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  1) Who are you and where are you from ?
  shadow : I don't wanna expose myself. The one that need to know me they do :P

NoComp : I am NoComp, and I am from England.
  2) How did you get involved with emulation ?
  shadow : Well i wanted to code something and one day i discover psemu pro. I like the idea of a psx emu so i start my own one.

NoComp : After writing a (bad) GPU plugin for PSEmu Pro, I got more and more involved in emulating various hardware.
  3) What do you think of the current status of the emulation scene ?
  shadow : Emuscene is going worse every day. However emus like mame keep it alive.

NoComp : I don't follow every side of it. I agree with shadow mostly, but I think PSX emulation is going well.
  4) How do you see the emulation scene now, and how do you think it will progress in the current months ?
  shadow : I quess it would be quite interesting if we see tries for a DC or psx2 emus.

NoComp : There is some interesting new hardware to be emulated, and some promising PSX emulators. I think it could be very interesting, and maybe quite different to how it's been in the past.
  5) What do you think of the recent law suites against Connectix and bleem, inc. and how do you think they will affect the emulation scene ?
  shadow : First i don't agree with the commercial emulators. Emulation need to be free. However programmers have done a respect work. As it seems so far only commercials emus got suites the emu scene have nothing to afraid.

NoComp : My feelings are the same. I don't think commercial emulators should be treated as part of the 'Emulation Scene' which in my oppinion should be reserved for hobbyists.
  6) How did your current project get started ?
  shadow : One day NoComp appears to me and said "Hey i am making a psx emu. Wanna help?". So we got started and the project progressed very fast.

NoComp : I was making an N64 emu, and a friend of mine said to me, "Why don't you try to make a PSX emu? They can't be too different.". I looked into it, and things were going well, so PCSX was born. A bit later I met shadow, and we both continued the work.
  7) What's the status of your current project ?
  shadow : Well pcsx now have Dynarec that is pretty fast (NoComp have finish it before he quits project (thanks NoComp0r :P) also a still bit buggy d3d GPU, a nice debbugger, some gte (over 50%),also pads is working and cd-rom have start the last days althought not much work on it as we have to fix some of other stuff yet.

NoComp : All of the above, and some good compatibility.
  8) What can we expect from your project in the future ?
  shadow : Finish pad emulation with a nice joystic and calibration support :) work some more on the cd-rom and insert an working SPU code into the PCSX. We think that we can have some games playable by the end of next month (maybe later, sooner who knows ;P).

NoComp : The above should be the short term future. The rest is not up to me any more :(.
  9) What do you see as the underlining factors for successful emulators or emulation projects ?
  shadow : women :)

NoComp : hehe.. can't argue with that :). Also you need some good coders, and either lots of determination, or shadow to tell you to work ;).
  10) Any final words to the 1000s of readers awaiting every new release of your emulator ?
  shadow : Believe on it and hey we just do it for hobby :P

NoComp : I have always wanted PCSX to be very advanced before a release, and I think shadow will stick with this idea , so hopefully the first release will impress.

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