Frequently Asked Questions

I get an error message on startup ... Why ?

'File not Found: pec.DLL'

Make sure you unzipped all files from the [pec] zip-archiv into the same directory !

'Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered:a file is missing or invalid'
or any other DLL file is missing.

From the post "Full-Version 1 - Rebuild A released [9.05.2020]"

I'm getting lots of emails of people, complaining about the fact that the file "MSCOMCTL.OCX" or any other file is missing. When you check out the download page, you'll see the following :
    'You NEED this runtime to execute [pec].'
Now, I strongly recommend you take this as a hint to download this file. I will not reply to similar emails in the future, as this should be unnecessary.

'OLEAUT32.DLL is out of date'

To fix this there are different ways :

  • Copy the file direcly after the windows-start, if that doesn't work start in the windows secure-mode and check it there
  • Write the line :
    COPY SourcePath\oleaut32.dll c:\windows\system\*.* /b
    in your autoexec.bat, reboot, and delete the line then.
  • Boot with a windows-boot-disc and replace the file with the COPY-Command of DOS.

[pec4mac] Will there ever be a Mac version of [pec] ?

I recived many mails from VGS-Mac users, who are all asking if there might be a Macintosh version of [pec] sometime. Well, to my regret I don't own a Mac so it's not possible for me to write such a program.
Though, if there's a skilled Mac-programmer somewhere out there who would be interrested in programming [pec4mac], he can always contact me, I'd be happy to help him whenever it's required !

[pec] seems to activate the codes like always, but they don't do anything in the game. Why ?

This can be caused by several things, this could be the most frequent :
  • In the "Advanced Settings-Menu", you activated the option 'Activate cheats by pressing Ctrl+F12', but you forgot to press those two keys.
  • Some cheats require you to press special key combinations before they'll get activated, they're listed in the Notex-Box of the main window.
  • You switched to your selected playstation emulator before the windows 'Searching for PSX-Emu' and 'Searching for PSX-CD' closed themselves. Just wait until both windows are closed or, even easier, activate the option 'Auto Activate (Switches to the emulator after searching)' in the advanced settings menu.
  • You started the game after [pec] activated the codes. You always should activate the codes after after the emulator loaded up the game or, after the game has been loaded, take a quick look at [pec] to make sure the two searching windows are closed.
  • You activated the wrong codes, for example US codes for a japanese game, or or codes of the french PAL-version although you're using the german PAL-version ! The most secure method is to activate 'Correct CD-Check (Checks if the CD in your drive is the same as the game you've selected)' in the advanced settings tab.

How can I enter my own cheats into [pec] ?

There's a file called user-db.txt in your [pec] directory. It includes all required informations how you can add your own codes to [pec]

[pec] has, for example, codes for Megaman Legends 2 but not for Megaman Legends. Why ?

I don't even own most games I add to the codeslist, I normally add codes which have been requested or which have just been added on popular cheat pages (,,

When you want a certain game to be listed in the codelist, just use the small form at the end of the Database-page. It's more likely that I'll add games with few games instead of those with more than 1000 !

I've added cheats for a game to the codelist on my own. Can I send them to you and you'll publish them ?

No, I don't publish codes other users send me in general, since I don't know where you took those codes from and neither can I check if they do work.

Does [pec] suppor the Caetla-codes (90, B0 ...) ?

Nope, [pec] doesn't support Caetla codes.
But Cosmow developed a code converter for Caetle codes which convert them into normal Gameshark codes, which can be used by [pec] as well.

The programs name is CodeQuest, and you can directly download it here.

Where can I download porn pics of naked women ?

Do I look as if I'd know that ? :) (Bobbi's comment : yes)

How can I help you to improve [pec] further ?

There're many ways you can help me to make [pec] 'perfect'.
  • It is, for example, very useful when you fill out the form 'Know of a region code [pec] doesn't know of ?' on the mainpage. This means, that you submit a game [pec] didn't recognize after you pressed the CD key in [pec]'s main screen !
  • Or by submitting bug reports, since I'm pretty sure that there's still a large number of bugs in [pec]. :)
  • Or simply mail me suggestions for improvements, ideas for new functions or anything else, that helps me to improve [pec] further more.
  • Of course, I wouldn't hate you for sending me money ... :)
    ... and that's not very difficult ... simply click HERE and I'll recive 0.05$ for every visitor :)

When you STILL have further questions regarding [pec], post them on the [pec]-Board.