If your intent is, to see fast graphics, use Direct3D plugins, else use Software plugins which are FAR more compatible.

---> See Some Screenshots Here


No sleep so... I was experimenting...Click here


Monday, May 28th 2001

Neomax recently made changes on the CD-ROM decoder part of PSinex, and MDEC movies began to play one after the other. Congratulations to Neomax !

Here are the results of his work

Fifa 2000

Tekken 3

Thrasher Sk8 & Destroy

Chrono Cross

Various MDECs

Several games have problems on the GTE part (3D Graphics). So I plan to start a serious debugging on that part.

Neomax's plans are a New Recompiler full of optimizations to gain as much speed as possible.

Wish us luck! (as luck has nothing to do with...)

And before I go, I want to say congratulations to the FPSE team. I know they're about to release a kickass emulator, it was worth the wait = )



Saturday, May 19th 2001

Wicked CExperiments

I quickly wanted to inform all the people, that we all are very busy with our University Studies. So not a lot of development is being done on PSinex.

Besides that, I was experimenting a bit with WinCE programming, and I succeeded in porting a tiny portion of the PSinex Emulator on Pocket PC Emulators, distributed by Microsoft. This means that the software can be run on 'Real' Pocket PC's, if downloaded succesfully. Note that I only got the BIOS file to boot-up, and NOT displaying its output in ANY WAY.

PSinexCE on PalmTop PC Emulation

PSinexCE on Pocket PC Emulation


I want to make a note here, as some of you may not know, WinCE is the Dreamcast's OS.



Monday, April 30th 2001

Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Hi fellas, I'm back from Greece! Wonderful vacations as usual, but University assignments are on the track, and believe me, they're HUGE!

Anyway back on the PSinex news, I really don't need to say much again, an image is worth 1000 words.


These images are from the cracked version of Final Fantasy 9.


Thats as far as I got it to work, but don't worry, I'm sure trouble is minor. (Obviously CD-ROM once again).

NeoMax is working on maintenance of the source files, as well as on the GUI. I'm sure it will be surprisingly good!




Thursday, April 5th 2001

Time To Leave!

© PSinex is advancing quickly, we add everyday more features to it so we can present at the end a complete PlayStation Emulator. Respect the fact that we don't want to release nothing less than a competitive piece of software. =)

The last game is a pre-release of Tony Hawks Skateboarding. It's not difficult to make it work ok, but unfortunately I didn't have any time to do it. =)




Monday, April 2nd 2001


Harvest Moon
- Thanks To NESboy -

Star Ocean
- Thanks To... ME? -

Threads Of Fate
- Thanks To NeoMax -

The 2 last games are almost fully working now. Also thanks to NESboy for the pictures of 'Harvest Moon', I want a Graphics Card like his, bahhh! =(

Me & NeoMax made some changes here and there, and made those games work. I'll be gone by Thursday from the UK to Greece. I'll keep in contact with the team so we'll eventually do some work on the emulator in the meantime. Things are going well, but don't expect us to make a release just because we made games work. A lot of things still need to be done =)

There will be page updates, don't worry!



Tuesday, March 27th 2001

Some people were laughing at my face, when they heard about my emulator. Now its my time to laugh, and I really cannot help it; sorry.


The last 3 images are from the games: Star Ocean, Saga Frontier 2 and V-Rally respectively.


I just want to make a small comment here. We're thinking seriously of not posting again screenshots, because there's too much excitement and people misunderstand us. We don't give BETA's away, and we won't accept any begging to make some game work. We work hard to make the emulator better, and the last thing we need to hear is requests. And as to finish this, NO we don't know when the release will be out, maybe never. A release will take place only if the emulator is a nice alternative to other PlayStation emulators.




Tuesday, March 20th 2001


Survival League:
(This one is dedicated to my friend Adonis from Greece, who loves this game! = )


Threads Of Fate:

Batman Forever:



Agent Armstrong:

Saga Frontier:


OK, no need for words today, just this: 60-70% of the games reach MDEC movies. And MDEC is about to be implemented. Nothing else to say...



