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Legend of Mana


I've just started playing Legend of mana in bleem, however, I have already finished it using ePSXe. So far bleem has no sound you would want to hear. The Animation when placing the artifacts are not glichy as they are in ePSXe. Note: I've use Lewpy's 3dfx/Glideł GPU 1.21, Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.40, and Pete's Soft Driver 1.40 in ePSXe.
Game motivation


There are lots of charactors to meet and lots of places to explore, you have to get the artifacts first though. At the start of the game you get to select a map layout, then you get to place the artifacts you get on the map. The artifacts then become the cities and other areas you can explore. Each location on the map can have between 0-3 mana level in each of the 8 mana types. Neighboring locations share their mana levels, the mana sword has level 3 in all 8 mana types.

There are 67 quest you can do, a few are teaching you how to raise monster, make golems, make magic intruments, and make equipment. You do not have to do all the quests to finish the game. Some quest require certain Mana levels to occur, so try differnt locations for the artifacts.

In the game you may aquire some book that you store in your library and can read at various places. Once the game is finished you may save to restart with all your stuff with a extra book, the forbidden tome. With this book in your library you can change the dificulty of the game (normal, nightmare, no future). No future mode puts all your enimies on level 99. Very good for XP, but bad if you want quick fights.

You can have 1 pet or golem folow you and 1 partner. The AI is dumb, your partner (unless controled by your friend) may use an attack when noone is near him/her, the monsters also do this and the dificulty setting does not seem to modify this.



The graphics are not bad, it is a 2d game. In Bleem I got some weird vertical lines on the screen in 3d mode but they disappered when I took that off. In ePSXe the game played fairly well, there were a few times when my charactor would dissaper in the midle of an attack.



As I said above the sound in Bleem is bad, however the sound is plesent in ePSXe. From what I've read the opening song is swedish. When I first heard it I thought it was english and it was skipping in the emulator.


 Final Word

The game is fun to play if you like the Legend of Mana (Seiken Densetsu) games.

b! rating
ePSXe rating

Quick facts

Legend of Mana
Buy for $64.99 Canadian


Multiple difficulty settings
More Than One way to finish the game
Multiple Quests

Dumb AI
It's 2d

Short but good!

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