Download [pec] version 1.0 - Rebuild C here (588 KB)
The codelist-update from the 25 of July is also included in this zip-archiv. Check out the game database for a list of the games included in the codelist.

Download [pec] CodeList update (413 KB)
This is only the codelist-update from the 25.07.00.
If you already have [pec] version 1.0 - Rebuild C installed, just extract the files (which are included in this archiv) into your [pec]-directory.

Download the VB6 runtimes here (1,16 MB)
(You NEED this runtime to execute [pec].)

Download the OLEAUT32.DLL here (303 KB)
(When [pec] shows you the message : 'OLEAUT32.DLL out of date', you need to download this.)
You need WinZip to extract the zip-archives on this page.
You can get the actual version from the official WinZip-Homepage, just click on the link.