Monday, March 19th 2001

2 Fully Working Commercial Games:

These games are fully working, by testing the un-debugged source of the CD-ROM that the "Secret Member" has made. The speed of both games is ideal. I will start debugging the CD-ROM source to make more games work soon, About 30% of the games I tested, stuck on the MDEC read, which is a total '0' implementation on New PSinex! More will follow, I'll make sure!

I corrected as well some GTE opcodes, like DCPS, NCDS, NCDT and now several demos run perfectly, here's the candy:

Thanks to Sepiroth Angellus for the big help on this!



Saturday, March 10th 2001


Congratulations to NeoMaximus, for achieving a nice result, in only less than 1 week of work. Nice speedup, about 300% from my first estimation, 100% compatibility and 100% unoptimized yet.

stay tuned - more to follow



Thursday, March 8th 2001

I would like to take this opportunity, and welcome a new member to the PSinex team. Neo Maximus is now working on the Dynamic Recompiler of PSinex. From what I've already seen on the source, he's doing a good job, and no doubt, he likes working on it. So welcome to the Team, NeoMax!

I personally am doing some speed optimizes to the Interpreter, and I can already say, that its speed is no more - no less, 40% faster than the old PSinex. Another breakthrough, is that i've managed to code the emulator in a specific way, so that it doesnt need an external BIOS image to run... No more BIOS file distributions for us... hehe. But of course for full compatibility it will support the good old way as well.

And as for the "Secret" member, which has a good knowledge of PSX hardware, is working to the last details of the Configurator, before he starts the CD-ROM routines.

No apologize here for the delay, just that, we're taking our time in order to produce something good!



Wednesday, February 21th 2001

About the new emulator:

The "secret member" made an awesome Configurator, for plugins & emulator settings. CD-ROM implementation is about to begin, in the next few days... That's were our hopes are based. I don't know personally what to expect. I wish for the best! GTE opcodes are fixed a bit, including the Manta Demo. Speed has increased a bit more, by converting C++ to ASM code. =)

In the meantime enjoy some Non-Emu pictures!!!



Tuesday, February 13th 2001

I wanted to announce the Progress Status of the new emulator:

I fixed the Rootcounters, so now ALL homebrew demos have superb sound! The other person, added reverb and improved sound quality, and is about to add 2 players support using the PSEmuPro plugin system! Stay tuned!



Sunday, February 11th 2001

I must apologize for the lack of updates, but instead I'll get to the point. PSinex isn't dead. It just became the base start of a new PlayStation Emulator that I'm working on with another person. I'm as well, learning Dynamic Recompilation techniques in order to implement one, to the new emulator (not immediately). CD-ROM implementation will find its way as well (finally). I can assure you from now, that the new emulator won't be dissapointing as the previous one! It won't be late!

Keep an eye here, for further announcements & updates!



Sunday, January 14th 2001

Small update for PSinex. I made some progress in Cpu Core. I fixed some buggy Load/Store opcodes, so now PSinex can run the awesome demo "The Roots" by Hitmen. This demo is full of GTE opcodes, so that shows some nice progress. Here is the candy:

Just a small comment here, for a friend of mine: DONT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT!



Saturday, January 13th 2001

Happy New Millenium! A bit late isn't it? Anyhow, I'm back from Greece (wonderful vacations, thanks to bobbi's wish). In the time being I have some important exams at Uni, so people just bare with me (I always wanted to say that) for the next version of PSinex. If everything goes OK, implementation of CD will show some good results (yes, games as well). As for now I managed to get some screenshots from commercial games (not within the game). Next release will not take long.

