in order to create a cool emulator. Well, today I recived an E-mail from wiseman, one of their coders, to inform me about the current progress of their emu and it looks like it certainly progressed nicely during the past weeks, prooven by three posted screenshots on their page. But now, they need more help :
    Proj. Mayhem is alive and kicking!!! And we need some bloody coders, so if you know how to code in C, C++, or assembly and want to help code a great emu, drop me a line at we would love to hear from you. A lot of great things have been happening with the emu, it plays quite a few demos now, and cd implementation is coming soon, that means commercial games can't be too far behind. Just to whet your appetite we have a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Here you go, enjoy:)!
It's always nice to see new emulators progressing nicely, so to assist Project Mayhem, to learn more about this emulator and to view the screenshots from some technical demos, make sure to check out their homepage !

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