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One day which PSEmu Plugin was thought. It was said to me by a certain person that it wanted it made MDEC. It was the story that it wanted MDEC together with GPU because MDEC was missing though it wanted to make FPSE that it could use PSEmu Plugin for the base.

Though it felt to seem to be interesting and began to hunt for materials, it could have the source of BS (Bit Stream) decode from bero of FPSE as a result. It was decided that XA and VAG spent the thing optimized by oneself though it was in the source as well which it had from bero because it had been used from former times. That time when preparation for mounting was ready in this. FPSE which mounted MDEC was released :)

Already, it is this tool that because it began to make an easy tool, has been made for the substitute for debugging. Enjoy.

02/13, 2000 Segu

GPU plugin
SeguD3d is PSEmu Pro GPU plugin which Direct3D used for. PSEmu Pro is necessary to use this program. The version of PSEmu Pro isn't asked. Furthermore. DirectX 6.1 must be installed on your PC. Probably, I think that DirectX 6.0 is all right, too.

I wanted to make a plugin because of all the interesting information I was reading at Mr.Kazzuya's page. Also, when Bleem! started makeing the news, I got even more interested. So thought it would be pretty fun to make a plugin.

I hope that evuntually PSEmu Pro turns out to be the best PSX emulater ever.

03/31/99 Segu
English supervision: Zoomy (He's page here: PSEmu Nights)