War Craft II

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

I hope I will have some in game shots in the near future



Saturday, December 16th 2000

Last update before I leave to Greece for vacations, is... a release! hehe, how unusual from me. Anyway Release 0.052 features NEW fixed threads for easy execution. Just load one demo after another, or if u want just press continue BIOS - whenever - to bootup BIOS image. I added as well DCPL opcode of GTE. CD-ROM Support is basic still, though I got some screenshots from CD execution. Enjoy this release, and, only try to execute games, if you're a looser and u have AGES ahead of you. haha =)

oh yeah: F11 - F12 to switch between screen refresh modes.





Saturday, December 9th 2000

Thats about the time, I would like to take a small break from coding, because my brain is about to blow, from hex numbers,variables,functions etc. I have exams at the University as well, but who cares. Anyway, I promess I will update this page the sooner(worst case scenario, one week)! I would like to say 'DONT GIVE UP' to everyone who is making an effort, coding an emulator. At the end it pays back! Hmmm... did I mention I released © PSinex PC Emulator Version 0.047? hehe. = )

(but please, reffer to readme.txt, because I've added some new stuff, unknown for most of you).

Also, I would like to thank 'WyattEarp' from #WinProg, for giving me solution on the Slider of the new vesrion. Visit his web page


Here Are New Screenshots




Friday, December 8th 2000

Hmmm... Games? YES PLEASE!

Hi people! Don't get the wrong idea from the phrase above. PSinex finally is able to run some freeware (and not) games. Controls are responding perfectly, except from one game. Also I updated the "Demos Compatibility List", and now the stats are:

Total Demos
Fully Working
Work A Bit
Not Working


Check Out These Goodies

So... expect a NEW release soon.



Thursday, December 7th 2000

Finally a solution is found for controllers. I would like to say a BIG THANX to shadow/expert- coder of the very good P©SX emulator. He is the supplier of the precious info! So... for the next version, count 1 player controls as a standard (...already working!). Before I go to further release's I would like to take some time, to code GTE, and Sound DMA. So everyone... be patient!!!



Wednesday, December 6th 2000

Great News!!! I released © PSinex Version 0.041, which as main feature has a speed increase, of about... 70% (?!?). Hmmm... Really Dennis? Sometimes I impress myself. Sound DMA fixed a bit, but still needs heavy work. Still I haven't found any good info on controllers, and surely they are a must, in that state. Anyway, get the new version here to test it... and remember is still an interpreter!


Some Recommended Demos

Napalm - Lightastic

Hitmen - TranceTro

Napalm - BitzTro

Bouncer 2

Van Helsing - First Intro




Sunday, December 3rd 2000

Hi people! I've added a "Demo Compatibility List" to download, so you can see the current progress. I plan to add controller support in the next week, so I can raise that number, to up to +20 demos working. Since I don't have nearly no info on that, I would like to ask for some help. If anyone is willing to help me on controller implementation, contact me! That's all for now.



Saturday, November 25th 2000

New release, version 0.034 is out! Most of you will think, it's nothing special, but believe me... GTE implementation is HARD. I would like to inform all people out there, who like this project that, I want to be sure first, that a sufficient number of demos are running, before I start further programming. Don't expect to play any games soon! Speed is slow, demos compatibility is average. So be patient. Logging off!



Sunday, November 19th 2000

Just a quick site update. I wanted to say, that I'm currently working on GTE implementation on PSinex. Seems pretty good for a beggining. Still though, I have major problems with speed. I would like to receive some help, on how to speed-up emulation. I started converting all opcodes to ASM. Please for any info you can give, contact me. Expect a release with basic GTE, soon. Byez!



Saturday, November 18th 2000

Hi people! The Official PSinex Site has finally opened. Just a quick site tour for you. Above there is the "Screenshots" section where you can view the current progress of the emulator with your own eyes. I plan to add about 20 screenshots of Demos running, in the next week. The other sections on your left are pretty much known. Check the technical emulator progress through the "Progress Status" section, download the emulator on the "Download" section (there's no need to, but again if u insist to...hehe). Also check the "Emu Links" section for some, PlayStation related (emulation or not) sites.

Thats all Folks.



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